M Cream (2014) - full transcript

FIGS is the typical cynic one finds lurking in the expansive lawns of Delhi University. Entangled in a web of drugged out delirium, he's the quintessential rebel. His world is thrown into disarray when his conservative parents begin to chalk out a strategy for his future. Things only become worse when a sudden scarcity of hash deprives Figs of his favorite pastime. Unable to cope with the situation, Figs joins forces with his best friend MAGGIE on a quest to attain M Cream, a mythical form of hash. They hastily devise a plan to trek to the far reaches of the Himalayas in pursuit of this goal. Maggie ropes in her boyfriend NIZ, who's purportedly headed to the hills on a photo assignment. Unbeknownst to Figs, the trio is joined by JAY, a close friend of Niz. Chaos ensues as the reckless travelers journey across the Himalayan expanse. The road trip results in a series of unexpected encounters that begin to unravel the myriad realities of rebellion. Difficult choices are made and uncomfortable sides are taken as Figs and the others begin to comprehend the mysterious ways of the world we live in.

Through leaves of apathy...

...I spy the fierce bark
of my generation.

A wretched blob of ups and downs.

Chasing phantoms in fancy suits.

The tree grows limp.

Cloudy skies cluster overhead.


I know.

Hey! Where’s Niz?

Could you get him please?

Niz? Yeah, just one second.


How’s it hanging brother?



Oh Jay, meet Figs.

Figs, Jay.

Hello Figs.

Interesting name.

Yeah. It’s short for Figaro.

Like the opera?



My parents.
They’re lovers of the opera.

Ok then...

That’s new.

Thank you.

Awesome stuff!

It's your stuff!

Oh yes! Correct.

Niz! What the...

Where have you been?
I’ve been waiting, like forever!

I am a traveler, lost in a storm.

All I want to do is to love you.

You are my light, my inspiration.

You are my love,
my reason to live.

Maggie, I love you!

Wow! What awful poetry!


A photographer and a poet!


Good catch, Maggie.

Figs. How's it going?

Yeah... well...

...pillaging, licentiousness and
drunken debauchery.

You know, the usual.

And you, sir?

Just chilling.

So... We’ll be back!

Oh and Figs...

Take it easy on the drinks 'yo'!

Ok 'yo'...

- See you.
- Bye.

Mishra! Tell me something…

Just roll another joint.

Yes, indeed!

- Maggie.
- Hey!

- Happy Birthday!
- Thank you.

You don’t smoke?

No. Is that a problem?

Yes, yes, yes...

No, no, no...

Why do guys always do that?

Do what?

You know? Have a smoke after...

How many guys have you known?

So, why are you sitting here?

Excuse me?

If you’ve got something to say...

...just say it.

Apologies. What’s your deal?

Excuse me?

You heard me.
What’s your deal?

Figs, you don’t know Jay?

Jayshri Bose! President, LSR Debsoc.

Debate! How cool! Wow...

Why don't you give us a rundown
of that debate speech?

So Figaro, what’s your deal?


I am just in love with hash.


Why so serious, Mr.?


I was just thinking...

I might have to leave
town for a few days.

I’m going to head to the hills.

Why? What happened?

Some work. Photography work.

Cool. So take me with you!

No! It’s work.

No! It’s work...

Come on! Don’t be silly.

Hey! What are you doing?

You’ll break it, baby! Stop it.

Of course not.
I know how to use this.

No. Stop. Don’t do that.

Come on. Smile.

I said stop!

Come on... Niz!

Don’t make me use force!

Force is good.

So Jay, how’s everything in college?


In fact I’m working
on a new assignment.

We’re doing a case
study on political refugees.

Niz and I, we have this
old school friend, Thupten.

He has become quite the
spokesman for a free Tibet.


It’s a cause worth fighting for.

Listen to this bull shit!


Guess everyone’s
entitled to an opinion...

Even the drunk village idiot!

Who do you think you are?
Che Guevara?

No, you’re not!

Not even close.

You’re just a silly, delusional,
bourgeois girl with a stick up her ass.

Who do you think you are?

You’re just a self-involved, vacuous...


What pretentious use of English!

Listen. What’s your name?

- Jay, right? Jay?
- Yeah.

Listen, Jay.

I know the world’s a fucked up place
but I’m also smart enough to know...

...that there’s nothing that you or I...

...sitting here in this
beautiful posh farm house...

...can do about it.

So I’m just going to sit
here and smoke this doobie...

...while the world can go fuck itself.

You’re an ass hole.

Yeah... I am!

Drop the yuppie act, will you? Get real.

Here she is folks!

Revolutionary Bose to the rescue.

Fighting evil and doing good.

How cute.

You’re right.

It is cute.

What? Jay? Jay?

Figs! Figs! Are you
ok, brother?

It’s all good. It’s all good.

Everyone’s a critic.

Figs? Figs?

Figs Bhardwaj... the things you do.

Good morning!


"Light and shadow
are now in harmony."

"The news spreads
in every direction."

"Commotion in
these winds as well."

"Light and shadow
are now together."

"The commotion of the world tells you."

"Be intoxicated with your wishes."

"Content in their thoughts."

"The woes behind these smiles."

"That bird..."

"...which desires only smoke..."

"That bird which
desires only smoke."

"A great deal of time
has passed by."

"What is right and what is wrong."

