M&M: The Mall The Merrier (2019) - full transcript

After the death of their parents, a brother and sister compete to gain ownership of a shopping mall.

--== McEphie ==--

=The Mall The Merrier=

-It's open!
-It's finally open!

♪Everything you need Is right here♪

♪Everyone is welcome here♪

♪Let's go on A shopping spree♪

♪Let's go malling♪

♪With family One and only family♪

♪We are family We are family♪

♪The one and only♪

♪We're family♪

♪One and only family♪

♪We are family♪

♪The one and only Tamol Mall♪

♪Department store Drugstore, toy store♪

♪And food court♪

♪Appliances, clothes, shoes
We have them all♪

♪Go have a massage if
You want to relax because♪

♪We're family♪

♪One and only family♪

♪We are family Our family♪

♪The one and only♪

♪We're family♪

♪One and only family♪

♪We are family We are family♪

♪The one and only Tamol Mall♪

♪Department store Drugstore, toy store♪

♪And food court♪

♪Appliances, clothes, shoes
We have them all♪

♪We even have a theater So come on and♪

♪Bring your family♪

♪One and only family♪

♪We are family Our family♪

♪The one and only Tamol Mall♪

♪We're family♪

♪One and only family♪

♪We are family We are family♪

♪The one and only Tamol Mall♪

♪Tamol Mall♪

♪Tamol Mall♪

♪Tamol Mall♪

Tamol for you! Tamol for me!

Tamol for everybody!

Everyone going up, stay together!

-Fifteen at a time, please!
-Just 15!

-One more!
-What's going on here?

Stop! Wait your turn.

Everyone, hold the safety rails!
This escalator's fast!

One, two, three, four!

Hold your breaths! One! Two! Three! Four!

One, two, three, four!
One, two, three, four!

Wow. This is tiring.

-Bakz! Tong!

-What's the problem?
-The escalator's broken again.

-Our CCTVs are down too.
-And the AC too!

You know what else is
broken in this mall, Mazam?

Your tooth. I can smell it from here.

All the stuff in the other mall
is brand new.

That's not true!

I went there and saw that
they're selling old stuff too!


Yes, Mazam!

Imagine, they're still
selling bell-bottom pants!

They're tight on the thighs
and loose on the ankles!

That's so last century!
Does anyone still wear those?

Just like these?

Yes! Certainly, Mazam!

And they're selling
turtle necks too, Mazam!

Who'd wear a turtleneck
in the Philippines?

It's so hot here!

Are they insane?

-What a bunch of idiots.
-They're idiots, huh?

Just like this?

Yes! Exactly like that, Mazam!

Wait until you see their
mannequins' hairstyles!

They're so wild and frizzy!
Their scalps must stink!

Who did they copy,
Bon Jovi or Ricky Reyes?

Just like this?

Yes, just like that!

Oh, my God!

I bet they look stupid, huh?

Oh, my God, Mazam!

Why didn't you tell us that
you're the other mall's endorser?

Gosh, Mazam!
We didn't know you're their endorser.

That explains why their mall sucks!

-That's enough.
-Their mall is so lame!

Alright, joke's over! Stop it! Shut up!


Have you forgotten who I am?

I'm the owner of this mall,

I'm your boss, I gave you your job.

Do I really look bad?

Yes, Mazam.

How bad do I look?

That bad, huh? Call Gardo to fix that.

-Let's go, Sasha.
-Okay, Mazam.

-Sorry Mazam.
-Bye, Mazam.

Wait for your turn!

But it's my turn!

Who did this?


Don't you like it?

I drew a mom! A dad!
A brother! And a sister!

-A sister?
-I wish I had that too!


Oh, crap!

You're obviously late.

You're fired!

I think she just went to the loo, ma'am.

She's still late.

You're fired!

You're fired too!

Maria, did you take note
of all my stares?

Yes, you looked at aisle 5...

What is this?

Remove this immediately!
It's such a hideous eyesore...

You're fired!

And you too!

Get out!

Miss Mae...

How are you and your business?

Oh, I'm okay. Don't worry about me.

I'm just having a coughing fit...

...because of the smoke
from the Vape store.

Mazam Moira,
can you move them somewhere else?

I'll see what I can do.

That's so kind of you, Mazam Moira.

That's why I really want you
to be Gardo's girlfriend.


What's wrong with you?

You're seriously
choosing her because of that?

If you want,
they'll never see the light of day again.

Just put a good word for me with your son.

Don't mind him.
He's such a joker. But he's really nice.

Oh, no! Miss Mae!

Let's observe the employees.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What's that? What are you doing?

Excuse me!

We are paying you to clean the mall.

Clean the cobwebs!

Don't talk to them like that...

What are you doing? What's your problem?

She said clean the cobwebs!

You look old and full of cobwebs.

Look who's talking!

Look at your neck and your armpits,
when did you last wash those?

Stop it.

Don't disrespect Mazam.

She's part-owner of this mall.

Go back to work, start cleaning.
Wear your uniform.

You look like a burrito.

Sorry about that.

Let's go.

She didn't even recognize me.

Why? Do you know each other?


Then how do you expect her
to recognize you?

I don't know either.


Hello, Ms Morisette!

Have you thought
about our partnership, Mr Dubois?

I bet a collab of Kavogue Australia
and Kavogue France...

...will be the most fashionable explosion
in the industry.

I love it, Ms Morisette!

This partnership reminds me of my sister.

We always rock whatever we do together.

God, I miss my sibling already.

You miss working with your sister?

Then, good luck with that! Bye!

Ouch! Are you crazy?

I told you not to touch my cuticle!

Just cut the nails!

I need to do something
about your ingrown nail.

Next time, just do as you're told.

If you don't want to go back
to living under a bridge.

Hey, I got here first!

Mazam, there's a commotion!

-I got here first.

Take this, hurry!

Excuse us! Excuse us!

I'm sorry
if this has gotten out of control.

Let me fix this.

Give him your numbers
and wait to be called.

The first number that I will call is...



Moira Molina, to my office now.

That's Dad.


Nobody move!

Give me the magazine!

Open the cash register!

Forget about it!

I'll come back tomorrow!

Are you a thief?

Wait! Stop!

Why are you hurting me?

I just wanted to know if you're a thief.

So what if I am?

I know a place
where you can steal everything you want.

You see, I've been there too.

Where's that bigger jewelry store again?

Over there!

