MOTHERLAND/Gimtine (2019) - full transcript

Told through the inquisitive eyes of Kovas, MOTHERLAND is a lyrical drama set in post-Soviet Lithuania. Shortly after the fall of the USSR, Viktorija returns with her American-born son to ...


Do you remember the tale that I read to you

when were you still little?

About the girl,

lost in the woods.

Looking for her home?

Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Do you remember?

Mom? Mom.

Tea, coffee, wine?

Tea, coffee, wine?

- Wine, please.

-Can I have another one?

The girl got lost
and couldn't find her way home ...


Covas, let me introduce you.
This is my sister, Grazhina.

Well, okay, let's go.

Thank God I got a taxi.

-Thank you very much.
-Hey, come on ...

How things have changed ...

What did you expect?

But you haven't changed.
You still look like a student.

There was a lonely girl.

No mother, no father, no brothers, no sisters.

She lost everything.

There was a witch in that forest.
She wanted to eat the girl.

My aunt told me this tale
when my parents were exiled.

-When are we going to our house?

We will stay for two more days at Grazhina's.

Which house?

Our parents' land.
Our family homestead.

I still remember all the old stories.

And why do you want to go there?
I haven't been there since childhood.

Edwardas still lives there.
We could go together.

We work with people, explaining
why it is necessary to withdraw Soviet troops.

At 15:30, out of 600 voters
, only 200 voted.

In Panevezys today,
people were the first to come to the ballot boxes,

survivors of the horrors of Kogalym and Karaganda.

In Kurgan and the sources of the Lena.

These trains are like terrible monuments to the horrors experienced in Lithuania.

They are no longer frightening, but frightening these ...

-And what are you going to do there?
-Probably farm the land.
-Why do you need this, any way?

Let everything remain there as it is.

Take my suitcase to the room.

-Do you need sneakers?
-No thanks.

-Where should I put the flowers?
-There, you will find a vase in the kitchen.

Kovas, take that
smaller bed . Okay?

-And, sorry Victoria, the place is a mess.
- Like always, same as usual.

The guests will arrive tomorrow.

Everything is OK!

And aunt Brone from Kaunas arrived yesterday.
Especially because of you.

Kovas, comb my hair. Okay?


You can't imagine how many
indigent men appeared,

trying to prove
that the Soviets took their lands.

No evidence, no documents,
claiming that the land once belonged to them.

Without a realistic hope of proof,
not to mention any supporting documents.

My colleague had all the documents,
but he never got as far as the ministry.

-Look, here is an extra blanket ... -
-Romas will help me .

Who is Romas?

-Don't you remember Romas?

Fortunately ...

Find your best shirt. Okay?

We corresponded for a while.
He promised to help us.

How is your husband? What happened between you?
What did he do?

Listen, do you want to go outside?
Take some candy for the kids.

Do you remember what we agreed on?

I think those reds will do.


They don't have any of that.
They will enjoy it.

You know I don't want to talk about him.

Kovas is having a difficult time with this.

Because of the flight, my skin has
dried. I'd better apply some cream.

I'd also prefer to make chamomile tea.

I invited Romas today ...

Hello! Sorry, where are you from?

From Boston. America.

Cool ... -
Help yourself?

Thanks! See you later! We'll meet again!

These are your cousins. Ingrida and Loreta.

This is Aunt Wanda.

I thought he was a little boy.

And there are Bronius and Zigmas.
Please, everyone to the table!

Very nice.

I completely forgot the brochures.
I'll get them now.

I forgot something. Sorry.

Kovas, go to the table.

What have you got here?

Kovas, where did this come from?

I, no ... I don't know ...

What did I tell you? In Lithuania
always speak Lithuanian. Is that Clear?


We are very happy that you
finally arrived with Kovas.

Really. You look wonderful,
charming and in the prime of life.

You are as dreamy now as you were before.


I remember at my wedding,
twenty years ago ...

Even the groom confused us.

She also wore a white dress.
- I remember ...

In short, we are very happy.

And we hope that God will allow
you and Kovas to come at least once a year.

Of course. Let's drink!

Who needs coffee or tea?

-Doesn't it taste good? You didn't eat anything.
- I'm not hungry.

I'll take it ...

Your mother said that you came to help her to
return to the family lands?

Is that true?

So I'm drinking with the future landowner?

To your health!

-Thank you for coming!
-Thank you for the gifts!

-See you soon.
- Of course.

Thanks, girls!
-Later! Later!

- I hope not for the last time?
-Definitely not.

Look what I found.

Sex magazines ...

