M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi (2004) - full transcript

A story about a kick boxer who went to Malasia to his father after his mother's dead.

Porter, madam

Have this madam,
ask me if you need anything

I am staying downstairs

Don't ask him anything
He is my son, but is mischievous

Aunty, don't listen to my dad
You may go in

Please go
- OK

I will see you later

Sir, which is the
good school in this area?

Sit down

Are you Mahalakshmi?
- Yes sir

You would have heard
about our school's merit rating

Parents are prepared to
give any amount of donation...

...to admit their wards in our school

In the application as
'earning member' only your name is seen

It doesn't have your
husband's name next to it

We are not bothered
about your personal problems

But still as a single woman
will you be able to remit fees?

Who is in that picture?

Goddess Saraswathy - Why Brahma's photo
is not there beside that?

For the education of
all the children in the world...

...you believe
Saraswathy alone is enough

For my Kumaran's education
I believe this Mahalakshmi will do





Did you see my son anywhere?

He was here. Ganesh, did you see him?
- Aunty, he has gone to the stadium - Is it?

Why did you come here?
Haven't I told you not to see all these?

Come let us go home

Come on punch
Punch like that

Punch, give a good punch

Oh God! Mom is coming



You like that
then why did you switch off TV

...when you saw me
- Because you don't like it

Look, if you like it
and if you feel it is right

Do it courageously, OK?
- Yes mom

What is this?
When your lecturers are nearby...

Can you smoke like this?

Nair, if we smoke,
why do you feel bad?

You can even ask them also to smoke

Oh God!
Mother, father, teacher and then God

Are you giving a lecture
for the sake of a lecturer? Go Nair

You don't listen to me

If they ask us to have a break
then it is 'chocolates time' for us

Nair brother
- Coming

You might put up weight
Give it to me

What is it?- Get me a cup of coffee
- Ordinary or special?

In what way they differ?
- Just Rs 2. For you, special coffee is free

Look Lakshmi, despite our presence
All of them are smoking

Now they are smoking
during night they will drink beer

Wards consuming beer are more
when compared to wards worth mentioning

Why should we bother about that?

Are they obedient in class?
That is what matters

What would be Mahalakshmi's age?

May be in the late thirties

She looks fine in sari
How would it be, if she is in our grip?

Lakshmi madam,
they are commenting about you

I am hearing it

Look at folds in her waist...

Even while it is covered under sari
it's luring, don't know who is her hubby?

Oh God!
- This is it

What did you say?

Were you talking about this fold?

Rather than talking about field of study
Are you talking about waist folds?

Take off your hands
- Don't you have sisters?

Don't do madam
- Don't they have folds like this?

Don't think because you smoke
you are a thug

This is too much madam
For talking about you, you are slapping

Did I slap you?
For me this does not come under slapping

This is the smooth handling by me
I have a son, like a lion

If he had seen you mocking at me
If he hits you...

...you will be alive but your mom
will be unable to identify you

Follow the same style
You have a bright future

You will win the semifinals

Maya and Maya company's sponsor

Wanted to meet the best
performer among my students

Come, let us meet them

I don't want to come there
you may handle it yourself

I have to go for college day function
All my friends are waiting for me

Greetings! Students of Tamil Nadu

Greetings! Students of Tamil Nadu
You are stylish, you are always fast

Kalam (Dr.Abdul Kalam) is the President

He is our senior
And we, his junior

If clad in wrinkled jeans
and unkempt hair

They are students
college students

With whistling lips
Lion heart...

We are students

He will enquire about
cost of 'Fear per kg'...

They are students

Even if sported in cat-mush...

...will give a tiger-glance

Give a glance!

Greetings! Students of Tamil Nadu
You are stylish, you are always fast

Kalam (Dr.Abdul Kalam) is the President

He is our senior
And we, his junior

Come on!

Come on buddy!
Give our country beat

Nagore's beat

Come on buddy!
Perform our local dance

Gather the crowd

Perform the dance around

Prove that you are a student

Make noise with a song

Do heroism inside the college

Go on leap, it's our life
Our college life

No 'right or wrong' here
Everything is straight

That is college life

Two wheeler is our rocket
Friendship is our life jacket

Hear this
This is our philosophy

Seeing our boys...

God will also wish to be a student
As a college student

If savouries are added
then is 'Pani puri' (lndian savoury)

Say like that

If boys and girls mingle
then it is our college

Buddy, give a beat

So we will meet tomorrow

It is OK madam
We will wait, until you leave

Are you all ogling at my son?

Not that, in case if your son
doesn't come, we will drop you

Poor girl, Malini said hello to you
You could have reciprocated

You are wrong,
her look is not alright

What is this mother?
This sauce has no salt and is not tasty

Add little salt

Mother even omelet has no taste
- Add little pepper

Where cooking is to be done?
In Kitchen or dining table?

Your taste buds are not sensitive
and you talk too much

This is a disease
- What disease I have?

This disease comes to
all youngsters of your age

This is called 'Love mania'
- Is it? OK

For you guys, stuff in pizza hut,
and fast food joints...

...will appear tasty
when you eat ogling at girls

This is mother's preparations
This will have just nutrients

The secret of my health is
my mother's pepper soup

Even your dad drinks like you

Why do you talk about him now?

How many times I have told you
not to talk about him?

Because you did like him, I told so

When you say I look like him,
I talk and eat like him...

...I feel I am being punished

Don't talk like that
All said and done he is your dad

No, one who has
deserted wife and his son...

Is neither your husband nor my dad

Not that, me and your dad agreed to...

Stop it mother, did you bid
farewell to him when you parted?

If you talk about him again
It would be different

Because I didn't have food
You don't forego your food

Go and have your food

I should get angry, not you

OK, come let us eat

- Is it a revenge?

I am hungry,
come let us eat mother

I will not serve
and will not eat also

Mother, Angrylakshmi

Mother have food please

My beloved mother, have food

This is your turn,
this is my...

Nothing of that sort
You go and have a plate for you

Bring some pickles

Why are you coming
from underground drainage?

Where are you coming from?
- Shenoy Nagar

How did you come? - By bus
- How long it took you to reach? - One hour

I also came from the same Shenoy Nagar
I took just 5 minutes - How?

Very simple, I jumped there, got up here

In underground there are
no traffic jams, signal problems...

...Road blocks, funeral processions,
stoppage of traffic for VIPs...

...checks by traffic police
There are no such hindrances

The ideal transport system for Chennai is
underground drainage system

Was it not stinking inside?

The stench inside is far less than
what is in the outer

That's right, but you have
come with a tea glass in hand

Because I travel daily a Nair
has started a tea shop there

He has planned to
give snacks from tomorrow

It is a good comedy

Looks like a kindergarten

Forget about my life's comedy
Seems your life is a big tragedy

You are feeding milk to the kids here
Where is their mother?

She has delivered a baby child
a brother for all of them

Why can't you say,
you have got another baby?

Already you have so many kids
Do you need one more?

Look, you have used
a protective covers for suitcase...

...mobile phone and for your specs...

...you have covered
even the feeding bottle

But had you used a protective
cover at the appropriate time

Would your house and the
nation have faced this problem?

What are you sir?
- I am an Sl

S.I.? (Sub inspector)
- I meant Simply Idle

What are you?
- I am also an Sl sir

Go down and give this to Nair,
in your account

Next I have to go to KK nagar
A man hole is open

Kumaran - Tell me
- Do me a favour

What help?- Our neighbour
Gomathy lecturer is not in town

Her hubby's brother's daughter
is coming from Malabar today

You must receive her at the
bus station and drop her at their house

Their house key is with us

Why do you give such petty
assignments to me and disgrace me?

You tell me some thing
that suits me I will do

This is a job well suited to you

- Bringing her is not an easy task

She is such an imperious girl

Her aunt's house is also in this place

Because she is angry
with her paternal uncle

They are afraid either
purposely or accidentally

she might go to her aunt's house

Talk less mother

A girl from Malabar is
coming to Goms lecturer's house

She is an arrogant girl
- Yes

She should be brought to Goma's house

Is that all?- That's all
- What is her name?

I have forgotten her name

But she would be
wearing an yellow Churidar

Yellow Churidar
leave it to me, I will manage it

What is this?

Are you from Malabar?

Shall we go?

What are you doing?
What is this?

You talk like 'Surya TV' shows
Can't you talk like 'Sun TV' shows?

What is it?
- Don't you know Tamil?

Alright, you come
- Leave it

Oh! My lord Guruvayurappa
- Dad! Has he also come?

Where is he?
- That is God - Is he no more?

Oh! God I am fed up with you

You confuse me a lot, come
- My bag

Come with me, come on

- Give it to me

Quiet! Come on
- Leave me

Sit down
- Gosh!