-Yeah, that way!

-Down the hallway?
-Just straight ahead.

You're safe there.

-It's all yours!

Don't leave anything behind, okay?

Take care.

Just don't be aggressive.

Thank you so much, ma'am!

It's okay.

I don't have anything to give you...

...but please take this.

Thank you so much!

-He's so generous.
-Yes, he is!

That's a thief, right?

-Did you see him?

-You're there all this time?
-Yes, we were!

-We saw everything!
-You did?

Yes! From the start!

-Yet you didn't do anything?
-None at all.

-Do you want us to arrest him?
-No, don't!

I don't want you to get tired.


I hired you to just relax.


You're pissing me off, Moises!

Where are you?


My dad is calling me!


Dan! Dan! Dan!

-Dan! Dan! Dan!

I'm so sorry.

Why are you calling me?

Mola sent pictures of Morisette.

Isn't it beautiful?

There's more in here so...

Go and make a standee!

I want it big! Life-size!

Aren't we wasting money, Dad?

Also, we don't have enough space.

Why don't you put my picture instead?

Just do what I say!


Thump-thump, thump-thump...

You always work! You're always busy!

You don't have time for me anymore!

Ewan, baby...

You know that I have to work so hard...

...at the office
here in Kavouge Australia, right?

And the life here is...

It's very poor and...

It's very, very hard.

But you know, I've thought myself
to look at the beauty in it.



We don't see each other anymore.

That's why I thought
of bringing you lunch.

How are you, my daughter?

Oh, my. Wait a minute.

I have something for you.

Dried fish!

Dried fish with...

...fried rice!

Thank you very much, miss.

Morisette, let's eat this.

They abandoned us, Mom.

Oh, dear.

-Mom! Don't take a photo of me.

You look cute here.
Let me take another...

Mom, please! Don't!
They might see that back home.

You need to find a way.

I want to see it
when I come back from Dubai.



Are you deaf?

Do you want anything from Dubai?

Mom, I don't remember you saying
you're going to Dubai.

I'll post it online.

Okay. One, two, three!

-Can I see?
-Looks good?

Do everything I said, okay?

Make the standee.


I had a nightmare last night.

My teeth fell one by one.

That's a bad omen, Mom.

Hurry up!

Is it true?

Oh, my God!

What's the matter?

-Oh, no!
-Mom, don't go to Dubai.

-I'll call you, dear.

-Take care, Morisette!
-Listen to me, Mom!

Dad, please don't leave.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Please don't leave. Look at this.

You were in the middle,
and that's bad luck.

Then I saw a black cat.
That's bad luck too!

And worse...

Your head disappeared!


And it reappeared.


Tamol Mall is now closing.

Thank you for shopping!

Stay there.

My goodness.

I get it.

You're the favorite.

Even if I was the one who stayed,

you're still the favorite.

Your mouth is big, anyway.

You need to convince customers
that your product is effective.

So that they will buy.

And don't forget,
you need to have energy.

Watch me.

Wear this first.

Come one, come all!

We have a new product
that you will surely love!

Like that, and then,
demonstrate the product.

Like that.

See? It's sparkling clean.

-This is useful.

That's so easy.

Can your vacuum get rid of bacteria?


Ah, bacteria!

I'll get rid of it.

Let me see?

Oops, there's more!


There you go!

The good thing about this product is,

all the bacteria
are kept inside this tub.

Come and get your face back.

There you go!

Not my face, Mazam!

What have you done?

I'm so pissed!

Calm down.

It's too early to be in a bad mood.

You are hot-headed.

The AC unit is still not working.

It's pissing me off!

It's so hot, I want to leave!

Where will you go then?

To where you are.

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪But this feeling is strong♪

Don't be silly!

My phone's acting crazy.

Then use your charger.

I was low-bat first sight to you.

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪But this feeling is strong♪

Stop it! My abdomen hurts.

Oh, you!

I just want to make you laugh.

Have you had breakfast?

-Let's eat!

What do you have?


♪I know it's wrong♪

♪But this feeling is strong♪

You're like an angel.

♪Because I promised I won't let go♪

♪I know it's too late♪

♪I know you don't Love me anymore♪

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪But I can't let go♪

What are you going to do?


-Oh, sorry!
-It hurts!

Come closer.

You like it, huh?

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪I know it's wrong♪

♪But I can't let go♪

♪I can't let you get hurt♪


♪I know it's wrong♪

Moira? Moira!

Moira! Are you okay?

I'm dizzy.

Are you okay?

What's that?

♪You don't love me anymore♪

Wow, cake?


Why are you feeding me your hand?

You were the one who ate it!

I was about to get cake
but you grabbed my hand!

That's gross.

We didn't know you like licking fingers.

Is it good?

-Do you want more?
-Go ahead.

-Is there anything left?
-There's none.

Too bad, it's my favorite.

Don't be shy, eat this!

-Have some more cake!
-There you go.

Miss, look at the news.
There's a plane crash in Dubai.

The mall is about to open.

As usual, our opening performance.

Call the others.

People of the mall! Remember our routine!

-Move faster!

-Let's do it.
-Go to your places.


This just in!

A plane crashed
in the West Philippine Sea.

Among the passengers were
Mola and Tanacio Molina,

the owners of Tamol Mall.

According to reports,

the engine of the aircraft

...which led the plane to crash.


Mazam, what happened?

-What's the matter?

-Mazam! Mazam!
-Mazam, what's wrong?

Mazam, are you okay?

You know, Mama...



What did she say?

Her mom has a crush on her dad.


What about him?



You don't understand.

Her dad has a crush on her mom.

But why would you cry over it?

You're ugly!

That hurts, Mazam!

Calm down!

-I can't accept that!
-Just accept it!




-Mazam, why?



There's a nail!


I'm in pain!

I can't do this.

I can't do this.

But you have to.

I really can't. You try it.


Maybe because it's locked.

Use the other door.

Oh, this.

That one, Mazam.

-Excuse me.

I'd just like to remind you
of the balance.

The urns cost 175,000.

Sasha, give me the check.

175,000 pesos each.

Those are special urns.

-Yes, Mazam?

Get me some water, please.

Bring the pitcher.

Yes, Mazam.

How much is this pitcher?

75 pesos.

Drink it.

Faster, Sasha.

Finish it.

How much is this?

10 pesos.

So, 75 plus 10 pesos.

Give her a hundred.


Keep the change.

