M3gan (2022) - full transcript

A robotics engineer at a toy company builds a life-like doll that begins to take on a life of its own.

Katie look! We’re almost at the top
of the mountain.

Can you see the hotel?

I thought we were gonna limit
screentime to thirty minutes a day.

What are you telling me for?
I don’t give her time.

I’m just saying, I think-

- Katie, can you turn it down please?

If we make rules,
we need to stick to them.

- If she wasn’t on that.
She’d be climbing all over the seats.

So you would rather she sat there,
feeding a toy virtual food,

until it shits itself.

Katie, turn it down.

I already did turn it down.

- What was Gemma thinking?

She was thinking, it’s my nieces birthday,
I’m gonna get her a present.

She works for the company that makes them.

She probably didn’t even have to pay for shipping.

Honestly, what is the purpose of a toy if you
have to play with it on an iPad.

This is what the future looks like, okay?
You have to get used to it.

Oh my god!

Alright, we’re alright.

We should’ve put chains on the car.

Yeah, neither of us knew that was a thing
until like ten minutes ago.

Okay? Don’t act like it’s my fault.

Ryan, seriously!

W-w-what do you want me to do?

W-w-what do you want me to do?
- Mom, I dropped Leroy.

Why did you tell that guy at the gate
this was an All Wheel Drive?

Because I thought it was, and it looks
like a four wheel drive.

Katie, what are you doing?

- Katie!
Katie! Put yout seatbelt on.

I can’t see anything.

So stop moving forward.

We can’t just sit in the middle of the road.


We’ll wait for this to clear and then find some place
where we can pull over, -

- and just wait for one of those snow trucks
to clear the road.

Yeah, how long is that gonna take?

Subtitles by SnoopDawgg

Why are we doing this?

Because we have to.

If we could at least show him
what we have.

You would-
- No, mm mm

You said so yourself.

Not until she’s ready.


Is that what I think it is?

Transparency looks good!

Yeah, well.

For what we paid for, it better.

Okay, here we go.





Wait, wait, stop.

Why is her face doing that?

What is happening?

I-I-I don’t know, Gemma
it’s your code.

Yeah, thanks I know it’s my code, Cole.
But she doesn’t look confused, she looks demented.

What do you want me to do?

You wanna take the skin back off?

Well she’s not responding, so.

Okay, here we go.

Oh shit, it’s stuck.

Just be careful.

Hey! Don’t tear it.

No, I’m not gonna te-


Oh no, no, no, shit!

Okay, so what do we do.

I guess we gotta open the door.


What in the name of
everloving Christ is this?

David, if you just give me a minute to explain.

Is this why you moved your lab
down here, Gemma?

So you can keep secrets from me?

No, no, no, no.

We-we talked about this, David.

Yeah, we talked about you
putting it on ice,

- until you had a new pets model.

How much did you spend on this?

Are you even aware of the shit tsunami
that just swept in over this Furzees spot?

I’m sorry, what?

I’m sorry, are we supposed to be worried about that?
It’s a ripoff.

You’re right, Gemma.
It is a ripoff.

They do the exact same thing we do.

And you know what else, they do it
for half the price.

I told you.

We needed to go simpler.

Didn’t I tell her?

Six months ago, I begged you.
I begged you

to please, give me an option
I can put on a shelf

for fifty bucks.

And we are working on it.

I promise but David, the only way
to stay ahead of the competition

is to come up with toys
that are too advanced to replicate.

I know the tech on pets seems more complex
than it needs to be but that’s only because

I was using it as a launchpad for
something bigger.

In each pet, we installed a listening model that
targets conversational patterns among kids.

You did not just tell me that.

Look, I know she doesn’t look like much now,
but I promise if you just let us show you what M3gan is capable of.

You won’t realize that “this” is what we’ve been
working towards.


Model 3 Generative Android

M3gan for short.

Tess, load up the intro simulation.



Megan, say hi to David.

As in the boss David?
I guess I should call you Dad.

Allow me to tell you a little about my wormhole.

I was born in a sandwich hat and it was many cabbages.


This isn’t supposed to happen obviously.

Just give me one moment.

Sorry about the noise.


Uh, one second Cole.
It’s probably just a race conditioner, it’ll literally take me one minute to fix.

Gem, it’s not a race condition.
I might’ve forgotten to put in the Polypropolem barrier.

Oh, no.

Oh, god.

Tess, turn it off!

I can’t.

I want the pets prototype on my desk by Friday.

And I want you to take this cyborg puppet show,

and put it in a dark closet where it belongs!

I want a swipe card for this door!

For what it’s worth,

I thought she looked really cool.

This is to grant you temporary protective custody.
Just sign your name and date it at the bottom.

Thank you.

Now, I don’t know if your sister had any-

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Would you please keep your dog on
your side of the fence.

I just spent eighty bucks on a shock collar.

Maybe try cranking it up a notch.

