Ma femme s'appelle reviens (1982) - full transcript

Abandoned by his wife, a man meets a fashion photographer who is also suffering from loneliness.

Excuse me! Honestly!

-What's the matter with you?


Kiosk number six!

Sir! Sir!

Hey! Wait! Stop!

Stop the bus! I have to talk to her!

Don't leave things like this!
It's ridiculous!

Honey, I… Get off me, it's my wife!

Marie-Claude, I'm not kidding!

I'm warning you, if you leave me,
we're over! Got it?

He's in here.

How you doing?

I'm doing fine.

Want to have a drink at my place?

If you like.

They could have shot you.

-It would have saved me the trouble.

Don't you think I should drive?


Don't look so down.
Maybe it'll all work out.

Yeah, maybe.

She'll probably jump out of the plane
as it passes over the house.

-Is she going far?
-She's gone back to Lausanne.

Maybe that's for the best.
If she moved somewhere close

then you'd have to see her
with her new guy every day.

Wow, you're right, I'm so lucky.

Well, weren't you expecting this?
You haven't spoken in four months.

But this isn't the first time.
We usually sort things out.

Be honest, you had
a really crap relationship.

Your wife isn't exactly Ornella Muti.

There's more to life than ass.

You can crash here, if you like.
Sleep on the couch.

I've been sleeping on mine
for the past two and a half months.

Anyway, that's not the problem.

I just can't imagine my life
without Marie-Claude.

You know, plenty of guys out there
get by just fine without their wives.

I know, it could be worse.

Some people are born with only one eye
and laugh all the time.

Don't you think you're being
a little dramatic?

You're right. I'll head home
and stop bothering you.

Oh, stop it. Don't be such a martyr.

Just admit it, she's always been
a total pain in the ass.

She was just a little sensitive, is all.

She was obnoxious to everyone, Bernard.

Well, you never liked her much.

Every time we came over for dinner,

I had to take a suppository
just to get to sleep after.

I didn't know it did that to you.

She spent New Year's Eve
crying in the closet

because you were late.

We made up the next day.
It was like a game we played, you know?

Honestly, you're infuriating.

She did nothing but piss you off,
and now she's right to have left.

Sorry, I don't know what else
to do for you.

I need to finish my article.

Your article?

You call that an article?
I call it a piece of shit.

Perhaps, but a teacher's salary alone
isn't enough.

Well, if it pays, then go for it.

What is it this week?

"Versailles hypnotist abused housewives

"while claiming to help them
give up tobacco." Great.

I think it's a little weak, but it's good.

-Leave me alone.
-It sounds a little too literary to me.

Try something with more shock value.

"Man disappointed by wife, screws dog,"
or the other way round.

What does it matter, if it pays me?

That's enough, all right?

If you're having a nervous breakdown
get help, buddy!

Aren't you meant to be a doctor?

Sorry. I don't know what came over me.

It's OK. Let's just drop it.

It scares the hell out of me,
the idea of being on my own.

What'll I do of an evening?

I've been alone for a month now

and it's going great.

Your wife's away on vacation!
It's not the same.

See it as a 20-year vacation.

You're real funny.

I don't know how to live alone.
I've never done it before.

I was with my parents, then my wife.

There's lots to do.

Yes, I'm sure there is.

If not, I can just turn the stove on
and gas myself during the local news.


…along the borders of Western Mongolia,

a distant land where each animal species

guards its vital habitat
with a fierce determination.

This is the horrifying battle
between mongoose and chameleon.

A harsh and poignant ritual

in which cunning and courage clash

in a savage dance to the death.

But tonight there will be neither winner
nor loser.

With its hesitant gait,

like a dancer from another world,

the chameleon retreats.

Buried in the Mongolian mud, the fa…

Oh, no. Shit!

Are you married?

Not right now, no.

Good, because we have something
that might interest you.

-What is it?
-It's a new residence for single people.

What does that mean?

It has a pool and a tennis court.
Very nice.

Then you have all kinds of perks included

like housekeeping, laundry
and an evening meal.

-Like an old people's home?

Would you like to view a unit?


-It's not bad at all.
-That's what I thought.

It's this one.

And everyone who lives here is single?

Yes, for the most part.

You don't just mean single men, right?

Don't worry, it's mixed.
Unless that worries you more?

No, no, that's fine.

Thank you.

There you have it.

It's pretty spacious.

Nice kitchen. Is this the bedroom?


Nice bathroom, too. Plenty of light.

This is great. I like it.

Would you want to live here?

Oh, yes, sure!
Well, if I were single, I would.

If you met a guy who lived here,
what would you think?

I mean, it's fine. It wouldn't impact
my impression of him much.

All right, then I'll take it.

I'll take it.

Oh, shit.

-Philippe? It's Bernard. How's it going?

Yeah, good. What's going on?

Nothing, I just moved into my new place.
Are you working?

No, I'm in bed.

Really? At this time?

