M.D. Geist: Director's Cut (1986) - full transcript

In the distant future, mankind has colonized other planets in the universe. While many planets lived in peace, the planet Jerra has been ravaged by decades of war. Geist is an M.D.S. (Most Dangerous Soldier), an enhanced human with unsurpassed combat capabilities and an insatiable lust for battle. Because of his uncontrollable nature, Geist is cryogenically frozen and locked in a satellite. Several years later, the satellite crashes and Geist wakes up from his sleep to engage in another war. This time, to help the army stop the planet's central computer from activating a doomsday device that will lead to total annihilation of all life on Jerra.

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In the age that proclaimed
the end of the Christian Era...

Mankind began advancing
out into space...

spreading its seeds
across many star systems.

But, the characteristic flames
of humanity's wars...

were not extinguished,
after all.

Even on this planet, Jerra...

You bastard!

The new generation of humanity
is the Nexrum,

who oppose the rule of the Earth
Government over all the planets.

Hoping to
contain the Nexrum,

Jerra's regular army
wages war.

Neither side yields a single step.

While their offense and defense
see-saw back and forth,

the war situation
becomes a quagmire.

Little Elephant to Black Box...

13 km to target. Dropping to
low altitude, on schedule.

This is Black Box, we roger that.
Good luck.

You're too high.
Bring it down.


How long do we have to wait?
I'm ready for some action.

I don't think there's
anyone left alive out there.

Maybe the ghosts
will come out.

Don't talk that way.

How long are the pilots going
to keep us shut up in this coffin?

Relax. Once the fighting starts,
you'll miss this flying coffin.

What's that?

M.D. Geist:

Part of the regular army's elite troop
of special manufactured soldiers.

Based on the theories
of biocloning,

they possess fighting abilities
far beyond that of normal man.

But Geist's method of fighting
proved to be too ferocious.

It was decided that his very
existence posed too great a danger,

and in Jerra year 843, he was
imprisoned in an orbiting satellite.

Also known as:


Who are you:
Coming down from the frozen sky

Who are you:
Silent sky won't answer me

Battle weary, still you fight on

Mission in an unknown land

Long forgotten man,
a strange and fearful warrior

Nobody knows:
Memory is torn asunder

Nobody knows:
Racing on the wind's aura

Drinking in all, all that it sees

From the cold and darkness
you come

Who are you,
who has awakened... tell me

Can't stop: He's just a soldier

Can't stop: We awaken and we see

There is nothing left
of our tomorrow

Can't stop:
He's just a soldier

Can't stop:
The never-ending war game

On the horizon... battle is on

Chasing you

Looks like someone's
been playing with fire.

You're dead, moron!
You should have stayed in the army.

Not bad.

Who the hell is that slob?

Get your stinking
hands off of our stuff!

You scum wouldn't even
know how to use it.

I'm the only one here
with the skill.


Stand back, Marsh.
I'll handle this.

You want the armor?
I like that, you've got balls.

But we killed him,
so it's ours, not yours.

Want to live?
You got two choices:

You can join my gang,

or you can beat me
in a fight.


He must be joking!

He doesn't know about the boss.

He must be insane!

Who cares? He'll be
dead meat in another minute.

- Rules?
- Just one: Kill.

You bastard!


All of you together
still couldn't take him.

You're pretty good.

He was tough, but
not even close to your league.

You want the suit?
Take it.

You need a place to stay?
Come with me.

I've been waiting a long time
for someone like you.

He just killed the boss!

Shut up!

I was worried
about this all along!

That idiot was always
starting trouble.

I always figured
he'd get killed by another gang.

But you're the real thing!

Become our boss, and you
could have anything you want.

I even have contacts
with the army brass!

The Nexrum Army?

Both! I work
either side of the fence.

Tell me everything,
and I'll consider it.

Really? Sure!
I'll tell you anything.

First question:
What year is it?

The year? What?

I just want to know
how long I've been napping.

Nothing important.

Vaiya's brains got us
out of some tough spots,

but this time I don't get it!

If she hadn't stopped us,
that bastard would've killed us all!

Together we could take him.

Hold on.

She's got some kind of plan.

Or she wouldn't have tried
so hard to fish him in.

And what if she's planning
to stab us in the back?

Betray us?

Then we'd have no choice...

Nexrum finally tested
their battle armor.

Their power suits are the best.

The regular army is all but gone.

Enough of that. I'll bet
you haven't had a woman in a while.

Don't look at me like that.

Is that your name
on these tags?


It sounds so strong.

The regular army...
where are they based?

Oh, who gives a damn?


You're wrong.

All I want from you
is what's in your head.

I could care less about the rest.

Don't say that.
You make me ashamed.

Get out of here.
I'm done with you now.

What are you doing,
you impotent bastard!

I won't let him get away.

He's got something
other men don't.

He's strong enough to
protect me from Death itself.

It's big, Geist.

You got lucky.

But you'll get nowhere
helping the regular army.

They wouldn't be chasing the tank
unless it was undermanned.

The weaker side is desperate.
They'll pay more for help.

What if they don't have
any money at all?

Nexrum's too strong!
We can't beat them.

That's the signal.

Are we really going
to fight Nexrum?

If we don't,
that bastard will kill us.

Same thing, either way.

Engine #2 is overheating!
Put in more coolant!

Left side treads are sluggish!
Don't slow down!

I verify 4 Powered Machines
on our flank, 3 behind.

