Ma tou da jue dou (1973) - full transcript

A martial arts fighter, haunted by his past, takes a job as a dock worker in a small village. The villagers are dependent on the traffic that comes to the pier, which gives its cruel owner too much power over his beleaguered workers. The situation worsens when an even crueler gangster takes control. His most powerful weapon is his henchman, a muscle-bound brute, who remorselessly and easily cracks the skulls and breaks the necks of anyone who gets in the way. The new dock worker had sworn never to fight again, but the deaths of his co-workers force him to act.

Shen Wei Ta, you're practicing at night?

You want to defeat my Brother?

Wei Ta, I hear you have progressed.
Father says you are the best.

So in that case you don't
have to work so hard.

I know my brother is hard on you.

My Brother bullies you because
you are an Orphan, you must bear it.

I can take it, but
sometimes he goes to far.

I know, just forget about him,
have I ever bullied you?

It's almost dawn, you should stop
before you do yourself harm.

Sister, I'll let you in on a secret.

I have new techniques
that even Master does not know.

Wei Ta, that's not right,
it's like cheating.

Sister, Sister... let me explain.


Shen Wei Ta, what are you up to
at this hour.

You were trying to
take advantage of my Sister.

Brother, you're drunk
stop talking rubbish.

I've caught you red handed.

You trying to run?


I never trusted that guy,
he's up to no good.

- Big Brother, batter the bastard.
- Shut your mouth.

Don't force me to fight back.

I am hoping you fight back.
My fists are itching for a fight.

Brother, stop it otherwise
I am going to tell Father.

You dare.

Go, be on your way,
crawl all the way home.

What, not giving in?

Stay right there.

Big Brother... Big Brother...
Big Brother... Big Brother...

Big Brother is dead.

Shen Wei Ta killed him.

Big Brother's been killed, come quick
Shen Wei Ta's killed Big Brother.

Shen We Ta is a murderer.

Wei Ta you killed him.

I killed him, I killed him.

I'll never fight again.

Those bags weigh a ton,
you sure you can manage them?


Think it over,
you might do yourself an injury.

You have been here more than a month,
you don't drink, you don't gamble,

What are you going to do
with all your money.

I'm saving for my
passage out of here.

Where are you from?

Why the silent treatment?

Alright, try him out,
let him carry a sack.

- Hey, give him a sack.
- Right.


It's alright, I can manage.

Check that out, he runs with it.

Listen! Remember.. the day he arrived here?
Uncle Lo reckoned he was a fighter.

A fighter? Maybe.
But he's pretty strong, I know that.

You, what is all this? I warn ya,
you hurt yourself it's your own fault.

Keep working, go!

Come on.

You know what, this morning
he moved ten tons, incredible.

Why doesn't he stop for lunch.

I know why,
he's too tired to eat.

- Hey, tell him to stop.
- Right.

Hey you, it's lunch time, come on.

Noodles please.

The new guy, I am suspicious of him.

Why are you suspicious?

Because he won't tell us his name.

He told us when he arrived, Chung San.

That is not his name.

You men, check your tally sticks
make sure you aint lost any of them.

Pay him, he's earned every
damned cent of it.

Next one.

Hurry up!

You wretched thief,
we've got you this time.

- After them, quick.
- Don't let them get away.

- Get over here.
- We've got them now.

No, please have mercy, please no.

- What's this.
- Take a look.

That's enough,
- Are you trying to kill them?

Maybe, we caught them red handed,
they are getting what they deserve.


That's quite enough.

They didn't steal that much,
they couldn't have.

- So are you willing to pay for it?
- Yes I am, how much?

200 hundred catties of rice, that's...

How could they have taken so much?

Here, take a look.

So you think you can pay for all of that,
have you got that much cash?

Changing your mind right?

I guess you have.

Batter them!

Hold it!

I'll pay for them.

This should be enough.

Here's mine, take that too.

Chung San, wait there.

This is not enough.

It's a months pay, that must
be enough for one bag of rice.