Oh ... Ugh, how disgusting!

Why is isn't he interested in cars?
- Wanda, come on, he's a guy with eggs.

Wait you ...

Maybe they have different customs there.

And Victoria said that he
wasn't interested in girls at all.

Hey, Dad!

-Hi Buddy! How's it going?


How's the new watch?
Not bad, right?

You didn't forget your calling-card
did you?


Rocco is sleeping in your bed,
I think he misses you.

Buddy? Are you still there?

-This is for you.
-For me? Thanks!

Buddy ...


Hi Hi!

- Would you like some gum?

Whoa! Awesome!

What's your name?


Where does that watch come from, Kovas?

A girl gave it to me.
-Wow! A girl?!

What are you doing here?

We flew in to return to our land.
-An aristocrat ...

-And here, what is this flavor?
- Those are my favorites.

-Want to try?
-If you insist ...

Come on, let's go.

Bye, Kovas!
Come on! Goodbye!

There is no certainty which
way Lithuania will go next.

In the fall, we will go to the polls.

We hope that the elections will reslt in a
more stable government.

I would like to believe in Lithuania.

We still need to collect signatures
for the land management service.

But it's not urgent, we'll do it tomorrow.

Kovas, sit down, please.

If the land is occupied, then
compensation can be offered , at the market price.

But, the real value
there is a hundred times more.

We won't offer that much.

But, I checked the register,
no one has been there for a long time.

How can you be so hungry
when you just ate?

He didn't eat anything, I saw.
That's why we came here.

These are church records,
we are lucky to get them.

Your grandfather had the plot all the way
to the road.

Another document was signed by your uncle
when he gave his share to your father.

All property from the house naturally
disappeared when your parents were taken away.

Kovas, look,
my birth certificate.

That's my father's signature down there.

No. Are you joking?
Kovas is not allowed!

How much juice can he drink ...

Kovas, just a little.

I will pay.

Is it so expensive here?

Excuse me for a moment ...

It's great here.

But, we cannot afford
such restaurants every day.

Give me that glass.

Greetings from the manager.
There are no miscalculations.


I haven't bathed today. So, there
must be hot water . But if not, then we'll heat it up.

I Spoke to Edwardas today.
I offered to visit him.

I myself am interested in going, to
inspect the land.

I hope the bus leaves after lunch.

And I ... today, Romas and I
were engaged in business.

Tell me if you need another blanket.

Privatization that has
just begun

will largely determine the
constitutional order in Lithuania ...

I'm very busy too, at my estate ...

-All the best! Later!

- Is your hunting license still valid?
-Everything is OK!

It depends on what issue you need ...
Several were released, in the 48th and in the 71st ...

In the seventies ...?
Don't hang up, I'll check.

Yes, Czechoslovakia ...

Make an appointment and come.

Sorry, I have visitors.

Don't be angry, we're a little late.

There were many problems.

How are you?

Well? How did it go? What happened?

It went well. Romas has friends there.

Well, you know, Victoria, the land
is not yours alone.

It belongs to the whole family.

I don’t understand why
you need it so urgently?

You understand that
Henrikas signed the lands over to my father.

I was born and raised there.

Don't be angry, but
my parents raised you . Like their own.

They took you in as a baby.

Listen Grazhina, give me a break?

I just got divorced.

A gift for Kovas.

You know, Kovas, during his days as a student,
Romas was very popular.

Cool, strong.

The life of the party.

I remember that on my birthday
he organized a big party.

The whole city has came.

All sorts of people came.

We danced until the morning.

Then people raved about, bottles were broken, the
police arrived.

In short ...

This is an old story.
I do not remember.

Isn't it cool here?
Cool ...

You can't help but see how beautiful it is here.

Very beautiful.

Very, very, very beautiful.

They say that my uncle found me
in the stable where I was hiding.

When the Council arrested my parents.

I remember hearing the rumbling of trucks.

My father's voice somewhere in the distance.

The smell of hay and horses.

There was a stable here.

This cannot be...

I thought no one lived here.

Now what?

Everything will be fine.

What do you mean, "fine?"

Oh Lord!

Let's get out of here.

Tuen around.

Turn around.
I want to talk to them.

And what will you say to them?
Hello, we are going to live here now?


Stop please.


Stay in the car.

I checked.

Everything was clean.

Well? And how are you?

You look like you're wearing a mask.

I need to make a call.

We'll stop somewhere.

-What are we doing here?
-Wait, be a little patient.

Romas will make his call and come back.

Kovas, leave it, it does not work.

