Love is the Word (2013) - full transcript

Love is the Word is a moving, romantic and funny coming-of-age drama about the magic of first love and the misery of first lost, set in 1978: the year 'Grease' hit the big screen.

Once... as I remember.

Good morning, Lord. Good morning, Mother
Mary. Good morning, sweet angels.

Keep Dad, Mum, Uncle Sef and
Bart safe from water and fire.

I started by letting Mum
and Dad sleep late.

I did the dishes.

And I washed the car.

I helped Hermans' youngest
ride his bike again.

I did the shopping for Uncle Sef.

Here you go.

Say hello to your mum.

And I did some work on our chapel.

I am doing all kinds of
good deeds out of love.

So maybe you can help me
find my Grease badge?

And I'd also like to get good
marks for my maths test.

I pray for happiness and health
for Dad, Mum and Uncle Sef.

Take this, all of you, and eat.

For this is my body
which is given for you.

Lord, I am not worthy to
receive you under my roof.

But only say the word and
my soul shall be healed.

- Body of Christ.
- Amen.


Beautiful. This is
what we all do it for.

Heaven on earth...

Willy, you shouldn't do that.

There's more than
enough. Have some.

No, put it back.


What is going on?

I have a fly in my throat, Father.

Bart, is Willy telling the truth?

If you say it's true,
then it's true.

He choked...

on the wine.

That's not done, is it, Willy?

That's wrong, that's God's wine.

Five Our Fathers and
ten Hail Marys.

What you did took courage,
Bart. God won't forget that.

You are very special.
Just like your mother.

Welcome to the lounge.

This is our stereo.

Made in Switzerland,
assembled in West Germany.

And here are some
household ans and crafts.

That's nice too. And what?

Who cooked that delicious meal?
There she is. My lovely wife.

- Hi.
- Bart, come here, lad.

- What's that?
- A new camera.

A little further. Watch the cable.

Stop! You're on TV!

Wow! That's fantastic.

- Is it new?
- Yes, it just arrived.

The company let me bring it home.
I have to know how it works.

You probably wonder what
happened to the old TV.

Look in your room.

- What have you done now?
- Wait a second.

Wow, that's fantastic.

- You can't do that.
- It's nice for him.

Nice. He's only 13. What's he going
to watch? Lord knows what he'll see.

Lord, we thank You for the food that we
received through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the
Lord is with you. Blessed are...

Blessed among women. Blessed is
Jesus, the fruit of your womb.

- The best talking parrot in the world.
- What's your name?


- Yes, I've been a good boy.
- You've been good...

Does it work?

What are you watching?

Are you looking at titties?

No, leave it on.

It's quite normal for a boy your age
to take an interest in things like this.

You're growing up.

You're out of touch with your body.

So if you ever have questions,
you can always come to me, OK?

- Ber from work on the phone. He's drunk.
- Hang up. He should behave.

- He called you a traitor. What's up?
- Nothing. Don't worry. He's a drunk.

Everyone at work is on my side.

- What are you watching?
- We talked about it.

We agreed he couldn't
watch this filth.

Bart, listen. This is
sinful. It's sacred.

- God gave it to make children.
- It just happened to be on.

- Or the TV has to go.
- Dear...

My mother called it
the eye of the devil.

Bart won't do it again,
everything's under control.

No pocket money for you this
week, young man. Lust is a sin.

Johanna Geertruida...

Hendrika Verbong...

Who watched 'Emmanuelle' yesterday?

- Did you, Flos?
- Yes.

- Hermans, did you?
- Yes, I did too.

And Bartje Geraedts,
did you watch it?

- Some of it.
- Some of it? Really?

Odd. Your mum told mine you
mustn't watch films like that.

Ah, wouldn't your mummy let you?

Poor baby.

What are you looking at?

That house over there.

That's my house. Look
at something else.

Grease. Isn't that more for girls?

Abba fan, too?

Punch him in the face, Bart.

So, it's the four archangels
of the Apocalypse.

(in dialect)
Can't you speak plain Dutch?

- Horsemen.
- What?

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Not us, but in the Bible.

Peter! Give me a hand.

Peter. Are those your friends?

No, just some idiots. Grease fans.

You know what my mum told me?

That man has a new shop in town.

And that girl is sick.

And my mum also said that
they never go to church.

Dream on. That's never
going to happen.