It is enough for one bag of rice,
but they have stolen much more than that.

Let us count up what they have
stolen since you arrived here.

20 sacks of rice, oil, cotton,
and a whole list of items.

When we do finally catch them, you step up
and say you want to bail them out.

But can you pay for all that, bet you can't
let's go see the boss, see what he thinks.

Come on, be reasonable.

Well he can't pay, so he should take
the beating, that's reasonable.

Beat him!

Hold it!

- Are you making trouble here?
- No boss.

If he's causing you grief, just beat him up
same goes for anyone else.

He was not making any trouble.

Beat him good.

Tell him to stop.

He is just getting what he asked for.

You want some too.

Stop it!

Boss, call your men off.

Foreman Lok, I'll let them go
just for your sake.

Chu Han you want to die?

Uncle Lok, look how
they beat Chung San.

Boss, he don't know the rules,
he's new here.

So he's new,
then you should tell him the rules.

Yes I know, I am very sorry.


Listen up, catch those thieves,
and beat the shit out of them.

I run this town, if you don't like it
then you move out.

- And don't you forget that.
- Yeah right.

- Right everyone, back to work.
- Alright.

Take him to my place.

He will be alright.

Our Boss is a real bastard,
don't ever forget that.

Make trouble and he will kill you all.
Let's go.

Take my advice, don't try to be a hero,
you're not tough enough for that game.

If you do want to be a tough guy,
ask Chu to teach you.

Chung San.

He's a good fella.
He's worked his guts out here for a month.

But to save those kids, he blows
the whole lot. A month's wages.

What do you make of him?

I told you once, he's no ordinary fella,
that guy can fight.

- Ah Mao.
- Yes.

You said he should
learn fighting from Chu.


In my opinion,
Chu could learn from him.

- Hi there.
- Hi.

- Has Chung San been in today?
- No, not yet.

That's because he's broke,
if he comes I'll pay for him.

OK, but you will have to wait your turn.

All the other guys here
have also offered to pay his bill.

- Hey fellas, fancy a quick game.
- Good idea, might win a bit of cash.

No, I am going to look for Chung San.

Come on, he's not a kid,
he can look after himself.

It's alright, don't be scared, come in.

We're sorry, it was our fault...
I mean...

That's OK, those guys didn't hurt me,
but you shouldn't steal anymore.

We only steal because we're hungry.

That's no excuse,
because of you someone might get killed.

That's true.

If you cause a man's death,
it stays with you.

One mistake and you are ruined for life.

Welcome Mr. Lee.


- Come on move it.
- Hurry up.

Who is that guy, must be important,
did you see how the boss was all over him.

It's not our business,
just keep that in mind.

- One more.
- Right.

- Hey, don't try so hard, take it easy.
- Right.

Chung San, don't work so hard,
you are still weak after that beating.

You're a worker not a performer.

Don't worry,
it's good exercise I enjoy it.

Crazy fella.


This way, please.

Mr. Lee, sit down.




That's a great case, real nice.

It's nothing, but seeing that you
like it so much, you can have it.

Mr. Chan
- Yes?

I represent the Triads,
I believe you've had a letter.

Yes, yes.

The boys want to have
exclusive use of the pier.

The Pier?

That won't be a problem.

We want to off load some special goods.


Special, oh I see.

So if we use, no other boats can,
and your workers are gonna get laid off.

That's impossible.

Come on now,
are you in charge here or not.

They're just a bunch of coolies,
fire the lot of them.

But... it's not so simple.

The ships they will go elsewhere,
but the workers they live here.

And if they can't work on the pier
then they'll starve.

So I am sure we will get some trouble.

Maybe this will help you
to change your mind.

And there is a lot more
where that came from.

When you work with the Triads,
then you set for life.

The workers must have a leader,
make him an offer he can't refuse.


Impossible, can't be done.

These men are not wandering coolies,
some of them have been here for 10 years.

They have kids, homes,
they have got their roots here.

