Ma mère, le crabe et moi (2018) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

- Coming.
- Hurry up,

we're running late.

My Mother, The Crab, And Me

Tania, I need to talk to you.

You get out at 5, right?

Say something?

Do you want me to pick you up?

What, with a snack?
What are you thinking?

- I'm going over to Marlène's.
- OK.

But we're eating together, right?

I'm trying out
a new salmon lasagna recipe.

- We need to talk.
- "Talk".

Don't you get tired,
Cathy, of talking?

Why are you suddenly
calling me "Cathy"?

Mr. Parfenon, my gym teacher!

Too bad, you missed.

I'm so embarrassed.

See you tonight, sweetie...

I'm positive I was adopted.


'Sup, sir?

- See my story yesterday?
- The belly dance?


- Jason left a comment.
- Did you study

for the history test?


I forgot about it.

Never mind,
we'll sit next to each other.

- Hey, Tania.
- Hey.

- Hi, Marie.
- Marlène.


Class is in 206, right?

Like always.

Yes, 206, right?

- 2, 0, 6, yes.
- Oh, OK.

Does he like you, or what?

- The Slovak likes you.
- Please, no.

That was just too obvious.

I mean, 206, 207...

He doesn't know how to speak.

Cap off.

You wanted to talk? I'm listening.

I'm in a rush, but I'm listening.

- Did you dye your hair?
- No.

Did you see the leak
in the hallway?

The carpet has mold rings.

They're turning brownish.
It's really...

What's going on, honey?

I have cancer.

Breast cancer.

You OK, Coco?

Shit. Sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


- How do you feel?
- I'm OK.

What's going to happen?
Will they remove the tumor?

Yes. Well, in my case,
they'll remove the entire breast.

But they'll reconstruct
during surgery and without chemo.

- Is that possible?
- Yes.

- That's good.
- I'm lucky.

- And then?
- And then...

Three weeks of work leave.

That isn't much.

Work is probably not your priority.

Actually, it is.

I can't leave. People need me here.

I understand.

Don't tell anyone.

No! No...

- How did Tania take it?
- It's complicated.

I haven't told her yet.

- Really?
- I don't want her to worry.

When you say "cancer",
people imagine the worst.

Yeah, people can be so dumb.
So dumb.

- Sorry.
- Don't worry.

I know it'll be fine, it's just...

OK, I have to get back.

Yes, get to work.

See you later.

My stomach cramps
have pretty much gone away

and I no longer have hallucinations.

But I sometimes have nightmares
where I drink

gin and wake up all sweaty

and I don't understand why I drink.

Nadège, you're a lesbian.
Accept it.

You'll drink less.

What nonsense.

Go screw a woman. You'll see...

It'll free your stomach.

Thank you, Jenny, we get it.

Let's go, let's go!

Speed it up!

Jason went out with Marie
last year.

For three weeks.
Can you imagine?

I'd give anything
to know what that's like.

I'd live on a boat,
naked, and without cigarettes.

Are you listening?

Why aren't you answering?

You're repeating yourself.
You sound like my mom.

I'll die if I'm a virgin
when I go to high school.

You've never kissed a guy.

I have. Last summer,
playing truth or dare.

Raise your head. Great!

- Did you know Parfenon's married?
- With a guy? Cool.

No, a woman.

- No way.
- My mom told me.

But he's gay. Everyone knows.

She saw him at the store
arguing with a woman.

- You might get lucky.
- Shut up.

Shit! Oh, shit...

What's going on, girls?

I don't believe it.

Sir, we were out of breath.

You want my death
on your conscience?

Think it's funny?

You were our best runner.
Now, you ditch and smoke.

It's not like we're married.

I'm calling your mothers.

- No, sir, please.
- This is not OK.

Tania could've competed
for the middle school at regionals

but she'd rather hide

behind a fence to smoke cigarettes.

One cigarette and my mom
will send me to her rehab center.

I know.

At least my mom doesn't care.
She didn't even show up.

- She's grounded.
- Instead of grounding her,

let's sign her up for track.
What do you think?

Great idea.

I don't believe this.

- What?
- Parfenon.

He's flirting with your mom.

- He's gay.
- Let me know.

Cigarettes kill.

They're only 14. You know more
about addiction than me.

Cigarettes are bad for the heart,
the skin...

Look at them. He likes her.

Not to mention cancer.

- Do you smoke?
- After the divorce,

my mom suddenly turned 108.

The only thing she enjoys
is making jam for her blog.

You're lucky.
It's a struggle to not smoke.

Seriously? After talking
about the dangers for an hour?

It's a slower death
than getting run over.

That's true.

What's she doing?
Is she serious?

I just got dumped, actually.

I can't watch this.

My partner

took off to Rome with the intern.

