Maayanadhi (2019) - full transcript

'Mystic river'

Yesterday I narrated
Jhansi Rani's story for my baby

Today I'll tell you the story of Casabianca

Dad, who is Casabianca?

Casabianca was the son
of a ship's captain in France

He was a very smart boy

One day, just like you, he was
adamant to go out with his father

He went out with his father on the ship

When they were sailing happily
viewing the nature's beauty...

Suddenly the enemy countries
fleets rounded up their ship...

and started attacking
them with guns and tanks

Oh no! Then, what happened?

Struck by bullets, their ship caught fire

Immediately his father took him
to a safe spot on the deck and...

he told him not to move
from that place until he orders him

Then his father left to save others

Oh no!

Eventually everyone started to escape
in the small boats attached to the ship

When those men escaped,
they asked Casabianca to join them

What did Casabianca do?

He refused to move from that place
until his dad tells him to do so

Poor boy didn't knew that his father was shot
and lying dead in the basement of the ship

Slow and steady the fire was catching up

Finally a huge bomb struck the ship and it
drowned, taking down Casabianca along with it


Dear, are you asleep?

Come on, dad! If I was in his place, I'd
have shot everyone and save my father!

My dear brave heart!


you got school tomorrow, isn't it?

Now, sleep

'Mayiladuthurai Bus stand
Mayiladuthurai -2012'


'K Anbarasan

The cardiac conduction system is a group
of specialized cardiac muscle cells... the walls of the heart
that sends signals to the heart muscle

...causing it to contract

The cardiac conduction system is a group
of specialized cardiac muscle cells... the walls of the heart that
sends signals to the heart muscle

...causing it to contract

The cardiac conduction system is a group
of specialized cardiac muscle cells... the walls of the heart that
sends signals to the heart muscle

...causing it to contract

The main components of the cardiac conduction
system are the SA node, AV node...

...bundle office, bundle branches...

Dad, have you prepared?

Quick, you got only two minutes

Fine. You eat first

I'll eat.
Read it out loud a group of specialized
cardiac muscle cells...

Ms. Mary, please serve
the Idlies for Kowsi

- Have one more idly
- No, enough

The cardiac conduction system is a group
of specialized cardiac muscle cells... the walls of the heart that
sends signals to the heart muscle

...causing it to contract

- You're pronouncing it wrong
- I teach Tamil.

The main component of the
cardiac conduction system...

Enough dad. Ok


- Hi
- Hi


- Ganesan, drive carefully
- Ok, sir

- Excuse me
- Yes?

So your name is Ganesan?
Then what's Vaanakar?

Manufacturing crackers is our family
business hence we're addressed as Vaanakar

Oh! I see

See you, dad

- See you, uncle
- Ok. Take care

- See you, uncle
- Ok

How about a movie this Sunday?

We got lot to study

This school routine is boring

Go home and even
my aunt reaches home late

Come to school and all these tests and
special classes are too exhausting

So, what's your point?

Back in Bangalore things were so happening

Happening pubs and parties in weekend.
It rocks!

Your mom transferred you here
because you were weak in studies

At least now you got to
focus on studies

I'll come to your home on Sunday.
We'll study together

I have leaked this
question paper only to you

So, take your time and
write the answers properly

You must be the first
rank holder this time

Ok, mom

Stop studying too much.
Just close the book

- Ms. Fullhands, are you well prepared?
- Get lost!


Hey, Ms. Malini is here

Maintain silence

Good morning, ma'am

Dear students, good morning

Hope you all have prepared well

Consider this quarterly exam as your
public exam and give your best, sincerely

Study well and everyone
can score good marks

- Thank you, ma'am
- God bless you children

All of you can now
go to your exam hall

Hurry up...go


All the best, dear

Thank you, ma'am

What do you want to
become when you grow up?

A doctor?

An engineer?

Or an IAS officer?

I wish to become a doctor
specialized in child delivery

Oh! Why that in particular?

Well miss, my mother passed away
when I was born

At that moment she asked my
dad to take good care of me

Hence my dad wants me
to study well and become a doctor

He said I must ensure that what happened
to me shouldn't happen to anyone else


It's me, driver Mani

What do you mean?
I'm the auto-rickshaw driver

Remember, you owe me some money.
Can you give it to me now?

The rickshaw is
running out of petrol

What do you mean by you're busy?

Ask your money back and
everyone will be busy

The applications for Group IV in
Tamil Nadu, will be issued next month


Clear tenth grade and anyone
can earn up to Rs. 10,000/-

Only if you clear, right?
I failed ninth grade

Read me some other news

IAS exam results are out

This time the number of students
from Tamil Nadu is very less

Give it a break. Always keeps
reading about education

What's the use? You are still
an auto-rickshaw driver, right?

Instead why don't you read cinema
news and fortune predictions?

Will find tough to earn money

My sun sign, what else can I expect?

- Listen!
- What?

Check the prediction
for my sun sign

Yours is Virgo, right?

- It must be all about women in your life
- Look here

You will have a great week ahead

You will earn a lot of money

Love will find you

Dude, sounds strange!
This usually never happens to you

Now that the car guy
did this to her...

- Senthil! No! Senthil!
- Where are you off to?

Injustice towards women and
our hero will step up!

Do you think you're riding a plane?


- It's paining, mom
- Hold on, dear. Just a little more time

Just hold on

- Please, drive faster
- Go! Go! Fast!


Kowsi, you're early

Hey, this is Vinoth

He is also in the 12th grade



Hey, he is just a friend

He is also weak in Math. Hence I invited
him over since you'll be coming to help me

Fine, I'll leave now

So, that was a good start

Kowsh, you teach really well

I hope I can call you Kowsh

I'm just beginning to get hold of
this math. How about tomorrow?

Only if time permits.

This Vaanakar is getting on my nerves

What did he do?

He gets all the school trips

Also, he gets my trips
from the Rickshaw stand

He earns a lot yet he never thought
of even buying us a single tea

Calm down. Some day he'll be in a mess
and will need our help. Then he'll know

Yeah right! Duh!

Today morning, you just stepped aside
and he snatched away a trip of yours

This is not fair. Let him know

Tell me, why don't
we get school trips?

Every month we can earn
good if we get some

You're right

School trips are mainly arranged
by parents of young girls

Why would they prefer
rickshaw with young drivers?

