M/Other (1999) - full transcript

Tetsuro is living with his young girlfriend Aki in a pleasant house in Tokyo. They both spend a lot of time at their jobs. However their routine is upset when Tetsuro brings his 8 year old son Shun to live with them, while his ex-wife recovers from a car accident. Aki is annoyed because she was not asked, and she knows that she will have to do the bulk of the work in caring for him. This forces Aki to reevaluate her relationship, and decide whether she is to remain a modern working woman, or become a mother.



When did you get home?

Hmm... I wonder.
The sun was already up.

- Leaving?
- Yes, I have work.

Get enough sleep?

Well... I just kind of woke up.

- I better go.
- Stay.

- Can't.
- Take the day off.

- I can't.
- Stay here.


I'll be late.

- Bye now.
- See you.


Can you get it?


Hello, it's Shun.


I'm Shun.

- Who is it?
- Your son.

What? Hello...

Don't worry. I won't forget.

I'll be there at 3.

I'll be there.
Don't worry about it.

Alright. See you at 3.


- You go and study now.
- OK.



You meeting him?

- Yes, today.
- Today?

At 3.

There was a car accident.

- An accident!?
- His mother's...

- Is she okay?
- She's hospitalized.

- You're kidding...
- It isn't very serious.

What about Shun?

He's staying with his relatives.

But my wife, I mean ex-wife,

fractured her leg and they...

want to do more tests.
It'll take some time.

- Care for tea?
- Don't bother.

I'll have whiskey,

and sleep some more.

It was foreseeable.

She's a classic "woman driver."


I better go.

Give me some.

Can I keep it?

OK. Here you go.

See you.

Call me if you need anything.

See you later.

See you.

Sales have declined this year.

We've lost about 30 customers per day.

It's happening at both locations.

We could spend less on ingredients...

but I don't like the idea.

I know it was my idea,

but we better drop the...
7000 yen prix fix special for two.

Go ahead.

I'm sorry.

It just isn't profitable.

That's true.

It's good...
the accident was minor.

Yes but in the last two years
my son burned himself,

he fell from a horizontal bar and was injured,

and now this accident.

Maybe it's father's curse.


Is he mad about the divorce?

But why punish Shun for it?

It's hard for me to say...

Hey, can you get the door?


What's all this?

- You're early.
- I guess. Just a bit.

- Shun's with me.
- What?

The relatives...
don't want him.

- Need some help?
- No this is it.

Where's Shun?

Sleeping in the car.

He was staying...

with my ex-wife's sister.
But they...

don't get along.


What can I do? He won't eat.

At least call...

I guess...
you're right.

I'm sorry it's so sudden.

Please let my son stay for a while.

How long is a "while"?

Well... Maybe a month.
No longer.

One month!?

Don't get mad.

Come on baby.

Hey. Shun!

Introduce yourself.

- Now say hello.
- I'm Shun Takahashi.

This is dad's very important friend.

Nice to meet you.

How do you do?

I'm Aki Matsuno.

This is Aki.

Does it hurt?

You're a tough one.

Well he just sprained it
a little, so...

- He was in the car?
- Yes...

You didn't tell me.

Well, he was there.

Are you hungry?

No... We ate, right?

- You did?
- We had hamburgers, right?

Near the station.

I see.

Can I go upstairs?


It's a big mess.

Can I?

- If you want.
- I want to.

OK. Be careful though.

You'll get dirty.

The light's right there.

Why look so sad?

You didn't call.

Well I... I didn't think you'd be back yet.

What about your wife?

She says it can't be helped.

She thinks it's OK?


I considered several solutions.

I could have spent the night at Shun's.

But then I'd be obliged to...

stay there with him.

You'd prefer I stay here, right?

You said that

There's nowhere to take him.

I'll figure something out.

You should have asked me.


How can you decide without asking me?

I better go see how he's doing.

What're you doing?

You found a game, huh? Good.

Mom always said "don't come up here."

But you're much older now.

I just thought of a great idea.

What is it?

How about...

...making this your room?


- Like the idea?
- Yeah.

- Can I... make this my fort?
- Your fort?

A secret fort, huh?

I'll make it with cardboard boxes.

OK let's do it then.
A secret fort.

But you have to promise.


