M8 (2019) - full transcript

Maurício joined the Federal University of Medicine. In his first anatomy class he meets M8.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Is this the anatomy class?
-No, that way.

-That way.
-Thank you.

Good morning. This is Anatomy 101, right?


Excuse me.


Based on this premise,

da Vinci, the painter, the sculptor,

the Mona Lisa guy…

I believe everybody's heard of him.


He studied the properties
of muscles and vital organs.

Not only that, but he tried…

and managed
to understand and give logical answers

about movements,
joints and their functions.

And look,
we are talking about the 16th century.

Meanwhile, here in Brazil,

our natives still walked
semi-naked across the immaculate land.

We are going to do a similar study,

beyond muscles and joints.

Each group of students
will have their own cadaver

and submit a report
at the end of the semester.

-Any questions?

All right.

Next week, we're going to learn
how to make incisions, open the skin

and dissect its top layers

while preserving
the stratigraphic sections, okay?

Well, see you next week.

Hey. Do you know
where I can leave my tools?

Damn. I don't know, dude. I have no idea.

Do you know if someone
from the school office can help me?

What do you mean? I don't get it.

Sorry. Don't you work here?

The formaldehyde's smell won't go away.

My grandfather said that, eventually,

we may lose our fingerprints
if we keep touching formaldehyde.

-For real?



What the hell, dude?
Are you going to leave me behind?

What's up?

-We want justice!
-We want justice!

-We want justice!
-We want justice!

-We want justice!
-We want justice!


Hey, honey. All good?

You're home late.

I went to Miss Bimbinha's house
to get this. Look.

Whoa. Let me see.


-Do you like it?
-Yes. It's awesome.

"Maurício Rezende."

Guess who sent this to you.

Let me see.

Passion fruit? Gotta be Sal.

-It's "Mr. Salomão," Maurício.
-Mr. Salomão.

He's proud of you for going to college.

He said he wants to give you a gift.
Go talk to him later.

Okay, I'm going Saturday.
I have a lot of studying.

-Is that thing good?

How was class today?

It was cool.

-First day. A bunch of different people.

-And what?
-What do you mean?

Are you tense, nervous, anxious, excited?

Well, the worst part is over.

Your lunch is here.

The red one is salad.
The blue is pasta with the sauce you like.

-There's watermelon in here…
-Mom, don't worry.

I know where all the stuff is.
Nothing has changed.

Look, I'm going to
Mrs. Conceição Evaristo's house.

I have to give her a vaccine shot.
I'm going to the terreiro later.

Are you coming with me?


Is everybody ready?

We will start the dissection
from the thoracic region.

You may begin.


Maurício, sorry for yesterday.

-I didn't realize…
-It's all right. Don't worry.


So, we will start from here…

and go down in a straight line.

Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm okay.

I think it's the formaldehyde's smell.

-I'll go wash my face. Be right back.

He's there. Pull over.

-Pull over!



Do you want a ride?


You can drop me off
at the next metro station.

No, of course not. We'll take you home.

Well, it's up to you. But it's far.

Give me the address so I can set the GPS.

Want me to do it? I think it's easier.

Thank you.

What were you listening to?

Random stuff.
Do you guys want to hear it? Here.

Yeah. Play it.


My house is right there on the left.

-Isn't it dangerous here?
-It's a modest neighborhood, relax.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Nah, thank you for the ride.

-We'll be happy to help whenever we can.
-Thank you.

We live near each other,

but she only gives me a ride
when I drive her car.

Shut up, Domingos. I loved the songs.

Thank you.


Let's go.

Drive safe!

Hmm, that sandwich must be delicious.

Hello, honey.

-Yes, it is. Do you want one?

You woke up so early. It's Saturday.

I'm used to it, Mom.

First, the prep school. And now, college.

I forgot what it's like
to wake up after seven a.m.

How is Sal?

He must be cured, right?
He's even trying to eat junk food.

I told his kids
he only does what he wants,

but with the life they have,
they'll probably come next month.

