Lucas (1986) - full transcript

A socially inept fourteen year old experiences heartbreak for the first time when his two best friends--one an older-brother figure, the other a girl with whom he is in love-- fall for each other.

Ready, hut!

- All right!
- Get up there!

Six, seven, eight!

Come on, come on.
Climb up. Don't break.

Six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight!

Come on, good! Good!

Smile! Look up!
Come on, Smile!

There's someone out there!

- There!
- There!


I think he's got a gun or something!

- Pervert!
- Pervert!

Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!


Could you grab that for me?

Thank you.

-Do you play tennis?
-No. Uh-uh.

-What's that thing?
-A net for insects.

-You collect insects?

To collect them, you have to kill them.
I just look at them.

Oh. That's nice.

Well, thanks.

You're very good.

Not so much when people
are watching me.

-Are you on the team?
-No, I just moved here.

-Is there a team?
-Yeah, at school.

-Which school? Park High?

You go there?

-You look--

-I'm accelerated.
-Oh, you must be real smart, then.

Well, I'll see you there
when it starts.

-What's your name?

Hi. I'm Lucas.



All you need to know is
one person. And you already know me.

So when school starts,
you'll have one good friend.

That's all anybody needs
as far as I'm concerned.

Do you think people need
more than just one good friend?

Well, yeah.

I'm perfect because I have many
friends. I can introduce you to people.

Hey, guys, what's happening?
Hey, Cappie! How's it hanging, bud?

That's Cappie Foew, number 88.
Good buddy of mine.

There's his girlfriend, Alise,
cheerleading. Been together three years.

You really know those guys?

Do I know those guys?
Of course I know those guys.

I mean, we don't hang out
or anything.

You know, either you're an athlete
or you're not an athlete.

Actually, I am. I'm an athlete.

I don't like to get caught up
in that stuff. It's superficial.

You know, football heroes,
cheerleaders and parties.

I'd be willing to play football if all
that other junk didn't go along with it.

My dad's working for this ad agency.

They're doing a blue-jean commercial.

And along comes
Miss Designer Jeans of America. . .

. . .who is 19 years old.
And all of a sudden, my dad is like:

''Gosh, I have to work
late again tonight. ''

And my mom is all, ''Gee, he's spending
a lot of time at work lately. ''

-Well, listen, it happens.
-Not with a girl who's 19.

Age differences can be good.
You have to keep an open mind.

For instance, I'm 14, you're 16.

Could you see me with a man
who's 38 or something?

No. But with a guy of 14--

Would your father
do something like this?

No. Of course he wouldn't.

Well, my father's got
other kinds of problems.

Like what?

Like being a workaholic.
Like being caught in the system.

Both of my parents,
caught in the system.

-Parties and social status.
-That's bad.

-That's terrible.

That's what I mean about
players and cheerleaders.

-It's all superficial.

See? I like the way
you're thinking now.

-Which one's your house?
-You just passed it.

-That one?


- See what I mean?
- It's beautiful.

-That materialistic display?
-You don't look like you live there.

That's a compliment.

-Are you a communist?
-No, but I do keep an open mind.

That's what you should do
about things, keep an open mind.

Your father's girlfriend. She might
turn out to be a great mother to you.

She's three years older than me!

Don't get hung up on all
that tradition. Tradition is superficial.

It's just a hang-up.
Haven't you ever realized that?

Here's your net.

Here's your umbrella.

Well, bye-bye, Lucas.

It's perfect your name's Maggie.

-Because a magpie's black-and-white.




- Hi!
- Hi!

I've been trying to find you.
I couldn't find this house

-I didn't know your last name.

-Yeah. Do you wanna play tennis?
-I wish I could, but I can't.

You have a bug on your shoulder!
Get it off! Quick!

Don't worry.
It's just a locust.

I didn't want to run over it
with the mower.

-Please get it away.
-You should take a look.

You won't see one again for 17 years.
That's how long they take to incubate.

- You can't play tennis?
- Hey, Lucas!

No. I gotta go.
I promised the gardener I'd help him.

-What's your phone number?
-It's unlisted.

And my parents don't like
for me to give it out.


Well, then maybe
I'll stop by sometime.

They don't like people
to stop by either. I can visit people. . .

. . .but they just don't like people
to make a mess of the house and. . . .

-Well, I can meet you there.

-The tennis courts by the school.

-Three o'clock.

-Every day!


Lucas. Come on.

Come on!

-You're on the wrong side. Keep going!
-I'm compromising.

You don't understand.
Stay on the right side of the road!

Watch where you're going!

-This is creepy, Lucas.
-Don't worry. It's okay.

What if we get lost?

Hi there.
We're with the Chicago Conservatory.

Do you mind if we listen?

-No, fine with me.
-Thank you.

They never mind. Come on, sit down.
Sit over here.

Excuse me.
I hate to bother you again. . .

. . .but would you possibly have
a program I could borrow?

Thank you very much.

Whoa. Heavy night!



-Is your name Margaret?


No, I'm just saying it.

Did you think we'd be such
good friends when we first met?

I don't know.

What did you think of me?

I thought you were interesting.

