Ma-yak-wang (2018) - full transcript

Set in Busan, South Korea during the 1970s, Lee Doo-sam builds an empire as a drug smuggler in the Busan underworld, while public prosecutor Kim In-goo attempts to take down Lee Doo-sam.




Methamphetamine. Philopon.
Also known as crank.

It decreases your need for sleep
and makes you fearless.

This incredible drug
that literally gets you high

was invented during the Pacific War.

Japan immediately used this drug
for military purposes.

The first ones to get high on this drug
in the history of mankind

were kamikaze pilots.

They took crank

and entered the enemy lines
without any fear.

They gave crank to factory workers
to make them work without sleep

and gave it to soldiers
to make them become fearless in war.

After the war ended,

there were many addicts
who couldn't forget the high it gave them.

Once the Japanese government
put a ban on crank,

Japanese drug dealers turned to Busan,
a nearby city in Korea.

During the time when everyone was
determined to work hard for better lives,

Japan's need for more factories

and Korea's drive toward expanding exports

That's how the heyday of crank began.

There was a self-made man
who started this golden age of crank.

"Made in Korea."

The legendary drug king
who dominated the Japanese market

with the finest crank there was.

He was a law-abiding citizen by day

and a drug king by night.

He lived two different lives,

and was both loved and hated
by everyone of the era.

It's this man right here. Lee Doo-sam.

1972, BUSAN

This is the goldsmith I told you about.

He is also fluent in Japanese.

My name is Lee Doo-sam.

If you screw this up tonight,

dozens of jewelry stores in Busan
will end up going bankrupt.

So you'd better stay alert.

- It's been a while, sir.
- Hey.

The gold is real, but the watch is...

Everybody, freeze!

- Come over here.
- I'm sorry!

It's the cops. The cops are here.

- There's nothing here!
- Wait. Don't move.

Hey, catch them.

Over here. Open this.

There's nothing here.

- Let go of me!
- Over here!

Hold on!

Hey, catch them!

Damn it!

Hey, get over here.

It's cooked well.

It was hard trying to fool the Japanese
on your first day, wasn't it?

Why didn't you tell him beforehand?

Eat up.

Count them.

- So, you went to college?
- I dropped out after paying the tuition.

No wonder you seemed smart.

When did you learn goldwork?

I wanted to learn a technique
to earn a living.

So I chose to deal
with something expensive.

That's your reason?
That doesn't mean you own all that gold.

I pretend like I do.

Otherwise, my work will be no fun.

There are 152 bills.
Two of them are ripped.

Don't forget to take your share.
That's the most important part.

You can keep working with this guy.


Gosh, hurry up.

This is incredibly fresh.

- How much is this?
- They're all fresh. Look.

Get moving, will you?

- When did I say that?
- That's enough. Stop it.


Pushcart coming through!

Here you go.

Relax your fingers.

Hey, did you enjoy your piano lesson?

- Smile.
- Look over there.

- Smile, everyone. It won't take long.
- Look over there.

Here we go.

One, two, three.

One more time.

- I'm Kwak.
- Nice to meet you.

- Hello, Mr. Kwak.
- Doo-sam, let me tell you something.

When men meet each other,

they exchange business cards, not money.

All of those guys are big shots in Busan.

If you're in that group,

you won't get caught
even if you do bad deeds.

Hey, Mr. Kwak.

He's a director at Yongdu Shipping.

- Yongdu Shipping?
- Yes.

I've never heard of it.

They don't operate fishing vessels.

They operate the Yongman,
which used to be a US Navy ship.

Mr. Kwak wants to offer
the sailors side jobs

for when they go back and forth Japan
to fix the ship.

We just need to borrow the ship
for our mutual benefit.

This ship is really clean.
This used to be the US Navy's, right?

Does that mean this ship

is like the little brother
of the USS Missouri?

Here. Please check it.

Well, I'll get going, then.

Doo-sam, this is delicious.
It melts in my mouth.

Don't eat it all yourself.
Share it with the kids.

You're unbelievable for someone
who lives in a church.

The ones who collect taxes
are the real thieves.

Even in the Bible, tax collectors
are considered worse than whores.

Mun Ik-jeom didn't declare
those cottonseeds he brought in.

My gosh, you look like
a completely different person.

Just don't get caught,
whether it be smuggling or cheating.

I'm a pastor's daughter,
for goodness' sake.

Should we turn on the record player?

Gosh, don't.

My goodness.

Seriously, stop it.

Kids, look.

Will you please stop?

My goodness, seriously.

- Dance with us.
- There's no stopping me if I start.

Doo-sam! We've got a problem.
Doo-hwan's about to get beaten to death.

What? Why?

You punk!

Damn it! You motherfuckers!

You motherfuckers!

- You sons of bitches!
- You little punk! You lunatic!

- You little punk!
- Stop it. Stop!

What did you say?

Just die, you little punk.

Look at you, all covered in blood!

Are you his older brother?

I'll pay you back for everything.

He may seem reckless,
but he's way too chicken-hearted

to have taken much.
Aren't I right? Answer me!

Please forgive him.
I'd make him pay with his life if I could.

Hey. You have to do whatever it takes
to make him pay with his life

if you truly think he should.

Don't you agree, you piece of shit?

Who are you?

I normally don't mix my drinks.

What are you doing?

- Doo-sam.
- Hold him.

I will... I'll drink it.

Fucking hell!

You bastard!

Gosh, look at him.

Are you okay?

- Gosh.
- Is your ear still attached to your head?

Okay, let's go. Let's go eat.

Hey, Doo-sam. What brings you here?

- Nothing much.
- Doo-hwan, are you hurt?

No, I'm fine.

- Why are you here?
- What?

Here, come have some smokes with me.

My aunt's in-law in Osaka

travels around Japan with a troupe
to do local performances.

That's not the main point.

The thing is, he's hospitalized
because his appendix burst.

But he needs to deliver something
by today.

What is it?

Smuggling using the rice cookers
isn't profitable anymore.

So, what is it?

It's crank.


Do you know

how to gut a fish?

If you screw this up,

I'll cut your stomachs open.

We do our business based on trust,

so we don't work with people
who don't trust us. Let's go.


What the fuck? What?

They're expensive.

I don't deal with anything that's cheap.


Then we should collect our money
from the start...

So you're telling me that Hideki's...

appendix burst?

Are you Korean?


I'm from the North.

My parents once lived on Jeju Island.

Oh, really?

