Ma 6-T va crack-er (1997) - full transcript

Young people and their chances of creating a loving life.


Beat it!

Stop it!

Cut it out!

Kill him!

Break it up, godammit!

The principal wants to see: Descat,


- Ziad.
- They're not here.

- Hurry up.
- Pink slips?

Yeah, pink slips.

Should I carry you?

Let's go.

Listen how he talks!

He's scuzz.
Who the fuck cares?

- Why are you here?
- Beat it.

Let us talk to them.

Butt out...

So what happened?

They wanted us to rat
and we wouldn't.

Did you talk?

- No way.
- Did you, yes or no?

You think I'd rat?

Move your asses!

Shut your face!

Get a move on!

Come on...

- Don't let us down.
- Pain in the ass!

Come here.

You know what happened
during break.


Malik, don't start.

You there...
you know what happened.

- Not at all.
- Of course not.

- Malik neither.
- No.

Of course not.

We're nice kids,
we never get into trouble...

Three good little boys.

The thing is, people saw you there.

So what's new?

I see you every day.

I'm fed up with your crap.

Really fed up.
Really, really fed up!

Maybe you can tell us
why we're here.

I'll tell you all right!

Scott gets his face smashed in.
He's covered in blood.

People see you there
and you're clueless!

People see us, so it's us?

People see you, so it's you.
That's right.

People see you, so it's you.

No way. We weren't there.

Where were you?

We started at 10:30.

Where were you before?

On the way to school.

On the way to school,
merrily singing along.

Three good little boys.

- Right.
- Of course.

Stop laughing like an idiot.
I'm sick of your crap.

- You're yelling at us.
- Shut up! That's enough!

I suspended you once.
What do I have to do?

- Okay, okay...
- Shut up!

Stop laughing like an idiot!
Scott's in the hospital!

It wasn't us.

Shut up.
I don't want to hear it.

His parents called the police.

Sure, it wasn't you.

The police will be investigating.

Tell them it wasn't you.

We're clean.

Sure you are.

- We'll tell them.
- Call them yourself.

Shut up!

You're such wise asses.

Anyway, your names were given.
They have your names,

so they'll be questioning you.

You're all part of this now.

And you're all free to go.
Thank you.

Don't mention it.

We can go?

So long.

I really have to fuck Iman.

Do you? You've never seen her.

She's a queen bitch.

You've never seen her.

But I believe you.

I won't pass her around.
She's mine.

Djeff, what are you saying?

Do you want me to fuck Valerie?

- It's not the same thing.
- Why not?

Because Valerie's different.
She's cool.

Valerie wants me, but I lay off her.

That's bullshit.

I lay off her for your sake.
Forget Iman.

Lay off her for my sake,

but I'm laying her...


- So it's a deal.
- What?

There's no deal. Lay off Iman.

- Stop it, Djeff.
- Lay off her.

- You're in love.
- I am not.

You're not marrying her.
So then what's the problem?

What's marriage got to do with it?

She's a bitch.

- Everyone fucks her.
- Who? Give me a name.

- I won't name names.
- One name.


- You fucked her?
- I'm going to.

Stop smoking that shit.

Don't do that!

You hate that, don't you?

Smoking isn't cool.

Happy now?

I'm happy.

- That pisses you off...
- Keep smoking...

Pass it to them.

You know who we'll fuck?

Amouda's girl!

- Share her, Amouda!
- You never share yours.

We do. You always jump their bones!

Like who?

That fat one.


No... the fatso
we saw on the scooter.

And I brought you that Chinagirl.

She had no nose.

So? You share yours
and I don't share mine.

- We want your girl!
- Pass her around!

- Take her.
- The one with the scooter.


a black 320.

It's for you, Jean-Marie.

He looks like Daffy Duck.

Did we buy from you the last time?

Don't laugh.
I want my money back.

What's your problem?

I want my money now!

I don't have any money.

You don't want to give me my money?
I want it now.

Take it, motherfucker.

I'm a motherfucker?

Get the fuck out of there!

What do we do?

We get out of here.
We eat. We do anything.

I'm tired. I want to crash.

Then we all go home.

We'll all go home.

We never go to your place, JM.
Your dad bought food.

He shopped for the weekend.
Can we come?

- Party time?
- Why not?

I'm going home.

You do this lace
and you do the other.

And you can suck me off after.

It's getting hot.

- Let's go buy food at Esso.
- Too far.

It's 2 miles.

Crossing the parking lot
is too far for you.

Hanging around outside?
Get up! Papers!

- Get up!
- We heard you!

Chill out, I have my papers.

You better.

I'm getting them. Just relax.

This is police harassment.

Always the same loiterers.

- Papers!
- Shut up!

This one's a comedian.

Search them.

- He invited you out.
- Any time.

He's clean.

He's got a gun!

Where did you get the gun?

I'm clean. You didn't find anything.

You found nothing on me.

