Ma fung gwai kuen (1979) - full transcript

When young Tieh Chiao San is sent by his dying father to live with a former kung fu colleague in the town, he accidentally gets into trouble when messing with a gang running a snake-oil scam and then getting into a fight with an old drunkard. When Tieh reaches his destination he finds that the snake-oil gang is run by none other than his father's friend. He joins the gang but cannot bring himself to do the bad deeds demanded of him; this continues to the point where he is beaten and left for dead. Luckily he is rescued by the pretty Tsai Chiao and hidden out with her drunk uncle and leprosy suffering aunt as well as a Shaolin temple. Tieh uses his time to learn some new kung fu styles, which is just as well as it is not long till the gang come after him looking to finish the job. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Xiao San...

Father, how do you feel?

Come on, take your medicine.

No use...

I am beyond hope.

You'll be alone after I die.

There'll be no one to take care of you.

Take care of yourself, dear.


You love kung fu with a passion.

Take this recommendation letter
from Master Chan

and look for Instructor Meng Ping
at the Zhen Nan Clinic.

Dad... Dad!

Hey, come on, everyone...

We are all new here,

and it's not our intention to sell medicine.

And besides, we've got to promote our name.


Our bone elixir

has been made from a secret recipe.

It will treat all sorts of sprains
and injuries...

After applying our bone elixir,

you needn't worry anymore...

Try it... It's great!

Pal, you look great.

I'm sure you don't have any injuries.

But that's alright.

You too can drink our elixir.

Undoubtedly, you'll feel so good afterward.

Try it if you don't believe me...

You'll feel great. Try it...

Try it...

Am I right?


Not bad, huh?


Well, Uncle Ji.

Giant Liu, you know what to do?

Uncle Ji, I understand,

but I've just started and
there's no money yet.

That means you have it. Alright, I trust you.

I wouldn't owe you.



What effect does this have on you?

All my heat has emerged.

Then perform for us all.


It's a fake...

Any bleeding or injuries?

Thank you for your audience.

Thank you...

Let me make a fool of him.

Pal, your performance is great.

Thank you...

Could you do that again for us all?

Ours is real kung fu.

It's not a put-on.

We can do it anytime and
there'd be no problem.

Come on, show him again.


My back...

Oh no... He won't have money for us.

Don't go! Come back!

It must be that kid!

Don't blame it on others.

It's your rotten kung fu
that is to be blamed.

Kid, a gentleman should not
thwart others' fortunes.

It's not a good thing to do.

No? I heard a song
that's written in your praise.


– I don't believe it.
– I don't believe it.

I'll sing it for you, then.

Their ointment is a fake.

Put it on your back

or your stomach, it doesn't work.

Your bones and limbs will be broken.

They used to sell fake medicine
to harm people...

using rice crust disguised as pills,
come and eat!

Oh, my stomachache!

I took your medicine just now.

Don't go...

Uncle Ji, it's not our fault...

It's his.

Bloody kid, I'll kill you
the next time I see you.

Come and have a drink with me.

What for? Do you think you're
the Drunken Master?

I have no time.

Drunken Master? I am not the Drunken Master.

My nickname is the Drunken Shrimp.

Come and have a drink with me.

Sorry, I am busy.

Come on, do me the honour.

Come on...


The wine is not poisoned and
there's plenty more.

Come on...

Come on! Come on!

If you don't drink, I will.

Where are you going?

Still want to drink?

Drunken Monkey?

The drunken shrimp loses its shell now.

In your dreams!

Come on...

How dare you bully my godpa?

I could never have thought that

all you people here were barbarians.

He is old, but you still bully him.

Dear, it's alright.

It's me who wanted to play with him.

Let's go.

Whatever you say!

"Zhen Nan Clinic"

Who are you looking for?

The village chief recommended
that I meet with Master Meng.

He said there's a job for me.

Come along.

Inside, please... Sit.


Please wait.

Master, there's a kid who wants to see you.

So it's you!

Bloody kid, you ruined my business

and you dare to come here?

You want me to skin you alive?

Sir, I didn't mean any harm.

I thought that performer was interesting,

so I had some fun with him.

You had your fun.

Kid, do you know how much I've lost?

No... I only came to look for work.

Take me in and deduct it from my salary.

Master, he said the village chief
recommended him.

The chief? What chief?

You can take him if you want. I don't.

Ah Jiu. Try him out.


I've just had my fill.

You're too kind.

