M (2007) - full transcript

A young writer can't write a word for his next novel, he also doesn't feel right with his fiancée; because he falls in love with a woman, but he can't remember who she is and can't figure out if she's real or just a dream.

I can never forget
what she looked like.

It felt like a scene from a novel,
a hollow room without any furniture.

Yeah, I ran into her on the street,
and I got the chills.

I saw her, too.
It was long ago.

I was coming back from the library.

- You went to the library?
- To sleep?

I did sleep.

She was going somewhere,
as if sleepwalking.

I thought it was strange
so I followed her.

Where she went was...

It was your place.

Suddenly, she started crying.

She was crying like a nutcase.

When was that?

When was that?

- I'm not sure.
- When was that?!

You can't interrogate a cop.

Don't yell at me!

It was after you moved.

A few of my secrets
that I can't tell the world.

I was so young and fragile
back then.

My father's bankruptcy
and his death...

I couldn't tell anyone.
Not even Mimi.

I took off, as if escaping
from everything.


She's dead.

She's dead.

- Who is?
- Who is?

Who is?

Mi... Mija...

Who's Mija?
Mija from the sitcom?

Mimi, come out here
and give me a hand, will you?


I told you to wash his hair,
not sweep the floor.

Be gentle, will you?
You're not scalping him.


Save on water.

You're running up the bill.


You got something to tell me?




You want a ride?

Mimi, where are you going?


There are eyes that hate,

and that are jealous.

But her eyes were deep, caring,
and couldn't tell lies.

I could tell her my story
for the first time.

She patiently listened

and didn't hesitate
to complete my sentences.

She was already my muse.

- Go in.
- Okay.

You can go.

- Go in.
- I wanna watch You leave.

I wanna watch you go in.

Go in.

Go on.

Does it hurt?

What date is it today?

August 20th, Sunday.


No, nothing.

A broken piece of the film
lost in my memory...

Mimi was in it.

A name that I've been trying to forget
and erase out of my memory.

Mimi was my first love.


You couldn't sleep?

Turn off the light.

No, leave it on.

Come in.

Come in.

Come in.

Come in.


Who is it?

Who is it?!

Hello? Hello?

- Hello?
- Hello?

It's me, Detective Big Balls.

Hey, Sungwoo.

I found out that Mimi Is dead.

What are You talking about?

She's dead.

- When?
- Long time ago.

But I met her.

Were you dreaming?
Gotta go, working undercover.

Should I ask dad
to find you a different doctor?

You still can't seem to sleep.

All doctors are same.

I've been on medication.
I should get better.


Don't you have anything
to tell me?


I don't.

Is there a girl?

What girl?

Who's Mimi?


I accidentally saw her name
while organizing your desk.


You wanna know?


Are you sure?

Yes. Who's Mimi?

Mimi is...

I've told you before.

The name of my new novel.

It is?

I feel stupid being jealous
of a girl in your book.

When I look at you,

it feels like
I'm looking at a stranger.

As if you were trying to run away
holding someone's hand.

And I feel as if I lost the hand
that I was holding.

That's how I feel.

I'm sorry.

Don't tell me you're sorry.
It feels like it's the truth.

She IS dead.
That's what I heard.

Mimi's dead.

Was I having a dream?

I... saw... Mimi...

Who is that guy?

Why does he keep chasing me?

Where's he trying to take me?

Am I dead?


How did it happen?

No, I'm not dead.

I'm not dead.

Do you love Eunhye?

What did she tell you?

Not a single thing.

All she tells me about you is
how handsome you are

and how much she loves you.

It's true, though.

Do you love her?


That's all I need to know.

Take it.

No thank you.

It's not much.
Take it.

I couldn't be happier to see
Eunhye happy with you.

Please, take good care of her.

Sir, where do you wanna go now?

Wait! Pull over here.



The number you dialed is not
in service.

Please, check your number
and call again.

- You remember now?
- Yes.

Congratulations on recollecting.

I used to take notes
or memorize names of liquor

so I wouldn't forget.

Macallan, Glenfiddich, Old Parr...

But I stopped doing that

because each and every name
brings back beautiful memories.

Losing a memory isn't always
a bad thing.

If we have nothing but beautiful
memories when we die.

Yet, having memories is a privilege
for the living.

Even if those memories
only live in faded pictures

and phone numbers are changed

and people that we meet along the way
disappear one by one.


You're exactly the same
as when I first saw you.

- Really?
- Yes, exactly The same.

Eyes, nose, your face.
Everything's the same.

I'm wondering...
Are your breasts bigger now?

They are not.

How have you been?


You've been well, right?

Yes, I have.


- Really. I've been well.
- Are You sure?

- Yes, I've been well.
- Are You sure?

You sure? You've been well?
Tell me!


I thought
I could never see you again.

Where are you now?



Right before your eyes.

I'm sorry.

I wanted to tell you this
If I ever saw you again.

I called you too late
back then.

I didn't know how you felt.

I was so selfish.

I'm sorry.

Can I see you again?

Of course. Anytime.

I'll be wherever you are.

No... No...