Calling me in singular, sit down

This is your paternal uncle's house

He is not (Alla) my uncle
- Then is Jesus your uncle?

I don't have any paternal uncle

There will be minor issues but you
can't disown your uncle just like that

Have you brushed (vilakku) your teeth?
- Lamp? (Vilakku), what for?

You would not have brushed your teeth

Don't brush your teeth
But paint lipstick duly


Come and get this, hold it


Sit down

Are you looking for
'Puttu' and ground nut sauce?

We have only 'Idly and
sambar' for breakfast, eat

Eat... You are really arrogant

Because it was me, I managed

Is this Perumal sir's house?
- Yes this is Perumal's house

Who are you?
- I am his brother's daughter 'Oravanjini'

Oravanjini? He said he will
send someone to receive me

No one came, I would
have gone to my aunty's house

I wanted to just fire
him enroute, where is he?

Then who are you? - I have been
trying to tell you this from beginning

You brought me here and
now asking me who I am?

This is good fun
- Then are you not Perumal's relative?


Somewhere a mistake has happened

You have not come to Perumal's house
Then why did you wear Yellow churidar?

This is my churidar,
so I am wearing it

Then why did you get on to my bike?

If an handsome boy calls
Will you get onto his bike?

God! Look at this handsome boy

You have wasted 40 grams of
tooth paste and consumed 4 idli's

Actually those idli's were brought
for you she has consumed it

Now what can I give her?
- I need 12 idli's

What are you looking at? Come

Come - I told you earlier
that I have no paternal uncle

I told you my uncle has no house
You never listened to me

If you talk again
I will whack you

Check correct address and drop her
Else she will have lunch in your house

Don't listen to him, mad fellow

(Mad fellow)

Don't laugh mother
Atleast the girl could have told me

You would not have allowed her to talk

Is this the way to behave with a girl?

You said she is an
arrogant girl, so I did this

That girl is a good girl else she would
have booked you under eve teasing

All those won't work with me

But when she left she called me 'pranthan'

What does it mean?
- I too don't know Malayalam

But from what you
did and what she said, I guess

It must probably mean 'eccentric'

- Yes, it is

Mother, what happened?


What mom?

What madam, were you under stress?

What stress do I have?

I wanted to tell you when Kumaran
was here but he would panic

Nothing, it is a mild cardiac attack

Continue these medicines
regularly, you will be alright

What is wrong with mother doctor?
Nothing to worry

I have told her everything
Take care

How are you mother?
- Nothing wrong with me, I am fine

In case if I die, what will you do?

I will kill you, if you talk
again like this I will kill you


What is Thiruvalluvar's wife's name? Write

We have reached your house

It is quite boring to come
to the same house always

Kumaran, how are you
- Fine, how are you uncle?

Because of a son like him
I somehow manage

Look at his weariness
Yesterday night since it was sultry

He came out slept here
Dog thought it is bones wrapped in cloth...

...clutched it and ran away

Then I had to fight with
the dog and get him back

Talk with respect
Uncle, take care of him, bye

From that boy's face
you will know that he will progress

You are also there
- Yes, I am here

His mother staying in
our house worked hard...

...qualified and has today become
a lecturer in a college

But you were a Tamil teacher
and also retired as a Tamil teacher

And today are torturing these tiny kids

Keep quiet

- What dear? - Call your son from here

Come inside
- I am coming mom

Why do you laugh?
Bring that

Why have you written 'Don't know'?

Don't you know Valluvar's wife is Vasuki?

Don't you know?
- Dad, leave him

I was hearing it all

Thiruvallavur has said many
wonderful things through his 1330 couplets

You have not taught them any of that

Is his wife's name so important?

He has also written a chapter
about 'evils of extra marital ogles'

This boy is following that
in letter and spirit

He doesn't even know
another man's wife's name

Why do you beat him?

What that uncle says is correct
You are trying to spoil me

I will not attend
your tuition classes anymore

Mother you said you will give me coffee

Is it Filter coffee?
- You deserve it - Dirty donkey

Let us go to the next lesson

To avenge the Pandya king
who killed her husband

Kanagi set ablaze Madurai
Madurai was blazing, in this...

Dad, stop...
- What?

If Kannagi's husband was killed by Pandian

It is an affair between three of them

It is Kannagi's family problem

How can she burn
the entire Madurai city for this?

City is a public property

Because you teach them like this

when they go to colleges
for any internal problem

They come out, pelt stones
on buses and burn them

Why do you instigate violence like this?

What uncle says is right. Because of you
I got slapped by dad yesterday

I have put a lighted
match stick in post box

I am going
- OK go

Valli, come let us go
- Is she your fiancée?

Your body strength is very low
Now your tuition strength has also come down

If it continues like this,
how will we maintain our family?

After doing all this
you are talking smartly

We are doing it for the first time
Let us start after worshipping Lord Ganesh

Come fast

Lord, it is a long standing desire
Bless us

Ensure no one watches when we pray
We will light 108 incense sticks

Come it is enough, look there

Come on girls


Seems someone is here
- Who will be here at this time?

OK, Come

Malabar bidi

Mammootty and Mohanlal smoke this

Should we not know,
what is so special in it?

Take one

Which end should be fired and
which end should be kept in mouth?

Keep the smaller end in mouth
and light the bigger end

My goodness!

How do guys smoke this so casualy?

If we also smoke for 3 days
we can also air smoke rings


Oh! Mad fellow

I know then itself you are a big fraud

Hey! Malabar
Come here

Come here

Have you seen here?
- Nokia phone

Did you see inside the Nokia?

Me and my bidi
- Yes, your smoking has been photographed

This is called smoke photo
- No sir, they only asked me to smoke

Do you know Tamil?
- Can speak little Tamil

You know Tamil little
But you know smoking thoroughly

Oh! God - Is it bidi alone?
Or are you used to Beer, Brandy, Whisky...

...Rum, Gutka, Matka,
illicit brew and Marijuana also?

Don't pose as innocent
Have you come from Kerala...

...to spoil our Tamil girls?

We just tried it for fun
I will hold your legs and plead for pardon

In your Kerala, you will hold
the legs when you do wrongs

But in Tamil Nadu,
you should hug

Gosh, are you mocking? (Kali)

It is neither millet pudding (kali)
nor ragi (Keppai)

My dear Tamil girls, please tell her

Yes, you have to hug

Sorry sir, will never
do like this anymore

I want to forgive you always like this

Whenever I feel like forgiving you
you must come and hug me like this

Is it OK?


Madam bless me
- What is this new practice?

What day is today?
You give me 100 Rs on this day

Have you forgotten it?
Today is your birthday

With great difficulty,
I have memorised a song for this

Shall I sing?
- Sing

Stop, always my son Kumaran wishes me first

Let me here his happy birthday wish first
Then you can sing

I will give you Rs 200 happily
- Rs 200?

Mother, I will come in
just 10 minutes

What madam, he has
gone without saying anything?

He will say, you go
and do your work, Go

Mother, let us go - Anything else?
- Nothing else - OK we can go

Madam, give me 100 Rs I will sing

For your song, will anybody give 100 Rs, go

Mother, when she said,
'song' I remember

What song?
- Must buy Daler Mehndi CD, come

Daler Mehndi! He is in jail, singing

- Keep quiet

OK Mother. Will meet you in the evening
- Have you forgotten anything?

- Just refresh your memory

Mother - What?
- I didn't have my breakfast

Eat, eat well
I want you to eat well, go, you may go

My son doesn't even remember my birthday

You! I am you

You are the fire of my soul

You! I am you

You are the fire of my soul

You are my dad
You are my friend

You are my lullaby singing friend

You are the hot summer
of April and May

You are the gentle breeze
of June, July too

You are the rain of September
You are the chill of October too

When I have a mom like you...

What else do I need
to succeed in life?

Wake up
- Leave me mom

Wake up
Shouldn't you go for training?

Give me few minutes
- Go, have your bath

You are my lullaby singing friend

Mom, wait
Why do you rush?

Mom, I am scared
- Why are you scared? Come

I will also come
- Come

How long will you take?
Make it fast

Will you have it like this?
- OK, take your time - That's it

Oh God!

When my eyes well up...

When my heart is burdened...
I will lean on your shoulders

You would say in those days
'My son will never grieve'

Give me a boon to be your son
even in my next birth

I am your little cuckoo
Colourful cuckoo that you fondle

Even if I am grown up...

I need your lap to swing

Mom, you are great!

You have watered the roots
Those were your tears

My garden was filled with flowers

I am your proud son
your fighter son

The garland is on my shoulders

You have made this crescent a full moon

You are the Ganges that never dries
This lady moon never fades

May you live long

I need a new day break

You are my east forever

You! I am you

You are the fire of my soul

You are my dad
You are my friend

You are my lullaby singing friend

Come, congratulations Kumaran
- For what?