I'll go talk to him.

-Miss Jacira.
-Hi, Maurício. How are you?


Come in, Maurício!

-What's up?
-What's up, Sal?

How are you?

Thinking about the past.

The problem is time goes by so fast.

I just blinked,

and here I am.

But I'm not complaining.

Your mother has been a great nurse.

But I can only think about…

the many things I wish I had time to do.

You're still going to do a lot, Sal.

You are the one who still has a lot to do.

Sapere aude.

What did you say?

It's Kant. Immanuel Kant.

He said, "Dare to know things."

Open that drawer, Maurício.

And bring…

the leather case that's in there.


This one?

It's a kit for minor surgeries.
I got it when I graduated.

-It's yours now.
-Thank you.


All help is welcome.




Whoa. Careful, Domingos.

I'll punch you one of these days.

-You and who else?
-Okay, Mom.

The class is about to start.
Call you later.

Careful, Domingos.

-I'll punch you one of these days.
-You and who else?

Okay, Mom. The class is about to start.
Call you later.

You're not coming?

You first.

No. I'll get it for you.

Thank you.

-Hey. You start.
-Okay, sure.

make your incision a little less deep.

A little less. Like that.

Family and friends
of the missing people blocked the avenue…



-How was school today?
-It was fine.

Maurício, can't you
leave your shoes outside, please?

Wait, Mom.
Just a minute. I'm doing something.

You left your shirt and bag here.

-Put them in your bedroom.
-Chill, Mom. It'll be quick.

Wanna go to the terreiro?

Not today, Mom.

What, Mom? Did something happen?

Mr. Salomão had a diabetic crisis.
He's very weak, the poor guy.

That sucks.

You're the one who doesn't
look too good. Are you okay?


Are you sure?

Yes, Mom. I'm sure.

Are you leaving? Where are you going?

To the terreiro. Let's go.


You live among the dead, don't you, son?

He wants to speak with you.

Don't be afraid.

How about Martinho?

I like him, but we can't forget Candeia…

How's it going, nigga? All good?

What's wrong, my nigga?

Have you ever thought
about who those dead people were?

If I think about that,

I will never finish my job.

I can't help but think.

Sometimes, I wonder
if I don't belong more with those bodies

than with my classmates.

Look, nigga. What you're saying is true.

It makes sense. But you know what?

I don't waste time
thinking about their deaths.

You know why?
'Cause we're more worried about surviving.

If I were you, I would do the same.

-Let's go.

I was at the Carnival parade
and met Sônia Capeta!

-From Beija-Flor.
-Yeah, from Beija-Flor!

She knows how to samba.

When she arrived at the parade--

-Bira was there.
-Did he dance miudinho?

Yeah, he did. Totally.

What's up, Sal?


How are the classes going?

It's going well.


Did you like the gift?

Careful. Don't start cutting people
with that stuff, okay?

It's probably rusty.

-Don't worry, Sal.

Why don't you put my favorite music on?

By Chopin.

-"Polonaise No. 6."

-"Opus 53." All right.
-"Opus 53." That's correct.

Do you need anything else, Sal?







What's wrong, Maurício?

What's wrong, honey?

Are you okay?


When the class started,
you looked kinda distant.

It's nothing.

What's wrong? What's on your mind?

Have you noticed how all the bodies
in the lab are black people?

Check it out.



I don't get it.

Do you think there's a connection?

I don't know yet. But maybe.


Hello, Maurício.

-How are you?

So, how are things going so far?

I'm holding down the fort.

Good. Do you need anything?

I want the phone number
of a family that donated a body.

Oh, all the documentation
on the donated bodies

are in another department.

-And can I get this information there?
-You can.

But why do you want to know?

Because I think
it can help me with my assignment.

Oh, okay.

Well, let's see if there's something here.

Let's see if I can find something
about this semester's cadavers.

Thank you.

-Which one is it?



Let's see.

It's a John Doe.

The only thing it says here
is that he came from Central Hospital.

