Luna (1979) - full transcript

Recently widowed American opera diva Caterina takes her teenaged son Joe with her on a long singing tour to Italy. Absorbed in her hectic work in various Verdi operas around Rome, Caterina is soon shocked to discover that her troubled and lonely son has become a heroin addict. Her desperate attempts to wean the youth off the drug result in an incestuous relationship, but also in a possibility to reunite Joe--maybe even herself--with his real father, whose existence she has kept a secret from him.

Now don't forget you'll get
your teeth cleaned next Tuesday at 3.

Oh, yeah!

D'you have a cold?

D'you have a cold?

No, I'm alright.

- Eddie, did we pick the Chinese dressing gown?
- It's in the silver trunk.

No, thanks.

Have you gone taller again?

Growing a little every day.

- I had a strange dream last night.
- What?


- ... it's boring.
- Tell me.

No, no, you're busy packing.
I'll tell you later.

You always tell me your dreams.

When people tell me their dreams
I find it very uninteresting.

I'll tell you later. We'll have lots
of time on the boat, ok?

Remember we have two hours
to get ready.

Will you tell me on the boat?

Mom, you never take me with you.

It's not true, you know that.

I took you to Washington,
took you to Seattle...

Yes, but I wanna go to Europe,
I wanna go to Italy with you.

You can't.

Why not? I can do all
the things dad does.

I can make your reservations for you,
I can negotiate your contract for you...

Come on, that's what your dad does.

Yes, but I can do it better.

What about your school?

Let me come.

- No.
- Yes.

Alright, alright.

Are you drinking?

Yes, I am.

You know what I saw on cable last night?
I saw a Chinese TV show.

This old Chinaman comes out.

And underneath him are subtitles.
In Chinese.

What's my tennis racket doing out here?

I was trying to hil the ball
into the river.

- The river?
- Yeah.

- Wanna see me hit the city?
- I bet you a buck you can't do it.

Dad, why don't you stay here with me?
You and I can have so much fun together.

And mom doesn't need you. She can get
somebody else to do all her junk for her.

Come on, you and me can go to the ball
park. We can have so much fun.

It's a fine idea, Joe,
we must do it.

- You mean it?
- Absolutely.

Joe, take this down for me
and put it in the blue suitcase.

I get it.

Jesuschrist! He leaves his gum
all over the place.

Are you talking to me?

No, I'm just talking to myself.

- I'm gonna take the car down
to the garage. - OK.

I'll be back in a few moments.



Please, stop crying.

Would you please stop crying?

I can't stand these people.

Were those ducks or geese?

I can't spend another night
in the house, Joe. I can't.

I'm gonna leave on the first available flight.

What about me?

You come with me, darling.
We spend the night in the plane,

we eat, we sleep, we'll...

- Don't make decisions for me.
- We wake up, we'll be in Italy.

- Italy?
- I'll go to rehearsal, I'll sing...

Darling, you can put your things
in the black trunk,

the dark trunk... You can put your music
in with my music, your records...

- I've got the school.
- ... you can put your clothes...

... and bring your... Well,
there are schools in Italy.

Joe, you can go to school in Italy...

Yeah, but I got a big game coming up.
It's important to me. They need me.

A game?

You're making it
so difficult for me, Joe.

Please, please, darling, please.

- Let's get out of here.
- Could you take us home, please?

Yes, ma'm.

Assholes, get out of the way!

I knew it, I knew it!
I knew he'd fall.

Hey, give me a puff now!

Where are you from?

The Yankees lost 14 to...

Hey, give me the joint,
it's my turn!


Will you please stop the car?

Driver, would you please stop the car?

I think you're being real shitty.

What a dumbass rat bastard!

Here, you guys take it.
I don't want it.

Arianna, where are you going?

Julian, what are you doing?

- Bye, Julian.
- Good luck, bye.

- I'm coming with you.
- Where?