These pancakes are really tasty

Ask me if you want more.
Don't try to flatter me

I'm serious. It's tasty

Everyone learns cooking
from their mother

But me? I got it from my dad

Yeah right!

Like he is the best chef in Mayavaram

And she got the skills from him!

There are people doing the catering
business in a grand manner

And he still follows
the traditional old way

Poor man

Fine. Ask if they have arranged
the money for my vehicle's FC

Why? Ask yourself

He won't talk to us

From where do we arrange Rs.
20,000/- in short span?

Dad hasn't got any catering
orders for the past two weeks

Can't he wait for a week?

To hell with your food!

Why do you show your
anger on the food?

Uncle, no toy for me yet?

That's his nature

If he wants something, he won't talk
and he'll starve until it's done

Right! He is the reason behind it

He pampered his son a lot

He asks for one candy
and he'll buy him ten

She completed her degree. She even
had to walk all the way to college

I obliged to all his requests but he
didn't even complete his tenth grade

For all the money I spent on
him, I could have got her a job

But now? I got her married to a guy who
turned out to be a drunkard and useless

We are struggling now

Which standard are you studying?

Eight grade

Fine, tell me who is
your education minister?

- I don't know
- You don't know?

Fine, who is our country's president?

- Escape!
- Come on now

Ok, I'll ask you an easier question

Who wrote our national anthem?

You're asking us tough questions!

You are in the sixth grade...

- don't you know even this one?
- Not in the sixth grade but eight!

Eight grade?

- Bro...
- What's up?

He is torturing the kids

Come on, now. Don't you know what
they'll know and what they won't?

Watch me mow

Who is Thala and who is Thalapathy?

This is a walk in the park.
Actor Ajith and Actor Vijay!

Even my little brother knows it!

Why do you want to spoil
their mood in the morning?

Guys, leave. Run!

- Come, let's escape
- Keeps pestering the kids with his quiz

Senthil, we need a change
in our education system

The problem is that we don't
know any relevant stuff

And we are well versed
at the irrelevant stuffs

Stop it with your philosophy

I'm starving

Why did you take off
in a such speed?

Someone splashes mud on you and
you expect me to be quiet?

I gave him left and right!

Why would someone make
an issue out of this?

I wonder what emergency they had

No way! We shouldn't
budge so easy

Today they'll splash mud on you

In future they might run you over

Why do you take the bus?

I cross your home
everyday on my way here

Start a bit early and
you can come with me

I shall drop you off
right in front of the shop

It's ok.
Thank you


- I don't have change
- I knew it!

That's ok. I'll keep coming

You raise hell
at home and flirt here?

- God bless you!
- Jealous fellow!

Just a minute

Please don't do it again

Oh, come on now. Do you think I would be
quiet if it had happened to my loved ones?

This is a silly issue

Please feel free
to ask me any help

What's with these boxes?

I'm waiting for the owner to
keep them inside. They are heavy


Come on! I can't take anymore!


What happened, Kowsi?

Are you not feeling well?

So Kowsalya, looks
like your HM's pet

Is it because you came first
in the tenth grade? That was just a fluke

Let's see how you fare
in the 12th grade

Before that see if you can get
the first rank in this quarterly exam


Vaishnavi who always comes
second, she is her mom, right?

Let me tell you
a story of a froglet

A froglet made up its mind
to climb a tall mountain

Other froglets and frogs warned it
saying 'Don't do it. You'll fall'

They kept repeating 'You'll get hurt
if you fall and you can't do it'

But the froglet didn't mind any of that
and made the journey and reached the top

That's when everyone realized...

- The froglet was hearing impaired
- Exactly!

How many times will you
repeat the same story?

Only if we avoid the critics
we can reach our destiny

So, stop feeling bad
for such silly things

Go, wash your face and
change your dress

Let's have dinner

Ms. Mary...

Ms. Mary

'Operation Ward
Tamil Nadu Health Scheme, Mayiladuthurai'

Excuse me, brother

- Senthil...
- Mani...Come in

What happened? What's with
the plaster on the leg?

A dog jumped in front
while I was driving

The rickshaw toppled

What did the doctor say?

Looks like there is
a hairline fracture

I have been advised to
take three weeks of rest

Make it five week because
health is what matters the most

Shut up!

Please let us know
if you need any help

Can anyone of you take fill in for
me and take care of the school trips

Shall I?

I'll take care of it


it's like letting a wolf work
at your sheep farm. Careful

The doctor is coming for rounds.
Visitors please wait outside

Ok then...

Let's leave



Young girls and their
parents trust us

It's getting late. Please leave

- Careful Senthil
- You...

Keep him in here for two months

Just hear me out

- You know Nalini in B section
- Come on, study now

Please, just hear me out.
Guys, check this out

What is it?

She seems to be in
love with a guy

Even after he declined her proposal,
she kept going behind him

Guess what he did

He went and told her dad about it

Oh God!

Her father gave her
the thrashing of her life

What do you mean?

She is a very silent girl

She's not a silent
but a violent girl

She was so furious that she wanted
to attack that boy with acid

My bus is here.
Come, let's start

- Bye
- Bye


She'll apply makeup
when she gets in the bus


I pity her father. He toils
hard as watchman in our school

And look what she is up to

I don't care if she applies
the makeup or not...

but why is she allowed
to wear full hands?

Looks like she has some kind of allergy

She got special permission from
HM ma'am to wear full hands

Just leave it, guys

She is hiding something.
I'll find it out

- Come Muthu, let's leave. Bye
- Bye

- Bye
- Bye

Where's our auto-rickshaw?

Dear, a guy was here in
auto-rickshaw to pick you up

Excuse me!


Just a minute


Wait, I'll give it to her

Vaankar is on the line


Fine. Ok uncle. You take
care of your health


You! Beware and stay safe!

Who the hell are you?

It doesn't matter who I am

If I see you stalking Malliga
and you'll be done for!

Listen, I'll stalk Malliga
and Monica etc...

Who are you to stop me?
Have some guts and come face to face

What a wuss!

What's happening Anthony Sami?

She failed twice in tenth grade
yet we took her in for your sake

Don't you monitor if she is
concentrating on studies?

I work here throughout

I mean I'm here even on weekends

Then how can I monitor her?

She is very weak in studies

She's got really low marks


No! No!

Ms. Full hand Prema!

Isn't that how your
friends address you?

Lose focus on fashion and
focus more on studies

Why are you crying now?