To Rome?

- They're flirting.
- No way. Come on.

Since then,
I've taken refuge in my work,

school, the track team,
and volunteering at your center.

That's how it is.
Help others to help yourself.

You know, your mother's not bad.

To be honest,
my husband left me for his secretary.

A 27-year-old Italian.

This is crazy.

OK, great.

- Can you knock before entering?
- Sorry.

What do you want?

I'm not doing track. Going around
in circles is for goldfish.

I have a brain.

I hate running and I hate Parfenon.

Tania, you need responsibility.

You know,
I won't always be around to...

Got a boyfriend?

I'm in your way,
like I was for Dad?

No, that's not it.

So, what is it?

It's nothing.

The door!

Telling your loved ones
about a serious illness

is no easy task. We know.

Especially when telling a child
about your illness.

Stay at their height...

I'm hungry.

I'm hungry, I'm hungry!

Who are you talking to?
I heard voices.

It's a video on my blog.
I got a lot of comments

raving about my fig penne recipe.

From men?

You know,
my followers are usually women.

Why didn't you tell me
my teacher volunteers for you?

He just comes in from time to time.

- Do you think he's nice?
- Sure.

- You get along, is that it?
- Yeah.

Well, that explains things.
Just how well?

So, are you hungry?

Yeah. I'm starving.

I can't drop you off
at school tomorrow.

I have an appointment.

Mr. Parfenon is absent this morning.

He'll be here... Quiet down!

- Calm down.
- Hurry, Marlène.

Go to study hall
until he gets here.

I guess I didn't need to run.

Marlène, you were right.
My mom's going out with Parfenon.

I can't take it.

I'm going to take cyanide,
like Emma Bovary.

Or you can give Parfenon
some cyanide.

But he's so stupid.
What do they talk about?

No need to talk
for what they're doing.


Take a shot!

- Penalty!
- Stop.

- Marlène, Tania, we're waiting.
- Oh, come on!

Take a shot, corner.

Hurry up, please.

Stop! That's disgusting!

Hey! Cathy.

- It isn't going to change color.
- Oh, sorry.

- I'm a little tired.
- Why?

- Too much exercise?
- Isn't this nice?

Or maybe it's just a little too...

No, I can't pull it off.

- Will you tell me, or not?
- Tell you what?

OK, you've officially moved on
from intellectual activity.

If you really think
I'll let you date that dumb dude,

with his sweat suit and whistle...
No way, Mom!

What are you talking about?

I know you're dating Parfenon.

It's obvious.
You've been distracted and absent.

- You said he likes men.
- So do you.

Just not guys like him.

So, who did you see this morning,
all dressed-up?

Actually, I went
to see the doctor this morning.

You're dating a doctor?



they've found a little lump
in my left breast

and they're going to remove it,

and then,
the tumor will be gone.

Next week, I'm going to hospital

and they'll take it out,
and everything will be fine.

I'll try this on.
It'll be great for the work party.

Come on.

Come on! I want your opinion.

Thanks for coming
in your spare time.

Zlat will hand out
the sign up sheets.

When is the track meet?

- In March.
- Exactly.

So we'll prepare for it.
We'll build up

slowly but surely.
We'll train hard.

We'll warm up, as usual, our calves,

hamstrings, and shoulder girdles.
Go on.

Inno, can you set up
the studs, please?

It'll be harder for you, girls.
You've got a handicap.

You call this a "handicap", idiot?

- She's crazy.
- Did you see that?

That's right, get outta here.

Don't worry,
you've got really nice handicaps.

Stop it. What are you playing at?

What was that?
Are you crazy? Get lost.


Don't worry about him.
He's such a jerk.

Stupid Slovak.

That's not it.

- Your mom's sleeping with Parfenon?
- No.

No, it's just...

I have to stay at my dad's
this weekend.

With his bimbo
and her big ass.

- Do you have to?
- Yes, because my mother...

- She met a guy.
- That's great!

Great. How did they meet?

Through her cooking blog.

He's, like, a famous Spanish chef
or something.

He likes her recipes and invited her
to Madrid for the weekend.

Seriously? So cool.
I mean, it's awesome.

- Tania, Marlène!
- I can't stand him.

God. Can you break my leg
so we can get out of here?

Come on, kick me.


You OK?

I'm sorry about earlier.

I shouldn't have said that.

Can I take you home? I live nearby.

- No.
- Come on, it'll be quicker.

Ever been on a scooter?

Are you scared?

- No, I'm not.
- You are.

- I'm not.
-You are.

- No.
- "No"? Get on then.

Hold on to me if you want.

It's 4:20 p.m.
Today's topic is opiates

and opioids.
We'll try to understand

how we've gotten to the point

of excessive use
in certain countries,

though less in France,
as we said earlier.