That's all we know.


Thank you anyway, Miss Ilza.


We're arriving. It's right there.

Then, I'll show you…

Are you tense?

No, man. Everything's fine.

-I'll go use the bathroom.
-Okay, go.

Good afternoon.

I study medicine.

I'm looking for the admission report
of a person who died here.

I think it was on the second week of May.

Look, come back Thursday.

The morgue's director will be on call.

Thursday? Today is a business day.
Can't I speak with anyone?


Good afternoon.

-Good afternoon, Miss…

Márcia. Miss Márcia.

As my friend was saying,

we study medicine.

Isn't there anyone
who can give us the information?

It's very important for us.

Give me a minute. I'll see what I can do.

-Hi. Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.

-Where's the morgue?
-At the end of the hallway.

-Okay. Thanks.
-No problem.


What's up? We study medicine.

-You're the students.

-Miss Márcia told me.

I was searching the paper.
I think it's this one.

-Yes, it's this one.
-You are looking for this.

He arrived on May 14th,

but was transferred
to your college on May 15th.

Yeah, I can see that.

Arrived on May 14th, at 1:32 p.m.
Cause of death, internal bleeding.


His body was all broken inside.

I don't know what happened to him.
In the state he was in…

Is this everything?

Unfortunately, yes.
What else did you want to know?

I don't know.

Do you know
if we can get information somewhere else?

Maybe the police station?

You can try, but…

If they had conducted an investigation
and found out something new,

it would be attached on this page,

or on this one,
but there's nothing here, see?

Plus, the guy was considered a John Doe.

Then, nobody will care.

Hey, aren't deaths caused by
internal bleeding considered suspicious?

It may have been considered an accident.

Fellas, if you'll excuse me.

-All right.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

This is an assignment made by me

and my colleague…

-What else is new?

Have you learned it? I'll teach you later!

Hello, Mrs. Ângela.

God bless you, Maurício.

-Hello, Miss Cida.
-How are you?

I'm doing great.

And 75% of Brazilians
need the public health system.

I understood everything in class.
I can teach you.

I'll be right back.

This is perfect.

You can discern the fascia
from the subcutaneous tissue.

Have you noticed?

Perfect, Maurício. Good job.

You work well with a knife.
You can become a butcher.


What's your problem?

What's wrong?


I don't mind giving you a ride.

Well, it's up to you.
I said you don't need to do this.

Let's get some coffee, at least.

Then we can go to Domingos' house.

Fine by me,
but we must listen to your playlist again.


-Put the seat belt on.

Those women are still there? Ugh.

Could you pull over for a minute? Please.


-We want our kids!
-We want our kids!

-We want our kids!
-We want our kids!

-We want our kids!
-We want our kids!

-We want our kids!
-We want our kids!

-Good afternoon.
-We want our kids!

Can I speak with you for a second?
It will be quick.

Yes, of course.

This may be a weird question…

but do you have a picture of your son?

Why? Have you seen him somewhere?

Is he in jail? In a hospital?

You can tell me, kid.
I am ready for anything.

The man I saw was dead.

This is my son.


When he went missing, he had
just passed an entrance exam for college.

No. It's not him.

It's not him.

Maybe another mother.

Girls, come here.

This young man
may have seen one of our kids.

Have you seen my son? His name is Wesley.

-Take a close look.
-You can say it, kid.

And don't worry, okay?
Check the other ones.

-Show him your posters, girls. Show him.
-This is him.

-Take a close look.
-Sorry, ma'am.

Take a close look.

Yes. Manu's son.

She hasn't been around lately.

-She's been staying home a lot.
-She disappeared.

But maybe it's him.

It's that way.



Hi, honey.


-Come in.
-Let's go.

Excuse me.

So, Manu…

These are the kids I was talking about.
Maurício and…


I mentioned them in the text message.

You can sit. Sorry for the mess.

-Excuse me.
-Excuse me.

-I'll go turn off the stove.
-Go ahead.

