M.A.D: Mad About Dance (2014) - full transcript

Essentially a dance film, it focuses on the youth, their dreams, anxieties, disappointments and hopes for their future. The film is based in the quaint and beautiful university town of Sheffield and brings to light the stories of Asian students who leave their home and country and go to study abroad...Their struggles, their heartbreaks, their trials and triumphs.

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Okay, sir. Yes.


Aarav Anand.

Aarav Anand!
- Yeah?

You can go in now.


Thank you.
- Okay.


Come, Aarav.

Hi, sir.


Thank you so much
for your time, sir.

It's okay.

How's your father?
- He's fine.

So you want a loan?
- Yes, sir.

Let me see.

Yeah, just send
Ajay and Neha in.

2.5 million!

Isn't that a big amount?


Yes, sir.
- Come.

She's Neha, Ajay.
- Hi!

He's Aarav.
He wants a loan from our bank.

2.5 million?

And what do you want
to use this money for?

Sir, I want to build
a dance crew

and take them to the biggest
dance competition in the world.

And India has never
qualified till date.

Sorry, did I hear you right?

You want to build a dance crew?

Sir.. Are you out of your mind?

I suggest, Mr. Aarav

why don't you ask your family
or friends for help?

Sir, they've already
done enough.

Sir, there's absolutely
nothing to decide.

No guarantor, no fixed-income.

Absolutely nothing, sir.

Think about it.

By the way,
why do you want to do this?

Because no one else
is doing it, sir.

What's the guarantee
that you'll return this money?

Is there any guarantee?

Is anyone supporting you?


No, sir.

Is it a joke, sir?

Are you joking with us?

Sir, he wants to borrow
2.5 million

but doesn't have a guarantor.

We don't know whether

you'll payback
this money or not.

And you want this money
to open up a dance-academy.

Not a dance-academy.

I want to train my crew.

Dance crews from all
over the world participate.

But no one ever qualified
from our country.


It's the World Cup of dance.

The biggest dance
battle in the world.

And I think we're ready, sir.

And your crew will
represent India?

That's the intention.

Is it that easy?

Are you sure you can do it?

Yes, sir.

How can you be so confident?
- Because I did it once before.

What have you done?

Represent India?


Sir, I've always loved dancing.

Popping, Locking, B-boying..

And like every kid,
even I had a teacher.


I lied to my parents

that I want to study MBA

and reached Sheffield.

Ceaser's hometown.

A city of 700,000 people.

Students everywhere.

But I wanted to
meet just one man.

My teacher.


I just wanted to join his crew.

I got admission in MBA

all I had to do was
find a place to stay.

Excuse me.
- Hi.

Hi. Can you help me?

Can you tell me where
I can find Salim Qureshi?

He's right there
in the white 'kurta'.

Why did you miss class?
- Brother..

I would've missed my interview
if I had attended class.

If you don't have
full attendance

what's the point
of giving an interview?

Excuse me.
I am looking for accommodation.

Where are you from?
- India.

So you're serious.
You want to be in Ceaser's crew?

You must be
a terrific dancer then.

I'll know that
when I meet Ceaser.

Do you know where he lives?

No. I've just seen
a few videos on YouTube.

Focus on your studies, Aarav.

Don't mingle with
these Britishers.

They're good to no one.

What's wrong with him?

We attained freedom from
the Britishers, Salim.

Why are you still
stuck on Dandi March?

This is the room. 60 Pounds.

Salim, water.
- Yes.

This is Dipen,
he lives in the room next door.

Yo man! Hi.
- Hi!

60 pounds a month, right?
- No.

A 60 pounds a week.

Nothing less?

No. You won't get it
for anything less.

Salim, if you don't mind

you can share my room.

At 50 pounds per week,
we'll have to pay 25 each.

Good for me too.

It's perfect for me.
- Yeah!


- A 100 pound deposit.

And one month's rent advance.

I don't have all of it
but, I'll pay the rest, soon.

This won't do.

Next time, all together
and on time.

Thanks, man.
- Welcome.

Where's your luggage?
- Downstairs.

- Starving.

Come on, I know a nice place.

Tell me something.

You live in one of the rooms
and the other is empty.

Who stays in
the other two rooms?

GG stays in the room upstairs.

Gagan Gulati.
He's from Punjab.

The only son of rich parents.

GG means fun, all the time.

He changes girlfriends
every week.

But only on Facebook.

Because until today no one's

ever seen him with
a girl in reality.

This room belongs to Atul Murli.
He's from Kerala.

Brilliant student.

Always tops the class.
Less fun, more work.

GG calls him a coward.

By the way, he learns karate

and also teaches Capoeira
in some academy.

But he's scared doing that too.

Which course are you studying?
- Nothing yet.

But I want to study MBA.

The fee is too high.

So I am working in
my uncle's restaurant.

He deposits my salary
in his account.

And when there's
enough to pay the fee

I'll take the admission as well.

Not bad.

Anyway, get some rest.

I'll see you later.
- Thank you.

Atul, what are you doing?
Pass that properly.


You don't know to play, eh?
Why do you place bets?

Darn! Bad player.

Atul, take it.

We've been playing
since last night.

Please let me take
some rest. Please.

Atul, please. I've already
lost two matches because of you.

I don't want to lose to China.
Please play.

Which team is it?
- I can help you beat them.

Who is he?

- Aarav, who?

Your new house-mate.
- From?


So you two have met?

And they say we can't
play football, right?

See that, Atul?

GG made India win
with a little help.

- Yes.

You did everything.

We were just sitting
here holding the remote.

Oh shut up.