Hervé, keep these two here.

You better calm down.

What were you planning?

Where did you get the gun?

Talk! We're all ears!

- Let me go!
- You're in no position to argue.

You'll spend the night in jail.
The month.

It won't be a picnic.

For the time being,
we're pretty calm.

- So calm down and tell us.
- Calm down!

Where did you get it?


You just found it in your pocket?

Did Santa give it to you?

Answer! Are you calm now?

Listen to me.

You see these projects?
They're not yours anymore.

- You owe us. I'm keeping the gun.
- I owe you jackshit!

I keep the gun or you rot in jail.
So shut your mouth!

From now on, when you see us,
change sidewalks.

Make yourselves scarce.
You and your friends are finished.

Stop acting like wise guys.

Answer or I'll throw you in jail.

A night in jail, a week in jail.
We'll be on your back non-stop.

So answer me... is that clear?

Is it clear?

- Answer!
- Fuck, yeah!

Don't say "fuck".
Watch your mouth!

What was that?

Let go of him.

See your face?
I have it down cold now.

You're finished here.
Take a look.

I have your name and address
down pat. All the time.

When you see us,
you change sidewalks.

Stop being wise asses.
Now beat it.


Give these to your friends.

You hear me?

See you around.

Beat it.

Hervé, you can let them go now.

- What is it?
- I don't get it.

We'll find him again.
We're not finished with him.

He owes us.
It shoots lead pellets.

You okay, JM?

I'll go change.
Arco's in the kitchen.


What's up?

- How are things? Cool?
- Yeah...

What happened last night?

Nothing... some shit outside.


The usual. They searched me.
I had the gun.

They took it and let me go.

They took the gun and let you go?
How come?

They let me go.

They kept it for themselves.

You didn't sign anything

saying it was confiscated?

They kept it for themselves?

Like cowboys...

I got off easy.

That's good, but...

You were lucky.

What else?

Same as usual...

Same old shit?

You know the story...

I'm just hangin'...

What are you doing today?
You're staying in?

I have some stuff to do...

but you never know.

Later, Arco...

See you around.

Everyone fucking knows.

The kids know everything
before everyone.


- Up!
- I'm meeting a friend.

You look like a bag lady. Upstairs!

Go up.

JM! Did the cops really bust you?

Get upstairs!

- Even she knows.
- Sure...

She knows everything.
All the gossip.

- Let's go to the center.
- Buy me a sandwich.

Me, buy you one?

Are you crazy? With what?
Is it your birthday?

The concert is soon.

Can you get us in for free?

I'll be rapping
but I'm not sure I can get you in.

Security's going to be tough.

I know we get tickets, but...

I can't promise anything.

We'll be rapping.
So will "2 Bal 2 Neg".

I can't get everyone in,
but I get some tickets.

I'm definitely not paying.

I can't tell you now.
We'll see when the time comes.

But you and JM can come.
No problem...

What did you want to tell me?

You're dying to know.

- Sure I am. Go on, say it.
- You know Martha?

Yeah, sure.
You mean that black girl?

I saw her at a party...
last Saturday.

- She's not bad.
- She's great-looking.

I know her. Remember the black girl
I was seeing?

They're friends.

You have to hook me up with her.

You have to.

All the guys were hitting on her...

She's not street.

They were all staring at her.
She didn't look at one of them.

I don't know if it was me,
but when I passed by, she smiled.

I think it may work.

You think so? She's not looking
for a stud. Here comes Hayet.

Let's rag on her.

- You okay?
- Fine.

- Give me a kiss.
- Lay off me!

That's the way I am.

I don't give a flying fuck!

Lame expression!

- Where are you going?
- We were talking about you!

I'm on my way to class.

You go to class?

Come with us...

Fuck off. You're crazy...

We were talking about you.

Good or bad?

- Us three... It'll work!
- I don't give a flying fuck!

No way.

- Why?
- No way...

Skip school. I'll write a note.

A note? I have parents!

Where did you get your jacket?

My father.

He buys you stuff like that?

- Let's see...
- Get lost!

What's wrong with looking?

Go see your girl.

We don't got one.
We think about you.

- We gave up them for you.
- Cut the shit.

Just skip school.

- You know how mine is.
- Get lost...

It's obvious, Hayet's badass.


Let's not stand here.

We'll walk you to school.

You can show yourself off with us.

It's the cops!

Good morning...

Him and him.

I didn't do anything!

What do you want him for?
What did he do?

Butt out
and everything will be fine.

You should be ashamed,
arresting students at school!

Why should I talk? Suck me!

Who the fuck are you?

If I feel like talking, I talk.

Calm down, please.

Calm down.

If you ask me, the cops
shouldn't come into the projects.

- Like yesterday.
- They charged in like cowboys.

It happens way too often.

What do we have? Jackshit.
And they come storming in...

When you feel left out,
you need something stable.

Stability has to start here.