Manu, honey…

they would like to see
one of Douglas' pictures.

Could you show it to us?

Hey! I'm glad you came!

What's up, bro? Happy birthday.

Thanks. I'd like you to meet someone.


-This is Tiago, my boyfriend.
-Hello, Tiago.

-How are you? Nice to meet you.
-This is Maurício.

-Your classmate, right?

-How are you? Welcome.

-I'm here.

-How are you?
-You look beautiful.

-Do you like it?
-You look sexy. Wow!

Let's go grab a beer.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

So, how is college?

It's beautiful, isn't it?


You can't stop thinking about that thing.


It's hard for me.

Okay. It's a beautiful view.

You're beautiful too.


I think it was this week, this Tuesday.

He was with some girls,
and I passed by them.


Hey, let's go to the bar.
Want something to drink?

-Oh, no.

What are you laughing at?

Nothing. I drank more than you, didn't I?

-Only two beers.

Did you check
where the sobriety checkpoints are?

Are you sure you don't want a ride?

I think it's best I stay here.
I'm safer this way.

All right.

-Call me.


-Don't forget.
-I won't.


On the ground.

-On the fucking ground!

-Are you deaf?

He's talking to you. Are you fucking deaf?

-Hands behind your back!
-On the ground.

Stay there. Take his documents.

What's your name, punk?

-Hey, calm down!
-One second, ma'am.

One second. This is routine, okay?

-Is he with you?

-What's his name? Maurício?

Maurício. You can stand up, Maurício.

Hurry. Your friends are here.

Somebody said there's been a kidnapping,
and we thought this was the place.

We're only doing our job.

-I can't believe it.
-Oh, my God.

Good night.

Good night.

Here you go, Maurício. Your phone.

Take it. Are you scared?

Here's your ID too.

Damn it, Maurício.
Have you lost your mind?

It's late, and you are
in a neighborhood of rich people?

What's gonna happen if you go missing?

I'll let you go because I like you, okay?

Smile. You seem to be a good person. Go.

-Good night. Sorry for everything.
-Let's go!

Thanks, Maurício.

Come, let's go wash your face.

You're sleeping here tonight.

No, you're coming to my place tonight.

Thanks, but I need to be alone.

-Alone on the streets?

Maurício, please.

Better go home.

Cida must be worried.

Take care of your mother!

Let me see.

You didn't hit your head
on a glass door, Maurício.

Look at me.

When you feel
like telling the truth, do it.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning, guys.
-Good morning.

we're going to dissect a complex region,

full of nerves, arteries and veins.

I want you to be careful
so you don't hurt these structures.

They're very delicate
and superficial, all right?

We have the epidermis,
hypodermis, muscle fascia…

How are you?

Feeling better?


I'm going out with my mom later.
Can you take care of my things?

-Thanks. Seriously.

Then, there's a really thin part

called muscle fascia.

People can twist it
because it's a hard tissue.

Then, there's the muscle…


I'm not trying
to convince you of anything.

I just would like
to bury one of the bodies.

Maurício, I get what you're thinking,
what you're feeling,

but unfortunately, I can't do anything.
I'm only a professor.

The university has a protocol.

After being studied,
the bodies are buried in mass graves.

In this department,
it'd be absurd to disobey the protocol.

-How many black students did you have?
-Excuse me.

And how many black cadavers
have your pupils studied?

-This has nothing--
-Don't you think this is weird?


Unfortunately, I can't do anything.

There's no way
we can give the bodies back.

It's protocol, all right?

Kid, if there's anything
I can do specifically for you,

you can look for me.

-Have you started the assignment?

-I spoke with Djalma.

He said he can't do anything.

That he must follow
the university's protocol.

And what is the university's protocol?

Burying the bodies in mass graves.

What are you planning to do?

I don't know.

If the university's protocol
won't let us give him a proper burial,

we won't follow the protocol.

You guys are so focused.
I want to be part of this.

So? Can I sit with you?