- With you.
- I got some things to do.

Well, if you want, I'll go away.

I got nothing against you,
I mean, I don't even know you.

My name is Arianna.
I'm Italian.

My name is Joe.
I'm American.

Actually I've got a girlfriend,
in New York.

That's nice.

Lot of fantastic palm trees.
Kinda reminds you of LA, doesn't it?

- Never been there.
- Neither have I.

What's she like?

- Who?
- Your girlfriend.

She's a pain in the neck.

Actually, she's not really
my girlfriend.

Then, why were you
telling me about her?

I don't know.

Why do we have to lock ourselves up
in a movie theater?

I have to take a wicked piss.

How do you feel?

I've never felt so wonderful
in my whole life.

Me too.

That's the kind of answer
a man likes to hear.

My father talks like that.

My father's dead.

You wanna go sit down?

- Wait.
- What's the matter?

I can't.

When did she learn Italian?

- I have to tell you something.
- I already know.

No, you don't.
You don't know anything.

it's your first time.

Everything seems so perfect now.
Right where it belongs.

I wish you could be a part of me.
You'd understand.

I want to understand.
I wanna be inside you.

- How?
- Help me get my jeans off.

Christ! You don't have to pull
them all the way off.

Now yours.

You look better
than Marilyn Monroe.

- And now?
- Now we kiss.

Now be inside me.


Do you know how?
I've never done it.

Be excused,
I'm a virgin too.

I must go.
I must go.

Look, I took your jeans

Why haven't you had it taken out?

I was born with it,
I wanna die with it.

Fucking assholes!

Caterina! Your voice is beautiful.
You've never sung so well.

I know. I held that D flat
for nine measures.

I don't understand your B flat.

- D!
- D, B.

The only thing I know.

Since Douglas died
you are singing much better.

It's not just my voice.
I'm stronger, Marina.

I feel so old.

Don't be silly. You are stunning.
Everyone adores you.

I've always been a big hit with fags.

I was great tonight.

It's all Joe's fault...

If he'd stopped growing,
I wouldn't be so old.

Right. What about tomorrow?

- What's tomorrow?
- Joe's birthday.

No! Shit!

How could I forget?

Oh, Marina, I'm terrible,
I don't remember anything.

- How could you?
- I hate birthdays.

You know, I was nervous tonight.
I was scared.

It's the first time I've sung
here in years

and I knew that that audience.
They were...

They were out to get me.
They were watching

every single thing I did.

I want a lot of people
at Joe's birthday.

I want him to feel important.

I want him to feel loved.

I only want a few people at my party.

- Joe, you scared the hell out of me.
- Where have you been, Joe?

You promised me that you'd be here.
I needed you.

I don't even know how I got
through the performance without you.

I heard a 10 minute applause.

Actually, it was a standing ovation.


You're naughty.

Mom, lay off, you're getting
lipstick all over me.

I only wanna have a few friends
at my party,

you know, like Bobby, Arianna...

Yes, I understand, dear,
just people who really love you.

People who really love me
don't forget my birthday.

How long have you been here?

I'll get it.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Edward!
- Marina.

Where is Caterina?


- I'll be with you in a minute.
- OK.

- It's hot here, isn't it?
- I think you need a drink.

- Hot, mm?
- So take your coat off.

How was I, Edward?

The plane was 2 fucking hours late.

I'm terribly sorry, Caterina,

but I missed the performance.

Edward, another drink?

- Did you take the D flat tonight?
- You blew it, Edward.

Caterina, you know I adore you.

People who adore me don't miss
my opening nights.

Right, Joe?

Girls, girls!
Come up here.

Come, we're having a party.
It's beautiful.

It's a birthday for my son!

Oh, Joe!

The most beautiful girls in the street.
They were there like angels.

What a coincidence.

They'll come up, they'll sing for you.
They're so beautiful!

Mom, don't shit me.
You know you arranged it.