"There exists no limit, yet."

"Look they’re really exhausted."

"Your heart tells you
to dance carefree."

"Let’s sail the ship of smoke."

"Where no one ever travels to,
let’s go there."

"That bird which
desires only smoke."

"That bird..."

"...which desires only smoke..."

Thank you.

I bought them fresh from the Ritz,
Mr. Gupta. Just for the two of you!

The Ritz?


We had our last kitty party there.

A resounding success.

I’m sure it was!

Why don’t you join us
the next time, Vandana!

We’re having a bake sale
at the club.

Come early for cocktails.

I certainly will.

Will I not be invited?

Look. He wants to come as well.

Hey Figaro! Where have you been?

Come sit with us...

We’ve been waiting for
you for over an hour, dear.

Sorry guys! Apologies...

There was an emergency at
Maggie’s place. It was kind of a...

What? What happened?

This girl, this friend of
Maggie’s I think she was...

...she was having this
existential crisis and...

...I stayed up all night
consoling the poor creature.

Figaro! What rubbish!
Now come on...

Figaro, Figaro. Meet Mr Gupta...

Hello Figaro.
Pleasure meeting you.

And Mrs Gupta...


Figaro, your dad tells me...

...that you’re interested
in corporate law?

Well actually...

No problem.
Come over tomorrow!

We’ll create a position of
a research assistant for you!

No problems at all.

No, no, no. Not tomorrow.

He has to finish his
application to Harvard first.

How about the day after?
Three in the afternoon?

Harvard? That’s great!

We’re actually also trying
for an MBA you know...

Then he can always
help Arun in his shipping.

But somehow I feel that...

...law is far more appealing.
Don’t you think?

Definitely. Definitely.

He will have a fantastic
experience with us.

Then he’ll go to Harvard...

...and then he’ll come back and
join us as a junior partner. Isn’t it?

- Figaro. Figaro.
- Figaro.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Talking of shipping, Arun.
How’s the business going?

Well, not too terrible...

It’s this bloody! Oh I’m sorry.

It’s this recession, I’ve had
to cut back by like 12.77 percent...

I’ve had to get rid of some of my cargo
ships and cancelled so many contracts.

It’s all this ridiculous taxation.

I mean what are the...
what are the government folks doing?

Forcing us back into the socialist
hell-hole that we just climbed out of.

I mean... just bloody ridiculous.

How’s the tea?

Hmm Lovely.

Darjeeling Oolong.

First flush.

A cup a day and all your
sorrows dissipate, Mr Gupta.


You son of a--

...no, not you!

Actually, you…

Where are you?

Yeah, well, I’m just
grabbing a bite...

...in Hauz Khas Village.

Listen! Let’s go get
some chocolate fudge.

Right now?

Yes! Now...

I’m picking you up, ok? Bye.

This is but the beginning!

The battle is yet to come…

This is but the beginning!

The battle is yet to come…

This is but the beginning!

Look, you love writing...

This is what you want to do!

Why do you need to go
along with it?


...you’re just not going to get it!

It’s my parents...

...they’re just from another planet.


...I thought you were
better than this.

Psycho parents isn’t
exactly a novelty.

We’ve all been there.

Come up with something better!

Yeah, well, I guess I’m not
such a good writer after all.

Listen, Maggie,
tell me something…

What’s the scene with this guy?


I mean...

...so far, so good, I guess.

It’s just that…

Don’t get me wrong.

I mean, I love him.

He’s great and
he’s so talented and...

It’s just sometimes...

...you know, he doesn’t
want to go out anywhere...

...doesn’t want to spend
on anything. It’s a bit…

Maybe that’s because he’s
not loaded like you Maggie.

Shut up.

Drop the yuppie act, will you?

Keep it real.


Nothing, nothing.

Well, at least you’re leaving
me conscious this time around.

Sorry, I have to go.

We’ll chill some other time.

You need a ride?

No I think I’ll just
hang here for a bit.


Go, go, go play footsie or
whatever it is you do.

Oh, and I forgot.

I’m out of hash.
Can you give me some?

Think I’m out as well, sorry.

Shit. Ok, so...

...ask Mishra.

Yeah I’ll do that.

If I can find him that is.

Ok, bye.



Nothing, nothing…
See you!



"In a darkened land..."

"He comes and goes."

"In black and white."

"He’ll pick you up."

"When you’re feeling down."

"The man with no heart."

"He runs this town."

"The Man with a Million Drugs."

"He’s the Man
with a Million Drugs."

Oye Figs!



How are you?

Same old.


Yeah so....

Last night was an experience, yeah?

Yeah well, guess
you could say that.

I mean you and Jay really hit it off?

What? Are you crazy?

No. Anyway I wanted to know
if I could score some hash?

Any chance I can get some... hash?

Hash. Hash...

Oh hash...

Do you have some?

Yes... certainly!

Hash. Hash...

Figs, looks like I’m out.

You’re joking, right?

No, no, no, I’m serious.

Ok tell me, in the meantime...

Could I interest you in some keta?

I just scored it from our
good friends over at the...

...Government of India
veterinary institute.

But what’s this?

Ketamine. Horse tranquilizer.

Yeah, well...

No cream, man?


Just check if you have any cream.

M Cream.

M Cream. The best
hash in the world.

One puff and nirvana.

Sweet enough for Shiva himself.