Maya &Maya company has
decided to sponsor you

He is the company's manager

Thank you very much for sponsoring me

Why do you thank me? Your talent in
kick boxing has got you this big chance

You must represent our company
in the semi finals in Chennai

and also in the finals at Malaysia

But one condition, Malaysia's
6 time kick boxing champion

Mr. Eswar. You must undergo
6 months training under him

We will do all arrangements to
send you to Malaysia next week itself

Uncle take me also to Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are
lot of varieties of...

...places to see
- Keep quiet

Sorry sir, participating in
the finals at Malaysia...

...is my dream, ambition
and you can even call it my craze

But in the present
health condition of my mother

I cannot leave her alone and go anywhere

What are you saying?
- Please don't compel me

Luck presses the calling bell only once

My luck is to stay with my mother

I am going for my practice

In his place, sponsor me
and take me to Malaysia

Do you know boxing?
- Is it not punching? I know to some extent

What do you mean by some extent?
- To this extent

Am I so strong or is he so weak?

Is this called knock out? (Naak - tongue)

Don't stare at me uncle. I didn't give
a hard punch, did just like this...

When the sponsors are
prepared to send you abroad...

Why do you reject that?

Look, my decision is final
I will not go anywhere leaving you alone

Listen to me
Eswar is a wonderful coach

Pirated VCD is available
for a new release movie

I will get it, shall we see the movie?

Mahalakshmi, say something and go

Look here I don't like to see
pirated VCD's and tough boys also

Sir, how about today's collection?

Has police department
become a laughing stock?

I am coming, police department is
the only one working for 24 hrs

All government department offices are
closed for a day every week

But the police station doors
are never closed

In India, it is the only department
which does not resort to strikes

During a communal riot,
we go for security

Even for a conference proclaiming
no religion we go for security

Have you seen movies?

MGR in 'En Kadamai',
Sivaji in 'Thangapathakkam'

Rajini in 'Moondru mugam',
Kamal in 'Kakhi Chattai'

Vijayakant from
'Oomai Vizhikal' to many movies

Ajith in 'Anjaneya',
Vikram in 'Samy', Surya in 'Kakka Kakka'

...have all become a star
by acting as police officers

Such a majestic,
dignified force is the police force

Are you talking ill of such a force?

Forgive us, ignorant of police force
we have spoken ill of you

Hereafter, don't talk ill
of the police department

Why did you steal the police bike?

Don't you proclaim
'Police is your friend'? - Yes

Does taking a friends bike amount to theft?

How can you steal
a bike parked by a police officer?

It was parked in 'No parking area'

Had public noticed it
what would have happened to you?

So I took it from there
and parked it here

Who are you to do all these?

Junior Vikatan reporter!

Let us compromise
Return my cap on your own

Are you not ashamed?

Someone is spitting on
a responsible police officer

Public like you
remain as a silent spectator

Like En Kadamai MGR...
- Assault him

Do that way

Welcome, glad that you have come

Please come here
You are very pretty

Don't stand next to the bride,
bridegroom may get confused

What Nair, any function at home?

Visitors have come from outside,
We are here, you didn't invite us

Don't create problems
My daughter's betrothal is on

Your daughter is a superb 'thing'

You have broken a bottle
and talk filthily too

Look at this Phoolan Devi,
talks too much

You don't know about me

If you cross swords with me
You might repent for it later

Are you threatening?
Nair, who is she? Caution her

She may not reach home safely

I will apologise on her behalf
she talked by mistake, please go

I will let her go, for your sake

Don't go, come
- Who are all these people?

They are not sober and talk so indecently

They are tenants in the first floor
They talked so nicely initially

So I permitted, now there are additional
people and have made it like a club

If I question them, they threaten me

Why are you keeping quiet?

Why can't you lodge
a complaint with the police?

I have come here to eke out a living
Why get into trouble?

Don't worry, by this evening
they won't be here

Go ahead with the function now
I will send my son later

He will fix an auspicious time for them

Come Inspector, look at them
They drink, play cards and have...

...converted the house as a club
- Club? There is no such board

Why do you require a board?
They are all rowdy elements

Eviction is a problem
between the owner and the tenant

You must move the Civil Court

If I question them about playing cards

They might say they are playing
cards among cousins for fun

I cannot find fault on them

Even is they drink brandy
inside home, it is Human Rights

Only if they do all this in public
I have rights to question them

Oh, God, Well said Sir

Would you mind
if two persons fight for fun?

In case, during the fight
if there are bleeding injuries

Is it a problem for you?

Until, a complaint is lodged by the victim...

Which side you have the stairs?
- Go that way

Why is he going?

What are doing here?
This is my friend's house

What is in your hands, is it Bidi?

This is not Bidi
Is it Marijuana? - Thulasi

Wait, say sorry
- Sorry - Lean and ask


Are you mocking?
Why are you here?

Wherever you are I find smoke
Let me go and check

Come, let us go down

Hello, brothers are you busy playing?

Please move aside
Include me also

Come on
Cut the cards - Just continue

Ace. - Mine is King,
I have won, take off your hands

I swear mine is Ace
- Then you lost it

Ass means donkey
Which is superior the King or the donkey?

Are you creating a problem?

Which is superior, Ass or King?
- Ace!

Normally, in gambling den
they talk about the jack

But this looks like Jackie Chan

Which is superior, Ass or King?
- Ace!

Why so noisy?

If smoke emits in the place where I am
The place where he is blasts

Which is superior Ass or King?
- Ace!

I admit King is superior
What is that you want now?

Yes, King is superior,
what is your problem now?

No, Ace is superior,
without knowing even this...

This place is not OK
as per 'Vasthu' science

You will all the time
feel like playing cards here

While you play here
I will come and join you

Then, I will have doubt, which is superior?
Is it all required?

Clear the place, hurry up, soon

Sambandam, somebody has pushed him

According to Sec.75, it is wrong

Sir, no one pushed him
He has fallen, because he is inebriated

If he is pushed by someone
it is Police van

If he falls on his own
It is Ambulance van

Sir, you are great

Is the cycle yours? Ride
- Yes sir

Fly out

Go straight to Circus

Take that, jump
Sir, police is down there

Did he fall on his own?
Or was he pushed by someone?

But he has fallen
Ask him to get up and go to the lodge

Leave the place

Are you going to hit me?
- No

Sir, they have sent you
a chair from upstairs

Can I jump now?
- Why do you ask? Do it

Move aside sir
A person has also come from upstairs - Go

Clear move out, it is time
- Leader, we are escaping

Our friends don't like this house
They are vacating

Hand over the keys

Thank you, Kumaran

Oh God! He is removing his shirt

Oh God! He is removing his belt

Don't do
- Why?

I am not used to it
- Am I doing this daily?

Love making cannot be taught

You have come so far to see me
How can you say 'no' now?

I didn't come to see you
- Then - I came for sight seeing

Is it a Taj Mahal,
Have you never seen this before?

Must catch the lips that lie
- Don't do

I am going to make predictions

This is lip astrology and
is called Lipology Japan style

Listen, I will now describe about you

Your are from Malabar
But you are going to live in Tamil Nadu

One Tamil Boy is disturbing your sleep
Am I right?

Is what I said true?

Your are lying
- No - Then go

I think I am in love with that girl

If you see her once and okay it
I will proceed confidently

Look there, they are all roaming in pairs

Are they all roaming with their
mom's permission? Why do you pester me?

Have I ever done anything
without asking you?

I am thrilled to hear this

Does she love you?
- I think so

How can you imagine?
Well, what is her name?

- What is it, bar, wine and all?

I don't know her name
But I call her like that

You don't know whether she loves you
But you have a nick name for her

Mother look there!
- Who is it?- Malabar!

- That yellow churidhar

You mean this girl?
- Yes she is the girl

You wait here, let me talk with her
Remember, we are strangers

Aunty, how come you are here?
- What are you doing here?

Had come with a friend, for shopping
- Shall we go?

- Who, where?

The guy who is standing there

He always scares me

When I look at him I start trembling

Is it?
- He is a big rowdy

Oh God! He is looking at me

Is he scaring you?

I am calling you only
- Don't do, listen to me

Why do you turn back?
I am calling you only

Come here, come on
- Leave him, let us go, come

He is coming - Don't be scared
I am with you, keep quiet

My goodness!

Look at his gait
Thinks he is Amitab Bachchan

Why do you stare?
- Don't create problems, let us go

Why do you give poses?
Do you think you are a big hero?

I will skin you - Do you think
ladies are your play dolls?

They are respectable women folk
Don't stare at me

Don't expect me to keep quiet
when women folk are in peril

I will erupt violently

If you tease her again
You may end up with broken limbs

Yes, we must not leave fellows like him

Have you informed your
mother that you won't return?