I thought you were beautiful.

-Do you still?

-Think I'm interesting?

Me too.

Lucas, I think I like classical music.



Is there something wrong?

I just wish that school
would never start.

Freshmen take the pink form,
sophomores take the gold form. . .

. . .juniors take the white form
and the seniors take the yellow form.

How many trips are we going to take?

I have a sign-up sheet
here for the fall fiesta.

-Because I was all-conference.
-Oh, really?

Excuse me. Making a movie.
Excuse me.

-Blye! Hey, Luca-duke!
-Hey, Ben.

-How was your summer?
-What are you doing?

Recruiting for the video club.
You want to come out?

-Aren't you going out for band?
-I'm thinking about quitting.

I think maybe you should too.

They say the guy that's
taking over is a real Nazi.

They say he taught band
at Joliet State Prison.

What happened to Triechel?

You didn't hear?
Where have you been?

He's dead.

-Yeah. He killed himself.

You didn't know?

Hi, Lucas.

- Oh, hi, Rina.
- Hi, Rina.

-How was your summer?
-Did you hear about Triechel?

Yeah, isn't it awful? He blew
a blood vessel playing the trumpet.

-He committed suicide, Rina.
-He did not. He had a stroke.

Are you talking about Triechel?
He blew his head off.

-Playing the trumpet, right?
-Nope. Playing the revolver.

- What did I tell you?
- Jesus!

- Well, why'd he do it?
- Love.

He was in love
with a dental technician.

- She wouldn't give him a shot.
- So he gave himself a shot.

- Triechel?
- Can I have your attention, please?

He didn't seem like the type.

Could you quiet down?


I'm tempted to say, ''Shut up,'' here,
but I won't do that.

Want to go to the movies tonight?

You've all been real cooperative today.
I know it's been kind of confusing. . .

. . .and crazed and congested,
and we're running 90 minutes late.

So we're going to postpone
registration until Monday.

And if you'll all now proceed
in an orderly fashion to the gym.

I said, in an orderly fashion!

We're going to have a short program
that I'm sure you're all gonna enjoy.

Pirates can't be beat!

I wanna introduce you
to the Pirates right now.

You know them by name,
you know them by number!

Let's get them up here.
Come on up, now!

-Come right on up! Come on.
-All right!

Up here on the stage.

-Come on, boys. Hustle it up!
-Way to go!

Hey, Luke!
What are you, the football?

Let's let everybody see your faces.

These are the men whose names
are gonna spell victory!

Hey! Look who's going out
for the football team!

Come on up, Luke.

- Come on! The stage is this way!
- Come on, Bruno.

Let's go, Luke! Let's go, Luke!
Let's go, Luke! Let's go, Luke!

Hey, Cappie! Your buddy's
coming out for the team!

Hey, Bruno! Hey, let him go!

- All right.
- Okay.

-All right!
-I'd like to get on with this, please.

Whoa! Whoa!


- All right.
- That's enough, you guys.

All right, if we can--

If we can get serious, here. . .

. . .I wanna introduce the men
who really belong on this stage.

Okay. All right.

Can you get off the stage, son?

Will you get off the stage?
Fight over there.

All right. Captain of the team. . .

. . .that's gonna beat Fockford
in our first game in two weeks. . .

. . .I want to introduce to you now
number 88, Cappie Foew!

All right!



Yeah, hi.

-Are you all right?
-Me? Yeah. Were you in there?

That was funny, wasn't it?
That was planned.

Well, see you.

What are you doing this weekend?

-I don't know. What are you doing?
-My dad's visiting.


-I hope he doesn't bring his girlfriend.
-Well, remember, keep an open mind.

Lucas, are your parents going
to this parents' night thing?

I thought maybe we could
introduce them to my mom. . .

. . .because she doesn't know anybody.


-No, they don't do that!


Well, I thought I told you!
They're superficial. Well, didn't I?

-Yes, Lucas.
-Okay, then.

You know who else you told me
was superficial?


Football players.

You were right too. They think
you're someone to make fun of.

Uh, listen, I heard they're playing
something funny at the movies tonight.

Come here.

The movie's about to start.
Let's go!

Hey, Blye! You want me
to get your tickets?

Hey, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke
Get that ball away and puke

If you need to go in front of my car,
go ahead. Really, I won't kill you.

I cross my heart.
Seriously, go ahead.

- Hey, Luke.
- Hi.

- How was your summer?
- It was good.

-All right.
-You were a good sport today.


-Hi. This is Maggie, guys.


-I got our tickets. Got our tickets.
-Thank you.

- We'll see you inside, okay?
- Bye, Luke.

- Bye, Lucas.
- Sorry I'm late.

Hey, Luke! You want something?

- Thanks.
- Sure. Can I help you?

Yes, ma'am. I'd like
a tub of popcorn with butter. . .

. . .a large Coke, a small Coke
and, since I'm on a diet. . .

. . .I'll have either Goobers or M&M's.
Which one, guys?


Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke
Get that ball away and puke

Ben and Luke
I'm gonna puke

-What a gimp.
-Come on, let's go.