Be nice to Aki.

You know, she's dad's...

You'll get along, right?

Can you really?

Cross your heart...


You're still so light.


He's finally asleep.


It was so sudden.

I'm really sorry.

When she...

When Shun's mother learned...

we were living together,

she insisted that I never bring Shun here.

But today,

she bowed and said please
take good care of him.

He's 8 now.

I didn't like...

having to hide you from him.

This is a good chance
to introduce you.

It can't be kept a secret forever.

Think so?

Do you think he likes me?


I don't think he knows yet.

- He dislikes me?
- Not at all.

He's a good kid. He'll adapt.

Why didn't you tell me anything?

Well... I'm sorry about this.

I won't be a burden.

I'll try not to burden you.

What about your work?

Well I spoke to the manager.

It's almost summer break.

I'll need to spend more time with him anyway.


That's my intention.

Who will cook for him?

I can make breakfast.
We'll manage somehow.

How about laundry?

I'll do it.

You will, huh?

Why didn't you tell me?

Like I said,

the situation wasn't so clear.
It happened so suddenly.

This may be unfair.

There was some time to talk.

But he really has nowhere to go.




What do you mean?
Am I to decide?

- Well maybe...
- I have no choice.

I'm asking you...

Plead all you want.

I have work to do.

No doubt we'll be a... burden at times.

It's inevitable.

I'll try my best to be supportive.

- Supportive?
- So please...

Don't talk like you're asking
for permission.

He's here already.

Excuse me. Thanks.

But maybe, I think it might be fun.

Ahh Kids...

Well I guess it's about me.

I'm making you upset.

I'm going to bed.

Good night.

Staying up?

Not for long.

Turn off the light.

Good night.

He's fine...

Let me get him.

We'll come by the hospital.

The keys?

Really... One sec.

It's mom.

Don't say you're upstairs.

Hello mom?

It's in my bag.

Yeah, I will.

Are you OK mom?

Yeah... It hurts a bit.

Sure, I will.

Yeah.... bye.

Yeah... bye.

Dad... how's this turned off?

It's off.

Like this.

Dad, I don't need these toy cars.

-Which ones?
- These.

I can take all of these, right?

All of these?

Look over things.
Decide what's to be kept.

- Care for ice tea?
- Yes.


It's too late.

They can't tell us now.


No more whining.

I figured if size is not...
an issue,

these should work at 120.

How about 80?

Do you have it? This?...
It seems small for an 80.

Maybe it's 70.

- No, it's 80.
- Yes, perhaps.

But the color isn't good.

First let's reprint it.
Make it darker.


But first let's try it on the model.

- Working?
- Yes, I'm at work.

Sorry, but I...

What's up?


Well I... went to the supermarket
near the hospital.

I bought all sorts of things...

Thought we could have a bit of a feast.

When do you finish?


I might be late.

Don't know yet, huh?

That's too bad.

Sorry, I can't give you a time.

I see.

Well, we better eat on our own.

OK, don't work too hard.


- OK. Bye.
- See you.

What's up?

Well, I'll assemble this,

reprint it,
and redo this.

Do it tomorrow.

- Really?
- I'll come too.

- Going home?
- I have no plans.



How about a date?

- With?
- With me.

But is it OK?

- What?
- Well, I mean...

Not to worry.
Let's go get drunk.

- So tomorrow...
- Good.

Now let's... clean up.



Be careful.

Let's not use this.

It's a mess.

I'll do it tomorrow.

No, really...

I'll do it tomorrow.

Stop. I'll do it.






Your dad couldn't come.

But he promised.

Yes... He has to work.


She's my dad's friend.

You're friends?

Let's go.

Have lot's of stuff?

You really do.

I'll give you a hand.

You OK? Got everything?


- You OK?
- Alright?

- Staying here?
- I'm leaving too.

You are? Then get your bag.

Shall I take this one?

Are you OK?

Your father apologized.

- But he broke his promise.
- That's unfortunate.

I had to leave work early for this.

You're very kind.

Thank you.

You walk fast.

Let's go slower.

- Let's go faster.
- Sorry...

You're turtle, I'm rabbit.

That's funny.

Let's think of better names for us.

Let me see...

Let's race.

Lunch is served.

Shun it's ready.