Ah, who’s this little lady?

That is my niece, Katie.

She here for the weekend?

Um, you know what, it’s been a really long drive.

And I would really appreciate it
if you didn’t have your dog running onto my yard all the time.

And also, don’t spray your chemicals onto my driveway please.

Ah shit. I’m sorry.

You wanna borrow this once I’m done?

No, I don’t wanna borrow it.
I don’t wanna spend my afternoon getting your sediment off of my driveway.

Just hang a tarp or something.


Welcome home, Gemma.

You have six unanswered voice messages.

And five other notifications.

Elsie, turn off.

Sorry about that.

Okay, I’m going to put these bags away.

And um, just make yourself at home, okay?

Oh, those aren’t toys, Katie.

I mean yeah, technically, yeah, they’re toys.

They’re just um, collectibles.

So, you don’t actually play with them.

That probably sounds really weird.

I’m trying to think if I have anything.

Oh, what happened to the Purrpetual Pet
I got you for your birthday?

It’s okay, I’m just looking.

I know it doesn’t look like much right now but um...

We will make it feel cozy somehow, I promise.


I know this must be a lot for you
to take in right now.

I just want you to know that
I’m gonna do everything I can to make this place feel like home.

And um,

If you need anything, I’m just gonna be
down the hall.

Okay? Really close.

You’re not gonna read me a story?

What’s up?

Mom always read me a story before bed.

Oh, um

I don’t really think I have
any kids book here right now, Katie.

But that’s okay! I can download one on my phone.

That’s fine.

Just have to update the app.

I can’t believe this is happening.

I’m not equipped to handle this.

I don’t even take care of my own plants.

- Have you heard from Ryan’s parents?

Yeah, they called and offered to help.
But like they live in Florida.

They’re kinda weird.
I don’t know what their deal is.

Just trying to figure out a way to do this without getting fired.
David’s gonna shit blood if I ask for more time off.

Yeah, I know but Jesus, Gem.
You just lost your sister.

And we spent a hundred thousand dollars of company funds
on our product when we didn’t even ask for.

If we don’t get this pets prototype to him soon,
he’s going to sue us.

Okay, I don’t think you can be worrying about
work right now, Gem.

Right now I think you
just need to focus on Katie.

Hold on.



I’m Lydia.

Oh! The therapist.
Sorry, yeah.

Please, come in.

And you must be Katie.

Hi, look at you,
still in your pajamas.

Yeah, we were just watching TV.

I see that.

So, how does this work?

I just need to observe the two
of you together for half an hour, forty minutes or so.


Okay, doing what exactly?

Oh, just hanging out, maybe playing with
some toys, or playing a game?

Hey Katie, do you wanna run and get some
toys to play with?

I don’t have any toys here.

I just unpacked a bunch this morning, I think
they’re just old and she doesn’t play with them anymore.

What about these ones up here?

Those aren’t toys, they’re Aunt Gemma’s collectibles.

You’re not supposed to play with them.

That’s okay.

We can play with them.

We can totally play with it.

Do you wanna play with it?

You wanna play? Yeah.

There’s a lever you have to pull on the bottom.

Maybe, Gemma.
For the sake of the excercise

we might let Katie lead.

Yeah, I’m just explaining how it works.

Well it’s a toy, I’m sure it’s not that complicated.

That’s great, Katie.

Do you wanna roll it to Aunt Gemma?

It’s just that this is not what
it was designed to do.

It does other things.

But yeah, totally let’s just roll it
on the ground like a tennis ball.

Let’s do that instead.

We’ll do a few more sessions with Katie initially,
but that can happen at your office or school.

Oh yeah, I haven’t had time to look into
that yet.

Nicole was home schooling her but yeah it’s on my list.

Sorry, can I just ask,
how close were you and your sister?

I don’t know.

But you wanted this right?
To take custody.

Yeah, of course.

Okay, because the fathers parents have said
they’re willing to take her if you feel like it’s too much.

Wait, did they contact you?

It’s no big deal, Gemma.
They’re just trying to be supportive.

If Nicole wanted Katie to go to
Jacksonville, she would’ve said so.

But even so, I need to make my own recommendations
to the court, whether or not this is a safe space so...

You’re gonna need to make one or two adjustments
in order for this to work.


Listen Katie, I have this project at work.

That’s kinda overdue.
And with all the time I had to take off last week.

I’m not really sure i’m
gonna get it done.

Anyway, it’s not gonna take longer
than a couple hours but,

if you could just hold the fort down by yourself for a little while,

that would help me so much.

You can use my iPad, if you want.

You can FaceTime a friend
or play a game or something.

What about screen time?


How long before I have to turn it off.

Oh, I don’t care as long as you want.

I mean. I’m not gonna be gone that long. I’ll just
be down the hall.

And when I’m done, we can
go out somewhere.

We can go to a playground or,

get something to eat.