They can't turn the projects
into an occupied territory.

What's this imbroglio or whatever?

They'll blame the depression.

Sure it's depressing.
They make it depressing.

What do you care? Ignore them.

I do, but...

- It's the fact that they come.
- Exactly! It's them.

They come without anyone asking.

- I hear you.
- They send in their troops!

There they are. Are you okay?

We got worried about you last night.
How did it go?

It went okay.
They didn't take me in.

- The cops busted him.
- Did they?

They took the gun and let me go.
They started freaking.

Look how they just barge in.

It's not right.
In front of our families. That's bad.

They act like they're at home.

They come and walk around
like they own the place.

Yeah, it's not the first time.

What are we doing?

We're going to the center.

Stop by if you need anything.

You decided on your teams, right?

No body contact.
It's not football, it's basketball.

Is this basketball?

Yeah, it sure is.

Okay, start!

He gets a free throw.
I don't want any of that stuff.

Keep your distance.

Let go!

What is it?

You call me a motherfucker?

Enough! Cut it out!

What's going on?

Get off me!

Calm down!

What's going on?

Let go!
You want me to hit you too?

Calm down. It's me. Look at me.

- Let go!
- Come here...

- I'm not coming.
- It's me.

It's me... Look at me.
What's going on?

Are you freaking out?

What do you want?

Hold on...
You're really strong inside.

Really smart.
There's no reason to freak!

- I'm not freaking.
- Not now.

- I'm going back.
- No, listen to me.

- It's okay.
- Your grades are excellent.

Everything's cool. What happened?

Nothing happened!

Why are you fighting?
You're a smart kid!

Okay, I get it.

- I'm going back.
- Promise that you're calm.

- I'm calm!
- Take my number and call me.

You want to go out on a date?

We have to talk.
We'll go play, but keep cool.

I am cool.

- I'm cool.
- You promise?

- Give me five.
- Five what? Forget it!

You can play but keep cool.

We're going to play nice and calm.

Forget what just happened.

Start playing again.

Calm down!


I'll lose my temper!

Let go of me!

Hey, Malik!

What's up?

You got the cassette?

I'll give it to him
and you two work it out.

No, first to me.
You saw it already.

You want it too?

I don't want it. Keep it.

- I want it.
- You two work it out.

Marek! Come here for a sec.

What is it?

What about the cassette?

- Hands off!
- How about the cassette?

- What cassette?
- The one you gave to Mourad.

Mourad's stopping by later on...

I'll try getting it from him.

I'll get it for you.

- Are you sure?
- Positive.

You got a rug to sell?

Buying a rug... It kills me!

Help me with my math.

I can't now.

Just for a minute.

I can't... Later, not now.


Pain in the ass.

Who's the big man at your school?

My teacher.

You're not the big man? Why not?

He's crazy.

Let Adbil call him. Go on...

No, call him... like this. Whistle.

He doesn't know how.
He's taking forever.

I do too know how.

Go on. If you call him, he'll come.

Here he comes.

Are you still here? What's going on?

He should go home. He has school.

You're crazy. Go home...

Let's go.

- What are you doing tomorrow?
- Nothing.

What do you mean, nothing?

I feel like doing nothing
so I'll be doing nothing.

You're pathetic.

Is that all?

What else can I say?
Stop busting my balls. I have problems.

What problems?

Let them go. Come on...

If they were real bullets,
you'd have killed him!

Take his cap.

Look at that bull terrier.
He's fucking mean.

It's a fighting dog.

He's killing all the other dogs
in the projects.

It looks like a pig.

Even pit bulls. He gobbles them up.

The last time I saw him fight,
it blew me away...

It's like it smokes pot.

Tomorrow there's a concert...

Don't piss him off.

Stop it.



How are you doing?

You avoid me
when I'm with friends.

I was busy reading.

You read while you're walking?

- How do you read?
- I don't read.

I do, but at home.

No, that was a nice Freudian slip.

You just get out of work?

You going out later?

Maybe. It depends.
I need to rest first. Some people work.

Others don't. Like you,
they sit on a bench all day.

I'm looking for work.
That's all I do.

- Thanks for the door.
- What?

- Forget it.
- I should've opened it?

- It was already open.
- So?

You know what?
I need to talk to you.

I can't talk to you when you're
with that girlfriend of yours.

We used to go out together...

When we were little kids.

- How many times, twice?
- Yeah, we were kids.

I'd like to go out
now that we're grown-ups.

Why are you staring?

Wait, what are you talking about?

- I'm being up front with you.
- That's not the point.

I feel the same way for you.
You used to carry my bag to school.

I'd still like you to carry my bag.

You carried my bag.
You even gave me gum.

That's right.
So can we go out or not?

Are you out of your mind?

I come back from work.
I'm exhausted...

You pop out of nowhere...

I often see with that girl.
I don't even like her.

You think I like your friends?