- It's interesting...
- What the hell?

I don't believe this.

Get off that thing!

Mom, this is Zlatan.
He's in my class.

And without helmets!
What were you thinking?

You know you're not allowed
on scooters!

And no helmet?
Why do you always disobey me?

- Getting upset isn't good for you.
- I'm doing just fine.

- Great.
- Sounds like my daughter.

- Is it too much?
- No.

- Your dress is nice.
- See?

François? Marie?
Will you join us for a picture?

We'll all look plain next to you.

- In honor of the center.
- We love the center!

You're leaving for 3 weeks?

Who'll replace you?

If it's Patrick,
I'll do drugs again.

It's only for three weeks.
You sound like my daughter.

What are you going to do?

- Hello.
- A law course.

You're going to the Seychelles
to get rid of us.

Will you give me the dates?

Yes, I'll give you the dates.

What'll you have to drink?

Whatever, but somewhere quiet.

I've got some vodka.

Are you crazy?

It's absolutely forbidden
to bring in alcohol.

We're not recovering.

- Do you take it to school?
- Oh yes.

This'll be fine.

What shall we toast?

With so many things to toast,
I don't know what to choose.

I love it.

- I love the smell of your hair.
- Oh?

Yes, it's true, it was a tough day.

At least I'm not the only one.

Franck, what's wrong?
Are you compensating for something?

This isn't a meeting.

No, I'm interested.

My ex's stuff has gone;
so now my apartment

is half-empty
and my cat's gone to live in Rome.

You seem fine,
for a guy with a broken heart.

- Can we talk about love problems?
- If you want.

So, since your boyfriend left you,

you've started to let loose.

My "boyfriend"?

Aren't you gay?

Oh, yeah. I'll prove it.

I don't know.
My daughter said... Well...

And your hair,

your earring...

I lived for eight years
with a woman who loved

my hair, my earring, and me, as well.

Well, not in the end, but...

I thought you were gay.

I'm actually happy you aren't.

What's with me?
Maybe it's the vodka.

- Cathy.
- Yes?

What dates will you be gone?

There are some holidays.

When you say three weeks,
does that include holidays?

Yes, there are holidays.

You'll have to ask Corinne.

But Corinne's left.

Oh, then I'll check.
We'll talk later.

- Good idea.
- OK, we'll do that.

Let's go check.

Flies buzzed 'round
That putrid belly

From which came forth
Black battalions

Of maggots
Oozing out like a heavy liquid

All along...
- Did you pack?

Mom, you ruined my Snap.

Pack your bag and tidy up your room.

- Can't I go to Marlène's?
- You haven't seen Dad in a month.

I don't want to go.

I hate Chiara. She gets hives.
She's allergic to me,

you know?

And I can tell
Dad doesn't want me around.

- I'm like a stain on his couch.
- That's enough.

You're going to your dad's.
Pack your bag.

I have to pay
because you're going to the hospital?

You want me to tidy up?
OK, I'll tidy up.

You want me to tidy up?
OK, fine.

I'm tidying up. See?
I'm tidying up.

Happy? I'm tidying up.

I've had enough of this.

- Hello?
- I can see you.

- Why are you here?
- To see you.

Come in, quick.
I don't want Tania to see you.

That's so sweet.

She and I aren't getting along
at the moment.

I just slapped her.

It happens.

Yeah, but if she sees us...

- She'll slap us?
- Yes.

- I love it.
- You're beautiful.

I wanted to see you before you left.

I'm not exactly going to China.

We can talk on the phone
and I'll see you after.

- Will you be home on weekends?
- No.

- I won't come home.
- Is it far?

I need to go. I really need to go.

Call me?

Of course.

I already miss you.

No kiss goodbye?

- I guess... Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Keep us updated?
- Yes, I'll call you.

Goodbye, Eric.

- Did you forget something?
- This.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

No, I'm sorry.

It'll be OK.

"Hi, Franck." "Hi".
No, that's no good.


"the other night ended too soon"...

OK, our turn.

I'll let you get ready.

Did you get some sleep?

Are you OK?

Please, God,
let everything go well for Cathy.

For Mom.

Please. Please...

If she gets better,
I'll eat her jams,

I'll leave positive comments
on her blog,

I'll stop calling her "Cathy".

I'll tidy up my room.
I'll stop sulking.

I'll do anything. Anything.

Here you go, quinoa with tofu.

Tania, what do you say?

Enjoy the meal.

Thanks, honey.

Please put that away
while we're at the table.

Thank you.

Tania, the next few weeks
aren't going to be easy.

Mom will be very tired.
You'll have to be extra-nice

with Mom.
- Say "Mom" again

and I'll throw up
this quinoa tofu crap.

Don't take it that way, please.