Control yourself
Do you know who is his mother?

Who is it?
- That is me!

Do you know Kick Boxing? - No
- But he knows it

If he hits you...
Go man, button up and go

This is the first and last
warning for you, go before I get angry

Baldie, come out
I want to talk to you in person

Phone rings brother I am coming
No problem, Brother,

Baldie, will hit you
- That guy...

Are you a big rowdy?
I will hit you

Leave him, let's go
- Go, go home

Go from here, I will call the police

Aunty, please leave him
- Why? - Poor fellow, he is a good 'kutty'

What do you mean by good 'kutty'
- In Malayalam, good kutty means good boy

Then do you like him,
let me call him - No

If he comes near I am scared
when he is faraway I like him

Is it? Will you marry him
and run family from a distance?

Oh goodness! Your eyes

Moment I saw your eyes, everything is...
Oh goodness!

Oh goodness!

Moment your saw me
Oh gosh! I was electrified

With your lusty eyes you grazed my beauty
Oh goodness!

During my midnight dreams, you consumed me
Oh goodness!

My eyelids are loaded with your image
Couldn't sleep, Oh goodness!

My lips are full of pleasure filled by you
Couldn't speak, Oh goodness!

Fingers twitching all over the waist
It is soothing, Oh goodness!

Mind jumps joyously with no restrictions
It is appropriate, Oh goodness!

Oh goodness! Your eyes

Moment I saw your eyes, everything is...
Oh goodness!

Touch during daytime, Oh gosh!
Touch during evenings, Oh gosh!

Touching during midnight
Oh goodness!

Saffron fragrance, Oh gosh!
Sandal fragrance, Oh gosh!

I have your fragrance
Oh goodness!

Give me your cheek liberally
Oh goodness!

Mole blooms all on a sudden
Oh goodness!

Near the earlobes
Oh gosh!

So poetic and soft like cat hairs
Oh gosh!

While talking love
Oh gosh!

How did you forget to talk?
Oh goodness!

Even after rains, It is hot...
Is it because of your visit?

Though life is burning
it is pleasurable...

Is it because you are a pleasure?

Oh gosh!
- Oh gosh!

Oh goodness! Your eyes

Moment I saw your eyes, everything is...
Oh goodness!

When you talk tamil, Oh gosh!
When I hear your tamil, Oh gosh!

Gestures between eyes in love is...
Oh goodness!

While you look for me, Oh gosh!
While I look for you, Oh gosh!

In love, true love, when we are lost...
Oh goodness!

Your eyes talk gestures
Oh goodness!

Your hands stroke tresses
Oh goodness!

In the tinkles of your anklets, Oh gosh!
Your sulky lingo is..., Oh goodness!

Whatever we had so far is...
Oh gosh!

The taste perception enhances
Oh goodness!

Even after rains, It is hot...
Is it because of your visit?

Though life is burning
it is pleasurable...

Is it because you are a pleasure?

I have decided to
toil hard and come up in life

There is no dignity of labour
So, I have come for this shoe shining

American President, Abraham Lincoln
was doing this initially

Shoe wearing people may come out
from their hideouts for shoe polishing

Sir, please come

Show me your legs
so that I can earn a living - Shine this

What shoe is it?
- Why?

I have never seen such model
even in Khadim, Carona, Bata

You would not have seen
- From where did you get it?

Road laying people were using it
I just stole it

You sinner!
Since, they cannot afford a rubber shoe...

They use gunny or
rubber sheets as shoe and toil hard

You have robbed it from them
Will you prosper in life?

Why do you bother about it all?

Tell me your charges
approximately and shine the shoes

Stabbing guys like you
only increases my reputation

Oh! God
On the first day I have lost a needle

Don't know who is going to come next
All my joints are paining

Kneel down

Kneeling Swamiji!

Come on son - From morning
you are blessing devotees kneeling down

Doesn't your knees have pains?
I have been doing this from school days

You don't bother about that

Life is quite boring
I feel like splitting my hairs

Why do you bother
about things that you don't have?

Just tell me about your problems

Tell me some philosophy for living


You can enter a car only after
opening the door - Yes

You can take out things from bureau
only after opening it - Yes

Have you seen a 'egg parotta'?
- Yes

Does it have any opening?
- No - Then how did the egg go in?

How is it swamy?
- This is your life's philosophy

Pay the amount and leave the place

Come madam, Kneel down

Swami, my daughter has
a song competition tomorrow

But she has a throat infection
you must make her alright

Throat infection!
Let me hear her singing

What is this? She blows out air
like a corporation water tap

OK I will make her alright

Open your mouth

Now sing

Shall I become your small house (Mistress)?
Or big house (legal wife)?

Leave your mother at home and come
I will let you know

Your daughter's voice is OK now
- Take her - Thank you

How did you cure that young girl's voice?

All those in Tamil Nadu knows
If you drink liquor with pepper...

...all throat infections would be cured

The vessel had liquor
I got pepper from you, mixed it & gave her

Don't leak this out
- You are really great

As long as there are gullible public
Impostors like us will have no problem

Are you the 'kneel down 'Swamiji?

Pay the night watchman and send him away

We are forest officers. Since you have
a deer skin, we are here to arrest you

He is an impostor
Do we have problem in this profession too?

Run away

Tomorrow is the semi finals
Be careful with the opponent

Buddy, Kumaran is coming

Tomorrow we are going to
fight with him in semifinals

All your punches must be heavy

I know about him
Heard that he is the only son to her mother

In tomorrow's fight
his mother would become an orphan

In a short while...

Get up
Hit him

Please whistle
- I don't know whistling

Please whistle
- I don't know - What a shame!

Will you please do it?
- I too don't know madam

See I will do it

My son...

Isn't it a tough match?


Please move a little, sit down

Why have you come to
see him from a distance?

No, I have come with a friend of mine

Is he again troubling you?
Pray God that he should lose

Poor boy, he should not lose

OK, why did you come?
Me? I came for that boxer, who is dark

Is he your son?
- Son? boyfriend

- Yes, look at his body, muscle, superb

Look there


See the match

Why do you clap now?
- What is there? We should take it sportive




Your girl

Ganesh, are you not doing any exercise?

I have a doubt
- Tell me, I will clear your doubt

By doing exercise can we develop
and make big all parts in the body

- Is it? Come here

For the sake of you, I am leaving him
Otherwise I will hit him with the dumbbells

What did you ask? - I asked him
whether this ear can be made big?

I don't know what he heard?
The coach got annoyed and has gone

Even if you don't have...
- Now why do you gesticulate like this?

I was about to tell that even when
you have no means, you are impudent

That is my family property
How can I be without that?

What mad guy, are you fine?
- Malabar, seems you are not scared now

Not that, I am leaving this place

What are you saying?

What do you think of yourself?
A big rowdy?

You ask me to hug you
You hold my lips and predict Japan lipology

I will now teach you Malabar astrology

Listen, after I leave this place
You will not be able to forget me

With a big beard and torn shirts
you will wander all roads shouting'Malabar'

Then the entire town will call you
as 'Mad fellow', as I call you now

Who will be thinking about you
Do you think I have no other useful work?

Don't act too much. I am leaving by
10.30 bus in the same 'Yellow churidar'

Will I come if you call me like this?

When you are leaving
You can go, why should you inform me?

Do you feel like seeing me?
- Don't talk too much

If you ever come to Malabar side
That is it, mad fellow

You have come searching for me

Is there a girl in 'Yellow churidar' here?
- Come in and see for yourself

Oravanjini, is it you?
No I won't come, however you plead

I will not come to Perumal uncle's house

For me he is no more an uncle
but he is no more

For me you are not a girl,
but you are a bun

Did I ask you anything?
Why do you say all these?

Had you come at the 10.30 bus on that day
All these problems would not have come

Why do you always wear 'yellow churidar'?

If I see you again in this, you had it

Did you mean this 'bun' as the 'girl'?
Seems you are blind

You have stopped a moving bus
and are creating problems

Are you mad?

Who is mad? You are mad, your dad is mad

And all your ancestors are mad

Mad guy, handsome mad guy

Goddess of food!
Everyone should have eat well

Why is he licking like this?
Does everyone in his family do like this?

You have joined only today
Our boss tastes all dishes first

Only if he is satisfied,
he will ask us to supply to customers

That is the practice of this hotel

You be present by his side
and take care of him

Then only your job would be confirmed
Understood? - OK

Show me your mouth
Sir, you forgot to lick this

Bring the tomato sauce
- Yes sir

His head sweats. Before I bring
the sauce, let me switch on the fan

Once he becomes cool,
he will confirm my job too

I have not yet fastened the fan
Take care, let not any one switch it on

Let me have a fag
- Yes brother

Don't switch it on
- I will switch it on

Are you conspiring against my job
being made permanent?