Well, if we were born a little earlier,
we'd all be from the same country.

I'm so glad to meet you.

I was born in Manchuria,

but I somehow ended up in Busan.

Every time I meet Koreans living abroad,
it feels as if I met my siblings.

Are you crazy?

He is... a commie.

So what?

He's from the pro-North Korean group.

If things go wrong,
we might get arrested as commies.

I'd rather get caught as a commie
or a smuggler

than just starve to death.

I'll take care of everything,
so just stay quiet.

- You're hungry, aren't you?
- Yes.


I didn't even get to pee on my way here.

Hey. Why don't we go get something to eat?


Bring me one more of this.

If you get caught making crank in Japan,

you get shot to death.

Is that why
they're building factories in Korea?

The factory itself isn't a big deal.
What matters is the cook.

Depending on who the cook is,

you either get a nice product
or complete garbage.

There's this really famous cook.

Professor Baek.

Professor Baek?

He was brought here as a forced laborer
and ended up working in pharmaceuticals.

The stuff he makes is really famous.

The ones made in Korea are the best.
Taiwanese ones are no good.

You know how good Koreans are
with handicrafts.

Korea has good water.

Busan especially has

the perfect water and air
for cooking crank.

That's why the color comes out amazing.

I had no idea. It's because of good water?

Wait a minute.

Then what would happen

if we import the chemicals from Japan,
cook it in Korea,

and sell it back in Japan?

It'll be a gold mine
if we manage to make it and sell it.

It'll be a bonanza for us, right?

President Park Chung-hee
has issued a decree

to wipe out illegal smuggling.

Even the KCIA's Head of Inspection
is coming?

Chief Kim, you bastard!

You'd better take responsibility.
We knew nothing about it.

Damn it.

Do you want to see me get tortured
in the KCIA headquarters?

We can't get a hold of Doo-sam.
What should we do?

Chief Kim. I'll help you escape the blame,
so please cover for me.

In exchange, I'll give you Lee Doo-sam.

They asked me to come here.
Where is everyone?

That little bastard.

You asked me to come here.
I'm a busy man, you know.

I came all the way here
amidst my busy schedule.

Wait. Hold on...

Mr. Kwak, what's with your face?

Who are these people?

Hey, smuggler.

How dare you use this ship
to smuggle saccharin?

It... It wasn't saccharin.

Gosh, do you want to visit
our KCIA headquarters?

I'll kindly pour some spicy soup
into your nostrils.

I really didn't know anything, sir.

I'm telling you the truth.
Please let me go.

I'd never have done such a thing
if I knew this ship belonged to the KCIA.

How dare you use
the government's precious ship

to satisfy your own greed?

You little scum.


Please don't kill me. I beg of you.

I have three kids

and three younger sisters
who haven't gotten married yet.

Is that piss?

- He peed so much.
- That's gross.

Goodness, are you scared?

Should we call your mommy?

Isn't he Captain Choi of the Yongpal Gang?

I heard Captain Choi controls
all the smuggling routes to Japan.

he's in here for adultery, not smuggling.

Your boss ran off to Japan.

You're the only one who got caught.

You were a complete lackey.
Do you get that?

Gosh, look where all that loyalty got you.

How's your health?

Listen to me carefully.

You know how sincerely Kim Gu's mother
cared for him when he was in jail, right?

Our family depends on you now.

Our family has always depended on me.

What are you thinking?
Are you planning to escape prison?


Do you have some money?


I guess you like being in here.

Why don't you just stay here forever?

Public servants are bound
to be involved in this.

Try your best to convince him
and bring him over.



The deputy chief security officer here
went to the same high school as me.

But the thing is,
he's very strict and stern.

Yes, I'm sure he is.

I mean, he spends his entire day
among all the criminals.

But regardless of how strict
and stern he may be,

I'm sure we'll be able to woo him
and win his favor.

Why do you want to talk to my husband?

Goodness, you're his wife? I'm so sorry.

I thought you were his daughter.
You look extremely young.

- You have a really nice house.
- Wait. Hold on.


Who are you?

- Get out of here!
- Wait, sir.

- Just get lost.
- My goodness.

- What do you take me for?
- Gosh.

Hurry up and leave.
Throw some salt out there!

Sir, please!

He's not an easy guy to convince.

He won't suddenly become nice
just because you woo him a little.


I don't care about any of that.

I want you to take responsibility
and win him over.


If you don't, I'll take that notebook
and visit the KCIA headquarters.

Inmate 1538.

You're a tuberculosis patient now.

You'll be on parole under the condition
that you don't leave your designated area.

You've been granted a stay of execution
and will be released.

Then do I need to stay at home?

Would you rather stay here instead?

I'll stay at home.

You'd better be good to your wife
until the day you die.

Money may not be on your side,
but your wife is.

After having been abducted
by unknown assailants,

former New Democratic Party's presidential
candidate, Kim Dae-jung,

safely returned home
in Mapo-gu, Seoul yesterday

at around 10:20 p.m.
after five days in captivity.

To identify the ship
used for the abduction,

the police are investigating all the ships
that departed from Kobe to Busan,

including the Buja, the Hyoam,
and the Yongman.


Are you sure he's getting out today?
The tofu will go bad.

Attention, everyone.

The 10:20 a.m. bus to Daegu
will depart soon.

I have this new business plan.

And it has solid prospects.

We will import materials,
manufacture the product with our skills,

and export the product.

Are you listening?

Are you crazy?

What if the cops come and look for you?

Then do you just want me to stay at home?
Do you want to starve to death?

Just tell them I'm missing.
Say you can't reach me.

You must be eager to make me divorce you.

Sook-kyung, you deserve
to live a decent life for once.

Just trust me
and bear with me a little bit.

Hey, you know Yuk Young-soo,
the First Lady, right?

You'll get to be someone like her, okay?
You just wait.

Let's see.

I heard my old classmate
lives somewhere around here.

Where could it be?

I heard I have to go through Captain Choi
of Yongpal Gang to sail to Japan.

Why did you get caught with that
if you're so good at being sneaky?

You went to jail for adultery, right?

Goodness, look at you.

Every man needs that kind of spirit.

No wonder your colleague's wife
moved in with you.

Thank you.

Captain Choi. Let's do business together.

You're not even good enough
to eat with me.

Yes, I know that.
You're way better than me.

But are you going to keep
living a lowly life like this?

I heard something about you too.

You got beaten up for using
the KCIA's ship, didn't you?