What? She'll be tired,
but she'll be just fine.

They've removed the tumor,
so she'll be fine.

You should also be happy for her.

I am. I mean, we are.

Will you be there when your mom
- mother- returns?

No, I'll be in the shower
or at the skating rink

learning how to do a triple axel.

That's enough, Tania!

You're upset,
but you can still be polite.

Don't talk to Chiara like that.

Who cares about my mother,
as long as I'm polite to bimbo?

Apologize right now!

I don't need an apology.

- When you apologize to Mom.
- What?

Apologize to Mom.
It's your fault she's sick.

What did you just say?

It's your fault she's sick!

The operation went well,
Mrs. Keller.

We managed to remove the tumor.

So everything is fine?

We weren't able to reconstruct.

We found that the lymphatic nodes

under your left arm were affected.

You'll have to undergo
radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

And since you can't have prosthetics
during radiation therapy...

- I don't understand.
- We couldn't reconstruct

your breast, as we had intended.

The cancer is deeper than we thought.

There are metastases.

You'll have to wait
another 12 or 18 months.

- I'm missing a breast?
- We'll reconstruct afterwards.



My daughter is only 15.
She needs me.

I can't die.

What are you talking about,
Mrs. Keller?

The oncologist
will arrange treatment.

- Hi, Mom?
- Hi, sweetie.

- Is it finished?
- Yes.

Everything OK?

Yes, the operation went well.

Cool. I'll be able to

continue annoying you, then.

Can I talk to your father?


Wait, Mom?

I love you.


Can I talk to her afterwards?

I see.


I can't wait to see you...
to hold you... Franck.

There is no hurry.

I don't know why you've suddenly
decided you want to...

It's awful. You have to tell her.

The more you wait,
the harder it is.

I really don't think
it's the right time.

- I don't want to hide my pregnancy.
- That's not it, honey.

It's about the timing.
You always want to rush things.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Parfenon: I miss you

Thank you.

- You can leave it here.
- OK.

- Thank you, sir.
- My pleasure. Goodbye.

- Careful.
- Sorry.

- What are you doing here?
- Tania ran away.

She left unannounced.
I almost called the police.

- What...
- It's fine.

She only cares about herself.

- Like your wife.
- Stop that.

- What's wrong with you two?
- It's true,

she's a spoiled kid.

That's enough, Eric.
Thank you. Bye.

No, I should stay.
Don't you think?

No, it's OK. Everything's fine.

You need help, given your state
and the situation.

What "situation"?
What's going on?

I know something's wrong.

Sweetie, you...

You know how some tumors are benign

and others are malignant?

Who cares? Yours is gone.

I have cancer, Tania.

I'm sorry.

Why didn't you say anything?

We didn't want to worry you.

It may be a long process
and not very much fun.

She's going to receive treatment.

- Chemotherapy?
- Yes.

Mom, I'd rather
you told me things yourself

even if it isn't "very much fun".

OK. I've thought about
how to lose my virginity.

Either on vacation
at Grandma Yvonne's,

though that won't be very easy,

or I'll throw a giant party.

Every guy at school will be there.
It'll be crazy.

- I forgot something.
- Hurry.

And I'll kick my Mom
and her lover out.

Oh yeah, no parents.

It'll be so great.


Hi, everybody.

- Hi, Cathy.
- How are you?

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

- I saved you a seat.
- Thank you, Nadège.

I thought a lot about what you said

and you're right, I need to channel,

to be less impulsive.

That's great, Jenny.

I think it's important

to give everyone a place,
to listen to others.

I think it's something I...

OK, we'll talk about it
at the meeting.

Let's get the meeting started.

What's going on?
Is there something going on

between the two of you?


Do you guys have a thing going?

Hey, Jenny!

So, what is it?
Are you screwing?

Jenny, that's enough.
Go join the others.

Are you alive?

Why didn't you answer my messages?

I was very busy.

I have to go.
They're waiting.

What's the problem?

I was gone three weeks.
I have a lot to do.

Excuse me.

Goodnight, Mom.

What's that?

Photos from the work party.

Wait, go back.
Are you with Mr. Parfenon?

You look really beautiful
in that picture.

You wear nail polish now?

It's to protect my nails
from the chemo.

What will they do to you?

They'll put a little plastic box
inside me

to spread medicine
into my bloodstream.

- Sounds like science-fiction.
- Yeah...

Will you breathe like Darth Vader?


I am your mother.

OK, I should go.

Hey, Mom.

May the force be with you.

How are you?

Fine. My head hurts.

Is it the box from the dark side?

Tania, over on the chimney

you'll find a letter
addressed to your head teacher.

Give it to him.

I don't want everyone to know.

He won't tell anyone.
I just need to warn him

in case there is a problem.
- "A problem"?