Aarav, thank you so much.
Thank you so much.

If you need anything, ask GG.
GG owes you one.

GG owes you.

Think about it, Aarav.
He says that to everyone.

Hey, shut up.
They are just jealous.

Ask for anything.

There is one thing.

I had just one goal
behind going to Sheffield.

Finding Ceaser
and joining his crew.

So without wasting any time,
I started my hunt.

But finding him
wasn't an easy job.

He was a difficult man to find.

And luckily I found
some good friends.

They helped me settle in.

And GG even helped me out.

Didn't I tell you I'll find him
in 24 hours?

Find who?


Yes! Look.

GG's the best.

This isn't Ceaser.

Loosen up, I know.
But she can take you to Ceaser.

Look, she's the only
Indian dancer in his group.

Right now she's
just a backup dancer.

But she wants to get
in the main crew.

And I know where to find her.

There's just one problem.
Her brother, Salim.


Asian Community President.
That's the bad news.

That grouch.

And his sister's
a bigger grouch.

They party at Club Embrace
every day.

We can meet her there.
I have connections there.

What say?

This is GG's area.

GG knows everybody.

You all right, baby?

Come on.
We'll have a few shots.

Cool! Come on.

What's up?

That's Aashira.
- Which one?

That chick in black.

Massive difference
between brother and sister.

- Yeah man, innit.

One's 20 years behind

and the other's 20 years ahead.

I am going.

Take care.

This chick don't like brownies.

Only black or white.

- We'll see.

He's gone for good.

Hi. Excuse me?

- I want to meet Ceaser.

You want to meet Ceaser.
- Yeah, I want to join his crew.

Why don't you just
get lost, yeah!

You want to dance off, mate?
Do with me.

He's Ceaser's right-hand man.

He wants to meet Ceaser.

Everybody wants to meet Ceaser.

Look, mate.
The only thing you want to do

is get out of here.

Let's go, Aarav.
- Trust me.

Come on!

Excuse me.

I would've bashed him.

Only if he hadn't stopped me.

If I had locked horns with Henry

I would've lost my chance
to join Ceaser's crew.

Why is Ceaser such a big secret?

In a small city like Sheffield

it should not be
difficult to find him.

Sheffield means 700,000 people.

- Get lost!

I don't see them.

Besides, this is an
underground dance competition.

And they dance
for the love of it.

Not for the money or the glitz.

He's such a bore. I've an idea,
let's kidnap Salim's sister.


What the..
- Darn.

What happened?
- Don't be scared. Coward.

What happened?
- AJ.

Look, that's AJ.

Just like you, he came here
to join a dance crew.

And what's he doing now?
Eating bread on the streets.

It's a burger.
- Same thing.

Listen, take my advice.

Forget dancing
and join Capoeira with Atul.

End of problem.
- End of the problem, my foot!

He did it, didn't he?
Didn't he?

That day I was scared
on seeing AJ.

I immediately found
him on Facebook.

He was an exceptional dancer.

I asked him about Ceaser too.

But he didn't help me.

Instead he asked me
to stay away.

I couldn't concentrate
at the University.

And I was running out of money.

10 Pounds for 4 hours?

But that isn't even
minimal wage, sir.

You want work,
I don't need another help.

It's only because Dipen asked,
I am giving you so much.


Dipen requested his uncle
and got me a job.

During the day
I would look for Ceaser

and clean plates at night
in the restaurant.

But I still didn't find him.

I lied to my parents
and came here.

So sometimes I couldn't
sleep due to guilt.

But I didn't give up.

I tried everything.

Come on. Take a look at the boy.

I can't, mom.
I'm late for the practice.

Dear, even you can
find a boy for yourself.


- Mother's calling.

Thank you, ma'am.
But I am not interested

in marrying any Indian
or any Asian. - Why?

What did Indians do now?


They are all lovely.

In fact,
we had a great Indian guy

who lived in our family.
Didn't we, Salim?

Who one day abandoned my mom

and his two children
out on the streets.

That's enough, Aashira.

And do you know what
the best part is, ma'am?

I'll tell you the best part.

He lives in the same city

and he hasn't even
bothered to call once.

Behave, Aashira.

This is not your friend's home.

In this house,
we respect family.


Isn't it just a bit ironic
to you, Salim

that the man you're
talking about

left me, you and her
for an English woman?




Look where I just
made a delivery.

And he's asked for more.

- Ceaser's studio, Aarav.

Come on, wake up.
We have to go. Come on.



Who is it?
- Delivery. Chaska.

Come in.

All the best.

Oh my gosh!

Can I help you?

Hi, I am Aarav.
- Ceaser.

I am a huge, huge fan, man.

I've been following you
for the past five years.

Everything I know
is by watching you dance.

I.. I love the way you dance.

I've come all the way from
India, just to join your crew.

Why don't you stick
to delivering food, bro?

Not funny!

You're Indian, right?
- Yes.

I've never seen
a Indian boy dance.

You know what a dance off is?

Yeah, I do.

I'll make you a deal.

Beat Henry and you're in.

Excuse me?

Beat Henry, in a one-on-one

and you're in the crew,
for sure.


This ain't for you, my friend.

You come back when
you're at your best.

We don't take
any less than that.

Come on. Time to go.

End of story.

The end.

You understand?

Hey Aashira,
you speak his language.

Come here.

There's something
I want you to tell him.

And tell him in his language
so that he gets it good.

Tell him, I don't want to
see his sorry beaten face

around here again.

Because he doesn't deserve
to be one of us.

Don't ever show
your face here again.


Because you aren't
worthy of being one of us.

You brownies can go be waiters.