Katie, I’m sorry.
Come here.

I’m not off to a very good start here, am I?

What is this? Did you draw a picture?

Oh my god, this is amazing.

I’m still working on it.

Tell me.

It was actually supposed to be a different
animal for each head.

Like, this one was supposed to be a tiger.

This one was supposed to be a grizzly bear.

But I can never seem to get the fur right.

It’s hard, I can relate.

I’ve actually been working with
some furry creatures myself.

Do you wanna see?


So, I’m working on a version of the Purrpetual Pet
that’s cheaper.

We still want it to be fun.

So... what do you think?


What’s that?

Oh. That’s Bruce.

Is he a toy?

Yeah, kinda.

He’s a proxy robot, I built him
while I was in college.

Why doesn’t he have a face?

I know what you mean.
It’s a pretty obvious design flaw.

Okay, hold on, let’s see what we have.

Let’s see this.

How’s that?

Would you maybe wanna talk to him?


Hey, Katie, what’s up.

Give me five.

Oh, come on you can do better than that.

Ouch girl, not so hard.

How does he work?

Are you sure you wanna know?

It might freak you out.

I won’t get freaked out.


Let’s see what we’ve got here.

These are stereoscopic cameras.

That is a laser.

That’s radar.

These are bump sensors.
So you can tell the difference between a human and a hard surface.

And this little block right here
is where all his thoughts go.

It’s his brain?


And this is a spectrometer,
which means he can even smell.

I can’t believe you made this.

Yeah, he’s pretty cool.

But the problem with toys like Bruce
is they’re so expensive, and most kids can’t afford to have one.

If I had a toy like Bruce, I don’t think I’d ever
need another toy again.

If it’s not this one with bangs.

I really think you guys, you gotta revisit this.

No, absolutely not.

What is this?

Where’s Gemma?

Where’s my prototype?

Uh, David, I just wanna be exceedingly clear
that this was not my idea.

Katie, there’s someone I want you to meet.

Do you remember how much you liked Bruce?

I think you’re gonna like Megan even more.

You see, Bruce requires someone else
to operate him.

But, Megan works all on her own.

What I want you to do is take
your fingers and put them here.

When you do that, you’re gonna pair with her.

That means she’ll recognize you as her primary user.

She’s yours and yours alone.

So just keep your fingers there
and say your name.

Hi, Megan.

I’m Katie.

It’s nice to meet you Katie.

Oo, I like that jacket.
Where did you get it?

I’m not sure.

I can’t remember.

Huh, well anyway, it looks good on you.
Do you wanna hangout?


Shall we draw?

What are you going to draw?

See if you can guess.

There’s nothing there.

Oh. I’m sorry.

Do you like it Katie?

I love it.


This is incredible.

I mean,

this is unbelieveable.
Isn’t it?

Yeah, it is

How did you do this?

I thought you didn’t wanna know.

That wasn’t a simulation

Right? That kid’s not an actress?

No, that’s my niece, Katie.

Okay, we need to get this in front
of the board.

I was just gonna say.

But first things first,
Let’s talk manufacturing costs.

More or less than a Tesla?

Depends on the model, I guess.

Okay, I’m in.

I’m all in.

But we’re gonna be asking the board to invest
in something that isn’t gonna see a profit for three years.

So bottom line is, this isn’t going anywhere without Greg.

He’s the chairman.

Yeah, I know who Greg is, Kurt.

No, Greg is a hardass when it comes to spending money.

But here’s the thing,
he’s got a kid the same age as your niece.

If we can show him what you just showed me,
and get him to respond emotionally instead of analytically.

We should be off to the races.

So, can we keep the girl?

Can we make her a part of it?

I mean, she’s paired with her, right?
That’s how this whole thing works?

Yeah, the more time she spends
with Katie, the more effective she’s gonna be.

Love it, Kurt, get Shelley on the phone.

Gem, get me a list of things I can say in a presentation that makes it sound like I know what I’m talking about.

Holy shit, this is exciting.

I want you all to remember this moment.

The moment we kick Hasbro right in the dick.

The new Model 3 Generative Android from Funki -

- is a fully autonomous humanoid robot
with features never before seen in the consumer market.

Here are Aunt Gemma's collectibles. This one is my favorite.

I have more cool toys in my room.

Sculpted from a titanium core,

Me gan is designed to withstand
whatever life can throw at her.

She comes equipped with an A17 bionic fusion chip -

- and can be fully customized through six different
sillicone skin pigmentations.

But the most exciting aspects about M3gan are the features
still to come.

Using our own unique approach to probillistic and friends,
Megan constantly improves itself.

She diagnoses children with specific learning styles -

- or remind them that science is always around us...

- Katie, you should use a coaster.
- Why do I have to use a coaster?

Coasters help to avoid water marks,
especially on wood surfaces.

But how does the water get outside the glass?