Thank you.


My coffee needs more milk.


It's good!


Are you Enrile?

I'm not in the mood for pick-up lines.

Because I want you to be happy!

If I kill your mom and dad,
would you be happy?








Brother, why?


What happened to our parents?




Do I know you?

It's me, Setset.

I'm your brother, Moises.

Why? Why? Why?

-What did she say?
-She said,

"Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!"

What did you do?

Morisette, calm down.

-You need to rest and...

Tell me, how am I supposed to calm down?

Both of our parents are dead!

Tell me, how am I supposed to do that?

What did she say?

She can't calm down.

What's the problem?

I can't! I just can't!

-Look at this!
-No, no, no.

It's not a can.

It's a pitcher.

Even the flowers are fake!

Everything is fake.

I just didn't want them to wilt.


Excuse me, sandwich?

I have my own.


I have my own.


What's that?


What kind of juice?


Extra juice.

Don't worry.

I am going to take care
of everything tomorrow,


And I am going to give Mom
the best burial ever,


And for God's sake,
stop calling me Setset!

Call me by my name.



Do you understand, Brother Moira?

Say "Brother Moira"
one more time, I dare you.

Brother Moira!

Our condolences.

Thank you.


Protect Moises and Morisette!



-I wanna climb up!

Pa, I want that too.

Pa! Me too!

Pa! Pa!

Welcome to Tamol Mall!

Tamol for you, Tamol for me,

Tamol for everybody!

Tanacio Molina!

-What will happen to us?
-Don't worry.

We will never be apart. I promise.

No! I won't allow it!

I'll take Setset!

I'm taking them both!


-Mom, Setset.

I'll stay with Dad for a while,

so he won't be alone.


Don't worry.

No matter where you go, I'll find you.


I promise.





Did you know about this?

About what?

About Mom and Dad's secret affair?

I'm sure you did.

And I'm sure this was Dad's doing.

Mom would still be alive
if it weren't for him.

Morisette, what is your problem?

Why are you so mad?

Can you cut the bull?

Stop pretending like you don't know why!

You broke your promise.

Mom and I were struggling in Australia,

yet I did not hear anything from you.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

But now I understand why.

Because after all these years,

all that matters to you is the mall.

Moira? Morisette?

Do you have time to discuss
your father's last will and testament?

Let's do this, Attorney.

The earlier, the better.

Let's talk inside my office.


Moira, are you okay?

Sorry, I felt a little dizzy.

This is the last will and testament
of your father.


all employees of Tamol Mall
shall receive...

...their 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th,

18th, 19th, and 20th month pay.

The five-hectare property in Tarlac,

six cars,

and the joint, savings,
and checking accounts...

...shall be donated
to the Foundation of All Ages.

And the rightful heir...

...of Tamol Mall is...

Is it me?


I forgot the last page at home.

But I'll get back to you.

-No, no, no.

Let's go there now. Where do you live?


Cassim, you're so slow!

Move faster!

But I need to pee!

Do that later.

Help me first!

Faster! Find the Siquijoraciones!

We need to find it soon!

And keep digging until you lose weight!

Why is that book
so important to you, anyway?


"Ngayong Gabe nande."

"Mga mannequin, picturanyohoo..."

"My mom loved to use
the book she inherited,"

"the Siquijoraciones,"

"when my sister and I were young."

It can make toys, pictures,

statues, and other objects come to life.

That book was so powerful...

...yet so dangerous.

When my father died,

my mom tried to bury the book...

...and forget that it ever existed.

But I wasn't like her.

I never forgot about that book.

I searched for it.

I had to get that book!




Moody! That's enough!


Even if it cost me my mother's life.

What have you done? Mom! No!

But I failed.

Because they sent me to an asylum.

They left me there to rot.

But I swore that
I'd come back for the book.

So big!

Until now, I still haven't
found that book.

By the time I came back here,

they had already turned
this place into a mall!

I must find that book fast!

So, you better dig faster
and stop asking...



Oh, finally!

-There. It's working now.
-Thank you, Gardo.

For that, this is on the house.


Thank you.

Thanks for your help.

Oh, who are you?

Go away! You're not part of this movie.

This is a tough situation we're in.

I don't know how
we'll tell Mazam about this.

But, we need to tell her.

I disagree.

We shouldn't meddle in their affairs.

We'll just get dragged into their mess!


Mazam Moira needs to know...

...that her sister is plotting to take
control over this mall away from her.

-What did you just say?

What's Miss Morisette planning to do?

Well, we heard Miss Morisette
plotting to get rid of Mazam!



Poor Mazam.

Is that yours?

-Oh, no. I just found this here.
-No. We just found it here.

-That's mine.
-Oh, this is yours?

-Well, here you go, then.
-Here. Take it.

-I don't want it anymore.
-Don't be silly. Here.

Remove that!

-Remove this!
-On it, ma'am.

Remove it all and make sure
you get every last one, okay?

-Yes, ma'am!
-Setset? What are you doing in my office?


I can't understand you!

Why do you talk like that?

It's like you have absolutely no energy!

Do you think our parents
would've named me Moira...

...if I had any energy at all?

If I did, they probably
would've name me after...

...Gary V, who is known as
"Mr Pure Energy."

You two...

What are you doing?

What she told us to do.

We've made our decision.

We have a new boss now.

This is just the beginning
of me decluttering this mall.

After this, I'll get rid of
those cheap-looking stalls.

-What is that called again?
-Thrift shops.

Thrift shops.

You can't do that, Morisette.

They've been renting
in this mall for years.

They are Tamol Mall's loyal tenants.

You will not get rid of anything.

You will not get rid of the tenants,

and you will not get rid of
these photos inside my office.

What I say goes
because I'm older than you.

What are you getting so worked up about?

Those photos?
Those pictures on the walls?

Lovely and Sasha, go.
Give her all the photos.

Give them all to this old gay man,

who looks like a walking thrift store!

You disrespectful brat.

You have no respect.

How dare you talk to me that way?

You disrespectful witch!

Get out of my mall!

This is my mall too!

This isn't your mall!

There can only be one owner of this mall,
and that's me!

Because I'm the deceased's only daughter!


There's "No Other Woman."


Is that so?

-Get me a movie poster.

-Give me a good one.
-Got it.


This mall
doesn't have to be owned by a woman.

Because the ability to manage a mall
does not depend on a person's gender,

but by their passion for the position!