We're having a private conversation.

What? You guys don't want me here?

Gustavo, we're having
a very serious conversation.

You're being annoying.

What's wrong? I'm trying to be friendly.

Damn it, Gus. Again with your bullshit?

I didn't say anything, Domingos.

You're all boring.

How about
we finish the assignment at my place?

-It will be better.
-Let's go.

You can go ahead.
I'm supposed to meet Tiago.

-I won't take long.

All right.

-Do you want help?
-No, thanks.

-Good morning.
-Good morning, Miss Suzana.

-Is everything okay?

-Is your daughter better?
-Yes, ma'am.

-So everything's fine, right?

-Could you open the gate, please?

Yes, ma'am.

Can you give me a minute?
Be right back. Make yourself at home.


How are you?

You must be Suzana's mother, right?

She's in her bedroom.

Excuse my bad manners.
I haven't introduced myself.

I'm Maurício, her classmate from college.

-Nice to meet you.

Maurício, from college…

Of course.

You are Maurício.

-She talks a lot about you.

And where does
your interest in medicine come from?

Suzana's grandfather
was part of the project

that made
the first test tube baby in Brazil.

I believe medicine is in her blood.

What about you?

I've always wanted to be a doctor.

My mother is a nursing assistant, so…


It must have been hard for you to pass

such a competitive entrance exam.

Suzana spent long hours at prep school.
She wouldn't even sleep.

Yeah, I think it's hard for everybody.

You gotta focus, have good grades, right?

-But, yeah, it's really competitive.


Yes, Miss Carlota.

Please, bring some coffee to Marcelo.

-Good job.

-She's in her bedroom, right?

-We came here to study, but Domingos--
-Got it.

Sit down.

Make yourself at home, okay?

-Just a little, please.

That's enough. Thank you.

Could you tell Suzana that I'm wait--

If she said she's coming, you can wait.

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Excuse me. Where can I wash my hands?

Thank you.

That doesn't make any sense, Suzana.

Honey, if you're curious about it,
you don't need to feel embarrassed.

It's natural!


Did you hear what you just said?

Don't you feel ashamed?

if I'm with someone for whatever reason,

it's none of your business,
nor something I want to talk about.

Honey, I know he's not like
your friends who live in this area.

He's very different, I would say.

But, Suzana, for the love of God,

you don't need to…


"Yikes," Suzana?



What's wrong?

Still in pajamas, you didn't go to school…

Not school, Mom.
College. It's very different.

Whatever. You didn't go.



Don't forget
we're going to visit your aunt tomorrow.

-I can't go, Mom.
-What do you mean?

What do you have to do?
You don't have time for me anymore.

I'm busy. I'll explain later, okay?

-Don't tell me you're dating--

This is what you guys need.

-What's this?
-The assignment.

Where are you going?

What's wrong? Are you stressed?

Classes are hard, huh?
You can't take it anymore.

But relax…

Hey! What's your problem?

Maurício, honey. Come here.

I went to the health center today.

Could you come over later today

so you can check
if the prescription is correct?

You know how it is.
We can't trust doctors today.

But you're part of the family.

Can I count on you?


-Are you okay, honey?
-I am.

All right. I'll be waiting for you.

Hey. Your mother is already home.

-What happened to your hand?

What do you think you're doing, Maurício?

I'm not doing anything.

That's what I'm talking about.

What do you mean, not doing anything?

You think I haven't noticed
there's something wrong at school?

First, you hurt your face, then your hand.

Mom, that's the problem.

I'm not in school anymore.
You can't keep checking my notebooks.

That time is long gone.

Since when do you talk to me like that?

Do you think
I don't know it's hard for you? Huh?

I know this
because I was born long before you.

You think you're a strong black man.
Who birthed you?

Mom, you have no idea how college is.

You don't know about everything…

-Shut up!

-Shut up, I'm your mother!
-Mom, not today.

Shut up, I'm a black woman talking!

Don't interrupt me!

Sit down.

Sit down, Maurício.