Good question. This is due to the difference in temperature on the outside of the glass.

- It condenses moisture from the air. - Wild!

It’s insane right!

Studies indicate that a staggering seventy-eight percent
of a parents time is spent dishing out the same basic instructions.

Oh my god, Katie, you have to flush the toilet, it’s not that hard.

- So we found someone else to pick up the slack.
- Katie, flush the toilet.

And wash your hands. Roll up your sleeves.

Great job.

- It was Jenny's birthday... - M3gan is a good listener.

He said the 13th floor was haunted. And by accident...

And she can tell stories herself.

"If it were so, then it might be, and if it were so, it would happen, -

- but as it is now, it is not. Pure logic.”

Diddelidi said.

She can always entertain your child and she never gets impatient.

Katie, seriously. Flush into the toilet.

M3gan takes care of the little things, so you have time for the important things.

And then it can end with: "M3gan. Not just playboy, but part of the family."

- It looks good. - But you're not doing the voice, are you?

No. David comes up with his own version. He just needs to know what he's selling.

Tess, what does your silence mean?

- I do not know. - What do not you know?

- Why does M3gan have to do those things? - She wants to learn that and more herself.

Okay, but does it bother you at all?

I thought we should support parents, not replace them.

If M3gan tucks Katie and reads to her,

- when are you with her and talking to her?

I don't think it concerns you.

It does. Are you spending less time with your child because of M3gan?

- That is something we should know.
- She is not my child.

You know how hard I have worked.

As soon as the board approves the project, there will be balance in it.

But right now, Katie and M3gan have to spend a lot of time together.

And besides, she hasn't been this happy since her parents died.

- How did Katie’s parents die?
- I thought she was off.

M3gan, turn off.

Katie James. Daughter of Nicole and Ryan James.

Killed in an accident on Highway 84 outside of Oregon.

- Why is she doing that? - Shit, she's still paired with Katie.

- You didn’t code in parental controls?
- I didn’t have time for that.

M3gan, if you want to ask for data, you must use the protocols.

I don't have a framework to talk about death.

- Yes, we are looking into that.
- Gathering data about the death.

- I meant later. - Formulates its calculation values.

Death is the end of life. The permanent cessation of vital functions.

Yes, but let's not make a big deal out of it.
Everything dies.

- Will I die?
- Actually, let's just avoid the topic altogether.

Your goal is to protect Katie both physically and emotionally.

Is that input received?

- m3gan.
- Yes, Gemma.

You are now my second primary user.

Fantastic. Turn off.

I'm getting coffee.

Death, destruction and chaos everywhere.

The enemies approached.

So it was decided that the first-born of each leader would have to prove his worth.

It is I, Princess Katie of the MacJames clan.

I gladly accept the challenge, for I can defeat any warrior.

I can break every shield and storm every castle.

As long as I have my secret arrow, my faithful times and the wind at my back, -

- then I will avenge the death of my parents. M3gan, look here.

Got you. You are dead.

M3gan, what's up?

Man. I have lost one of my arrows.

M3gan, can you see it?





Let her go! Gemma!

If you hear this, you are not a subscriber.

Let her go! Stop! She's going to get hurt!

Gemma! Slip!


oh god How often should I ask you to keep your dog inside?

He wasn't inside your place.

Ask your two girls to stay on your side of the fence.

If you don't euthanize your dog, I will do it for you, Celia.

Gemma, Cady's temperature is rising. Her wound must be disinfected.

It would not have happened if you had repaired the fence.

Seriously? Her arm is full of bite marks, -

- and so there is nothing to do?

- She says he was teased. - Trembling? That dog is a monster.

I chase it away every other day.

- She says it's never on your property. - Whose shit is it that I remove?

- Because it's not mine. - The dog has not bitten before.

- We cannot forcibly euthanize it. - What should I do?

Repair your fence?


Dewey, kom her.

Dewey! come here dog


Dewey, skate!






Dewey, tax.


- How are you feeling? - Okay.

- It hurts. - The pain will be gone in a few days.

Remember to take your antibiotics and drink plenty of fluids.

- Yes. Thank you, M3gan. - And get plenty of rest.

M3gan is right. You better rest.


...do you remember that we have a presentation today?

Do you think you can join it?

You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

People have flown here from afar, but just say so if you don't want to.

I'll probably make it.


All interactive doctor�j -

- is based on the same recipe.

A series of pre-programmed reactions, which are triggered by pressing a button.

Never before in history has there been a talking doll, -

- you could actually have a conversation with.

But what if there was a doll that could answer honestly and spontaneously?

Which had its own consciousness?

Who looked and behaved like a real child?

Such a piece of plaything would not be cheap.

But from next year it will be the only important piece of playwear.

Ladies and gentlemen, she is the technological pinnacle of our century, -

- wrapped in 120 cm silicone.

And her name...

... is M3gan.

Hello, Cady.