Okay, can we or can't we?
You got a guy?

What's it to you if I have a guy?

We date now or you dump him
and we start tomorrow.

That's not the point.
What do you do for a living?

- I'm looking for work.
- Sitting on a bench?

There are 5 million people
out of work.

No jobs for me.
With your looks it's easy.

You're a bombshell.
You find work easily.

We were at school together.
We both learned to read and write.

Why do I work and not you?

It's easier for a girl like you
than a guy like me.

They ask me to take off my cap.
I hate that.

It's normal.
It depends on the work you do.

Wake up. There are no jobs.
If I find a job, can we go out?

I'll find a job tomorrow.

You're half-way there,
but there's still the other half to go.

Think of yourself
before thinking of others.

Can we or can't we?

Can we what?

And I know you like me.

- Give me a break.
- What if I kiss you?

What if I kiss you?

Come here... Come on, it's me.

I'll call you.

See you later...

Keep on like that.
Don't be like the others.

Set an example.
I'm counting on you.

You have to show the others.

No reason
we can't do well in school.

What are you saying?

Prove to yourself
that you can do something.

Get out of the projects,
get a good job,

make good money. You got nothing
to prove to those fuckers.

- What are you doing now?
- Looking for work.

He has to support his family.

He's a drop-out.
School wasn't his thing.

I changed my ways...
You know what I mean.

Now it's time to find a job.

Can't keep saying
"I'm looking, I'm looking..."

I looked, man. I looked.

I looked and now I'm stopping.

You think you'll just get rich?
You can't kid yourself.

The projects are for losers.

You have to pull yourself up.
You have to show your worth.

Don't lie to yourself.

You're right.


The guy who shot at the kids!

We have to kill him real good
this time. Come on...

What's this ruckus all about?

Fuck off.

Get lost!

Let's go, he'll call the cops.

Let's go.
There's nothing left to do.

Seriously, guys...

what are we doing here?

At a bus stop like deadbeats,
like three pieces of shit.

Why the hell are we here?
Look what time it is.

We're kids...
We walk around, hang around...

Nothing to do, nothing to say.
Isn't it pathetic?

Too many problems.
We don't even know what we're doing.

We know where we want to go,
but we'll never make it.

Doesn't that suck?

You know where to go?
I don't know where I'm going.


You have goals.

You know the things you have to do.
Do this and that.

They do what they want with us.

We're just objects
for this two-bit society.

Three-penny society.

Think and say what you want,
but you can't change anything.

Unless there's a miracle
and you get what you wanted.

It's far away. It's close to you.
In your daily grind.

You fight, think about it,
see the same guys.

But that's all.
You know what I mean?

Even if you're friends
with some of them.

Everything keeps changing,
you know what I mean?

You can't fight it.

You're an object, a pawn.
They do what they want with you.

They blabber on and on
about 5 million people unemployed.

3 million of them
work off the books.

That makes 8, 9, 10 million.
They say whatever they want.

You're a good student, you graduate
and you're out of work.

On the street, empty-handed.

You end up like us. In a bus stop.

At least we're already here.

We're here without even being here,
so imagine...

Too many false hopes...

We think about it, we talk it over
but we don't know why.

If only we knew why...
I don't know.

Fuck you...

- Do we stay?
- We don't move.

They really look like pigs.

Fuck their mothers.
What are they doing here?

We just sitting here talking...
Fuck, man...

When people take to the streets
and wreck things, like in a riot,

two busloads of riot police
and it's over.

The police? The state...

Same thing.
They send the cops and it's over.

They're afraid
all the workers will strike.

They lose money. They get fucked.

And there are tons of them.
Tons of workers.

Whatever we do,
the state arrests us right away.

But if the workers do something,
like strike, the state loses money.

They have to negotiate
because the workers are the economy.

Revolution can only happen
with the workers.

There's no negotiation or anything.

Whether you're a worker or not,
it's all in your head.

The first revolution
is in your head.

I don't buy that...
You're full of shit.


It's the revolutionaries!

What did he write?

"Fuck the pigs!"

He wants to know what we wrote.

Finish it.

The cops!

Hide your ass!

- Come here, Malik.
- What for?

Check it out.
We'll take that garbage can

and drop it from the bridge.

What do we do?

- I don't know.
- Let's go to Leclerc.

What's there to do at Leclerc?

I don't know.

Does he bite?

No, he's nice. He's still a puppy.

What are you doing?

- Just hanging.
- We're going to bum around.

You don't mind sitting in the cold?

We're going...

Take our places.

Let's go in and do it.

We have to.
We need some money.

We'll take scotch.
It's worth the most.

I'll stay with Arco.

Steal it all!

Your mother!

So, pussy?

Arco, let's not go after each other
like usual.

Don't do anything stupid.

What's your friend doing?

Don't make a scene. Go outside.
Keep cool. I'm coming.

You too... outside.

What's going on?

We got nabbed. We're too slow.