I hardly dare admit it...

but I think I like that girl.

She is pretty. I want
to get to know her.

You always tell me to
help other people.

Well, she's sick. So I
have to help her, don't I?

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Okay, I have the marks
for your tests.

I'll begin with the highest.

Bart, you scored an eight.

I don't know how you did it, but you
must have a guardian angel. Well done.

Koko, also an eight. Well done.


There you are. Come on in.

His mother slept around. So
they moved here, Mum said.

Let me introduce your new classmate.
This is Peter Verheije, he's from Antwerp.

Peter, is there anything
you want to say?


All right, why don't you
pick out a place to sit?

- I want to sit there.
- But I sit here.

Sit next to Willy, the boy
with the green shirt?

You said I could pick my
own place, didn't you?

- Flos, move back one place.
- But...

No buts, just do it. And shut
it or I'll throw you out.

Harold Hermans: a five.

What do they call a
son of a whore again?

Mention my mum and I'll kill you.

What are you looking at?

Hey, Peter.

"Grease is the word".
What do you want?

If there's anything I can do
for you or your sick sister...

just say so.

Do you have any money on you?

Tilly, I won't tell you. I might
as well put it in the newspaper.

My sister wants cigarettes.
And watch those women.

See you tomorrow.

What can I do for you?

A pack of cigarettes, please.

For my father.

- Here you are.
- Belinda.

Make it Belinda.

- You want red or green?
- Green.

I'll have green.

Green Belinda for your dad.

- Anything else?
- That's it.

That's all.

Two forty, please.

Are you out of your mind?

Stealing is wrong.

- You didn't do anything wrong.
- I helped you.

- You never do anything wrong?
- Indeed.

Just give me the cigarettes.
I'll give them to my sister.

Hello, dear.

Hi Bart, how is your father?

- He's fine.
- Good.

She's fine.

My colleagues' test in
Antwerp confirms it.

I'm glad she's doing better.

- Maybe you can go out with friends now.
- Friends? I don't have any here, mum.

Don't call me mum. My name is Elsa.

You're in good hands
here in Holland.

Well, did you manage it?

Go on.


- How much do I owe you?
- That's OK.

What illness do you have?

It's called "a different
illness every 3 months".

No, I had Mononucleosis.

- Pfeiffer disease.
- And now what?

You heard him.

The doctor said everything's fine.

When illness makes someone weak,
you see how strong they are.

What did you say?

Hold that.

My, my.

Let me get you an ashtray.

There's a small box in there.

The recommended price
is 139 guilders.

But it sells for less than 100.

- You should join in.
- And win a Fry-san.

Taiwanese and Japanese junk.
It's a rip-off. Just like at work.

Laumans wants to start
selling crappy brands.

I refuse to. I want
customers to trust me.

Like the new shop in town.
Who's going to rent a film?

It'll soon be free on TV.

Sef says they haven't
been to church.

Renting films! He
won't last 3 months.

Rumour has it they
get up to things...

I talked to the girl.

And she was very nice.

I don't want you going over there.

- Mum's right.
- We don't talk to their kind.

- Jesus talked to sinners.
- Is your name Jesus?

Vanity, Bart. A cardinal sin.

Can I help you?

A friend of mine has...

Hands up and pants down!

Jaap, don't be silly.

- There's a customer.
- Hey, boy.

Tell her what you want and get out fast.
I have to strip search this cashier.

What did you want?

A friend of mine forgot to pay...

for a roll of sweets, two
packets of gum and...

three bars of chocolate.

- I'm here to pay.
- What's your friend's name?

It's that Belgian boy
from the video store.

Tell him to stop that.

Stupid city pranks.

- I'll be sure to tell him.
- 2.50 will take care of it.


And two packs of Belinda, please.

It's not that bad, is it?

All I did was buy her cigarettes.

And I can look, can't I? I can't
just close my eyes, now can I?

I really think I can help her.
I'll get them to come to church.

That's what you want, isn't it?

- No, no.
- If you do good deeds...

you can create heaven on earth.

Do you ever read a newspaper?

Real life isn't a bed of roses.

You have to love life, do good
deeds and believe in God.

God is for the superstitious at
death's door. Hoping for eternal life.

Can't you walk on the pavement?

Why don't you and Moniek
stop by the church sometime?

And you'll see what I do
there isn't weird, but fun.

- Now what.
- Come and have some fun.