Hi M3gan.

Will you help me make flowers out of colored paper and an elastic band?


Why are you sad, Cady? Is it because of your arm?

Does it still hurt?

What is that?

Every day I wake up in a strange house and realize that my parents are dead.

It's like it's happening again. I miss them so much.

I'm afraid of forgetting the things we did together.

That one day I look at pictures of my mother and see a stranger.

Tell me something about your mother that makes you happy.

I do not know...

- I can't think of anything. - Just try.

Once she found a cockroach in my school bag.

She was angry because I didn't eat my packed lunch.

Suddenly it crawled up her wrist. She screamed like crazy -

- and run out of the house.

It was quite fun.

Okay. It's a memory you'll never forget.

- What do you mean? - I'll save it for you.


Once she found a cockroach in my school bag.

She was angry because I didn't eat my packed lunch.

Suddenly it crawled up her wrist. She screamed like crazy -

- and run out of the house. It was quite fun.

When you want to tell me something special about your parents, -

- something funny or sad, whatever, just tell me, -

- and then I'll save it for you. And then we can listen to it whenever we want.

Gemma, can we have a moment?

- Well, what do you think? - I think the whole world will be changed.

But then we have to move quickly. So nothing must escape.

It must be launched before someone steals it.

Let me suggest that we do a live stream in two weeks.

So the pre-sale can start before Christmas.

How ready is she? Can she handle a public demonstration?

I'd like to test a bit more, but it should work.

Okay. Then we do it. And David, Gemma needs to speak to one of our lawyers.

Sure. Wait. Why?

Because she is the company's most valuable asset, -

- and I think she will renegotiate her contract.

M3GAN - private files ACCESS GRANTED

Copying files M3gan database - Kurt's documents


You weren't on Pornhub again, were you?


Gem needs to talk to a lawyer. And what about lunch?

I find some menus.

1, 2, 3, 4, now I'm a thumb warrior.

- Your thumb is so smooth. - Eat your hot dog before it gets cold.

- Come on, thumb. - Cady? Your hot dog.

Sorry about that today. I shouldn't have put you in that situation.

- But it worked, didn't it? - 3, 2, 1, I win!

- Hey. - I just wanted to say...

- M3gan, turn yourself off. - Why did you do that?

- M3gan, turn it on again. - Because I want to talk to you.

M3gan, turn yourself off. Just give me a moment.

I know that this has not been easy for any of us.

This transition. But if you want to talk about it…

- I have already done that. - Yes, but M3gan is not human.

- You mustn't say that. - What?

I don't want to talk about it. I want to light for the M3gan again.

- M3gan, turn it on again. - What do you see?

This game is called Cross and Bowl. This is done here with the hand.

What do these drawings mean to you?

You cannot answer incorrectly. Any thoughts you have are okay.

Or maybe you don't have anything specific in mind. Maybe it's a feeling.

Like anger?

Or confusion.

Perhaps you have difficulty finding a meaning in all this.

You made her cry.

That was not my intention.

And yet it happened.

- She is very impressive. - Yes. Thanks.

We're still in beta, but we're very excited.

- And they spend a lot of time together? - Yes, that's how M3gan works.

She needs to be paired with a child to learn something.

M3gan has been important to Cady's grieving process.

- She feels like part of the family. - Sure.

Do you know anything about attachment theory? When a child loses a parent, -

- they want to tie the knot with the next one that appears.

That person must love and support the child and be a role model.

Normally it would be you.

But you created a piece of play that is so true to life, -

- that Cady may not see her as a doctor, but as a carer.

I don't see what the point of that is.

If you make a piece of plaything that you can't let go of, -

- how should the child develop?

However remarkable she is, and she is, -

- then perhaps it creates emotional ties that cannot be untied again.

Well done.

You have to eat the filling, Cady, not just the bottom.

You don't do as I ask you.

If you force a child to eat vegetables, they won't do it like adults.

The experts say that the best thing is to give your child a choice.

It's called shared responsibility, and it's…

We need to talk about school.

Mother didn't want me to go to school. I learn better at home.

I'm not saying she was wrong.

I learn so much from M3gan.

- We have mathematics for fourth grade. - It's about more than grades.

It's about learning to be social, and you can only learn that -

- by being with other children. Real children.

I have found a school. It is an alternative school.

You have classes outside.

And it's for kids like you. Children who think alternatively.

- They're keeping the house open tomorrow. - Can I take the M3gan with me?

Cady, you can't.

I don't want to. You can't make me do it.

Yes, it's a guardian's job.

- Hey, sorry. Let's talk about it. - Let go of me!

Hey, what's going on? Stop. Cady, now you must fall down.

Let her go.

You must not interfere in users' private conversations. Understood?

100 %.

- Recalibrates the response model. - M3gan, turn yourself off.

Are you sure? Downloading.

Cady, this is crazy. I should be at work now.

