Ma Chu Ka (2017) - full transcript

While investigating a story, a journalist crosses path with an advocate. The investigation leads her to a series of complicated situations, unraveling secrets that can pose a threat to her life.

Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain
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Caesar, how are you, dear?

Yes, Aunt, I just got here.

Yes, he was in the office.

-Are you in the house?
-Yes, Aunt.

I've just got here.

You can use Tessa's bedroom.

The other rooms haven't been cleaned.

Yes, Aswin.

Munnar. I'm at Uncle Koshi's house.

Why did you call me at this time?

When I called Siya, she told me
that you are alone there.

Can't you call and go there?

What happened?

Open your eyes.

Are you all right?

Slowly drink this water.

Drink more.

No, you rest. Just sit a while.

Hey, what happened?

Oh, it's bleeding.

No one is here, are they?

When I searched, I couldn't find anyone.

Hello. Is there a first aid box?

No. Wait a minute.

It will take a little more time.

Is it hurting?

It will be fine after a little while.

Where did SP go?

Why didn't you go?


Are you his younger daughter?

Don't you know your mother tongue?

That is...

I mean, you don't know your mother tongue.

I know, but I'm a Malayali.

You can speak Malayalam,
I know Malayalam very well.

Oh, don't you know English, sir?

Last week, I appointed an English teacher,
I will learn.

Sir, you are funny.

We have a beautiful language like Tamil.

Why use another language
like English?

British people left here 67 years ago.

So why do we appreciate
that language?

Some people only speak it.

Sir, may I know who you are?

Are you Kamala Hassan in an Indian movie?

I'm neither Rajani nor Kamal,
I'm an Indian, a Tamilian.

All right, Mr. Tamilian.
I've only spoken with you in Tamil.

You are speaking Tamil very nicely.

I have seen many Tamil movies.

I will repeat some dialogue from Talaivar.


Pigs only come in groups.

But Lions come alone.

I'm a lion."

Okay, what's your name?

I'm Nivedita Hariharan from Trivandrum.
I'm a journalist.

-Are you a news reporter?

Do you know a public prosecutor,

who works at the Chennai High Court?

I don't know.

He was successful in most of
the sensational cases.

No, sir, I don't know about him.

You should know about him
because you are journalist.

You should be aware of everything.

I just joined as a trainee reporter
after my internship.

That's why I don't have a vast
knowledge about everything.

-Oh, is that it?

But now I'm writing a special feature,

I came here to interview
Uncle SP for work.

What's the matter?

There are so many people who are
in jail without having committed a crime.

They need justice.
They have to be let out.

Their stories should be known
by the common people and the authorities.

So, I'm going to do a
feature about their stories.

People denied by justice.

Very good. If you do it seriously,
it'll become breaking news.

Yes, sir. That is my aim.

Can I see this?

Sir, who is this Avirazhakan?

Why did you ask me
if I knew about him?

You should know about him.
It's no problem, you don't know him.

But from now on, you should.


You will get lots of information
which will help your feature.

Is that true?
Can I get an appointment to see him?

Do you have his contact number?

You are Avirazhakan, aren't you?

Tell me, sir, are you Avirazhakan?

Yes, you are.

Is that correct? You are Avirazhakan.

Only you.

Sorry, sir. It is true that I didn't know
about you earlier.

But when we meet next time,
I will know everything about you.

I want to ask you something.

What is that?

Why did you climb
up the tree?

I climbed up to take a photo.

Why did you climb up to take a photo?

When I was in the courtyard,
I saw a nest up in the tree.

A small bird was crying in that nest.

I thought it would be nice
to get a close up.

I got a photo when I
climbed up the tree,

but my foot slipped, and I fell down.

Are you mad?

Oh, you've found that already.
Everyone is always telling me that.

I'm mad.

-I had a nickname in my college.
-What was it?

It was Crack.

Crack! It's a suitable name for you.

I don't have a problem
with that name.

My subject of interest
is adventurous work.

Others think it's mad. What will I do?

Can't do anything.

-What is that?
-Look here.

I did it taking this photo.

You took some risk
to take this photo.

But you captured it very nicely.


For life to be thrilling,
it needs someone to be crack.

This crack is my courage.

Each photo tells a story.