If you get in, I'll go
to church with you.

- You're stealing a car?
- Who said stealing?

Let's go for a ride.

- You don't know how to drive.
- Do you?

Don't you touch my car!
Hey. God damn it.

Hey! Don't you move!

Damn it.

- Start.
- Move over.

Hey Geraedts, what
are you doing there!

Damn it! No!

Get out of my car.

Come here. Little bastards.


Now we really are friends.

Come on.

Did you make that?

All by yourself?


Shit, man.

Are you going to be
a pope, one day?

What are you doing here?

Is Peter there?


He went shopping with his
mother. You had plans?


Say, Bart.

I heard a strange story about you.

I always thought you were a
little boy but you can drive.

My father lets me park
the car sometimes.

- But you know exactly how it all works.
- Yes.

Will you teach me?

All right.

Show me how to hold the
stick while we're driving.

Here, I still had these.

- Is that for me?
- Yes.


The Bible? Do I need
saving or something?

No, but you can read for
yourself that God is love.

Normal boys give me flowers.

You can sit down.

Well, thanks.

- It's hot, isn't it?
- Yes.

Would you do my back?

Come on.

How often did you see Grease?

Twice with friends and
once by myself. It was cool.

Do you like Olivia Newton-John?


John Travolta was a
softy in Grease.

He was tougher in
Saturday Night Fever.

I wasn't allowed to see that.

My cousins came out crying.

That's exactly what I mean.

You have soft hands.

There. Done.

Thank you.

When I look at you through my lashes,
you look a bit like John Travolta.

Good morning Lord, good morning
Mother Mary, sweet angels.

Protect Dad, Mum...

Grandpa, Granny, uncle Sef, Bart...

and Moniek, please.

Bart, come here!

In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

What's wrong?

Did you and the Verheije
boy take Kellenaer's car?

Peter took it...

and almost caused an
accident. I prevented it.

Well, that's not what I heard.

Did you drive that car, yes or no?


That's what you get for
teaching him to drive.

We're mates with the Kellenaers? On
benefits, with a big house and a fancy car?

Last year he lived
in the trailer park.

Yes, Wiel, but now
I'm here about this.

Three people saw Bart driving.
The other boy was stirring him up.

- Bart prevented an accident.
- So what?

- And they have been shoplifting.
- I paid it back.

Thief! You are never seeing him
again. Those people are evil.

- Calm down.
- No, that's not a bad idea.

The Kellenaers didn't
press charges.

I'll only issue a warning.

Of course not, he's
a crook himself.

Sef has never seen
Verheije in church.

And Tilly said his shop is
full of filth in the rear.


Surprised? You and your
"I'll give him three months".

But then, you've been busy lately.

- I think I'll...
- Shall I say it?

Wiel was fired.

Darling, Jaap doesn't care.
They had to cut costs.

- We should've seen Laumans at Christmas.
- It was a first reaction.

The best paid goes first. They'll
realise their mistake in court.

Nonsense. You were
mates with Laumans...

and after Christmas
it was all over.

Okay, Wiel. Take good
care. I have to go...

to catch some crooks.

I don't get it.

I work really hard to
create heaven on earth...

and Dad gets fired.

Yes, I rubbed oil on her, so
she wouldn't get sunburned.

I'm only trying to help them.


I'm going to lock up.

Shall I do it from
now on, uncle Sef?

You know how important it is?

Mop the floor, Light out,
Candles out and lock the doors.

That's quite a responsibility.

I want to do good deeds.

That's wonderful, lad.

That's just wonderful.


Well, here I am.

So show me that church of yours.

- The church is closed now.
- That's too bad.

I was going to tell you
something about Moniek.

What were you going to
tell me about Moniek?

My father talked to the
local Sherlock Holmes.

I couldn't remember a
thing about a stolen car.

Could you?

It's quite something, a church.

Don't do that.

I feel like I'm being converted.

I was angry at first,
but I forgave you.

I know you're not allowed to lie.

And we're friends, right?

Moniek is home alone tonight.

My parents are going to Kramer
vs. Kramer for inspiration.

What I don't get is what kind
of religion adores a corpse?

He is not dead, he's suffering.

He opened heaven's gate for us.

I'll drink to that.

Why did you tell me that
Moniek is home alone tonight?

To help you. Go to her.

If you dare.