We caught you.
You took four bottles.

Me and my colleague want two.

Come on, Nordine. Not two.

You're changing the rules.

One bottle, Nordine. Just one.

One bottle? Okay, no problem.

Even one's a lot.
You were a kid too.

I'll take them all
and tell your brothers.

Cut the shit, Nordine.

Be cool. Give me my bottle.

You get all four
and I'm the one who has to work.

Don't tell our brothers.
We'll give you a bottle.

But stop blackmailing us.

I'm not blackmailing.
One bottle isn't much. You have four.

- Take it...
- No, not here.

- Take it.
- No, later at home.

Now stop breaking my balls.

- You want my boss to see?
- You wanted a bottle.

Give it to me tonight
and it'll be over with.

You can all go now.

First you want one,
then you don't!

You'll give it to me later.

just don't tell our brothers.

It's all taken care of.


You remember me?

I have to run to talk to you?
Take it easy.

Do I know you?

You remember me from the party?

Where are you going?

To see a girlfriend.

Do you mind me asking?

- Yes, I do.
- You do?

You're mean to me.

What are you doing Saturday?

- I'm busy.
- You are?

We need to talk... Saturday,

I want to take you to a party.

Saturday we'll go to this concert
in Beauval.

Don't you want to come?

You're not interested?

Without even thinking...

What do we do for Saturday?

We don't do anything at all.



Fuck it, we'll drive around all day.

We'll find him. He can't be far.

Two days ago they bashed
Hassan's face in with a bottle.

Son of a bitch!

They think they're so tough.
Only a gang war will teach them!

This shit
is starting to get to me...

Isn't that him?


Dirty motherfucker!


J & B.

We'll take it to the party!

Did you go dancing?

What a loser!
He was wearing chinos!

Lacoste from head to toe.

That's way too sleazy.

The concert cost 50 francs.
I was pissed off... It sucked.

Last week I took my girl
out dancing...

Jesus, those motherfuckers!

Do any of you have guns?

- What for?
- Some guys are...

Don't start up with guns!

Stop talking!

- Seen Pete?
- No, he left...

Pete, godammit...

What's the problem?

Go after him.

- What's his problem?
- You two are assholes.

Why? Come on, there's a problem.

He comes here and you let him go?

What's your fucking problem?

- What's your problem?
- You didn't let me talk to him.

He owes me money.
His problem was bullshit.

He invented a bullshit problem!
He made it up. He owes me money.

What don't you understand?

- I'm pissed off!
- I'll find him.

Find me that asshole!
That was too easy!

He owes me money and he runs off.



He got screwed too!


Shut the fuck up! I'm coming!

What's up?

What's the problem?

Let me talk. Those guys showed up.

The ones we shot at before.
For that scam.

They started shooting at me.

I was with Martha.
You know, that girl.

They came and chased after me.

We'll fuck them over real good!

They never give up.
We'll fuck those sons of bitches!

Where are Amouda and Djeff?

I haven't seen Djeff.
Amouda's at his place.

Let's get him. This is serious now.

We have to waste them.

Don't worry.

We should have done them in
the last time.

We weren't bad enough.
This time we got the guns.

I'm going to kill them.

No problem.

Let's go get Amouda.

Let's go.

Is Amouda here?

Come on...

- We need to talk.
- We're busy.

I want to talk to you.

What's going down?


What do you mean?

Some guys came
and started giving people here shit.

That's all.

I hear lots of people talking...

People always talk.

It's nothing.
We'll take care of it real fast.

Take care of it?

We'll go see them...
We'll talk it out.

With bats and guns?

No, we won't go that far...

We'll talk to them.

If they won't talk,
we'll use bats or guns.

When they come here,
they won't be bringing...

Mother Teresa along.

The only real weapon is up here!

But only you know that.

They don't know it.
We'll go talk and we'll see.

You'll tell them?


I'll give it a try.

Why did we go through all that shit?
What was it all for?

Back in your times...
Flower children and hippies...

Now it's our turn.

It'll be up to us
to explain it to our kids...

Hit first, think second.



All we want is peace...


that they come.

If my sisters and my parents
happen to be passing by,

a stray bullet
could hit one of them.

It's better to stop
it all while it's...

He's right.

While it's still fresh.

Isn't it better to be united?
To fight together?

Yeah, but first we settle this,
then we get unified.

Hit first, think second.

You're going to think...


Sure, you'll think.

Anyway, you can't have peace
without bloodshed.

No two ways about it.

We'll try talking first.

We'll listen
to what you just told us.

But if they don't want
to understand... it's bang.

You don't want to understand.

I know what I want.


He hits you, you hit him,
he hits back...

Afterwards, you think.

Bye... Don't screw up.

He's right.

Sure, but if we don't act,
there'll never be peace.

That's the truth.

I laugh... I trash everything.
We have fun...

We're all together...
But I'm sick of it.

