L'Épreuve d'Amour (2017) - full transcript

What's going on?

Lionel, is there a problem?

The oven tripped the circuit breaker.

This is Paul Monteil's voice mail.


Yes, it's me, dear.
What are you doing?

I got the day off.
I'll explain it to you.

It's cool. For once,
I'm off when you are.

Maybe we could go shopping together.

OK, kisses. I'm coming home.

Missed call








We're setting the table.

Yes, I'm coming.

- What are you doing? Are you OK?
- I'm coming.

He's locked in. He doesn't
care that we're home.

Are you stupid or what?
Forks go on the left.

What do you care?

You're back.

At the dentist's.

I had a dentist's appointment.

- I got a 13 in history.
- That's good.

- Isn't your dad here?
- In his room.

I'm not going to eat.
I don't feel well.

I'll go lie down.

- You OK, Mom?
- That sucks.

For once, I did the cooking.

I'm sorry.

It smells good.

Oh, well! Thanks.

He said it without thinking.

He's not crazy.

No one asked you.

Alice made a quiche.

Do you want some?

What if the kids came home early

and saw you?

Or the neighbors?

It's cold.

I don't care!

I want to know why
I found you like that.

Can you explain?

Are you gay?


Listen, Marielle.

I love you. I've always loved you.

I need to be alone.

It's the 1st time?

No. It started when I was 10.

I wore my mother's clothes for fun.

Sometimes when I was anxious.

Later, I stopped.

When did it start up?

Remember my promotion?

My panic attack.

It was the only thing that saved me.

Two years?

I had no idea.

It's not wrong.

I don't know.

I don't know.

What - My husband dresses as a woman

Thank you.

What's going on?

- Marielle?
- Can you hear me, miss?

Are you OK?

Moving on to loan requests
that will be be refused, it's

a waste of time

and causes discontent
towards clients.

- You OK?
- Yes.

You had two delicate files.

Mr. and Mrs. Giraud and Mrs. Roussel.

You must be more drastic.

I don't see why with the Girauds,
they have the security.

And they own a building
plot that they're

ready to mortgage.

And forget Mrs. Roussel,

she's been with us 20 years.

And she's had a career change

after years of unemployment.

If we don't help her, who will?

The Competition Act.
If she deals with welfare.

I disagree.

The risk's minimal with Mrs. Roussel.

We can treat her differently
than just a file number.

Her job is good.
You know her, she's serious.

If you approve it, it will pass.

OK, then.

Don't forget your home savings
plans for tomorrow morning.

Come to my office.

I wanted to tell you,

but it would be
a bad team message...

that one who challenges
company policy

has won the interagency challenge.

I wanted to oppose it.

Alas, I can't.

Congratulations. Have a
5-star Biarritz weekend.

I and others will be jealous.

Thanks very much.

- And the Girauds?
- Get out.

Get some sleep. You look
like a zombie this morning.

- Well?
- Look.

Well, that's great for you!

Bravo on the Roussel file.

Thanks. Excuse me.


OK. What happened to her?

OK. I'm coming.

You OK?

Yes. Well, no.

I'll let you know.


She's mad because I called you.

When I saw her
on the ground, I panicked.

- She's OK.
- Thanks.

No worries.

How are you?

She had a spasmophilia attack.

It's linked to stress.

Is she under any stress?

I don't think so.

With the shot I gave you,
you'll be able to relax.

Your doctor may put you
on antidepressants.


Have a nice day, sir.

We'll go to Biarritz

for two nights.

Just you and me.

OK, my love?

Don't leave me.

I put it on over my blouse.

- I hope it's the right size.
- It really suits you.

He's never

wrong. He knows what to get women.

Not like my husband.

I don't know my own size.

You like it?

- It's great.
- You look gorgeous.

Thanks, darling.

Here's the coffee.

You have good taste, dear.

It's nice. Now you can throw
out your old bathrobe.

I bought it on sale.

- You made enough coffee?
- Yes.

I won't have any.

I'm going to clear the table.

- Let me.
- No, thanks.

I said I would do it.

I'll put it in the dishwasher.

Don't worry, I'm doing it.

Weren't you going
to Biarritz with Paul?

It didn't happen.

The hotel was full. Paul must call.

A break would do you good.

Restaurant work is tiring.

Not to mention dealing with the kids.

They're not children anymore.

Alice is becoming a real woman.