Wipe those tears

- Anthony Sami
- Ma'am?

Until her exams are over, you don't
have to work on Saturdays and Sundays

Ok ma'am

So please, make her study
and yes, don't scold her

Ok ma'am

We all are advising for your good

Focus on studies

I work here and your mom works
as maid, only to educate you

Please go ahead, sir

All our struggles are for you, dear

So can't you concentrate on studies?

Ok dad

Here. You mind
your business, dad

- Greetings, sir
- Greetings

Have a seat

We now request Kowsalya, the district topper
in the tenth grade to come to the stage



Dad, please agree
to what ma'am says

Kochi is too far, dear. On top of that
you're in 12th grade, must focus on studies

Accepting the prize in
person would make it special

You want me to score good marks in 12th grade,
right? I'll ensure that. Now agree to this

Well, dear...I mean...

Sir, please go in

- Greetings ma'am
- Greetings. Have a seat

I hope Kowsalya
would have told you

Our organization has 30
schools all over India

For those who scored the first mark from
ninth to 12th grade in all these schools...

we organize a grand function in our
convent school in Kochi and reward them

Kowsalya will be rewarded
with two prizes this year

We'll hand over the prizes and
certificates here if she doesn't come

But if she goes there, it'll be
a good encouragement for her

Let her find some more
self-confidence and strength

Can the parents accompany?

Don't worry

We will take good care of her

Ok madam.
She'll come

I will send her.

How did your dad agree to this?

My dad will agree to
anything I ask for


Students, quick! Get ready

Why is she still asleep?

She is down with fever, miss

Temperature seems to very high

Did you take any medicine?

Here, have this

Take rest. I'll come later
and take you to the function




I missed you the moment you left

Hence, I followed you
immediately after you left

My father is my world

"I'm a like the feather in a breeze"

"Living on my own terms
but under your guidance"

"A father will hold your hands and lead
the way through toughest of conditions"

"My father is my God, who is by
my side and guards me all the time"

"I'm a like the feather in a breeze"

"Living on my own terms
but under your guidance"

Sir, look at your daughter's marks

Uncle, why didn't daddy come today?

You didn't study well
and played mischief

Hence your dad didn't come today

So, you must study well. Got it?

- Greetings, miss
- Greetings, sir

What did you do? Kowsalya scored top marks
in all the subjects this time around


You have got fever, dad.
How about an injection?

I want you to study well
and become a doctor

Ok, daddy

"And you're the breeze that cools me
when the scorching heat exhausts me"

"As I slowly grow and understand you more,
all I have is only words of praises for you"

"When you smile, it rains in my world"

"Your love seed sown inside me
that keeps growing forever"

"You fill my heart
with happiness"

In happiness, sorrow,
victory and failure...

no matter what it is.
Just come over here

And our deity will handle it

It's just physiology

Every woman will go through it
after a certain age

If anything in school,
talk to your teacher

At home, share it either with
me or Ms. Mary. Don't feel shy

Don't be scared or
worried about it

Your only daughter.
Let's arrange a grand function

Which era are you living in?

Let's not trouble her

No need of any function

"So far my world was filled with love"

"Even after I turned into a woman, you still
carry me like a child. Thanks for you love"

"Every time I miss my mother,
I think about you"

"No matter how far I go,
I'll always be by your side"

"Our bond only grows
stronger with time"

"I'm a like the feather in a breeze"

"Living on my own terms
but under your guidance"

Nice breeze

The town bus is too stuffy
to travel and with all that crowd...

To travel in bus full
of sweat stink...

Just nod...

every day I'll drop you

- What was that?
- Nothing

Did you read the poem I had
advertised on the auto-rickshaw?

"Scent of my lover,
runs all over me"

I don't know much poems


- Where were you going?
- No where

Why are you dull?

Nothing, bro

Just tell me

Won't auto-rickshaw
drivers get brides?

What's the problem?

Tell me

What's the matter?

What's the secret between you both?

Do you think auto-rickshaw
driver is a cheap profession?

Who says so?

No way

You're saying it
for the sake of it

Will you agree to marry
an auto-rickshaw driver?

Why not?

If I like him
then I'll marry him for sure

Want to know a secret?

When my parents met an astrologer
and checked my horoscope...

the astrologer said 'Your daughter will
marry someone you don't approve of'

'And chances are that she will
marry a guy in driving profession'

Ever since, wherever I go...

they keep spying on whom do I
talk to and what I'm up to

Guess what, it coincides with
the prediction for my horoscope

Our astrologer says I'll be
successful in driving profession

Mark my words...

you will be highly successful
for the good heart you have

Hey Roshni...

Hi Kowsi! Come in

What's with the decoration?

Today's Vinoth's birthday

So what?

What do you mean?

Hi babies

- Hey, many more happy returns of the day, Vinoth
- Thank you Roshni

Happy birthday

Thank you

- The cake's ready? I'll come collect it
- Your wish is special

Vinoth, I'll cut the cake
for your birthday, today

- Sounds good?
- Hey Roshni! Roshni, I'm leaving

Wait for two minutes

Try to understand. I'm leaving

Can't you wait for two minutes?

I'll be back

I have something to tell you

Roshni is just a friend

I made up my mind the moment
I laid my eyes on you

I'm deeply in love with you



I don't have such intentions

Don't make a hasty call, Kowsh

I am ready to do anything
for you. Just say it

I'm leaving

Kowsh, relax! Relax!



You don't have to love me back

But please don't hurt
me on my birthday

Just wait for ten minutes

Leave after I cut the cake. Please

No, Vinoth

I don't have a good feeling about it.
I'm leaving

Can't you understand?

You won't get
a better guy than me!

You'll regret later

Hey! You better stay
in your limits!

I have no intention
of falling in love

Stop being so adamant

First, give way!

You think you can
force me to love you?

Stop showing off! If you leave
now, I won't spare you!

What will you do?

I'll morph dirty pictures with
your face and leak it on net

Trying doing that and
I'll do the same to you

When Drona requested, all Arjun could
focus was only the parrot's eye

Similarly to achieve our goals,
we must focus only on those goals


Give your order

- One chilly parotta for me
- Ok

Not parotta. It's not
good for health, dear

Come on, dad.
Once in a while, its fine

One chilly parotta for me
and Ragi dosa for my dad

Congrats sir.
I heard you got promoted as the HM

Had your food?