Shun. Go and help.... Go help.

You're going to give me a hand?

- Be careful.
- Thanks.

I'll take it.
OK. Thanks.

That's yours, Shun.

Thank you.

OK... do you like cheese?

You don't, right?

Really? So... let's eat.

Bon app?tit.

Bon app?tit.

What's up?

What's wrong?

Does it taste funny?

She made it because you...
said you wanted spaghetti.

So let's eat.



Having stomach problems?

Answer me, Shun.

Come on out.

I'm not mad at you.
So come eat with us.

I'm sorry.

- I'll scold him.
- Don't.

Maybe mom's tastes better.

Not at all.

Why don't I move to a hotel?

Don't be silly.

But he'll need... time to adjust.

He still needs time.

But stay here with us.

It's simpler if I go.

Then I'll go to Shun's.

Let's not do that.

He'll get used to things.

8 is a difficult age.

Let's stop.

See you.

Bye now.


Aki was...

She was worried that her spaghetti tasted bad.

She was about to cry.

Really?... I didn't like it.

Come on...

What's that?


A car that flies.


Are you OK?

You're OK, right?

Takeda, look after Shun, will you?

Give him a soda.

How are the other restaurants doing?


There is some bad news.

They're doing worse than
we had projected.

Hey dad, can I open this?

Sure, do as you please.

This is merely a suggestion.

How about closing the others?

We'll focus on this location.

That's what your father would have done.

Manage all 3 restaurants.

Like I've always said to you

as a General Manager.

Well that's nice
when business is good

Under these circumstances
it isn't reasonable.

The problem is in Shizuoka.

I want to close the operation.

Things have been dragging on.

I want you to go.

To Shizuoka?


That's not right.

The operation was solely yours.

Well, yes...

I won't be of use there.

Well, imports aren't your specialty.

The sooner the better,

if you really wish to close.

Well yes... What a pain.


- Hello
- What's wrong?

I don't know.

Aki's back.

You're being foolish.

Come on out.

Hello Shun.

You told mom you'd go to bed by 10.

Shun, you promised mom.
Not me.

Leave him alone.


Just leave him alone.

I wish I could...

Why not take it easy?

What do you mean?


Stay there then.

If you like it so much...
go to sleep there!

I've had it!


Hey Shun...

Can I ask you something?


Next Tuesday I must...
sleep over somewhere.

It's for work.


A place called Shizuoka.

It means you'll stay with Aki
for a night.

Can you handle it?



If you'll be good I'll...

bring you back a present.

What do you want?

I want a Digital Monster 4.

If they don't have 4 get me...

Digital Monster 2.

If they don't have 2...

I want a Digital Monster 1.

Get a 4, or a 2, or a 1?

Write it down for me.

It's like this big.

It's that small?
It's in a box?

Like that... Inside it's...

like this big.

One this big's in a bigger one?


But I have to work too...

I... I know...

- I... I know...
- And what about Shun?

He's fine.

We made a little pact.

What about our pact?

Well so I apologize... once again.

I know well that that is not enough

The hospital won't...
let him stay with his mother.

But I did ask.

Oh they're cheap.

Why not?

It's hot!

It's hot... so hot.

Want water, Shun?

Shun's really cute.

Do you think so?

He's a lot like you.

Think so?

Shall we get married?

Let's get married.

What's the matter?

Squeeze me tight.

Hey this is yours.
It's tiny.


It's small, isn't it?

I'm impressed.

That's very good.

Telephone. It's dad's phone.

Can you get it?

Hello? Mom?

Yeah... I can hear you.

Yeah... he left.

Huh?... I'm doing laundry with Aki.

Mom... Mom are you OK?

Dad promised me...
He'll buy me a Digital Monster Version 4.

Give me that.

Pizza time. Hey, let's eat.

The pizza's arrived.



Nice room.

What's that?

Is that a tunnel?

How nice.

Wonderful. Now let's eat, everyone.

Come on, Shun.

OK now... Let's go. Nice room.

This is nice.

Here they come...

- Plates...
- How much can I eat?

- How much can I eat?
- Have as much as you like.

- Alright!
- Then I'll have 2.

I'll have 2 too.

Me too.

Hey... what's this?

Did I put out too many?