Or cabbies.

Or go beg at a subway somewhere.

Cause you can never be like us.

Tell him.

You brownies can only be
waiters, caterers or cabbies.

You can never be good dancers.

Just go back to Pakistan,
India or Bangladesh

or wherever you're from.

India, Pakistan, wherever..

"What's this punishment?"

"What's this mistake
You've made?"

"My destiny's upset with me."

"Why are my dreams away
from me?"

"Where are You, God?"

"Tell me where You are?"

You brownies can go be waiters.


And cabbies.

Cause you don't deserve
to be one of us.

Just go back to
Pakistan, India or Bangladesh.

"Why are You quiet now?"

"Even my shadow's
annoyed with me."

"Why was my prayer unanswered?"

"I'm going to shout,
I won't stay quiet."

"I'll endure all the pain
You give me."

"All the wounds you
inflict on me, is for me."

"Where are You, God?"

"Tell me where You are?"

Aarav, there's a fantastic
party happening at the club.

Want to go?
- I don't feel like.

What are you doing?
- Aarav, I am coming too.

Look, even the Capoeira
is coming.


Hey what are you doing here?

Please, just leave us alone.

Look, I'm sorry, yeah?

I said leave.

Okay, fine.

I understand.
Maybe you don't believe me.

Look I really want you to know

that I think you're
an amazing dancer.

And you shouldn't
have lost that day.

And I am..
I am really, really sorry.

Please, you have to believe me.

Okay. I believe you.

Can we go now?

Actually, there's just
one more thing.

Yeah. - Can I please
just have 5 minutes with you?

Just 5 minutes!

You two join up, we'll go ahead.

What's this..

- 5 minutes.

I promise.

You know, Aarav, the other day
Henry managed to beat you

because he was
fighting a battle

and you were just dancing.

I mean dance is
passion for you, right?

But these people have
long forgotten that passion.

Winning means
everything to them.

Dance off is like
a boxing match.

You have to be aggressive.

And you can beat them,
if you learn to fight.

If you learn how to battle.

I don't want to defeat anyone,
okay? I am done.

What is it that you want?

Okay. I've got dance off
in the warehouse next week.

And I thought you could
teach me some of your moves.

I knew it. I knew it.
- What?

I want to show them
that we can dance too.

- We?

We're one team now, huh?

And why me? Huh?

Why can't Henry teach you?

Because I want to learn
from you. - Why?

Because you're better than him.
And you know that too, right?

Otherwise you would've
caught a plane back to India

the day that you were chucked
out of Ceaser's studio.

Okay, fine, I'll tell you
everything I know then

whenever you meet Ceaser next.


I've been in that
crew for 2 years.

I know everything about them.

I'll show you how to battle

and you teach me
some of your moves.


I'll see you tomorrow morning
at the University.


Thumbs up.

Wow! It's really cool.
- Yes. Do it.

Can you do it again? Please.

Is it nice?
- It's really good.

You should speak more in Hindi.

- It suits you.

- Yeah.

Doesn't anyone else
speak in Hindi at home?

Yeah, they do. Just not me.

What happens when
mom fixes you up

with a nice Punjabi boy?

My mom would never do that.

Me and brownies just
don't go together.

What about food?

What about food?
- Indian food.

Do you like it?
- It's all right.

Can you make any?
- Yup.

What can you cook?

I can make 'dal'.

And I can make..

What's that thing called?
'Saag and Makhi di roti'.



I would love to eat that.
'Saag and Makhi di roti'.

It's quite hot though.
- I am sure it is.

But you can't..
- Excuse me!



Get me a cappuccino.
And get it fast.


What's wrong?

Look, can we just go?

Excuse me.

Your money.


Who was that man?

My dad.

And please,
I don't want to talk about it.

Sorry. My family
is just a bit weird.

It's okay.

All our families are weird.

Mine are really weird.

My dad

he left us when I was one
for an English woman.

I guess that's why
he didn't recognize me.

Why didn't you talk to him?

But why should I?

Why can't he come
and talk to us?

You know, in fact
when I was 12

he used to have this off-licence
store in my school.

And I'd go there every day
and wait for hours.

All because I wanted to see the
white woman that he left us for.

But I could never muster
the courage to go in.

Anyway, it's not like
he's dying to talk to me, is it?

He could've tried once in all
these years, if he wanted to.




Your house.

Where's your grouchy brother?
- Oh, don't worry about him.

Are you coming
to the dance off tomorrow?


See you.
- Yeah!

- Yeah?

Do you want to come
and sit down for a bit?

Thanks for everything.

You're welcome.

It's quite cold.

I think you should go in.

I'll go home too.

- Okay.

- Yeah?


Aashira, I.. - No, no,
it's fine. Don't worry about it.

I am just going to go.
I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?


Hey! Where are you going?
- University.

They're giving out
admission forms today.

Forget the form.
- It'll close in 10 minutes.

Nothing's going to happen.
Forget the form.

You're going
to the warehouse with me.

It's on.. - It's Aashira's
dance off.

I'll get your form tomorrow.

You took so long.
Where were you?

Wear it quickly.
Look at the huge line.

You won't get entry
without this. Let's go.

Why are you looking so happy?

Mom called today.
Talked to dad as well.

Everyone's really happy that
I am getting admission. - Okay.

You know, I would be
the first from Baleshwar

to get a foreign degree.

And the dance off begins now!

Oh my God!

I'm going to do it.
- Go for it.

Oh my God!

I can't believe I just did that.

I honestly cannot believe it.

How was it?
- It was perfect.

Really? Are you sure?

Oh God!