Please don't tell her that.

She thinks she's raising us.
It's topsy-turvy.

She's so pretty.

Would you have liked a girl?

No, I don't think so.

I was happy with a boy.
Although everyone said I would

have a girl,
from the shape of my stomach.


I would have named a girl Anna.

"Anna" is ugly.

Dear, we have to go.

Lucas has homework to do.

Dear, I didn't have time.

I said I wanted this dress.

Lower your voice.

- So, yes or no?
- No one cares.

We'll go buy one together.

No. We'll both go.

- Going to do your math?
- Yes.


No. Throw it out.

I'll call the hotel back.

We'll talk after Alice's birthday.


Can you help me with my math?


- I'm coming.
- Yeah.

I calculated a lot of square roots.

Show me.

You just have to grasp the principle.

Tell me the definition.

The square root of number x
is number y,

so that y times y equals x.


This one's wrong.

Square root of 49.

- 7.
- Why did you put 9?

I wasn't paying attention.

You have red on your hands.

- That pen leaks.
- Oh, yes.

Square root, 0?

0. I have a French test
for you to sign, while

I'm thinking of it.

Are you done?

I'll sign his work, he'll put

a cover on it.

Yes. Let's have dinner.


Candles, please.

- Hey, hi!
- Hi. How are you?

- Great.
- Hi.

Here's the gift.

- You OK?
- I'll find Alice.

How are you?


- Great.
- Awesome.

- Hi.
- Thanks.

- Hi.
- You OK?

Yes, great.

Let's dance.

My dad took me driving every night.

It was awful.
He yelled at me.

He didn't believe
I got my license.

It was cool that he lent you his car.

Yes, it was cool.

Wait, wait.

- Are you coming?
- We're coming.

- What are you doing?
- My makeup.

To you.

To us.

Be careful, Arthur.

I will.

Alice likes driving slowly.

It scares me when you drive fast.

No fast driving.
You must be careful.

But I am careful.

I swear.

OK, we're going.

- Bye.
- Bye.

We'll be back tomorrow.

You're still here?

They're going.

You'll text me?

- I said so.
- Ready?

It's fine. Goodbye.

They look like an old couple.

Yes, good riddance.

Good. Shall we go?

Your practice is in two hours.

We have to buy my sneakers.

That's true. I forgot.

I'm going shopping.
Do you mind?

Not at all. I'll rest.

Close Encounters

I can't keep going.
Some mornings I'd rather be dead.

I know. I often want to end it all.

We have to fight!

If I didn't love my wife so much,

I'd cut off my penis myself!

I can't stand this body.

Fruit salad.

I do not do that!

I'll bet you anything.

You stick out your tongue
when you park!

I'll film you.

And when you sign a check.

No! It's not true!

Well, let's see.

It helps you concentrate, right?

Write a check.

No, I don't want to play.

I need some fresh air.

What? It's just to see.

I won't film you.

What? Is she upset?


- Do you want some?
- Yes.

That's enough. Thanks.

Want any more?

No, this is good.

Some ping-pong?

I'll go find mom.

Why are you acting weird?

We're not acting weird.

You promised you would stop.

I know.

Do you think I'm sick?



I really feel like a woman.

I can't help it.

This isn't my right body.

I've tried for years
to be what you see.

It's a lie.

I can't take lying anymore.

I'm not Paul.

I hate that guy.

When I look in the mirror,

I want to kill him.

I'm not alone.

I know others
living in the same hell.

Who are they?

What are you saying?

But I love your body.

Isn't that important?

This is a nightmare.

It has to stop.

What has to stop?


We have two children.

I don't have a choice.

Mom, are you doing it on purpose?

No, I'm not.

Are you OK?

She's tired, it's all.

It's not all.

I'm telling them.

We've decided to separate.


After 20 years, we realized

we don't have the same desires.

That's it?

Why? Don't you love
each other anymore?

I feel sorry for you.

I don't believe your lies.

Is there someone else?

No. Are you crazy?

Mom may swallow anything
you say, but not me.

- You're wrong.
- Oh?

I'm not blind.

I see you look in the mirror,

how you pay attention to yourself.

You're ridiculous.

Every couple argues.

- It's not the end of the world.
- We never have.

It's my fault.

You can be annoying,

but Marielle must have noticed.

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

- Alice thinks I'm cheating.
- You? I'd have known.