Some salad?

Does anyone want salad?

Salad anyone?...

No one likes salad here?

Too bad. Some salad, Aki?

Sure, I'll have some.

- I want that one.
- Give me a slice.

I don't want any. I'm full.

- Why not!? You're full?
- Incredible.

- Theirs are like this too.
- That's it. Just one tooth...

- Shun's missing two.
- And two more here.

He still loves corn on the cob.

That's amazing.

- Any siblings?
- An only child...

- How long's he staying?
- One month.

So there's another 3 weeks.


I'm just wondering what you'll do.

We'll what do you mean?

Will things continue in this way?

Well for now, yes.

He said he'll do everything.

But he's so busy.

I do... I do think he's being unfair.

It's difficult, isn't it?

It's heavy...

It's pretty heavy stuff.

- Did you know Shun?
- Not till now.

- Really?
- No.

His ex wouldn't...
She won't...

- Who ?
- His ex

Want you to?


Even though it's not my fault
she wouldn't like it.

- I can sympathize...
- Right? Think about it.

If my husband...

If he left you
and then met another woman...

Then I won't introduce her to my children.


She must feel bad about this.

You're married.
How would you feel?

That's difficult.

And it's like what's my role in all of this?

Am I some kind of a stepsister?

- Shun calls...
- He calls me Aki.

- Right.
- We agreed on that together.

And his father's "dad."

I'm a bit too old to be his friend.

Yes you are.

You mean I'd be pushing it?

I'm just going too far, aren't I?

Stepsister's also a bit too much.

But it may work.

I've yet to marry.
So sister... or aunt?

But that's Everyone calls you.

Oh "mom," "lady"

Your kids' friends?

That's horrific!

For now just say your his mother.

What about marriage?

Marriage? Well no.
I'm not getting married.

I'm not going to.

How's married life? You happy?

Well, modestly, I suppose.

- So-so?
- Well yes. So-so.

I see...

You've settled down.


- Your so maternal now.
Well I've become a mother.

- It's amazing.
- Amazing?

That I started a family?

No, not like that.

Then what is it?

It's more like when you're with the children,

it really sinks in.

Well it comes with the territory.

It's really interesting.

When your not around the kids...

you're your old self.

But even when we talk.

if one of them comes here you
suddenly become a mom.

You become maternal
even if you're being tough.


Aki, I can't go to sleep.

You can't?

- What's wrong?
- I'm worried about dad.

About your father?

He'll come home tomorrow.

I don't want anything bad to happen.

- Like what?
- An accident.

Accident?... Like what?

A train accident?

- No... A plane crash.
- He's not flying.


No plane.
No plane crash.

Don't worry.


But I'm still worried.

You are?

He'll come home tomorrow.

But I'm worried.

Yeah? Yeah

Well then let's call him in the morning.

You're all sweaty.

Yuck. Yucky.

I can't sleep.

You can't?

I see.

You're concerned about your dad.
You're a good son.

Hey, do you like... love dad?

Are you like lovies?

Him and I?

Yeah, we're like "lovies." Why?

Because I was worried.

About him and I?

You are?

We're "lovies." We don't look it?

I'd feel bad for mom
if you get married.

I'd feel bad for mom
if you get married.

I see. I suppose your mom won't like it.

No. I don't think so.

How about you?
What do you think?

I don't know.

We're not marrying.
We won't marry.

Then why are you lovies?

Well you can be in love...

without marrying.


I wonder why.

I just feel I'm in love.

Do you have a girlfriend?

- Been in love?
- I've a girlfriend.

- And marriage?
- Yeah.

You'll marry?
You've decided?

You decided already?

You like her, but you're not married yet?


You don't like her?

Love is difficult.

I can't fall asleep.

You've been thinking too much.

Worried about mom?

She's all alone.

She must be lonely.

When is your bedtime?

10 o'clock.

It's 10 already.

I can't sleep.

I bet your mom will be worried,

if she hears you're up past 10.

I can't sleep.

You can't sleep?

Let's play a game.


A game...

- Want to?
- Sure.

Try & look the other way.

We'll play for 2 out of 3.

Let's make it so you...

make 1 mistake and you lose.


Paper, rocks, & scissors...

Try and look the other way.