Listen, you need not go,
I can get you a good job here.

Mr. Leung, I appreciate your offer,
but I could not possibly accept.

The workers trust me, they're my friends,
I can't betray them.

Don't be a damn fool man,
that's stupid.

Mr. Leung, I think you should
forget about this idea.

This is our home
and this is where our jobs are.

So don't push us too far,
or you may have to regret it.

What do you mean?

You push too hard...

And what?

...and we may push back.

I'm warning you
don't under estimate us.


Are you gonna play ball or what?

You can not do this to us.

I told you what my orders were
and that's final.

Now get your boat out over here now,
this pier is off limits.

- Let us at least off load her.
- Yeah come on mate.

If you don't move out now,
you may find yourselves in a lot of trouble

in which case don't say I didn't warn you,
I won't say it again.

- Okay let's go then.
- OK

If the ships can't use the pier,
then what happens to us?

I don't give a toss
what happens to you lot.

Don't forget this pier does not
belong to the boss.

Oh is that so,
so you are saying it's yours then?

Your company is here,
what you are doing now does not make sense.

- Yeah right.
- He's right.

You just wait and see.

- We have done nothing wrong.
- Yeah right.

I told you not to start any grief.

- Alright then, you want to fight?
- OK come on then.

You men keep out of it,
or you'll get what he gets.

- Alright, if that's what they want.
- Yeah do him.

Mr. Wong...

They've learnt their lesson,
tell them to shove off.

There's plenty of other piers around,
go there, find other jobs.

You know we can't,
the other piers already have workers.

Get this, we're staying.

The boats won't dock here,
so there is no point in you staying.

Well we are staying, the boats will
return to the pier one day.

No wait!

Don't be stupid, tell them to go.

I am running out of patience.

Come on.

Listen, do nothing rash,
Chan is too powerful.

If we fight him
we'll probably lose.

Let's go home
and draw up some sort of plan.

Where's Chu?

Damn you, shut up, shut it.
I'll teach you, we're all hungry too.

Hey, stop that, he can't help it.

You shut up, it's alright for you,
you can move on to another town,

but we have to stay here,
and watch our kids starve to death.

You're wrong,
I... I have no place to go.

So you see... I'm like you.

We've waited all day,
but still no boats have stopped,

I think Chan is stopping them up the coast,
warning them not to stop here.

Maybe so,
but Mr. Wong will have a plan.

Look, we have got to think of something.

Let's fight, or we are
gonna starve to death.

- Right let's fight.
- Yeah take the fight to them.

Hey everyone!

Chan controls
all the authorities here,

we can't beat him,
especially with fighting.

- We will wait at the pier.
- But still...

It's all we can do,
now go home now.

What do you think,
is it a good idea?

Don't think you've got a hope in hell.

Well I'm going to storm Chan's house,
teach that bastard a lesson.

Now look, I know you don't want to go.

I'm too scared.

I don't want too, but you'd better
keep your trap shut or else.

I won't talk,
but Chan has got a lot of men up there.

Well someone has got to try,
So it might as well be me.


That's all you ever think about.

Even when you're making love,
I feel insulted.

Shut it.

I've always been rich,
but I've never seen so much dough.

As soon as I start working with
the Triads, I will have untold money.

I can really start living it up now.

I'm scared you'll get bored with me
and shack up with some other girl.

Don't worry, no danger of that,
you're still gorgeous.

Hey you, get out of here.

For fuck's sake.

Time to stop dreaming about being rich
and go out an earn your money.

Chan Ho, come out!

Chan Ho, I have come to get you.

You stupid Coolie.

Kill the bastard.

Chan Ho, we are not
going to leave the pier.

- Right, kill him.
- Yes.

Chu Han.

Hey, Wu Ah-mao, Wu Ah-mao.

Seen Chu?
I ain't seen all day.

I... don't know.

Where is he?

Stand back.

Chu Han.

Chu Han

Listen up you idiots.

See that hook.

He tried to rob my house last night,
he got what he deserved.