It’s gone. It’s gone
my friend. It’s finished.

It’s returned to the
pantheon of the destroyer.

Alas. In that case
we mortals lie bereft.

This is a dire situation!

And round and
round and round it goes.

Life is a dream for the wise,
a game for the fool.

A comedy for the rich,
a tragedy for the poor.

Life, how does it matter anyway?

It’s just a brothel.

And round and
round and round it goes.

Arun, get up! We have to
go for lunch to the Khots’.

You know what they’re
like... sticky. Come on.

Oh dear. I’m ready, I’m ready.

You know, Arun...

I’ve been thinking,
we should take Figs with us.

What the hell for? Let the young lad
do some work for a change.

You remember Irina?


Mr and Mrs Khots little girl.


It just so happens she’s come back from
the US and she’s not so little anymore.


I think she would make
a great match for Figs.

A very suitable couple.

But I thought young Figs was besotted
with, what’s her name, Maggie.

Forget about Maggie.

What was that noise?


What’s going on?

Hey guys.

Where do you think you’re going?

I’m just heading to the hills.
I’ll be gone for a few days.

What? Why?

Road trip.

Road trip? What are you
talking about? Are you serious!

Yeah, I should have
told you this earlier but...

You know, this is all very
dramatic and awkward and stuff...

So I’m just going to take your leave.

See you guys!


You’ve got to stop running if you really
want to find what you’re looking for.

Arun! Do something!

Vandana! Do What?

"Yes I’ll be chasing..."

"...all you to the street."

"I’ll be chasing. I’ll be racing..."

"...you to the street."

"To the street."

See you later!


Hey! Come on. Let’s go.


Oh Figs. You’ve met Jay, right?

She went to school with Niz.


You guys know each other?

No... Thankfully.



Maggie, I didn’t know she was coming.

- Figs, relax.
- You should have told me.

- So what’s the big deal?
- Maggie...

I hope you have enough booze
at least. I just got one bottle with me.

Yeah. It’s at the back.

- Niz, can you just check?
- Yeah, yeah...

At your service!

So... Two bottles of vodka.

Coke, vodka and more vodka.


What? I like vodka.

No scotch?


That must be corrected.


Scotch? All right.

You drink whiskey?


That’s nice. Cool, me too.

We’ll pick it up
on the way. Come on...

Let’s go.

Getting late...

Ready guys?

- You’ll tell me later.
- Yeah I will.

On the road again.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than
those who falsely believe they are free.

And there we were,
children of chaos and anarchy.

Escaping into the endless unknown.

We are free.

On the road again.

Butter chicken and bread?

Sir, it’s over.


Mughlai chicken and bread?

Sir, it’s over.

Is anything available?

- Sir, you tell me!
- No you tell me!

Chicken fry...

- And bread?
- Yes, sir.


With vegetables on the side.

- Ok.
- Thank you.

So where are we spending the night?

Oh... At this abandoned guest
house just off the highway.

My uncle owns it, he’s a minister.


Yeah. I think it used to be Indira Gandhi’s
guest house or something like that.

But no one lives there anymore.

Haunted house.

Shut up, Niz.
Don’t kid around.

I’m scared of ghosts.

Yeah, ghosts are so scary.

Anyway screw that.

Mababajagal here we come!

I can smell the cream
and it smells good.

What is he talking about?

We’re going to Dharamsala.

What the hell is Mababajagal?


Jay, right...

Mababajagal is this
mythical magical place.

The source of M Cream,
this mythical magical hash.

And... we’re all going
to go look for it.

And Figs...

We are going to Dharamsala first.

Jay and I’ve got an
old friend there, Thupten.

Plus she’s doing a
write-up on Tibetans...

...in exile...

...and I’m taking photographs.

Remember I told you?

The assignment...


What are you looking at me for?

Will you grow up?


Maybe I will.

When you stop being a
self-righteous, little bimbo!

Listen, relax.

It’s not her fault.

I think I’ve diagnosed
your problem, Figaro.

Really, what is it?

You’re just a spoilt, selfish brat...

...who thinks of nothing
other than his own petty existence.

And you’re just a
hypocritical little bimbo.


Oh yeah?

People like you...

...spout shit about this cause
and that cause...

And you sit here
doing nothing about it.

It’s almost funny
if it weren’t so pathetic.

I do what I do...

...because it affects me.


It affects me when there’s a
random terrorist attack in my city.

It affects me when the government
goes on and on about our rising GDP...

...when a majority of our
people are still poor.

And it affects me that no
one gives a damn about Tibet.

Because there’s no
oil there, there’s only people.

It affects me so fuck you!

It affects you?

Miss, I hate to say it...

...but you’re a walking cliché.

Come on... Unbelievable.


What’s your problem?


I love it.

"And for all
those locks and keys..."

"...yeah, we leave
them all behind..."

"For the leaves
and for the trees..."

"For the countless lullabies."


Shut up.

Sleeping arrangements. Shotgun, Niz
and I will take the big bedroom.

Jay, you can have the other one.

And Figs, the couch
is all yours.


Niz, make the drinks quickly!

That’s what I’m doing.

Yuck! This place is so dirty.

This place is beautiful.

I am so exhausted.

Here you go!

Thank you.

And here you go...

A toast to us... a toast to us...

...and to the dangerous promise
of the unknown road ahead.