Hey! You lose!

- Now go to bed.
- Once more.

- No more.
- 2 out of 3...

Paper, rocks, scissors...
Now look this way!

Ready go.
Try & look away!

Hurry, hurry.

Let's hide!

He's coming.

Hello. I'm back.

Anybody home?

I wonder where they went.

Must have gone somewhere.

Too bad. I'm back
but they're not here.

What're you doing down there?

Ouch, ouch.

I'll close you in.

Thanks. No prob.

Welcome home.

- I have a present.
- As I had promised.

Lucky you.

I got you what you wanted.
As promised.

- Can I see?
- Go ahead.

- What did you get?
- It's a secret!

They had #4.

And Shizuoka candy for you.

- How rare.
- Is that it?

- Thanks.
- Good. I was right.

Yeah you were.


Wow... But you've got a lot of those.

- Go ahead.
- Open it.


Want a drink?


I'll have a beer.


Oh, bye.

- I mean hi.
- Hello.

- I'm tired.
- Want to quit?

Yes, let's quit.

- Where's your toy?
- Right here.

That's 2 or 4?

Oh no.

How's 4 and 2 different?

- Their versions.
- Just their versions?

It fell asleep.

It's sleeping.

That's too early.
It's summer break. Let it stay up later.

It sleeps on its own.

- It's automatic.
- So it sleeps on it's own, huh?

I just don't get it.

Why don't you help a little!?

What's wrong?

I have to work too!

Why should I look after your child?

Go upstairs.

I'm sorry.


It's alright.


I'm sorry.

- Please stop.
- It's OK.


- I'm just tired.
- No, no, no.

I better apologize.

I'm such a liar.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

From now on, I'll do everything.

Come on.

- I'll do the dishes.
- Don't.

What's wrong?

Did your wife do everything?

Did she clean and cook everyday?

Do the laundry?
Every single day?

Am I inferior...

because I cannot sacrifice?

I don't want you to.

- Then what do you want?
- You really don't have to do anything.

You don't have to...

Then I'd just be useless.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

It doesn't change anything.

I shouldn't have volunteered to cook.

How silly. I'm a cold man.

I'm just like my father.

My parents tried to keep up the tradition.

They stuck to their roles.

A stern father and an obedient wife.

They kept up the act

until the end.

I couldn't last 3hrs.

My parents did it 24hrs a day.

Even when my father hit me.

My mother remained silent.

Every day she just...

continued to do her chores.

As a child,

I thought...

it was perfectly normal.

She didn't appear to be
particularly unhappy.

Maybe it's because I...

was raised in such a home.

It's all a part of who I am.

I'd assume even they...

were once in love.

Maybe before I was born.

After all, I'm here because they had sex.


Hello Shun.

Shun, please clean up your toys.

He's not at the hospital.

He's not at the station either.

I'll head to his mother's apartment.


He might be home by now.
I'll head back.


He's here.

He's at the apartment.

What a relief.

He's asleep now.

I want to let him stay here tonight.
Is that OK?


Thank you.

I'm sorry for everything.

Bye bye.

Good night.

Good night.

- I'm back!
- Hi.

Aki... I'm sorry.

Welcome back.

I'm sorry.

- Where's Aki?
- She's here.

She's in her room.

I apologized.



I'm going out.

See you. Take care.

You'll be late?

Not really.

Let's all have dinner then.

You apologized?

Let's do it again

when she returns.


Where's this go?

Come and help.

This is next.

Can you give me a hand?

Let's spread this out.

This is reversed

What? Is it reversed?

Hey, you're right.

Sorry. It goes like this.

See that string there?

Pull it... pull that string down.
Attach it there.

Hey father, this isn't working.

I've never used this before.


Shun, now you remove the rocks.

Let's remove those rocks.

- What're the rocks for?
- Just toss them away.

They hurt your back...

when you sleep in the tent.

There's lots here.

We'll put the tent where we removed the rocks.

And then we'll put this underneath.

This goes in there

so it won't hurt when we sleep.

Put it there. I think we're done.

- Dad... this gets all curled up.
- What?

I'm coming in.

- Are you hungry?
- No, I'm fine.

Eat something.

Well I'm just not hungry.

What's wrong?

- I'm exhausted.
- You are?