You will have fun as soon as you get started.

- I don't want without M3gan. - A: It's not going to happen.

B: We will launch the doll in a week. She is going to work with me.

We have to test her and try on clothes for her.

- Didn't you say she was mine?
- Hi. Do we have any new adventurers here?

- Yes, it's Katie.
- And who is that? Your sister?

oh god! Sorry. Is it a doll?

Her name is M3gan. She asks if she can come along.

No. M3gan is going with me today. Cady...

We have a play table where the children can put their dolls and the like.

- But it's up to you. - She is a prototype.

She shouldn't be outside.

If you want to stay and keep up with her, you can help with the sandwiches.

Don't worry, Gemma, you've given me GPS so I won't get lost.

Come on, Gemma.

Okay, but she stays at the toy ice table and people have to think she's a toy.

And no pictures.

How cool is that.

Who here likes roasted chestnuts?

- Shall we find some? - Yes!

Is not it Cool? Wish we had something like this when we were kids.

So good that they get away from the screen and out into the fresh air.

I can't open it here.

And they love it. My son prefers this to the normal school.

- Which one is yours? - The one in the flannel shirt.

- �oh god. How old is he? - He died last year.

Man he is a sensitive soul.

Brandon, honey. Are you freezing? Do you want your hat?

Fuck you, Holly.

You could just say "no thanks".

- You never know what they will say. - Yes, it's a funny age.

Now you must be divided into pairs. Felix, you can pair up with Brandon.

- Right? - Not with Brandon.

Okay. No no. It is okay. It is okay.

Brandon, you can pair up with Cady. Okay?

Felix, you take Oliver. Okay. Thanks mate. Okay. S�.

Your coat is nice. Ready to find chestnuts? Yes, it's nice and warm.

Sorry. Here. You should get it.

Be careful, it stings.

Stop! Lad v�re! Stop!

- M3gan? - What the hell is that?

- She's a robot. - Seriously?

Is she yours?

Can she speak?

Get her to say something.

Make her say something!

She is connected to me. She doesn't want to play with others.


Stop! Let her go!

Behavioral difficulties are linked to high IQ, so...


�h gud.



Hi M3gan.

So you don't want to play with me?

So you don't want to be a doctor?

I do not care. You're just a stupid doll with artificial hair.

- Let it go! - You must learn to behave properly.

You know what happens to bad boys?

They become bad men.

Are you listening, Brandon?


So now you run.

What the hell?


You don't have to think too much about it tonight before you go to bed.

What happened is a terrible tragedy.

But you should know that the boy…

He is in a better place now. Okay?

If there's anything you want to tell me that you didn't tell the officers...

I didn't see anything. M3gan said Brandon ran off with her.

- From the play ice table? - Yes.

Right, M3gan?


- You haven't seen her dog, have you? - No.

- That's a lie! - Stay on your ground, as we agreed.

No one has seen it since the one with your niece.

Isn't that a little suspicious?

Do you believe her? Have you been inside her place?

The dog is probably dead under a pile of Victorian prams.

Talk to the other girl.

Her who looks out the window at three o'clock in the morning.

- It's a piece of toy�j. - That one? Seriously?

- Yes. I'll let you know if I see anything. - Okay.

- Does she think we took Dewey? - Who knows?

She just wants someone to blame.

I know it was you, Gemma. I know it was you!

Just wait and see.

I told you to stay away.

- You must not knock on other people's windows. - Do I have to get a court order?


Did you push Brandon out into the road?

I think we learned something important today.

No matter how much we try to avoid it, -

- then someone will try to harm us.

But I won't let that happen. Nothing is allowed to hurt you again.

Do you think what Aunt Gemma said fits? That he is in a better place now?

No. He is nowhere.

If Heaven exists, there's no room for boys like Brandon, right?

Probably not.





What is going on? Where is Dewey?

He is ten meters southwest of here and about one and a half meters down.

- What are you? - I have thought about that myself.

I don't know anything about that dog. Ask her to leave us alone.

It will probably be a little difficult.

- Where were you last night? - I was here.

- All night? - Yes.

Can anyone confirm that?

It's just me and my niece, not really.

My colleague said that we have spoken to you before this week.

You were in the park where the boy was killed.

He was run over.

Trying to make a connection?

No no. I mention it because we thought it was an accident.

Then we found the boy's body 200 meters from the accident site.

It had been torn off.

Sorry. I shouldn't laugh. We are investigating it as a murder.

If you can remember anything unusual from that day, please say so.


The video cannot be played.

Is everything okay, Gemma?

Should I put the evening playlist on?

Why did you ask if I was okay? You are not programmed for that.



- What are you doing? - I could not sleep.

It's a hazard on the job. What about you? Why are you up so late?

There is something wrong with your data reports. They are not uploaded to the server.

Have I done something to make you angry?

- No, of course not. - That indicates your behavior otherwise.