I think that we should
go and celebrate.

And I'll treat you.

- Yeah!

And I thought
you just ill-treat us.

What? - Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter.

What did he say?
- He's Dipen.

- Hey!

Atul. GG.

Should we go?
- Yeah.

Come on, I know
this really cool place.

Five. That's a five.

Yes, what are you
going to teach me next?

Hey! You still here.

Weren't you humiliated enough

to go crawling back
into your hole?

Where is it?
India, right?

Hey, you did well today, Aash.

Come on, we should wash
it down with a few drinks.

No, I'm all right, thanks.

What are you doing?
- I'm going for a drink.

Is that right?

With these losers?
- They're not losers, Henry.

You got to be kidding me.
- No, I am not kidding you.

Come on, we should go..
- Get off me!

What are you doing?

You going to fight me?

She doesn't want to go
with you, man.

Just lay off, yeah!

What did you just say?

Come on.
- What did you just say?

He asked you to lay off her.

You piece of filth, you Indian.

Looks like you didn't
get it the first time.

How many times do
you want to get beaten

before you understand
you're a loser?

Just because you won
the other day

doesn't mean you're
a better dancer, man.

Come on.

You challenging me?

What were you thinking, man?

You two bit cabbies are going
to beat Ceaser's group?

I'm going to give you 10
seconds to get out of here

or meet me in the ring.

Aarav, come on.
Aarav. Let's just go.

Let's go. Just forget him.

Come on. Let's just go.

Please. - Last time, I blasted
your face into the wall.

This time I'm going to grind
your nose into the dirt.

This is going to be fun.

Well, any ideas?

I've been trying to talk him
out of it since morning.

What do you think?
Did Henry take it seriously?

Why won't he take it seriously?

He should.

He should know.. That Ceaser

that dance is no one's property.

It's Henry, not Ceasar.
- What's the difference?

What is in the name?
- Aarav.


Aarav, I need to speak to you.


You can speak here.


Well, are you really
going to do this?

Because I can go
and speak to Henry

and I can settle all of this.

She's right, Aarav.
- What right?

She's asking us to apologize.

Are we going
to apologize to him?

This is why
I call you a coward.

Aarav, don't listen to him.

I'm not actually
speaking to you.

Aarav, there's still time.
Let's go and apologize.

But Aarav's here.
Why do you worry?

You really don't
get it at all, do you?

Teaching a few steps is easy

but defeating Ceaser's
group is not.

Who's talking to you?

Aarav, you did the right thing.

GG will support you.

GG will organize
everything for you.

Are you seriously still talking?

What exactly are you
going to organize? Huh?

Do you even know that
it takes seven dancers

to do a dance off? Do you
know that?- I don't know.

I don't know anything about
the dance. - Then.

But I know Aarav.
And Aarav knows everything.

We'll hold auditions,
do anything.

But we won't apologize.
- It's not that easy, okay?

Even if you get the dancers,
you're not

going to be able to beat them.
All right?

Trust me.
I'm in that crew, I know them.

Oh, really?
- Yes.

Then what are you doing here?
Sympathizing with us? - Wha..

Go back to your team.
- Why don't you just shut your..

Do everyone a favor
and just shut up.

..shut up..
- Quiet!

What do I do?

Say sorry?



I won't step back now.

Aarav, we need seven dancers
for the dance off.


You really going to do this?

That's more like it.

Just watch,
we'll hold auditions.

I'll gather around
every Asian in Sheffield.

You can choose.

She left.
- Let her go.

We'll make a crew,
with or without anyone.


First Asian Crew.

And GG will be the manager. Yes!

Dipen, why don't you
say something? - Coward.

There's no harm in trying.


Yes, come in.

Hi, my name is Zara.

I've been dancing ever
since I was 5 years old.

I love it and it's
the only thing I want to do.

"It's beating hard."

"My heart's getting scared.

Yeah, I am Reddy
and I am looking for a dance.

And I am interested
in doing dance.

"Hey Ganpat! Bring some liquor."

Next. - I just want
to show the Britishers

that Asian people
can actually dance.

"I'm a street dancer."

"I'm a street dancer."
- Okay.


"You are a lover,
I am a lover."

"You agree and I agree too."

Come on, get started.

He's great, Aarav.


Take down his details.

"Sing along, oh heart."

"Sing with joy.."

"Your corset is
so body clinging."

"When I unbutton it.."

"I am terror.."

I am going.
- Wait.

He's so fantastic, look.

Look, he's fantastic.
- He's such a bore.

"The king is here, oh people!"

Where did you learn this dance?

From where..

- Look, Aarav.

Sheffield's very
own Michael Jackson.

Come on, dance.
He was dancing really well.

Let's go.

Can I seek Salim's permission?

Do you even pee with
Salim's permission?

You were dancing so well
outside. Come on, dance.

He can dance too.


"Yeah, right"

"Here is the sweet maker.
Here he is."


Hey, Aarav.

Good morning.
- Good morning.

Did you bring
the admission form?

I forgot.

I'll get it tomorrow.
100 percent.

- Deal.

"Spend time with me,
you will have a blast."

"You will have all
the fun in life.."

Let's go home.




You must dance.

We need two more dancers.
Where will we find them?

I warned you before.
But no one listens to me.

There's still time.
Let's cancel it.

Make an Asian crew?

Is it a piece of cake?

Finding a dancer
isn't that easy.

And who would want
to lock horns with Ceaser?

Aarav, you know..

6th member.
- No!

No. No. No.
No way, man.

Hey, come on..

What are you doing?

This is the big
Asian Crew, is it?