-Hey! Don't let him scare you away.
-Scare me away?

Yeah. Just tell him to eat shit.

Yeah, I'd like some Feese's Pieces,
some Milk Duds. . .

. . .and some red twisty things
for my girlfriend, please.

So! What do you guys say?

You coming out
for the football team or not?

We're trying to find you a jersey,
but we're all out of pup tents.

You should talk, shit-breath.

-What did you say?
-You heard me.

No, I don't think I did.

-What's going on?
-This kid's mouthing off to me.

-Let's go.
-Wait a second.

-What's the point?
-I'm kidding around.

And this fat little marshmallow
opens his mouth to me.

Don't worry about him.
Let's see a movie.

You better watch your mouth, fat boy.
Learn to be like Lucas.

-He's smart. Not like you.
-He's scared. Not like me.

-Oh, yeah?

-You know, you're asking for it.
-Well, so are you!

-What did you say?
-You heard me!

Maybe you boys would like
to step outside.

- Let's go.
- No, I have to settle this.

-I came to see a movie.
-And so did I.

-Yeah, but not King Kong.
-Hey, man!

- Settle down.
- Let's go. No fights! I mean it!

You should listen to the lady.

If I was you, I wouldn't stick around
to see the movie.

You understand me, Leukoplakia?
I'll be looking for you guys afterwards.

-No, he won't.
-The hell I won't.

-They'll be with me afterwards.

We're going out to eat.

-Why do you always stick up for him?
-Why are you always picking on him?

Let's go. The movie's started.

Just make sure we're on
opposite sides of the Iine tomorrow.


Can I get a Feese's, please?

- Do you want anything?
- No.

-Maybe we should leave.
-I'm not afraid of that shit-bag.

-Don't worry about it. We're going out.
-I can't. My mom's picking me up.

-Sorry about that.
-Yeah, well, so am I.

I'll see you guys inside.

I didn 't believe it. But you saw it.
You saw it, didn 't you?

Yes, I-- I saw it.
I thought she was--

As God is my witness, I saw the thing.

You've committed murder
just as much as Elaine did.

Why do they call you Leukoplakia?

Does it mean something?

Leukoplakia is cancer of the mouth.

I think they've done it.

It's the same with pigeons.
You can tell by the way they kiss.

Help me! Help me!

It was huge, man! Huge! ''Help me!
Help me! Help me! Help me! ''

Let's score some beers.

Screw beers. Let's get bandoleros!

-What are bandoleros?
-I don't know.

But some guy said he'd get
great bandoleros.

- Can we get a little organization here?
- Let's turn it up.

- It's a great song.
- Come on, turn it up! All right!

- What was that?
- Jesus!

- Jesus Christ!
- What was that?

- Is everybody all right?
- I don't believe it!

- Holy shit!
- Are you okay?

- Are you all right?
- I thought I was gonna die!

''Help me! Help me! Help me! ''

You think the car's all right?

- Let's take a look at the hood.
- Let's check it out.

-You all right?
-Yeah. Look at the windshield.

- What were those things?
- I don't know, they were scary!

- Something hit me in the face.
- They were bugs.

It was locusts. Listen!

- To what?
- I can't hear anything.

- I don't hear anything.
- They're hatching in the trees.

-I wanna get out of here.
-They can't hurt you.

I don't care.
I want to get out of here.

- In Africa, people eat them.
- Get the mustard.

- I wanna get out of here.
- Felax.

I just wanna get out of here!

I hate to say this,
but there's something in your hair.

-Shut up!
-I'm serious!

- Oh, shit!
- Alise. Alise, relax. Felax!

It's okay! It's all right!
Settle down.

I'll get it! I'll get it!
Calm down. Look, I got it.

- Did you get it?
- I got it. Look, it's out. It's out.

- It's okay.
- See?

It's just a bug.

-Thank you.
-I don't mind them.

- Lucas told me all about them.
- You got one? Let me see it.

- Let's see.
- Is that thing for real?

- Check it out.
- All right!

- Into the Iight.
- I can't see it.

- Look how big it is!
- I gotta be real delicate. It's a baby.

It's the first time it's seen the world.
It just hatched.

-Are you sure you're okay?
-Are there any more in my hair?

No, I don't see any.


- Look at its wings!
- Check it out!

- Look at that!
- It doesn't move.

- It's not trying to get away.
- Hey, it must be dumb.

It's not dumb. Its wings are still wet.
It's totally helpless.

I've never seen these things before.

They onIy hatch out every 17 years.

- How come every 17 years?
- He loves bugs.

He's a great kid.

-Thanks for sticking up for him.
-It's okay. I like him.

I'm glad.

- He did something for me once.
- Did he? Well, what did he do?

Cappie? Can we get
out of here right now?


- I think it's ugly.
- Does it bite?

It doesn't have a mouth.
All it lives for is to mate.

- Hey, like me!
- I think it's moving a little.

- What are you doing?
- Step on it!

- Don't!
- Guys! I got it!

Oh, my God, it looks like a huge M&M!

That's disgusting.
Let's get out of here. Let's go.

Hey, guys, come on, let's go.

- Luke!
- Let's go.