I will it switch on
with leg like captain Vijayakant

When there is no fan in the ceiling?
- Look at the table

How did a ceiling fan
become a table fan?

How come the tomato
sauce is coming from your head?

Why do you look at the
sky with idli in your mouth?

Sinner, I asked you to become permanent
You have sent him permanently

Is he dead?
Catch him

Kumaran has come

Madam is taking special class
said she will come late

Did she ask you tell this in chorus?

Is the college over?
All of you go home

He has come, is he the college hero?
- No, he has come to take his mom

How come you were beaten by this guy?
Aren't you ashamed?

You should have broken his bones
I feel ashamed

If any one asks about you
You would say 'you are 'Muthiah's son'

Like wise, if they ask me
I would say I am 'Arul's son'

But if you ask him
Do you know what he would say?

He would say 'Son of Mahalakshmi'

Then does he not who is his dad?
- He is searching for him

If he had been a boxer
I would have defeated him

He is not a boxer, a... [CENSORED]

Kumaran, leave him

Kumaran, listen to me

Go out
- Do you know what he said?

Whatever it may be
Do it outside

This is a college and not a market, go

Did you call my son a... [CENSORED]?
- Yes I said

I know about my son's birth
He was born to real love

He is always a winner

Your mother has given birth
to rogues like you

Go and ask her, she would have
given birth to you for lust

Then, you will know
who is a... [CENSORED]

Don't repeat that again
If you do it, he will kill you

Come on

Why are you sad mother? - Do you
have faith in me as your well wisher?

Why do you say so?

Your coach, sponsor,
everyone feels you should...

...get coached by Eswar
I too believe in that

I am saying this after a
good deal of thinking about it

Why don't you understand it?

You don't stay here, you go

I felt very bad when you said the other day

If you again ask me to go
How will I go?

I say this not to disobey you
I can't be away from you

Please understand me


I said, bye mother

Madam what happened?
- What's wrong Madam?

Bring some water

Condition is serious
This is a myocardial infarction

This is 3rd attack
We will do our best

Mother is in
- Where?- In ICU

Kumara, where are you going?
To see mother - Listen to me

I want to see my mother

I want to know how she is?
I want to see my mother

Leave me
I want to see my mom

If you want to talk with her, do it

Go and see her

Go and see her - No I can't
- Shouldn't you see your mother?

Mother would like to tell you something
- I am scared - Go and see her

I am afraid
- Go, go and meet her


I have a last wish
- Don't say it is your last wish

Listen to me
- Tell me

After my death...
- Mother...

Listen to me once
- Tell me

After my death go to your dad
and be with him

Are you crazy?

Do it for me - This is unfair
- I didn't ask you to learn kick boxing

If you have learnt on your own
and has reached this stage

Because it is in your blood

Do you know, who is your dad?

He has won Kick boxing
championship 6 times

You worship his photograph,
daily in your room

That great master Eswar is your dad

I asked you to go to Malaysia
to get coaching from him

Promise me that you will
meet him and stay with him

I will do anything for you
But, please don't leave me mother


Mother, look at me

Look at me mother

Mother I will kill you,
look at me mother

Mother I can't live without you

Don't leave me as an orphan mother

I will kill you mother,
look at me once mother

Say something mother
I can't live without you mother

I am pleading with you mother, please

Mother Oh! My mother

Without you I have no life

Mother oh! My dear mother

Words fail to express thanks

For me to play as a moon

You have come as sky

Oh! My mother

For me to play as waves

You have come as a river

Oh! My mother

I walked holding your fingers

I grew up in the shadow of your eyes

Nair, have this key
Take care of the house

I have informed everything
to your dad at Malaysia

He will be waiting for you at the airport
Go with a happy frame of mind

I don't like him,
I never wanted to see his face

But now I am going to that place

Bye Nair


For whom are you waiting?

Waiting for him
- That is me

You might be the only father in world
to hold a name board for son

You are handsome

I feel sorry for Lakshmi's demise

That too when she
has died on an heart attack

She was childlike
It is a pity she had an heart disease

Lakshmi did not like to see me
and I too, could not meet her till the end

Why are you staring?

She might be your mom
but she is my girlfriend


Come on
This is our house. Come.

Shalini, he is Kumaran,
Lakshmi's son

Not only Lakshmi's son
but yours also, tell her

Then, who is she?
- This is your stepmother


One more surprise is,
you have a sister too

Come. He is your brother, Kumaran
She is your sister

I heard about your mother's demise
I am very sorry

What would like to have?
Coffee, Tea or Cool drinks

I don't want anything
- Then, OK

You have met them
Come let us go. - Where?

I have a nice place elsewhere for you
- I don't like you

Since my mother advised me
to stay with you I had come

I have not come to
stay in a Hotel or a Guest house

My mother has built a better
house than this for me, understand

You don't understand anything, come
I will be back

When I asked you fondly
did you think you can stay here?

If anything happens to you
she won't give even water to you

Because she is your step mother and
not mother, it will all start this way

Tomorrow she will tell something and
you will counter it, do I need all this?

I have experience
Come on

- Coming sir

He is Velu
He takes care of everything here

Look, you take him to our Guest House
Tomorrow we should take him to Dozo

OK, Sir, please hold this
Sir, you come

Well, who is he?
- My Son - Son?

He is fully-grown. Did you beget him
or buy him? Why should I bother?

Helllo brother,
Don't be aghast seeing Malaysia

All are our men only
You are going to stay in the 10th floor

Don't stare, we can go by lift

How is it?
Do you like the room?

Will you stare for this too?
Then, take rest tonight

Tomorrow, your dad will take you to Dozo

Now, let me spend sometime with my wife

Here, have the key

He is stiff even if he stares

Mom, you asked me to come here,
I have come

But have you seen him?

He is happy with another family

Did you send me to see this?

I feel bad


My dream

Come, let us go in
- Welcome!

See, they are practicing Kick Boxing
It is a Martial art

They are like tigers

I am going to make everyone
a champion. My happiness lies in it.

Look at him

See, how he is
He is the next champion

He will win definitely
No one can defeat him.

Is it boring?
You will not understand this

From Tomorrow
you collect fees from the students

Cleaning, Sweeping etc.

Why are you staring?
This is our place. We should take care.

You need to do it alone
Take Velu's assistance

My fate

Doing work, is not wrong

I didn't mean it
I meant about staying with you

Look at his audacity

After all he is my son

Don't laugh
Be careful at Malaysia

It won't work with me. At Chennai, a guy
tried to tease me I made him go mad

What is she doing here?

Who is he calling me Malabar?

Look here

Where are you going?

What is it?
- Did you see down?

What is there to see?

Oh God!

Is no one there?

Come someone

Here I am
Kumara, where are you?

What? Don't you have
any other place to do exercise?

At Chennai
You used to hang on all the bars

Even after coming to Malaysia
You have not changed

This is not exercise
I have slipped accidentally, save me

Did you slip?
What are you saying?

Yes, save me now
- How to save you?

I had come here to save myself
But you ask me to save you

Am I a Spiderman?

To show my fingers like this
and save you with my web

I am unable to hold it
- If you can't hold, then leave it

Come, I am your best friend
- But seems you'll put me in trouble, wait

I am helping him

Most men are hang like this because of
girls like you, and you recommend too

I am coming - Come
- Have I reached? - Come

Yes, come like that
Don't look down

Come on, come

Leave me

Vairamuthu said, 'One ball
rolls between belly and throat'

But for me, two balls have rolled up
and stuck in my throat

I am not for this game
- Listen to me...

Close your eyes and come

Even I did the same
Please come

With closed eyes?
- Yes - Let me try

I cannot come even with eyes open
How will I come with eyes closed?

I don't know which Temple is nearby
- Come here, I will tell you

In Sabarimala pilgrimage
Thorns and stones appear cushions to leg

Oh God! Please have glimpse on me
Cleanse my sins

Oh! Lord Allah! You are omnipresent
All troubles because of friend

Come like that,
you have come close

Goddess Chellaatha!
Goddess Mariyaatha!

Grandson, I am Chellaatha
- Chellaatha means...

My grandma and Sage Naradar
are going together

How far is from here to the ground?
- More than 500 feet

500 Feet?
Oh God!

Don't fall

Now what shall we do?

12B Bus will come
We can go to Teynampet

Looks like there is a
straight bus to Kannamapet (Cemetery)

Look there - Where?
- Over there - There?

There is a small crack on the pipe

My goodness!
The crack is developing

Yes, hold the pipe strongly

You had a girl friend and had some fun too
But I have had nothing

Keep quiet
- Oh God! It has broken

See there
- Devil, demon

No, she is not a demon
but a glamourous aunty

Didn't I tell you earlier...