I heard you're really close
to the narcotics squad chief.

Let me use your connection.

I'm going to sell Philopon.
I'm talking about crank.

Fuck off. I don't smuggle crank.

All right.

Just like you said,
I almost got killed by the KCIA.

Do you know what it's like
to get beaten to death?

My dad and my grandfather
both got beaten to death. It's crazy.

It's like a family tradition.

That day, I told myself
as I washed my bloody underwear

that I'll become someone
who has strong connections.

You can't live in this country

if you have no one to call
when you're close to dying in vain.

Captain Choi,
let me borrow your connection.

What about the chemicals?

We'll import the chemicals from Taiwan,

manufacture crank in Korea,
and export it to Japan.

It's our turn to go with the trend
and make tons of money through exports.

Selling crank to Japan
is considered an act of patriotism.

The Qing dynasty fell because of opium.
We can make Japan fall with crank.

One shipment of crank
will help you make more

than 100 shipments of rice cookers.

You know the suppliers and I
get the biggest share, right?

Of course.

And here.

Women love this the most.

I know because I used to work
at a jewelry store.

Shouldn't you two at least
have a small wedding?

Say hello. This is Chief Suh Sang-hoon
from the narcotics squad.

I'm Lee Doo-sam.

I hope you watch over us.

And there's something

I picked up on my way here.
It's nothing much.

These days,

I am really busy chasing down singers
who smoke pot.

I'm sure you know this very well,
but the most important thing

for a crank dealer is...

never to do crank.

You'd better keep that in mind.

If you want to be there
when your son enters college,

you'd better not do crank.

Why would I take that expensive stuff?

You'll know what I mean
the moment you try your first crank.

The first time is the best.
But things that start well don't end well.

You've never seen anyone go broke
because they couldn't forget the high

from their first crank, have you?


did you find a cook?

Life is all about fun, and crank dealing
is all about finding a good cook.

Professor Baek?
You mean the Professor Baek I know?

How stupid do you have to be
to think of working with that guy?

The first thing cops do when there's
a robbery is to look for the locksmith.

Professor Baek
is the locksmith in this field.

You're going to get fucked.

Hello, sir.


This is Professor Baek.

He's a legendary figure
who brought crank to this land.

I'm sure you already respect him
even if I don't tell you to.

He's the famous Captain Choi.

He's been sailing to Japan
ever since he was 15.

And he's friends with the narcotics chief.

Don't worry about getting busted.

This is Wang Mun-ho. He's Chinese-Korean.

He can handle
all the shipping from Taiwan.

And he's pretty good at English.

Talk in English for us.

He's also good at acupuncture and cupping.

You should do cupping therapy
for Professor Baek sometime.

I don't think anyone could do a better job

in gathering such a perfect group
to represent our country.


Bring him a cup of Taster's Choice.

Taster's Choice?

She's my sister. She graduated
second place in her class

and was offered a secretary job
at a bank, but I brought her here.

She's just like me with numbers.
She's very good at counting money.

And he's my cousin, Lee Doo-hwan.

He would've become big in the US
if it weren't for me.

You also speak a little English,
don't you?



Have a seat. Come on. Sit.

You see, I don't ask for much.

I just want my kids to eat well
and sleep warm.

And if you stick by my side,

you'll never have to starve to death
even if your luck's rotten.

You know, what matters is
that we understand each other.

Let's do this.



What do you think of Lee Doo-sam?

Well, he seems trustworthy.

He's smart too. I think he's okay.

What about his underling?

Who? You mean Choi Jin-pil?

He's the actual big gun here.

Choi Jin-pil's the big gun,
not Lee Doo-sam?


Choi Jin-pil is the big gun.

Choi Jin-pil is the big gun?

Jin-pil keeps a separate ledger.

He and Wang Mun-ho are embezzling money.

Right? I knew it.


Take this money and stay low.

Don't spend it all and find yourself
in handcuffs. I'll call you.

Did you not learn division
in math class at school?


Isn't that what we learn
in language class?

"Don't cause divisions."

We're going to have to count
the numbers again.

You'd be in jail if it weren't for me.
You're able to make money because of me.

What kind of bullshit is that?

We do all the dirty work!
You fucker, don't touch me.

Good work, all right?

Give the materials to Professor Baek.

That little...

One is musk.

Musk has always been a precious fragrance
that has the ability to revive people

who are weak-hearted,
agitated, or have fainted.

And the other one

makes musk seem like nothing.

I heard you work for Captain Choi,
who used to be in the Yongpal Gang.

Who? Me?

He's not my boss.
I'm handling all the products myself.

People in Osaka are already talking
about how great our stuff is.

You know, I felt upsetĀ to see all
of our best products go to Japan.

So I thought I'd sell some of our stuff
in Busan.

Gosh, my legs. My legs hurt so much
since I've been kneeling for so long.

Let's work together, Mr. Jo.

Don't you think you'd be better off
running a jewelry store?

Aren't you better at making
gold rings for babies?

Whether it be gold or crank,
everything I touch turns into money.

Did I gain weight?
Why's this jacket so tight?

I heard the boss among all bosses in Kobe
is from North Korea.

Do you mean Soo-gon?

We're like brothers.

If I put in a word for you,

you'll be able to transport your crank
by his ship without a hassle.

But he's not easy to deal with.

Just like the bar girls in Ginza,
he's very good at reading people.

How about we do this?

For now, I'll give you all the crank
I'm planning to sell here.

But help me go to Japan.

I'll go persuade the Kobe boss
who reads people

and the Ginza bar girls.


You know the yakuza organization
named Yamaguchi-gumi, right?

This place is their hometown.
Those guys are the real yakuza.

Once, they came to Busan
and ordered black bean noodles.

There were five of them,
but they only ordered four.

- Only four.
- Why?

They all are missing a finger.

So what?

"Ma'am, we'd like five servings, please."

They only got four servings
because they all are missing a finger.

Just like this, you know?

You don't need all your fingers, do you?

Give me one
that you use to pick your nose.

Doo-sam, are you sure they are going
to show up today?

Stop acting up and wait here.

A deal will be made here today.

Yes, it's ready.

It's Room 703.

One is Lee Doo-sam from Busan,
and the other one is Lee Doo-hwan.

We will disguise ourselves as them
and get rid of him.

Yes, I understand.


Close the door. Close it.

Take the bag and go upstairs.
It's Room 703.


Just do as I say.