Luke, come on.

And I always like a big, strong,
handsome man in the kitchen with me.

Because a big, strong man. . .

. . .always seems to feel so helpless.

-Well, you don't seem very helpless.
-No, ma'am.

-You've broken a banana very well.
-Thank you.

Something handed down
from my ancestors.

By the family tree, you might say?

You might say, yeah.

- Ready to make your drink?
- Yeah.

-Are you capable of handling this?
-Ouite capable, yes.

I mean, you've never
used a blender before.

-No problem.
-Anything you've left out?

Bananas, milk.
Not that I can see, no.

-Nothing that you, overlooked?
-No, ma'am.

All right, then. Blend away.

Way to go, sport!

Who'd like to show this big, strong
man how to use the washer-dryer?

I think there's a gizmo
to put this in. . .

. . .but I just sprinkle it on top.

Okay. Oh, mini-cycle.

-And that's that.

So. . . .

-I hope it gets done in time.
-So do I. Yeah.

Uh. . . . Do you wanna go or. . .?

Oh, well, you know how
to use the dryer?

Yeah, I think I can do it.
I just don't know where to start.

-I have 15 minutes.

Table for two? Care to join me?

-Very boring.

I guarantee the dryer
will be a lot worse.

Don't panic. It's trying to get out.

Pretty good.

Some gum?

It's good for you.

-Oh, yeah. Dextrose, softeners. . .

. . .artificial flavors. Good stuff.

I like Alise.

She's real pretty.


You guys been going together
a long time?


It's real serious, huh?

Well, it's serious, but. . . .

I don't know about this gum.

I didn't wanna say anything. Here.

Some people would
be grossed out by that.

-Not me.
-I know Alise would.

-She gets easily grossed out.
-I don't.

Well, except for some things.

Some things? Like. . .?

Like. . . .

-Like what?
-Like phlegm or something. . .

. . .when it flies out of a handkerchief.

Or if someone throws up on your shoe.
You know, that happened to me once.

-Well, you asked.
-No, tell me about it. I'm interested.

We were on this plane to Orlando,
I was wearing Loafers and no socks.

And I have two hours left on this flight
when this man threw up on my shoe.

It was really disgusting.

-How was Orlando?
-Oh, it was fantastic.

-I'm gonna travel myself someday.
-Oh, me too.

What's up with you and Lucas?
I mean, as far as--

-We're just friends.

He's very special.

-Oh, he's the best.
-And he's so smart.

-You're telling me how smart he is?
-You know. . .

. . .it's nice to know somebody
who has really heavy thoughts.

-Absolutely. Yeah.
-Do you?

-Have heavy thoughts?

Oh, yeah, sure. All the time.

I'm not having any right now. . .

. . .but just give me some time.

What did he do for you?

-You said he helped you once.
-Oh, right. Yeah, with my schoolwork.

I was out with this case of hepatitis
for a couple months. . .

. . .and he came by my house every day
and brought my books to me.

I still don't know why he did it.

Because you're nice to him.

I didn't used to be.

I used to treat him
like everybody else does.

Why do people do that?

I don't know.
Because he's strange, I guess.

You know, last year he even had
this strange walk.

He said it had something to do
with the force of gravity.

Just the way he mouths off
in class sometimes.

That's how the term
''Leukoplakia'' got started.


Anyways, I do owe a lot to him.

And I like him.

I do too.

So I'll do what I can
to keep him from getting hurt.


And then there's Alise.

-I mean, she likes him too.

Oh, right.

That's nice.

She thinks you're very beautiful.


Did she say that?

I think she's jealous.

Of me? Why?

Are you cold?

Oh, no!

He shoots! He scores!

Whoa! What a shot!
Look out! This kid's an all-American!

What a shot!

Tied now. No time left. Pulls up.

Money shot!

I told Alise I thought you should
try out for cheerleading.

That's why she got jealous.

I still think you should.

So it's an honor
to represent the school.

And it looks real good on college
applications. And anybody can join.

Even boys. The Supreme Court
says anyone who tries out for a team. . .

- . . .has to be given a chance.
- I'd like to point out. . .

. . .that cheerleading is
very good exercise for your body.

A lot of doctors say
it's even better than aerobics.

And it's not too bad
for your social Iife either.

-What's going on here?

-What are you doing here?
-I'm listening.

Can you meet me after school?
I'll get you an A in biology.

- Shh.
- We have eight places to fill.

We practice every day and take buses
with the guys to the away games.

Some bus drivers don't care
what goes on in the back of the bus.

Or what beverages may be consumed.

- Don't say you heard it here.
- If anyone's interested. . .

. . .take an application and meet at
the practice field right after school today.

-You have a change of clothes here?

If you come down to the stream and
collect stuff for Karlson's terrarium. . .

. . .I'm sure he'll give you an A.



I think I'm gonna do this today.


-Well, check it out.
-What for?

-Because I might wanna do it.
-What, be a cheerleader?

I don't know.

-Is that all right, Lucas?
-Me? Hey. . . .

-The way you were looking at me. . . .

I can wait till tomorrow
to collect tadpoles.