Will you give it to him?

Hey, Mom.

What's for dinner?

Thank you for sharing.

Once again,
this proves that with addiction...

It takes courage
to look at yourself in the mirror.

Can you believe it?
My party's tomorrow.

Who did you invite?

Every guy in school,

except the ugly ones.

Will anyone be home?

No, don't worry.

My mom'll be back on Monday.

She won't know a thing.

I need to go shopping
for some frozen food.

Will you help me?

Tania, are you checking out
the Slovak?

You were.
Looks like you're ready, too.

On the menu,
Slovak potato borscht

with Tania broth.

Is that all you ever talk about?

It's getting annoying.

Come on!

Are you actually gonna run?

Yeah. It might do you some good,
too, lazy bones.

Come on, Tania.

- Come on, kids.
- "Lazy bones"...

Franck asked me how you were doing.
I didn't answer.

He's very interested in you.

- Why do you say that?
- Oh, because.

Anyways, he's gay, isn't he?

He isn't gay.

It's so typical. As soon as a guy
is delicate or sensitive,

people think he's gay.
It's so annoying.

Are you OK?

I'm fine.

Sit down.

I'm holding you. Go slowly.


It'll be OK.

It'll pass.

- That does it. I'm taking you home.
- No, it'll pass.

My support group starts
in 15 minutes. I can't.

That's an order.

- What are you doing, Coco?
- Tucking you in.

I wasn't expecting this.

I'm so exhausted.

I can't eat. I throw up all the time.

I feel extenuated.

I'm sorry.

You can start working half-time.

Yes, I think it would be wise.

I confiscated some weed
from a patient.

If you want some...

As if I don't have enough problems?

It's been scientifically proven,

it helps with chemotherapy.

Well, if you ever want some,
just in case...

Just in case...

Just in case.

- In case of what?
- Just in case.



You missed a bunch of calls.




Come on, wake up!

Mom! Wake up!

What's... Help me!
What's the phone number?

Help me! Do I dial 15?
Or 18? Or 112? What's the number?

It's normal.
The vomiting can be violent.

People react differently
to treatment.

It isn't consistent.

Should I talk to my doctor?
Should I take a smaller dose?

The 1st week of chemo
is always complicated.

The nausea slowly goes away.

And then, it's off for more chemo.

Good luck, ma'am.
Don't hesitate to call us.

Seriously, I was so afraid.

It reminds me of something
when I was little.

I'll tell you,
but you can't tell anyone


This fridge looks like Alaska.

I know, I need to go shopping...

I'll go after practice.


Yeah, track.


I'm so happy
you're taking up track again.

I'll buy you a running outfit
and shoes.

No, it's OK.

Every little thing helps to win.

Yes, you're right. I'll win.

Isn't Marlène's party tonight?

Yes, but, I don't know...

Go. It'll do you good.

We'll see tonight.

Don't worry.
If there's a problem, I'll call you.

No more glasses.
Only plastic cups.

Get your feet off. Quit it.

You, too.

Can we turn on the TV?

This is sadder
than my grandpa's funeral.

Marlène, can I get a Saint-Yorre
with lemon, please?

Is she your servant?

Go get it yourself.

Hi, you've reached Cathy.

Please leave me a message.

Mom, it's me.
I've tried calling you several times,

but you won't pick up.

Love you.

I was looking for you.

This party's a bit weird, isn't it?

Like a stadium full of guys,
minus the soccer.

Where did you come from?

The living room.

No, I mean, where were you born?

- No, in Serbia.
- Cool.

Yeah, sort of.
My parents stayed over there.

Don't you miss them?


Do you want to go out with me?

I mean, like, officially.

And you?

And you?

- You first.
- Please, be my guest.

- What does that mean?
- It means "cool", "awesome".

That's right.

Hey, is that all you wanted?

- What?
- To touch my breasts?

- No, I promise.
- Sure.

I swear...

What are you doing?

You going out with the Yeti?

- No.
- Yes.

- "Yes"?
- No.

Whatever. I've had enough.

Whatever you want.



Are you crazy?
I called you 10 times!

I didn't hear my phone.

Oh, it's true. Seven missed calls.

Are you high?

You are. I can smell weed.

Not at all.

It's just my chicken
with herbes de Provence.

You should add it to your blog.

Come on, I'm not stupid.
It smells like weed!

How would you know
what it smells like?

Have you already smoked it?
That's bad.

Don't turn the situation around.
You work with drug addicts

and you're giving drugs
to a sick woman? You're crazy.

Sorry, I think I'll go.

I'm not here. OK, I'm off.

- Bye, Coco.
- Bye.

Bye, Tania.

- How was Marlène's?
- Horrible!

How could it not be?
You ruined my night!

I can't have fun because of you.