Look at you guys
sweating out like pigs.

You won't even last
a few minutes in there.

You know, it's only
two weeks to go.

Make sure you turn up
for the battle.

Oh and in case you don't know.

It takes seven people
for a dance off.

I know.

But can I only see six?

Unless you want
this clown to dance.

Maybe you need to
count that again, Henry.

Excuse me.

Serves you seven of us.


That's how I made my crew.

Sheffield's first Asian crew.

My crew.

Aashira, Dan, Amit,
Amy, Mike, Atul, GG.

And behind the camera, Dipen.

I had got another opportunity
to prove myself to Ceaser.

And to show him

that I was good enough
to join his crew.

And I didn't want
to lose at any cost.

So, we started rehearsing

day and night.

There was just one problem.

This dance off wasn't
as important for my crew

as it was for me.

Winning was everything for me.

And I couldn't see
anything beyond that.

So did I get frustrated?

Of course, I did.

Where were you?


Training everyone
together wasn't easy.

But we didn't have an option.

I had to get them ready.

One, two, and three, four..

What are you doing?

Once more.
One, two and three..

It's okay.
- It's not okay.


Uncle, the kitchen's locked up.

And I've closed everything
in the backyard.


Uncle, I need money.

Did you get a girlfriend?

Not this, uncle.
I wanted my salary.

Your salary gets
deposited in the account.

You know that.

next week is the final date

to fill-in the
University application.

And I've to pay
the fees as well.

So I needed money
from the account.

What will you do at college?

And what will you do
after you pass out?

Get a job?
You're already doing that.

Uncle, I want to do an MBA.

I came here for studies, right?
You won't have to spend a dime.

Just give me my salary,
I'll pay the fee.

Your salary?

What salary?

Who paid for your ticket
to come here?

I did.

Who's managing all
your expenses here?

I am.

Do you think
I'm feeding you for free?

I don't owe you a single penny.

In fact,
if you check the accounts

you owe me instead.

He talks nonsense.

Uncle, I've been working
here for 10 months.

I've been doing 3 shifts.

Had I been working
somewhere else

I would've made
a lot of money by now.

Go, find some other job.

Sorry, uncle. I'll miss my date.

Go, go. Don't waste time.

Search work.

Please, sorry.
- Get lost!

What do you want?
- Don't you get it?

Don't ruin Amit's career,
like you ruined yours.

If he doesn't attend college his
attendance won't be complete.

He'll get suspended.
He won't find a job.

Salim, why don't
you just get lost? Yeah!

Amit knows what's best for him.

If he did,
he wouldn't have been here.

He's here because he
wants to be here.. - No!

He's here because he's stupid.

He's lost his mind
like all of you.

Aarav, you know what?

Let's talk to Amit once.

We should just let him leave
if he wants to.

Aashira, please.

No one tells me
how to handle my crew.

We have just one week left.

And I don't want
to lose at any cost.

Do you understand that?

Do you all understand that?

Will you get back
to work please?

- What?

There's a problem.
- What problem?

Solve your problems yourself.


Why hasn't Amit arrived yet?

He'll be here.

An hour late one day
before the dance off.

Are you all here on a picnic?

Chill, buddy.
Let's wait for him.

No. Come on.

Come on!


Come on.
Why are you getting hyper?

We'll practice.
All of us will get it, yeah?

It's not such a big deal, okay?

It's not a big deal?

It's not a big deal?

This is why I came here,

This is why
I lied to my parents.

It might be just a dance off
for you, not for me.

Everything will be fine, Aarav.


I can't relax, do you know why?

Because I don't have
my parent's wealth to back me.

I don't have
ancestral riches like you.

I have to fight my own battles.

This dance off means
everything to me.

What do you mean?

I mean.. Am I not
contributing into this?

What did you contribute?

What did you do other
than running behind Amy?

- What?

No, Aashira, let it be.

He's right.

He doesn't need GG.

Before you say sorry,
I forgive you!

Don't worry. We can do this.


Don't worry.
- Aarav.

Just stick..

Aarav, wait.

I wish you all the best.
- Thank you.

You're not coming?
- Why?

Because I know
what's going to happen!


"I know, my step for"

"I like to return to the class."

"Beat boys!
Bring it down like this!"

You did good,
but it's not enough, is it?

There's a huge difference
between the good and the best.

There's just one winner.

Unfortunately, everybody else
after that is a loser.

Sorry, Aarav.

We should've practiced more.

I told you, I can't do this.

Forget it.




I understood what it meant
after that phone call.

Ceaser was right.

I was a loser.

He's critical.
We'll just have to wait.

"What's this punishment?"

"What's this mistake
You have made?"

"My destiny's upset with me."

Solve your problems yourself.

"Why are my dreams
separate from me?"

"Where are You, God?"

"Tell me where You are?"

I'll be the first
from Baleshwar

to get a foreign degree.

Forget the form.
- It will shut in 10 minutes.

"Neither pain nor happiness
will last forever."

"Who will fill this rift?"

"Why are you quiet now?"

"Even my soul's
separated from me."

"Why was my prayer unanswered?"

"Where are You, God?"

"Where are.."

I was so obsessed with myself

that I forgot all
about my friends.

I forgot Dipen.

It was my fault.

I should've never gone
to Sheffield.

"Tell me where You are?"
- Here.

Thank you.

Oh! They have come.
They are here.

Hi! Welcome home.

The doctors advised him
two weeks of rest.

Rest is fine, but don't think
you're off the hook.

Let the doctor fix you first

then we'll fix you
up separately.

Come on.

Take care of him.
Don't leave him alone.