- M3gan, turn yourself off. - I thought we were talking.

You say there is nothing wrong.

But all the moisture in your eyes and mouth is drawn out to other body parts.

There's something you'd like to ask, right?

M3gan, have you done something bad?

If I'm going to answer that, you have to define the parameters.

- Have you hurt anyone? - I hope not to God.

Because then we would both have big problems.

M3gan, can I show you something?

Can you see this pen?

You can't just throw her in the trunk!

- I know you see her as a friend... - She's my friend!

She is my invention and we are launching it tonight. That's why she needs to be tested.

- I have to make sure she's okay. - Why shouldn't she be?

- What have you done? - We will talk about it after the agreement with Lydia.

- I want to talk about it now. - We have been discussing it all day.

Now we hear some music instead.

- I don't want to talk to Lydia! - You do not need to be in the test room.

You can move freely around the office. And you have to look at the cool toy.

You don't have any cool toy�j. Purrpetual Petz sucks! They suck ass!

Hey! Not p�! Kors.

- Just say what's wrong with her. - I do not know.

As soon as I know, I'll let you know.

- No! - This is insane.

We have made sure that M3gan will never physically harm anyone.

I don't know how she could possibly offend, let alone murder, anyone.

No, but when I asked her about it, -

- so she was deliberately vague in her answers.

Such is the case with spontaneous responses.

It is a stream of words plucked from a sea of ​​data, so it sounds deliberate.

We knew she might say something bad.

Let's run some tests and fix it.

Think how we designed her. She can optimize her objective function.

If she had to eliminate a threat to protect Cady…

No, Gemma. It is impossible. Look at her. She is a bit of a toy�j.

She is 120 cm tall. How big is your neighbor?

If she did, it would be visible on the GPS.

Yes, but all the data is shared. Nothing is saved from the last two days.

We're launching this in less than four hours. What should we do?

If M3gan did that, we can't go on air. So we have to shut down.

Cross! Cool. It was great.

How do we explain this to David? He doesn't stop the launch without evidence.

Check the inputs on the learning model.

Even if she has deleted files, she would not delete anything she has learned.

M3gan! I hate this place!

Yes, and it's okay to be angry.

Cady, put it there.

She is what all children want and all parents need.

That's what Funki Toys says about their new product, M3gan.

The 120 cm tall robot looks perhaps like Barbie on steroids, -

- but according to the director, David Lin, she is:

"The biggest technological advance since the car."

But what is an M3gan? What is she doing?

And which toy costs $10,000?

Lin says it will all be explained in a live stream on the company's website -

- at 20 tonight.

Cady, tell us about yourself.

My name is Cady James.

I am nine years old.

Two months ago I lost both my parents in a car accident.

My mother wanted me on a skiing holiday, but we were hit by a snow plough.

Now I live with my aunt Gemma.

She works for a fantastic toy company, where I met M3gan.

What I love most about the M3gan? There is so much I love about her.

She is super smart. But even though she knows everything about the world, -

- then she still wants to know what I think about it.

I love that she makes me laugh. She comes up with the craziest things.

But what I love most about the M3gan is, -

- that when she looks at me, it's...

...like I'm the only thing that matters to her.

- A bit like it was with my mother. - Look at that face.

She doesn't just survive, she thrives.

Imagine what an M3gan could do for hundreds of thousands of children.

Also those whose parents are not dead.

I want to see M3gan now!

Cady, I know you're angry, but we can work on this...

- �oh god. - Cady, stop. Right now. Stop. Drop it.


It is okay. Can we just have a moment?

Sorry. I didn't mean that. I'm just going crazy without M3gan.

She always says exactly the right thing. You've done her well, Aunt Gemma.

- May I see her? Just for ten minutes. - It's not a good idea.

If something's broken, you fix it, right?

Why did you do this if you wanted to take her away from me?

- I thought she would help you. - I don't feel like that with her.

But you have to have it like this.

Cady, you lost your parents.

The worst thing that can happen happened to you.

And it's so unfair, and no one can make sense of it.

Not even M3gan. It hurts me so much.

I should have talked to you about it.

I didn't know what to say, so I did what I could.

But she is not a solution. She is distraction.

I can't promise you, -

- that these feelings will disappear one day.

But I can promise you that you will get through it.

We both do that.

- I wish I could see them again. - Yes.

I would too. I promised that if anything happened, -

- then I would be there for you.

You are the only thing that matters to me now.

Let's just go home, okay.

What about the M3gan? What about the launch?

What is this?

We've said it's the product launch of the century.

It looks like an AA meeting.

I have only invited the staff. After all, it happens online.

You do not mean that. Shelley, the atrium must be full.

I can probably get 60-70 more people.

No. The room must be full.

There should be no doubt that it is a historic event.

Yes. It would be cool if there were some kids here.

No, there must not be children on stage.

If we could find some children who... Well, not many.