-What are you doing over there?
- It's working.

It works.

Come see.

-Push the pedals.
-What, these?

Be careful!

Where are you driving me, Kovas ?!

Wait, let me idle.

Let me idle now.

Wait wait.



Wait, I forgot how to do this.

You just need to put pressure on the gas.

Wait. Just be careful.

Go back, then forward.

Faster. Faster.

Now push.

Oh, you are my little devil.

Have a rest.

-Are you tired?

Have a rest.

Have a rest. Have a rest.

Wait for me here.

Come here.

We will not be able to drive them out of there.


Problems may arise with the municipality.

-But they're not registered there?
-It's not so simple.

Someone has already started the privatization process.

You can offer a certain amount
so that the tenants leave on their own

How much? From where?

From where?

But what about the ministry?
I have all the documents.

The land is yours.
and much of the forest as well.

So what what are you telling me?

Go cut down the forest?
And sell it as firewood?

Put up posters?
To attract the right customers.

This is crazy.

There are people I know who can help.

Kovas? Come to my place?

An hour up the road.
I'll introduce you to my daughter.


You and my daughter are the same age.

You must be tired of dealing
with old farts.



It's fine.

Kovas, don't be rude.

Yes, it's great.


Mom wants to talk to you.

Yes, seriously.



Listen, I, uh ...

Kovas, go help Romas.

Just a second, sorry.

I'm Sorry.

Listen ...
I need to ask you for a favor.

Yes, yes ...

Yes, it's money ...

Do you actually need to humiliate me, too?

This is Vincas.

Grandma wants to eat him.

- How long are you planning to stay here?
- Until the land issue is resolved.

Here is the toilet.

-And then? Home?


-Any trouble finding it?
- We found it, we found it.

Mindaugas has a nose.

The weather today is perfect.

How are you?

-Well, and how is your car? Still running?
-Yes. As you see. It is un-killable.

Come on, I'll introduce you to Victoria.

-To whom?
-To Victoria. From America.

A friend from my youth.

- Have you processed all my deeds?
-Yes Yes.

Very good.

Kovas? What are you
doing with those goats?

That is my son.

Victoria's father
did not own a small piece, you know.

But the estate was re-registered
as a residential area.

As for the land, my friends have settled everything.

But you have to sue because of the house.

Which can be tricky.

Well, from what we saw ... The
tenants won't be able to take care of it themselves.

If you have any business interests here,
then maybe we can really settle everything?

Maria? Go to Audrone's for vodka.

Tell them I'll have the money in a week.

You know ... Of course, everything can be settled.

-But, you want me to take care of them?
-No. Not necessary.

This is just a financial issue.

You can pay off some of them.

But, you know, you can decide differently.

Ah, Kovas. Hurry up.
Come in, and don't let the cold in.

Sit here with us.

Well, boys ...

You know, I was thinking ...

-I will send Mindaugas with you.
- Hey, don't worry, we'll handle it ourselves.

I know you can handle it, but ...

It could be necessary. You see, we don’t know these types.

And, plus, a man with a sack of rubles
will solve any issue.

It will be easier this way.

I'm going to piss.

Well, pour one more.

Give it to me.

-Got it?
-You go, you will get ...

What are you laughing at?

Want to try?

Are you a fool, or what?

Go Go.

Don't be afraid, take it and shoot.

Steady, steady. Yeah.

-What are you doing here ?! Kovas?
-The boars are attacking.

Here, we shoot back.

You are drunk?

Nobody is drunk here.

- He's drunk. Why are you drunk?
- He got drunk from the bath.

Maria made a bed in the attic.

- I can go by myself.
-What yourself? You'll never make it there.

- Well, whose turn is it now? You or me
-Mine. Me. Look, now with one hand.

Let's drink to a free and independent Lithuania!

Girls come here!

The water is so good!

This is not the Atlantic Ocean,
but you'll love it. Refresh yourself.

They left for Arunas.

-How do you know?
-I heard.

-Where did you learn to drive?
-Dad taught me.

Is it complicated?


When you have gone awhile, you can
shift to the second gear.

And then the third.

-Accelerate to the maximum?
-Better not.

If you want to stop,
then you have to do the opposite.

You hit the clutch and then ...

You put it in second gear.

Look out!

Watch where you are going!

It was nothing ...
-The cow was almost crushed!

In short, open your eyes.
Second gear is now engaged.

You press the clutch.

First gear.
You release the hand brake.

And slowly releasing the clutch, you
step on the gas.

It's your turn.

Come on.


It is now in neutral .