I never said that, damn it.
Who said that? Laumans?

No, I never said that.

It's ridiculous. This can't be.

Yes, but that makes no difference.

Lawyers. God damn it.

A waste of money. I'll
talk to Laumans myself.

- Not a good idea. You're having another drink?
- Mind your own business.

Where are the keys? The keys!

I am going to pay Laumans a visit.

He will be surprised.

She has to be there.
She just has to be there.

Elsa Verheije. Elsa...

My mother.

Moniek Verheije, yes.

Yes, I am looking for her.

Okay, thanks anyway.


What's with you?

I was watching TV and suddenly it
started bleeding and it won't stop.

- May I?
- Yes.

Like this.

You've been here long?

Good thing I stopped by.

It stopped.

Thank you.

I must look awful.

Perhaps I should go.



- Now?
- No, not yet.




Can I take a picture?

You look stunning.


You think I'm pretty?


We shouldn't do this.

It's a sin.

I thought you said God was love.

You really don't want to?

I could just lie here like this.

We don't have to do anything.

I wouldn't know how to.

I do know.

Sod of.

Are you nervous?

Yes, pretty nervous.

Me too.

This is it?





I told him a thing or two.


We can take this. No one will know.

It's the latest model. Really big.

Bart, what did I do wrong?


Tell me.

Can God punish someone else...

for sins that I committed?


Sins are personal.

- Are you sure about that?
- Of course I am.

Your dad was punished
for other things.

Pride comes before a fall.

But in the Old Testament...

God killed the Egyptian firstborns,
but they hadn't done anything.

It's my job to understand
God. Not yours.

And Jesus?

He took the sins of
the world upon Him...

ls your name Jesus?

You'd better tell me about stealing
a car with the Belgian kid.


I committed a much bigger sin.


I went to bed with a girl.

"Went to bed with a girl". Son,
confession is serious business.

Come on.

With Moniek... Verheije.

I know that things are tough for
you and your mother, but...

don't imagine things.
Face up to your problems.

But it's true. I committed
the sin of carnal desire.

That's enough, damn it!

Stop it. You're just
like your father.

It is pan of the holy sacrament
of marriage. Do you hear me?

Repeat after me.

Merciful God, I repent my sins.


Here it goes.

Dear Moniek...

we haven't known each
other for long, but...

I love you.

Will you marry me?

Not now, but when I'm eighteen.

We belong together.

- Bart, don't ruin it.
- But I really love you.

It's my fault, Bart.

I'm not in love with you.


Then I can't see you anymore.

How can I make it up to You?

I will do good.

I'll never steal again.

I won't go to bed
with girls anymore.

I want everything to
be as it was before.

I don't want to know them anymore.


Where is my golden cup?

If you know anything about
this, then you have to tell me.


Peter was in the church
the other day...

and he saw where the cup was.

Stealing from the church.

But I'm not sure.

It's unbelievable how often that
boy takes advantage of you.

My mother gave me that cup...

when I became a priest.

It's not certain he did it.

- I could ask him.
- You could,

but stealing is a
matter for the police.

Go and see who it is.

Now he sends his children.

The priest, is he in?

- I'll have a look.
- You do that.

Uncle Sef?

Uncle Sef?

Uncle Sef?

I can't find him anywhere. Sorry.

I bet. Should you run
into him, tell Pius X...

that he hasn't paid for 3 months
and that I want my money. Okay?

Go on. The last time.

Uncle Sef?


That man...

He said something about money.

Yes, yes.

People used to give
money to the church.

Now I have to beg for it.

But if they marry or need burying, they
want everything spotless, good as new.

You know what? Take all the candles
out. Put them in the sacristy.

Let them buy new candles.

It was just a joke. Blowing
off steam. Has he gone mad?

Stealing from the boss and driving
drunk into a bridge doesn't help.

You talked to a social worker
at the police station.

Yes, a hippy type who gazed
deep into my eyes...

and told me I needed help.

Yes, I spoke to her too
and we both agreed...

that it would be good, now
that you're feeling better...

if you talk to someone.

Professional help.

Listen, Ber was drinking at work.

I told Laumans to son it, okay? And I
get fired, not Ber. So who's crazy?

- Did you say that?
- Sure, and I'm a thief who needs help.

- And Ber is still boozing.
- Wiel, I'll spell it out:

Laumans will drop the charges...

if you see a psychiatrist.