I know I have no idea
what you go through every day, son,

but I know what happens
when you keep your head down,

feel scared and give up.

When you think you don't belong somewhere,
that something isn't for you.

Do you know what happens?



But I can't make you
do the things I want you to do.

I worked at the Miguel Couto Hospital
as a cleaning lady.

I studied to become a nursing assistant.

I took my exams while you were on my lap.

I went to work at Dr. Salomão's clinic.

I did all that to raise you,
but you must have forgotten it.

And yes, I was a single mother.
I raised you without my family's help.

And when I needed strength,
I would go to the terreiro.

Now that Dr. Salomão is dead,

I don't know
if I'll still work at the clinic.

Do you see me here doing nothing?

I'm sending resumes,
messages, doing everything I need to do!

Look at me, Maurício!

Check if I'm keeping my head down.

Look at me, Maurício!

You choose your own path.

I didn't have this opportunity.

Hey, Sá. What's up, Sinvaldo?

How's it going, nigga?

What's wrong? Why the long face?

Were you dumped by the white chick?
Are you mad at that dumb dude?

Maybe it's both?

What's wrong?
You're here to become a doctor, right?

If things are going bad,
you better hold down the fort.

It's not that. I'm fine.

If you say
you're giving up medicine, I'll punch you.

Let him speak, Sinvaldo. Tell us.

-I gotta do something.
-Gotta do what, nigga?

It's something spiritual.
It has to do with M-8.

-Oh, no.
-Oh, no.

Nigga, trust me.

Worry about the world of the living.

It already has too many problems.

I know you know what I'm talking about.

-Have you talked to Dr. Djalma?

But he didn't get it.

So, we can't do anything.

Dr. Djalma is the one who authorizes it.

If he doesn't do it, we'll be
fucked if we don't follow the protocol.

He told you about the protocol, right?

I'm gonna grab some stuff
I left in the classroom. Bye.

You disappeared.

I don't know what you want me to think.

Alzira said you heard
my mom say some shit.

Maybe I heard you.

What did I say?

Forget it.

Maurício, my mom is old.
She has old-fashioned opinions, I know.

She doesn't do it to be mean.

It's not my fault that she's prejudiced.

Is she the only one who's prejudiced?

What do you mean?

Don't you remember what happened
after we left Miss Manu's house?

You're right.

I'm a white girl living
in a rich neighborhood.

Sometimes, racism is automatic.
It's bigger than me.

But this shouldn't be
an obstacle between us.

It's not that.

What? Is it about M-8?

There are some things
you don't and will never understand.

-I want to help you.
-You can't help me.

This is so hard, you know?

I'm trying to make peace.


You have to sign the authorization
to bury the bodies in mass graves.


Rest in peace, my son.

Rest in peace, Rubinho.

Rest in peace, Mateus.

Goodbye, Guilherme.

-Goodbye, Dad.
-Rest in peace.

-Rest in peace, Igor.
-Goodbye, Dad.

-Rest in peace, Douglas.
-Rest in peace, Vítor.

-Rest in peace, Danilo.
-Rest in peace.

-Rest in peace, Mônica.
-Rest in peace.

-Rest in peace.
-I love you, son.

-Goodbye, Pedro.
-Rest in peace, my son. God bless you.

I love you. Goodbye, my son.

Rest in peace, Rubinho.



Antônio. Fernando.

José Augusto. Miguel.

Maria. Jorge.

-Maria Evangelista.





-Jeferson. Paulo.
-Rest in peace, Marcelo.



Daniel. Mauro.

Rest in peace. Hermínio.

Alberto. Moacir.



Simone Maria. Manoel.



João Pedro.

Marcos Paulo.





This is Suzana, my classmate.

-How are you?
-Nice to meet you.

-I'm Maria Aparecida.
-I went to see Mrs. Ângela.

Do you guys want something to eat?

No, we're leaving.

So, Gus, what's your final grade?

Our black-and-poor friend here got a 9.75.