Yes, it's an odd time to be sleeping.

Does that mean your wife got back?

No, no.

Right… Am I boring you, then?

Well, I wouldn't go that far,
but you are interrupting something.

All right, fine…

I mean, I only… Bye.

Hello? It's Fizet.

I've got nothing better to do,
so I'll take the night shift after all.

Yeah, I'll be down there right away. Bye.

-Have you had your tetanus shot?

-OK, I'll prescribe you a serum, then.
-Is that really necessary?

Yes, but it's not urgent.
You can go tomorrow.

Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

-You're Mrs. Régnier, correct?
-Ms. Régnier.

-You're single?
-No, divorced.

Oh, really? Since when?

It's been two years. Why?

Lunchtime Monday for me.
I haven't been doing so well

so I was wondering how other people
were getting on.

Pretty well, thanks.


How do you manage in the evenings?

I get by. It's fine.

Sorry to be so nosy, but what
do you do with yourself, in general?

For example, what are you doing tonight?

Say, now…

You're not going to ask me out, are you?

Not at all. I'd love to,
but that wasn't my intention.

That's pretty ballsy.

It's annoying being goosed on

-the subway, but…
-No, I…

You can't call a doctor now
without being hit on! It's nuts.

-No, I simply misspoke.
-Oh, really?

-I assure you, it's a misunderstanding.
-Of course.


-Good evening.
-Good evening.


After you.

Which floor?

-Me, too.

-Have a good night.
-Thank you.

Hello? Hi, could I please speak to Terry?

Hi, Terry, it's Nadine.

No, nothing. I just wanted to tell you
that I'm not really angry.

Yes, I was just frustrated.

I didn't really mean anything I said.

No, you're right, I know, it's just…

It's important to feel free, I know…

That's why I'm not asking you
to come over tonight, you know?

Well, I mean, unless you want to.

No, but you might have changed your mind…

Yeah. Yeah, OK.

Oh, Terry, I forgot to mention…
You left some of your things at my place.

Want me to bring them over?

I can come by now, if you like.
It's not a problem.

Yes, I can drop them off tomorrow.

Yes, I can leave them with the doorman.

All right.

You see, I'm at your feet, begging.

My desire for you is so strong.

-That's clear, right?
-Yes, I understand.

I'm not sure you do understand.

I want to feel that desire in your gaze.

Yeah, of course.

-I'll get there.

OK, let's try it again!
Can you get back in here, Laura?

Mireille, can you get the 85 lens
ready for me, please?

Yes, I'm on it.

What a mess, huh?
They haven't gone easy on us today.

He looks good, but he's no Einstein.

All right, let's do this!

Say, Laura, could you lift your head
a little?

No, more to the left!

Careful, Antoine, you're turning too far.

Thank you.

Something's not quite right.


-What was your name again?

Yes, sorry, Alexandre.
Could you move the table a little closer?


-Like that?
-Yes, perfect!

Alexandre, could you move out of the shot?
Thank you.

OK, Laura, look at me…

That's it. Great. OK, that should work.

Well, obviously I took it badly.

I packed a bag, got in the car

and felt guilty as hell.

Why don't you just leave him for good?

I don't understand you.

I don't understand myself.
That's the problem.

Look at Alexandre.

I like a man with fight in him.

Winner by default.

You did great.

I always do.

He's pretty funny, this guy.

Did you lose consciousness
while you were ill?

No, no.

No, 12/8, that's good.

It must have been the stress of the shock.

-How does that feel?
-That's fine.

You're easier to repair than your scooter,
you know?

Why? Do you think it's that bad?

I don't know, I'm no expert.

But if you want to be a stuntwoman,
you'll have to work harder.

-Are you finished with this?

Are you ready to order?

Yes, I'll have a Vichy
and two coffees, please.

-At the same time?
-Yes, at the same time.

-Do I know the guy?
-What guy?

Usually, you go on hunger strike when

you've met someone.

Let's just say…

Do you want a bite of my guinea fowl?

Laugh all you like, girl.
That'll go straight to your hips.

Yeah, but it's delicious.

I need to make a call. Don't hold back.

I'm in no rush.

I'm having the cobbler for dessert.

I need your advice on how to kill off
my lesbian gynecologist.

Honestly, I don't know what to tell you.

Poison isn't that much fun.

No, I'm between strangulation
and having her carotid artery cut.

Both sound good to me.

Yes, but which would be more spectacular?

Well, if you have her strangled, she'll
have a purple tongue and bulging eyes.

It's a classic, but it never fails.

-Can I try the pâté?
-Sure, go ahead.

On the other hand, with the carotid,
you have the bleeding. It's more visual.

-Yeah. Well, what would you do?
-I have no idea.

Listen, in real life,
I have no preference,

but when it comes to your literary genre,
readers love a cut carotid.

Well, we'll see.

On another subject, a friend of Patricia
and Marie-Do's will be there tonight.