Okay, out of my house.
Get lost! Now!

Go on. Get out of my house.

As if it isn't hard enough.
Off you go, out!


The world's gone mad. You knew about this.
You don't mind if I get locked away.

- I'll talk to Sef.
- Sef needs a shrink himself.

Wiel, we could pray. I'm sure Mum
up there will take care of it.

- She always has.
- You poor woman...

Come here.


Mum, we are not doing too well.

Can you help us?

Can you help Wiel?
He is having a difficult time.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

the Lord be with You,
Blessed are you...

Beloved parishioners.

This week we will be holding
an extra collection.

I want to ask you all
to give money...

for a well in Uganda, which is
suffering from a severe drought.

Hey Willy.

Mum says that Peter
stole a golden cup...

but they can't find it.

They are scum. The father has a filthy
shop and the mother is a whore.

But Moniek is a foxy lady.

Sick, but foxy.

I jerk off to her every night.

- Those tits.
- Stop it.

What? Don't you like tits?

Bart only uses his
dick to pee with.

Eight guilders please.


Two guilders change. Here you are.
Have a nice weekend.

Hi Bart.

- Long time no see. Yes, sir?
- These two, please.

You know our promotion?
Buy three, get one free.


What are you doing here?

How's it going with
heaven on earth?

I don't see much of it at my house.

How are you?


I have new pills. Now they
say I have something else.

I miss our talks.

So I started reading the Bible.

The stories are nice,
but I don't believe them.

They're all true stories.

I have to go. I have to collect.

Hey, Bart.

Let us pray.

Not only for the bride and groom...

but also for the faithful
who are no longer with us.

Hannie Dercks from Veldstraat and Jos
Billekens who lived beside the library.

May the eternal light
shine upon them.

- Let us pray.
- We implore You, hear us.

May the sick find strength in
the example of Your Son...

to bear their cross
and find salvation.

- Let us pray.
- We implore You, please hear us.

And may those doing penance
be forgiven for their sins...

even if they are unemployed and
face financial set-backs...

that might cost them their homes.

- Give them the courage...
- What's all this?

to find the confidence...

Are you mocking me, Sef?

- Let us pray.
- Sit down, he meant in general.

Shall I talk about you?

- Call himself a priest?
- Wiel.

You say how we should live,
but won't help your sister.

- Shut up, you're ruining my wedding.
- I'm not talking to you.

Stop or I'll shut it for you.

- Filthy bagger.
- Or what?

The cop who steals my stuff.

Go back to your gypsy
camp. Hypocrite.

Dad, don't be a fool.

Could you guys at the
back give him a hand?

Wiel, stop it. You're
embarrassing me.



Bunch of Pharisees.


It's only getting worse.

I don't know what else to do.

I am trying to forget about
Moniek, but I can't.

Could You help me?


Talk to me.

Or give me a sign.

Hi, son.

It's all going very good.

Dad sends his love.

Are you coming?

- Hello, son.
- Hello, dear.

- How is it going here?
- Fine.

We have a surprise.

- Guess what school our son got into?
- No idea.

Secondary school.

- Mrs Geraedts?
- Yes?

The switch from private to state
health insurance went wrong.

- You have a moment?
- Yes.

Do you mean he is not covered?

Secondary school.

You think you'll do better than me?

You already feel as
superior as your uncle Sef.

Praying for my soul.

Take your hat off.

It makes no difference whether
you do your best or are honest.

The world...

The world is a horrible place, son.

People cheat each other for money.

It's pure hell.

I'll tell you something.

When you die, there's nothing.

You just lie and rot.

No heaven, no God,
no angels, nothing.

We all end up on the rubbish dump.

But there must be... love.


- You mean you'd do anything for someone?
- Yes.

We forgot that ages ago, son.



Why are you here?

I have something to tell you.

- Have you heard?
- I will do anything for you, I...

I have leukaemia.

The doctors want a last
try, but I think I'll die.

It's all my fault. I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have come.

It is sentimentally
priceless, your uncle said.

But my father came close
with 300 guilders.

I'm really sorry to
hear about your sister.

Luckily there's still your God. Now
He has His cup back and a large tip.

So if you pray a lot for my sister,
won't everything be all right?

Isn't that how it works?

I confess to the Almighty
God that I have sinned.

In word, thought and deed.