The rear center appears
to be the command unit.

Persistent little worms.

Where's the rear gun?
We need more firepower!

We have too many wounded.
We're losing coverage on the guns.

Hans, maintain speed
until I return.

Yes, sir!
Maintaining present speed.

We'll be in close combat soon.
Prepare the Fightechs.

All hands, maintain your posts!


Does he think
that's going to save him?

Forget him! Get the tank!

Yes, sir,
beginning my run!


Stop it!

Dammit! I'm not going
to die for that asshole!

Serves you right,
you bastard!

We've got to stop!
The engine's going to blow!

Colonel Crutes!
Where's the Colonel?

What is he?

He's incredible!

What was that?

There's a Powered Machine
on top of the bridge!

Get me a Fightech!
I'll knock him off!

No time, sir!


It's Colonel Crutes!

Damned vermin!

Now, army boy, we talk price.
My men are expensive.

I have to thank you,
Mr. Geist.

You helped the NoahGuards
out of a tight spot.

I originally served
in the regular army.

It's an honor to fight again.

Let's skip the chitchat
and get to the point.

You're not military.
Who are you?

Geist's manager.

You've seen how good he is,
so now you have a decision.

About what?

His price!
Don't play dumb with me.

So that's your game.

Forget it!

We never asked you
to fight for us.

Don't give me that crap!

We saved your butts!

You can't push me around!

Shut up, you hyena!
We fight our own battles!

We don't need scum like you.

I'm a hyena?
Yeah, I live off dead men.

But who made me that way?
You, the army!

Your damn battles have killed
almost everyone on the planet!

And the few who aren't dead yet
are left in a living hell!

If I'm a hyena, then
you're a demon from hell!

Let's go.
We should have let them die.

What's wrong, Geist?

Ovild Folgain Shtrime.

Are you just going to
let him go?

I am.
He's far too dangerous.

What do you mean?

You saw his dogtags?
He's an MDS.


You new recruits probably
never heard of them.

When the war started, everyone
feared the Most Dangerous Soldiers.

Perfectly trained for all forms of
combat. But they were too good.

The army decided
they should be discontinued.

But we need his skills
for our mission.

I agree.

If he joins, it would certainly
end our morale problem.

The troops already
treat him like their savior.

Sakamoto is right!

This mission is top secret.
I won't repeat it, so listen closely.

This is our strategic headquarter:
Brain Palace.

As the war turned against us,
we prepared a final program.

Our mission is to invade Brain
Palace and deactivate this program.

Its name: Death Force.

Death Force was to be our final
retaliation: A doomsday device.

It reacts to all life forms,
attacking indiscriminately.

At activation, millions of
robotic soldiers will coverJerra.

Ten days ago, President Ryan was
assassinated in Sandorea Garden.

At that point, Brain Palace
entered the final phase.

We have 11 hours and 45 minutes
before the program is enacted.

The NoahGuards
will attack head-on.

We have Fightechs for Hans, Lester,
Jack, Sakamoto, Mr. Geist, and me.

The six of us will head
for the control room.

Our final target is here.

Still at it?

I always seem to find you
in some back room like this.

You really are the real thing.
More than I ever hoped for.

we could do anything.

With the money from this job
we'll be rich.

We could go far away.

You could learn to
listen a little! Dammit!


I hate to say this, but
we're going to leave you now.

You see, we've talked and
decided to get the hell out of here.

We've spent too much time
just trying to stay alive.

Take care, Vaiya.

Five minutes to Brain Palace!
Alert condition two!

Constant duty has worn them out.
If they stay like this...

What's wrong?
Snap to, men!

You look like a bunch of enlisted
grunts, not Fightech Commandos!

Let's go.

Direct hit to the bridge!

Get to the central tower!


Don't stop!
You want to die?

Pull yourself together, Hans!

Hans, hold on.

You'll make it.
It doesn't look that bad.


You and Mr. Geist have to
get to the control room!

They're all dead! Again!

No, you killed them!

Farewell, Mr. Geist,
or I should say, MDS?

You're a bloody war machine.

This place will be
a good tomb for you.

You said that when you left me
on the satellite, too.

It's no coincidence that
you happened on the NoahGuards.

It's the will of God that
evil should be destroyed.

The universe is an
eternal battlefield for me

Never, never, never:
It goes forever

The pain and suffering
I can hear in that melody

Come on, come on, come on:
You, can never return

It's the only crazy game

It's the only foolish game

Just awakening,
you can't possibly see

You must be the...

Dangerous: Most dangerous

Raging fire of violence

Dangerous: Most dangerous

The warrior who has
left his land of birth

It's the only crazy game

It's the only foolish game

Never stops until,
it all ends in destruction

Dangerous: Most dangerous

Raging fire of violence

Dangerous: Most Dangerous

The warrior who has
left his land of birth

Program D now terminated.

Brain Palace now returning
to normal operating condition.

Long Tom to Sphinx,
the operation is a success.

Hans, Lester, Jack,
Sakamoto, John, Louis,

at least your sacrifices
were not in vain.

And a great evil has been
eliminated from the world.

You did it.



You killed the Colonel.

Everyone's dead, above.
I hid, so I was safe.

But all that matters
is that you're alive.

Geist, what?

Hey, Geist!
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
Stop joking, the battle's over!

Program D now active.

Code 303.
Begin Death Force.

The game's not over yet.

It's just beginning.