...that it would be aunty's
- Yes you did

Rape? - It is not a rape
Aunty, you mistook us

Why do you...

What is the noise inside?

I will hold your leg
- Don't catch the leg

Close the mouth
- Her mouth? I have shut it

O Bell!
O sound of bell!

Aunty's blow
Pain of the Blow

O fat aunty!
You have hit me

My wife is bathing in bathroom

I heard someone screaming 'bell'
You are coming out with mouth shut

What happened inside?


He is again saying Bell

Stop, one after other are coming out
from bathroom like a porno movie

You look handsome
Why are you wet?

Sinners, all are walking out
of the theatre after watching the movie

I am her rightful owner
Should I not see it? Here I come

Why are you drenched?
- Not from toilet but from the bathroom

Are you from Tamil Nadu?
- Are you from Kerala?


We give you electricity,
can't you give us water?

They are not giving us
- Why water? I can give you milk

Milk? Are you Arjun's mother?
Offering 4.2% milk

Oh Gosh!
I am not yet married

Not yet?
Then, I will consume

I feel shy
I will see you later

I have seen your back

Is there a 11 o'clock show
in the next house?

What were you doing?

I told you that you will
roam on roads thinking about me

But you are walking on pipes

Do you thing
I walked on the pipe for you?

I wanted to try walking on pipes
somehow slipped down

I pity you, you were frightened
- Yes I am sympathetic, no matter who he is

Forget about it, didn't you
come to bus stand the other day?

Who told you so?
Since you left, I forgot your face

I saw you peeping into all buses
I was enjoying that sight

Did you see me?

Did that Malabar bus
drop you directly at Malaysia?

Haven't you come to see me?
- Gosh! I am here to see my uncle

Then, you didn't come to see me
- Don't imagine too much?

Why are you standing like
a Lighthouse at the doorstep?

Is this guy teasing you?

No Uncle, he was walking on the pipe
I was asking how he did that

Stop with that,
come inside

You go out

When is he going back?
- Who?

I meant your instant son
When will you send him back?

He hasn't come to go back
He is going to stay here

What is your problem if he stays here?

You said that you have
no connection with that family...

...and no one would come to see you here
when you married me

If you introduce him as your son everyone
will know that I am your second wife

Then, am I your concubine?
Does all this seem proper to you?

You know very well that
I am married and have a son

Lakshmi died,
where will he go now?

He will stay here only

This is injustice, you are
betraying me - Shut your mouth

Did you see how she nags me?
It is all my fate

To be very fair
I betrayed your mother only

But she talks as if I have cheated her

Betrayal itself is an injustice
Are you advocating it?

What she said is correct
You may betray anyone

Take this month's collection

Oh God!
- Spare Him at least

Why are you closing the door?

Don't be scared, I won't harm you
Nothing, just a small thing

I know, for my sake you have
come to Malaysia and you love me

If you accept the truth
you can go out without any problem

If you don't
- Else...

- Else, what will you do?

At the most you will unfasten 4 buttons
or come close to kiss me...

...you know nothing more
- You are talking too much

I told you to bring that statue
- I am searching for it

Come soon

Have you noticed?
All my people are outside

If I shout now and say
you held my hands...

...and tried to kiss me
then you will be caught

So, be a good boy
and listen to what I say

Your lips are reddish

Cigarette, Beer, Brandy, Whisky, Rum,
Gin, Kutka, Mutka, Marijuana etc.

Don't you use any of these?

Forget about it
At least a Malabar Bidi

You are a wastrel

Now, it is lipology

You are mad after a Malabar Girl
and have come from India to Malaysia

- Wrong

It is right
but it won't workout

You are not in the mind
of the Malabar girl, poor guy

Apologise and go
- Apologise? No chance

Would you like to apologise to me
or to Malaysia police?

Not like this,
in your usual Tamil Nadu style

Go on

Now-a-days you behave oddly
- Thank you! - I will see you

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

Forgot Chennai's tamil fully

O Kerala parrot! Tell me
Do you mesmerise?

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

O banana! O butter skin river!
Am a pepper creeper

Forgot Chennai's tamil fully

O! Friend with...

O friend with a hibiscus colour

Thousand accidents
on road because of you

Moon would appear to glance you

Moon would appear to glance you

Would fade on seeing your beauty

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

Chennai's tamil...

Love Kathakali...

Darling, I saw stars
at the corner of your eyes

Love Kathakali
I see in your eyes

Onam festival
I see in your heart

Areca trees
I see in your neck

Oral rose
I see in your lips

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

Forgot Chennai's tamil fully

O Kerala parrot! Tell me
Do you mesmerise?

Forgot Chennai's tamil
because of you

Are you new?
- Tie this up

Show your hand

What is your name?

Does it take so much
time to say that, come on tie

Are you dodging the punch?

Let me see,
how you dodge now?

Are you a boxer?
You dodge punches

What happened?
Who is he sir? Doesn't know to tie straps

He would have broke my little finger
He stares at me when I questioned him

Won't you do anything the right way?

He is new, will be alright in due course

He is my son

I didn't know
- First he must know who you are

Look here, you are my son
But he is my successor

He is a champion
Much above you

Much above you

Vela - Yes boss
How come you are here?

Why didn't you come for work?
- My wife is sick

What happened?
- Please come in

Prema, my junior boss has come

Please relax
What happened?

She had been getting fever
intermittently for last 2 days

No one at home to help her
I need a day's leave, I'll be back tomorrow

What is this?
You relax

Come with me, have this money

Take her to a doctor
You need not come, I will manage

Why are you doing this?
Where is Velu, didn't see him for 2 days?

His wife is sick, he has not come

So what, if wife is sick?
Let him get medicines for her and come

Is he doing service to her?
Effeminate, doing service to wife

All people won't be like you

He takes care of his wife
He didn't ignore her and desert her

That is the hallmark of good husband

Will you kill me?
Always torturing me

How do I appear to you?
Do I look like a villain to you?

I will slit you. I have been
watching you from the beginning

If you talk anymore...

Why are you touching this?
This is a statue

Shaik Fakurudeen
has ordered it for 5,000 dollars

He is on his way
with cheque to take delivery

Go man

Oh goodness!

It has broken into three pieces

Come Shaik

As required by you the statue is ready

We toiled for 15 days
until the chisel became blunt

If you keep this
before your palace in Malaka

No dog will enter your place
- What do you mean?

I meant nobody will dare to enter

People would be
spellbound looking at the statue

Look, if the statue
doesn't come the way I want...

I know, persons behind me
will shoot me at my back

If you look at it light
you will be taken aback

Why are you standing like
a statue in front of the statue?

Go that side

This will be a prototype for beauty
- See it - Let me see

I said prototype
but the front appears different

Don't mistake me

Because it was chiseled in haste
it has come out like this

You don't say anything

Come here

Give me your hand

What a creative work?
So beautiful

I have gone abroad and
have a huge collection at my palace

But, I have never seen like this

The specialty is that
the entire beauty is in the front

You stand out there
Give me your hand

This is not a mere hand, but is a chisel

But I won't pay you 5,000 Dollars

- No

I will pay you 50,000 Dollars

Give him a cheque for 50,000 Dollars

Why is he using abusive language?

I planned to keep it my lawn
Now it will be kept in my bedroom

Bye! - It will be an
orgy in midnight hereafter

Alas! You have lost a customer

I had changed the part
and spoiled your business

No, you have lifted my sagging business

What do you say?

Because of you now
I am going to earn 50,000 Dollars

Is it so? - All that I manufacture here
you change as you like

So you are staying with me
What is that you need now?

Your wife - What?
- I need a cup of coffee

Come down


Why are you always angry with me?

Is it because I left your mother alone?

Did she tell you that I tortured her?

Never, she cannot hate me

That's why she had sent you to me

She has understood my love

When my mother was alive,
she never spoke bad about you

She never allowed
even me to comment about you

Tell that

To that extent she loved you
But you don't deserve it

What do you know about it?

I loved my Laklshmi equivalent to my
Kick Boxing, do you know?

Take rest tonight

Tomorrow after warming up
will go for the match

You are going win certainly
you are this year's champion

This is a big opportunity for me
I will never miss it


Sir, Kumaran not well,
Madam has taken him to hospital

What happened?

Kumaran is laid up
with fever, he is in the ICU

I am afraid
- Don't worry, nothing will happen

Went to your house
heard that your son is sick

How is he now?

It was severe during night
now it is better

So, you did not sleep whole night

How will you participate in the match?

I am all right, I will participate

Winning is important,
look how tired you are

I will certainly win

How will you win?
I have invested lakhs for you

I you lose, what will
happen to my reputation?