I’ll drink to that!



Do you guys do these
road trip things often?

You think?

Getting Niz to go someplace is like getting
Anna Hazare to clean up corruption.

Easier said than done.

Well unlike some people
I have to earn a living.

What are you going to do?
Working class blues...

What’s with that attitude?


It’s just that
you seem to forget that...

...we did go to Jim Corbett
over winter break.

For, like, two days!

And please that’s because Rishi was
going through this animal planet phase.

It doesn’t count.

Who’s Rishi?

Rishi Rastogi. We used
to hangout a lot, earlier...

He came out. Yeah...
became quite an issue.

His dad was furious, threw
him out and all that stuff.

That’s sad...

...we modern Indians aren’t as
open minded as we pretend to be.


He moved in with this guy
somewhere in North Campus and...

...I guess we drifted apart.

Seconds please.

That was quick!

So should we play some music?

I’m on it.

Much obliged.

Miss Bose.

Come on, sexy.
Show me some moves!


Come on.

What are you doing?


Do you write?


Well, it looks like you’re writing.

Ok, well, yeah...
A little bit.

You know, Jay?


I was meaning to
talk to you about this...

...well, look, I am sorry, all right.

I know I was a little hard on you earlier.

Is that a smile?


Looks like one.

Looks can be deceiving.

Uh huh.

Actually, Figs...

I’ve given it some thought and
we’re not so different, you and I.

You’re drunk already?

No! Well maybe a little...

Thank god.

Can you imagine being
sober around those two?

No, I can’t...

I digress, the point is that we both
view the world in very similar ways.

Uh huh.

Scary as that sounds.

I mean, think about it... It’s a mess!

On the one hand we’re the fastest
growing economy, the biggest democracy,

Poster boy for
all things awesome...

And on the other hand?

Where was I?

The other hand...


Fucking chaos.

And you get that. Like me.

Oh yeah, I do?


Yeah, a lot of people don’t.
Or at least they don’t seem to.

Do you know what I mean?

Not really.

Good night, guys.

Good night.

Till the morning comes.

Go get a room, already...

What do you think we are doing?

I don’t know what he sees in her.

He’s like the perfect guy.

Perfect guy?


I was saying something important.

Were you?

Yeah, about how we’re not so...


Hey, can you pass
me the bottle please?

Might as well.

Wow. I’m proud of you, you
didn’t seem like the drinking type.

Why not? Stereotypes are dangerous.

Yeah, well... you just seem extremely
wholesome! Nice, simple, girl next door.

Huh... What?

What does that mean?

Yeah, you know...

...you Bengali women...

...are just a bunch of
cliquish, pseudo intellectuals.

Are you kidding me?


You Punjabi boys are just a
bunch of cheap, flashy brats!

At least you’re easy on the eyes...

Is that a compliment?


So, I was saying...

As you were saying...


Never mind.

Where are you going?

Got to get more booze silly.

Look at this woman...

You got to go to sleep silly!


Let’s go! Get up.

Come on, Get up man!

You, evil boy. What are
you doing? Put me down.

- You are getting to bed.
- I’m fine, Figaro.

No, you are not. Sleep!

- I don’t want to sleep.
- Yes.

You are getting to bed, right now.

No, please...

- Booze, Can I have more booze?
- No.



See you.

- Hold on.
- It's stuck.

Come on.

Move, ok, move, let me do it.


You’re late.

You’re grumpy.


Can I just dump this?

Good morning.


Welcome, finally.

Let's go.

All aboard?

- Yes, let’s go.
- So hung over.

Shut up.

"Speak no evil."

"Don’t speak evil."

"Speak no evil."

"Don’t speak evil."

"Speak no evil."

This whole whacked out
world is just too frustrating.

A flashy postcard
with the inscription...

"This is my simple religion..."

"There’s no need for temples,
no need for complicated philosophy..."

"...the philosophy is kindness."

So, it’s really that simple, is it?

Delhi, 1984. Bombay, 1992.

Gujarat, 2002. Assam, 2012.

In the name of religion, countless
men, women and children butchered alive!

All in the name of religion?
Or in the game of politics?

This whole whacked out
world is just too frustrating.


Jay! How are you?

Absolutely fine.

I wasn’t sure when
you guys were coming.

- I know, we got here much earlier.
- Thupten!

- Hey, Niz...
- How are you?

I’m good. How are you?

Very well.

Ah! This is Maggie.

- Hi.
- Hello.

And... Yeah, that is Figs.

- Hey, how are you?
- Very good.

So, who’s hungry?

- Me.
- Me.


So, Figs and Maggie,
how do you like 'Little Lhasa'?

I love it. It’s gorgeous.

It’s a strange place.

How so?

I mean, yeah it’s gorgeous of course...

...but there’s this strange
brew of politics and religion.

Things that I find
completely unnecessary.

It’s a beautiful place,
caught up in a pointless exercise.

I mean, Tibet’s
never going to be free ...

And praying isn’t going to solve
anything. It’s all pretty pointless really.

The cause is hopeless,
perhaps. But not the fight...

I believe in fighting. My faith
has certainly helped me in that.

Well, I’m not so convinced...

Frankly religion hasn’t done
much other than divide and destroy...

It’s an emotional crutch.

Figs has a point there.

Ah! I do? I mean,
yeah I do... Of course.