And I'll lose my breasts
before my virginity.

And you're making fun of me?

No, it's just that I don't
understand the link

between my breasts
and your virginity.

The link is that it's hereditary,
Mom, and my whole life

I'll be afraid
of having breast cancer.

But, sweetie,

the kind of cancer I have
isn't hereditary.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
I always think...

I'm a little kid who still believes
in the Tooth Fairy?

- Did you read that online?
- Yes.

Angelina Jolie's cancer
is hereditary.

But not mine.

Yet another difference
between Angelina Jolie and me.

But what's this about your virginity?

You've got a boyfriend?

What's his name?

- Stop.
- Come on, tell me.

Is is carnival today or something?

Not funny. My mom gave it to me.

Is she blind?
It's painful to look at.

- So look away.
- "Look away"...

What's going on?
Are you mad at me?

You abandoned me at the most
important party of my life.

It wasn't exactly...

- What's that for?
- You didn't say

you were with Zlatan.

- I'm not with Zlatan.
- The Slovak.

He's Serbian.

Whatever. He's still a total jerk.

It's time to practice.

You're just jealous.

- Me, jealous?
- Yes, you're jealous.

You're pathetic. Like your mother
and her Spanish lover.

- Her "Spanish lover"?
- Yes.

The "hot" cook.

- Enough. Get going.
- Chill out.

No, I won't!
I want your liaison books, now!

Give it a rest.

Actually, I don't give a damn.
Do what you want. I don't care.

What's his problem? Is he crazy?

- He loves your mother.
- Enough of that.

- Stop kidding around.
- Don't you see?

When we mentioned
her Spanish lover, he lost it.

All I see is you listen to your ass
more than your brain.

You're such an idiot.

3, 2, 1, go!

Good. Speed it up.

Good job, Isa.
Get in place, guys.

Stand up tall, breathe.

You'll have to train harder.

- A nice outfit isn't enough.
- My mom gave it to me.

Is your mom interested in track?

Yeah, all the way.

- Your mother's that way.
- What do you mean?

Nothing. Let's go, guys!

It isn't for everyone.

I don't know. It's just strange.

It's like a form of stasis.

It's quite rare.

It's very rare.

Is he here often?

The patients like him.
He'll be here another month.


We kissed at the party.

You and Franck?

Yes, "Franck".

Franck Parfenon?

Yes, "Franck Parfenon".

The gay guy?

Umm... yes.




- "Nothing"?
- Nothing.

Look at me.
Who'd be interested in me?

Who wouldn't be? You're smart,
generous, and beautiful.

I'm missing a breast
and doing chemo.

I throw up every 15 minutes.

I've had enough.
It's so hard.

Yes, it's hard. Of course it's hard.

It's hard,
but you'll make it through this.

And you can't stop living.

Think of the future.

- Franck doesn't run after women.
- Well, he does run.

Listen to you, missy.
Funny. But I'm serious.

He gets off at 5 p.m.

In 20 minutes.

Hi, Franck. I'm happy to see you.

What a coincidence.

We both work down the street.

Yeah, but I wasn't expecting
to see you.

- Shouldn't you be in Spain?
- Spain?

Franck, wait!

Wait, I wanted to say...

I acted like an idiot last time.

I was stressed out
and acted aggressively.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't expecting
to meet someone and...

So you'd rather
go out with a Spaniard, is that it?

A Spaniard?

I heard your daughter and Marlène

talk about your Spanish cook.

Tania told you that?

You believed her?

Don't you know adolescents
love making up stories?

You work with them year-round
and didn't know that?

You didn't meet anyone?


- What are you doing now?
- I need to assemble a shelf.

I can help you.
I'm good at that stuff.

- Alright?
- Yeah, sure.

The important thing is
to sort out the pieces first.

Sure you don't want a drink?

- Cathy.
- Sorry?

- Do you want a drink?
- Yes.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Wait, I need to tell you something.

What's the matter?

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have come here.

Wait. Are you kidding me?

How long are you going to keep
messing with me?

You come to me, do your little bit,
and then reject me?

- I'm not 14. We're adults!
- I'm sorry.

Jesus, what did I do this time?

Come on, get up.

You look like a spring roll.

My back hurts so much.

Did you call the doctor?

I'm being examined in two days.

Don't you have school?

It's vacation!

What's wrong with you?

- Cancer.
- Stop it.

I know something's wrong.
Your eyes are red.

I'm just fine. Don't worry about me.

If you're fine, let's go to the pool.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.

Come on, move it.

Oh, Jesus...


- What do you think?
- Turn, so I can see.

It's fine. You can't tell.

- However, your hair...
- Go on.

- Tania.
- I'm still here.

Why didn't you tell Marlène I'm sick?

How did you know?