As soon as you get there,
show them the product.

- Tell them we're the ones from Busan.
- Okay.

Hurry. Go now!

Stay alert, you punk.

Please call Room 703 for me.


Hello, this is Lee Doo-sam.

We agreed to meet today.

We arrived a bit early.

By the way, I was wondering if you have

agreed to meet...

someone... other than us.

No, that's not it.
Aren't there any Koreans there?

Damn it.

I'm Lee Doo-sam from Busan,


Why can't they understand a damn thing?


One of our men is down!
Go and get the bastard!

Doo-hwan! Get that bastard!

Get that guy in front of you! Get him!

You piece of shit!

Hurry up!

- Let go, you jerk!
- You little...

- You bastards!
- You punks!


Hey, Doo-hwan! Catch him! Stop him now!

You jerk!

Which gang are you from?

You jerk!

We've taken care of everyone.
You can come out now.

I'm Lee Doo-sam.

I'm Lee Doo-sam from Busan.

- Doo-sam.
- Yes?

Drink up. Drink.

This is a celebratory drink.

Why don't we drink this together?

Thank you.


Quit acting up!

Hey, come over here. Come!

I feel great!

Hey, Doo-hwan.


Wake up, you punk!



Will you clean the bathroom?
It stinks of urine.

I'm Prosecutor Kim In-gu from Seoul.

Oh, hello. Nice to meet you.
I'm Suh Sang-hoon from Ministry of Health.


Come on. Let me introduce you to everyone.
Let's all say hello.

He's the prosecutor from Seoul
who will be working with us.


- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm Prosecutor Kim In-gu.

What are you doing, Sook-kyung?

I'm cooking ox bone soup
since my husband's home.

It's not him you're cooking, right?

I'll take his knee bone out
and make some soup with it

if I ever catch him cheating on me.

Oh, my. I just can't get you.

- Do you like him that much?
- Of course. I love him.

Let's get divorced.

Have you gone nuts?

Listen to me.

I'm supposed to be missing right now.
That can be the reason for our divorce.

If you divorce me for that,

I won't have to be on the run anymore.

Then what about me?

Remember those mental patients
at Minister Kang's prayer house?

You know the ones
who can't even remember their own names?

Bring me one of their ID cards.


So you can marry one of them.

Don't you get it?
I'll be living under his identity,

and you'll fall for the new me
and get married.

Sook-kyung, let me tell you something.

One man isn't enough for a woman like you.

I really don't have the guts
to live with you anymore.

Look at you. Are you happy
that you will get married again?

Have you gone mad?

Check out a rich neighborhood.

Let's move to one of the big houses there
and start a new life.

You can open up a nice piano academy.

Although my husband is currently
in the food distribution business,

he's an incredibly cultured man.

He has perfect pitch.



How's your health?

Mr. Lee.

How about we expand out of Busan

and start developing the domestic market?

It's not that
I haven't thought of doing that.

What's wrong? Are you scared?

No, that's not it.

It's way different from getting
Japanese people hooked on crank.

Our country's already in chaos
with all the student riots.

Let's think about it a bit more.

Look at this drug dealer
worrying about his country.

You're quite the patriot.

My gosh, what's with Prosecutor Kim?

He learned how to investigate like the FBI
from the US Army.

But why can't he catch anyone?

What? That's not fake money.

It's Prosecutor Kim's loan
for his new house.

Is everyone here?

Today... Hey, come inside.

This guy is...

a druggie.


Today, we'll be catching a crank dealer
that's a member of the Sunggang Gang.

Our code word is "Janis Joplin."

But those guys are really careful.
I've never even seen any of them myself.

It's okay. You'll do fine.

- I'll try my best.
- Okay.

- Chief Suh.
- Yes?

Don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous.


Who's waiting to buy Janis Joplin's album?

Please answer the phone.

I love Janis Joplin.

The way to get an album...



Where? Oh, okay.

Why are these punks coming
exactly on time today?


Is this the medical clinic?

Did the green truck arrive?

Gosh, he should be there by now.

This guy was fertilizing the field

and got bitten by a poisonous snake.
He left in his truck.

Gosh, he must've passed out
on his way there.

What are you doing?

Hurry up and check outside.

Are you okay? Who got bitten by a snake?



- What?
- Roll down the window.

- I heard you got bitten by a snake.
- No.

- The snake...
- Did you get bitten?

- No.
- Will you please open the door?

You have the wrong truck.


Are you really okay?
Are your eyes twitching?

- Let's get out of here.
- Sir.

Hurry up and drive!

- Hey!
- Follow that car!

Stop right there!

That little bastard.


Where did you get Philopon?

I bought saccharin
to cook some sweet noodles.

Why did you go to Japan?

To meet a friend.

Which friend?

A friend of mine.

You met a North Korean friend?

Why did you meet a North Korean?

What is this about?

I used to work
at the Public Security Division.

I caught a dozen commie spies.

But how many of them do you think
were actual spies?

You should choose

whether to be accused
of being a commie or a druggie.

Which do you think sucks more?

There's this lunatic

named Lee Doo-hwan.

His cousin is Lee Doo-sam.

He used to smuggle with the UN Gang,
and now he sells crank to Japan.

Lee Doo-sam?

Lee Doo-sam

got released from Masan Prison
because of pneumonia,

and he's been missing ever since.

- What about Choi Jin-pil?
- Him?

I heard he got out of the gang
and is making a living as a merchant.

Then let's catch Lee Doo-sam,
Choi Jin-pil, and Jo Sung-gang first.

Come on, Prosecutor Kim.

Jo Sung-gang is a gang boss, after all.
We can't get to him that easily.

Let's just arrest a druggie
who's addicted to crank.

No, let's use this chance

to lock up all the drug dealers
along with the yakuza.

I'll request an arrest warrant.
Track down their locations first.

What's wrong with him?

How much money did you
and Professor Baek embezzle?

- You went to Japan with Jo Sung-gang?
- I didn't embezzle money.

We're going to expand to a new market.

I told you not to work with gangsters!

Then who should we work with? Churchmen?

You must think you're so cool
working with gangsters.

Don't you know what will happen
if things go wrong?

What? Tell me. You ran off
with your colleague's wife, so tell me.

It seems like you enjoy stripping naked
and waving your dick around,

- but that will get you killed.
- That mouth of yours...

You punk.

An arrest warrant was issued
for me, you, and Jo Sung-gang.

That prosecutor from Seoul
is crazy about catching us.