Movements need to be organic, they
need to matter. They need to be real.

That’s when things can change
but very often that reality...

...gets sidelined by many
forces, including religion...

...I don’t know if I’m
making any sense.

People believing in something is different
than people being told to believe in something.

The source is love after all.

I agree that you need to
question religion if it invalidates love.

I think... I don’t know.

Just live and let live.
I mean, that’s my point!

That’s a flawed point, Niz!

Our generation achieves
nothing because we’re passive by nature...

And the funny part is, we have
a voice, we just don’t know it.

- There is nothing passive about--
- Ok!

Let’s just change the topic.

Aren’t you sick of her
soapbox lectures? I know I am.

In Buddhism, we have a saying.

'A straw floats
on the surface of water...'

'...but a precious gem
placed upon it sinks’.

You know what? I don’t get it.

Ok I’ll see you guys
tomorrow. Good night!

Hey, hey!

- Oh. Hey!
- What’s going on?

Phew. It was getting really
intense in there. Had to get out.

So, you like freezing?

I like breathing in fresh
air while it’s still around.

You know, you were
really drunk the other night?

You do remember
some of that, don’t you?

Was I? Which night?


You’re very fond of Maggie.

Why do you say that?

It’s pretty obvious Figs.


Yeah well, I am... I was.

But I’m not so sure
anymore, though.

We should go.

No we shouldn’t.
We should stay right here.

Prisoners of the night.

Good morning, sir.

Hey, slept well?

Like a rock.


Mmm... Perfect.



And, here you go!

- Toast, butter and jam.
- Yummy!

Niz told me you guys
are going to Mababajagal?

Have you heard of it?

Some say it’s the oldest
democracy on earth.


And they have the best hash too.

What are you reading?

An article by Marie Sartre,
this French journalist.

Oh my god! I love her.
She’s fantastic.

She really writes it
like it is, you know!

Yeah. Do you know that she’s been
in this area for quite some time now?

Here? I had no idea.

She has been writing extensively
on this Paradise Found project.

What’s that?

This international chain is
trying to build a luxury resort.

They are soon going
to cut down the forest.


The villagers are protesting,
the protest is gaining momentum.

Is it?

Of course the media and activists
from all over have been pouring in.

And... I’m sure they could
use all the help they can get.

Since you are going
to be in the area...

...it might be worth stopping by.

Thupten, I’d love to!

But it’ll depend on the others...

I’ll definitely try.

"Looking back on life."

"I sometimes wonder why..."

"...it takes so long to find..."

"...a way to make it right."

"Free, free riding."

"It’s my life."

"Free, free riding."



Is this Mababajagal?

Honey, It ain’t.

Mababajagal’s on the
other side of the mountain.

Thirty miles as the crow flies.

Join us.

Thank you.

Where are you folks coming from?


Well I reckon you took a wrong turn
someplace. It’s funny how that happens!

I’m Vishnu Das by the way.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.

And this, here, is my little lady.


You can call me Sunshine Daydream.

Jayashri Bose.



What’s your name, sweetheart?


Figs, I’m Figs.

All right. So we’re all friends now.

So Vishnu sahib,
where are we exactly?

Oh. The Elysian fields...

...the garden of Eden,
the abode of Aphrodite.

We just call it the commune.

It’s just up around the corner.

I don’t know what it is
but it keeps getting stronger.

Painted faces beneath the diamond sky,
dancing bodies on the emerald earth.

Flowers in her hair and
madness in her eyes.

It’s just up around the corner.

I feel like an outlaw,
a fugitive on the run.

I guess there is no turning back.

Don’t knock it if
you haven’t tried it!

Like books are food for the mind,
LSD is food for the soul.

Call me a dirty old
hippie, if you like...

...but if we all smoked pot and
tripped on acid every now and then,

the world would be a lot groovier...

...I do believe it!

You and Figs would get along great!




Let’s go. Where’s Niz?

- I left some stuff in the car.
- Oh!

Niz is such an idiot.
I mean, we’re completely lost...

What a mess.

Chill. We’ll find the way.
It’s ok.

Is everything ok?

Yeah. Thanks for your concern!

What do you mean?

Figs, just because you’ve found a
girlfriend, will you forget your friends?

What do you mean, Maggie?


Nothing. Forget it.

I first came to this country in 1968,
part of the infamous hippie exodus.

It’s sort of been home ever since...

Got myself a little
shack around the corner.

I give tours, lectures...

books on meditation. Yeah.

For a kid from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
I’d say that’s doing all right!

Say, I’d love to have
you kids over sometime!

You don’t need to buy anything!
Well it wouldn’t hurt if you did...

If we did what?

Vishnu Das has invited us
to his charming establishment.

Oh, what’s that?

He runs a shack and he might
have some things that will interest us.

What do you guys say?

- Sounds good.
- Yeah sure.

All right, let’s go!

Hey Mr. Vishnu!

Do you happen to have any decent
accessories to go along with this one?

That one’s a real beauty, ain’t she?

I’ve got some hash if that’s what
you mean, kid. But it ain’t no cream!

You know the government
folks are building some...

...glitzy resort between
here and Mababajagal.

And there’s been trouble
with the locals!

We can’t get any decent hash.

Is the trouble bad?

Well there ain’t no such
thing as good trouble!

You know, my advice is if you all
are planning on heading there anyway...