Joe... When I was
15 I was like you.

I was miserable.

I'll tell you.

I'll tell you a little secret now
about my life.

You know what I did once?

I locked myself up in the bathroom
and I tried to kill myself.


This music...
makes me wanna cry.

Come on, mom...

Come here!

Come here!

Girls, you're in the wrong place.

In the sixties...

... believed in things!

Oh, Joe, come on, dance!

I don't wanna, leave me alone.

- Why? Come on, dance.
- I hate it.

- It's your birthday!
- I hate dancing!

Let's steal it away!

My parents thought they understood me,
but they didn't, of course.

I'm thirsty!

- God, I hate her! I could kill her.
- Come on...

She's such fun,
she's fantastic.

- What is this thing?
- It's an Italian frisbee.

Look at Julian,
look at Julian dancing.

Is she pathetic!

She's just happy,
and you're ashamed of her.

Ashamed? What do you mean ashamed?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Where is Joe?

I like to hold your arm.

Your mother...

Your mother!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Would you please slow down?

How are you doing?


Close all doors.

Why do you do it?

Finally put up the curtains.

Would you talk to me, Joe?

I hate that colour...

When did you start?

Could I have a light?
Could I have a light?

Could I have a light?
Could I have a light?

Could I have a light?

Who gave you that stuff?

That fat-ass little hippy
friend of yours?

- What are you doing?
- Ma'm, the piano.

I get new pianos when I move,

and I feel so guilty, because
they're so terribly heavy...

When I look at you
and your friends.

You scare me.

I feel like I'm on Mars.

Maybe it's because you're
all unhappy.

Or neurotic. I don't know.

I don't find it very touching.

I think it's awful.
The worst is you're just too young.

Maybe my mother felt the same way
about me and it's just the same thing.

Am I boring you?

I come from a world where...
where singing and dreaming

and creating, they mean something,
it's not just...

Oh, Jesus!

You know how long it's been since
you've told me one of your dreams?

You sing!

Joe, Joe, happy birthday.

Joey, Joey, 15 years old.

- Show me!
- No!

- Yes!
- Fuck off!

I wanna see that!

You bastard!

Come on, you wanna fight?

- Bastard!
- Fucking bitch!

Fucking bitch!

Fucking asshole!

Do you know what happened today?

Billy Martin's left the Yankees.


God, he was great!

He brought the Yankees
two world championships,

one world series...

You know baseball? No,
you wouldn't know. You're Italian.

All you guys ever do
is play soccer.

He was the greatest manager
since Casey Stengel.

I don't know why he left.
I don't know.

Why he had to leave?

I don't want a beer,
I want an ice-cream cone.


But you're American.
I was in New York long time ago.

Hey, I'm from New York
too, from Brooklyn!

I was a bartender there. I used
to make drinks, cocktails, you know?

Manhattan, Martini, chuc, chuc...

- Where did you find him?
- Out there.

- Now let's talk.
- What?

Tell me all about you.

So, don't you talk?

- I'm listening, you know?
- He's American.

Now let's dance old fashion,
like a man and a woman.

How do you say it in English?
Cheek to cheek.

I'm looking for someone.


I can't find them.



Happy birthday, Joe.

I really miss dad.

You don't miss him, do you?


I'm cold.

Joe, come on.

Come on, I'll put you to bed.

Right over here you'll have a good sleep.

Two steps. That's a boy.
That's a baby.

I don't remember buying you
those sexy underpants, Joe.

- I bought them.
- Where?

Somewhere around Piazza de Spagna.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Fuck, I can't pee.

I'll help you.

D'you remember when you were little
and you'd wait to pee

till you got a new bicycle?

Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God!

- How long will he sleep?
- 3 to 4 months.

No, sleep.

When he'll wake up,
he'll feel weak.

He will be very hungry.
Give him something to eat.

And talk to him.
Talk to him a lot.

I'll leave some milk for him
in case he wakes up.