I have no mistress.

OK, I believe you.

You'd tell me.

What are you doing?

I can go and reassure Marielle.

It's already
complicated enough. Thanks.

Up to you.

If you get depressed,

I'll call your wife,
kids and mother.

With or without your OK.

Aren't they done yet?

This coach can't finish on time.

You look terrible.

Weren't you planning a vacation?

- Yes.
- Oh? Where to?

He won a weekend in Biarritz.

We're going soon.

That's only 2 days to get rid of

your dark circles.

You must take care of yourself.

The champions!


- Did you kiss your aunt?
- Earlier.

- Hi.
- No, you're soaking wet.

Your heart is there.

- See you soon.
- Yes.

- Bye, Clément.
- Bye.

- Did you forget anything?
- No, everything's good.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Did you tell her?


She's your sister.

It will be fine.


- Ah, here you are!
- Yeah.

- Why is she here?
- I don't know.

- How's my boy?
- Fine. I was at soccer.

Right, I forgot.

I wanted some garden advice.

- Well, I'll leave you.
- Thanks, dear.

- A good kid.
- Yes.

What did you want to ask me?


Yes, please.

I saw Paul at the bank.

He told me he moved out.

I thought it was very strange news.

I admit that he was very upset.

He couldn't tell me
what happened between you.

I know that my son isn't perfect,

but I've never seen you fight.

You seem to get along very well.

Even if you were tense
at the birthday party.

But if everyone
who's tense separates...

I don't know what to say, Liliane.

But it's ridiculous, of course.

You here, him there...

Have you thought of the children?

What about Christmas?

André annoys me, but when
he leaves for an afternoon,

I spin around like a top.

I didn't know it would be so hard.

But you love each other.

It's complicated.

Complicated with Paul.

Nobody can understand.


This isn't my right body.

I've tried for years
to be what you see.

It's a lie.

I can't take lying anymore.

This is Paul Monteil's voicemail.

I'm not Paul.

I hate that guy.

In the mirror, I want to kill him.

I'm not alone.

I know others...

living in the same hell.

My husband is a woman

But I love your body.

I love you.

I've always loved you.

This is a nightmare.

I don't understand.

He whistles and you go running.

No, he didn't.

You forgive too quickly

and then you pay.
- Enough, now!

You're not old enough to give advice.

There isn't anyone else.

Yeah, right.

Anyway, it doesn't concern you.

I said nothing.

Give me my toiletries bag, please.

Thank you.

A weekend break to forget my pain...

To live, simply...

If it was only so simple.

Good, come on.

See you in 2 days.

You can reach us at any time.

Don't be stupid.

We're not 5.

I'm packed.

Are you ready? Let's go.

Don't forget to rake the leaves.

Yes, don't worry.

Send me a photo of the hotel.

The bathroom's
as big as the living room.

- Cool.
- Have a good weekend.

- Let's go.
- Thanks.

- Have fun.
- We will. Bye.

Have a good weekend.

Off they go...

Are we staying here?

I can't believe it.

Welcome to the Palace.

Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'll take your car keys.
- Thanks.

My sister would love it.

All from selling escrow accounts.

Wait, wait. A selfie for Lucas.


- Hello.
- Hello. Mr. and Mrs. Monteil.

Very good. I'll tell the manager.

Excuse me.
The Monteils have arrived.

The Monteils?

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm the hotel manager.

Your trip?

It was fine.

Your room is almost ready.

Meanwhile, I'd like
to offer some champagne

to welcome you.
Please sit at the bar.

Thank you.

What's wrong?

You're handsome.

I feel bad that I thought
you were so bad.

I found other women
on the Internet who have

gone through the same thing.

It reassured me.

I thought you were crazy.

I believed that for years.

I can't understand
what you're feeling.

Aren't they beautiful?

Yes. I love those.

Aren't they a little too dressy?

I'd have no place to wear them.


No, on the contrary. Trust me.


Goodbye, ma'am.

Hello, ma'am. Hello, sir.

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

We'll try these pumps in a 38.

In a 38. Certainly. Please sit down.

I'll be right back.

They're perfect.

Thank you.

It's the right size.

Walk a little, to see.

Want them?


- Sold.
- Very good, sir.

Is there anything else?

No, thank you.

Yes. Do you have them in a 43?

It's for a friend.

Yes, yes. I'll check the stock.