Anybody can rule this mall,
regardless if you're a,

"Girl, Boy, Gay, Or Lesbian!"

-Here, ma'am!
-Are you kidding?

You don't have any right
to rule this mall!

Because from now on, this mall...

is "Unofficially Yours."

Get me a good one.

-Get me a good poster.
-Here. This is a good one.

Go. You can do it.

What are you saying?



-Get me a really good one.
-This one's really good.




Setset, what's happening to you?

"The Possessed."

That was wonderful!

What's going on with you?

Ever since you got here,

you've been nothing but mean to me.


How am I supposed to incorporate this?

-You can do it.
-You can do it. Go.

No matter what you say,

we're still siblings.

We are siblings! We're siblings!


But where's "Milan" in that sentence?

I've told you a "Milan" times
that we're siblings!

No matter what you do,

it won't change the fact
that we're siblings!

Will you please stop saying that?

Because I cringe each time
you say you love me...

...or call me your sister!

Oh, perfect!

It's so "Eerie!"


Since the lawyer isn't here yet,
I have a proposal.

Let's split the mall in half.

And then what?

Then, whoever has
more sales in the end...

...will be the one to manage the mall.


On one condition.

Winner takes all.


Let's see if you can manage your half...

...as well as I will manage mine.

I won't just do
as good a job as you will.

Because I'll do a much better job!

So you better be ready.

I'll see you tomorrow.

-There's one more?


Where are you taking me?

Well, you see, Mazam...

The reason your sister
thinks so poorly of you...

...is because you are too soft.

That's right.

You're too weak!

You need to learn to defend yourself.

Be strong!

Be brave!

Have a seat, Mazam.

-Thank you.
-Come. Sit.

Thank you for always looking out for me.

Of course, Mazam. We care about you.


Do you want to learn to defend yourself?

Of course.

Alright, then. Do you want to be brave?


Do you want to be fierce?

-Do you?

Then you should learn
how to fight back, Mazam!


What are you doing?

Don't mind him, Mazam.

But he's tying me up.

So you'd learn how to fight back.

Don't be so weak.

Fight back, okay?

Fight back!

Are my hands tied?

-But why?

Stop complaining!

We're teaching you
how to fight back here!

-Now, fight, Mazam!

You see, based on our observation,

-you are too soft.
-That hurt.

-No, I'm not.
-Are you kidding me?

Stop answering us that way!

I think you guys are crossing the line.

-Show us how brave you are!
-Unleash the beast!

-Unleash the real Moira!
-You can't be that soft!

-Unleash it!

Unleash the real Moira!

-Fight back! Come on! Do it!

-Fight back!
-I will fight.

-Come on! Fight! Fight us!
-Ouch! Wait! Stop!

No! Fight back! Fight us!

-Fight back! Fight us!
-You bastards!

I swear with every fiber of my being...

...that you will see...

...just how evil...

...the demon
you have summoned from hell is!


Mazam! Mazam!

-I'll fight back!

-Mazam! It's us! Stop!
-I will fight back!

-Please calm down.
-I will fight back!

-I will fight back!

-I will fight you back!
-Calm down...

-You bastards!

-You filthy bastards!
-Oh no! Mazam!

-You filthy animals!
-Mazam, calm down!

You bastards! This is what you deserve!

-You filthy bastards!
-Please stop, Mazam!

Mazam! Please stop!

Mazam! Calm down!

-Calm down! Please!

Madam, calm down.


-Mazam! Calm down.
-Calm down.

Calm down. Just relax, okay?

Calm down, okay? Relax.



Are you okay now?

You okay now?

Alright. Good.

Please forgive me.

I just got carried away.

-That's okay, Mazam.
-I'm sorry.

I love you guys. I'm really sorry.

Here she goes again!

-Mazam's turning wild again.
-Calm down, Mazam.

I'm getting scared!

Calm down, okay? Relax. Calm down.

-Kiss. Kiss.

Let's kiss!

Let's also kiss.

Mazam, you have to look fierce!

You need a total makeover.

you will no longer be just Moira.

You will be Moira...



With a mole.

Moira Aunor.

I do feel like a new person!

Remember, you should look
young and fresh, okay?

That's right!

That's way too young!

Get back in there! Now!



Go change, then!

Our goddaughter's a big girl now!

She looks like an angel.

What the hell is that?

-Go back in there!


-We want some more!

-Try the trendy outfits.

-Yeah. Go.
-Go change!

That's what we're talking about!


Where's my brother?

-Do you know?
-She's asking you.

Where is Moises?

-There! Look!

So tacky.

I just want to make
a few things clear first.

Whoever makes the most sales,
wins the mall.


But, for now,
let's set the laws straight.


Laws are sets of rules
that govern the conduct of man...

...in an organized society.

First rule...

No crossing the boundary.

Violators will be shot.

Second rule.

I'll have the West, you take the East.

Third and final rule.

If you're caught peeing,
we'll cut off your.

You are so vulgar!

What? I was going to say,

"If you're caught peeing,
we'll cut off your legs."

I thought you were saying,

"If you're caught peeing,
we'll cut off your..."

Oh my goodness!

So gross!

This girl's so vulgar!

Let the battle begin!

You crossed the line!


That wasn't cool.

Here on this side,
we have a very special offer.

-Because if you buy a remote...
-Did she say "offa?"

How do you spell that?

...you'll get a free TV!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen up! Yo!

If you buy a TV,

you'll get a free remote.

-This is a special remote...

...for lazy people!


That's advance technology!

There's one for each of you!

If you buy a pizza from us,

you get a free trip to...


If you buy a chair,

you'll be able to play a game
of musical chairs for free!

If you buy a door knob,
do you know what you'll get?

A free house and lot!

If you buy this broom,

you'll get a free...

Let me guess. A dustpan?


You'll get a free...


Attack that woman!

Attack her!

Come and buy one!

We booked Sarah Geronimo?

-Oh, my God!
-Ladies and gentlemen!

Please welcome...

...Asia's Popstar Royalty!

Sarah G!


♪Stars, stars♪

Ladies and gentlemen!

I would like to invite onstage,

Miss Regine Velasquez-Alcasid!

It's Regine!

♪'Cause you've made me
Stronger by breaking my heart♪

♪You ended my life
And made a better one start♪

♪You've taught me everything
From falling in love♪

♪To letting go of a lie♪

♪Yes, you've made me Stronger baby♪

♪By saying goodbye♪

Stop the music!