Let's talk in school tomorrow


A guy says that he
is in love with me

Fine, what was your reply?

I gave him an earful

Never scold anyone out of haste

It's a dangerous world out there

Some issues must be dealt carefully

Without scolding or hurting
him and in a soft manner...

you must explain him that this is
the age to study and nothing else

There is a lot of distance and
heights for this froglet to reach

If you find it difficult
to talk to that guy...

shall I talk to him?

It's ok, dad. I got this

Vishwanathan, Sri Nidhi, Harish,
Subbulakshmi, Ranganathan, Rajakumari

That's too many people
in your family, bro

If I do the same, then I must sell my
rickshaw and buy a truck. It's a long list

You are the only person
who can joke in a serious tone

Forget me

Look at him

"Scent of my lover, runs all over me"

Look like a new proverb
on your rickshaw

So, next you're falling for Malliga?

Oh! Come on! She likes Senthil

How do you say that?

She gave hints the other day
when she came in his rickshaw

She said she'll marry a rickshaw
driver if she likes him

Stop encouraging him

You have no idea about him.
I know since the first grade

Do you know
when he fell in love the first time?

You won't believe it. Back then
we were in the second grade

Meena teacher was our class teacher

She was very beautiful.
She never scolds the students

She used to care a lot for us

Our teacher hasn't turned up for
the past four days. The class is boring

Indeed. School is
boring without her

I'm thinking of marrying her

What do you mean?

Then I can be with her all the time

Then you must propose her!

That's all? I'll do it

No way. I'll also propose her

Only I'll propose to her!
Only me!

Stop! Let's not fight over it

Let's put a toss and decide

Spit side or plain?

- Spit side I win!
- Plain side I win!

It's plain side! Plain side!

I won! I won! Yay!

That's when we found out that
Meena teacher got married

And it was for her marriage
she took four days off

That was his first love failure

Bro! In second grade?
That too your teacher?

Man! You rock!

The list doesn't end there

Mythili in fourth grade

Geetha teacher in sixth grade

Monica in seventh grade

Janaki in the ninth grade

Because Janaki quit the school,
he also quit school

Like he continued and
completed his degree

Five girls during school

Three after coming here

And now it's Malliga

Come on, everyone does this

Well, you guys don't have
the guts to say it but I do

Hey, wait and watch!

If Malliga doesn't
fall in love with me...

then make fun of me. Got it?

Write a civil services exam
after completing degree...

IAS job is not an easy one to get

- Check this out SK sir
- What?

Ramalingam seems
to be quite happy

- Don't you want to know?
- Let's ask him

What's up Ramalingam? You
look very excited and happy

Well, my daughter is engaged

Isn't she very young?

My daughter is doing her BA, second year


what's the hurry to get
your daughter married?

Sir, I'll retire next year

I must get some loan and
marry off my daughter by then


Don't you love your daughter?

Sir, she is my life

Rich or poor...

Yet we would have given the best
for our daughters and raised them

What would a girl know
at the age of 20?

She would be all confused
on the day her marriage

And we'll be worried about how her
husband and in-laws will judge her

Instead we parents must feel proud when we
stand on the marriage dais with our daughter

But how?

Educate your daughter and once she
is on her own, we will feel proud!

Come on! What if she
elopes with someone else?

Then what do we do?


Is that all the trust you
have on your daughter?

You think girls elope with
someone just like that?

Trust them and they won't break it

Sir, now what pissed him off?

He is someone who refuses the HM post so that
he can help his daughter focus on studies

Forget it

Do you think he'll woo Malliga?

By the looks of it, I guess yes

Who's Mani?

It's me

What business do you have
in our area rickshaw stand?

If I see you anywhere around it again...

you'll be dead!

Don't hit him
He may die!

It's ok, leave them

- Bro, let them go
- Senthil, leave it

- Forget it
- Leave me! Leave me!

This would have been
over with one slap on me

Why would you hit them
like that in a haste?

They won't rest until they finish us off

He fought for you and
is this how you talk?

Get lost! Bread and butter is
what matters the most than war!

Just till your leg is fine

Say maximum ten days

I'll be back then

We'll take care of it

- Excuse me
- Yes?

Excuse me!

Who are you? You seem new

Just a minute

Where is Vaanakar?

He injured his leg. Hence,
I'm here on his behalf

And you are?

Do you know chef Muthuswami
at Sengamettu street?

Yes, I do

I'm his son

- So you're one of us
- Indeed

Hey, I'll talk to you later

Did you take your lunch box?

Yes, uncle

- Sure?
- I did!

- Drive carefully
- Ok

- Good morning, miss
- Good morning

Why are you embarrassing me?

Her father is after all
an elementary school teacher

I'm an M.Phil graduate

I revealed the question paper
to you yet you messed it up!

So, Ms. Malini, what rank did Vaishu get?

She got only the second rank

She fell sick exactly
during exams

Or else I'm sure she
would have done well

So, who came first? Kowsalya right?

Don't keep reading
Close the book

She will still reading

Hey, don't tease me

Why didn't you come in
the rickshaw with me?

I didn't want to


I won't come with you hereafter

What do you mean?

Why would you propose Vinoth?

Hey! He is lying!

- No way
- He was the one who proposed me

And when I refused
guess what he said

You are the one lying to me

This is why one must
never trust silent girls

Excuse me...

I have something
important to ask you


I'm on my way

Can you drive a bit fast

Yes, sure

Keep going straight

Where to? Not to the shop?

Excuse me...

Let me know if there is any issue.
I'll take care of it

Nothing of that sorts

Stop at the railway station


Thanks a lot

You have helped me a lot

Around three times
I didn't pay you any fare

Here, have this

See you

Why did you change
the love proverb?

Don't you know Malliga
eloped with someone?

You'll be shocked to know with whom

The guy who got beaten
up the other day, Kumar

She eloped with him

Bro, Malliga did give
hints the other day

Guess we didn't get it

Stop it!

You said the same
thing on that day

Dude, stop reacting as it
is happening the first time to you

Drink the tea before it goes cold

Forget her! She isn't
even so worthy!

- Bro, let's drink tonight
- Sure!

This is the best medicine at this hour

You can't escape. You got the first
rank, so better buy us all cool drinks

I'll buy for sure but
we got only ten minutes

Hey, get lost!

Vaishnavi! Muthulakshmi!

- Come on, Kowsalya's treating
- Come, let's go

Muthu, come on

I'm not coming.
You guys carry on

What are you studying?