If I do it all,
you'll owe me 15 euros!

What an idiot he is!

Yes, it's good.

Do I take the camera or the photo?

Wait two seconds.

It froze again!

No, I can't move anymore!

No, it's a pain, because...

I want to at least finish the level.

I don't have enough power.

I need a new one.

They don't want to buy me one.

Maybe for my birthday.

I'll try downloading it
on my dad's computer.

Don't go.

What is that thing?

"I understand, Chrysalide..."

Yeah, I'll call you back.

"If I didn't love my wife,

"I'd cut off my penis myself.

"I can't stand this body."

But it's not true!


Are you OK? Are you sick?

Why won't you let me see them?

Be quiet.

Let me do it.

Go ahead.


Are they OK?


Wait. Maybe it's the kids.

How are you, darling?


No, don't move.
We'll come right back.

Where is he?

- In his hideout.
- Damn.

He's traumatized!



Darling, calm down.

Why did he do it?

We'll explain.

Listen, Lucas,

it's not what you think.

Don't touch me!

- No!
- I hate you!

- Calm down!
- I'll never forgive you!

All those hours in the bathroom!

Alice is right! You're crazy!


Let me see.

He hates me.

He's in shock.
He'll calm down.

Both of them hate me.

I'll get a bandage.



- Sir?
- Hello.

I'm looking for Doctor...
Wait a second. Zimmerman.

Yes. Down the hall, to the right.

Thank you.

Hello. Are you Doctor Zimmerman?

- Yes, I am.
- I'm Mrs. Monteil.

The passerby who called emergency

thought your husband had
a car accident.

There was blood, he was out cold.

When we got him out of the car,

we found sleeping pills.

How is he now?

Resting. We pumped his stomach.
He'll be fine.

He's a little stunned.

Can I see him?

Ma'am, did you know
your husband was so fragile?

To the point of
taking a bottle of pills?

Yes, he fought with our kids.

Paul was very upset.

I didn't know how he'd react.

I would never have let him
take the car, you see?

I spoke with your husband.

I understand he told you
about his problems.

Am I wrong?

Yes, he did.

I thought... well...

Yes, we've talked a lot
about it lately.

A psychologist will see him.

It's standard procedure.

Can I see him?

The psychologist will
decide about visitors.

- Just a few minutes.
- No, I'm sorry.


Thank you.

Can I...
Can you give him that, please?

Mrs. Monteil.

I suggest you find a place to talk.

You'll need help.

What if he had died?



You still call him that?


My love!

It'll be fine.

I'll do it again.

But you can't say that.

I won't let you do it.

You'll get better.

I'll help you.

And you won't die.

- Where are we going?
- Home.

They don't want to see me.

That's not true.

They waited up all night for news.

They were very worried.

If you don't feel like it now,
talk to them later.

It's nice you thought of that.

It's no big deal.

Finish later.

We need to talk.

I wanted...

to apologize for how much I hurt you.

What I'm dealing with
is very difficult to explain.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see a doctor

who, I hope, can help me.

In any case,

whatever happens,

I wanted to tell you...

that I'm your father

and I love you with all my heart.


Good. That's cool.

Want to eat out

to celebrate dad's return?

I don't want to.
Go without me.

We'll stay here.

I have something to say, too.

Arthur asked me to live with him.

He lives right downtown,

it's very practical for me.

How long will you be at his place?

I don't know yet.

I'll do a trial run.
Then we'll see.

Let her go. She just wants
to do something grownup.

It's not serious.

- OK, dear?
- Yes.

- Are you stuck here?
- We're packed.

You can't come?

No, I can't.

I'm sorry.

I can't do that to my boss.

Next time?

Don't wait up. I'll be late.


Too bad.

Your turn.

What a delight!

Social Security should pay for it.

Thank you!

Have a massage to relax.

- You seem stressed.
- No, thanks.


I'm going.

- Can't you stay?
- No.

We're barbecuing.
Paul could join us.

He's at a seminar.
He'll be late.

And I'm too tired.

- We'll do it another time.
- OK.

Vincent will be disappointed.
We have a new barbecue.

He wanted to break it in.

No, don't hug me.

Get some rest.
You look like you need it.

I'll bring Lucas home
tomorrow morning.

It's a plan.

- Thanks.
- I'm going.

- Be good.
- Yes, don't worry.