Shun will leave soon.

His mother will be discharged.

Then we can...

live together just like before.

I'm sorry for all of the trouble.

We can't go back.


We can't live like we used to.

What's the matter?

You can't do it?

How come?

We'll be the same.



He'll be gone soon.

Let's get married.


Let's give it a try.

You always say "why?"
It just seems like the right thing.

Maybe not.



Let's marry.

You should go back to your wife.


Why do you say that?

You should try.

What good will it do?


Cleaning the bathroom.

And so when can you

get out of the hospital?

Yeah, OK.



Mom said to say "hi."

Aki... can you come here?


Come here.

What's up?

Look at what you did.

- May I look outside?
- Please do.

It faces the street.
But it's quiet.

The rent's 100,000 yen.

- Nice kitchen.
- It's large.

It should be easy to use.

Excuse me.

- Are you at work?
- I can talk.

It's OK?

Well... I want to ask for a favor.

I have to go see one of the managers

and so I need to leave by early evening.

If it's OK, I'd like you to look after Shun

That's fine.

Can you make it back?

I'd like to leave by 6.

- Yes, that's fine

Well... Thanks for doing this.

Here's Shun.

Hello, Aki?

Hello, Shun?

I'm fine on my own.

You are, huh?

I'll rush home.

I'll hurry.

You don't need to.

Well, then maybe I won't.

I just won't bother.

No, I'll be there.

- OK... Here's dad.
- Alright.

Well thanks for doing this.


Bye now.

- Excuse me.
- No problem.

So what do you think?

But I don't know if I can do it.

You can, you'll do just fine.

Well it was surprisingly easy.

But it takes time.
I just realized afterwards.

Is there anything else?

That's it for now.

We must wait for Shun's father.
So go and play.

He'll be here soon.

You'll fall.

- I'll start serving.
- Thank you.

May I use these plates?

Thanks for coming.

No, thank you.
The kids are delighted.

I'm happy for Shun.

You put in a lot of work.

- How is everything?
- Everything?

Hmm what?

- It seems like you're adapting.
- It does?

Well it's complicated.

Not sure if it's good or bad?

I'm not sure if it's what I want.

Wait for your father.

We'll call you guys soon.

I see

And I'm not too happy with my job.

- Get married.
- Get married?

Just wait a bit more.

Aki, maybe you're thinking too much.

Just go for it.

Just like that?

If I could, I'd be married already.

Just don't think too hard.

Maybe you're right.

You make good choices.

Maybe I don't think enough.

How's your husband?

He seems to be a little tired.

Really? He's tired too

Well, I suppose everyone's tired.

- You made those?
- They're cute, right?


Hey, hey... Shin.

They're all so energetic.

Don't they wear you out?

Not at all.
I absorb their energy.

- I guess that's the attitude to have.
- That's right.

Look. A ninja dart!

Mine too.

Let's try again.

Should this be here?

- Hello.
- Oh, you scared me. Hi.

He's back.

I got a cake!

Custom-made for you, Shun.

- Hello.
- Hi there.

Oh, this is...

Seiko. We were schoolmates.

Open that.

I'll get his present.

- It isn't for you.
- Now the cake..

-It won't open.
- Let's hold it down.

Wow, it's a nice one.

It's big, isn't it?

How nice.

- Can we eat all of this?
- You will give some to us?

You believe that it will be finished?

that does not frighten me!

- It is for us all?
- Mom too?

Me, I want this part!

Wow! Look at that.


Here's your present.

- Your present.
- Wow!



You can't ride a bike?

Well, let's practice.

And this is for you guys.

And this is for you guys.
These are presents for you.

Say "thank you."

There's also good news.

- Mom will be out of the hospital.
- Really?

In 4 more days.

- 4 more?
- You can go back home.

What's this?

It tells you which way you're going.

So let's practice, OK?

Shun, I've a present too.


Wow, lucky you. Thanks.

Also from Shin and Ryo's mom.

Thanks Seiko. How nice.


- Come on,
- let's eat.

Let's eat.

Why don't I take this?

How shall we sit?

Seiko better sit here.

Can you sit there?

Sure. Let her handle the kids.


Ryo's a funny kid.

He's Mr. Cool.