-Oh, yeah?
-She's a Las Vegas stripper.

I could introduce you.

-I'm not sure she'd be my type.
-At least give her a chance.

It's her job that I'm not crazy about.

After my husband's death,
my second husband, that is,

the first one was a magician, you know?

One day he just disappeared
like one of his doves.

But in any case, Charles,
my second husband,

fell off the roof while he was fixing
the TV antenna.

Three days later,
I just couldn't get out of bed.

My back had completely seized up.

Did you fall off the roof, too?

No, that's precisely it.

At first, I thought it was
something physical,

that perhaps I'd gone over the top
dancing in variety shows.

So, I went to see a chiropractor.

But there was nothing he could do.

Then I went to see an osteopath.
That was even worse.

I ended up going to see a psychiatrist.

Doctor Hugues Howard. Ever heard of him?

Yes, well, vaguely.
Would you like some chicken?

Wait, I haven't finished my story!

-Within a week, I was cured.
-That's amazing.

Yes, but I went blind.

-Yes, that often happens.
-It didn't last long.

But my back started acting up again
when I met Jacques,

my third husband.

-Hey, it's you.

I came to bring you the photos.

That's very kind of you.

Can I come in?

Yes, of course.

I hope I'm not disturbing you?

No, not at all. It's fine.

No, I'm glad you're here.

It's very sweet of you.
You could have just mailed them.

Yes, but I had no other excuse
to see you again. It's silly, really.


Nice place you've got here!

It's not mine, it belongs to friends
who let me stay when I'm in Paris.

Oh, really?

-Well, make yourself at home.

-Would you like something to drink?
-Yes, whatever you want.

I'll look at the photos first
if you don't mind.

If they're bad,
I'm not going to pay you for them.

-Is that OK?
-Yes, that's OK.

Wait. I don't want you to think things
about me that aren't true.

What do you mean?

That I threw myself at you, I don't know…

Come on, now.

-That's a stupid thing to say.
-No, it's not stupid!

I just don't want to be a one-night stand.

I don't want you to think badly of me.

I've never wanted to make love
to someone I thought badly of.

Then you can't be a real man.


I really like you, a lot.

But I'm going back to Montreal
in two days.

If you'd prefer us to just be friends,

I understand.


Well, since I'm here…

Stop it, I told you,
I don't speak English.

And I said you have to learn!

I'm convinced it's the language of God.

So I'll learn it when I'm dead.
Right now, I'm overwhelmed.

But only God knows why we're here.

Have you never wondered why you're here?

Yes, right now, in fact.

I wrote a song about it.
It goes like this.

I believe in Jesus

I believe in angels

I'm gonna live for Jesus

I'm gonna die for angels

Come with me to Jesus

Come with me to angels

Come, baby, come, come, come

Swinging, isn't it?

-What's the matter with you?
-Nothing. Sorry. Nothing.

-You don't waste any time, do you?
-Come on, don't get mad, Janine.

Is this some sick fantasy of yours,
because I'm a stripper?

That has nothing to do with it.
I didn't even know.

Well, that's not what I'm made for.

I don't just jump into the sack
with the first guy who comes along.

Please, calm down. That's not at all…

-What's going on?
-She's awful. I'm leaving. Bye.


-Good evening.
-Good evening.


-Fifth floor, right?

Hey! Are you OK, Miss?

-Hey! Are you all right?
-I think so, yes.

Hold on, I'll just fetch my things.

No, bring me something to eat!

Are you hungry?

I haven't eaten in three days.

That's ridiculous. You can't do that.

It's so I can lose weight.

Stop that dieting nonsense
or you'll kill yourself.

Quick, get me something to eat.
I have the worst stomach cramps.

Let me see what there is.

I have no food. I threw it all out.


-I'll check my place.


I don't have much in, either.

Whatever, it doesn't matter! I'm hungry!

-Yes, all right, I'm coming!


Here you go.

It's good! What is it?

My mom used to make it when I was a kid.

-Don't you want some?
-No, I hate the stuff. Thanks.

-Feeling better?
-Yeah, thank you.

I should probably check
your blood pressure.

No, it's not worth calling a doctor
just for that.

Too late. I'm a doctor,
and I'm already here.

I had no idea.

I'm sorry I bothered you so late.

Don't you worry.
You should have called in a chef.

Oh, no, no, quite the opposite.

You're very talented.

And you have very nice manners.

Yes, but I'm also being honest.

Well, thanks.

Do you like music?

-Sort of.
-Uh huh.

So, you like the musician, then?

Yes. Well, it's a band.

Awful people, musicians.
They get far too many women.

It makes it hard for us others.

Is it really that hard?

We get by.


The Doctor had better get to bed.
It's late.

Goodnight. If you need anything,
don't hesitate to call.

-That's really kind, but I'm fine.
-All right.

-Well, goodbye.
-See you. Thanks for everything.


-How's the knee doing?
-A lot better than the scooter.

I warned you.