Aren't your parents eating here?

No. I'll explain.

I hate that road.

With all the traffic,
I ended up on the highway.

Have you eaten?


I wasn't hungry.

What's from the pharmacy?

This? Something the endocrinologist
prescribed for me.

You saw him today?

Yes, after the shrink.

What is it?

I'm starting hormone therapy.

Meaning what?

Starting my sexual reassignment.

It'll up my estrogen level

and lower the testosterone
my damned body produces.

I don't understand.

I thought you wanted to
make peace with your body,

not change it.

You don't get it.

I've been in a body
I hate for 40 years.

When it's what it should be,

I'll be at peace with it.

What did you think when
you came looking for me?

That I'd remain the nice husband,

frustrated, sick in his body?

Maybe you don't get that either,

that I was bursting
to stop suffering.

How can you understand my suffering?

If you knew how lucky you are.

Do you think I'm lucky?

Lucky how?

That you want to change sexes?

Have you thought about

how it will affect our lives?

And our children?
And our family?

And our friends?

Do you think about it?

If you take these drugs,

there's no going back for you.

You must wait a while.

I'm not ready.

You have to wait.

Come to the shrink with me.

I don't give a damn
about your shrink.

What matters is us.

OK, Marielle.

I'll wait a little longer.

I'm tired of all this.

I need a break.

You know, have a romantic evening

like a normal couple.

All we do is talk about it.

We don't make love anymore.

I would never have thought of
buying an indoor barbecue.

The whole point is to eat outside.

Vincent was the first guy
to buy an electric cooler

that plugged into his 4x4's
cigarette lighter.

He must have been so disappointed
not to show off his new toy.

What an ass!

It suits you.

You think so?


It's Camille.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Is Dad here?

He's getting ready.


Want a coffee?

No. We must talk.

What's wrong?

Hi, Dad.

It's Lucas.

Was he bad?

He told Clément some odd
things about your husband.

Things... I prefer not to repeat.

It's so outrageous.

If we don't watch them,

on the Internet,
they can find shocking things.

What are you saying?

He must see a specialist.

I know a good one.

A child his age is
10 times more likely

to become a pervert.

I don't know.

I discussed it with Vincent.

For now, we'd rather

they don't see each other.

You understand.

You mean Clément won't go to camp?

Call me if you want
the therapist's number.

OK, I'm leaving.

I'm going to yoga.

Have a nice day.

Look. I'm catching up to you, right?

What are you talking about?

- Go on, let's see.
- Sure. Wait.


Well, no.

Maybe next Christmas.

You say that every time.

Mom, look.

Am I catching up to him?

Sorry, not yet.

Soon. Maybe next Christmas?

- What did I say?
- You said it to annoy me.

My generation will be
taller than yours.

You have nothing to worry about.

- Are you OK?
- Yes.

You look upset.

No, not at all.

Shall we go for hot chocolate?

Yes, great!

We haven't been here for months.

How was it with Clément?

It was fine.

He'll be catching up to me, too.
We haven't seen him.

You could ask him over.

I don't think so.

Camille said Clément's
not playing soccer.

You know your aunt.

Clément told her
what you told him and...

What did you do?

It's OK if you wanted to,

but know that
some people aren't ready

to understand. It's education,
prejudice, I don't know.

I know it's not easy for us
to go through.

I won't see people who reject Dad.


You want to play?

He's a school friend.

Go ahead.

We're not finished.

At least it's clear.


Hi, Marielle.

Why didn't you call me?

I know your schedule.

How are you?

How's living with Arthur going?

It's going great.

- I got a temp job.
- Really?

It's awesome.

I'm really happy.

The boss said I'm doing well

and I give good advice.

Is that all?
You can be proud.

You must come home for dinner.

Dad would go nuts.

He's nuts, period.

Are you starting up?
We haven't seen you in a month!

Why do you stay?

I'd rather he had a mistress.


You can't bear truth.

What do you know about his truth?

Have you tried to see it his way?

Even once?

You judge him knowing nothing.

I'm not asking much.

Listen to him.

He's your father.

He deserves that.

You're totally nuts.

Miss, please.

Table 5 called you twice.

As you know,

I've worked with Paul a while.

We agreed it would be good
for you to come here

to talk about living with

your husband's transgender identity.

I want to say that
I understand his suffering.

I'm more worried about the children.