He'll wake up in about 24 hours.

You know how to get out?

Don't worry, you owe me nothing, but
there's something you could do for me.

- What?
- I'd like to take a picture.

A picture?




- Hi!
- Sshhh! Joe's sleep.

- Sleep?
- He's sick.

Poor thing.

- Let me say hello to him.
- No!

What's wrong with you, Caterina?

Sit down.

What are you trying to do?

Put your legs here.

You are so goddamn American!

I can't!

Why don't we go away someplace
for a week?

To Morocco.

Let's go alone.

Just the two of us.

What do you think?

You need a lover.


I don't wanna sing anymore.


- I don't wanna sing anymore!
- No, Caterina, no...

Don't cry...

Don't cry, please.

I don't wanna sing anymore, Joe.

I have to talk to you later.

I'm Mustafa.

- Are you Joe's friend?
- Yes.

What do you want?

I was thinking to steal your car.

I wanna talk to you.

Not here...

Not here...
At my house.

Take the stairs.

Lock well the door.

Please, sit down.
Beautiful, ah?

Be right back.

Prepare you mint tea,
Arab style.

The best you ever tried.

Look, forget....
Forget the Arab tea.

Do you sell the stuff
to my son?

Do you?

Do you?

Sit down.

Why do you do this?

I must eat.

That's bullshit, you know?
It's really an excuse.

Why don't you get a job?

Get a job!

You don't get a job
because you hate to work.

You really believe I haven't
looked for work?

You're right. I hate to work
because there is no work.

You have something stronger
that I can put in the tea?

I'm sorry, my religion
doesn't allow alcohol.

You're religious, ah...
I see.

- Did you do that?
- Yes, he's walking, you see?

- Yeah, it's good.
- D'you know where he's going?

No. Where?

You know? You're his mother.
You didn't know him better than I.

I don't know.

He's coming here.

Does he come here often?

Yes... Even when
he doesn't need to buy.

He lays on the bed and talks and talks.
We're friends.

- What does he talk about?
- Everything. You.

He's different from the others.

- Different?
- He's very lonely. You know that.

- How much is that cost?
- 200 thousand liras a gram.

What? Are you kidding me?

That's... that's... absolutely awful.
It's poison!

It's more expensive than caviar,
diamonds or truffles.

I only get a small 10 per cent.

Where does Joe get that kind of money?

He steals it from you,
haven't you noticed?

- You like Joe, don't you?
- Very much.

- He's your friend.
- Yes.

I have... a thought, an idea.

A proposition to make you.

I'll give you money.
I'll give you lots of money.

I'll write you a check.
Only promise me that you'll tell...

... Joe that you don't have
any more of this.

Don't worry.
I'm closing the shop.

I saved some money
to buy a plane ticket.

I'm going back to my country.

You're happy?
Don't blush.

Don't talk to me that way.
I could be your mother.

My mother blush too.

Here, take it.

Wait... wait.

Take it. You'll need it.

No, I don't want it, no!

Take it.
Joe will need it.

Ah, they're beautiful.

Far from you,
there's no joy for me.

- Joe!
- Hi.

- Lipstick?
- No.

Good. I'm preparing you
a delicious dinner.


Good, good...

It's a French style souffle.

- In candle light?
- Fancy.


You now have 19 minutes
and 45 seconds to get dressed.

- 19 minutes?
- And 45 seconds!

Come on, come on, come on...

You like your new watch?

Thank you.

Oh, my God!

Shit, the souffle.

God, this souffle looks awful.

It's genius, Joe!
It's... it's an inspiration.

It's a master piece.
I don't know how you did this.

I never could have done this.

It looks like an Italian frisbee.


Ma, just 'cause you're my mother
doesn't mean you have to eat it.

Put a little salt on it, darling.

God, it's awful.

It sucks.

I fucked it up.

Let's have some champagne, Joe, ok?