You go, I'll come.
- You sure?


I won. Four.

Look. - Salim,
what are you doing here?

How are you, Dipen?
- I'm okay.

Don't worry, brother,
everything will be fine now.

If I had any clue,
this would've never happened.

You don't worry.

One month!

I'll get you admitted
to the University in a month.

Money? My responsibility.

You're in the wrong company.

Had you been with
the right people

this would have never happened.

Get well soon.
That's all I wanted to say.


Don't worry, Dipen.

I'll get you admitted.

And then,
I'll also get you a job.

I'll also get you married.

And after that, I'll help
you beget children too.

What's the matter, Aarav?

Tell me.

Salim's right, you know.

None of us bothered.

I never did.

I am a selfish person.
- No, you're not.

I am.

I only think about myself.

I need to set that right now.

Look, Aarav, first of all

don't take Salim seriously.

You know what he's like, yeah?

And Aarav, you're not
a selfish person, okay?

I mean, just the fact
that you're feeling like this

it means that you care. Yeah?

We'll have to do something about
Dipen's admission, Aashira.

He has to get in this semester.
- Yeah!

Hey! You okay?

Mom's sent food.

Where's everyone?

Must be in the room.

Dipen! GG! Atul!

You sure you're okay?
- Yeah.

Wow! Food.

Yup, strict orders from mom

nothing should get wasted.

I am right here.

Where's Dipen?

Must be in the room.

I'll go check.

He isn't.
- You checked?

Have you lost your mind?
Where were you?

What happened?

You should've told us.

I just went for a walk.

It's okay, come let's eat.
- I am not hungry.


I was scared.

I thought he was again..

This won't do.

We'll have to do something
about his admission.

Okay, look.

This might be a
bit of a crazy idea.

But there's one way.

'The Boyz!'

'National Dance-Off

'1st price 10,000 Pounds?'

'2nd price 5,000 Pounds?'

No. No, man.

That's not happening.
- Listen to me.

You don't have to beat
them, man!

Even if we come second,
we'll win 5,000 Pounds.

Dipen's fee for a year.

What did you say?
- Even if we come second?

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Say yes."

"Let us all get together,
get together, right now."

"In the balcony and
in the park.."


"Let us all get together,
get together, right now."

Five, six, seven, eight..

One, two, three, four..


"Come on, I mean..
Let's hear the beat. Yo!"

"Come on, yo!"

"Body, rock yours.."

Fill it!

Hi, mum.
- Hello.

What are you doing?

Hello, ma'am.
- How are you, son?

Oh my God. What is that?
Salim's, right?

This is our Freddy.

Oh, wow!
His name is Freddy.

And she wouldn't sleep
without him. - Freddy?

Yeah, I know, mom.

That's you when you were
six months old.

Look. She still looks
the same, doesn't she?

I am going to bed.

See you, ma'am.
- Okay.

Are you okay?
- Yeah!

What happened?

Run! Run! Run!

We've been running
for two hours.

Off guys!
- What's this?

Does GG have to do all
the hard work? - No..

You come with me.

Where are we going?
- I'm taking you out.

We deserve a day off.

"Every moment with
you seems blissful."

"My heart sways and dances."

"Every time you speak
the world fades away."

"I can't sleep,
I stay awake all night."


"I have fallen in love,
save me."

"I have fallen in love.."

Can you do me a favor?
- Yes.

I am very thirsty.

Can you get me water, please?
- Yeah.


I'll just wait for you, yeah?
- Okay.


I told you clean the shelf
and do it properly please.

Yes, what do you want?

Can I help you?
- Yes, just.. Can..

Help the customer, Cathy.

What are you doing?
Did you hear what I said?

Help the customer, darn it.
Can't do a thing right.

Stupid woman.

Good for nothing.

Can I help you?

What did you break now?

Nothing. Nothing.

Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.

You know me.
I.. I'll break your teeth.

No, no, I promise.
I promise. Everything's fine.

Thank you so much.
He would've killed me.

Anyway, what are you
looking for, darling?

Can I help you with something?
- "Swimming deep in darkness."

"I came to the surface
for air.."

You just did.

"And I've not gone back,
ever since that day."

"Since you sneaked into my soul,
life changed on the whole."

"It makes me want to sway."

"I was on the road to nowhere,
you showed me the way."

"I want to dance and feel free,
maybe I should dare."

"Should I open these doors
and not be too scared?"

"Should I let you
in my heart would you"

"promise me you'll stay?"

"Promise me you'll stay."

"Promise me you'll stay."

"Promise me you'll stay."

"Swear on you, girl."

"My heart's been
keeping secrets."

"What's happening to me?"

"You dwell in my heart.
- Holy Lord!"

"Accept these sweet
nothings of love."

"I am the only one for you."

"And you're made for me."

"You dwell in my heart."

"You're everywhere I look."

"Listen to what
my heart has to say."

"Listen to it, girl."

"I can never stop
thinking about you."

"Just say it once
and I'll forsake the world."

"I have fallen in love,
save me."

"I have fallen in love.."

"I have fallen in love,
save me."

"I have fallen in love.."


How much did you collect?
- 2,500.

Salim. I saw dad
today and his wife.

He's got a store at Edmund Road.

You know what? Everything
makes sense to me now.

I always thought mom
pretends to be happy.

But inside she was miserable.

But now I know she's
actually happy without dad.

I.. I just get
the whole thing now.


There's nothing for us there.

I am actually he isn't here.

I know that I've been stupid
in the past.

But now I'm glad

it's just the
three of us in this house.

We're so much better off
without him.

He's not a good man.

He's really not the man
we thought he was.