I hate to ask you this,
but I'm running late.

-Could you drop me off at Henri IV?
-Sure can. Get in.


Are you very late?

Depends on how long this takes you.

OK. Got it.


Here we are.

-Why, I'm early now.
-Then I'm sorry about that.

I'm not in a rush.

OK. He's going in right now. Over.

Is it like having a taxi?

A little, yes, especially this morning.

-Do you think I'm shameless?
-No, I think you're really nice.

Just swollen enough.

Number 71, Caulaincourt Street.
Gunshot wound, near the liver.

Lucky I'm not there. That's a big job.

-That sounds serious.
-It is.

That guy won't be back in the clubs
anytime soon.

What about you, what are you studying?

I'm a philosophy major at the moment.

-What's next?
-No-one knows what comes next.

I'm not very original for a girl, am I?

Sure you are, a little.

Well, the Le Mans 24 hours was great.

You did a great job. I was worried.

Good, I'm glad. Me, too.

-All right, bye, then.

Let's calm down now.

Can I get two Ricards and an orange juice?


-Hey, how's it going?

-What can I get for you?

A glass of champagne.

-Have you seen Terry at all?
-Terry? Yes, he's in the back, I think.

OK. I'll be right back.

-Is he not there?
-Oh, he sure is.

-What about your drink?
-I'm not thirsty anymore. Bye.

Dear whoever.

Maybe you'll be surprised to find me dead.

I'll leave the tape player by my body.

If you're not too clueless,
press the button.

I'm sure you wonder why I did this.

You'll think: "She was so young,

"she had it all to live for,
she had no reason to go this far."

People never understand.

But I think it's actually pretty simple.

First of all, we're all going to die
one day.

Some sooner, some later.

It's just time we spend
waiting to draw our last breath.

I've always struggled in an endless void,

wading through shit.

Why spend another 50 years
waiting for nothing

when you may as well die right now?
Makes sense, right?

It's not because of what happened tonight.

I'm not going to kill myself

because a certain Terry
behaved like a total asshole.

The problem is that every man
I've ever met has been the same.

Apart from a few that I managed
to dump early on.

Then you have the men I would meet,
who'll be even worse.

Maybe it's something about me
that brings out that side in men.

Whatever, I don't care.

I'm just sick to death of it.

On my headstone I want:

"Nadine Foulon was a nobody.
She finally found her place."


God damn it, it wasn't even recording!

Yes, I'm coming!

-I'm sick.
-Come on in. What's wrong?

-I don't feel good. I might throw up.

Hold on, this way.

Are you OK?

Through here. There you go.

Don't leave me alone!

I won't. I'm right here.

Is there someone special in your life?

A bit quiet right now. My wife just left.

-I'm sorry.
-No harm done.

Has it been really hard?

Sort of, yes.

Pretty hard.

We fought non-stop for five years.
That creates a special bond.

Why did you get married?

To be like my brother.

He's married with five wonderful boys.

All very blonde, very clean,
even Aryan-looking.

My brother has always been
an example to me.

He was always top of the class.
I always struggled.

He went out with all these gorgeous girls.

I wouldn't wish the puberty I had
on my worst enemy.

He's a cardiologist,
I'm just a regular physician.

Also, he's always beating me
at ping-pong, the jerk.

Do you have any kids?

No. That's lucky, though, right?

Perhaps I should let you get some sleep.

-Thanks, I feel a lot better.
-Are you sure?

Stay and sleep here, if you like.
I'll take the couch.

-No, I wouldn't want to impose.
-It's no trouble at all.

-In that case, I'll take the couch.
-No way.

It's a nice memory trip. I've
slept here more often than in my own bed.

Tickets, please.

Hey, we're here.

-Good morning, ma'am.

Did you sleep well?

Oh, yeah. How about you?

Yes, fine. I made some tea.

Would you prefer a croissant
from yesterday or some burnt toast?

Both, please.

-Are you sure you won't join us?
-No, I'd just be bored.


It's not that, I just can't stand
the mountains without snow.

As you wish.

-How are things with your neighbor?
-Still the same.

-Nothing's happened?
-No, no.

But it's crazy, I feel closer to her

than to my wife of five years.

-Your wife isn't exactly a benchmark.
-Well, I don't have anyone else.

Yeah, that's great! Amazing!

-Very good. Slightly to the left.
-OK. Let's switch it up.

-To the left?
-Yeah, yeah.

All right, move slightly to the left.

Keep moving. Yeah, that's it.

Lift your chin.
Give us a little more sass.

Move back slightly.

Yes, flick your hair like that…

More! Energy!

-Yeah, yeah, that's it! Go for it.
-Very good.


-What are you doing here?
-Am I interrupting?

No, I'm just surprised to see you.

That wasn't me, it was the car.
She honks when she's happy.

-Right, well, this is…

-Yes, Bernard. Meet Mireille.
-Nice to meet you.

-Hello! I'm Bernard.
-My name's Rösschen.