God, I hate to open champagne bottles.

It's like an explosion,
like a missile going off.

Tell me when it's over.

Tell me when it's over.

Tell me when it's over.

To Joe.

You wanna know why I take dope?

'Cause I don't give a shit.

I see.

I just don't give a shit.

About what?
About me?

What are you talking about?
I don't give a shit about anything!

Why, Joe?

I've got nothing to lose.

That's because you've got a mother
who gives you everything.

No, no, ma, that's not it. If you
didn't give me the money I'd steal it.

I believe you.

I need two fixes a day.

I can't watch you
killing yourself.

If I don't have it, I get sick.

I get cramps, I sweat,
I chill all over...

Then I take a shot
and everything is beautiful.

It all goes away.

Shooting up makes me feel wonderful.

How can I help you?

Leave me alone.
Just go away!

I don't like you helping me.
Leave me alone.

Oh, God, I'm sick!

I don't have any more of the stuff.

You never could understand me.

Joe, come here.

I can help you, Joe.

I bought something for you.


- Where did you get it?
- Mustafa.

Oh, God.

Thank you.

Here, hold this.
Careful, careful.

Thank you.

Take it easy.

No, back and forth,
back and forth. That's it.

Back and forth, come on.

Thank you.

Fucking shit, I don't have
any more goddamn needles!

I'm gonna die.

I'm gonna die.
Damn it!

You forgot the needle!

Don't call the doctor, please.


What have I done to you, Joe?

What have I done to you?

Don't leave me alone, please.

I'm sorry, Joe.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What are you doing here?

Sit down. I prepared you
a delicious breakfast.

She's gone out of town.
To Parma.

I know.


I came a long way to see you.

I'm sorry I stopped writing you.

You don't know who I am, do you?

I spent so much time in this room...

I feel dizzy.

You were a tyrant.
I didn't believe in myself.

You tought me how to use my voice.

How to take care of it.

That it was beautiful.
All that mattered was my voice.

And you're vane,
you are!

You're very selfish.

Ahhh, you're looking for the spotlight.

The piano's been covered.

What's this?
Where's the piano?

Do you remember when you told me
one day I'd hate my voice?

I don't wanna sing anymore.

I have rehearsals for Ballo.
I don't wanna go.

I hate my voice. That's what I came here
to talk to you about.

I needed to talk to you about it.
I'm finished.

I don't wanna sing.

Can you hear me?
Hear me! Listen to me!

I've gotta talk to you.

I used to sing this to my son
when he was a little boy.

I'm so glad to see you!

How did you find me, darling?

- Marina.
- Thank you for coming.

This is where he kissed me
the first time.

- Who?
- Your father.

- Where?
- Here...

- Here, where?
- Here.

I bet I can find it.
The house that we lived in.

It had these two enormous,
gigantic walnut trees.

We lived there for about... a year.

Then we moved to the sea, near Rome.

I think it's this way.

- Are we lost?
- Not at all.

Not at all.

What is it, do you see the house?

- No, I know where we are!
- Where?

That is the farm where
he used to get fresh bread.

Mom, I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten since last night.

I couldn't find our house,
but look where we are.

Joe, this is Verdi's house!

This is where he lived,
this is where he wrote everything!

All his operas.

He lived inside there.
He'd look out the window...

... and he'd see a little
old hunchback peasant.

Then Rigoletto is what he'd write.

Or he'd look out and he,
I don't know, he'd see

the Po river and it would be
the Nyle to him...

He saw Egypt, he saw Venice,
he saw everything,

he saw the world in this little house.

- You'd like to come and see it?
- Not particularly.

Not particularly?

This is my roots, Joe.

This is my family you're talking about.

How can you be like this?
He's like a father to me.

You don't care about anything!

You're a lost person.
A junkie.

That's all.

Are you fucking crazy?
Are you nuts?

What are you trying to do?
Kill me?