I knew it! It's a scam!

This is not Regine!

This is an impersonator!

I don't hire impersonators like you do!

You hired Sarah G?

Is that really her?

Yes, that's Sarah G!

G as in Geronimo?

G as in Sarah G-sica Parker!

Ms Regine, prove her wrong.
Give us a sample.

-Is it hard...
-See? I can sing like that!

"Is it hard to believe?"
She's out of tune!

She can't hit the high notes like Regine.

"Is it hard to belie..."
My God! She's fake!

Madam, bring it on!

♪'Cause you've made me
Stronger by breaking my heart♪

♪You ended my life
And made a better one start♪

♪You've taught me everything
From falling in love♪

♪To letting go of a lie♪



Regine? Regine?

Whoa! Whoa!

Regine? Regine? Regine?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Is there a fire?

Regine? Regine!

I'm your number one fan, Regine!

Lovely, Sasha, take Moira away!

Let's take a picture!

Let's take a selfie!

Come here.

Regine, let's take a picture!

You're my idol!


It's time to find out who won...

...and will be
the next owner of this mall.

Congratulations, it's a tie!


But how can we find out
who really won today?

I mean, isn't there a difference?

Even just a centavo?

Yeah, how can we...

How do we know who won
if there's no difference?

I will announce the winner.

You? You have a cough.

You also have a cough.

We both have a cough.

Then let's cough together.


Fight me!

I know who the rightful heir
of this mall is.

The one who shall get Tamol Mall is...

The real,

the beloved,

the favorite...

The one and only child
of the late Tanacio...

...is none other than...

...Morisette Molina.


What do you mean by "one and only child"?

-Ah, yes.
-He has two kids.

It states here that your mother
was already pregnant...

...when she met your father.

I knew it!

That's why we don't look alike.

Obviously, I will inherit everything.

And don't worry,
I'll still give you a job.

Maybe as my assistant manager, perhaps?

For what?

So you can boss me around?

So you can treat me like a slave?

No, thank you!

You can have the mall!

I'll leave!

I want to thank every one of you...

...for never leaving me.

Thank you very much.

-We'll never leave each other?

-We'll never leave each other?

-We'll never leave each other.
-Until the end.

We'll never leave each other.

We'll never leave each other.

Mazam, we have to go.

I thought we'll never leave each other?

Are you leaving too, Ms Mae?

I'll spit this outside.

Ms Morisette Molina?

Yes? Speaking.

The management agrees
that you have the right...

...to fire all of those people.

And that is why we want you back
as our Editor-in-Chief again.

When can you report back to work?

I'll take the next available flight.

Tamol Mall remains
one of the most famous malls...

...in the country.

All because of its determined co-owner,

Moira Molina.

During our interview, we asked her...

Can I borrow the phone, please?

...why she never changed
the image of the mall.

According to her,

she wants her beloved sister
to see the mall first.

But according to recent reports,

the mall is facing closure
due to bankruptcy.

Thank you.

Excuse me, can we please
go back to the mall?

-I forgot something.
-Yes, ma'am.

This is Kaladkaren Davila,
full of swag here on The Flag.

Let's return the keys.

-Let's keep them.
-We need to return them.

Dad, Mom, goodbye.

There's a vault in here?
I wonder what's inside.




Zero. Zero.


What's this?

I remember Mom holding this.


"Ngayong Gabe nande"

"Mga mannequin, picturanyohoo,"



"Sa mallrasyo nan he"



"Mga statwananhe,



"Mga mannequin..."

"Matakot nanhaeyo."



"Jinutey ang jumihi ditey."

"Palit annyonghe."

"Ito Ne."


-"Ito Ne, ngayong Gabe nande."
-Let's go home after this.

What's that?

"Magtagyo nyoyokbo nyonyolon nyinyigaw."

"Ang nyongalan mehe."

-Is that Mazam?

What is she saying?

I don't know. Maybe she got depressed.

Where are the models?

"Watchmenae watchmonaenae."

"Ito Ne."

Annyonghe annyonghe

"Jinutey ang jumihi ditey."

The Siquijoraciones!

It's no longer here!

Why are you tapping me?

My damn sister's kids
found the Siquijoraciones!

I won't allow it.

It's mine.

It's mine!


You can't scare me.

I need to get that book.

Once we get that book
that made this mall come to life,

we'll bring the lion statue
of the North to life,

the skeletons buried in cemeteries,

and the dragons you see
during Chinese New Year.


My reign of terror will begin!

I will rule the world.

There will be no other villain but me!

That's cool! Let me try it!


There will be no other villain but me!

How was it?

Hey! Put me back in my body!

Hey! Attach our heads to our bodies!

Have mercy on us!

-Come on.

Help us!

Are you giving me orders?

Do you want your bodies back?

I'll help you if you
follow all my orders.

-Make sure no one...

-...leaves or enters the mall.

So I can trap the siblings inside...

-...and get my hands on the book.


Attach our heads!

Your head's here!

Cassim, what's wrong with them?

They're headless.

They don't know where to go.

Calm down. I got this.


Command them to block all the exits.

Put their heads in the suitcase.

They'll put our heads in a suitcase?

Where did the models go?

Hey! What do you think you're...


Who are you guys?

We are the Pose Bastardos.


My name is Richard.

Huh? What did you say?



-Fine. Just call me "Rich."


Oh, Rich.

We're selling these shorts and boxers.

Do your shorts come in different colors?


Carnation pink and citrus orange.

What? Harenge?



Like the color of your hair.


Yes, harenge.

If we buy your boxers,

that means you guys will be naked.

Of course.

We'll buy your shorts!
Go ahead and take them off.

We just want your shorts.

They only come in blue.

Excuse me!

What are you still doing in my mall?

I just packed my things.

Now you can shove
your mall down your throat.

No, no, no.

No, you don't!

This is company property!

This, this, and this!

This is mine!

See? My name's written on it.

No, no, no!

Don't call me "Knorr"!
I'm not a seasoning!


But my dear...

You still aren't part of the family.

You aren't part of our family!

I've had it with you!

-I've had it!
-You don't belong here!

I am so furious with you!


Finish her!

Finish him!

You will never be part of this family!

You're so mean!

I despise you! I always have!

You're so mean to me!

I've really had it with you!

-Thank you!

You're welcome, ma'am.

Run! Run!

Tell them to catch him!