Tell Professor Baek not to act up
and stay low.

Or go ask Jo Sung-gang to save your ass.

What a fucking idiot.

Mr. Jo, it looks like they're determined
to root out drug dealers.

I'm taking off tonight.
Please look after Doo-hwan.


Go meet Mr. Koo in Yeouido, Seoul.

That was America's best era.

You could sleep with whites, blacks,

Native Americans, Eskimos,
whoever you wanted.

Women were full of love then.

The country was full of resistance,
peace and love for humanity.

And full of drugs too.

The Qing dynasty fell because of opium,
but the US seems to be doing just fine.

Artists need drugs.

In order to become a developed country,

Korea should at least start
legalizing marijuana.

Don't you agree?

Even grannies smoke marijuana
when they take short breaks

while farming in the countryside.

This will get you high the quickest.



tend to like meditative stuff
that calms the nerves.

Compare this to the ones
you get from America.

So, you own a pharmaceutical company?

I think you and I will be able
to work together.

Here. Did I finally surpass my master?

I guess you won't need me anymore.

Aren't you even going to try it?
You've tried it before, right?

The first ones the addicts afflict
are their wives.

And I hate that more than anything.

Have a good life.

Okay, let's begin.

Cute, right?

What? What's wrong with you? Hey.

Is it that good?

It's very good.

Jung-ah Kim.

She used to be a hostess
at a famous bar in Seoul.

She speaks Japanese, French, and English.
So they bring her as an interpreter.

What? Who does?

Her boyfriends.

Who are they?

If you sleep with that woman,

that's when you know that you've become

a big shot.

You know Chairman Jin, the Ginza Typhoon?


Are you talking about the boss
of all the bosses? That Chairman Jin?

She's his adopted daughter.

At least that's what they say.

She's a real handful.

Who's the guy next to her?

Who's he?

Oh, that's Director Hahm Chang-ho
of the KCIA.

He used to be the head
of the Public Security Bureau.

Some say he's Kim Jung-ah's lover,

and some say he looks after her.

Anyway, he's the number three in rank
in the KCIA. That bastard.

I'm Lee Hwan-soo.

I see.

Mr. Lee Hwan-soo.

When are you free tomorrow?

I'm busy tomorrow.

But you'll still have to eat.
Let's eat a meal together.

I'll think of you every time
I eat tomorrow,

so let's just say we ate together.


What a nice house.

So, you're in the trading business, right?

Do you handle all the exports in Korea?

I don't like red.

There's this bar called American Bar
in the Savoy Hotel in London.

It's a lively bar
with over 100 years of history.

Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable,
Grace Kelly...

Tons of famous stars had visited that bar.

Drinking a glass of champagne there

makes you feel like you're back in time,
drinking with them.

- I wonder if you know how that feels.
- Ms. Kim.

Let's drop all the fancy talk
and just start dating each other.

Selon ta bourse gouverne ta bouche.

You should live within your limits.

That's the secret to longevity.

I really hate men
who have nothing but money.

Regarding the upcoming election,

it's going to require a lot of money,

and we can never have enough resources.

Mr. Lee insisted on helping out,

so I'm introducing him to you
out of pure patriotism.

I was born in Manchuria,

and our president has a great spirit
since he's from there as well.

I've earned enough money.

If I could make one wish,

it would be to meet the president
in person and shake his hand.


I'll become a loyal supporter
of our president and nation.

You export food to Japan?

Just like what our president says,

the only way for our country to grow
is increasing exports.

- You're a pillar of the industry.
- I feel bashful.

All right, then.

Let's think about what you can do
for the president

and our nation.

Look over here.


- Good work.
- Let's sit down.

Gosh, it's great to be rich.
I even get to ride on an airplane.

Did you bring your stuff?

What's the name of it?

The name?

Crank is just crank. Why would I name it?

This is also a form of export,
so it should have a brand name.

A brand name?

A brand name...

Yes, that's right.


If you want to sell across Japan,
you need to get through Chairman Jin.

Even Yakuza graduate college
and do legal business nowadays.

They do a lot of charity work
and support cultural assets.

They're also in Mindan
and the Central Intelligence Agency.

They're involved with everyone
that has power.

The Japanese elite can't let anyone know

that gangsters help them
with the election.

So they do this to deceive the public eye.

You just need to make sure
no one can say anything

- about whatever bad deed you do.
- Ready.



You're beautiful as always.

Goodness, how pretty.


This is CEO Lee Hwan-soo
who recently became friends

with me.

He's chairman of the fundraising committee
for the Korean athletes.

Thank you for inviting me.
It's an honor.

Mr. Lee will be of great help to us.

This was made
by Korea's greatest craftsman.

The statue's filled with drugs.

Is the entire thing filled with it?

I guess it is.

Hey, scumbag.

Look at how successful you've become
by shipping saccharin.

You're even wearing a suit.

You can wear fancy clothes,
but you can't hide your foul smell.

Not everyone is allowed in here

even if they're capable of
paying for the meal.


I've washed my hands clean,
and I only do legal business now.

I was reborn, you see.

For a jerk like you to be reborn,

he first needs to die for real.

Maybe I should've buried you
deep down under the sea that day.

I think you and I need to have a long talk

as we walk in the sea breeze.

What's wrong?

What's that jerk doing here?

He used to be a KCIA inspector.

Mr. Baek? Do you know him?

That little piece of shit.

He works at the embassy now.

Doing what?

What do you think?

He catches commie spies.

What's wrong?

I don't really like him either.

What do you say?
Should we visit some Ginza bar girls?

Fuck, I shouldn't have come.

Did you meet Chairman Jin?

Look at you. These days,
you only deal with the big shots.

That guy's political philosophy
is completely different from ours.

Cut the bullshit.

What kind of a philosophy
would a gangster have?

We're still fighting the Korean War here.

Then go ahead and fight
with a spear in your hand.

I don't care who's who
as long as I get to sell my crank.

That's how you guys are.
You South Koreans have no loyalty.

Stop talking like that.
It's been ages since the division.

So just cut the fucking crap.

Why do you keep cursing?

What's that bastard doing here?

Damn that bastard.

Who is he?

The KCIA jerk working at the embassy.

He's the jerk who threw me in jail
back when I was a smuggler.

That damned bastard.

I know that punk very well.

He claimed some Korean students in Japan
formed a spy group.

And he put my cousin on that list.

My family got ruined because of him.