You have a good appetite. Damn you!

What's the matter?

This is the kid who caused us
trouble this morning.

It's a small matter.

No need to be so fierce.

All businesses are important.

But face is more important than business.

How could we let this

bastard mess with us?

You're right.

Boss, Chief Chan recommended him
as an apprentice.

Sorry. I am friends with Chief Chan.

You are good for nothing.

You beat him like this,

so you mend his wounds.

What? I mend his wounds?

Yes. Treat him with real medicine,

not the fake one.

Alright then...

Let's get this clear. Are you taking me in?

If not, you'll waste your medicine.

Alright then.


Godpa, meal time. Coming?


Godma, eat...

Eat more vegetables.

Good dishes...

– Come...
– Thanks.

Drunkard! It's because of you that
the dishes are cold.

Where have you been all day?

Coming back so late...

Look, everything is cold now.

Godma, excuse me for saying this,

but it's not Godpa's fault.

He was bullied by a kid

and they fought.

You needn't stand in for him.
He smells of wine.

He must have gotten drunk and caused trouble.

You put the blame on me again!

I only bought drink for a young man,

but he hit me.

I am very busy.

I need to wash dishes at
the temple after I eat.

Over a hundred monks' bowls await me.

Don't be mad!

I'll help you, alright?

Thanks a lot!

Godma, Godpa, it's my birthday today.

That's why I invited you here to a meal.

For once...

don't quarrel, okay?


Let's eat.

To learn Leper's Fist,
first hold your chopsticks right.

Do it the way your godma does.

See this?

Doctor, wrong place.

I know. I have to be careful with the pulse

so as to know the cause of your illness.

Doctor, what's wrong with me?


Your strong yin unbalances your yang.

If you came to me every day,

you wouldn't be sick.

Yin over yang?

How much do I owe you?

A special price: 36 cents.


This is robbery.

What did you say?

There're too many patients. I am so tired...

Give me a massage.

Blind man, take care of those for me, please.


Come on kid, give me a massage.

You, come here.

Doctor, please take a look at me.

What's wrong with you?

I pulled a muscle.

Pulled a muscle? That's easy.

You want to kill me?

Don't move...

You'll feel comfortable like this.

Is the medicine ready?


Bring it here.

Roll up your sleeve.

It hurts!

So painful! I want to leave.

You know,

there are only two doctors in such
a large village.

You have no choice.

– It'll be okay in two days.
– How much?

Not expensive. Eighty cents.

That's expensive!

No it isn't. The medicine has
a lot of good ingredients.

You can't find it elsewhere.

It's somewhat pricey, though...

We have no choice.

Pay the money... Come on...



didn't you promise to teach me kung fu?


Damn you! Our business isn't doing well.

Shut up and stand aside!

Ji, you are always full of ideas.

Think carefully.

How can we improve our business?

Simple. We could look for business.

Look for business? How?

Are we to look for injured people
in the streets?

You are really dumb.

We could create them.

I see! We beat people up, right?

Not a bad idea.

We monopolize the business here.

We'll beat up anyone we see,

then heal them.

We'll have enough business then.

Ah San.

Yes, Master.

Be smart when you go with them.


Plenty of people selling stuff. Beat them.

Beat them?


Follow me.

"City God Temple"

Why are you hitting me?

Fear not. I'll not hit you.

When I punch, just scream.

What are you doing?


Business card?


Let me have a look.

"50% Discount"

Give it to them.

What a mess!

Who did this?

Please take our card.

With it you can

get a 50% discount at our clinic.

You may leave.


You bastard! Playing tricks?

I still have many cards.

Go and distribute them all.

I'll teach you a lesson when we get back.

I'll use this technique

to teach this bastard a lesson.


How do you intend to deal with him?

I am deadly.


I'll use the
"Thousand Soldiers and Million Horses."

Thousand Soldiers and Million Horses?


How corny!

Bring it here.

So awkward...

Open it.

So itchy...

So itchy...

It's all done.


see if you dare to be so cunning next time!

Have some tea.

Master Lin, we earned quite a lot
in the last shipment.

Please accept this small token.

Brother Meng, you are too kind.

This is not the first time
we've worked together.

Master Lin, a rule is a rule.

You'd better count it yourself.

That's correct.

I intended to deliver it myself
to your residence,

but I was afraid that the news
might leak out.

That's why I had to bother you to come.

Never mind... We've worked as
partners before.