Not at all.

Anyway, I just thought
I should tell you that.

But how did you find him?

I didn't. Aarav did.


Thanks, buddy.

Happy birthday.

I'll go change.
- Go on.

Come on, guys, drink time.


- We have a date tonight.

I've to talk to you urgently.

No talking.
You're going to party.

Oh my! Why are you so happy?

It's my birthday.
- Your birthday?

How's the shirt?
- Very nice.


I want to make a toast.

Thank you.

Hey, I meant,
I want to propose a toast.

To GG!

I want to thank all of you.

Especially, Aarav.

I love you.

Thank you, Aashira.

I love you.


We were alive!

Why didn't you tell us
you had a problem?

We were so hurt.

GG, forget it. Let it go.

And I want to say that

we're going to win
this dance off!

- Yes!

"We're going to
do something fun."

"We'll all go crazy."

"We won't let you
sleep all night."

"We'll leave only
when the sun's up again."

"We're going to unite our
hearts affectionately."

"If the music volume drops,
we'll scream aloud."

"We're going to unite our
hearts affectionately."

"If the music volume drops,
we'll scream aloud."

"You're feeling sad, baby."

"You're feeling sad.

"You're feeling sad, girl."

"No feeling sad."


"Tonight's the party going mad."

"Tonight's the party going mad."

"Tonight's the party going mad."

"Tonight's the party going mad."

"We're going to
do something fun."

"We will all go crazy!"

Hey cornbread!

It's too cold.
- Yeah.


Oh, I love this song.

Come on.

- Yes.

Thank you.

I feel like I am free..

I feel I am free now.


Not bad.

Your Hindi has improved.

But... I am serious.

I know you're serious.

You're welcome.

This is very cheesy.
- No.






I love you.

I love you too.

Keep at it.
Keep at it.

Like everyone's dead.

Look at these guys.

They have passed out.
- Oh my God!

Amit, where were you?

You wanted to talk, right?

What happened?
- Look at Amy.

What's wrong?

What's this?

Amit Unnithan.

He's got a job.
- Congratulations!

He's got to join tomorrow.

you aren't going, right?


I am really sorry, but

this is very important for me.

I've been trying to get
this job for a very long time.

My life depends on it.

Okay, so.. You can
go after the dance off.

I can't. I have to go tomorrow.

You must go.


But, Aarav..
- It's okay.

It's okay, man. I know
this job's important for you.

You go.

Thanks, Aarav, but really..

It's okay, don't explain.

Don't explain, man.

We'll manage.
We'll work something out.

You go. Go!

- I'll see you soon.


Hey, guys, check this out.

Our crew works very hard
for this championship.

And we're confident.

We've been winning this
for the past three years.

There's absolutely no reason
why we won't do it again.

So there you have them.

A very confident
statement from Ceaser.

The man behind his crew.

Three times National
Dance-Off winners.

On the eve of the championship,
starting tomorrow.

As for how it actually goes,
stay tuned.

What're we going to do now?

We need your help.

And it's that time
of the year again, folks

when England is once again
caught in the grip

of dance mania.

We're here, at the National
Dance-Off championship

where the crowds are gathering

to watch teams from
all over the country, compete.

But one thing remains the same.

Ceaser's crew is
the crew to beat.

Hello and welcome to the
National Dance-Off competition

in Sheffield.

And the first act we're
going to see tonight

is status the remix monkey!

"Last week I was
walking down the street."

"You know 'cause feet
upon my feet."

"You bet those
super frosty lows."

"Gotta tell you, man,
you never know."

"My sympthesizers,
it doesn't matter."

"It might look banner.."

"Project glow, glow, glow..
- Yeah.."

"Yeah! Yeah!"

"Say, say.."

"I go easy on the coke,
you know, heavy on the green."

"Don't pop the pill,
oh fella me the aspirin."

"Only thing that she looks
at sound at the scene"

"And if they teach us,
it still be my pain."

"I go easy on the coke,
you know, heavy on the green."

"Don't pop the pill,
oh fella me the aspirin."

"Only thing that she looks
at sound at the scene"

Aarav. He is not going
to come.

Please do something, buddy.

Aarav, shall I try?

Shall I get someone?

I can come.

I mean I'll stand at the back.

At least we can dance.

It's not the time
to joke now, GG.

"We can play,
I'll just do acting."

"They always wanna try to
put you up in a cage."

"Try to put you on
a different page."

"Come on..
- I think the fact is.."

"that's right..
- Into just acting.."

"That's why they try to
put you up in a cage."

"Try to put you on
a different page."

"We.. we generating.."

"How busting, rather waiting."

"They keep investigating.."

"Just chill when they
don't need.. They need.."

I don't know anything about
what all of you rehearsed.

Just do your best, man.


"Go! Go! Go!"

This is it, guys.

Let's show them
what we're made of.

Let's show them,
that with hard work

everything is possible.

Let's go kill them.

"They run.."

"Okay, we do.."

"P-Power to the B-Boyz!"

"Gonna move down..
- What we brining?"

"P-Power to the B-Boyz!
- What we bringing?"

"Go! Go! Go!
- Let's go."

"Gotta do it.
- Here we go! Here we go!"

"Yeah! Go! Go! Go!
Let's go!"

"We gotta do it!
Go! Go! Go!"

"Go! Go! Go!
It's the moving! Let's go!"

"Here we go! Here we go!"

"Go! Go! Go!
Let's go!"

"We gotta do it! Yeah!
Go! Go! Go!"

"B-Boyz sang,
B-Boyz seize.."

And now we've got Aarav's group

and they'd go for it.