Please don't make this a big issue

He is prepared to come with you

Please go with them, I will take care
- OK, come on

Take off the gloves and wear bangles
you are fit only for that

You should have died
when you were defeated

You should have died

I have never seen you like this

I am afraid, why do you...
I have lost because of this

The love you have on me
the affection I have on my son...

...all these trivial things made me lose

Sit down

I cannot live, with an ideal to be a
good hubby and a good father

My ideal is to become a champion

An austerity

Wrong, Person like me
should not have married

The day I married you
I had the first defeat

When I had a child
It was my second defeat

I am scared,
I will lose forever like this

Not that I don't have
affection for you or Kumaran

Leave me alone for sometime

I must win the championship
Until then I don't want anything

For a short while let us part

Till yesterday we loved truly
Hereafter that love will disintegrate

Further let us not witness it together

Let us not denigrate love

Whenever you won, I was happy
I had so much love for you

If that is going to be
a barrier for your success

I don't want

If winning is your ambition
I too have an ambition

However hard I toil
I must bring up my son

If you can manage without
me and our son for sometime

Thereafter destiny will decide our life

That destiny never allowed
me to meet her till the end

But I didn't leave it
I did win

To forget that one defeat
I won consecutively

1,2,3,... 6 times
Look there

All this is OK
How did you get the step-mother?

That was an obligation
After my defeat no one took notice of me

Then Shalini's father
sponsored me and trained me

So what, did he sponsor his daughter too?

Don't argue with me,
try to understand me

He requested me and...
I did not know about Lakshmi's whereabouts

So I married her
Don't look at me like that

I am not a merciless man
I know about my Lakshmi

She is clever, she can
manage on her own

I know she can bring up
her child responsibly

So I was peaceful here is it

So, husbands of all
working women can desert their wives

Since I took a decision then

Now, in Malaysia at
International level I am champion

Don't always clamor you are a champion

What kind of a champion are you?

What have you done?
6 times you have defeated visible opponents

Is it a big thing?
But, my mother has been...

...battling 1000 invisible
opponents and have won

She is the real champion in life
You are nobody before...

Don't say you are
good under influence of liquor

We are not so gullible to believe you

If anything is left out
drink and go to sleep. Now let me go

What is he saying?
Please listen to me

Only fools will listen to you

Please have it

Don't feel sorry, I did it purposely

These fellows come only for dashing

- Yes, yes

This is the girl whom I dashed,
how is she?

Very nice

No don't do

Room No. 105, come to my room
- Don't do, listen to me

Malayalee Girl!
We are also from India

Why have you stopped?
I think it is OK

Come close now
Why are you staring at us?

Are you a hero?
- Me? No we are just eating

Because I am handsome
she is standing next to me on her own

You mind your business
- They say, they will take me with them

Who are you?
- Me? Don't kid, will you not save me?

Am I mad to fight
with them to save you?

You are not mad,
I am mad after you

I have come to Malaysia only to see you

Is it enough?
- Come on say it again

What is that you are talking to yourself?

It is personal matter,
please don't disturb

You tell me
- Kumara, I love you.

Say that in Tamil Nadu style

Kumara, I love you

Mind your business

After a long gap they are together

What do we do then?
- Have some beer in the bar and then piss off

What do you think of us?
Assault them

You are a hindrance to the fight

Please stay here
I will finish and come

If girls are alone
will you call them to your room?

Don't hit me, it is paining


Where are you dragging me?

Let me tell you, follow me

How long you made me wander?

At last I made you to say

Will you admit now, that I win

Tell me

No, Neither You nor Me

It is your mother who has won

My mother!
Do you know her?

Yes, I know her very well

The day after the semi-final match got over
She met me

Kumaran is no one else, is my son

Is it true aunty?
- Yes

I knew, you liked him very much

He too loves you dearly

I heard you are leaving tomorrow

I don't know,
Whether he would express his love or not

Let me say

All his wishes must end up in happiness

That is my only wish

Now he is in love with you

Even if I am not here,
you must be with him

Why do you say like this aunty?

I have some heart problem

I don't know,
what will happen, when?

I expect you to be
with him always in life

Will you give that assurance to me?

You have a great mom

It is good that I spoke to her
for 10 minutes

Else, I would have missed a lot

I like you very much

But I was not aware about your wish

After talking to your mother
I have decided you are everything for me

Soon, I got permission from my parents

Are you glad?

I wanted to share this earlier
But you were teasing me all along

I too wanted to tease you

Is it?
- Yes

At times when I fooled you
I had a hearty laugh

It is alright

But you and mother,
misunderstood one thing

So far I tried to understand
whether you in love with me or not?

Nothing more than that,
I did not love you

What do you mean?

Yes, if I had thought so
I would have expressed it to you straight

Did I ever say, I love you?
Tell me, did I tell you?

Is it not?

Somehow, I wanted to know
if you are in love with me

I have found out
that is all

But you have started
talking about love and all...

I was kidding
I said it for fun

Sorry, I just lied

I said sorry

Is it Tamil Nadu style?
- Malaysian style

How is that?

Shall I keep you on my waist?
This green parrot is crazy about me

Should I hold you on a noose?
Lift me and hug me in your river

I am the king of eighteen villages
Won't this rose bloom on my touch?

I am the queen of eighteen villages
You take me somewhere

Won't touch you unless I am athirst
Won't leave unless I relish you

Won't give instantly
Won't leave you too

You punch it hard
- Shut your mouth

Shall I keep you on my waist?
This green parrot is crazy about me

Should I hold you on a noose?
Lift me and hug me in your river

You are a three-river
I am a four-river

Hunger makes me mischievous

Became a seven-river...
When your fingers ascended me...

Your heat melted my bod

O Parrot! You shy in vain
Cat has reached the pot

O boy! Your mush pricks me
You conceal your desires

If you go in front
I will follow me

If you follow
I will give it on my own

If it drizzles on hilltop
waves collide

You punch it hard
- Shut your mouth

I struggle with this bosom daily
can't we eat to satiate hunger?

O deer! You uprooted me
with your eye-axes

I am fuddled

Will you come with lisp talk?
Will you give me cotton candy?

Come as a 'Vadipatti drum'
Seek and join me as a shadow

Shall I mount your shoulders
like a green parrot?

Your eyes cut me like a locust

Ants mount the sugarcane
- Oh gosh!

Veins become mischievous

You punch it hard
- Shut your mouth

Shall I keep you on my waist?
This green parrot is crazy about me

Should I hold you on a noose?
Lift me and hug me in your river

I am the king of eighteen villages
Won't this rose bloom on my touch?

I am the queen of eighteen villages
You take me somewhere

You punch it hard
- Shut your mouth

Cheers, drink

Are you not drinking?

No, I vomit if I take soft drinks

So, I will have some hot drinks
to maintain my family dignity

You have succeeded in love,
Would you like to have a small peg?

I don't want
You may

Black is my favorite colour

Why are you interfering?
- Do you know, what he is doing?

Is he doing without my knowledge?
Who are you to ask that?

I am your brother

Were you born to my mother?

Don't try to control me
with imaginary relationship

My family and your family are different

I am in love with Anand

I will roam with him, anywhere

Not only roaming,
I will do whatever I like

Who is he to slap our daughter?

What connection does he have
with this family?

For the past 4 years,
Anand is a family friend

She used to inform me whenever
she goes to discotheque with him

It is common to go to
discotheque in Malaysia

He has come from Tamil Nadu
and is behaving like a brute

Have we ever hit her?

Then, who is he to hit her?

Don't ask that repeatedly
He is my son

He was born to me before our marriage

Who are you to hit Swapna?

What way you are related to her?

Are you my father?
Do you have any doubt about it?

If you are my father
Then, she is my sister

She is my step-mother

If she is your sister,
will you beat her for going to disco...?

They did not go without my knowledge

They have gone with my permission

I am her father

You are an irresponsible father

You may send your daughter
But I won't send my sister

Fool, it is not like that

How do we know?
They could be in love

If he truly loves her
He would not have taken her to toilet

You may tolerate, if someone
take your daughter to toilet

If someone takes my sister to toilet,
I will kill him

Lakshmi, lots of difference
between your and my upbringing

Mr.Easwar, having faith on you
I have sponsored Anand

Now, Anand has joined
our competitor GK Company

What sir? It sounds silly

Not for us,
Our company appears silly to you

This is a prestigious issue for us

To make Anand play for us
We have invested lakhs

Anand is going to announce tomorrow
that he is representing GK Group

No Sir, it won't happen
I won't allow that

As per agreement,
Anand must represent our company

Else, you may have to face the music

Must perform well
in the ensuing competition

What happened to you?
Why are you behaving like this?

Is it because Kumaran fought with you?