There'll be more opportunities.

Yes... Thanks for taking good care of me.

No need for formalities.

Who is it?

Ah Ji, take some men and settle this.

Yes. Go!

Brother Meng, will they settle this?

If this were exposed,

I might lose my job.

No problem at all. Don't worry.

Chase him! Don't run, stand there...


Go back.

Come... Come up...

It's you? Go down...

Come on. Come up.

Is it done?


how come you have no faith in us?

Of course it's done.

I've already pushed him into the lake.

That's good. Otherwise...

If our secrets were leaked out,

we'd be in trouble.

Are you alright?


Why were they after your life?

I don't know either.
I chanced upon their meeting

while I was at work.

Then all of a sudden, they started
to come after me!

You are such a busybody.

So you've hidden a guy here!

No, Godpa...

So it's you, the slimy guy!

You'd better watch out for him.

Godpa, it's not my fault.

I saw a group of Tibetans throw
him into the water.

I was sailing by, so I rescued him.

You have such a good heart?

Godpa, what are you talking about?

Girls have to get married sooner or later.

Godpa, what have you got in mind?

Well, consider it my fault then,
but please save him.

Save him? No way.

Godpa, let bygones be bygones.

You are a generous person. Please save him.

Well then...


It's so painful!

It will be painful if you want to heal fast.

Uncle, don't seek revenge on me

just because I hit you earlier.

You are such a bad guy!

Pain is okay. I'm more afraid of
having nothing to do.

Rest and recuperate.

And then I'll introduce you to work
at a grocery shop.

"Guang Sheng Long Grocery Store"

– Bring me a pack of rice noodles.
"Guang Sheng Long Grocery Store"

– Alright, just a minute.
"Guang Sheng Long Grocery Store"

"Guang Sheng Long Grocery Store"

Thank you.

Ah San, come here.

Yes, Uncle Hong?

Here are your wages for this month.

Take it. I'll take care of things here.

Go and have some tea.

But watch out for those
Zhen Nan Security Bureau guys.

None of them is good.

Uncle Hong, you are so kind to me.

I really don't know how I should thank you.

It's okay. Go and have some tea.

Hey, what are you doing?

Make way! Hear me?

Hey, hurry and be off.

Or else, don't blame me for being rude.

So what? Let's go and have tea.

Let's go...

What's going on?

They wanted to bully me.

Are you alright?


Let's go and have tea.

I'll take you to that new restaurant.

It's fun when you see things flying.

What do you mean?

You'll know in time.

Little Rat, go and serve the customers.


Yes, this way please.

What would you like to have?

Xiao Hong, what would you like to eat?


Just a couple of dishes.

Alright, some fine dishes it is.

This way, please.

Waiter! Bring me a bottle of wine.

Fatty, how much is this boat worth?

About nine million.

– Oh, nine million?
– Really?

Seems to be good wine.
Leave the whole bottle here.

One cup is enough.


Fellow neighbours, listen to me.

The lakeside teahouse is so posh.

The tea is hot. The place is good.

The dim sum so delicious...

It is filled with delicacies.

The food is good and service is great.

If you're hungry, this is the place.

Business will be great. We'll be ace.

You know what to do, boss.

You bloody beggar!

Did you think you own the place? Get lost!

You'll have ill-fortune.

Listen, everyone!

The lakeside teahouse
does business dishonestly

and the boss is mean.

He his staff poorly.

Everyone has to work so hard!

Customers are ripped off,

so they throw the dishes into the pond.

The waiters pretend not to see it

and this place is gonna close down
sooner or later.

What a plague. Kick him out!

Anyone looking?


Flying dishes... Fun, isn't it?

The boss deserves it

since he treats his staff poorly.

Right, the food is expensive and
the portions too small.

It's time someone taught him a lesson.

Go on, eat more!

Fly away...


I got you this time!


Bloody kid!

If you don't have money,
don't treat a girl to a meal.

Careful what this technique

could do to your stomach.

Hey, don't insult me.

I only just arrived,

so I don't have dishes to throw.

Right. Our food isn't here yet.

This bowl was thrown from that table.


There's no one there. You want to fool me?

What nerve, getting a free meal here!

What's up?

He wants to get a free meal.

What free meal?

Want a free meal? If you do that...

I'll arrange for an auto-pay.

Auto-pay? He...

You want to grab food from a beggar?


Flip over!

Tastes quite good, huh?

Stop fighting... Whose bill is it?