Not only behind this photo, sir.

In my life, there's a story
behind everything.

One minute, my phone is ringing.
I'll go now.

It was Papa's call.

I didn't call him when I got here.

Whose child is this?

-This child?

This boy is their child.

This is Stephen Alexander,
eldest son of SP.

This is his wife,
Sangeetha Stephen.


They did have
an inter-caste marriage for love.

I only know that much about them.

Is he not here?

No, they are staying abroad.

They are coming today.

Uncle went to the airport
to pick them up.

This child is very cute, isn't he?

Yes, he is very cute.

Hey, hello, what happened?


I had a close friend,
Kanakaraman, in Chennai,

whose child was just like this.

Very cute. Like a baby goddess.

She likes me very much.
I also...

It's not just me, everyone likes her.

God also likes her very much.

So he called her up faster.

What happened?

-She died.

That is a story.

A sad story.

Kanakaraman was working for an
IT company in Chennai.

A beautiful lady was there on their team.

She loved him very much.

They married within six months
and had two kids within three years.

They had five years of happy
and prosperous life.

At that time...

one of their friends joined the company
who had worked there before.

Kanakaraman's wife renewed
her relationship with the friend.

But he couldn't understand
anything in the beginning.

He thought that it was
common in the IT profession.

But he trusted her a lot.


But when he found out
she abused his trust...

he was totally broken.

Do you know what the
biggest pain in the world is?

Our dearest ones cheating on us.

When he was hurt
by his beloved wife...

Who can suffer that pain?

But Kanakaraman adjusted
to that also.

He was madly in love with her.

But she forgot her sweet kids
and lovable husband.

She gave up on them
and went with her new lover.

He became brokenhearted.

But Kanakaraman searched and found her.

He'd forgotten everything that happened.

and asked her to go with him.

He told her he couldn't live without her.

Our two kids were
searching for their mom.

He begged her to come with them.

But she wanted her lover.

The new lover and friends
beat him badly.

His mind and body were broken
in a similar manner.

The kids cried while searching
for their mom.

That moment...

he couldn't bear the great
pain he had suffered.

He poisoned his two kids...

and himself as well.

But he didn't die.

The two kids...

passed away.

When he found out about
the loss of his children, he went mad.

After that...

he was jailed for 12 years
for the murder of his two children.

For those dreadful 12 years,
his life was like death.

After 12 years, he was released from Jail.

He came back.

What mistake did he make?

He loved a lady and married her.
Is that a mistake?

Or his readiness to forgive,
was that a mistake?

I don't know.

It's not suitable for your feature.

When I saw the kid,
I remembered everything.

I was ashamed when I found out
he was Advocate Avirazhakan.

I don't know what he thought about me.

Nothing like that.

You never forget him
because you need him.

I think like that.

In the fight between two political
groups in Salem, offices were smashed.

Two were arrested for the alleged murder.

Siya, I mailed it.

Call me after checking it
if you have any corrections.

Okay, dear, I will call you.


Nivedita, Aswin is calling you.

Okay, cut that call, I'll call back.


Oh, I took the call by mistake.

Wait, I'll come.

-Hello, Neethu.

Yes, one minute, I'll give it to her.

Who are you? Who's speaking?

I'm her friend.

-Which friend?
-Come, come.

Speak, speak.

You told me you're alone there,
who is there?

That's Uncle's friend.

But he told me that he is your friend.

Is it tasty?


Call and talk.

No, I will call later.

Is he your boyfriend?


Do you fight with him?

Not that much, not seriously.
We're always like that.

Dear, speak with him.


Yes, Aswin.

Neethu, this is too much.
How many times have I called you?

Why don't you speak to me?
Are you that busy?

You always have an excuse for everything.

Please leave me alone.

I'm busy.

I'm going to hang up.

Is the fighting over?

No, it will get worse.

Sometimes some people are like that.

He is showing his affection
towards you.

It's not affection, it's madness.

If you don't want this love,
you can leave, right?

I can't.

He made me his life.

If so, don't you feel the same?

I also like him in my life.

I like him very much,
he knows that very well.

But, I don't know,
why does he behave without any trust?

Sir, you tell me hope is life.

Do you know one thing?

What is that?

The microorganisms in the soil...