Do you want some too!

Wait you!

Chung San, so it's you.

Don't tell me you want another lesson.

Well then, you want to fight?

Well then, not fighting?

Well I am.

Alright, that's enough.

I see, you have thought it over.

Right, I've thought it over.

So you'll tell them to go.

You're wrong, many years ago I killed
a man, although I didn't mean to

I swore I'd never use my fists again.

But now you have forced me
made me break my oath

I'm going to have to use them again.

- Ah Lo, you watch these guys.
- Yes.

He needs a lesson.



You'd better remember this lesson
for the rest of your life.


Alright, take him to a Doctor,
tell him to think things over.

You, take me home,
...hurry up!

Come on let's go.

- Come on.
- Careful.

Why didn't you kill him,
to avenge poor Chu.


once you've killed a man...

it stays with you forever.

You suffer your whole life,
I know that, it happened to me.

Chiang Tai, you see why I brought you?
Why I need you?

Our good friend here, he slipped up.
So now we take over.

Hey, come on now.
It wasen't all my fault ya know?

I did stop the boats using the pier.

Those workers, they are bound to
pack up and go sooner or later.

But the syndicate wants to use
the pier now. You knew what to do!

Your job was to
drive the workers out.

Not to have them hanging
around making trouble.

But now.. you screwed it up!
And we've got a real problem.

- You fool, you're no damn use at all.
- Who says I'm no use?

Alright, who was your second in command?

- No... no, not me, I...
- I was.

Welcome, I am sure
you'll co-operate won't you?

That's right, I'm very co-operative.

That's good,
I am sure we will come to terms.

Chiang, anyone who can break a man's legs
as easily as that is no ordinary man.

So you be careful.

So that's it, you
want to have the pier...

but you have lots of money.

If you wanted you could build
another pier.

But us, we have no place to go.

Chiang Tai, this guy here,
what is he?

He's just a big fool.

Well, what do we do with fools?

We kill them, then dump them.

Damn you, I don't need your help!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it was an accident,
didn't mean it, it's an old habit,

For fuck sakes.

Don't kill him,
let him go and tell the others.

Damn you.

- Fellas, there's a boat in.
- Great.

There's a boat, there's a boat!

- Uncle, uncle!
- Uncle, uncle!

Uncle a boat has come.

Uncle, uncle...

Just leave me be, go to the pier
and fetch Chung San here, hurry.

Alright, what you got?

I have nothing for you.

Nothing? You're kidding me,

All that rice you got, in export sacks
that's cargo bound for here.

That's right,
but we've been warned off this pier.

Forget that, we fixed Chan Ho,
broke his legs.

Maybe, but I am not taking any chances,
I don't want trouble.

Hey Miss, you get off here.

- Thank you kindly.
- Much obliged.

Listen up, this lady is
looking for some guy,

strong fella, guess
he works as a coolie.

- Cast us off will you.
- Here you go.

Let's go.

He's not so tall, but strong, he is
quiet, he is a good fighter too.

When he get's into a fight
he can beat twenty men.

Well have you seen anyone like him?

Can't say that I have.

So what is his name?

His name is Shen Wei Tat,
do you know him?

Wu Ah-mao, do you think it could be
the new guy Chung San?

Huh, Chung San,
he's got no idea of how to fight.

This man you mention,
where can I find him?

Chung San, he was here just now.


Chung San, wait up.

Chung San! She's looking for you!

Wei Ta, Wei Ta!

You've got the wrong man,
I don't know you.

Wei Ta, I've been
searching for 3 months now, you...

Now look, I don't know you.

Chung San, uncle Wong is dying
and he wants to see you, quickly.

- Didn't you hear, where are you going?
- Come on.

Sorry we've got to get going
can't help you.

His neck has been broken

Uncle, we're here.

That's good,
Chung San... I...

It isn't Chung San, it's just Wu-Ah mao

Chang San, I... I know you're a fighter,
I can tell that just by looking at you.