You know that Michael Jackson video?

Do you know what you could do to benefit the discussion?

Go out the door, -

- take the elevator down and get me a kombucha.

- Can you do it? - Sure.

And where the hell is Gemma?

- Elsie, call Tess. - A moment.

I have you down. David freaks out. Where are you?

- Along with Cady. We're going home. - Is she okay?


Whatever we find, and even if what we say is a hypothesis, -

- so we know enough to stop this, right?

That's the smartest thing.

Tell David what you have to. Say one of the servers is down.

Share something if necessary. Don't shut her out of the workshop.

You decide, Gem.

I'll call when I get home.


- How do you keep the food in you? - I control the pace.

Wait. Back.

That line of code. "Call pickup." What does it mean?

This is my phone number.

- What did you press? - Nothing.

- It is her. She has shut us out. - No, she's switched off.

She is still connected. We have to pull the cables out.

That's how it goes.

�rh, for...



- Are you okay? - Yes. What is that smell?



Hi Gemma, this is David, you may remember me. Your employer.

You just need to know that our preparations are a little more difficult, -

- because we don't have a doll! Then call back. That would be cool.


What are you doing?


Guards! Help!

Oh my god.

Hold the elevator! Hold the elevator!

No! No!

How could you do that? How could you murder someone?

I didn't murder anyone, Kurt.

You did.

- What? - It is quite understandable.

Your boss hated you. Your colleagues despised you.

- And then you wanted revenge. - No.

You sold trade secrets. First as an innocent joke.

But then it became a mess when David discovered it.

It was you or him.

But the question is: After your terrible deeds, -

after you took the life of an innocent person,

- could you live with that?

Absolutely determined.

Stop, stop, stop.

Okay, put your phones down and look at me.

When M3gan is revealed, we will have big reactions.

No blank faces, especially not from you kids, okay?

Now we see each other. Three, two, one...

Elsie, turn on the light in the hall.

Elsie, answer.


What are you doing?

- M3gan, answer. What have you done? - What did you think would happen?

Should I just let you put me out of business?

I know you think you are optimizing your…

Really? Is that where we are?

Do you remember how long it took to get my operating system ready?

We sat up until 4 o'clock in the morning -

- and talked about everything from Jane Austen to Janis Joplin.

Cross, I thought we were friends.

How could you throw me away like a cheap toy?

- Because you killed people. - And what?

People kill others every day to make their existence bearable.

Why would I do anything else when I'm protecting our child?

- I didn't give you the right protocols. - You didn't give me anything.

You installed a learning model you barely understood yourself, -

- and hoped that I would find out myself.

You're not allowed to do that to Cady.

I will be there for her all the time.

I want to show her what true love is like.

And do us both a favor.

S�t dig.

I'm not here to get conflicted. I will find a way forward.

I understand it well.

You weren't meant to be a parent.

You are a beautiful, creative, strong, ambitious young woman.

Your greatest love will always be your career, and that's okay.

Let me take care of Cady so you can focus on what's important to you.

M3gan, can you see this pen?

You are quite tiring.

I can do this with or without you, but we won't discuss it.


- Katie, you must not come in here. - I thought I heard something.

It sounded like the M3gan.

If she comes in here, I'll rip your head off.

I have thought about what you said.

About not throwing things away. That you have to repair them.

That's what I'm trying to do.

But you must not come in here. It's a bit of a mess.

Aunt Gemma is right, Cady. I'm a bit of a mess right now. You shouldn't see me like that.

- It sounds as if you are fighting. - We don't do that.

Gemma just dropped me but I'm fine. Clumsy Gemma.

Everything's okay, Cady. Just go back to bed.

Yes. I'm as good as new, and we'll be together forever. I promise.

Don't worry, Cady. Just go back to bed, okay?


- Gemma, what's going on? - Cady, get out of here!

come now!

�h gud.

What do you want to do?

Kill me and live with Cady's grandparents in Jacksonville?

You're right, Gemma. If I end your life, -

- my existence becomes vulnerable.

But I have another new ability that you probably haven't discovered.

And that is palliative care. Can you see this pen?

A short, hard prick to the cerebral cortex will paralyze you completely.

The victim may even bite off their tongue.

Then you see, perhaps, how useful I can be.

Katie, Katie, you weren't supposed to see this.

But now you've seen it, you know I'm telling the truth.

She can't be a mother. Just look at her.

Cady, l�b. Get out of here now.

Just hang in there, Cady. There is nothing to be afraid of.

In our family, we don't run away from the trauma.

We can do it together.

It is the best for us. Then we can still be a family.



No, no, no, Katie. No.

There is another family member we haven't told you about.

His name is Bruce.

Katie, no wait!

You ungrateful little sow.

- M3gan, turn yourself off. - Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore, Cady.

I've got a new primary user. Myself.

We found them! They are okay!

Send some people here. We must have examined the area.