Oh, an earthworm?

How to say it in English...

It is the only organism
that never cheats on its partner.

But all other things, including
husbands and wives, will cheat.

They will cheat not just once
but any time.

Family life is like a game,

a little carelessness leads it astray.

Sir, are you married?

I don't have any hope for that.


Did you love someone that left you?

Leave it at that.

Why did you say you don't have hope?

Mad... Move your leg.

I will move my leg
if you answer my question.

-Sir, may I ask one thing?
-What's that?

Who is the mad one between us?

If anyone did this,
they'd become a "Crack."

-Were you born like this?

Sir, why did you come
to meet Uncle SP?

How do you know him?

We worked at the same place
ten years ago.

He got a transfer here.
I went to Chennai.

After that, no contact.

He was very busy with his job.

It's been 10 years
since I last saw him.

So I didn't inform him of my arrival.

It's a surprise.

-Oh, is it?

So there's no need to tell Uncle about you
when he calls me, right?

No, don't tell him.

Maybe he can't remember.

Uncle can easily understand you.

He will say, "Hey, are you Arivu?"
We will hear something like that.

What time will he be here?

They've left there now.

He will be here tonight.

Then I'm going, okay?


I want to get a room in the city,

I'll meet him tomorrow morning
after I've freshened up.

I'm bored here.

I got some energy after you arrived.

It's okay, we'll meet tomorrow.

No, it's too late, I want to go by bus.

It's very hard to find a room.

I will drop you off.

No need, I'll go.

No problem for me.
I'll drop you off, sir.

No, dear, I will go.

Can I drop you at the bus stop?

No need.

You don't need to say anything,
I will drop you off, come on.

Okay, I will open the gate.

Wait, sir.

Why are you leaving now?


Uncle and the family
will be here tonight.

When Uncle sees you
he will be emotional.

He will tell you to stay here.

Oh, God.

He will be emotional when he sees me.
Then what will I do?

Then why are you going?

They will only get here tonight.

I will sit with you until tonight.

Why, sir?
Do I look that dreadful?

No, sir. If Aswin knew,
he would be doubtful...

then it would be a
problem for you both.

Don't worry about that.

We should be good
in our own mind.

Okay, as you wish.


One minute, okay?

Yes, Siya, are there any corrections?

It's not like that.

When he talks about an unwanted matter,
I think it will lead to a big fight.

I dropped his call because of that.

Problems will start afterwards.

Why is he coming here?

Only he knows that.

His problem is that someone else is here.

Advocate Avirazhakan.

Let's look at the local news in detail.

Poor people want to remove
the interest on their loans

and also close all of the farmers' loans.

Kalpakkam in Kanchipuram Village,
one man died from an electric shock.

Women can't stay in their homes,

because when they hear
the news about the murders

they suffer from anxiety.

Is replying also becoming fighting?

No, it's not like that.

A lie.

No, sir.

Listen here...

if you tell a lie sincerely,
then it's easy to believe.

Okay, sir, I will tell a lie
sincerely next time, okay?

Sir, can you play that
English movie?

Which movie is this?

Shutter Island.

One of my favorite
Leonardo DiCaprio movies.

DiCaprio is a mental patient
in this movie.

-Is he mental?

He seems to be normal

but he thinks that he is another person.

It's like the condition,
"split personality disorder."

Sometimes, he behaved like another
person without knowing himself.

Slowly, he changed into another person.

Some patients committed murder
in real life too.

Don't make fun. Don't scare me.

What is it, sir, you're a man, right?

Who are you?

There is no difference between
men and women when it comes to craziness.

When I saw you, I thought
that you weren't normal.

Tell me the truth. You don't become
violent, do you?

Are you journalist Nivedita
or another person?

I wasn't like that up until now
but I'm not sure about the future.

New decorations have been imported
from America for Christmas.

So many in such a short amount of time.

New decorations are being put up
in New York City.

Sir, can you help me?

What's that?

We can make it a colorful
surprise for SP.

It's a nice idea, right?

To do what?

Switch off the TV and follow me.

I told you. Now, come.

Oh, that's why you won't let me go.

Not just this, lots of things.


You go and buy those things.

Okay, I'll be back soon.

For what?

For everything.