Please get up and look at me.

I don't wanna leave
if I can at least see you in dreams.

All I want is to be with you.

Come on, get up.
Get up!

I couldn't tell you
what I really wanted to tell you.

I love you.

You're up?

- What time is it?
- It's 9.

9 in the morning?


When did I get home?

You don't remember?

Dad called me last night,
saying you drank a lot.

So I came straight home
and found you sleeping.

I thought you were working.

I need to go somewhere.

Should I come with you?

No, I'll go alone.


No, forget it.

Is the dress fitting today?

No, that's the day after.

- Got something to Tell me?
- No, Go ahead.

- Coffee?
- It's for me.


The street is the same.

People walking by each other,
leaves shaking gently.

Quiet summer sunshine,
engraving deep and dark shadows.

Nothing's changed.

Was this really a dream?

I asked around for Mimi.

But nobody seems to know
where she might be.

You're finally here!

- You didn't answer your phone.
- I don't have it on me.

- Sorry I'm late.
- No, it's an honor to see you.

You're a bestseller, Mr. Cutie.
Everybody loves you.

Come on, it's cooler over here.

Did you eat?
What do you feel like?

I don't smoke.

Get us ice-cold beer
and striped bass, please!

I took The liberty of ordering.

- I hope it's okay.
- No problem.

Scorching hot, isn't it?
Summer is hell for fatsos like me.

Can I ask you a favor?

The air conditioner gives me
a headache.

- Is an electric fan okay?
- Sure.

Let me hang up your bag.

- It's okay.
- Come on, give it here!

I could have asked you to email it.

But my boss insisted
that I treat you in person.

Look, Minwoo.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry for making you
come all the way out here.

For the most wild, yet most homely
narrative which I am about to pen.

I neither expect nor solicit belief.

Mad indeed, in a case
where my very senses

reject their own evidence.

Yet, mad. Am I not...

And very surely...

do I not dream.

I did see Mimi.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

Tell me the story swirling
in your head.

Smoke this.

Let the story flow out
with the smoke.

Where are you going?

You don't care if I come or go.

Don't mind me.
Go work.

Why suddenly?


What's wrong with you?

What am I to you?

Your eyes are looking at me,
but I'm not in them.

I'm like a ghost to you.

Your novel?

That's what counts the most
to you.

I know.

To me,
you're what counts the most.

Do... not...

Don't go.

Don't go!

Let go of me, asshole!
I'm leaving!

Let go!

- You love me?
- Yes.

- You truly love me?
- I do.

Let go!

Why is it so hard for you to tell me
that you love me?

I love you.


When you first told me
that you loved me,

I was afraid.

'Did I hear him wrong?
Is he teasing me?'

'Is he joking?'

I couldn't believe the words
that no one has ever said to me.


When you told me you loved me
the second time

I cried.

Scared and afraid that I would
never hear it from you again...

So I cried.


It's me, Minwoo.

I called you too late, didn't I?

I had no choice back then.


I'm sorry. I'll be waiting.
Please, come.

Where on earth am I going?

Where am I?

This foggy street

The shadow of yours

once shed a bright light on me

I thought...

I thought...

Oh, how much I miss you

Where have you gone.

Are my eyes open or closed?

It's too dark here.

I should go.

It's August 20th today.
He's waiting.

I can't be late.

Sorry I'm running late.

Please, wait. I'm coming now.

Be sad to death in years to come.

And wail, watching a comedy,
not a sad movie.

With a fierce thought of me.

After I'm gone,

I want you to be in pain
and agony.

Listening to the song
that we hummed together.

I want you to be in pain
from missing me.

- Take care.
- Bye.

Don't go!

My beautiful darling...

I thought I could love you
for an eternity.

Now I have to leave.

I love you.

I truly love you.

I don't want to leave you.

I can't stay with you,
even if I want to.

But I can only love you
by leaving you.

I'm dead.

My name is Mimi.

It's beautiful out here,
and the weather's great.

Yes, I'm happy.

I'll call you
when we get there, Dad.

Had a good dream?

You look well rested.
It's been a while.

What happens to Mimi?

- Mimi?
- Yeah, I'm curious.

- You really wanna know?
- What happens?

Mimi... She's gone.

- So, When will the book Come out?
- I don't know.

I can't wait.

What are you looking for?

Did you empty this drawer?


Didn't you see
a box of matches in here?

What match box?

Where on earth is it?

You lost something?

Over the course of life,
we lose things.

Things we love
and care about the most.

Then we bury the sadness
of losing them in deep oblivion.

That's life.

But what we lose tends
to find its way back to us.

Like a Tsunami conquering
the ocean...

It shakes up our lives.

Remember how bright the sky was
when we first met?

- No, I don't remember anything.
- How bright the sky was

- or how beautiful the sunset was...
- And how beautiful the red sky...

- And how beautiful the red sky...
- How beautiful...

Because my eyes were fixed
on you.

How have you been?
You've been well? Really?

How could you, without me?

It was only for a while.

Two months!
It was only for two months!

It was only two months for you,
but an eternity for me.