It's funny, Shun tries to act
big around Ryo.

Shun will go back soon.

Sorry for all of the trouble.

Will you see him again?

Why not?

I want you to stay in touch.

Well I...

It's spilling.


You won't see him?

What're you doing?

What're you doing?

A/C... Large bathroom...
Kitchen w/ gas stove.

Rental apartment near subway.

9 minute walk to the station

A nice living environment...

All new. Nice flooring
Room 603...

What's this all about?

What are these faxes?
Why are they here?

What are you trying to do?

You're moving out?

Shun's leaving.

I told you, things will be just like before!

Will they?

Why look for an apartment?

You're free to go; this isn't marriage.

But he'll be gone in 4 more days.

We can go back! So what's wrong?

I can leave, right?

I can't stop you.

We agreed; the one that wants out goes.

I'm not like being emotional.

How about a farewell drink?

Here. Let's sit... sit.

tell me what's wrong.

Is it the house?

If the house is a problem

we'll move.


So we'll move.

I can even quit my job.

- We can go abroad.
- What about me?

Do what you like.

Quit your job too.

We'll move out of here,

and live somewhere else.

Anywhere. I'll sell my business.


Stay... stay right here.

You say I'm evasive.

- Stay here.
- Stop it!

You know nothing about me!

You know nothing about what I want!

You know nothing about me, do you!?

Why leave?

Why leave me alone!?

Why must it be me!?

Don't leave me alone.

Stay... please.

I know nothing about you.

Why must you go?



Don't go!... Don't!



Why are you leaving me?

Don't leave me without a reason.

Stop it! No!


Stay with me! Just like before!

Why must you go!?

Why will you go?

Why are you leaving?

Say something!

- Stop!
- Then tell me why.


Explain it properly!

Why must I quit my job!?
Why must I go overseas!?

Why can't we be together?

Why not go abroad together?

You just don't understand me, do you?

I do.

In what way!?

OK, OK... then I don't understand you.

What!?... What now!?

What's so funny!?

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me alone!

I don't want to be alone either!

Then stay.

Stay nearby.

Don't go... Alright!?


Why must you leave!?

There is no reason!

Then how can you go?

Don't go.

You've got no reason to go, so stay.

Why must we stay together!?

Why?... Why?

I don't understand.

Don't go.


- Shun?
- Say "I got home safely."

I got home safely.

Good for you.

Say "Thank you very much."

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

What are you doing, Aki?


Right now, I'm...

thinking, I guess.

When's your bed time?

In a while.

Give mother the phone when you're done.

What's dad doing?

What's he doing?

Your father?

He's thinking too.

- My mom wants to talk.
- Mom?

Hello, this is Kyoko Takahashi.

You took such wonderful care of Shun.

Thank you very much.

Yes, Well you are...

Shun, wait.

I should perhaps say this in person to be proper.

Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you too. I enjoyed his company.


How are you feeling?

Yes, well I'm fine now.

I simply need to rest and recover.

Aki san, bye-bye!

Let's play together again.

Come visit me.

I'll come visit too.

- You OK? Get wet?
- A little.

Thank you.

What shall we eat?

Let's have something good.

- Something good.
- Something good, huh?

Something good...

Find a place?

No, not yet.

But I've searched.

I've seen many places.

I saw one for 120, 000.

An studio.


it was so strange.

It had this gadget hanging in the room.

Something like this.

Something like this.

for hanging laundry.

But the kitchen was nice.

- Lightning?
- A big flash?

What else?

Let's see.

Rolling thunder

- What else?
- There was a...

1 bedroom.

About the same price.

Expensive. 120, 000?

Yes. But it's large.

A big place...
Separate bath and toilet.

There's extra space for a washing machine.

A big balcony.

It's a bit old but there's a water purifier.

Water purifier?

MIURA Tomokazu


and Shun:

SENTO Takenori

SUWA Nobuhiro

with MIURA Tomokazu
and WATANABE Makiko


SATO Yuzuru

KIKUCHI Nobuyuki

Set Decoration:

Costume Design:
HOSHI Teruaki

Film Editing:
KAKESU Shuichi

Assistant Director:

SUZUKI Haruyuki


In co-operation with
Bitters End Inc.

Directed by
SUWA Nobuhiro