You're the only one who can help them now,
I don't care why you have to hide yourself,

But your one of us now,
you've got to help them, I beg you.

I would never had thought it,
that Wei Ta could be a coward.

He knows the trouble these people are in
and his good friend has been killed.

He doesn't care, he won't help them,
how did he become like this.

Listen, your friend is dead,
Chung San's gone, but I will help you.

Who ever killed your friend must be strong,
he broke his neck like a twig.

If any thing happens to me, write a letter
to my family, tell them what happened.

Now look, you must not go,
you'll get badly hurt.

Don't worry.

It's only us.

Don't put that on.

Guess what, that pretty girl, she is tough,
she is going to help us fight.

But she was wrong
when she called you a coward

I know that you are not.

So do I, uncle Wong said
you're the only one who can help.

Is that true?

If you are the only one,
then why don't you help.

After all they did beat you up too.

I can't help anybody.

I... I...

Can't you see it, my hands
they are full of blood.

I can't even help myself,
I have no courage to fight anymore

I just can't use my fists,
I simply can't do it.

- I need more than that.
- You can get as much as you can take.

Let's go to the pier, now the foreman is
dead they've probably all buggered off.

Chiang Tai, there's a lot of people here,
what are they waiting for?

For death.

Well in that case
what do we do with them?

We kill them and dump them.

Who killed Mr Wong?
Was it you?

I never expected to find such a tasty
girl in amongst this ugly lot.

Chiang Tai could we use a pretty girl for?

For screwing.

But what if she wants to fight,
what do we do with her then?

We kill her and dump her.

That would be a great pity.

I'll handle her,
you take care of the other morons.

Mr. Chang, Mr. Chang,
they are fighting at the pier.

They have a massive man
and he's killing all the workers.

- Come on, you've got to help.
- Right, go help them.

Please stop fighting now,
no more fighting.

Well alright! Had enough?
Let's stop fighting and go to bed.

Stop it... we're giving up.
We'll get all our things and leave here.

- Well alright! When are you going?
- Right away.

- But look
- No, you look

Take a look at all the dead men here,
you want more to die?

Good, we'll be back, tomorrow at noon,
if there's anyone left they'll be killed.

I'm sorry, I know we've let you down
but we have to leave, we have no choice.

Mr. Wong, maybe Chang can help us fight.

No use, no one could defeat
the Chinese Hercules.

But if we leave the pier,
how will we earn a living?

Come on.

Hurry up, quick as you can.

Hurry up, come on.

My doll!

I know it don't look much
but it's been my home for years.

All my friends are here,
where will we go to, what will we do?

Chung San.

Wong was wrong about you,
So was Chu Han Chiu.

Shen Wei Ta.

You killed a man,
you killed my brother.

You killed him, and if you feel so guilty
why haven't you killed yourself?

You just want to hide, hide the truth
let people think you're innocent.

Well you can't hide from yourself,
or the fact you've blood on your hands.

If you must go on,
you must try to redeem yourself.

Right now the people despise you,
but you could change all of that.

You might die, but at
least you'd die a man.

Do you really think he can beat him?

He might get killed,
he has not trained for three months.

So perhaps I've sent him to die.

Was it true,
did he really kill your brother?

- He didn't kill my brother.
- But you said...

The two had a fight
and he knocked my brother out.

He thought he had killed him
and ran away.

That's why I came here, to tell
him the truth that he's not a killer

- I'll tell Chung.
- No don't tell him.

This is something he has to do,
otherwise he can never be a man again.

I don't know perhaps he'll die
I just don't know.

Well I see there is one left?
This man here, what is he?

A dead man.

A dead man!
And what do we do with dead men?

Pick them up,
dump them in the sea.

Good, real man.

Damn you!
I don't need your help!


- Hey you, What do you call this?
- It's shit.

- And what do we do with shit?
- Pick it up and dump it.

- Right.
- Right.

No please don't,
I won't try to take your pier.

I'll leave here,
I won't try to come back.

- You got that right.
- You're damn right.