Would you relax, Joe? It's not
a major accidente, it's a flat tyre.

It'll take two minutes to fix.



- Mam, do you want me to help you?
- No.

Go listen to the juke box.

And stop staring over my shoulder!
It makes me nervous.

Some times, being your mother
can be a real pain in the ass.

Stop! Shit!

You just wait!

I wish I had a pair of his boots.

Now I'll tell you something
that will shock you as American.

- I... I'm communist.
- What do you mean?

You are American, I'm communist.

Stop the car! Stop.

I offend you?

- 6 year ago, in Cuba... Cuba...
- Yes! Cuba! Cuba!

Excuse me.

- Fidel... Castro.
- Yes, Fidel!

Same boat, 2 men.
Fidel and me. You get me?

Fishing, fishing.

I fished a fish this big.

Sure, and Fidel very little fish.
Very jealous.

I bet!

- Beautiful man, handsome.
- Strong.

Very, very jealous for my big fish.

Beautiful, black, sexy...

God, what an asshole.

No... no... he's a punk.
He's a little punk.

A piccolo sandwich
for a very strong man.

I'm sorry, but that's my son.

I didn't want to touch him.
I wanted to be touching you.

You're right.
He was an asshole.

He was a jerk.

I'm scared too.

My baby! My baby!
Your back is so soft.

- Let's not fight anymore!
- Your face is a mess.

I'll clean it up.

- It's good.
- Hold still.

I love you, Joe!

- I love you, Joe!
- No, you don't.

You hate me. You never loved me.
You always hated me!

You're fucking crazy!
You're sick, you're sick!

You never loved me
and you'll never love me!

You hate me, you hate me, you hate me!

You're a fucking bitch!
You bitch!

If only we could have found our house...

It was so important to me.

I wanted you to see it.
I wanted you to know.

This is very hard for me to say, Joe.

I wanted to tell you.

I tried to tell you.
I didn't know how.

I thought that if we could see
the house that we lived in.

The house that we lived in
with your father.

Not with Douglas.

But with your real father.

- What?
- We're here.


Go, go, go.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I brought your shoes back.

I mean,
I'll go and get yours.

No, thank you.

- Are you English?
- American.

Here they are.

Do you like my shoes better than...?

Do you want my shoes?

You used to speak English
a lot, didn't you?

Many years ago.

I know certain American songs.

You remember you had a son?

I'll play something for you.

Thank you.

He never forgot you.
He looked for you everywhere.

Didn't you wanna know where he was?

All he wanted to do was to find you.

It drove him crazy.

After a while he started shooting up.

H. Heroine.
You know?

We'd shoot up together,
then we'd look for you.

We looked for you, man!

You don't believe me?




Where is my son now?

He's dead.

He died right in the street.

Nobody came to help.

He OD'ed.

Get out.

Get out, please.

- And Caterina, where is she?
- She's rehearsing at Caracalla.

Where's my mother?

Where is she?


Edward, you never get anywhere on time.

They wouldn't allow me to come in here.

Look what an incredible present I found.

It's a score of Ballo
autographed by Callas.

Isn't it incredible?

Caterina is beyond all that now.

I supposse this must be
a very tricky theatre.

How's she been singing?

She's not singing.
She's speaking her role.

- That's very unusual for her.
- You don't understand anything.

Now you're in love
with your father?

You really screwed me up.

- I'm half Italian.
- You're American.

It says so on your birth certificate.

You were born in New York.
Your father was Douglas.

You know you'll go to jail
for forgery.

They'd never arrest me.
I'm crazy.

- I really am.
- You're kidding.

I'm teasing, darling,
I'm teasing.

Why did you break up?

He hated... me.
My, my voice.

He wanted... something d?fferent.

He was...

... selfish.

He was in love with his mother.

I have to go.

It's terrible.

To see me?

Is it true?

- But, what?
- Our son.

He's right there.

Joe, Mustafa's gone.