Your family consists of yakuza,
entertainers, and spies?

You idiot.

I'm living under someone else's name
because of that asshole.

That little scumbag.

That fucking bastard

is going to try to throw me in the sea.


Get out.

Who's the jerk next to you?

I want both of you to get out.

You fucking bastard.


You even hang out with commies now?

- Pull harder!
- Damn it.

You little...


You fucker, leave me alone!
Leave me the fuck alone!

Why are you so obsessed with me?


What happened? Is he dead?

That fucking bastard.

We're blood brothers now.

We'll liveĀ and die together.

Do you understand?

From now on,

we're starting over with a group of people
who haven't taken any bribes.

No friends, family, or colleagues
can know about this.

And whatever we talk about here
shall not be revealed to anyone.

"Made in Korea."

I got this from a Japanese cop.
It's being distributed all over Japan

under this name.

But I got a tip

saying it's being sold in Busan.

It's not that I don't trust you.

But this business

can only be run

when there is

trust, faith, and loyalty
between two parties.

That's why I'm giving you this job.

Here's your cut.

Thank you.

I'll see you.


- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Goodness gracious. Jesus!
What the fuck? Who are you?



You fucking asshole.

I'm sorry, sir.

- Did you buy that house?
- We've been living in a motel.

Thanks to you, my firstborn
was conceived in a motel.

Her name is Jang-suk.

- Jang-suk?
- It means "long-term stay."

"Long-term stay"? That's hilarious.

You can pay me back by making this quick.

You even deal drugs now?

I was asked to deal.

What kind of fool asked you to deal?

Suh Sang-hoon.

It was Suh Sang-hoon.

Suh Sang-hoon?

Suh Sang-hoon in the narcotics squad?

He sells drugs?

He offered to split the shares in half.
He asked me...

Where did Suh Sang-hoon get the drugs?

His bribes are paid in drugs.

Choi Jin-pil and Suh Sang-hoon
used to be real close,

but as soon as
he found Choi Jin-pil useless,

he sided with Lee Doo-sam.

He gave me the leftover crank
he got from Lee Doo-sam,

saying I can earn some pocket money
by selling them.

So what else could I do?

I mean, he calls it pocket money,
but it's enough to buy a house.


Lee Doo-sam?

The guy who used to be
the UN Gang's lackey?

Goodness, Mr. Kim.

Lee Doo-sam is no longer
the Lee Doo-sam he used to be.

He took over Japan and Busan.

He's become the king of crank.

Do you get it?

He's improving our country's reputation.

You know nothing.

1976, BUSAN



You can keep eating.

- Mun-ho, how will you
- Yes, sir?

gain strength
by eating black bean noodles?


You sure are Chinese.

You eat that stuff every single day.

See you, Boss.

You're eating that every time I come here.





Honey, help.


What's wrong with you?

You bastard.

Did you think I wouldn't know, you jerk?

- Doo-hwan.
- Honey, please help.

- You bitch!
- I'm sorry.

- Please don't do this.
- Doo-hwan.

- Tae-gu.
- Doo-hwan.

What's wrong with you?

Don't come near me, you jerk!

Doo-hwan, give me that knife.
I know you're a good guy. Give me...

- Don't come near me, you jerk!
- Hey.



What's going on with you?

I told you to stay
at the prayer house, didn't I?

Why did you lock me up in there? Why?
Do you know what they did to me?

They beat me up every single day,
you bastard.

I'm sorry.

How could you do that to me?

I'm... I'm sorry.


Doo-sam! You fucker!

Give me crank!

Give me my share, you bastard!


Doo-sam, you fucking jerk!

I guess someone needs to die
for you to show up.

You bastard!

The dead guy is Doo-hwan's friend, right?

It'll cost a lot to deal with the body.


Give me my crank!

Gosh. Doo-sam, you rotten bastard.

I'm the one who got you this far.

How dare you look down on me?

How could you be so ungrateful?

Mr. Jo, what do you mean "ungrateful"?

I made a man out of a punk

who used to drink another man's piss,
and this is how you treat me?

If you ever try to pull tricks again
and plot things without me,

you'll end up losing your head.

I won't say it twice.

When that happens,
you'd better have two coffins ready

for both you and your cousin.

He apparently opened
a clothing shop for her here.

She used to be a hostess
at the most famous bar in Seoul.

What are you doing, Sook-kyung?

You're going inside?


Why would an educated woman like you

volunteer to be a mistress?

Doo-sam's greed is as dirty
and enormous as the Busan coast.

Will you be able to handle him?

What did you just say?

Didn't people mistake you
with the late First Lady

and bow to you on your way here?

You bitch. What did you just say?

How should I address you?

Your husband isn't earning money
in a respectable way.

Don't try to act all noble in front of me.
Just focus on raising your children.

Marriage brought you no luck,
but your kids might.

You dirty whore.

Do you want to go to jail for adultery?

My gosh.

Hey, lady! If I had been punished
for adultery,

I'd have already gotten a life sentence.
So fuck you.

"Fuck you"?

You're no ordinary lunatic.

You're damn right.

Now that you've enjoyed
watching this crazy bitch,

you should go home.


Lee Doo-sam!

Lee Doo-sam!


Hey, I'm here. What's wrong?

What is it?


I am here. What's wrong?

Now that things are going your way,

have you no fear?


Do you want me to teach you
what you should be afraid of?

All right, okay. Lower your voice.
Let's go home.

Home? You don't have a home anymore.

Don't even dream of setting foot
in my house ever again.

I'm not going to raise my kids
with a druggie anymore.

I... No, you!

You won't ever get to see your kids again.

Why can't I see my own kids?

Gosh, seriously.

What's this? What happened?

You've gone crazy.

Do you even know what this is?

What are you doing?


- You!
- What?

The Lee Doo-sam I knew is gone.

How could you screw up
your life like this?

Without me,

you're nothing but a cheating druggie.

You shouldn't be doing this to me!

That greed of yours

will end up ruining you.

You reek of greed.

That incredible money of yours
also reeks of greed.

That's going to get your life ruined.
You'll end up falling in your own trap!

Cut it out.

Call the cops!

Tell them to arrest this druggie!

What... What's with you?
Gosh, you've gone crazy!


Did you call me crazy?

What is wrong with her?
She's gone completely insane.

What has gotten into her?
She's completely lost it.


How's Director Hahm these days?

Is he trustworthy?

I don't keep useless people around me.

We'll hear about the approval
on our business in Hong Kong soon.