Mine, old man.


Oh no, all my accounts are messed up!

Pour hot water onto the foot!

Snake Hand!

Catch it.

It's scalding hot!

Frog Eats the Moon!

Legendary girl!

Ham sandwich!

I smell...


What are you doing? Who's greasy?

Come here. You have beautiful lips!

I have no choice, honey.

Bite the vegetables.

I am in deep shit...

Look at you, in a shithole!

If I am in a shithole,
then you are a shithead.

Look at you two,

breaking so many things.

You can't afford it. Let's run.

Go quickly...

Hold it! Pay for my damages!

This time I've had it. Oh heavens...

I'm finished...

I'm finished...

Look at you! Aren't you ashamed?

A grown man and still crying.

Did you think you're a crocodile?

You two are to blame.

Now I am out of work.

A small matter. Come with me.

He's a bad guy, yet you help him?

He used to be good,

but was forced by his boss
to become like this.

You're right.

No worries.

Our shop has an opening.

Let's work together.

What? The kid is still alive?

Then we're in trouble.

Not only that, he has a big mouth too.

Yes, he'll say anything.

We'll get into trouble sooner or later.

Let's search and get him back.

If that's the case,
we need to get him back by all means.

Right. He's out in the open.

Do you know where he is?

At the Kwong Sang Lung Grocery Store.

Then I've got an idea.

The best rice available!

Come and get it while stocks last!

Ah San, I am moving it in.

You go and set fire.


Wait for me here, Ah Ming.

Okay. Careful...

See you, madam.

What can I get for you, sir?

Our master his lordship is
celebrating his birthday.

I want 150 kilos of your best rice.

150 kilos? No problem.

Deliver it right away.

Don't worry.

Ah San, hang on a sec.

Deliver 150 kilos of rice to
his lordship's mansion.

– Fresh eggs!
– Fresh bok choy!

Come on, fresh eggs!

– Stinking eggs!
– Stinking eggs!

Stop! What are you saying?

How dare you! Take that!

It really stinks!

Get lost...

It's on fire...

Over there!

Take this cart and follow me. Hurry...




Follow me.



It's okay. Let's go.

Say goodbye to Uncle.

Goodbye, Uncle.

Stop! Inspection.

What's the matter?

We are delivering rice
to his lordship's mansion.

We have been informed that
you are smuggling dope.

Smuggling dope?

What's the matter?

What are you doing?

I am the proprietor of Guang Sheng Long.

These are my goods and they are my staff.

Speak to me if there's a problem.

Open it.



How could this be? I don't know about it!

I really don't know! I've been framed!

I don't know anything about it!


How did this happen?

Prostitution, gambling, and drugs
are against the law.

They are strictly prohibited.

The boss of Guang Sheng Long
knowingly broke the law

and trafficked dope.

I caught him red-handed

with evidence.

There's no mercy for such crimes.

He will be beheaded right away.

What a great plan!

Too bad you struck the wrong target.

Let's split up and get the kid back.

Right, let's go...

Isn't this our cart?

Look, the eggshells...

So they have been switched to frame us.

Who would do such a thing?

It must be those Tibetans.


Uncle Hong died a wrongful death.

Those bastards... C'mon, let's seek revenge!

That would mean sacrificing ourselves.

Let's let things cool first.

"Hai Zhuang Temple"
Come on, it's funny stuff...

Come on, it's funny stuff...

Pal, come on, don't miss it!


Yes, but there's no sound.

Don't go...

Let me show you some real stuff.

Thanks... There's more.

Thank you...

Thank you...

– Brother.
– Brother.

– Catch!
– Everyone...

– My brother will perform for you.
– Please enjoy.

Thank you! Brother, hit the gong.

The gong is noisy.

And beating the gong lengthens time.

Lengthens time...

We're here to show you real kung fu,

not to sell fake medicine as
some have done...

Hey, bastard!

I let you go last time.

Now you dare to fool others
with fake medicine?

You must be tired of living!

We're in the same trade.

Don't push me too hard!

I must! You know a lot.

Grab him!

Master Hai Zhuang!


You sure are a busybody,

daring to meddle with our affairs!

Come on...


Thanks for saving my life.

May righteousness prevail.

How did you two run into this gang?

We're here to earn a living,

but they keep bullying us.

Please guide us.

What do you mean?


He hit me three times?

Does he want me to look for him
at the third watch?

It seems you're destined for
a relationship with Buddha.