I'm sorry?


Ah! No idea. What did she say?

-Rösschen. She's German.
-Oh, great. She should keep going.

-Are you almost done?
-We still have a few shots left.

-I thought maybe we could grab lunch.
-Yeah, OK.

Hey, Rösschen. Let's wrap it up.

Could you perhaps move…
Yes, to the left. Good.

No. Come down to the sidewalk.

Yeah. put your foot…

-Yeah, awesome. Step back a little.
-It looks great.

Keep moving back… More… More… More… Yeah.

The trash can's in my way!

Hold on!

I'll move it for you.

Excuse me.

Is that all right?

Yeah, that's fine.

-I can move it further out.
-No, leave it, it's fine.

Say, Cécile, the orange veil
is really frayed.

Hang on, I'll deal with it.

Your job is pretty cool.

-I'm jealous.
-It's really not that hard.

It's much nicer to make conversation

with a model than a burn victim.

We can invite Rösschen to lunch
if you like.

I was just saying. I don't care.

-Are you sure?
-Well, obviously.

If you wanted to ask her to lunch
with us, I'd totally understand.

I don't know.

We call it a Black Forest gâteau.

-What do you call it in German?
-I don't know.

It's definitely a German cake.
Black Forest.

-What do you call it?
-I have no idea, no.

Really? Honestly, it's not that good,
it's a little too sickly.

When it comes to desserts, I prefer…

You know, like an apple cake,

with apples flavored with cinnamon
and then baked into the dough.

It's kind of round, like this,

and then served warm with crème fraîche.

-Do you know what I mean?
-Oh, yes! Apfelstrudel.

-What's the German word for it?

We actually call it strudel.

What about Linzers,
have you heard of them?

It's like a tart with raspberry jam,
I think.

It has a kind of cinnamon lattice on top.

Yes, yes.

-How do you say it in German?
-It's a Linzer Torte.

-Linzer Torte.
-OK, goodbye.

-Linzer Torte.
-Linzer Torte.


-I didn't know you spoke German.
-Yes, fluently.

Only in bakeries.

Well, I'm running late.
I need to get going.

-Goodbye, Rösschen.


-I can drop you off, if you like.
-No, it's OK, I'm not going far.

-All right.

How do you say "shut down" in German?

I didn't get shut down!
She wanted to walk, that's all.

Hello, Mireille?

It turns out I have no plans tonight.

Well, no, actually.

Want to have a girls' night?


OK! See you in half an hour? Great. Bye.

I slept at his place afterwards.

I was in a terrible state.

Yeah? When are you seeing him again?

Oh, no, no. I don't know.
He's just my neighbor. He's nice, is all.

I'm not thinking like that.

Anyway, he'd be
just like the rest of them.

He's kind because he's unhappy.

As soon as guys get it together,
they kick us to the curb.

We must keep their heads underwater.

You're just saying that because of Terry.

I'm saying it because it's true.

-And because I'm a little drunk.
-Yes, you are a little drunk.

Me too, in fact.

Shall we?

Yeah. What do you want to do?

-I think I'll just head home.

-I don't really want to go home yet.

I think I might hang about for a while.

-Come in, Fizet!
-This is Fizet. I'm listening.

Head over to
number 12, Val-de-Grâce Street.

Third floor on the left.
It's a Mrs. Autier.

What's the issue?

-Regular dizzy spells.
-Got it. I'm on my way.

-Good evening.
-It's you! Good evening.

-Is something the matter?
-Yes and no.

What's wrong?

I get bored, alone at night.


Is there something I can help you with?

I don't know.

Are you mad at me?

No, why?

You're acting so serious.

I'm here in my professional
capacity. You're my patient.

But I'm not sick.

Then I'm not your doctor.

Want a drink?

Sure. I'll have what you're having.

-Can I use your phone?
-Sure, it's back there.

Hello? Yes, it's Fizet.

I'm going to clock off for the night.

I'm pretty exhausted, yeah.

OK, you got it. Speak to you tomorrow.

Thank you.

How about going to La Scala?

-What's that?
-La Scala. It's a club.

-You want to go dancing?

You won't be disappointed.

-Shall we take a break?

Are you married?

I am, but my wife isn't.

I should take it off.
It's been long enough.

You know, I'm really glad
you fell off your scooter.

-I mean…
-I think I understand what you mean.

Does that not bother you?

Why would it?

Well, I mean, does it not bother you
that I'd think that about…

I'm glad you called. It saved me
having to come up with a reason

for hanging around Henri IV.

You'd have done that?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

-Hey, Anne!
-Oh, hello!

This is François, a friend of mine
from class. This is Bernard.


Who are you here with?

Valérie, but she's the one who wanted
to come. I'm bored.

-You don't dance?
-I don't like dancing in clubs.

I prefer house parties.

Did you have any of those,
back in your day?

-Excuse me?
-Did you have parties back in your day?