Then I guess you'll cut me off
as soon as I become useless to you.


So don't mess up.

Quit the drugs.

I'm not here
to look after a local gangster.

The higher-ups can only tolerate so much.

Who's tolerating me?

Do they think they won't stink
of dirty money they received from me?

That's right. They won't stink.

They won't stink no matter how much money
they take from you.

But I've seen a lot of men
get ruined by drugs.


How many druggies have you dated so far?

You always do this.

You can't have the world at your feet
with this.

Are you hiding something from me?

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry.


Eat slowly.

You'll get indigestion.

Someone reported that a druggie
who escaped from the hospital

dined and dashed, so I went there.

And he said something interesting.

He says he's related to Lee Doo-sam,
the Drug King.

He's Lee Doo-hwan, Lee Doo-sam's cousin.

I heard you chased after your ex-lovers
every time you did drugs.

It's funny

how one of the main symptoms
of crank abuse

is the development of delusional jealousy
of one's lover.

I mean, why can't you trust
the ones who are closest to you?

In the end, you can't trust anyone
including your siblings or parents. Right?

You were quite famous at that hospital.

I'm never going to go back there again.

They don't want you back either.
They're too scared of you.

But you can go to jail.

You can make a lot of friends there,

so you won't be lonely.


Finish your soup.


Your cousin's really mean.

I mean, I hear he is living
an incredible life right now.

His product is all over Busan and Japan.
"Made in Korea," right?

He dominated the world with that.

No way.

I'm the one who helped him do all that!


So, is blood thicker than drugs or not?


Where is Doo-sam?

I'm starving to death right now.


Who are you jerks?

Hey, you asshole!


Slow down. Wait.

Hold on.



Doo-hwan, what is this?

Hey, you punk!

Who are you, you asshole?


Lee Hwan-soo.

No. You are Lee Doo-sam.


Your wife ended up marrying
the same man twice.

What kind of karma led you
to cook crank at night

and promote rural
and domestic development by day?

Lee Doo-sam is your real name, right?

Where's your hometown?

- Manchuria.
- Manchuria.

No wonder

you've got so much spirit.

I heard you paid Suh Sang-hoon
a grand sum of money.

Prosecutor, where's your hometown?

Listen, Mr. Lee.

I'm angrier at the government workers
who feed off you

than I am at you
and the gangsters who work with you.

So are you saying you're going to catch
the ones who feed off me?

You don't have the guts.

Listen, you fucking bastard.

I admit that you're one of a kind.

You both work in factories,
but do you know how much

those factory girls make in a day

while taking drugs
and working around the clock?

They earn 600 won.

On the other hand,
a single batch earns you

a billion won.


And your crank's called "Made in Korea"?

You think you're some kind of patriot?

Where do you even spend
all that filthy money?

I get how you became the director
of the KFCC.

But you're also the director
of the Busan National Development Council.

"The chairman
of Korea Women's Volleyball Association."

"The advisor
of Korea's Anti-Communist League."

"The Schubert Society of Korea."

Is this the Schubert that I know of,
you little jerk?


You want to know
where I spend my filthy money?

I don't spend it like a powerful man,
but I spend it on the powerful men.

If I gave you

a bag...

filled with 100 million won,
what would you do?

I'll keep it a secret, okay?

Goodness, did you just see that?

Something just crossed your mind.


But it's nothing to be ashamed of,
you know.

I heard you're doomed
if you do your own drugs.

Why are you digging your own grave?

I heard you see angels and devils
coming down from the sky if you do crank.

Which one is on your side?

Which one of them do you think
will stab you in the back?

Your cousin sold you out.

Aren't you worried
that your wife might cheat on you as well?


You've got all the money in the world,
but you're always anxious

because you know
you'll get caught one day.

And today is the day.

Find a person
who will bring you food to prison

because I will get your wife
locked up too.

You little bastard. Do you want to die?

How dare you lay your filthy hands on me?

Hey, listen. I'm an honorable prosecutor
of this country, you bastard.

- Fuck.
- You scumbag.

- You asshole.
- Did you just block?

You piece of shit.

You bastard.

Do you want to die, you fucker?

Gosh, I can't stand him anymore.


That little...

The district attorney
wants us to let him go.

Fuck! Why?

Hey, Made in Korea.

A druggie has better connections
than a prosecutor.

I'm impressed.

You crazy bastard.

Let's go.

You asshole, get back here. Hey!

Hey! Jung-ah, is that you?

My goodness.

No wonder.

I was wondering how a druggie
had better connections than me.

But I get it now. What happened?

Why would the famous Kim Jung-ah
come all the way to the countryside

to clean up after some druggie?

If you want to catch someone
with no connections, catch a commie.

How'd your life become such a ruin?

A truly beautiful flower stays beautiful
even when it withers.

Don't you agree?

I should also try to win your favor.

I didn't know
you still have this much power.

Doo-sam. Druggie.

Do you think this connection of yours
will last forever?

Think carefully
about who's really on your side.

I told you to be careful.

Do you know how hard it was for me
to keep your wife and sister safe?

Let your cousin go to jail.

I can only do so much.


Just go suck up to that prosecutor.


Why would I humiliate myself
by begging to a nobody like him?

It seems like you two are pretty close.

You men and your bloated egos...

What are you saying?
Do you think you got me out?

It was my bribes that got me out.
How dare you act like you did everything?


Don't you...

glare at me.

Are you out of your mind?

Are you seriously saying that
in this situation?

Is your brain working properly?

Do you think it is easy to get
a druggie like you out of there?

You bitch.
Look at you showing your true colors now.

How dare you treat me with no respect?
You fucking bitch.

Gosh, what's this smell?

Has a fish gone bad or something?
Get your stinky ass out of here.

- I will!
- Get out right now!

Boss, Kim Soon Pyung is in Busan.

Soon Pyung is?

He killed a mid-level boss over in Japan,
so a lot of people are after him.

Doo-sam, help me out.

I escaped to Busan to save myself.

But jerks at the KCIA are after me.

I heard one of the guys who was there
that night told them what happened.

I don't know what you mean.

I'll get stabbed to death
if I go back to Osaka.

I think I'm destined
to live in my homeland.

My parents always talked
about Jeju Island,

so I'll go there and raise horses.

Please help me.

I'll get you a boat. Go back.

If you don't help me, who will?

We're blood brothers.

Will you please leave me alone?
I am in deep shit myself, you fucker.