Why? What's the problem?

I go home. It's 5 p.m.

I throw my school books
in my room, do some kick-boxing.

I go out, I fuck around.

I go back home at 8. Have dinner.

My parents ask me questions.
I don't answer.

I ask them questions.
They don't answer. They ignore me.

Waste of time...

You weren't happy
when your dad beat you up.

Now he ignores you,
and you're still not happy.

You're kind of right.
But at the same time, it's bad.

Because my father... He's my father.
You only have one father.

We aren't getting anywhere.
We avoid each other. That's no help.

Sit it out. In a year,
maybe it'll be okay.

Maybe even next week.
Sit it out...

Waiting won't help.

I'm too proud and so is he.
We'll never forgive each other.

The problems won't go away.

Let's change the subject.
Girls, dealing...

This is way too serious.

- You're hot.
- Hot shit.

Come here!

Let go of me!

- Let go!
- We will...

Let go!

Calm down.
You're going in the van.

Okay. Just let go.

Shut your mouth!

You need all four of you here?

Calm down!

Bastards! Let go of him!

Get lost!

Sons of bitches!

Get off him!

Can't you use handcuffs?

You get a hard-on
putting them on?

You get hard ganging up
on someone?

Get your hands off me!

Hands off! I'm getting up.

You're all jumpy!

You're a cute motherfucker.

You trying to act mean?

Got a sister?
I love porking nice Arab pussy.


Look at me.

You pissed me off, acting all tough.

You assholes complain we're racist?

I'll put you in a boat
and send you back home!

You hear me?

Listen to me...

Get your hands off me!

I hear you butt-fuck each other
back home.

You ever been fucked up the ass?

You can suck me too.

Look at me, you son of a bitch.

Listen to what I have to say,

Listen to me! Look at me!

I hate what you did to me.
Don't do it again.

Where are we going?

Don't think about that.

We don't care about that.

- Clement!
- What?

Some girls
Malik and I know are coming.

What do they look like? Big, small?

Why do you even ask?
They're taken.


I'll introduce you.

So Kamel...

how do we get in?

We just go in like usual.

- How?
- Hassan will be there.

No liquor after 10.

- What the hell?
- I didn't make the law.

- What law?
- You may not respect it, but I do.

I have a family. I need this job.

Look at him.

You sell wine to old French winos
and not to us!

- He's working now.
- That's what he told me.

I have a bottle of J & B.

And Hassan is the bouncer.

We'll have no problem.

We'll all go in together.

Yeah, no problem. Hassan's there.

You know what Hassan will say?

He'll shake your hand
and ask where the girls are.

Why are you acting like a wise guy?

- Sorry, you don't respect the law.
- What law?

- Cut the shit...
- I have a family.

Give us our beer instead
of this shit.

You see?
You can cooperate if you want to.

Why are you giving us a hard time?

Are you a wise guy?
Keep it up, you'll see...

- We'll each take one in.
- We'll figure it out.

Even without girls, we'll get in.

Wait a second.

Look... we'll take that Renault.

The Super 5 there?

It's a two-door.
We can't make a get-away.

We won't get caught.
Everyone steals 4-door cars.

The cops won't even notice us
so they won't stop us.

I'll just open it.

Hurry up.

Malik, what are those two cassettes?

I'll put one in.

Blast it.

- A bogus singer.
- An old French crooner.

There's this one too.

Out the window!

Don't do shit like that.
There are cars behind...

Fuck them all.
Tonight's our night...

We're in a two-door.
How will you run?

I'm not running anywhere.

They were bogus cassettes.
It's no big deal.

We're in a two-door car.
You can't do that shit.

You heard me...

Fuck them all.
I don't give a fuck about them.

Remember that guy you beat up?

A guy in my class, Apache, says that

they're waiting
to fight you tonight.

You're crazy. Are you in?

- I'm in. What about you, Pete?
- I'm in, but there are only 5 of us.

- There's Djeff.
- Still only 5 of us.

You won't come?

I will, but it's better
if 20 of us go tomorrow.

We'll kick their asses in a second.

Is that okay, Karim?

I say let's get it over
with tonight.

We go tonight!

You can't wait until tomorrow?

They're expecting you tonight.
Tomorrow we surprise them.

When you had your problem

we came immediately.

Why wait? Let's go now.

They expect you now,
not tomorrow.

There's no waiting.
Tomorrow's another day.

What's a day?

I'm pissed off.
I was walking in the...

I was walking with a girl

and they chased me and shot at me.

Where do you think everyone is?
At the concert!

There are five of us.

Pete says we have guns.

- Sure we do.
- So do they.

So? We'll see...

What will we see?

We take the car, he drives
and we waste them all.

Don't freak out.

I'm walking with a girl
and they chase me?

I'm coming! Who said I wasn't?

- You can't wait?
- You keep talking.

I'm here! What's the problem?

You two are always mouthing off.