Let's play hide and seek!

The Siquijoraciones!

What is happening?

I don't know.

What are we gonna do?

I do not know.

Not now! Please!


You're seriously going to ignore me?

What do you...

Ma'am Charo?

What are you doing here?

And what is happening?

Dear, Moira...

Do you remember...

...the book you read
in your father's office?

The Book of Siquijoraciones?

That book contains
the spell that brought us to life.

But how are we going
to put an end to this?

Dear, Morisette,

you need to get the book
and read the Siquijoraciones.

Read the spell.

So everything will go back to normal.

Do you need anything else?

Oh, I'm good.

She's the one who talks behind your back.

Not true!

-I didn't say anything!

She told me to ignore you
because you're our enemy.

You said that. Don't deny it.


Why would you say that?

Because you're the owner
of our rival mall.

What rival mall?

She said you're the owner
of the Mole of Asia!

No! No! No!

Are you happy now, Morisette?

Well then, if you don't have
any other questions...

Morisette, Moira, I should get going.

I love you both.

And I want to remind you,

you're part of my payroll.


What did I tell you?

There's a cat!

Oh, no!
The lady with the big mouth saw me!

That's the Siquijoraciones!
We need to get the book!


Hurry up!

Come on, Cassim!

That's the last door!

We have to find Kitty
before the mall opens!

We need to come up with a Plan B.

We have to get out...

-...of this mall now.
-Stop yapping!


My goodness!

Even the mannequins came to life.

Quick, open the doors!

It's too late for that now.

Because I ordered
all the exits in this mall...

...to be blocked.

No one is getting out.

Why'd you do that?
Are you the head of security?

Aren't you the janitress?

I'm not a janitress!

I'm part of the family.

I'm your aunt.





Fine. Listen carefully.

If my father,
is the husband of your mother's mother...

and my dad,

is the grandchild of his mother's mother,

that makes me your what?

How would I know?
I'm not really part of this family.

She's the one you're related to.

You better watch out. She looks mad.

It's so easy!

She is Mom's sister!


So, if you're Mom's sister,
why are you doing this?

What do you want?

The Siquijoraciones.

We're looking for the same thing.

Let's help each other...



Auntie Moody.

Auntie Moody?


Because once I get my hands
on the book of Siquijoraciones,

I'll wreak havoc outside this mall,

and on the whole world!

And whoever tries to stop me,

will die!

No! No!


Order the mannequins to chase them!

Let's go! Run!


Close it!


Order the mannequins to tie them up!

Let go of me! Stop!

Let go of her!

-Let go of us!
-Ouch! Ouch!

Damn it!

The Siquijoraciones!

Order them to catch the cat!

Help us!


We've been here for hours!

You need to pay up!

Boys, we don't have cash on us.

If you won't pay,
we'll hit you with our batons.

Your batons?

Go ahead!


Help us, we're over here!


-Who's that?


Crispin! Where are you, my children?

-Oh, my gosh!
-Who's that?

Basilio! Crispin!

Sisa? That's Sisa!


We're in pain. Help us!


Please help us! Untie us!


Hurry! Cut the rope!

Here are the scissors.

Help yourselves. There.

Come on, help yourselves.


Hey! We're your kids! Come on.

-Don't leave us!
-Mom! Help me!

Come, this way!



-Please, somebody help me!


Help! Who are you?

Don't you dare make any sound.

The enemy is nearby.


It is time to break free
from the colonizers' cruelty.

I've already been circumcised.

-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.

Forgive me, but I must go.

I need to face the enemy!

Fight for my brothers!


We have to get to that cat first,
or we'll die.

I don't know about you,
but I'm scared for my life.

You even have the audacity to rest?

Let's go!

What's so funny?

-Come on!

My God! That's why you're laughing!

Kitty is...

...under your seat!


Hey, faggot! Put me down!

Give me the book!

Whatever you do, you won't get this book!

Give me that or I'll remove this!

I'm just joking! Here!

Bye, Felicia!

Your dad doesn't love you! Outsider!

Why did you do that?

Why did you give the book away?
Our lives depend on that!

But my career depends on this!

You're so selfish!

Egotistical! Self-centered!

And self-absorbed!


-Selfish, egotistic,


I don't even know what those words mean!

-Mazam! Run! Run!
-Mazam! Behind you!

♪Damn, this feeling♪

♪Struck me like lightning♪

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

I'm okay.

But it's a bit painful here.
Ouch, it hurts.

He's from the poster of Benchoppe!

That's right!
He'll hit you with his baton!

A baton?


Hit me with your baton!


Why did you hit me?

I told you he'll hit you.
You're so stubborn!


Hey! Don't hurt Mazam.

I'm not hurting her.

And I will never hurt her.

No! Mazam, come with me!


She's mine!

She's mine!

Hey, stop it!

It's our turn to hit you with batons!

I need to go.

Don't worry, we'll see each other again.

Being gay is not a sign of weakness!

Poor you.

It hurts, right?


-It hurts.

Let's go and help them!

That's was nothing, don't be jealous.

Hey! Stop that!

We have things to do.

And you, look for the cat
with the green book, okay?

You go over there!

And you, come with me!

Let's go! You're such a flirt!

You're overreacting.

Hey, come back!

Don't run, you cowards!

-Stop right there.

Who are they?

We are the...

...Pose Bastardas!

-Pose Bastardas?

And you? Who are you?

We are the...

Who are we?

Push It Babies!

Idiot! I said left, why did you go right?


So many Brutz dolls!

Is Brutz your favorite toy?

Of course! I love Brutz!

Oh, my god! The Brutz are moving!

I think they're trying to say something.

What are they saying?


What are you pointing at?

What's that?

-Mazam Moira!

What happened to you? Are you hurt?

-Are you hurt?
-You know them?

Yes. I take care of them
here in the mall.

Wow, I'm jealous.

You live so far away. Stop whining!

Enemies detected!

-One beautiful, one ugly.




Mission to protect Moises and Morisette.


Mazam Moira!

Enemies detected.

Must protect Moises and Morisette.

No, no, no!

Friends. Friends just like you!

-Friends, friends.
-Yes, yes.

New mission.

Protect Moira, Morisette,

and friends.

The Brutz are here!

Where can we hide them?

We'll take care of it.

Help us hide them.

Go with them.

The Brutz are kind,
just don't piss them off.


You have a new mission.

Find the cat!