Start the engine.

Press on the clutch.

Clutch. Harder. And then first gear.

Yes. Now release the
clutch and step on the gas.


Not bad.

So. First gear.

Clutch and then first gear.


Okay. Now second gear.

-They are back. Oh shit.

We have to go, Go faster.



Ay, get out ...

Then we pick up our things
and leave in half an hour.

-Cool watch.

My dad gave it to me.

-Do you like America?

-Do you like it here?
-Yes. A lot.



-Where have you been?
- Nowhere.

Collect your things. Okay?

Did you actually sleep?


We went to Arunas very early.
And I made him breakfast.

Go get your things.

Well? Are you ready to go?

-And what about me?
-And you? You stay.

But, I do not want to stay here alone.
-Let them ride together.

It will be more fun.

Kovas, why are you standing there?
Go get your things.


I don't understand...

We lived not far from the sea.

And sitting on the beach we
watched the ships.

For hours.

I tried to imagine
what was there beyond the horizon.

There, in distant lands.

Are you looking for someone?

Hello. My name is Victoria.
I was born on this estate.

-Dad is not at home.
-Not at home?

- Come back later.
-Yeah. Okay.

Maybe we can wait?

I'm with my family. We came from America.

-When did you live here?
-I was born here,

but grew up with Tamashauskas.

-15 kilometers from here. Do you know them?
-Hey ...


They will be back in two hours.


-Call Edwardas.
-Do you think there is a phone here?

Oh, yeah ...

-So, we sit and wait?
-Sit and wait.

-Maria close the window, please.
-It stopped raining.

It's stuffy in here.

Indeed, it stopped raining.

Nobody ever spoke about my parents.

Sometimes we drove past the estate.

And no one, not a word.

After my parents were arrested, the
Soviets took the land and built barracks.

Then they kept
German prisoners of war in them.

And people stole all the property.

Little did I imagine ...

That the witch had bewitched us all.

But, the day will come and her spell will break.

And everything will be as before.

Wait here.

I will.


-Good afternoon.
- I was here yesterday ...

I saw.
What do you want?

- Come on, get out of here.

Drive her the hell out of here.

-What language do they speak?
-It's Russian.

-What is he saying?
-I do not know.


Guys, hands off.

No hands, no hands ...


Calm your dog down.
-In the car, quickly!

Pasha? Where is the dog?

-Get in the car.

-And you let them treat me like that?
-Let me.

- Do something, damn it!
-We'll come back later.

Wait until we leave.

What was that?

Everything is OK.

Well, hello cousin.
I kept wondering when I would see you.

Hello young frog.

How have you been?

Ay, I've been ailing here.



Well, where is Petras?
He is constantly disappearing.


We have plenty of that.

You look well-settled.
as Grazhina has already said.

-How are things at work?

The garden is large.
How are you managing? Is it double in size?

Well, I don't do it alone.

I don't know where Petras is.
I can't find him.

Those two are from Afghanistan.

Order of the Red Star
and Order of the Red Banner.

From the eighties.

Panjshir gorge.

The others, my father.

From the second world war.

Four wounds.

He was hit by four bullets,
but he returned anyway.

He seems to have appeared.

Oh! The Americans have come.
-At last.

I hope you came to take me away.
Hello cousin!

Have you been waiting long for my arrival?

-Where have you been?

-Hello! I am Petras.

-Listen, go and get their things.
-Where are they?

There in the car.

And hurry!

You don't have to wash your hands, lunch is over.

Maria, take the plates.
Nobody's eating anyway.

Be a good hostess(housewife).

What? Was I unclear?

It's not possible to come to an agreement with them.

Victoria, they're not bad people.

They come to my clinic with children.

For them, children are their whole life.

-Care for some tea?

Listen, Edwardas, this land is ours.

Do you think
I should give it to them, or what?

Formally, the land is yours.
It never was mine.

Much has changed since the time
when the land belonged to our grandfathers.

- Let's drink?

Why are you silent, Edwardas?

You seem to be friends with Romas?

It's okay ...


We used to communicate more.

You know ... I got divorced from David.

Now we live as we want.

Oh! Good morning!


Hi, you've reached the Riley residence -
David, Kovas and Victoria.

And Rocco ...

We can't come to the phone right now,

Please leave a message,
we will contact you as soon as we can.



Let's go.

What kind of birds are there?

All sorts of different kinds ...

Kovas? Let's go watch the birds?

Did you see Romas?

Will you be gone long?

- Will you come in the evening?
-What will happen in the evening?

I'm sorry, what ...