I will ask him to apologise to you

I will make him prostrate before you

Come, let us go

Easwar, don't disturb us unnecessarily

I have come to take him, come

He won't come,
We are sponsoring him

Are you not ashamed?

Train someone else, if you can?

Who is he?
I have spent 4 years to groom him

Come with me
- Sorry sir, I won't come

Now, I am going to fight for them

I will kill you, all are watching,
I feel ashamed. Listen to me.

I am your Master
- I have paid monthly fees for that

Does our relationship end with fees?
Have I taught you just for fees?

I have treated you like my son

Anand don't listen to them

You will not come up

Break his limbs

What happened? - It is 1 o'clock
he hasn't come back yet

He would be lying somewhere drunk
Will come tomorrow

Go back home

No, Even if he drinks
He will come home safely

I am scared
- Don't be scared unnecessarily

Morning he will come, go home

No, it is unusual,
He used to come at 10 o'clock normally

But, today father hasn't come back

Father not come back, not come back

I have waited for 20 years,
Father never came back

My mother waited for 25 years
Father never turned up

You are making a big issue for one day

He won't die, go back home

You don't have any
affection towards your dad

You mom would also have been like you

Hence he had left her. Come.
We should not have come here

Someone has assaulted your dad
He is hospitalised

Dad, who has hit you?
Tell me

Anand has betrayed me

I have lost my prestige, respect and all
- What happened?

What are you doing?
- Brother!

Where are you taking me?
- Sir!

Where are you taking me?

Where are you taking me?

Tell me who hit him?

Who is that?
Who hit him?

What? Should we be
scared for you or for this lame guy?

Don't listen to him
He is provoking you

We are the ones who hit him

All are trained, don't fight Kumara

They will kill you
Kumara, No

He is single,
he doesn't... Know...

What happened?

Come on

How can you hit him?
You should be proud to have such a coach

If I ever see that Anand again
he is a dead man. Go and tell him

This is my dad
the great Champion Easwar

He is my own dad

If you dare to touch him
I won't hit, but will slice you

Will butcher you to pieces

Do you know kick-boxing?

Why didn't you tell me
- What? - That you know kick-boxing...

I will win against him through you

I will train you

Come on

You are my Champion

I will win him through you

Who he might be?
Is he hundred warriors?

Is he a five-fingered archer
who'll conquer the world?

Who he might be?
Is he hundred warriors?

Is he a five-fingered archer
who'll conquer the world?

Sun ring never fades
Will River Ganges be idle?

No fear till the reach of peak...

Mother is at heart to
sport dot on forehead

Father is nearby to help you to win

Tearless eyes are your eyes

You sleep in one eye

You carry yourself

You live forever

Hey! Confront till end

Is he a jungle tiger?

Is he a blowing storm?

Is he a volcano
who consumes fire for thirst?


What? If I hit you,
she is anguished

Is it love?

Is it a one-sided or two-sided affair?

Whatever it is
let it not end in suicide

Look, if you have decided to marry
then continue your love, else, leave it

Anyone will love only to
get married and not to run away

I am not like that
I will live with her till I die

For anything, will you
insist the same point?

Do you have a tongue or a fang?

Always you talk about your mom

I have made all statues perfectly

You only have to damage them
- Is it so?

You may take it

Mr. 123 - Namboothri
- Some 'thri'

Join 2nd piece of 3rd statue, 1st piece of
2nd statue and 3rd piece of 1st statue

Oh my gosh!
See how he joins things

A small problem
- What problem?

Yesterday, didn't this customer
buy an elephant statue?

She doesn't want it - Why?
- She wants a snake statue

Snake statue?
Where will I go for one?

Give that Elephant statue

If you have faith
even a trunk will become a snake

African Anaconda
- Hand over that, give it

Smart guy!

Excuse me, what did that lady buy?

She bought pesticide for her farm
- Pesticide?

Give the phone to dad
- Hold on a minute

- Here, it is Kumaran

Dad, do we have any farm house?

Why, do you want a share in it?
- Don't kid, tell me

I don't have anything else
except the Boxing school and you

He has kept the phone

We must listen to him
and he will not listen to us

What is all this?

Anand cheated her

He has made her pregnant
and he is disclaiming it

Earlier when you scolded her,
I mistook you

Now, to have such a girl
I have decided to die with her

After my mom's death
I came here as an orphan

I was happy to have you and a sister
and how can I be without you?

Don't inform dad about this
I will take care of the rest

I will make Anand to admit it

You stay here

I want to talk to you
- I don't know you

You may talk as per your wish
but listen to me

Tell me

About my sister's...
- Pregnance?

She told me. I asked her to abort it.
Hasn't she done it yet?

Don't you have a grudge only on me?

You can do anything to me
But don't spoil her future

Does it mean that I am responsible for it?

There are lot of guys in the school
did you ask all of them?

What is this?
You shouldn't speak like this

You know how much she loves you

She loves you dearly
I plead to you

Listen to me
Don't betray her - Brother!

No need to plead to
this scoundrel for me

You keep quiet
Am I not talking to him?

No need, listen to me
Mom, tell him - Stop it

Don't plead to him

For 4 years your dad
was under his spell... - Not that...

Betrayer, he will not prosper
You come

Why did you come here?
If I tell him, he will accept her

Come. No need.
- You come on - Leave me

Only 2 days left

You should only think of
boxing stage and your opponent's face

Don't deviate your attention

Why are you dull?

Mom was alive during semifinals
I won it, now she is no more

But she will definitely come
for tomorrow's match

You reserve a seat for her beside you

You must attack Kumaran
vigorously in the match

It is not tough to win him
You can win him easily

You are underestimating him
Singlehandedly he has beaten 20 of our men

Now he is under special training
from Easwar Master

Don't you know that?
- What he says is right?

We must outsmart him
We must attack him psychologically

Yes dad - I am going home
Go to bed early

I will be back at
5 'o' clock tomorrow morning

Yes dad
- Bye!


Oh God! Dad!

Dad, how do you feel now?

Nothing, I am fine
- You will be alright

We met the doctor
He said not to worry

You have the match tomorrow
Come, let us go for practice

Yes, go to practice
- I want to stay with you

We are here to take care

Just a minute dad
Please come

Tell him

Listen, I can't leave
my dad even for a minute

Why are you obstinate?
Have you forgotten about tomorrow's match?

I am not bothered about tomorrow's match

Our company has spend many lakhs
for you, but you talk irresponsibly

Money can be earned anytime

If something happens to my dad
will you take responsibility?

We are not fools to
listen to your sentiment

If you cross swords with us
you may have to face us at court...

...then you can forget about
kick-boxing forever

Do it first
- Come here

Are you mad?
- No dad...

Listen, you must win this match
and become a Champion

That should be your ambition
Don't spoil our efforts

Dad, nothing is more important than you

I will go

I will stay with you
and go to the match

Thanks to everyone

You must thrash him
I want to see his agony

Don't leave him
Thrash him

Not enough, give him more

What blows are these?

This round he shouldn't be spared
Kill him

I will marry you sister

If you lose this match
I will marry your sister

Why is he...?

Come on

Hit him

Why are you losing to him?

He has agree to marry - What?
- He has agreed to marry sister


Why are you getting hit by him?

He has betrayed us by
attempting on your dad's life

Listen to me, don't get hit
Strike back

Yes brother, never mind
even if he doesn't marry me

You should not lose to him
Strike back

Keep quiet
- Please hit him

Go on
Thrash him!

No dad!


Get up!

Did you believe what I told you?
What will you do if I don't do it?

I pity you

Get up

What are you saying?


Now, listen to me
I won't marry your sister

Look there...

She is my fiancée

What will you do now?

You don't know about him

He is losing for the sake of his sister
Else, he would have killed you

Do whatever you can

Don't spare him

Come, if you have the guts
- Come

Don't divert your attention
You are born to win

Depression only can generate energy
Consolidate your full power


Don't take it to heart
Marry my sister. She is a good girl.

Look there...

See, she is walking off
But my sister is not like that

She is always thinking about you
My sister life is important to me

More important than her is
her yet-to-be born baby

It shouldn't be a
father-less child like me

I know the agony. Like me,
it should grow without a father

Don't let it grow without a father

I feel like prostrating before you

Why dad?
- Forgive me

How can I exist without you?

O mother!
O my mother!

Without you I have no life

O mother!
O dear mother!

Words fail to express thanks

Will our nuptial night be in
Kerala style or Tamil Nadu style?

How hasty you are?
I will hit you

I will do Lipology
to find the sex of our kid

It can't be found out from
Lipology, go man - How do you know?

I will tell you after marriage
- What happened? - Nothing

- Look at that beautiful couple...

Do you mean that wastrels?
- What? I couldn't follow