New mission. Find cat
and make steamed bun.


No, no, no!

Find cat only!

And make steamed bun.

No! Only find cat.

And make steamed bun.

You'll find the cat,
or I will kill your girlfriend!

New mission. Find cat!

Very good!

Let's go! Maybe they can help us!

That's enough.

Enough already.

-Excuse me. Give way.
-Can we ask for help?

What's going on here?
Looks like there's a rap battle.

Yo! Yo! Yo! Make some noise!

My name is Maria Clara.
You can call me MC!

Tamol Mall Ground Zero,
tonight's rap battle, here we go!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hold it!

Start the battle, Pepe, my love.

I will. Pepe, your love.

I'm Dr Jose Rizal,

your national hero. So listen up.

Whatever problems we encounter,

if we communicate properly,
everything we can conquer!

I'm Andres Bonifacio!

The founder of Katipunan.


War is the answer!

War, always shouting war.

Your enemies had guns,
and you fought with knives.

What are you? A ninja?

-That's my hero!

-You're like a watermelon.
-And why?

'Cause you're full of seeds!

So brave of you to shout
"Fight, fight, fight!"

No wonder you're always in front
when it's time to find your height!

While we wait and get ready
for the revolution,

our famous hero is in Spain,
enjoying his vacation!

Stop it, Andres, you are no match for me.

You're just jealous
because I travel the world,

while you're stuck in the rice field!


Say whatever you want.

I'm not backing out of my plan.

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

My comrades, get ready!

This is war!

Setset, let's go before things get worse.



We can't run forever. It's tiring!

Mazam Moira!


Moira! It's...

-Enemy detected!

Must protect Moises and Morisette!

No! No!

-Mazam Moira, it's...

That's what I was about to say.

Finally, you're all together.

Because I'm already tired,
and she's already haggard!

That's right!

I'm dirty and hungry all because of you!

Ouch! Stop it!


You really protected her instead of me?

Are you hurt?

You're so concerned,
and yet both your hands are on her!

And whose hand is this?


Tell the mannequins to run after them!

Run, Mazam! We'll handle this!

Where'd she go?

I need to pee,

but my armor doesn't have a zipper.

Pac Punch!

Booty Kick!

Intergalactic Slide!

Let's just talk about this!


Please, have mercy on me.

♪I wanna dance with you
Dance with you slowly♪

♪I wanna dance with you
Dance with you, baby♪

♪Hold my hand♪

♪Close your eyes♪

♪Dance away♪

♪Be mesmerized♪

So gross!

You witch! You're so gross!

I will beat you up
no matter where you go!


I hate you!

Hold on!

I'm tired!

Wait a minute!

I'm really tired!

We've been all over the place.

Where are we?

Oops, let's go back!
Management will get mad!

Go the other way.


You're really not giving up, huh?

I'm so tired!

Go talk to her!

What's this?


Why are you still there?
It's already late!

-Go home! Now!

I'm old enough! I can do what I want!

Don't you dare talk back!

I will slap you when you get home!


Setset, let's go!

Morisette! Come on!





This can't be!


Morisette, no!

It's my first time seeing you again.

I want to spend more time with you,



I want to play with you.

I want to annoy you. Setset!

I want us to play until we fight.



I love you so much. Please wake up!

I love you so much, Setset!

-Don't leave me!


Setset! Setset!

Stop the drama.

You're not pretty.

You're alive?

Was that true?

Let's go.

Get up!

Anabelle's daughter might catch us.
Come on!


You still managed to change your outfit?

You like it?

Let's go.

My feet hurt.

Please carry me.

No way! You're too heavy! Let's go!

So harsh!

Why are families like that?

They always fight when they're together,

but they cry a river when someone dies.

Because, apparently,
they love each other.


Hop on.


Thank you.

-Hop on.




Walk by yourself.


You're so stupid!

The heads are facing the wrong way!

No worries, we'll adjust.

Our hut's still here?

Yes, it's important to Dad.

The mall can be demolished,
but never that hut.

Who's the woman in white?

A ghost?

Excuse me?






My son.


Moises, you look so different now.

I love your hair.

-Sit down.
-Let's eat.

-What do you want?
-Oh, Morisette...

I cooked delicious food for you.

Your wedding photo came to life.

Isn't this a beautiful moment?

Our family is complete again...

...even if this is just a simple dinner.

-Come on, let's eat.

I had to take on three jobs.

Right, mom? Tell them all about it.

Yes, Setset is the best!

You were so happy there in Australia.

I'm jealous.

Because here in the Philippines,
Dad and I were distant.

We always fought.



Forgive me if...

...I made you feel that
you weren't part of our family.

But I never looked at you that way.

I actually have a lot to thank you for.

If you hadn't been beside me,

I would have lost it...

...when your mom and sister left us.

I love you,

my son.

I've waited so long for this.

For us to be together.

And to see you again.

I've missed you so much, Mom.

I've always dreamt of this moment, Dad.

Of you saying those words to me.

Thank you.

I've waited so long for us
to be reunited again.



Why did it suddenly become
a prayer meeting?

You're so funny!




-We look so stupid.
-Well, well, well!

What a coincidence.

Perfect timing.

Just in time for the family reunion.


Hello, sis.

What are you doing here?

What are you planning to
do with my children?

I plan to kill them both.

Because of you!

You gave them Mother's book.

After all these years,
you're still after that book?

Why are you doing this?
Are you going crazy again?

And why haven't you aged?

Do you have it?

My collagen drink.

I remained young for 25 years
because of my collagen drink.


Also, that's how long I waited for you
to pick me up.

I'm about to retire,

yet you're still here.


But you never came.

All of this is your fault.

You were my only family.

And yet you still left.

You forgot about me, your sister.

Forgive me.

I looked for you,
but I couldn't find you.

Daniela? The one on TV? I'm a fan!

I promise to make it up to you.

What the hell?

Where is she going? She looks crazy.

The book!


-Aunt Moody!
-Goodbye, world!

Aunt Moody!

Come here, Marjorie!

Come here!

You want to have another
nervous breakdown?

-You can't fool me!
-Come here!

I'm done!

-Let go of me!
-Tell me what you told Karen.

Give me the book!

It'll tell us
who Atong's real girlfriend is.

I won't let you assassinate my character.

I've been silent for five years!

Claudine, help me!

Pass it to me!


I'm going to slap you!

The truth is written here!

Get the book!