I ran into your gym teacher
at the center.

He told me about my Spanish lover.


You and Parfenon talked about it?


Is that why you were crying?

That's enough. Let's go.


- That's all you think about.
- No, I swear.

It's a complete coincidence.
I found this.

- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Fine.

And your mother?

Is it bad?

Well, bad like cancer.

- Is she being treat...
- Don't ask questions.

- But you...
- And don't tell anyone.

- And I'm happy to see you.
- OK.

I'm really sorry about the other day.

I mean,
I don't care about your breasts.

That's not important to me.
It's stupid, but...

Yeah, right. Liar.

No, I do care...

I mean, there are
more important things.

For example, I'm obsessed with
end-of-year exams...

More than my breasts?



If it's OK,
I'd like to see you over break.

We could train together.

Yeah, OK. I'll call you.



Everything is fine.

There aren't any traces
of bone metastases.

Just as I thought,

your pain is due to the chemotherapy.

- Nothing serious? Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

The tomography is perfect.

Mom, we're gonna be fine!

Thank you, Doctor.

What can we do about the pain?

The worst is the lower-back.
Sitting hurts

and it wakes her up at night.

It can't go on like this.

I'll give you
some anti-inflammatories

which you should take
on a regular basis

and the pain
should progressively diminish.

Any questions, Mrs. Keller?

- When will we know for sure?
- After the treatment.

When is that?


Goodbye, everybody!

What did you do?

I was tired of seeing it fall out.

Apparently, when you shave it,
it grows back better.

It's fine.

Hair grows back.

Look! Watch.

What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Stop that!

- It'll grow back.
- Stop. You're crazy.

It'll grow back. It's fine.

- Stop that.
- It's only hair.

See? It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

Stop. Stop.

My baby.

Let's go to the hairdresser's.
I need a wig.

And someone can fix that for you.

You'll be beautiful.

Which one?

Any other options?

See what I found?

I haven't worn it in 15 years.
How is it?

Do you want the truth?

Go on, get your coat.


Sir? What are you doing here?

I was running.

In front of our house?

- You live here?
- Yes.

It's a nice place.

Is your mom home?

No, I'm home alone.

OK. Well, bye then.

- Enjoy the break.
- You, too.

Oh, hi.

Let's go, Tania.

Sit down, hon.

Go on, let's see.

What did you do? Did you
cut your hair with a chainsaw?

Don't worry. We'll fix it.

OK, it's our turn.

Look at this one.

- It's nice.
- Isn't it?

Natural hair. The color is nice.

- It's almost my color.
- Great.

Shall we try it out?

- I'll need you...
- To hold it?

In front.

Right, just like that. Perfect.

A bit more to the front.

We're almost there.

That's pretty.

How do you like it?


You look beautiful.

We're so beautiful.

It's true.

Can I please borrow your wig?

Do you want my breast implants, too?

Hey, Mom...

Just look at me.

Fake breasts, fake hair...

Real shit.

Mom, I'm going to the track.
Want to come?

I'm too tired.

Please, come help me train, for once.

OK, but in an hour.

Mom! Phone.

Hello? Mr. Parfenon?

It's Tania.

Good job. You gained three seconds
on the last round.

OK, go, go, go! Let's go!

One more week before the track meet.

Go on, don't stop now!

I was jealous of a crab.

Man, I'm such an idiot.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was afraid you'd take off running.

You're beautiful.

You know, in my state,

it's hard
to think about relationships.

It's going to be OK.

What kind of cancer...

Can we talk about something else?

Tell me about you.

- My ex-wife is pregnant.
- Really?

- That's funny. So is my ex.
- He's pregnant?

Your daughter's grown up a lot.

We said three rounds.

Tania, show me...

Stop. You'll hate it.

Come on, please. Show me.

You're too nice.
You'll just say it's pretty.

- Because you are pretty.
- Don't tell me I'm pretty.

OK, fine. I'll say you look ugly.


Oh... Yeah...

You're much better off wearing a hat.

I'm kidding.

Tania, it was a joke.

Bring your arms back.

More. Good. Now bring them up

and around
and join your hands together.

Turn your palms towards the sky

as though
you were pushing up against the sky.

Want to go walking in the forest
on Monday?

I have chemo on Monday.

Plus, I don't really feel like
doing sports.

I could pick you up
and we'll see what we want to do.


Bring your hand down
in front of your heart

and push your heart up
towards the sky

and lean back on me.

Sorry. I should have warned you.

I'm sorry.

Let's do it again.

Extend your arms out.

Bring them up.

Arms stretched up,
and deep belly breaths.

Join your hands, like a prayer,

and cross your fingers.

Your palms... There.


Now, push the sky.

It's nice seeing you
every three weeks. We're not alone.