Our son doesn't judge,

but I don't know what he's thinking;

if this can create problems later.

Our daughter refuses to speak to us.

She's furious with us.

She wants me to get a divorce.

An understandable reaction.

For some people, yes.

Do you realize how

Paul's sex change will affect

your marriage?

- Till next week.
- Thanks.

- Thanks.
- Can I see you a second?


She'll be right with you.

I would like to make sure that

you understand
the sacrifices you'll make

if you stay with your husband.

Do I have a choice?
It's that or lose him.

So? What did he want?

He proposed to me.

Want to get lunch?

OK, but I have a meeting
at 1:30 to finish a file.

It's a pain.

I thought it would be 5 years.

I've been there 10 years.
I can't stand it anymore.

Sometimes, I just want to scream.

Apply to be a service pro.
They work with the clients.


- Hi, Michel.
- Hi!

Can we sit here?

Two specials.
We're in a hurry.

- Coming right up.
- Thanks.

I don't know
if it's from turning 40,

but if I don't change my life
within 2 years,

I'll die.

I don't even know if
I'll last that long.

- I want to change my life, too.
- How?

The living room wallpaper?
Stop. You have a great life.

Careful, it's hot.

OK. Thanks.

Listen, Adji, I'm very serious.

I don't mean changing jobs, I mean...

changing myself, totally.

To finally become someone better?

To become what I really am.

I've wanted to tell you for months,

because you're
the only person I trust.

Inside, I'm a woman.

I can't hide it anymore.

I'm doing treatment.

To become what I really am.

A woman.

But wait, how are you a woman?

OK, but I mean...

Marielle knows?


She's amazing,

she supports me.

I don't know how she does.

She knew when you married?

I wasn't even aware of it.

It took me a long time
to understand...

why I felt so bad.

Now that I know
I'm having the surgery,

I feel like my life can really begin.


The sexiest guy at work
is becoming a woman?

So, when you say

you're having surgery,

do you mean everywhere?
Genitals and all?

If you're not using it,
I'm interested.

It would be better than
my birthday sex toy.

You're an idiot!

It's the other idiot.
Sorry, I have to go.


Tell no one.
I trust you.

Vincent's family takes turns.

Here, it's just me.

Don't you care about the flowers?

Mom and Dad don't care.

That would surprise me.

Mom was such a fanatic.

I told a therapist friend
about Lucas.

She says he's a mythomane.

It happens when people
have dull lives.

He doesn't need to invent stories.



Paul is transsexual.

He's what?

He's a woman.
He's going to have surgery.

My God!

That's horrible.

How could you do this to the family?

With a good lawyer,

you'll get everything.

I'm not divorcing him.

- No?
- No.

I can't support that.

Not at all.


No, wait!


Paul's not a dog you
abandon at the SPCA

because he's not what you thought.

I love him.

We've lasted 20 years!

I just want him to be happy.

What are you saying?
I want to throw up!

It's horrible.

I'm your sister!

I never wanted you to be born.
Mom, too.

You were an accident.

Paul? There are messages for you.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

- Are you nuts?
- I don't see the report.

It doesn't make sense.

A little man, anyway.

Delete contact

OK, take care.

You told her?

What? Why?

You were laughing.

A client didn't pay his credit.

He's upset, his wife has a lover.

Sorry. Forgive me.

You'll be a hot chick,

but you aren't
center of the universe.

Sorry, I'm a bit paranoid.

Don't worry.

Paul, I think
what you're doing is brave.

I'm with you.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

I told Adji everything.

What happened?

She was great.

I thought she'd laugh.

Stop playing the victim.

You made a choice.

Don't fall apart now.
Alice and Arthur are coming.

Show them you're strong.

It's best for your daughter.


- Everything OK?
- Yes.

Cool. Aren't they here yet?

They aren't late.

I hate doing it.

Ah, they're here!

No Arthur?

His boss asked him to work.

Too bad.

No kiss for us?


His boss has a branch in Rome
and wants Arthur there.

So, will you leave him?

I'll go with him.
I want to travel.

Me, too.

Especially Italy.

We were to honeymoon there.

Go when you pay off the house.

We have other projects.

Like what?

My new computer.

Your dad's starting
physical reassignment.

It'll take a little time.

We'll get used to it.

I didn't know.

You are completely sick.

Aren't you ashamed?

- What about Lucas?
- Should he kill himself instead?