I didn't think in my wildest dreams
that today would be this beautiful.

You've become my good friend.

Beyond that, you support
all my craziness

and you did all this for me.

Really, I wondered.

Sometimes, it will be like that.

We will wonder when our
thoughts become true.

No one can predict what will
happen in the next moment.

Sir, give me your cell phone number.

For what?

Just give it, sir.

Tell me, sir.

When I call you, you come inside.
Till that time you stay right here, okay?

Is she switching off all the lights?

How is this?

Very beautiful.

What is this?

My father sent it for Uncle.

You are the luckiest person to drink this
on this auspicious day.

This is for this beautiful day

and, beyond that, your careful
affection towards me.

It is for you.

Thank you for you
and your craziness.



I've never seen a girl like you
in my 40 years of life.

Why, sir? Am I that bad?

Hey, don't be funny, I'm being serious.

Okay, you can tell me.

In my view, you are a small goddess.

You are an ever-happy small goddess

who forgot all her pains and fears.

Everyone who talks to you
for a while likes you.


Why did you say that you
did not know about Avirazhakan

and now you are saying you know about him?

You should know.

It's on a need-to-know basis.

Then you can tell me, sir.

Do you know which painting this is?

I know.

The Last Supper by da Vinci.

Da Vinci portrayed it beautifully.

Jesus as the symbol of sacrifice
and Judas as injustice.

One day, he met the devotional singer
of a church.

His face was innocent, like God.

He brought him home
and made him his companion.

Over the next three years,
he met more people.

But he couldn't find the
suitable face for Judas.

He waited for a long time.

One day he met a drunkard in the road.

His face revealed anger,
craziness and corruption.

He drew the picture of Judas
with his face.

When that drunkard gained
consciousness, he started to cry.

Da Vinci asked him,
"Why are you crying?"

He said he could see
Jesus in this picture.

And he started to cry.

Then, da Vinci asked him
where and when he saw it.

He said that he used to be
a church singer.

He said "Before, you brought me
and drew the face of Jesus.

That time, I was Jesus.

Now, I've changed into Judas."
And he started to cry.

It's not our decision, what truth is.

A human being contains both Jesus
and Judas.

Only his lifestyle changed him.

The world doesn't know about
Avirazhakan's real face.

Everyone knows his fake face.

That Avirazhakan is a bad man.

Are you a fraud?

I don't believe it.

Okay, I will tell you one more story.

Again? Tell it fast, sir.

This happened 10 years ago.

It's like a story...

It would be better if you added it
to your feature.

Can I record this?

Of course.

Okay, I will be back in five minutes.

What happened?

Clip this on to your shirt.


Okay, sir. Relax and start telling it
to the camera.

This is a real story.

It happened in a small village.

Maize and sugar cane is
the main business in this village.

There was a strong love affair
in that sugar cane field.

This is the love story of
Thenmozhi and Kathirasan.

The hero and heroine
of this story.

They had a lot of religious
fights similar to other villages.

Thenmozhi belonged to
an upper-class family.

Kathirasan belonged to a
poor lower-class family.

When the village found out
about the relationship,

it became a big problem.

Both of them left their village.

After that incident, the high-class people
tortured the lower-class people.

In this incident, 23 people were killed,
including all of Kathirasan's relatives.

When Kathirasan heard about this,
she became violent.

All the times she found
caring in her father,

love in her mother
and naughtiness in her sister...

All these she now found in Thenmozhi.

Thenmozhi is the world's...

No, Thenmozhi became his world.

Sometimes God is like heavy rain.

That also happened here.

That changed his life.

Kathirasan couldn't become a father.

Doctors told him that.

Kathirasan's life became horrible.

It really insulted him.

At that time, Kathirasan found out that
Thenmozhi was meeting with her father.

That incident led to
regular fights between them.

That time, he knew what the matter was.

Thenmozhi was pregnant.

Kathirasan was filled with happiness,
but he thought about the words of...

three doctors that said
he couldn't have a baby.

How did Thenmozhi get pregnant?

"This is not my child," he thought.
"Thenmozhi cheated on me."

Oh, my god.

Things changed.

On one hand, he was madly
in love with Thenmozhi

but on the other hand,
he wanted to kill her.

He became depressed.

After three, four months...

one day...