Well, if I like it, I'll be
doing it tomorrow too.

They practice every day.

It sounds like fun, Lucas.

Well, didn't you hear what they said?
Away games and buses. . .

. . .and stuff.

Well, I guess everybody
has their own idea of fun.

Some people go to football games.

Other people do
Iess superficial things.

Look, Lucas, just because
you don't approve of something. . .

. . .doesn't mean other people
don't have a right to enjoy it.

-Well, you're in the band, aren't you?


-So the band goes to football games.
-Well, totally different.

-The band does not have fun there.

-Then why do you do it?
-Well, I don't know.

Figure it out. And in the meantime,
don't call people superficial. . .

. . .just because they wanna have fun!

I'm new here.

I don't know anybody.

Why can't you be helpful
and understanding about that?

Hey, Laura, wait up.

Hi. Hey, thanks for waiting for me.
I've gotta talk to you.

I thought about what you said to me,
about you needing to meet people. . .

. . .and me not being
very understanding about that.

- Hey, Luke.
- Hey, Cap.

I'm glad you're here.
I've gotta talk to you too.

-Great. How's the cheerleading going?
-Great. I love it.

I hear you're terrific.


I thought maybe Cap can give us
a ride next Friday. Is that okay?

- What?
- What are you talking about?

If you could take Maggie
and me to the dance, it'd be great.

-She has a strong need for acceptance.
-Really quite all right, Lucas.

It's okay. Cappie won't mind.
She has this peer-group thing.

-I hate to see her get desperate.

It's okay. I can take you. Sure.

- Cappie?
- Hey.

We're taking Luke and Maggie to the
dance Friday, if it's all right with you.

Hey! You two are going out?

You make a neat couple.
That's great.

Should we dress up?
Wear a tux or something?

You might get it all wrinkled if you
come up on the hill with us afterwards.

- Fight. The hill.
- It's a nice back seat.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I brought you some tadpoles,
but they need a change of water.

Did I say I was going to
any dance with you, Lucas?

No, would you?

Honestly, Lucas.

Hi, Lucas.

Hi, Rina.

Chorus is sounding pretty good,
don't you think?


There's a dance on Friday.
Did you know?


Wanna go?

-Thanks. I have a date.

Your lunch is leaking.

Ouietly, please!

Go for it, Gus.

- Five bucks says no way.
- You're going down. Going down.

Lukey, we're over here.

Sit. We're trying to figure out how
to get rid of this jackass band teacher.

-I hate the idiot's guts.
-Too bad Triechel had to kill himself.

Why'd he leave us with this jackass?

Sex-crazed, that's why.
- He was in love.

- A dental technician?
- Not everyone. . .

. . .has to be glamorous to have
someone fall in love with them.

You don't die
over a dental technician.

-Ever heard of Romeo and Juliet?
-Was she a dental technician?

People do kill themselves
when they can't have who they love.

- I thought he had a heart attack.
- No heart attack.

Blew his brains out with a book
of poetry open and a rose.

I think it's kind of beautiful.
The poetry, I mean.

It was probably Keats or Shelley.

Come on, man!

Or do you wanna go
with something like this?

- That is so tacky.
- Oh, beautiful.

Maybe I'll wear this to the dance.

Yeah, can you see me wearing this?

Yeah, and add a little
fishnet and some high heels.

You'll be voted prom queen.
You never know.

- Are you really gonna go?
- It'll be fun.

I'm so sorry.

You think I'm stupid?
You think I can't see?

- I don't think that.
- I'm glad.

You're overreacting.

I turn around, and you're walking
with her or looking or smiling at her.

- Will you calm down?
- No, I will not.

She's new.
She doesn't know anybody.

- I'm supposed to feel sorry?
- Have some compassion.

She can make friend. . .

. . .doesn't have to get buddy-buddy
with my boyfriend.

- I'm just being nice to her.
- Well, stop being nice to her.

I don't want you
talking to her anymore.

I don't wanna see you
walking with her and smiling at her.

I don't want her in this car on Friday.
We're not giving her a ride.

She can put her fat ass
on Lucas' bicycle, where it belongs.

You think you can tell me what to do?

We're not taking them
to any dance, that's final.

You can either stop being nice to her,
or you can forget about me.


Hey, Alise.

-Hi. You must be Lucas.

-I've heard a lot about you.

-Yeah. You look terrific.
-Thank you. It's a big night.

Fight. I'll get Margaret for you.

- I'm right here, Mom.
- Here she is. See you later.



Wow, look at you.

- You look great.
- You too.

-You rented a tux?
-Yeah, I rented it.

I bought the tie. I get to keep it.
And I bought the shoes.

-You went through so much trouble.
-No, it's no problem.

I'll pay you back if it costs a lot.

No, it's fine.

So you ready to go?

I don't think we can go, Lucas.

Why not?

Cappie and Alise broke up today.

-But aren't they here?
-Cappie's here. . .

. . .but he's very depressed.

Sit down.

She was jealous or
she doesn't like me or something.

She said she'd break up with him
if he went through with it.

She didn't want to go with us, Luke.

So I think we have to call it off.