His suicide was a joke!

- Tell him the truth.
- Alice!

Mom will be a lesbian.
You want that?

That's what will happen.

I don't want to be a tranny
and a lesbian's kid!

Let her go.

Do you want to delete
her cell number, too?

- Put your helmet on.
- Why?

I'm your dad.

Get on.

- What are you doing?
- Get on.

It's her favorite.

She ate nothing.

Why are you staying with Dad?

I love him.

I can't imagine living
without him, however he looks.

You don't care what
people will think of you?


I hope they understand.

I have a question.


Is it hereditary?

- Will I also...
- No.


What happens to your father
is his story.

You have your own,
that belongs only to you.

Not many people could do
what you're doing.

Your driving freaks me out.

You used to trust me.

You'd only swim with me.

Yes, except I was 5!

Alice, you can still trust me.

Why do you say that?

I understand your pain

and even your prejudices.

But nothing will make me back down.

Thousands of people in the world
go through this ordeal.

Many kill themselves.

I decided to hang on to life.

You say you want to be a woman.

You don't know what it is.

You're right.

I'll learn to live as the woman
I should have been at birth.

That's nonsense.

No, it's not a choice.

She's in me.

I'm ready to risk
splitting up my family

and losing the wife I adore.

You're pregnant?

How can you tell?

I don't know.

I thought so all last week, but no.

Anyway, I'll never have children.

What would I say about you?

The truth, Alice.

You parents loved each other

and they loved you.

I'm scared.

Will we still make love?

I think about it a lot.

I hope I can still give you pleasure.

I don't want to lose you.

So, we can conclude today

that we and our professionalism

are what keeps our clientele with

our establishment.

In the current economy,
the results surprised me...

Please. Let Mrs. Paul

go on with her presentation.

You said you were surprised.

I'm happy I can bring
some cheerfulness to

this meeting.

And as you all seem
to be in a good mood, I have

a personal announcement.

Well. After years
of psychological suffering,

I'm having sex change surgery.

It can take months, even years.

And from now on,

please don't get used
to calling me "Mrs. Paul",

but Léa Monteil.

Hello, Mom.

Never put me in this situation.

What situation?

I wasn't born yesterday.

When a man asks to meet his mother

somewhere new,

he has something to say.

I didn't sleep a wink.

I'm sorry. I didn't think
you'd worry so much.

He wants an advance
on his inheritance

to build the porch
and that will hasten my death.

But that's all nonsense.

Maybe you should just ask

why I wanted to see you.

Fine. Well, I'm listening.

Do you remember telling me that if
I'd been a girl, I'd have been

named Anna.
I don't like that name.

I'm Léa.

There, Mom.

I've always felt female.

I'm not good in this body.

I'm going to have
treatments and surgery

to finally be what I must be.

I talked to Marielle,

to the children.

It's hard, but they support me.

I'm not gay, it's just that I...

No, Mom. Please.

I'm only asking that

you keep on loving me.

I went through a difficult time,
but I'm much better.

I told myself it couldn't be
about the porch.

Your father said Marielle
didn't want it, so...

She'll need some time.
I'll go see her more often.

But I feel relieved.

See you tonight.
Kisses, my darling.

See you tonight, my love.

- André? Why are you here?
- I hope you're divorcing.

- What?
- You emasculated him

with his parental leave.

He did everything.
Did you want that?

A good wife at home?

Now he's a pussy.
I'll never forgive you.

- Paul will explain.
- You're dead to me!


My father-in-law...

Well, it's none of his business.

In-laws shouldn't meddle
in a marriage.

Nor should anybody else.


What makes 2 people love
each other is...

Stay 5 minutes?

We need to talk.

How long have we worked
together? 10 years?

It's 12 years in July.

We get along well,

customers like you,
suppliers know you.

I want to give you shares.

To start with.

And if you're interested,

you can gradually buy me out.

Don't answer right away.

Think, talk to Paul, but I'm sure

we'd be good partners.

Some think we're married.


- Hi.
- It's for your husband.

- Can I leave it?
- Thanks.

Sign here.


OK. Have a nice day.


We're considering your dismissal.

Who was it?

The neighbor.

- Ready?
- Yes.

Did you leave me food?

In the freezer.

- Have a nice weekend.
- We will.

You were right about returning.

They were nice to agree.

We're ready.

Will you be my wife?

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