Yes, but I'm 29. I'm not that old.

This guy's a joker.

You look older, you know.

-It must be the hair.
-Yeah, that must be it.

-Want another juice?
-No, I'd better get back.

-What a shame.
-Yeah. Goodbye!

-Have a good night, sir.

Goodnight to you, sir, yes.

-Aren't you dancing?
-No, I'm waiting for a waltz to come on.

What an asshole.
Your little friend was really trying it.

-Shall we go?
-Sure, if you want.

Bartender! My father would like the check.

I've been working with Cousteau
for five years.

Oh, really? What do you do?

I'm a scuba diver.
I'm on the Calypso team.

Wow, so you're really somebody.

I'm sure you're really somebody, too.

I'm not so sure about that.

You shouldn't doubt yourself.

No idea why, but I noticed you right away.

Maybe because
I'm the only single girl in here.

-I don't think so.


Watch out for my chain.


Right, well, I'm afraid we've arrived.

Even though I drove as slowly as possible.

I had a great time tonight.

Me, too.

I'd invite you up, but my parents
will be home by now.

We could go to my place.
I'd be surprised if my parents were there.

No, it's already 3:30
and I have class at 8:00.

Can't you skip it?

-No, I have geography.
-Geography's useless.

It counts towards my diploma.

All right. When can I see you again?


Only if you'd like to.

I think I would.


I don't have geography on Saturdays.



Shit, that asshole!

Bernard! Bernard! Stop!

Get after him! He robbed me!

-The diver, over there!

-Is it bad?
-No, just a headlamp.

-I'm so sorry.
-It's nothing.

What happened?

Can we go and get a cup of coffee?

I was drunk.

He told me he was one
of Cousteau's divers.

And like an idiot, I believed him.

I'm the worst. I hate myself.

Don't say that. If I met one of the divers
on Cousteau's team,

I don't know how long I'd be able
to resist, either.

You're sweet.

Don't be so hard on yourself.
The guy's a real jerk.

I only ever get real jerks.
It never works out with the good guys.

-That's all in your head.
-This one wasn't.

Well, picking up random dudes
in bars comes at a risk.

-No one else is interested in me.
-Don't be ridiculous.

You're cute, you're kind, you're smart.

I'm fat.

Cut it out.
I've seen girls way fatter than you.

Where? The circus?

Drink your coffee before it gets cold.

Hey, buddy! Get a good enough look
or shall I move?

What's up with you?

What's up with me? Go find a hooker
if you're so desperate.

You got a problem?

I'm not the one
with a problem here, asshole!

-You want start something?
-Just leave it.

If you don't want to be ogled,
get dressed.

Fuck you!


Listen, control her,
or this isn't gonna end well.

Listen, let's just take it down a notch.
We're not going to fight about this.

Things got a bit heated,
but we won't fight.

You sure about that?

Bernard! Are you OK?

-Fucking douchebag!

You want another one?

I'll fucking kill you!

Stop it or I'll call the cops!

-Stop it, stop it!


Get off me. Get off me!

I'm perfectly capable of walking
by myself.

I met someone last night

and I took him home with me.

While I was asleep
he took the cash from my purse.

Where did you meet him?

-In a bar.
-In a bar?

Do you know who this guy is?

No. Well, yes.

You won't believe me.

Try me.

He told me he was
one of Cousteau's divers.

Honestly, no, I don't believe you.

I see ten girls like you,
naked under a trench coat, every night.

So, to be quite frank,
I don't believe you.

Go on, just call her a hooker
while you're at it.

Being a cop doesn't give you
carte blanche.

-I wasn't talking to you.
-Well, I was talking to you.

-Just drop it, please.
-No, I won't just drop it.

How dare you speak to her like that?
You don't even know her.

All right, very well.
If that's how you want to do this.

It might take a little longer,
but you got it.

-Let's type you up. Surname?

-First name?


-Medical practitioner.

-Marital status?

-I'm sorry?


I'm sorry I lost my temper.
Things got out of hand.

It was fun! I've never been picked up
by the cops before.

That's twice in two weeks for me.
You get used to it.

-Are you cold?

Oh, my goodness! It's a wreck.

It's fine. I still have one headlamp left.

Come on, let's go home. I'll be the one
looking after you for once.

I'd prefer it if you could repair the car.

Oh, God. That hurts like hell.

-No, really?
-It feels like my skin is splitting.

You're so delicate.
You'd make a bad patient.

Well, I'm not aiming for that.
I'd prefer to be a good doctor.

-Come here.
-Gently! Don't let it open back up.

The wound's going to open back up!

There you go.

Ouch. Thanks, I guess.

Don't mention it.


-All I do is cause trouble in your life.
-Absolutely not. I owe you so much.

I always thought that, if a woman
were attacked near me,

I'd pretend to be disabled.

You see, you made me brave.

Then at least I've been good
for something for once in my life.

I'm so glad you were there.

Well, goodnight.