Study well!

But anyway you'll score
not more than 50 marks

Muthu, come join us

Don't mistake me, Kowsi

If I join today for your treat then
someday I should also treat you all

Don't you know
my family's plight

Even if for once my dad doesn't waste money on
drinks and gives it for household expenses...

and that would be
a treat for my family


I won't mistake
if you don't join us

But don't mind others
making fun of you

Studying is like saving money

You will definitely score
good marks one day

Stop showing off and join us

I said, come

Hey, hold on

You look beautiful. Now, come

I'll get you a lollipop
when I return

Bunked your classes, Prema?

Our teacher is on leave.
Now, make us some juice


Hey Sheela, why do
you look tensed?

By mistake I shared
my number to a guy

He calls and tortures me

All these guys need is a girl's number...

they torture them with calls,
messages and miss calls

Why don't you complain to your dad?

He'll snatch away
the phone from me

Is that your problem.
Ok call that guy and give it to me

Here, talk to him as I tell you

Listen, this is Sub Inspector
Vanitha from A1 police station

What's your problem?

She is my cousin.
Isn't your life dear to you?

Fine, you better be in
your limits hereafter

Mind you!

He won't call you anymore

Sorry guys

I don't have the money

It's ok. Take this

- Hello
- Hello

Sorry Kowsh, this is Vinoth here

I was too harsh the other day

Please don't mind it

No worries. I have moved
on after that incident

Today is a holiday right?

Shall we meet?

No Vinoth. I'm not interested

You still don't trust me, Kowsalya


Is this how you bombard with calls
when you get a girl's number?

It was me who called you

Hey! Where is this auto-rickshaw parked?

Aiy-aiyo what happened?

Well, what happened was...

a guy was driving down
with her in his bike

Guess they were drunk. They fell
from the bike near the clock tower

Crowd gathered and that guy escaped

Poor girl, she was lying helpless

I reached at the right time
and I didn't know what to do

- Hence I got her here
- Roshni

Vinoth! You bloody cheat!

- I misunderstood my friend because of you
- Ok, I'll take care of her

- Hey, steady. Slow
- Hey Kowsi...

Sorry. Please forgive me

Because of him I judged you

Thanks a lot

Come on, don't mention it

Then what did
Roshni's parents say?

Her parents are quite
furious with her

No idea when they'll
send her back to school

Obviously. How will they send her
to school if she behaves like this

Basically she is a nice girl

It was that guy.
He is a spoilt brat

He cheated her

Thank God you reached there on time

Or else...

Thank God you are not
a part of their group



The guy's name is Vinoth

He is the inspector's son

The guy must be a psychopath

Time is on our side. Thank God
nothing happened to your daughter

Muthuswami's son, the
auto-rickshaw driver...

he's the one who saved her

Don't confuse yourself

Guess instead of attacking Roshni
he attacked your daughter

Sir, may I come in please?

What's the matter? Why are you here?

I am Vinoth's mother

Vinoth's mother!?

- Sir, please calm down
- Why in the hell are you here?

- I'm not here as an inspector
- Then?

Can we sit down for this?

Have a seat

Sir, please don't mistake me

My husband and myself, we both are working
and that is why our son is a spoilt brat

But we never expected this from him

You sound like it's no big deal

Look, what he did?
What if it had spilled on her?

I apologize on my son's behalf.
I'm sorry, sir

Apology! My foot

Sir, please hear me out

Even my father was
a teacher like you are

Since this incident took place
outside the school premises...

the school management
hasn't pressed any charges

Just for once...

please forgive him and...

I'll ensure that he won't
trouble your daughter again

What's the guarantee?

Sir, I have got a transfer to Ooty

I'll put him in a hostel
at Ooty by this week

He deserves a tough
punishment for his actions

But please, for once...

Excuse me, look here...

Thanks to you for coming all
the way down and apologizing

But what made your son
take such an extreme step?

Please find it out

I also have a daughter

I'll make him
realize his actions

Thanks a lot

Wait, I'll be back

Two biscuit packets please

Dad, I got a special test.
I'm getting late for it

Here. You can have it
when you feel hungry

- Shall I sit?
- Yes, sit

I would have reached
if I had taken an auto-rickshaw

There is no mechanic
garage nearby


Ok sir

Excuse me...

thanks a lot

See you, dad

Dad's worried that Vinoth
might harm me again

That is why he wants to drop me

When we are around,
no can harm you here

Don't you worry

Thank God, you also didn't
get hurt the other day

Right. There is no way
anyone is hurting me!

Like I'm gonna allow that!

Aren't you getting down?

Initially I judged you wrong

Other day, if not for you...

I can't even imagine!

Oh, come on now. Don't get
emotional for such silly issues

Aren't you getting late?
Please carry on

Ok, now tell me who took my notebook?
You better return it

Is it you? Whoever took
it, you better return it

If you don't then I curse
that you'll fail in exams

I go a step further and
abuse your boyfriend!

Whoa! Stop it

- Here's your notebook
- Behave well

Did you return it because she was
about to abuse your boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend

She's the one who is in love
with that mini bus conductor

She is hanging out with him everyday

I won't reveal anything more

Hey, she is coming

Roshni is on the call

Just a minute, let me step out


I made a blunder

I'm leaving this school

We are heading back to Bangalore

Forgive me, please

Make it fast

Please mom.
Give me a minute

Hope you won't forget me

You'll always be my best friend

Kowsi, can you please
come out for a moment?

Which is Vaanakar's house?

- That's the one
- Ok

I guess this is his house

Excuse me

Please come in

How's your health now, uncle?

Is your leg better now?

Why did you trouble yourself?

I would have
returned in ten days

Why did you disturb her, Senthil?

Well, she was adamant

And so I thought
I'll also pay you a visit


Get some water to drink

Has the pain subsided?

Yes, that's my daughter

Our cracker warehouse exploded

My wife and my son-in-law passed away

And my daughter...

...burnt her face

Grandpa, why are you crying?

Nothing dear

All my struggles are for these two

Working hard for our loved ones
who trust and dependent on us

What else happiness can
we find other than that?

Listen, your father is
a chef but apart from it...

like the wood used for cooking, he too burns
himself throughout the day to raise you both

Why are you doing these chores?
Let me do it, dear

Give it to me

- Give it to me
- Here, dad

I had been to the astrologer
Marimuthu's house today

He says our time will be
good once January is here

I pray to our deity that you should reconcile
with your husband. That is all I wish for

Like that's going to happen.