The day of Ivan.
- A reason to get drunk ...

Be careful.

Use both hands.


Oh shit ... I forgot my backpack.

-I can get it.
-Will you?

Go to the barn, in there you will find a tarpaulin.

As you enter, you will see it there to the left.

With both hands, don't be afraid.

Do you see the band? That is my ring.

Yeah. Start with the head.

Shh! See if anyone is there.

-Zip up.
- I'm trying.

Nobody here will steal it. Leave it.

-What now?
- Lunch, I guess.

Stop doing that...

-And if they don't move out?
-They will move.

Mindaugas and I will see to everything.
I promise.

Trying to date her?


But she definitely won't let you.

A cousin from America came.

Do you want me to introduce you?

Wait 'til you see his watch.

Imagine a watch with a calculator.

Wait and see, I will get one.

I ran away from home as a child.

I packed my things and stomped on foot
to the bus stop.

10 kilometers.

I sat there and waited.

- Is there any liquor left?

While I was waiting, my uncle came
and took me back home.

- Is he definitely from America?
- Sure. Look at him.

I had no idea where to go.

I just didn't want to be there.

Drink it, drink it ...

I wanted to go somewhere far away.

Where everything would be different.

Where are you...

Why did you run away?

Hey girls!

Treat them.

Hey! Stop!

They say whoever finds the fern flower
will become very rich.

You go ...

When you find fern flowers, you
can talk to animals.

Well, yes, but how ...

Do you smoke?

What is he doing? Fool!

In the middle of the road. Jackass!

With your fucking Audi.

Hey look!

Let's go take a look.

Wait for Vicki!

Whyare you standing and watching?

America ... What America?

- I'm staying here.
-Everything will be fine.

I live here.

They burned down the house.


Your father's friend.

I saw his Audi leaving.

Sorry, it's a little crumpled.

Victoria calm down, everything is fine.

I don't understand how this could have happened.

How would I know.

They did not want to give it up, so they burned it themselves.

I don't think we
will become brother and sister.

My home was there.

You understand? That was my home.

Vika, calm down. We'll figure it out tomorrow.

How can you say that?

-Vika, I beg you, let's go to bed.
-I don't want to sleep.

-And where are your friends that promised help?
-Vika, don't act like a child.

-Let's go and sleep.
- I don’t want to sleep. I don't want to. OK?

-And where is Mindaugas?
-Mindaugas? He said he left yesterday.

He lies about everything. I saw his Audi leaving.
-Kovas? Go to bed. Kovas, go to sleep.

I already allow you too much.
Go to bed.

Kovas, what are you doing?

Come back, she said!
Where are you going? Kovas?!

Why don't you listen to your mother?
What are you doing? Where are you going?

Where are you going, I asked?
Give it back.

Go to the house, now!

Why don't you listen to your mother?

You little prick, go to bed!
-Romas, stop!

Sleep it off.

An Audi he saw ...
The villages are full of Audis.

What are you looking at?

You knew?

Did you really think there were other options?

Pack your things. We are leaving.

-What are you saying?
-This is my land. Do you understand? Not yours.

Oh, that's how it is?

Tourists come here in large numbers.
American families.

And I'm just their fool, a guide running errands ...

Kovas, get in the car!

Kovas, good idea. Get in the car.

Maria just came.
I'll arrange a tour for you.

Damn ... There's nothing to do anyway.

-What's going on here?
-None of your business.

Edwardas don't interfere.

It's none of your business, don't get in the way.

Isn't it my business here?

- Get out of here!
-Take your hands off me.

-Are you getting into someone else's life again?
-What now? What now?

How many more lives do you want to ruin?
- You have to get out of here.

Fuck off, it'll be worse.

-And what about you?

It will be OK. He will calm down.
Get away, now.

Take your hands off! Fuck!



When did you learn to drive like that?

He drank too much.

We'll go back and pick it up.

When your father demanded a divorce,
I just didn't know what to do.

I thought we’d return to Lithuania
and start life anew.

When you were born I was so scared ...

I was afraid that I
would never return home.

Do you understand?

I didn't know where I was.

What the heck?

As if that wasn't enough.

Damn it...

Do you hear?

I don't remember how the fairy tale ended.

It seems that the witch caught the girl and ate her,
or drowned her in the well.

Or maybe turned her into a flea.

I only remember that I did not believe in such an ending.

I actually think she wandered until she found her home.

Anyway, I thought so then.


Do you remember the tale ...

Written and directed by
Thomas Vengris

English Subtitles by Theriot@Theriot2020