-Does that hurt?
-Yes, but I don't care.

Oh, it's you. Hi.

I didn't think I'd wake you! It's noon.

I haven't slept a wink.
I couldn't stop thinking about last night.

-Shit, I'm so sorry.
-It's fine.

-What's up?
-Oh, nothing!

I just wanted to go for a walk
in the woods.

It's not so fun when you're by yourself.
But I'll let you get some rest.

No, that's a good idea.

I wouldn't have thought of it,
but now that I'm awake…

Look at that. Isn't it wonderful?

Yes but, I mean,
it's just as nice on foot.

I'm just joking.
Of course I think it's wonderful.

So, shall we go back?

-Everything OK?
-Yeah, fine.

-He's getting a bit carried away.
-No, he isn't.

-It's a little too fast for my liking.
-Are you scared?

No. Well, I'm a little nervous.

-Yours looks a lot more comfortable!
-Want to switch?

There's no point now. They can sense fear.

Didn't we already come down this way?

I don't know, there are trees everywhere.

-Let's try the other side.

Over there.

But I… Hold on.

What are you doing? Turn round.

-Should I follow you?
-Yes, of course!

Come on…

-Oh, goodness…
-Shouldn't we be headed that way?

No, the other side! Opposite.

Oh, goodness me.

-You're going a little too fast again.
-No, listen…

I'm falling behind
because you're too quick.

I'm not the one who…
I'm not holding back here!

I don't want to worry you,
but we're a bit lost.

You don't say.

-What do we do, then?
-I don't know, I don't know anything.

These two should have said something.

-I'm the worst!
-No, they're the sneaky ones.

See? We made it. Eventually.

-Stop it! I'm so embarrassed.
-There's no reason to be.

I made you walk for two hours in the rain

after a sleepless night.

-I'm wide awake now.

Come on, you.

-Doing anything tonight?
-No, nothing in particular. Why?

Maybe we could go for dinner?

Sure, but it's on me.
It's the least I can do.

You don't have to do anything.
I had a great time.

-Oh, stop it.
-I'm being serious.

OK, whoever's dry first waits
for the other!

I'm pretty sure that's going to be me.

Where the hell are my keys?

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see you.

You're impossible, Terry.

Why do you say that?

Oh, no reason.

I just wanted to see you.

You're soaked! Where were you?

Get off me. I got lost in the forest.

Shit, you haven't called me
in five days, Terry!

-I was in the studio.

Don't you have a phone in there?

-You see, it's just too easy!

I'm not at your beck and call.

I'm sick of it, Terry.
I can't keep waiting for your call.

Oh, will you just stop it, Nadine?

I scrub up pretty well, I'd say.

You're still not ready?

You know, I…

-There's a problem.

Don't worry about it. Good evening.

I'm sorry, we just need to talk.

No, it's totally fine.
We'll take a rain check.

-You're not mad at me?
-No, no.

Get dry, though. You'll catch a cold.

I'll try and get a good night's sleep

All right, then…


Have a good night.

-Who is that guy?
-My neighbor.

Do you often go out in the woods
with your neighbors?

Oh, give me a break.

I didn't realize I was
getting in the way of something.

Don't talk like that to me.

I thought I dealt with it very well.
I don't care.

-Get the hell out.
-Sorry, what?

Get out! Get the hell out!

Give me back my key.

Because I'm always wrong, right?

Come on, you disappear for five days
without a trace

and then you get all jealous?

You want me to jump into your arms
asking for forgiveness?

I don't see why it's so serious.

No? You don't?
Well, I'm absolutely sick of it.

I'm sick of us!

I'm sick of being something
to fill your lonely nights!

Go! I've had you!
I never want to see you again!


It's me, Bernard. Open the door.

The accordionist strikes again?

I'm sick of it.

Sick and tired.

You're a great girl, Nadine.

I've never told you because
I'm not exactly rolling in confidence

and I'm five foot seven, so it's better
to keep conversation light,

but you really are a good person.

You're so kind, you know, but…

But nothing!

I'm not saying that
to make you feel better.

If he doesn't see how incredible you are,
then he's an idiot.

I hate seeing you cry
over a jerk like that.

I know he's a musician and everything.

How about we stop being sad
and go for a drink?

-Sound good?
-Yes, OK.

Tomorrow I'll get
my harmonica from my parents'

and play you "Étoile des neiges".

That'll help you stop
liking music so much.


I don't want to sleep alone tonight.


It's lucky I'm here, then.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to wait for you,
so I spent the night here.

You're crazy. Why?

I wanted to talk.

I went back upstairs, but then I heard…

You were busy.

So, here I am.

What on earth has gotten into you, Terry?

I don't understand.
I don't understand you!

It's not that complicated.
When a guy can't live

without a girl, it's not that complicated.

I don't want to discuss this now.

I don't know who you were with earlier.

I mean, I can guess. But I don't care.

I know I haven't always treated you right,
but I love you, Nadine, I swear.