...you all might as well wait.

Oh no! I can’t wait,
I’m sick of waiting, please.

Well, patience is a virtue, sweetheart.

And you strike me
as the virtuous kind.

Well, I’ll take this one.
For posterity then.

You won’t regret it!

Sir. We’re running low on booze and...

...I get that you don’t have any cream but is
there some other way you could sort us out?

Well, let’s see if I
can help you all out.

Could I interest you in some acid?

Nothing floats your
boat quite like LSD.

Mr. Vishnu, trust me I know...

Ok, we’ll take three stamps.


Make that four.

Are you sure about this?

Don’t knock it if you
haven’t tried it, right?



Slowly, slowly stay my mind.

Slowly everything happens.

The gardener may
water a hundred times...

...but when the season comes,
there is fruit.

This banana is fantastic.

Did you just say that?

It’s magical.

I don’t think I’ve seen an
orange as orange as that.

This orange, actually, ever before.

You’re messing up my
picnic. Are you nuts?


This orange...

Yes, madam?

It must die.

It must die...


Sun king plays on my face.

Crystal parliaments shatter easy.

Sun king plays on my face.

Love is atomic sugar.

Sun king plays on my face.

Two strands merge.

Guys, we should probably
hit the road soon...

Food is good.

Food is good.

I love food.

I love food too.

I just lost my appetite.

- Good morning, kids.
- Good morning.


I don’t mind if I do.

How was the acid trip?

Full power.


Glad to be of service.

- Is everything ok?
- Yeah.

Darling... Darling, make love.

No darling!

Make love not...

I was going to say
make love not war.

She’s been mad as a wet
hen these last few days.

It’s our annual Moon
Rave tonight. Lots to do...

Moon rave? What’s that?

Well, a bunch of kids get
together every other night.

They do drugs and have sex and then
they do more drugs and have more sex.

That’s pretty much it.


Sounds like fun. We should go right?

I don’t know,
we should get going.

Come on! We can
hit the road tomorrow.

Do we always have to
do what you want?

Niz! We’ve come this far,
we might as well go all the way.

Let’s just do what Jay wants.

This place was such a happy accident.


Maggie’s party seems like so
long ago. Doesn’t it, Figaro?

It seems like years ago. And you
were so friendly to me that night.


But is it not love that
knows how to make...

...smooth things rough and
rough things smooth?

That’s deep.

It is. It’s not me,
it’s Vikram Seth.


I was just thinking
that things change.

Yeah. But... I mean, come on,
wouldn’t life be boring if they didn’t?

I guess.

Sometimes things get more
complicated than they should be.

I mean, look at the four of us...

Yeah. Changes upon changes,
we are more or less the same.

Vikram Seth?

Close. Simon and Garfunkel.


Let’s head back!
We have a long night ahead.

Oh god! The rave.

Give me two whiskeys, yeah?



This is insane!

What... What? It’s not your scene?

Come on, look at
this place! It’s beautiful.

I don’t know.

I always saw the world
in shades of black and white.

And now there is all this color!

Yeah. It’s funny that
you say that because...

...I just feel like there’s
so much color...

Now, I finally see a bit
of black and white.


Vishnu Das is shooting up.


Vishnu Das is shooting up!

Shooting up?

Brown Sugar, baby. Heroin.

Maggie, this is...

Aren’t you a little bit curious?

Maggie this is not...

I want you to do this with me...

Maggie, listen!

Under any other circumstances...

...maybe I would have
But this but this...

What? Speak up!
I can’t hear you.

Maggie! It is not a
good idea, come on...

What is wrong with you?


Welcome to the twilight zone.

Nice place.

Are you afraid, sweetheart?

Fear is the mother of morality.

It’s my first time.

I’ll be gentle.

What the fuck... What’s
going on here?

- Figs!
- Hey! Stay groovy.

Vishnu Das! Grow the fuck up.

Show me your hand...

What is this?
This is dangerous!

Who the hell do
you think you are?

Who me? I’m your friend, Figs.

Well, I was chilling.

- Chilling... You call this chilling?
- Yeah.

Ok, Ms. Rebel-without-a-cause,
go... Go! Chill...



You heard me!
You’re a hypocrite.

Maggie, listen!

First of all, I care
for you, all right?

And second of all, you
shouldn’t be messing with this!

It’s dangerous stuff.
Maggie, you’re crazy or what?

What’s going on
with you, Maggie?

- Niz!
- What the hell was that?

- Niz!
- What the fuck was that?

Nothing. Take it easy.

Who the fuck do
you think you are?

Calm down...
Whoa! easy man!

Fucking easy!


Niz... Come on,
Niz! Stop it.

Niz! Niz!

Nothing happened,
ok, nothing--

You know, I tried really hard to
be what you wanted me to be.

And I did it because
I loved you.

But I guess love is just
a four letter word.

Fine! You’re not even worth it.

Oh God...

Where is everyone?

Excuse me. Where did they go?

- Who?
- The others I was staying with.

I don’t know what
you are talking about.

- Did they leave a message?
- I don't know.

Hello stranger!

Hey, Maggie!
Where were you?

I was going to wake you but...

...then I decided against it.

Ouch, you poor thing.

Anyway, come, let’s go...

Where to?

Come, get your bags.
Let’s get out of here!


Say something...