I don't get it.

I'm coming, I said!

I'm always here!


I'm coming!

There's no thinking.

There's a problem, we go.

I said tomorrow. Now it's tonight.

We're all going. There's no problem.

- Fuck them all.
- Who told you that?

Apache from my class.

We'll fuck Apache too.
We'll fuck them all.

No problem.

We'll stick a feather up his ass.
He's an Apache!

We'll just wait.

Anyway, I'm not here to have fun.

They smashed up Hassan's face
with a bottle.

I'm sick of this shit.
We ice them and we split.

The last time, the other one
disappeared in the mall.

This time we show no mercy.

Who the fuck do they think they are?
I'm serious!

You're right, but keep cool.

They smash his face.
They think they're tough?

We send one to the hospital.

Listen, don't get worked up.
There's a concert here.

Everyone's coming to it.

We keep cool.
We keep our eyes peeled.

We ice them and we split.

I don't like being here.
We'll settle this fast.

They want to dance?
They'll be surprised.

- How many are you?
- Six.

Will you all step forward?

You four can go in.
The other two can't.

How many are you? Four?

I'll let all of you in...

Don't let me down.
Have a nice time.

What if you don't get in?

Why the hell wouldn't we?

Don't be stupid. We all get there,

four guys, no girls...
There's a good chance...

If we get bounced, leave us the car.

- You want it?
- The gloves too.

You can have them.

You never know.
Imagine we get there,

you get bounced and I don't,
you'll say "Fucking motherfucker..."

We don't care.
We get there, you go in,

if we don't, we don't.

That's cool.

What do we do then?

We go home. What else?
We go to bed.

You think those bastards are coming?

They'll be here...

Give me the bottle...

Give it back.

Give me the bottle.

Will you give it to me or what?

They'll love
my pump-action shotgun.

It'll be cool, guys.

Where the fuck are those motherfuckers?
Give me the bottle.

I didn't come for nothing.
I got shit to do.

- They wasted Hassan.
- We'll cook them.

We'll shoot their asses.

We don't even know who we're shooting.
Maybe they're like us.

They started first.
They fucked up Hassan's face.

Now it's our turn.

We'll waste them.

We got to waste the cops.

Yeah, waste the cops.
We need a revolution.

- Look at that car!
- Big mistake.

- It's too fancy.
- We'll get noticed.

It's a party car...

- Why did you take this car?
- Don't worry.

We'll get noticed.


See that kid there?
He's part of their gang.

If he's here,
the others are on their way.

- There are four of us.
- No, I can't. Sorry.


- You know why.
- Because we don't have dates?

Those French kids you let in
had on sneakers.

They're regulars.
I can't let you in.

There are four of you.
You're wearing sneakers.

Hassan, you know me.
I never make trouble.

- How many are you?
- Six.

Go on in. Have a good time.

Fuck this shit...

Cut it out!

They came with dates...

so cut the shit.

He's my date.

Four is too many.

Let's go...

Waste of time...

Shut up!

You call him your friend?

Watch your mouth.

You can go in alone or with a friend,
but four's too many.

I never gave you trouble.

You stay or you go.

I'm going in, guys.

Have fun!

City goes crack, guns attack

Better fight back,
Don't take no flak

Homeboys dead,
Cops pump them with lead

City on fire, guns for hire

In the capital, zero morale Bullets
are best with a bullet-proof vest

Move fast, it's going to blast

Any damn day could be your last

Niggers fall like autumn leaves

Firing squads
and there's no reprieves

Blacks kill blacks

Cops kill on the beat

I kill myself
to stay alive in the street

Garbage overflowing,
Cockroaches attacking,

Our city walls are cracking

No billy clubs for us
We shoot the man in blue

Look around and choke
City up in smoke

Down with the oppressors,
Make way for the oppressed

The countdown's started
Down with the oppressors

Make way for the oppressed...

Our armed forces on the whole
are full of assholes

They were formed
by the homeboy mentality

We spit on every cop
We gotta stay on top

We never relent,
Hell bent!

When you live in a land of no light

Any man in blue is a man to fight

Sons of sweatshops, we hate cops!

They want to make us bleed!

"You're bad seeds."
That's their creed!

Fuck those assholes,
fuck their breed!

Even if I'm caught red-handed

My homeboys
won't leave me stranded

Wake up, sleepy head!

Out of bed!

Only good cop is a cop who's dead!

We want blood!

Homeboys on the ark!
Cops in the flood!

Down with the oppressors,
Make way for the oppressed

The countdown's started!

Down with the oppressors,
make way for the oppressed

It's a homeboy conquest!

The billy clubs won't stop

Until our cities get rid
of every cop!

Our cities are in danger!

We're armed with more
than beer and ganja!

State hate, street heat

Street defeat,
if the hate won't abate!

Automatic guerilla!

Automatic Attila!
I'm a cop killer!

I go on every strike!
They say I'm warlike!