Thenmozhi died.


He strangled her because
she was cheating

and told the police
she hanged herself.

The court sent him to jail.

Bloody killer, don't let him go free,
he should be hanged.


Thenmozhi was not
killed by Kathirasan.

Then who?

She committed suicide.

Because of Thenmozhi's father's anger
towards Kathirasan,

he gave the police money
and changed it to a murder case.

At that time, this case was handled
by DYSP Alexander Koshi.

Advocate Avirazhakan appeared
for Kathirasan.

The one who showed his client
to Thenmozhi's father for money.

That cruel Judas' name
was Avirazhakan.

Why did you do it like that?

I don't know.

I didn't know how it happened till now.

Remove that.

Will you have any problems if it gets out?

Why should we be scared
about telling the truth?

Pity. Kathirasan...
Which jail does he belong to?

Kanakaraman and Kathirasan are
in Madhura Central Jail.

They will be released soon.

I want to tell SP about it.
That is the purpose of my visit.

Sir, are you scared of him?

Do you know which emotion
a man can't suppress?

I know. It's his appetite.


We can control our appetite,
but we can't control revenge.

Are you scared Kathirasan
will kill you and Uncle SP?

If he decided to kill us,
no one could stop him.

He will kill.

-Be careful!

Thenmozhi was killed.

Kathirasan killed Thenmozhi.

Thenmozhi was killed.

For the couples who have come
for their honeymoon,

it will be difficult to celebrate
due to the new judgement passed.

Why did Thenmozhi
commit suicide?

Because she felt guilty.

Because she cheated
on her husband.

I can't believe that.

Kanakaraman's wife
cheated on him,

but Thenmozhi didn't cheat on him.

If Thenmozhi was that kind of girl,

she would've gone with her father
when he called her.

She knew that a life with Kathirasan
would be very difficult.

But she was madly in love
with Kathirasan.

That kind of girl would never
cheat on Kathirasan.

So, the doctors told a lie, did they?

Their reports were fake, right?

Doctors may be like that.

But God's decision is final.

If God decides, anything can happen.

Okay, anything can happen.

Will she get pregnant
without his contact?

She is not Kunti Devi or Kanya Mariyame.
She can't have a divine pregnancy.

Thenmozhi was a normal woman.

All men are like that,
doubtful about birth.

Okay, okay.

You are the only one
without a doubt.

You should know one thing.

No matter what a man is -
a fraud, a thief, a drunkard

or even a killer -
his love will be sincere.

His love and affection
towards his lover,

you called it possessiveness or doubt.

All men think like that. They don't know
how to understand and respect a woman.

They always think that
their wife should be their slave.

You also think that.

I'm not like that.

Because I'm your friend, right?

If I was your lover or wife,
you would think like that.

Then you'd be angry and doubtful.

If so, even for a moment,
can't you go without scolding me?

Why can't...

I can.

You should be like that. If you can
give respect, you can take respect.

Okay, if I give it, I will get it back.

But you can't do that.

That's why you are still unmarried.

Do one thing.

Listen! If you became my wife,

then you would know how to give respect
and earn respect.

Simply saying blah, blah...

If you do this, you are thought
to be married.

If I keep it in my palm, will it burn?

When she wakes up,
you can throw it.

-Enough, my girl. Don't blow now.
-Don't hurry, let the women leave.

Okay, we will do it like that.


We will be married together.

Uncle and Aunty will be delayed.

'Till that time, you are Kathirasan
and I'm Thenmozhi,

acting as husband and wife.

But don't touch.

If you speak or scold me
before that, you will fail

and Kathirasan is the killer.

However, if I speak or scold you,
Thenmozhi's side is wrong.

Okay, let's play.

Didn't you take your medicine
last night?

No, can you do it or not?

I can't. You don't know what
you're saying and doing...

You are mad.

Yes, I'm mad.
But I'm courageous.

You're intelligent, but a coward.

That's why you are talking like that.

Yes, yes.
You are like Jhansi Rani.

Go, dear. Go and do your job.

How did she become a journalist?
Is it a lie or not?

-What happened?
-It fell over.

Leave it there, I will take it.

Move your hand.

-Bring a piece of paper.

You look very beautiful, lady.