I have my bike. We can still go.

He kind of needs someone
with him tonight.

I don't wanna leave him by himself.

He had tears in his eyes
when he came over tonight.

Can you imagine that
big, strong guy crying?

Hey, Luke.

I'm sorry, bud.

Am I a drag or what?

Listen, I think you should
come to the dance with us.

I think it'll cheer you up.

No, I'd feel like a third wheel.

We were thinking of
going out for a pizza.

Why don't you come with us.

Yeah, why don't you.

You're going out for pizza?

Well, it's just a suggestion.

If you're so depressed,
how come you're eating pizza?

Maybe I should just go home, huh?


Go eat pizza.

Don't let me spoil your depression.

Are you okay?

Where are you going?

To the dance.

By yourself?

Hey, I'm a party animal.

Lucas? Is that you?

I'll meet you there, okay?

What are you doing?

- Nothing much.
- You look nice.

Thank you.

Drinking beer?

Dragonfly nymph.
You ever see one?

Oh. It's ugly.

I'm glad it's not bigger than me.

It turns into something
very beautiful, Rina.

-Is that possible?

Can you imagine that?

Turning from something ugly
into something beautiful?

No. Frankly, I can't.

Gonna bring it to Karlson?

I thought you had a date.

-Well, are you going in?

Why not?


About what?

-Romeo and Juliet.
-Really? How come?

How old were they? Do you know?

She was 13, and I guess
he was about the same. Why?

-Two different worlds, huh?
-Romeo and Juliet? Yeah.

That can be a problem.

Are you all right, Lucas?


Because you're acting weird.

Just thinking about something, Rina.
Something I've got to decide.

Rina, come on.
I don't wanna go in there by myself.

Just a minute.

-Go ahead.

I gotta go anyway.

What are you deciding?

If it landed on tails,
we'd be somewhere else right now?

Sure. Tails, I turn left.
Heads, I turn right.

Once, I did it all night,
wound up at the airport.

- What did you do?
- Got on a plane to Tahiti.

You're lying.

To tell you the truth,
I wound up at a bowIing alley.

BowIed a great game, though.

Do you believe in destiny?

Is that why you flip coins?

I guess so.

Do you?

-I'm interested in destiny.

What else are you interested in?

-A lot of things.
-Things. Like. . .?

Like. . . .

Like politics?


You interested in wide receivers?

-What's that?
-The position I play.

Oh, is that what you do?

-Sort of.

-Are you interested in cars?


Are you interested in being kissed?


- Did you hear about Lucas?
- What about him?

-It's suicide.
-What do you mean?

- He's gone out for the football team.
- And....

Eat meat! Eat meat!
Eat meat! Eat meat!

Eat meat! Eat meat!
Eat meat! Eat meat!

Ready. . . .

- Hit!
- Dig in! Dig in! Dig, dig, dig!

Ready. . . .

- Hit!
- Come on! Dig, dig, dig!

Take your places! Let's go! Move!


Son? You.

Come over here.
The rest of you, hit the tires!

-What the hell are you doing?
-Excuse me?

-Who suited you up?
-I'd like to speak to you about that.

-This equipment just doesn't fit.
-No, that's not the problem.

It's you that don't fit.
Now, go turn it in.

Excuse me. I can run really fast
when I concentrate on it.

I said, turn it in.
Now, get off the field.

All right! Everybody inside
for chalk talk! Shower up first!

-Let's go, go, go!
-You're making a big mistake.

I'll be very good at this. I can Iower
my center of gravity, see? Look, look.

See? And my size. I gotta run fast.
If they catch me, I'm dead.

Listen, little buddy. We got our first
game Saturday against Fockford. . .

. . .and I don't have time
to dick around with you.

Well, I'm afraid you'll have to, sir.
Dick around with me.

The Supreme Court, by virtue
of the Sexual Discrimination Act. . .

. . .says that anyone who tries out
for a team sport. . .

. . .has to be given the same chance
as everyone else.

Now, if you wish to cut me based on
my performance, that's your right.

But I'll take you to court
if you try to before.

-What's this shit?
-I looked it up.

My family's in law.

The goddamned longest practice!
I'm not playing with this helmet!

I'm serious, man!
No more hitting for me!

These pads have had it too!
I'm serious!

-Are you gonna put that stuff on me?
-Just quit being a wimp!

- It's gonna burn like hell!
- It's supposed to.

-OnIy way to get under that muscle.
-Get it off!

Please. Cut the drama, all right?
You'll live.

All right, girls. Let's hit those showers,
then it's chalk talk.

We have one week till our first game.

- Our first win.
- Screw Fockford!

Yeah, screw Fockford!

Hey, where's my towel?
Who took my towel?

Luke, can I talk to you for a minute?

I think I know why you're doing this.

No. You can't talk to me.

She wasn't your girlfriend, Luke.

Hey, Leukoplakia!
They got a jockstrap to fit you?

Maybe one of you guys should stop
by sewing class tomorrow. . .

. . .and pick up a thimble.
Lucas, here, needs a jockstrap.

Or maybe a thimble would be too big.
Hey, anybody got a contact lens?