How many chemo sessions
do you have left?

Three. Well, I hope.

Have a good day.

Can we give you a ride?

- No, thanks. My friend is coming.
- OK.



You've reached Franck's phone.
Please leave a message.

Hi, Franck. It's me.

I'm still at the hospital.

I'm waiting.

I hope nothing's happened to you.

Excuse me, would you mind
turning up the air conditioning?

I've been there, too.
Menopause can be really tough.

No. I have cancer.

Excuse me, would you stop?

OK, you can go.

Tania, your hat.

You know it isn't allowed.

What did you do to your hair?
Are you a guy, now?

A real dude.

You're ugly. Take off your wig.

What did you say?

Your wig is ugly... Oh!

Stop that, girls!

Stop fighting! Are you serious?

Call the teacher.


Get out of here!

Let me see.

What happened?

Marlène, can you leave us?

Wait in the hallway.
I'll see you after.

I spoke to your mother
on the phone.

She told me

you had a letter for me.

I never got this letter.

Does it ring any bells?

I know she has cancer.

She told me you live alone together

and that you've been
taking care of her

for several months now.

I imagine
that must be very difficult.

Tania, everything has been fine
up until now.

I'd like it to continue that way.

Do you think you can do that?

OK, you can go now.

I'm not letting you off the hook
out of pity.

I'll be keeping an eye on you.
No more nonsense.

I missed you.

Me too.

Why is he here?

I'm your father.
I'm worried about you.

Can you tell us
what happened at school today?

What happened is, I don't belong.
Look at my life!

How can I find things
to talk about with the others?

As if they wanna talk
barf and chemo?

- Sweetie...
- I'm sick of cancer!

Why did you have to get sick?
I'm done.

I want a normal life again!

Your mother and I know this.
We've talked about it

and we'd rather you lived with me
until she is fully healed.

- What? You agree with this?
- It'll be better for you.

Oh, I get it. I'm in the way.

You want me out
so you and Parfenon can get it on?

It's only until I get better.

It isn't forever.
I'll pick you up this weekend.

Chiara loves you.

She just needs a babysitter
to change the diapers.

You don't know this,
but Chiara's pregnant.

I know. Your father told me
a few weeks ago.

You knew?

- Tania.
- You never tell me anything!

Well. How about we go around

and each person will compliment

their right-hand neighbor.

Where is Nadège?

Nadège took a long vacation

with Anne-Marie.

- Anne-Marie?
- Yes. Anne-Marie.

Her new addiction.

I didn't know.

That's great news.

Yes, I think it's...

Are you OK, Cathy?

Are you feeling OK?

- Get some water.
- Give her space to breathe.

Someone get me some water
and call for help.

What are you doing?

Open up.

The meet's today. I'll take you.

Aren't you ready?

I'm not going.

What? You've been training
for months.

You can't give up now.

I was doing it for my mother,
but she won't be there to see it.

I'll lose
and my mother's going to die.


You'll win,
and your mother's gonna live.

Come on, let's go.

I'll go out of the front door.

- Good idea. Me too.
- I need to get dressed.

OK, let's go.

I thought you were going to ditch us.

The school is counting on you.

If you're trying to stress me,
it's working.

Is your mom running late?

No, she won't make it
because she fainted.

She's at the hospital.

Didn't you know?

I wanted to tell you,

I haven't been very nice to you.

- It's just that you look...
- Is it serious?


For your mother?

No. She's just a bit tired.

But what I wanted to tell you

is that I'm happy
she has someone like you.

And I even think that...

You're not so bad.

What's with him?

I don't know. And I was being nice
to him, for once.

- Why are you here?
- I came to get you.

Stop, Franck. Leave me alone.

Today's the track meet. Come.

I know. Please, leave.

You can't miss it. I'll carry you,
if need be. But come.

OK, fine.
I was planning on going anyways.

Can I finish getting ready?

If I didn't come the other day,
it wasn't because I don't like you.

I got scared.

I was suddenly afraid

of all of this.

Of your illness, of losing you,
of not being able to deal with it.

Am I a coward?

It's fine. I'm not asking you
to deal with all of this.

That's not what I meant.

You should've told me.

I was ashamed
of not realizing sooner.

How didn't I see you were in pain
if I loved you?

What did you say?

I love you.

I didn't hear you.

Can you say it to me closer?

I love you.

38, my mother's age.

3, the chemo sessions.

6, the number of months
since the cancer showed up.

80, her chances of healing.

Everyone to the starting line
for Schools Against Hunger!


2, 1, go!

- Excuse us.
- Thank you.

We made it.


Go, go, go!

Go, Tania!

Go on! Go for it!

Go, Tania! Fight for it!

We won, Mom!

We won.

- Did you see my story?
- Which one?

This one.

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