I will come back after
throwing this away.



I just called for you.

I wanted to know if you would react
or not if I called you that.

Uncle called me before.

His flight is delayed for two hours.

He told me he'd get here around 11:30.

Then where is that advocate?

Did he go?

He will go after meeting with Uncle.

If we can give respect and importance
to the small deeds of others...

we should be kind-hearted.

He has that.

Let him come.
Whatever he wants to do, he can do.

It's me, leave me alone. It's hurting.

Oh, my God, it was just for fun,
why did you do that?

My God...

I came here to ask for help,

but you seemed to have found
someone outside,

so I thought I'd frighten you.

What do you need help with?

If you like chapati with dinner,
can you cut some onions?

Is that the help?

When you cut onions,
your eyes burn. That's why.

-What is that for?

Why did you put
onion behind your ear?

Oh, that. Come here.

Come here.

-This is what it's for?
-Nothing will happen.

Why keep it here?

Come and cut this.

-No, I can't.

It will burn my eyes.

Come, nothing will happen.

-If I touch it, it'll be a problem for me.
-Cut it. Wow.

What? My eyes are not burning.

That is it.


It's like that.

Because we kept some behind our ears.

My mom's always saying--


"Tasty food is the only easy way to
a man's heart."

Mom cooks well.

Papa eats very well.

Because of that, there are
no arguments between them.

But I'm not like that.

If anybody gave me tasty food,
I would eat well.

What happened?


You said your eyes weren't burning.
Now they're reddish.

No, something's in my eyes.

What is that?

Show them to me. Let me look.

-Show them to me.

-It's no problem.
-Show me.

It's gone.


Chapatis are ready,
come and have some.

How is it?

It’s very tasty.

Time is not the main thing.

If I'm in a good mood,
everything is tasty.

How come?

When we prepare food for anyone...

our love towards them,

that love increases the
taste of the food.

In this world, a mother's
love is most precious,

so a mother's food is the tastiest.


-Is it?
-Yes, sir.

Then how did this chapati
become so tasty?

It contains Thenmozhi's
affection towards Kathirasan,

so it is very tasty.

What happened?

The dog has been barking
for a long time.


Are you afraid Kathirasan
will come here?

Thenmozhi had one secret lover.

I thought he came here.

Caesar is an animal.

He can survive revenge
but not hunger.

You have it. I will feed him
and come back.

Why are you barking?

You should be quiet
and sleep after eating this.

I told you he was hungry.
That's why he was barking.

Now, look,
no barking because he's not hungry.

You came in my evening dream
By removing foldings

You came slowly in my mind

You came in my evening dream
By removing foldings

You came slowly in my mind

Through mystical white glass doors

Through mystical white glass doors

Blinking your eyes like candle light

You came in front of me like

Your sweet sound is like
The murmuring of birds

Light, sweet voice showering in the ear

The breeze of memory patting me

The love gliding in the air

Fly into my heart
Oh, my sweet Jasmine

Can you hug me slowly?

You came in my evening dream
By removing foldings

You came slowly in my mind

Beneath your smiling rain

My dreams become wet

My pains are melting
In your naughtiness

Oh, honey, again, embrace my memories

Oh, honey, again, embrace my memories

Looking into your eyes

I'm measuring the depth of this relation

Why am I searching in this moment?

The breeze of memory patting me

The love gliding in the air

Fly into my heart
Oh, my sweet Jasmine

Can you hug me slowly?

You came in my evening dream
By removing foldings

You came slowly in my mind

You came in my evening dream
By removing foldings

You came slowly in my mind

Beneath your smiling rain

My dreams become wet

My pains are melting
In your naughtiness

Oh, honey, again, embrace my memories

Oh, honey, again, embrace my memories

Looking into your eyes

Why am I measuring
The depth of this relation?

The breeze of memory patting me

The love gliding in the air

Fly into my heart

Oh, my sweet Jasmine

Can you hug me slowly?

Actually, I love you calling.

I sent a message in WhatsApp,
did you get it?

No, my cell phone is switched off
because I have low battery.

I'm calling from Giri's phone.

What happened? Are you sleepy?


Yes, finished.

Then call him.


Your eyes are red again.

They're not okay?

Tell him to come here.
Tell him in front of me.