A contact lens and a Band-Aid.

-You referring to the size of my penis?
-Yeah, I am.

With a flaccid penis,
it's the number of folds that count.

Anyway, I don't get semierect around
other males like some of you fellas do.

-What'd you say?
-It's a University of llIinois study.

You can tell the fags in a warm shower
by who's got the longest dong.

Look. Yours seems
to be growing even now.

-The hell it is.
-It is. Look!

-Hey, look! He's getting a hard-on!
-Hey, yeah, he is!

Hey, don't nobody bend over
to pick up the soap!

-You little shit.
-They say physical violence. . .

. . .is an expression of sexual feeling.

- Let's get him!
- Oh, shit!

- Shit.
- Come on, get him!

You guys! You guys!

- Hey, let's give him a rubdown!
- Yeah!

Hey, hey, guys! What's going on?

- No! Guys!
- Give me the hot stuff!


- What is that?
- It'll teach you how to dance!

-Hey, hey, enough!
-Hey, all right!

- The joke's over.
- We're kidding.

-No, I'm serious!
-Shut up! Come on!

-Come on, guys!
-Come on!

Have fun, Luke. Have fun.

You guys, come on! The joke's over.


Guys, come on. Please!
The joke's over. Come on!

-Mind telling me what you're doing?
-These guys, are they great?

-Why are you doing this?
-I just like to jump!

-What's the matter with you?
-I love to dance. Jacksons!

Not bad, huh?

Hi there. Sure is a warm day.

Hi there.

You can't make me quit!


You dropped out of band.

You've lost interest
in Mr. Karlson's terrarium.

And now this picking fistfights
in the Iocker room?

That's not accurate.

Well, look, accurate or not,
the point is. . .

. . .these are very serious
distress signals.

And now this crazy idea
about going out for the football team. . . .

What's so crazy about it?

Because it could be dangerous
for a boy like you.

Well, you have no right to stop me.

Do your parents know about this?
Going out for the football team?


I'd like them to come in and see me.

Well, that's not possible.
My dad is just way too busy.

And he agrees with me totally.
He's a civil-rights lawyer.

If you think he'll agree with you,
he'll sue the school. . .

. . .if you bring him here, Mr. Kaiser.
I'd hate to see that happen.

I like you, Mr. Kaiser.
I'd hate to see you lose your job.

Just the same, I'll instruct the coach
not to let you near that football field. . .

. . .until your parents come in
and talk with me.

And that ends our talk.

Can I leave now?

Can I just suit up?

Just suit up and sit on the bench?

I'm doing you a favor, Luke.
You're not cut out for this.




-Will you wait for a minute?

-Lucas, come on, I want to talk to you.
-Go away.

-Go away.
-You're being unreasonable. Please?

I don't wanna talk.

- Oh, Lucas, don't be silly.
- Get away from me!

Come on out, Lucas.

I know you're in there.
I can see your feet.

-Have you been crying?
-Yeah, so what?

I mean, wimps do that.
Didn't you know?

Just like big, strong guys.

-What do you want me to do, Lucas?
-I don't care.

I mean, just keep doing what
you're doing. Go to bed with him.

-That's not fair.
-Yeah, a lot of things aren't fair.

Lucas, you and I were just friends.


-What do you mean, ''why''?
-I mean, why just friends?

Because that's all we were.

Yeah, but why?

-Well, you're 14.
-Romeo was 14.

I don't know, Lucas.

There are certain people you like
in a certain way. . .

. . .and others you like as a friend.

I don't know why.

You know about science.
Do you know why?

Yeah. Actually, I do.

It's called the process
of natural selection.

You ever heard of Darwin?

The males who demonstrate physical
prowess are most attractive to females.

By breeding with the strongest males,
females ensure survival of the species.

-You know how wonderful you are?
-Yeah, but it doesn't turn you on.

Lucas, I want you to be my friend.

What are we gonna do with you?

Go away.


Leave! Leave!

Go! Go away!

Cappie, Cappie, he's our man
If he can 't do it, no one can

Bruno, Bruno, break that guard
Hit him, hit him, hit him hard

Oh. . . .

I love it. I love it.

You bozos! Time! Time-out!

You dumb-asses, get over here!

Cut. Get-- What the hell's going on?

- You guys are playing like old ladies.
- Ain't no blocking.

Well, that's obvious!
Anybody in the stands could see that!

Tell Bruno and the guys,
when they hit the sustainer blocks. . .

. . .keep those feet under them
and moving.

Our offense is awesome
Our defense dominates

We gotta save a little face here, boys.
Let's head in for that four turn-in.

Let's see if we can make it work--
Get the hell out of my face.

Let's see if we can make it work.
Get in there. Let's see some Iife.

- Come on, let's go. Go, go. Come on.
- Let's go, guys.

Go, go, go, Pirates, go!
Go, go, go, Pirates, go!

Go, go, go, Pirates, go!

Let's go!

-Well, tackle him!
-Get him, Cap! Go get him! Get him!

Oh, he's got it! Yeah!

Oh, shit!

-It's a slaughter!
-You're supposed to run with it, Bruno!