I wonder what I'm going to do about
this irresponsible son of mine

I have placed this month's due
amount in the shelf. Please use it

Yay! Mom, look at this.
Uncle bought me a toy

What's up, Senthil? I see you waiting at
the juice shop in the morning and evening

- Cool, carry on
- Oh! Come on bro

- Shall we start?
- Bro...

I missed the mini bus. Can you drop
me off at the Dharmapuram stop?

- I'll take a bus from there
- Ok, get in

Bro, that girl running the juice
shop is a good friend of mine

She already has a boyfriend. So
don't waste time waiting in the queue

Waiting in the queue?

And that too me?

Instead of falling in
love with some girl...

I better get married to a donkey

Please don't take a hasty decision
and get married to a donkey

Why do you say so?

Marrying relatives is a taboo

So you mean I am a donkey?

This is what I get in
turn for helping you

Run before I bash you up

Don't mistake me, bro

What made you feel that
marrying a donkey is better?

At least it won't ditch us

Not all girls are the same

Quick, the bus is about to leave

Bye, bro

The reason I wait at the juice shop...

is because of what you all think

Didn't you say that your father is worried
that Vinoth might harm you again?

Hence, I arrive a bit early to pick you up

Excuse me

I have arranged another rickshaw

- What?
- You go home in that rickshaw

Vinoth, pack your things and be ready

We must leave at sunset

Madam, please take care of your son

Now drive, Velu

An attempt to murder
case at Pattamangalam

I got to solve it and get
relieving order by afternoon

Let's start

- Listen, get into the jeep
- Uncle, what happened?

- Give me the bike
- But why?

I'll tell you why

Don't panic, we got to go
to the government hospital

What happened?

You mother is admitted in the ICU


A criminal stabbed her while
trying to hunt him down


Looks like your mother
forget to carry the gun


- Finally you got a girlfriend. Get married soon
- Of course!

- No way I'm letting go of her
- Listen guys...

Are girls and love the only
topics you discuss all the time?

There is much more to life than that

First you force a girl to love you

Then you force her
to marry you soon

This is unfair

You don't booze but you talk
philosophies as if you're drunk

You guys will realize it someday

You better leave!

You never told us. You quietly
got into a relationship

Listen, one who always keeps
saying never achieves

One who achieves does it quietly

He did it!

Unlike you

I was waiting for you
a long time, yesterday

I forgot it was Sunday

Oh, come on now. Why would you want
to go to school even on a Sunday?

You need at least
a day's rest in a week

Halting studies and resting won't
achieve me the expected results

Why do you have the proverb
'Never trust girls' written on your rickshaw?

It's just for fun

I don't like it

Is this the temple you
regularly pray at?

In happiness, sorrow, victory or
failure, my dad and myself, we come here

Sounds awesome!
This is our family's deity too

Dear. Did I scare you?

- Why would you scare her in the morning?
- Are you lovers?

God will bless you both

I noticed that you removed
the proverb sticker

"Enough a little glance, my dear"

"To see you, my girl"


- I have something to ask you
- What is it?

Is it ok to fall in love with a girl
who is rich and well educated than us?

Tell me who is the girl

The girl whom I pick and
drop to school, Kowsalya

It won't set you.

Why are you acting strange?

Are you sick?

You! Watch out!

Reckless drivers!
Stop jumping in my way

I'm perfectly alright

Why are you so quiet today?

I won't be coming from tomorrow

Vaanakar will be back

Look, no one must go to school!

I declare today as holiday for you all

So go back to you houses!
I said, go!


It's a holiday today. Leave!

How dare you raise hands on me?
Wait and watch now!

No one's listening...Hey,
I won't spare your life!


Sorry, uncle. I didn't notice.
Hope you are fine now

Yes, I'm fine now

Senthil's got held up with another trip.
Hence, I came

Why do you look dull?

Are you sick?

No. Worried about my
studies and exams

Don't you worry. I'm sure you'll score
good marks and go on to become a doctor

I will boast that I used to drop
this doctor to her school and back

Uncle, can you halt by our deity's temple?


Where are you off to?
Stop right there



So you won't meet me hereafter?

No, Kowsalya

I will come to meet you

"You are my weakness and
you are my strength"

"The whole world now complies with my wish,
even the moon is shining along with the sun"

"Our eyes speak poems in the language of
love and it doesn't let us close our eyes"

"I am always desperate and waiting
to meet and spend time with you"

"It always worries me when you have to
leave. Wish we could spend time forever"

"In breeze of love, here we are like
two kites having the time of our life"

"Your love doesn't let me sleep. You
are all I think about all the time"

"You way of talking mesmerizes me and the
way you care for me makes me want you more"

"Our eyes speak poems in the language of
love and it doesn't let us close our eyes"

"I am always desperate and waiting
to meet and spend time with you"

"When I smell your fragrance, I float
away high like a feather in the breeze"

"All I wish for is you to be me with forever
and that is all my life is all about"

"A you rise like the sun,
I chirp like the birds"

"When I lay eyes on
you, I dance in joy"

"Our eyes speak poems in the language of
love and it doesn't let us close our eyes"

"I am always desperate and waiting
to meet and spend time with you"

"I know love is a mess yet
I have fallen in love"

"I am yearning for you love,
don't you make me more desperate"

"I am your genie, just rub the lamp, I'll
come out and make your wishes come true"

"But when I see you even this huge
genie turns into and blushes like kid"

"You are my weakness and
you are my strength"

"I am always desperate and waiting
to meet and spend time with you"

Where is Kowsi?

At her friend's home

Dear brother...

Tell me

Remember Senthil who replaced
Vaanakar when he got injured

I see him and Kowsi
hanging out quite often


this is a tricky age for her

She can't differentiate
between good and bad

If something goes
awry in the future...

Don't think too much

He dropped to school for a period.
Also have helped her a lot

They could be friends, right?

Dear brother...

I think you are pampering
Kowsi a bit too much

She is not pampered. It's the
trust I have on my daughter

Show me some nice time piece

Check this out

Were you waiting to show?

Check this one too

Something else?

- How much for this one?
- Rs. 400/-

- That one?
- Rs. 350/-

350. This one?

That's cheap. Just Rs. 180/-

- This will run fine, right? Pack it
- Of course

How about we gift Soni this one?