I've been upset with you for a while,

but I've been holding it in.

What do you think I will do
if you treat me like this?

What do you think?

Do you know how I feel right now?

I feel like I'm thrown into the open sea.

You're my lighthouse now.

I will entrust my life to you.

You'll do well.

I have one request.

Based on President Park's ideology,

we pledge to strengthen
the unity of our nation,

preserve our national traditions,

and dedicate our lives

and loyalty to our nation and its people.

And in order to defeat
the nefarious schemes of North Korea,

we will bring the people together

and do our best in our positions

to fortify our nation's
security apparatus.



Because of the New Village Movement,
no one's able to sleep.

Why are you drinking without any food?
That's not good for your health.

Gosh, that's enough.

Mr. Kim.

His friend used to be a member
of the Sunggang Gang,

and someone asked him to sell some crank.

But apparently, the guy who asked
was a yakuza from Japan.

He's a Korean-Japanese
who worked with Lee Doo-Sam

when he made his first export to Osaka.

And I heard he's in Busan right now.

He caused trouble in Osaka
and stowed away to Busan.

He's in need of money, so he sells crank.

What a sad life.

Down with the Yushin regime!

Down with the Yushin regime!

Abolish the dictatorship
and the Yushin regime!

Down with the Yushin regime!

Abolish the dictatorship
and the Yushin regime!

Down with the Yushin regime!

Abolish the dictatorship!

Abolish the dictatorship
and the Yushin regime!

No more political repression!

No more political repression!

Go ahead.

What are you doing, you jerk?

You bastard!

You jerk!

What are you doing? Kill him!


How are things in Seoul?
I think I should go there.

Don't you watch the news?

The country's falling apart.

Show some concern for this country!

These so-called big shots don't care
about the country at all.

President Park has declared
martial law over Busan

in accordance with Article 54
of the Constitution

in response to the student protests
that have overtaken the city.

Therefore, Busan...

No more political repression!

Damn it!

Last night, at around 7:50 p.m.,
President Park Chung-hee

was shot in the dining hall
on the Blue House grounds

by Kim Jae-gyu, the director of KCIA,

and passed away at the age of 62.

As per President Park's will

and according to Article 48
of the Constitution,

Prime Minister Choi Kyu-ha
will be taking on the presidential duties.

The government has declared martial law
all over the country

except for Jeju Island

as of 4:00 a.m. on October 27.

And this afternoon, Choi Kyu-ha...


Hello, may I talk to Chief Huh?

Hello, is Chief Jo there by any chance?

Tell him I'm the guy from Busan.


No, wait.

Then is Director Lee Jae-sung there?

Is the district attorney there?

I'm his friend from Busan.

Hey, Mr. Koo. It's me.

What's going on?

No one's answering my calls.
Did they all flee?

Then what about me?
What's going to happen to me?

Just stay low and see how things turn out.
And don't call me, okay?

Mr. Koo.

As President Park's funeral procession
passes by Gwanghwamun

and enters Sejongno intersection,

endless lamentation...

Those bastards.

Why did they have to fire guns
after taking my money?

A layer of fog blankets the city
as if the skies are also in sorrow.

Many citizens pound the ground in grief
as they cry out loud

about the vanity
of our late president's death.

I was trying to live a decent life.

I've been a good person.

Those little bastards...

I'm going to kill those bastards.

I'll fucking kill them all.

1980, BUSAN

Hey, come over here.

Hey, it's me.

Did I get any calls?

Listen to me carefully.

There are people who are after me.

Kim Il Sung

sent armed commies

to get me.

Kim Shin Jo crossed the 38th parallel
and climbed over the walls

of the Blue house to get me.

I'm serious.

Right now...

Let me talk to Jung-soo.


Hey, why isn't he answering
when his dad's asking for him?

Come on.

You know me, right?

I devoted my entire life
to this country's modernization.

You know I received a medal
from the president, right?

That's who I am. This country needs me.
I earned money for everyone.

You all would have starved to death
without me.

So don't get any ideas and make sure...

you take good care of...

our kids.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey, you bitch.

I'll kill you if you betray me.

I'm going to kill all those bastards
who are after me. Okay?

I'm the famous Lee Doo-sam.


Who's calling my name?

I'm Lee Doo-sam.

Who's calling me?


I'm Lee Doo-sam. What do you want?

Show yourself! Don't hide!

You bastards.

I'm Lee Doo-sam...

Why are you hiding?

I'm right here!

Lee Doo-sam is right here!

Look. There's a CCTV here.

Is this the KCIA headquarters or what?

What was that?

You commies!

You'd better not come any closer.

He has a gun.

Do we have guns?

No, we don't.

I'm going to shoot you all, you bastards.

I think we need guns.

Those bastards.

I'll kill them all.

See? Come on!

I told you they'd cross the 38th parallel
to get me.

What did I tell you? I was right.

We protect

This beautiful land

We live today

With vigor

We will risk our lives
Going through the fires of war

And fight for the peace
On our homeland and in our families

I will fight

To protect our nation

Come on out, you commies!
I'll shoot every single one of you!

Lee Doo-sam.

Put that gun down.

Who are you?

Are you Kim Il Sung?

I'm Prosecutor Kim In-gu.

A prosecutor?


I brought...

I brought a lot of bullets. Where...

- I don't have any.
- It's over. Put the gun down.

Are you here to kill me?


Don't get worked up.

Think of your family.

Drop the gun.

Drop the gun!

I no longer want to get stomped on.

Mr. Lee.

I got shot, you see...

I got shot right here.



How do you feel?

Why didn't you run?

Why would I run?


Kim Jung-ah got taken in
by the Security Bureau. She's in a mess.

Mr. Lee.

The world has changed.

Let's wipe the slate clean.


Oh, well...

You should become

a prosecutor who chases after
the real bad guys.

Catching a guy like me
won't change anything.

I mean, well...

I was just trying
to help people make a living.

And let's be honest.

Do you know how many people
made a living off me?

You can't deny it.

I swear this on my job.

If you don't cooperate,

I'll make sure you rot and die in prison.

It's time for you to wake up
to reality, Mr. Lee.





How much money did you get?

How many public officers
are involved in this?

Do you admit that you're guilty?

Let me go, you jerk!

Please give us a comment!







The Supreme Court sentenced Lee Doo-sam
to 15 years in prison.

After Lee Doo-sam's incident,

the Supreme Prosecutors' Office
established a narcotics division.