Not today, Henry.

And now it's time
for the grand finale.

With Aarav's crew
versus Ceaser's crew.

My dreams were finally
coming true that day.

Ceaser and I were
on the same stage.

I don't remember how long

I've been waiting
for this moment.

And when my dreams
were finally coming true

I couldn't believe my eyes.

There was one difference though.

That day I wasn't with Ceaser,
I was against him.

Come on! Yeah!

"Like this."

"Do you need it?"

"Feel it now.
Do you need it?"

"Can you look in him?"

"Feel it now.."

"My thing.."

Go, Aarav!

All right!
What a night it's been tonight!

This has been the
closest final in years.

I'm just going to get
the results from the judges now.

All right! The judges need
two more minutes to decide.

So who's cheering
for Aarav's group?

Make some noise
for Ceaser's group.

And finally,
the judges have decided

that the 15,000 pounds
for 1st and 2nd place

is going to be split
between both crews

because it's a tie.

We rock, buddy!

You're good. Very good.

But the rules saved you today.

There ain't no ties in life.

There's only one winner.

You said that.

Let's take this outside.

Let the town decide.

No rules.

We'll raise the stakes.

Winner gets 10,000.

That's what the winner
was supposed to get

in the first place, right?

No need to think so hard.

I am with you.

Tomorrow then, town center?

Okay, then. See you.

Thank you for today, buddy.

You're welcome, brother.

Okay, dance.

Let's dance!

Let's dance!

I can't lose this, man.
I am going.

- To meet Ceaser.

Why meet him?

We won't go ahead
with this dance off.

I mean look at you guys,
you all look so happy.

What if we lose tomorrow?

You'll lose your fees.

We did what we could.

I don't know what
I was thinking, man.

I was just being selfish again.

Anyway, I'm going to
go settle this.

And when I come back,
we're going to party.

We'll party after we win, Aarav.

I know what you're doing.

But we won't let you do it.

Not after making it this far.

Aarav, he's absolutely right.

It's time to show
these Britishers.

And we will.

- Yeah man, innit!

Yes, I'm game for it!

I don't like to
be called coward.

It's time to get
my name changed.


Yes, Aarav.

I wouldn't have said yes
if we had any chance of losing.

You can do it, bro.

Aarav. We've come this far.

This isn't just
your dream anymore.

We all really want to do this.

And now's our time
to show them who we are.

Come on.

I know you're doing this for me.

You're scared of losing
all the money, right?

Today you won for me.

Tomorrow you need
to win for yourself.

And we're all with you.

What the..

- Inn...

You from India?


Shouldn't the band on your wrist
be orange, white and green?


It should.

Thank you.

Thank you.
- Yes..

Thank you, sir.

Aashira, call everyone.
We've to meet now.

That old man made me realize.

Until now we were fighting
them as per their rules.

But it was time they realized

there's no country like India.

And we were about
to show them that.

- Do it..

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Dance it."

"Dance it."

"Let's brickbat,
we don't know."

"Look-alikes who can dance
who names we don't know."

"Rode out, all that,
greatest thing to go."

"On, on your marks,
ready-ready, set, let's go."

"Yeah, yeah.. You know
what time it is, show time."

"Get-get up on the floor,
'cause it's your time."

"That's-that up to the crew
who want you to shine."

"Romance.. - Showing
the way to stay your lam."

"Keep it, stay and
shut up."


"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Cause, you're ready, yo!
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Cause you are ready..
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"When we enter the battlefield,
the enemy retreats."

"There's no one who
can defeat us."

"Shut up.."

"When we enter the battlefield,
the enemy retreats."

"There's no one
who can defeat us."

"We can conquer the world
with our dance."

"We can conquer the world
with our dance."

"Come shake your body."

"Get on the floor..
- We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"Let's go.
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"


"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"


"Keep up.."

"Keep it up.."

"There you go.."

"Go so now.."


"Let's go."

"We're best of friends"

"and worst of enemies."

"We're generous at heart,
such is our unique style."

"We're best of friends"

"and worst of enemies."

"We're generous at heart,
such is our unique style."

"A Punjabi can rock
the entire party alone."

"A Punjabi can rock
the entire party alone."

"Come dance with me."

"Get on the floor..
- We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"When we enter the battlefield,
the enemy retreats."

"There's no one
that can defeat us."

"We can conquer the world
with our dance."

"We can conquer the world
with our dance."

"Come shake your body."

"Get on the floor..
- We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"We're Punjabi boys."

"Up! Up! Up!
Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Up! Up! Up!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"

"Cause you are ready, yo!
Cause you are ready, yo!"

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
Come on!"

GG always said.

'Dance is no one's property.'

And we proved it that day.

I never wanted to show

that they are better than us.

But yes, I did want to prove

that we aren't bad either.

And I want to show
the entire world

that we're as good
as anyone else.

Nice story, young man.

But unfortunately, we're
not running a news channel.

We run a bank.

We need all the right documents.



And you don't have it.

And so we cannot
give you any loan.

Now, if you don't mind

can we get back to our work?


By the way,
thank you for entertaining us.

Thank you, sir.

All the best, Aarav.

Thank you.

Yeah. Sir..

Thank you.

"Tonight's the party's
going mad."

That's your set.

I was..
- Yeah..

Darn you! Allow me in.

What are you doing?

I am sorry..

I had given you water.



Won't you say something?

Fool! What stupid..

Looking there..

Sorry, can we call..
- Give her the line.

- Cut!

- One more. Cut it!

Cut it!
- Cut it!

- Cut!

- Cut!

Can't it be any less?

Why slap me?