Where’s Jay? Where’s Niz?
What's going on?

I don’t know...

I think they left.

It’s not the end of the world.

Where are you going?

I don't know.

We could go anywhere,
someplace far away...

You just let them leave?

I didn’t let them do
anything, ok?

They just did.

And who cares anyway?

Maggie, what’s the
matter with you?

What’s the matter with me?

So this is all my fault now?


You know you created
such a mess last night.

And I was only trying
to help you...

You try so hard to stand out...

...and because of that
at the end of the day...

...you are just another conformist.

Am I?

So what does that
make you then?

Bye Maggie.

Figs, come on!

It’s you and me...

So what?

That’s it then?


Look, Figs!

I know I fucked up...

...and everything was a big mess...

...but you’re my friend.

You’re supposed to
be there for me.

Maggie look...

...you know I’m always
there for you.


...just this time I think you are going to
have to figure this out on your own.

I am sorry.

Sir. It’s time to check out!
You need to leave.

What are you saying?

- I’ll leave in half an hour.
- No, sir. Right now.

- Half an hour!
- No, sir. Right now!




Nice eye.


Maggie left.

So did Niz.


He told me to tell you he is
sorry for knocking you senseless.


No hard feelings?


Figs, I know what happened
last night wasn’t your fault.

Oh, really?

We’re ok, just so you know.

Are you sure about that?

I think so.

Yeah. It just feels like some
kind of weird nightmare.

As the old adage goes...

...‘shit happens’.

Look, I’m not promising anything.

You don’t have to.

I screwed up.

I thought you would
have left with Niz.

I almost did...

...but here we are.


I... I don’t really know
how to say this...

I’m not good at
expressing myself.

But I stayed...


...because I wanted to.

I’m catching a bus in a bit.

A bus? Where are you going?

You heard about that
resort they are building?

An entire village is going
to be completely destroyed...

...and unless someone does
something about it.

The government’s been
paid off, surprise-surprise!

Don’t tell me you want to go
and save the world after this?


Thupten says they need
all the help that they can get.

Marie Sartre is there.
She is covering the protest and...

...since our road trip has come
to this untimely end...

...we should go.

We should help in
whatever way we can.

Sounds boring.

But after all we’ve been through...

I think boring is
exactly what I need.

Let’s go!

We are burning embers in a
world of deepening shadow...

...and the road we tread on has no end.

But there is still the sky...

...the windy mountain and
the river below it.

So let’s tread on.

Let’s climb to the highest
peaks of our dying kingdom.

For there is still the sky...

...the windy mountain...

...and the river below it.

There’s nobody here.

Ok, who is this journalist
we are looking for, again?

Marie Sartre.

Any relation of Jean Paul?

Ha ha.

Excuse me! Hello.


I don’t see anybody around,
where did the villagers go?

Go that way...

That way?

- Thank you.
- Welcome.

Mr. Hariharan! We’ve tied
around 800 Rakhis so far.

Really! Good job.

- We are almost done.
- Yes.

These two have come from Delhi.

Perhaps from the media.

What do you want?

Nothing! We’re here to help you.

We’re not from the media.

Marie Sartre?

That’s me! Hi.

Hi, my name is Jayshri Bose.

That’s Figs.

We heard through a
friend that you were...

...in the area and about
what’s going on here.

And we thought we
could, well, volunteer?

Excellent. Welcome on board.

Thank you.

This is my dear friend
Ram Hariharan.


He’s chief coordinator
of the Resistance.

That’s what we call ourselves.

Why don’t you brief them.
I have to file a petition. Ok?

It’s a throwback to
the 'Chipko movement'.

These Rakhis are symbolic of
both protest and protection.

So what exactly is going to happen
if this resort does get built?

Well a lot of things...

In a nutshell,
this resort will signal...

...the death of the people of these
hills and of the forest they love.

We’ve had some recent
success in stalling the project...

...but unfortunately...

...we just found out that...

...the Environment Ministry has
given the go ahead for the resort.

They are expected to start
pulling down trees...

...and seizing land...

- ...any day now.
- That's terrible.

But, I mean...

...how can they give a go ahead
like this? That’s so strange.

Political pressure,
vested interests.

Most importantly, moolah!

Everyone can be bought
if the price is right.

Don’t mind my asking but
aren’t you a journalist?


So shouldn’t it be part of your
job to be non-partisan...

...or unbiased or whatever
it is you guys call it?

Well, I’ll leave this
to the Indian media...

...since they seem to be
doing such a great job.

Good one.

There is a difference, you know...

...between being biased and
being true to yourself.

There is a difference
between hyping a cause...

...and passionately advocating
a cause you believe in.


Here! This is for you...

That’s enough.

Eat! Tomorrow’s a big day.

Roti, anyone?

Yes, please.


I’ve been meaning to tell you this...

Don’t really know how but...

I really admire your writing.

What you say, your words...

...they’re honest.

And that’s just so rare.

It’s amazing to
finally meet you!


I’m glad to meet
both of you too.

It’s good to know
we are not alone.

So how long have you been here?

For some months now.

It sounds crazy.

It’s obvious that things are
not how they should be.

The value of our methods and
means of protest is less obvious.

Time will tell.

We are nothing but a moment’s
sunlight fading in the grass.

I have no idea what that
means but it sounds beautiful!


...what made you
fight for this cause?

What cause?