I'll teach you the Eight Diagram Pole now.

Thank you, Master.

The Eight Diagram Pole
originated from the Yang Ng Lang.

He had great spear skills,
but had trouble with the law.

To disguise himself,
he got rid of the spearhead

and invented the skill

by combining spear and stick techniques.

You should note this.

Thank you, Master.

You need to practice harder.

What's the matter?


What do you want at this hour?

Our student has broken the rules

and has come to your monastery.

It hasn't come to my notice.

I haven't seen anyone come over.

You don't know if someone came over,

yet you know when I come over.

You are pulling my leg!

I wouldn't dare.

You are welcome to look around.

But, if anything happens...

don't blame me.

What? Are you threatening me?

I am used to threats.

Please go ahead.

Follow me.


Look around.


Where is it?

Over there.



What's so funny? Get back to work.


Run quickly...

Teacher, it's me.

Who's your teacher?

Your Leper Fist is so powerful.

Could you teach me?

What for? You want to fight with others?

No, for self defence.

I don't know it.
Go and look for the drunkard.

The drunkard?


Man's best friend...

Stop fooling around.
Just after a couple of drinks,

you always behave like this.

Oh, come on... We're an old couple.

Can't we be close for once?

So horny... No way!

I must sow some wild oats while I'm young.

If not now,

who knows if I'll have to wait till I die.

I'm afraid you're not good enough.

What? Not good enough?

I've had some wine and I'm here to fix you...


How? You'll see.


How come it's so noisy?

They're like that every night.


No, I must go and have a look.

Oh man, you're so nosy.

What are you fighting for?

Just flirting.

Mind your own business!

You go ahead!

Boiled shrimp!

Oh, my pants!

Don't go!

Stop fighting...

Go away! Get out of my way!

Get lost, you tortoise!

I'm not a tortoise, I'm a turtle!

Stop fighting...

What is it, you bastard?

I'd like to learn Leper's Fist.

I won't teach men! I hate men.

Don't bully kids!

Mind this wok!

That's the only thing we're left with now.

If it's broken, we'll have
nothing to cook in.

At worst, we could mend it.

Brother, she won't take you in
as her student.

I will. Come follow me.

He'll be the death of me!

I'll teach you Leper's Fist.

I'll teach you now.

If you want to practise Leper's Fist...

If you want to practise Leper's Fist...

Remember this pithy formula.

The first technique...

Hit with both hands.

Hit with both hands.


Second technique, head high...
Waist tucked in.

More or less like a shrimp.

Third technique, eyes wide open...

Power in the backside.

Fourth technique...

Left hand on the wall...

Right hand at the back....

Do this for two minutes.

Turn around, stretch your waist...

A relief.

How comfortable...

Teacher, what's this fifth technique?

Fifth technique?

Oh, yes... Beating a cow across the hill...

Godpa, how come it looks so weird?

Damn old man, you're good for nothing!

How can you take in students?
You're misguiding them.

What's with you? Better you teach him, then.

Damn, all you guys

have caused me leprosy.

As a matter of fact,
I didn't intend to teach anyone,

but I thought he was a good kid.

Alright, I'll take him as my student.

That's good. Then I can go and have a drink.

You have to work very hard
for the Leper's Fist.

I'm sure I can handle it.


Go again!

There's a fish...

I'll help you catch it.

I got it, see?


You want to molest me?

Why did you hit me? It's the fish...

Teacher, am I good or what?

Well, you still learned that
drunkard's rotten kung fu.

For punishment, go catch frogs
in the cemetery at midnight.

Catch frogs?

I've got you...

"Tomb of Qu Yang Hong"

Uncle Hong, I'm so sorry.

I can handle things here.

Take some money and go have tea.

Uncle Hong, I must avenge you.

Ah San, are you really willing
to avenge me?

I died a wrongful death...

Little Rat, you scared me!

You are such a coward!
How could you avenge him?

You are teasing me!

I've heard that Meng Ping

is holding a birthday party
in the next couple of days.

Maybe we could...

I know, you want to kill him.

That's right.

But there's just a few of us,

and we're no match for him.

Don't worry.

I know of a gang who has been
bullied by him.

They will surely agree to help us.

Alright. Let that be the day of his death.

How dare you barge in here as an assassin!

You display the flag from Tibet.

It doesn't matter if
you celebrate your birthday!


Show the kung fu you've learned
at Hai Zhuang Temple!