Gifting a time piece
is old fashioned

We must buy something
new and trendy

This all that falls in our budget

Let him hang this
in his rickshaw

Fine, whatever

- Please pack this one
- Sure. Give me that

Please wait for five minutes

- What's with the secret shopping?
- Nothing

I saw you

Well, I just thought of getting
a small gift for Kowsalya

Are you still behind her?

Won't you ever change?

Listen, she is also in love with me

This is not like earlier one sided
relationships. I am going to marry her

So you guys have
decided to marry?

The marriage cannot be even
registered until she turns 18

We are getting married only
after she completes her studies

You are a rickshaw driver

She will get educated and become
a doctor or engineer in future

Do you think her family will allow?

In that we'll elope

Today you are her hero,
a rickshaw driver

When she goes to college, a guy in fancy bike
will attract her. What if she falls for him?

How dare you?

Sorry dude

She is trustworthy

Really sorry

Sorry dude. Please, forgive me.
I'm sorry

Your love won't end up in marriage

You will regret later!
Wait and watch!

- Hands off me!
- Buddy!

Making up for slapping me?

Forgive me

Don't you know me?

Why aren't you drinking?

Well, I'm planning to quit drinking...

Ok, fine

You both belong to same caste and
you think that makes it easier?

They will compare qualification,
wealth, status and what not

Listen, first look
at one's quality!

Am I bad person?

I'm just a little hot head


be honest and answer me

Have I ever played
with any girl's life?

Even my best friend
doesn't know me well

- Hello
- I want to discuss something important

There is a lot to study. I got
only two minutes. Make it fast

Not over phone, Kowsalya

That's ok. Just say it

Aiyo! Dad!

Who is it, dear?

Nothing dad. Just
talking to a friend


my friend, she is in love with an
auto-rickshaw driver, who isn't much educated

Do her parents know about it?

No parents would like an
uneducated son-in-law

At this age, it's all
infatuation and not love

Think about it after
five years and...

all this will be nothing but a joke

Look over there

What a beautiful kite

Look how high it is flying

The thread attached isn't
stopping the kite from flying...

instead it helps the kite to fly
high in a nice and steady manner

If that threads snaps then the kite
will lose it way and come down crashing

Parents are like that thread

Without the thread's
guidance the kite is nothing

But what if he is an
honest and nice guy?

Majority of people in this world
are basically honest and nice

but the question is if they are
the right ones to enter our lives

This is not the right
age to find out that

Make your friend understand this

Have the milk and
continue studying

What is basal metabolic rate?

Prema, answer the question

Do you know the answer or not?

I don't know, miss

What else do you know?
You don't study at all

Who cares whether you
attend school or not?

Had you got married, you'd
be mother of two by now

Please convey that
to my dad, miss

It was my mistake asking you at first


Who can answer it?

Kowsalya, give me the answer

Sorry miss

I just explained it. So, you
weren't paying attention?

Yet you score marks
without studying

Who else can answer this?


HM has summoned you

All of you study the
answer before I'm back

Want to know a secret?

When she asked
'What else do you know?'

I can stitch a dress. In fact I
stitched my own dress, I mean this one

Shocking, she asked a question that
even you found it tough to answer

You are a rickshaw driver

She will get educated and become
a doctor or engineer in future

Do you think her family will allow?

Your love won't end up in marriage

- Come on, Kowsalya
- My lucky pen!

My dad bought me that

Wait, I'll get it

Fine, forget it


I need to discuss something
important with you

I have something even
more important to discuss

In two days...

school term gets over

Then for a week...

I have got study leave

Followed by exams


Both of us...I mean...

Until my exams are over...

let's not meet...

or talk


Now that you've said it, why
are you calling me back?

Go, study well become a doctor
and get married some doctor guy

My friend already warned me

I didn't pay heed

First, have patience
and hear me out

I am unable to
concentrate on studies

I am not attentive during classes

All I think about is meeting
and spending time with you

And if I say this I am worried
that you will mistake me

Don't you wish that I
should become a doctor?

How could you even say such a thing?

I'll be very proud if
you become a doctor

But once you become a doctor...

will you forget me?

Do you think I'll forget my
father if I become a doctor?

The same goes to you


will your dad agree?

He will agree to
anything I ask for

I shall leave now


It's beautiful but...

I'll accept it once I get my doctor seat


Why are you calling him?

Focus on studies or
else I'll punish you


why didn't you punish me and send me
back to school when I refused to study?

If you had done it, I would have got
educated and been in a good job by now

You were his life...

you threatened to jump into the well and suicide
if sent to school, what else can he do?

Senthil asked me to pass this pen to you



why did you take such a risk?

Was it necessary to risk
your life and get this pen?

Didn't you say
it's your lucky pen?

Moreover, anything for you
is never a risk for me

It's not a big deal

Excuse me

- Yes?
- What are you doing here?

Just like that. How
about a tea for you?

- No thanks. How are you?
- I'm fine

- How's your rickshaw business?
- All good

Excuse me...

Hope Kowsalya is studying well

She will study well and become a doctor

And later we will marry her off to a doctor

You focus on your business and try
moving up from rickshaw to car

Because you must be the chauffeur for
the married couples, at her wedding

Sir, tea

Did you hear that?

Who was that? My uncle?

Now do you see what worries me?

I can't even sleep thinking about it.
It's quite upsetting

So just listen and do as I say

I'll commit suicide if you
don't show up tomorrow

What's running in your mind?

Answer me!

I didn't eat at all yesterday.
Do you know that?

I was waiting for you...

I was waiting expecting
you'll come to meet me

Neither my family
understands me nor do you

What do I do? Answer me!


A moment please

What are you saying?

I am just revealing it to you

Please do not tell anybody

Handover this leave letter
to the miss, tomorrow

I'm off for only half a day

I'll be back in class by afternoon

- Please do not tell anybody...
- Ok


Forget it

I'm going nowhere tomorrow

I'll come to class

Talk! Why are you quiet?

So, you say you won't marry me?

So, you say you won't marry me?

Oh God!

Why did you do this, my dear!?
Move! Move!

- Drive fast! Lord, save my daughter!
- Quick, drive carefully

Her forearms are
full of blade marks

Is that why she always wears full sleeves?

Why would she do something
stupid like this?

Must be some love affair

- Ms. Mary
- Yes?

Why didn't Kowsi finish her breakfast?