I believe in saving these
people and their forest.

What about the bigger picture?

What about corruption
in India in general?

Do you think we can fight that?

I do...

...but with a pinch of salt,
you might say.

What do you mean?

I believe in the potential
of the cause.

We stand witness to the
birth of a real revolution.

I believe in that.

So, what brought you two here
to this picturesque battlefield.

Is everything ready?

Yes, it’s all ready.

We are filing another petition.

It won’t make a difference.

In any case, we will
demonstrate tomorrow!

Can we help in any way?

Of course! We also
want to do something!


We will need all the
help we can get.

All right then...

...let’s all gather in the morning.

Are there going to be a lot of people
at this demonstration tomorrow?

Villagers and activists, lawyers
and other professionals...

...farmers and truck drivers, teachers
and students like yourselves.

The revolutionaries of modern India.

Do you think it’s going
to make a difference?

Who knows?

The fact of the matter is that
we are taking a stand...

...and that’s important.

It’s one thing to call
yourself a revolutionary...

...and quite another
thing to live like one.

People have enough
things in the world...

...to be really pissed about
right now, I know that.

But... I just wonder what
this struggle is doing...

...for the people of this village.

And that’s scary.

Well this movement makes
sense to me in the now.

That’s why I support it.

Fair enough for you, I suppose.

Still hungry?



But I could really use a
drink right about now!


That should do...

Oh, yes, thank you!

"If I've a babe in town, Babe."

"It's just when you're around, Babe."

"If I've a babe in town, Babe."

"It's just when you're around, Babe."

"I caught a long slow freight, Babe."

"Bound out for Texas state, Babe."

"I caught a long slow freight, Babe."

"Bound out for Texas state, Babe."



"Three days I hung around, Babe."

"That lonesome Texas town, Babe."

Let’s dance?

No, I can’t.

"Said you was sick and low, Babe."

"Said you was dyin' slow, Babe."

"Said you was sick and low, Babe."


"I took my car yet , Babe."

"So as to return to you, Babe."

"I took my car yet , Babe."

"So as to return to you, Babe."

"When I got off that train, Babe."

"You couldn't call my name, Babe."

"When I got off that train, Babe."

"You couldn't call my name, Babe."

This forest has given me life...

...and I shall stand by it till I die.

My brothers and sisters...

...they call this project Paradise Found.

But I call it Paradise Lost!

Our forests will be cut...

...our land stolen, our homes broken!

A state that attacks
her own people...

...is a state doomed
to self-annihilation!

My brothers and sisters!

They say this resort is a
symbol of development.

At what cost?

The death of our forest?

The death of our villages?

At what cost?

This resort is not a
symbol of development...

...it is a symbol of corruption!

My brothers and sisters, rise!

Embrace our trees!
Save them from death...

It is the wealth of our hills.

We won’t let them build this resort!

Ma’am, what is the
civil society doing about this?

We won’t let them build this resort!

Are you willing to go to jail for this?

No comments.

Thank you.

Friends. Today is a dark day.

The illegitimate government of
India has declared war upon us!

This luxury resort is the
bastard child of greedy politicians...

...and urban decadence.

It is a modern day mockery
of our age old values!

An insult to our Gandhian ways.

The people of these
hills, they are victims.

They are victims of a
malaise which afflicts us all.

That malaise is corruption.

They are the ones to be
sacrificed at the altar of avarice.

Mark my words,
we shall have revenge.

Let the ruling classes tremble
at the prospect of revolution.

India against corruption!

What does it mean to be
a revolutionary?

The war rages on...

We were knocked down by the
crushing force of a terrible defeat.

The futility of our actions
was only too obvious.

The extent of our insignificance
proved absolute.

If only I had stayed on...

But what could we do?
It was over.

What does it mean
to be a revolutionary?

The war rages on...

I was wrong when I
thought I was free...

...we are all enslaved in
chains of our own making.

What does it mean
to be a revolutionary?

The war rages on.

We’ve come a long way...

...but there’s no destination in sight.

Faith is the bird...

...that feels the light
when the dawn is still dark.

That’s deep.


It’s not me, it’s...

...Rabindranath Tagore.

But it’s frustrating,
you know, all the same.

What is?

It’s been sixty years
since independence...

...and we’re still fighting
for the same thing...

...for our freedom.

Someone once said...

..."When the power of love
overcomes the love of power..."

"...that’s when the world
will know peace."

Who said that?
Rabindranath Tagore, only?


Jimi Hendrix.

We lost it, right?

Yeah. I guess so...

What is 'it'?

You know, we’ve lost
this battle I suppose.

But you know
as well as I do Jay...

...that there’s a
thousand people fighting...

...a thousand battles
every single day...

...in this crazy country of ours.

I wonder where those two are.
Niz and Maggie.

I don’t know...

...but I’m glad you are with me.

What happened?

Where the hell are we?

Do you have any water?

Did you see that?

No, did you?

"I am a poor wayfaring stranger..."

"Wandering through this world of woe."

"And there's no sickness,
no toil or danger..."

"In that bright land
to which I go."

"I am going there
to see my sister."

"I’m going there
no more to roam."

"I am only going over Firdaus."

"I am only going over home."

It’s been quite the journey, Figaro.

It certainly has, Miss Bose.

How do you know it’s over?

I never said it was.

Here we are...

And now what?