Watch me fix this bloody kid.

Get the weapons!

It's no good... Run!

Don't go!

The Eight Diagram Pole!

Come on, you bloody kid!

Reverse strike!

Who are you? I have no grudge against you.

No grudge?

You push our friends too hard.

It's not my fault... Let me go.

Comb... Feels comfortable...

I'll give you a greasy look...

I have no hair, thanks!

Here, blind man.

Luckily there's a cushion!

Little Rat!

Little Rat!

Little Rat!

I'll use Lama Fist to deal with you.

Why don't you kill him?

Sooner or later.

I have to kill one and wound the other

and show off with them in the street

so that others may know
how powerful our Lama Fist is.

Powerful in Guangdong and Su Zhou!

We'll make everyone bow to us!

Powerful in Guangdong and Su Zhou!

We'll make everyone bow to us!


Chase them!

What is it?

Teacher, it's you?

How dare you go for revenge with
such paltry skill...

It's more like digging your own grave.

Teacher, you wouldn't want
your student to lose face.

Of course not!

Then teach me more.
This is not good enough.

I don't care!

I'm going for a drink.

Oh, my stomach hurts!

Want to learn Leper's Fist, don't you?

Go and have some fun at the Leper Valley.

Kid, where are you from?

I'm one of yours.

One of ours? Take him over there.

Kid, you've come into the Leper Valley.

Do you know the rules here?

You said you are one of ours. Got any proof?

This poem is the proof.

Hand the poem over.

It has sunk to the ocean bed.

Bring it back!

I can teach if you're sincere
in learning Leper's Fist.

Remember this pithy formula.

Strike with both hands.

Head back, the tummy tucked in.

Eyes wide open.

Powerful left fist strikes the wall.

Do this for two minutes,
turn around and relax.

Hey, brother, not right...

Don't talk so much. Have some tea.

Brother, he's an impostor, no doubt.

But since he's come in here,
we have to go by the rules.

Alright, have him castrated.

What? Castrate me? It's no big deal.

I'm here to learn kung fu.

I can call you "brother,"
but you've got to teach me.


Lazybones stretches and attacks.

And fights his way through.

Beating a cow across the hill is deadly.

Hot water on the feet makes one
rise in the air.

Sweeping wind is deadly as the bear.

Attack the target at random.

A stealthy attack.

Deadly is the spirit possessing the body.

A shadow attack is unbeatable.

Crazy woman attack.

Not bad. Your basic technique is good.

Now I'll teach you the eleventh technique.

First technique,
lazy bone stretches and attacks.

Second technique,
continuous attack clears the way.

Third technique,
beating cow across the hill.

Fourth technique, hot water on the feet
makes one rise in the air.

Fifth technique,
random attacks on the target.

Sixth technique,
powerful and tumultuous as a tornado.

Seventh technique,
sweeping wind deadly as a tiger.

Eighth technique, a shadow attack.

Ninth technique, a stealthy attack.

Tenth technique,
power that knows no bounds.

The eleventh... deadly as
a spirit possessing the body.

You're done with eleven techniques
of the Leper's Fist.

But you have to promise me

to not use any unless
it's completely necessary, understand?

"Common Graveyard"

Lazy bone stretches and attacks!

Second technique,
continuous attack clears the way.

Third technique,
beating the cow across the hill.

Fourth technique, hot water on the feet
makes one rise in the air.

You Tibetans have pushed me far enough.

Today, I have to avenge Little Rat.

I used to consider Leper's Fist
to be something great,

but it's disappointing.

Bastard! What's so great
about the Leper's Fist?

Try my Hua Liu Kick.

How corny!

Bloody skunk! Use the fifth technique.

Randomly attack the target!

Sixth technique, powerful
and tumultuous as a tornado.

One kick, two kicks...
Three kicks, four kicks...

Try my Hua Liu Kick!

Playing tricks? Four kicks? Missing one!

I've hit four times.

Seventh technique,
sweeping wind deadly as a bear.

Stealthy attack,
power that knows no bounds.

Wrestling is powerful.

Tenth technique! Crazy woman attack!

Deadly as a spirit possessing the body.

Try my Hua Liu Kick!

I developed the twelve technique myself!

Be considerate. Lower the volume.

It's us! Stop fighting!

Ah San, it's us!

How come he has become like this?

He has reached the zenith of
his Leper's Fist.

Too bad though, to have overdone it...

Ah San!