Let's play! Come on!

Play ball, children!

You got a problem?

Where's the play? Where's the break?

-What the hell are you doing here?
-I'm ready to go in. I can run fast.

-I can win this game!
-Get out of here, will you?

-Just give me one chance. One play!
-Get out of here! Get off of the field!

You have nothing to lose.
They're whipping your ass.

-Listen to me--
-Put me in. I'll never come back.

-Let me play. You have nothing to lose.
-Hear me good, you pissant.

-I'm gonna tell you one more time.
-Don't you call me that!

Don't you call me a pissant,
you dumb fucking jock.

-What'd you say?
-You heard me, pencil brain.

Who we kidding here?
Who's the pissant?

The second-rate coach
of a third-rate team or me?

-What's your name?

-I mean your last name!

You're right, Blye. I've got nothing
to lose by sending you in!

-Yes, sir!
-Karger, out! Blye, in!

-What position?

Hey, who is that? Who's going in?

-Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
-They put me in! I'm in the game!

-I'm playing football!
-Hey! Get off the field!

Nineteen! Ready! Hike!

Holy shit.

What the hell is he doing?
Get Luke off the field!

-Get him out of the game! Come on!
-Just play football!

Get out of this place.
Get out of our way.

Is that Lucas?

What is he doing? Come on!

-Look at him!
-What the hell are you doing, Luke?

Pass it to me. I'll get a touchdown.
Trust me, guys.

We're screwed. Lucas.
Power 29 sweep on one.

Ready? Break!

-Get out of the way!
-Block that guy right there.

-Twenty-nine! Set. Hut! Hut!

Okay, Blye! Had enough?

- You all right?
- I'm fine.

-Get out. These guys will kill you.
-I'm fine!

- You gotta get out of here.
- Come on!

-Get him out of here!
-No way!

-I'm staying in!
-Get him out of there! Time!

- Coach, got no time-outs left!
- Lucas, get off the field!

Luke, get out of here!
I'm gonna wring your neck!

Come on! Come on!
Get off the field!

Karger, get in! Blye, out!

Coach, you can't do that!
You got 1 2 men on the field!

That's a 1 5-yard penalty,
and you lost a down!

Get one off,
and let's get this game going!

-Number 71 , you get out.

No, the little guy!
Get the little guy out!

You have 30 seconds
to put this ball in play!

- You're dead meat!
- Get back to the huddle and play ball!

Let's go! Forget about him!
Huddle up! Forget about him!

- Idiot!
- Play ball!

Get off!

Come on. All right, we're gonna
run power sweep left on one.


- Get the hell out of here!
- Ready? Hut! Hut!

Throw it! Throw it here.

- Go, Luke! Go, Luke!
- Great coverage, Cap!

Throw it back! Throw it back.
Throw it back! Throw it back!


- Deep!
- No, no, no!

- Go deep, go deep.
- Throw it!

-Throw it to Lucas!
-Throw it to Lucas!

Throw it to Lucas!

-Throw it to Lucas!
-No, don't throw it to Blye!

-Okay, okay! Peel off!
-Coach! Coach!

You got an injured man out here!

All right, boys, come on.
Let him up.

Easy. Foll off.

Oh, my God.

- Get a doctor.
- Someone get the doctor!

Did someone call his parents?

- Phone's not listed.
- Let's go to his home.

-Can I come?

- Just say when.
- When.

It's this one right here. This one.

-Lucas doesn't live here.
-Yes, he does.

-He lives in the trailer park.
-He lives here. I've seen him here.

This is just one of the houses
he works at. He works for a gardener.

Yeah, he does work for a gardener.
I know that.

Nobody's home.

I think we should go.

Have you ever met them?

- His parents?
- Just the father.

I don't know if there is a mother. . .

. . .but the father came to school once.
He embarrassed Lucas.

He's kind of alcoholic.

I think we should go to the hospital.
Come on.

The doctors say he was unconscious.

You're awake?


I thought you were unconscious.

I don't think so.

-Are you okay?

Hey, I'm okay.

-You know, you could've gotten killed.
-Did we win?

No way.

Boy, they sure were big.

I don't want you
ever playing football again.





They're all gone, you know.
The locusts.

I was just outside. They aren't making
any noise anymore.

Not for 17 years.

I'm sorry for doing this.

I guess you had to.


You know,
survival of the species and all.

What are you thinking?

I'm just wondering where we'll be
when they come back.

-The locusts.

-Gosh, I don't know.
-You'll be 33.


-I'll be 31 and a half.

I wonder if we'll still know each other.

I don't know.

-I hope so.
-Oh, me too.

Here he comes.

Let's go.

Look, there he goes.
He almost got killed.

- Hey, jock! You blew it!
- Keep trying!

- There's Lucas!
- Whoa, he's back!

Femember, the guys are gonna
get him when he comes back.

Here he is.

- Try it on, Lucas!
- Yeah, put it on!

- Put it on, Lucas!
- Put it on!

All right, Lucas!

All right, Lucas! Way to go!

All right!

Subtitles by
SDI Media Group

- Resync, OCR corrected by Andrés Griñó