Ever since we had that fight,
I've been sick to my stomach.

I don't know where I stand anymore.

No, I don't know, Terry.

I need time. I don't know
whether I still want to be with you.

I need to get going now. Leave me be.

I'll call you tomorrow, OK?

Do that thing with the umbrella.
Oh, that's cute!

OK, climb a little higher,
because I want some with the sky in.


What if we shot on the diving board?
Is that too scary?

-Be careful, now!

What a shitstorm.

I can't believe how pathetic
this whole thing is.

I have a knack for getting
into these situations.

Just because I saw Terry again
doesn't change anything.

When I woke up, I felt like
I'd made a mistake with Bernard.

Your neighbor's not a kid.

You slept together. So what? That's life.

He won't think you're a bitch
because you don't love him.

No, but you don't understand,
we didn't just sleep together.

We've been through a lot together.

And he's been so sweet to me.

-Maybe I shouldn't have crossed that line.
-Come on, don't stress.

You know, with any other guy,
it wouldn't matter.

But he's so vulnerable, I'm sure
he's taking it way too seriously.

It doesn't have to be that dramatic,
so long as you tell him right away.

Sure, but I'm a coward.
I wouldn't dare tell him to his face.

You know what I did? I wrote him a letter.

It's not ideal, is it? Oh, well.

I'm going to put it in his mailbox
when I get back and then call him.

Hello. I'd like to speak
to one of your photographers.

Nadine Foulon.

Right, and where's the shoot?

OK, thanks.

Hello, Anne?

I'm sorry, good afternoon.
Is Anne there, please?

Right… So, she's at school?

What time does she have class?

Right, OK. Thanks. Goodbye.


-How's it going?
-Good. What are you doing here?

Listen, I have a problem.
Are you free tomorrow?

Does that mean I'm free tonight?

I have to go out of town
and I'm worried I won't be back in time.

So, tomorrow would be better,
if that works.

Don't worry, that works.



OK, we've got everything we needed!
Let's go.

-We're starting to lose the light.

I'm exhausted.

Do you want to get dinner here
before we head back?

Oh, sure. Especially since
I'm in no hurry at all.

Oh, shit, shit, shit!



-How did you know I was here?
-I called the paper.

Oh, right.

-Are you done for the day?
-Yes, we're done.

I thought maybe we could get dinner.

Yes, great idea! Where should we go?

Oh, no, I'm sorry. I can't stay.

I must get back.
Things to do for tomorrow.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, yes, absolutely sure.



-Pretty, huh?

Looks like just the two of us for dinner.

-Unless you'd rather not?
-No, not at all.

-Is it good?
-Yes, very.

I'm just not that hungry.
I'm so tired, you know.

How's yours?

The sauce is a little sickly.

Another bottle, please.

Very well, sir. Are you finished here?

I am, yes.

-And you, ma'am?
-I'm done, too.

Was it not to your taste?

Yes, we're just not very hungry.

All that sea air.

Listen, Nadine…

I came here because we didn't get
a chance to talk this morning.


Well, I have a few things to say.

I really like you, Nadine.

I had a wonderful time with you
last night.

You're an amazing girl.

I know that I'm nothing special,

but you're the most incredible girl
I've ever met.

Oh, well, you know…

So, I don't know how to put this…

I couldn't stop thinking about it
all morning

and I couldn't wait for your return.

I adore you, Nadine.

But I don't think… In fact, I'm certain

that I'm not in love with you. That's it.


I know, I'm an asshole.
I shouldn't have slept with you.

I just wanted you so bad,
and you're so beautiful, so I…

-I let things get out of hand.
-I don't believe it.

Don't take it the wrong way.

I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this,

but I didn't know how else to put it.
I'm sorry.

Here, read this.

-What is it?
-Just read it.

I don't know what to say.

-Is this a joke?
-It would be a pretty terrible joke.

-So, we're completely on the same page?
-Well, yeah.

Thank God for that.

I feel so relieved.

We were in such a state.

Oh, my goodness. We sure were.

So, can we have a nice dinner
together now, then?

I'd love that. I could eat a horse now.

What did you have? It looked good.

Would you like the dessert menu?

No, I think we'll have exactly
the same thing.

I think we had the strips of sole
with steamed vegetables

and the duck breast, rare, please.

-I'm sorry?
-The duck and the fish.

Maybe we should get an appetizer.
The portions are pretty light.

Yes, you know what
these nouvelle cuisine types are like.

Yeah. Could we see the menu?

Certainly, sir.

What should we toast to? To love?

To not holding back. Cheers.

It's nice here.

-Yes, it's so intimate.

Thank you.

I'm starving all of a sudden.

How's the sea urchin shell?

-I'm sorry, go ahead.
-I just wanted to ask about the caviar.

It might be a little rich for me.

What's in the sea urchin shell, exactly?

It's not just the shell, right?

Subtitle translation by: Rebecca Schofield