Stop it!


No. Donna-saur.


No. Karla-bao.


I'm a woman!


Grill it!

It's me.

I'm a girl.

I'm Shiela.



Run! Run!

Trip them! Trip them!

Bakz, strangle her!

How am I supposed to do that?
I can't see her neck!

Just do it!

-Hold the other hand!

Let me go!

Spin her evenly for better roasting!

I'll take the nape!

Let's roast the ear.

I'll take the rest!

I'll stew it with vinegar.

Get out of my way!

-Tanacio, quick!
-Hop on!

-Let's go!


We're not monsters!

They're the monsters!

Close the door!

Give me that book!

I bet it's where you got
our sleeping photo!

Give me that!

Morisette, look for the spell!

-Found it!
-Read it out loud!

"Dear Diary, tonight, he entered..."

That's wrong!

This one!

"The banging on the floor.
Ruel inserted his huge..."

Don't read that! It's explicit!

I found it!

"One kilogram of pork,"

"three teaspoons of vinegar..."

That's Aunt Dely's recipe!

Who do you think you are?

Who is he?

You don't know me? I'm Nicole!

I came for the truth, Marjorie!

Get out!

You're not a part of this movie!



"Ngayong Gabe nande."

"Mga mannequin, picturaneohoo."


Keep on reading, Morisette!

"Laruaneohoo sa mallrasyo nan he."

"Matakot nanhae you."

"Eto Ne, watch me nae."

"Simulanande, palit annyong he."

"Eto Ne."

"Annyeonghae, annyeonghae."

"Jinutey ang jumihi ditey."

"Palit anyonghae eto ne simulan nande."

"Magtagyo nyonyokbo nyunyulan."

"Nyinyigaw ang nyongalan mehe."

"Watch me nae watch me nae nae."

"Annyeonghe annyeonghe."

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"Jinutey ang jumihi ditey!"


Protect Moises and Morisette...


Are you a doll? Are you?

Did we say we are?

Can't we pause for a moment?

We were just stunned.

My children!



There she is!

You crazy woman!
We're taking you back to the asylum!


You still have time to love each other.

Dad, Mom...



What's happening?

What's happening, Morisette?



No! No!

No, Morisette!

What's going on?




Help! Someone help!




It's me.

Please help me.

What just happened?

Get up.

Are you hurt?



I'm so sorry.

I saw everything.

I'm sorry I got mad at you.

I thought you broke your promise.

I didn't realize that when I was alone,

you were alone too.

I'm so sorry, sis.

It's okay.

It's all in the past.

Forget about it.

It's okay.

What's important is that
we're together again.

I love you so much.

Let's not fight anymore, okay?

That's impossible.

It's normal for siblings
to have misunderstandings...

...and have little fights sometimes.

But we'll always forgive each other.

Just always remember that we're sisters.

And that we love each other.

If we can forgive other people,

what more our family?


We are each other's first playmate.

We are each other's ally.

We are each other's friend.

And we love each other so much.

I love you so much, sis.

I love you.

I love you so much.

By the way, why were you tied up?


I was supposed to fly to Australia today.

I had made my decision
to leave the mall...

...when I saw
how much the tenants love you.

On my way to the airport,
I realized I left my passport.

So I went back.

But I knew in my heart,

my passport wasn't the only reason
why I came back.


I was about to go out...

...when the standee
Morisette took me hostage.

So, that's what happened.

Never mind that.
What's important is you're safe.

We're fine now.

I love you, sis! I'll make it up to you.

I love it!

I love it!

Now that we're together,
The Mall, The Merrier!

♪My wishes are all simple♪

♪Things that make me giggle♪

♪Even if I only Have a few nickels♪

♪Your presence just Makes me cheerful♪

♪Every single Day and night♪

♪With you, everything
Is fine, it's all right♪

♪I feel complete
With you just by my side♪

♪You're the best gift♪

♪As long as I'm with you
Everything's all right♪

♪As long as you are here
I'm filled with delight♪

♪Life is complete
Because you are my home♪

♪I cannot ask for more♪

♪Oh what joy it is♪

♪It's Christmas time
And you're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time
And you're beside me♪

♪It's Christmas and You're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time♪

♪Oh, what joy I am filled with glee♪

Director, it's too funny.

And you're so proud?

My goodness.

I forgot my line.

Let's eat Korean barbeque!

I'm so hungry!

Do we take the bus after?

Come on, let's eat...

What a burden!

Yeah! What a burden!

♪Life is complete because
You are my home♪

♪I cannot ask for more♪

♪Oh how joyful♪

♪It's Christmas time
And you're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time
And you're beside me♪

♪It's Christmas and You're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time♪

♪Oh, what joy I am filled with glee ♪

♪My wishes are all simple♪

♪Things that make me giggle♪

What am I supposed to do
now that my parents are dead?

Tell me! How can I calm down?

What I'm looking for is not here!

Oh! Sorry!

It's delicious.


Stop laughing!

This gay impersonator
thinks she's all that.

Remove your bra.


It hurts! They're real!

Tamol for you...

Go ahead.

Hold it! Wait.

Put your hands at the back.

Stand straight. Inhale.



Okay, you may come in.

I'm sorry, miss, we're already crowded.

♪Every single day and night♪

♪With you, everything
Is fine, it's all right♪

♪I feel complete
With you just by my side♪

♪You're the best gift♪

♪As long as I'm with you,
Everything's all right♪

♪As long as you are here,
I'm filled with delight♪


You should've seen how you walked.

It's so funny.

I can't get it out of my head.

Let's go!


Sorry, director.

I gave it my all.

-Yes, sir?
-I want to buy a phone.

Do you have Apple products?

Brand new costs 67,000 pesos.
Secondhand costs 35,000.

That's so expensive!

Do you have a cheaper Apple?

This one's cheaper. 20 pesos.

Not that! I mean the phone!

I just wanted to help.

Do you have Apple phones?

We do. They cost 67,000.

There's a cheaper option,
but it's the apple fruit.

Do you have anything else?

Try this, it's free.

What a sarcastic person.


My daughter...

What daughter?

I said you look like a man.

You look like a dragon.

You're the dragon, not me!

Tamol for you! Tamol for me!

Tamol for everybody!

♪It's Christmas time and
You're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time
And you're beside me♪

♪It's Christmas and You're here with me♪

♪It's Christmas time♪

♪Oh, what joy I am filled with glee♪