Because of my guilt,
my enormous guilt,

I ask the Holy Virgin Mary,
all the angels and saints...

- to pray for me.
- Amen.

To Moniek.

Thou shalt not consort
with Bart Geraedts.

His dad is mad and the boy...

will give you sinful thoughts.

That little pervert...

went to bed with your sister.

I've never thought about
sinful thoughts...

but now I have them too.

You have nice tits. Do you
want to dance with me?

God damn it!

A miracle, a burning bush.

Get out, get out!

We'll burn in hell.
We're going to die.

Come here, little pervert.

- Who's responsible for this?
- Bart, tell the truth.

Bart, I trust you
to tell the truth.

We stole it together.

I hid it in the tree house.

Hey, Peter.

You should be ashamed
to have such a son.


- Let's go.
- Ask for your money back.

Good day.



Why are you covering for that boy?


Come on, we have to go.

Goodbye house, thanks
for everything.

Don't bother your dad. His
medicine isn't working yet.


I told your mother what
you said to me in church.

About that Belgian girl.
That you and her...

Oh my God...

- Aren't confessions secret?
- Sure.

But you were having
strange fantasies...

and I was worried. I thought
your mother should know.

Where did you get those ideas?
You made it up, right?

If you really did it, that
would be a modal sin, Bart.

A black stain on your
soul for ever...

- no matter what.
- Of course he made it up.

The Belgians are to blame. And the
Geraedts family has bad blood...

- as I said.
- Sef was right.

You'll end up like your father.

Bart, my dear boy, your dad
has made a mess of things.

I realise it's confusing for you.

You need stable surroundings.

Hold on to me.

Let me be your light
in the darkness.

You can start afresh.

In anticipation of His death...

You saved her from
all sinful things.


Completely pure an thou, Mary...

free from all stain
of original sin.


Thou, God...

Bart, I have a question.

Why does your God want me to die?

I can't find it in
your bible. I can't.

Who says you are going to die?

They have given up on me.

They let me go home to die.


Perhaps God loves
you that much more.

- Uncle priest?
- Yes.

I don't understand either.

Why is that God's will?

Perhaps because you
have lived in sin.

I know so many people who live
in sin and they aren't dying.

No, but they are going to hell.

Fear, guilt, hell.

I thought your God was
love. He was love!

Moniek is right.

You don't punish
someone with death.

Why do people go to
church when it's too late?

I think it's terrible, for you too.

It's still frozen inside.

Bart, I know I'll see
Granny in heaven.

Take comfort in that.




What's wrong?


Moniek, wake up.

We're going to save you.

- What?
- Trust me.


- What shall we do?
- We're going to Wezenlaer.

God won't let this happen.

Come, we have to hurry.

In the German mining region was an oak
tree that was revered in the Middle Ages.

Legend has it that the miners,
carved a statue of Saint Barbara..

From the wood of that tree. It had
to protect them from sudden death.

Since then many miraculous healings
have been attributed to Saint Barbara.

What shall we do when I'm healed?

We could go to the cinema.

This is a really bad idea.

Why do you go to the
football tomorrow?

Your passports, please.

- They're playing against Schalke.
- You took the day off for the match?

- I have season tickets?
- You are insane.

- What's the license plate?
- It's Belgian.

That's odd, they have
Dutch passports.

- Hey, hold on...
- Step on it!

Good evening.

- Is this it?
- No, no, not yet.

And now?


I am not worthy to receive
You under my roof...

but only say the word...

and Moniek will be healed.

Perhaps I should pray too.


Save her.

Do not let her die.

You are love.

So show us.







It won't work.

I don't believe it.

That's it.


I don't believe enough.

Please stop that.

Get in.

Bart Geraedts here.


All right.

I'm on my way.

I don't think it's a good idea.

- Say something?
- Yes, it's no good for children.

I've been through it often.

It's just awful.

I'm not having it.


I don't want to see you
here when I get back.

- Wiel!
- I love you, dear, but be quiet.

- Sef, I mean it.
- Wiel!

Come on, Bart, I'll take you.

That's 2 guilders 10 cents.

With icing sugar.


She wants to talk to you.

I dreamt about you.


How was it?

You were 18.

It was very romantic.

And then?

I had to cry.


This is for you.

We'll never meet again.

I'm really sorry about that.

I don't want you ever to
think it's your fault.


I was just unlucky.

I love you.

I love you.