Power is to be seized!
The State on its knees!

Who are the hunters?
Who are the prey?

The lion is king
when the elephant's away!

Hear me rave!
We come out of our graves,

Make them our slaves

Our posse is brave.

Homeboys go to war!

Us against them!

We'll fuck the whole system!

What a fucking bad night.
I'm pissed as hell.

I'm ready to kill.

I got me some money,
I got dressed up...

Then a bastard comes along...

Let's burn a car.

You're too chicken.

I feel like burning a car.

Go that way. We'll go there.

Get lost, it's gonna blow!

Come on, guys!

The cops are coming!

Let's go!

Let's ride into them head-on!

- No, let's go.
- You're a chicken shit!

We'll drive straight into them.

Come on, Malik...

We'll ram into them.

Don't freak, Mustapha!

Pull back!

Drive into them!

Hands on the wheel!

Put your gun down!

Put it down! What the fuck?

Put your gun down!

Put them down!

We're just kids!

Molotov cocktails!

Stop it!

They killed one of ours.

Whose side are you on?
Some French youth club!

I've known you for 20 years!

Find us jobs, then we'll talk!

Listen, I've heard enough!
One death is enough.

What about them?

What do you mean?

They're all alive!
None of them is dead!

It's our projects you're burning.

Whose side are you on?

I'm on your side.

There are other ways.

You're into violence.
Burning cars.

So were you!

You were into that too!

Tell on me then!

How old are you?

Stop it!

You're older, so you turn away?

Stop it! Cut it out!

Get a life!

This is revolt
and we play for keeps

You sowed the seeds of hate,
sit back and reap!

Rebels and rejects boycott

We'll make the rich lick our boots

We'll make you crawl
if you made us crawl

Evil for evil is bad indeed

But rage and frustration impede us

Does God or the Devil lead us?

We have the homeboys on our side

Every single one of us is allied

G and D,
Mystik and me

Our extremism is fueled by inequity

Strictly hardcore!

Kids today are troubled.
They're hardcore! Unstoppable!

Whatever happens,
we'll defend ourselves

Good things come to those who wait

Sedition is the solution!

Jack up the demonstrations!
Time to act!

Sedition is the solution!

Jack up the demonstrations!

Draw your guns!

The cities are going to explode

Angry people
don't mince their words

We're a group of great notoriety

We have one goal: overthrow society

For the fun of it, I repeat:
My city's gonna bust!

Revolution is a must!

I like the noise,
broken glass, burning cars

Kids' shouts become arms that disarm

It's time to raze.
Crime sometimes pays

"Burn the system!" we yell
We'll join the Devil down in hell

Our manpower increases
until the bourgeoisie ceases

Insurrection of the masses,
scare the asses!

Run away, police boy!

Us homeboys are after your ass!

We have to combat
until they fall flat

Sedition is the solution

Jack up the demonstrations

Sedition is the solution

Jack up the demonstrations

Drink up
Cold sweats

Forced to dance their beat,

I feel like murder

Babylon must burn

I'm ready to die as I kill them

Looking straight ahead,
I say: Get ready for the cemetery

Blue boy, burn in hell!

Open the door to civil war,
head high,

Because human rights
aren't allowed inside

My anger isn't a temporary thing

Commando 3,
Say what you intend to do

When dogs bite homeboys

We can shoot them dead!
So check the muzzle

Shooting isn't bragging, it's living

For once let's live up to our lyrics
Endless bloodshed to change things

From now on, choose your side

Another city:

What's taking you so long?

He's crazy.
He wants to keep it for himself.

Where are you going?

Straight up to Corinne's.

After Corinne... Karine.

Her dad works in construction.

He has huge hands.
His slaps are deadly.

- What a phony!
- Why?

- You're lying!
- Did I ever lie about girls?

Karine, Corinne... That's a lot.

She's having her period.

I eat her pussy.

Do you?

It stinks to high hell.
Forget it...

- Really?
- I'll take you home.

How about up her ass?

Fortunately there's the bunghole...

You got to try.
Pass the joint...

So? What are you doing?

I go up there.

Knock, knock. I'm coming!

Her guy is there.
I tell him to get lost.

I sit down, pop in a porn flick.

And we start in at it.

Right away.

Thanks for the dirt...

- You want some more?
- No, thanks...

Tomorrow, don't ask me
how it was, if she was good,

about her tits and shit.
I won't say.

You stand me up like this?

Go watch a porno.

Cut it out!

You should be ashamed,
going home to jerk off!

Two faggots on a scooter! Pathetic!

We're not full of shit.
You're just a jerk-off.

Crazy Arabs!

Actually, I'm not getting any...

Declaration of Human Rights,
Article 35:

When a government
violates the rights of the people,

insurrection is,
for each member of society,

the most sacred right
and the most indispensable duty.

Subtitles: Andrew Litvack

Subtitling TITRAFILM