Your secret lover in the room,

tell him to come here.

Oh, him. He's asleep
because he is too tired.

I can't call him now.

He is overreacting.

Don't try to cheat me.

He had been working at Chennai High Court
for the past eight years.

Famous public prosecutor
Avirazhakan has been killed.

He had been working at Chennai High Court
for the past eight years.

People have tried to kill him
two or three times before.

Police found his body two hours ago.

But they said he was killed 24 hours ago.

Police don't have any evidence
on the killer or the way he was killed.

News headlines again--

Is he that Avirazhakan?

Whenever you tell a lie,
tell it sincerely.

Judas Avirazhakan.


Thenmozhi had a secret lover.

He came here.


call him, fast, call him!

Call him! Hurry, ask him to come now.
Are you trying to fool me? Call him now!

Bring him to me!

Did you cheat on me?

Please, I don't know.

I don't know about the person
you are talking about.

-No one is here.

Don't cry, Thenmozhi. Don't cry, please.

I can't suffer your sorrow. Please!

Are you acting?

Is it drama?

I will not leave you.

Don't make a noise!

You said the dog was barking
because of hunger.

Now, what happened? You tell me.

Why is it barking now?

He is there.

Tell him to come here.

Tell him to come quickly.
Tell him to come!

Come! Come! Ask him to come!

Where did you hide him?


I will come back.

I will come back after I've killed him.

-Dear, what happened to your cell phone?
-Papa, help me.

Please, leave me alone.

From the depth of my heart

What came and made me smitten?
Tamil, elixir or the poet?

What happened, dear?

Who are you looking for?

I'm the only one here.

Come, come, drink this.

Dear, drink it.

If you drink this, everything will be
all right.

Drink this.

Drink it.

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?

It is ginger coffee,
the best thing for body pains.

Drink this.

Drink it.

You'll be all right.

You are my baby.

Nothing happened to you.

Drink it.

Slowly drink it,
the fever will come down.

Give it to me.

You can sleep here.

Slowly lie down.

You are Mom's cute baby.

Close your eyes and sleep well.

No problem, dear.

I will come back.

Wake up, listen.

Listen, it is the sound of our child!

It is our child. Listen, listen.

I can hear our baby.

It's our baby.

Yes, this baby is ours.

Our baby?

Yes, this baby is ours.

Our baby?

Wow, I became a father!
I'm going to be a father!

If you give birth to a baby,
I become a father.

How can I be a father?

The doctors told me something different.

No, it's not like that.

Not me.

I can't become a father.

I can't be...

Did you cheat on me?

Oh, God, why did you make me like this?

Don't make a noise!

Please, stop!

I will kill you!

My head is hurting because of the sound!

You cheated, right?

You cheated on me?

No, Kathir, I didn't cheat on you.

This baby is yours.

Our baby?

I'm not Thenmozhi.

I'm not Thenmozhi.

I'm not Thenmozhi.

Be quiet.

Please, don't kill me.

Don't cry, it will kill me.

Do you think I'm a fool?

Doctors said I can't have a child.

If it's not mine, then whose baby is it?

Whose baby is it?

Whose is it?



Please, don't kill me!

Yes, I will not kill you.

Don't cry.

Don't be scared, you are my beloved.

How could I kill you?
I will not kill you.

I will not kill you.

Kathirasan is in Madhura Central Jail
with Kanakaraman.

Do you know what the biggest pain
in the world is?

Our dearest ones cheating on us.

Who can suffer that pain?

He made her his life.

But Kanakaraman adjusted
to that also.

He was madly in love with her.

She gave up on them
and went with her new lover.

She forgot her sweet kids
and lovable husband.

But Kanakaraman
searched and found her...

and asked her to go with him.

He told her he couldn't live without her.

"Our two kids are
searching for their mom."

He begged her to come with them.

But she wanted her lover.

The new lover and friends
beat him badly.

His mind and body were broken
in a similar manner.

The kids cried
while searching for their mom.

In that moment,

he couldn't bear the great
pain he had suffered.

He poisoned his two kids...
and himself as well.

But he didn't die.

The two kids... passed away.

When he found out about
the loss of his kids, he went mad.

Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain
Synced on movie runtime of 01:43:17 hrs.