- Aiy-aiyo
- I wonder what's the hurry?

Look! Even the lunch box!

Come on, Ms. Mary.
Won't you check?

- She forgot her lunch
- She left before I could see her off

- I'll hand it over on my way to work
- Ok

Hello sir, this is Malini,
Kowsalya's class teacher

Your daughter didn't
turn up to school today

I didn't receive any leave letter

She in the 12th grade.
Hence, I called you up

She left for school

She didn't come here

Please don't mistake me
for saying this, sir

Your daughter...

Look, stop...

Miss, please don't judge her!

Consider all your students
as your own children

Please don't tell anyone
what you just told me

Kowsalya, once married in
front of this deity...

no one can separate that couple

You finally got what you wanted

Anyway, God bless you

You guys are my world

- What do you say, Soni?
- Of course

Kowsalya, now take your own good time and
complete your studies. I'll wait for you

I don't have a good feeling
about this, Senthil

I have never kept any
secrets from my father

We will reveal it to him one day

Do you think he'll agree now?

Study well, become a doctor
and get your dad's consent

Then in presence of both our families
we'll get married in a grand manner

- What do you say, buddy?
- Of course!

It's getting late. I have
applied only for half day leave

Also got to go to Soni's
house to change my dress

- Let's start
- Ok

- Let's go
- Please dissolve this in the pond

You go do it. I'll wait here

Let's go before someone sees

Come on, bro!



It's not like what you think


I'll come home and explain

I was on my way to home, next


Kowsalya, this was
totally unexpected

First, I must go home, Senthil

I must meet my father

My dad will understand me


You look all worried. What is it?

Where's my father?

He left to your school to hand
over your lunch box to you

Didn't he return home?

He left to school looking for you

You demon! You've
destroyed a family!


You cheated us with
your sweet words!

Don't be angry

What do you know?

He is missing!

You sinner!

All his struggles were for you

He refused a second marriage just
because he wanted to take care of you

And look what you have done!

Our whole family is now broken!

Where will I go look for my brother now?

"The one who showered
love on me like rain..."

"I was a big part in even the
smallest of cells in you"

"I'm now crying..."

"All I want is you back in my life"

"As my guardian angel and as the
answers to all my questions"

"You are my God! You are my God!"

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

Your dad had invested in Fixed
Deposit for your education...

and here is a small return
since it has matured

"There are still many who live
with superstitious beliefs"

"There are still many
who believe in miracles"

"There is nothing more precious
than the sweat a father sheds"

"A father's hard work and sweat is
equally powerful as a mother's milk"

"There is no like you, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

Look what you've done!

What's the hurry to get married?

First find her father
and make him understand

This is not a marriage
without his consent

"A brave heart with a beautiful smile,
I'm lost for words to praise you"

"I would never leave you. You
would never be a burden to me"

"Even when I didn't get
the mother's love..."

"But you loved me so much that
you became my mother also"

"There is no one like you, dear father"

"I am nothing without
you, dear father"

He can't live without you

Once his anger subsides, he'll come back.
Now, eat dear

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

"You my world, dear father"

"I am nothing without you, dear father"

Kowsi, I don't think we
can find your father

Study well and become a doctor.
I'm sure he'll come back to you

Don't confuse yourself

Go. study well

'After few years...'



Sit here. I'll go give our names


please continue these tablets
which the doctor prescribed


Next, Mrs. Amudha...


Hope you are doing fine, miss

What are you doing here?


I work here

Depressed, without my father...

And the guilt...

I couldn't concentrate
on studies

- Yay! I passed the exams
- So did my sister

My marks...

were very low

Muthulakshmi, quietly
she topped everyone

As usual Vaishnavi got second rank

Look, Kowsalya's marks
have gone very low

Probably they didn't value the
paper correctly, Kowsalya

Let's go inquire in the school

But I didn't write my exams well, Senthil

If I had got good marks, dad might
have returned home, isn't it?

Look, what happened

Poor Kowsalya

How could've she studied
when her dad is missing?

I guess we took a hasty decision

We made a hasty decision?
He pushed us to do it!

Only if he had some patience,
her dad wouldn't be missing now

She would also have got good marks

Kowsalya was the only student who answered
all my questions and took me by surprise!

Stop blaming him

Who expected this would happen?


Love failure isn't when a
girl refuses a proposal

or when we fail to
marry the girl we love

When we get married to the love of our
life and fail to gift her a happy life...

that's the true love failure

Now, go and console Kowsalya

Why are you both so sad all the time?

It's very disheartening to
see you both like this

Dear, how did you even trust
and fall for this fellow?

Look, now you too are struggling

Kowsalya, how about we take a
break and go out of station?

Yes, do that first

My aunt stays in Madras. Go,
stay there for sometime

Everyone in this place looks at both
of you as if you guys are criminals

Take it

There is Rs. 20,000/- in this

- What about your vehicle's FC?
- I'll manage. Have it

- I shall leave now
- We shall...

leave tonight itself

Don't leave now. Let the deity Angalamma's
ritual get over in our temple

Leave in the morning 5 am train

I'll drop Kowsalya at her home and
bring her back at early morning 4

You pack your dress and get some sleep


It's beautiful but I'll accept
it after I get the doctor's seat



Dear sister! Senthil!


Are you still asleep?


Senthil! Senthil!


Why are you crying? What happened?

Tell me, what is it?


What happened?














Why daddy? Why?

Why daddy?

Why couldn't you focus like how
Arjun focused on the parrot's eye?

I don't know, dad!

I have no idea why!

Please dad, don't you leave me

No, dad! Please!

No, daddy! Please!

Daddy, please don't leave me

Please daddy, don't leave me

Dad! Please! No!

Dad! Please! No! Dad!

Dad, please...


After that...

I started concentrating
vigorously on studies

I completed my B. Sc degree
winning the university gold medal

I do a part time job in this hospital. I'm
preparing and writing all the competitive exams

And your father?

Did he return home?

No, miss

He will never leave me

He will always follow me

I'm sure, even now he is present
somewhere here and guarding me

I couldn't fulfill his wish
of me becoming a doctor

But miss...

I have cleared the IAS prelims now

Next, I'll pass the main exam and become an
IAS officer, a step ahead of what he wanted


my father will come in person and...

he'll hug me!

It's late. I shall
leave now, miss

But it's raining heavily, Kowsalya

That's ok, miss