Love Sonia (2018) - full transcript

Inspired by real life events, Love Sonia is the story of a young girl's journey to rescue her sister from the dangerous world of international sex trafficking.

Who wants its kiss?

We want to.
- We want to.


Did you see how it kisses?
- Yes.

Amar, even I want one.

I want one too.
- Sure.

Did you enjoy it?
- Yes.

You enjoyed, didn't you?
- Yes.

It was amazing.
Even we want one.

We want to see how she kisses.

Sonia, don't you want one?

Come on.

Don't get scared.
Otherwise, it will fly away.


It's okay.
- I felt something.

Amar is head over heels for you.
- Come on!

He got you a kiss first

and you are saying that he is
head over heels for me.

Because I asked for it first.

He will give you
even if you don't ask.

He will kiss you.

Shut up.
Or else, I won't spare you.

It didn't seem like a kiss.
- No, I think it was.

In fact, it was more like this.

Oh, yes.
We don't need a butterfly.

That's right.

But if you really like it
then take it.


Catch me!
- Don't run away.

Come on. Stop..

Preeti, listen to me.
Preeti. - Yes.

Take her home.

What's the use
of doing all this?

I don't want to do it.
- Again?

I don't want..
- Come on.

I forgot to tell you.

Mangal gave eggplants
for reasonable prices.

What are you doing, girl?


Get up.
What are you looking at?

Get up. Get up!

I am already very tired.
If you can't help me

then don't add
to my work at least.

Shall I slap you?

Dad, don't hit her. Dad!
- What else should I do?

A son would have helped me.

I am tired alone.
- Dad, I will help you.

What's there to do?
I will die one day

then all three of you
will shed tears.

Dad, we will do it again.
We will compensate for the loss.

Come on.


- What is it?

You will escape dad's beating.

Many boys will be there for you.

And then you will be free!

Right! Where will I go?

Go to Mumbai, Delhi..

You can go wherever
you want.


Even Deepika
lives in Mumbai, right?

I may bump into her.
Or I may come across Salman.


Yes. We hardly see all
the people in our village.

And you are talking
about Salman and Deepika.


Will you come along?

Why would I come?

And why would your husband
allow me to accompany you?

Tell me.
- And..

Who will take care
of my kids? Will I do that?

I will come to you
when you have kids.

Think about it again.
I am going to have many kids.

You rest now.

For what all things
are we dependent on Mumbai?

- Yes.

- Shut up.

Would you come with me
to check the e-mail?

Why? - It will be
an unnecessary expense.

Dad won't like it.

I will pay for you.

Do you still have the butterfly
with you or did it fly away?

I still have it
but it doesn't give me a kiss.

Oh! She must be fearful.

She isn't fearful.

That's why,
it doesn't try to escape.

I think, they start considering
the bottle their home

after a certain point of time.
It's strange, isn't it?

But what's the point
in keeping a butterfly?

Free the butterfly.

I didn't catch it to free it.
- Then?

I can kiss the butterfly
as much as I want.

Oh, please.
Don't lie.

I am telling the truth.

Have you seen your face?
- I look good.


You do.
- Hello!

The system is vacant.
But the connection is slow.

Let's go.
- Let's go.

Do you remember your ID?
- Yes.

Amar, would you buy me a candy?
- Sure.

Sir, do you know
what butterflies eat?

Have you gone mad?

They have the nectar
of flowers.

You must apply fairness cream.

You will look fair.

We saw..
- A policeman.

His uniform was brown..
- And shoes were black.

He was wearing a belt
and had a stick.

He was whistling
and he was the first one!

We saw..
- A policeman.

His uniform was brown..
- His shoes were black.

He was wearing a belt..
- Had a stick.

He was whistling..
- He was the only one!

I am sorry, Shivaji

to have come here
without informing you.

What are you saying, sir?

I have come here
with my fucking problem.

What else will I do?

When will you return my money?

Will you give it back
in this birth

or will I have
to take a rebirth to recover?

Sir, there's no rain.
What is my fault?

I can repay your money
only if I harvest.

If I had a penny
for every excuse of yours

then I would have become
a millionaire.

Sir, what should I do?
Give me some time.

Please come.

Mom, the aroma is good.
- I'm glad.

We don't have anything to eat

and you are wasting
money on this.

Just understand this.

We are unlucky
and you are ugly.

You won't become beautiful
by applying fairness creams.

God has blessed you
with strength.

Just do your work.
Are you getting me?

God gave me an ox
instead of a son.

And He gave us this whore!

Have it.

Dada Thakur will take us.

He will throw us out.

How will everything
get into place?

Preeti will get married.

And we will lose everything.

And the ox will be with us.
- Everything will be fine.


Dada Thakur will throw us out.

He will get us killed.

You don't look like an ox.

You know.. Preeti will get married.

We will lose everything.



Let's go. Come on.

Come on.


Come over here.

Hush! Don't make noise.

Preeti! Sonia!


You will rot!

I work so hard all day!

I toil all day.

What do I get?


What have I done?

What is my fault?

Get it?

You are infertile!

Come on.
We are already late.

He will deduct it..

I will have to deduct, right?

Don't get scared.

I will help you get
a good job in Mumbai.

Girl! Come on.

Leave me.
- What?

Come on.

- What dad?

Dad! Preeti!

- What are both of you doing?

Leave her.
Just leave her.

Dad, where is Preeti going?

Where are you sending her?
- What are you doing here?

Can't you stay out of this?
- I see.

Your other daughter
is also here.

Shivaji, this is a signal
from God.

Send her along.

No, Dada Thakur.

Who will help me in my work?
Why did you come?

Dad, where is Preeti going?

Don't send Preeti away.

Shut up. Or else, I will slap you.
- Dad, for my sake.

Even she is good.


Get out. Go from here.
Get out. - Dad.

Take her away. - Dad.
- Go from here.

Dad, Preeti..
- Sonia!

Preeti will do the chores.
- Sonia!


- She will do the chores.

She won't make any mistake.
- Sonia! - Throw her out.

- Sonia!

Dad, Sonia!
- Dad!

- Sonia.

Come on.
- Sonia.

She won't make any mistake.

Sonia. - She won't make
any mistake. - Keep quiet.

Come on.
- Dad!

- Sonia!

Sonia! Sonia!
- Girl!

Come on. Sit down.
- Don't cry. Come on.

Don't get scared.
Come on.

I am with you.
- Dad.

Come on.
- That's it.

Come on.
Let's go.

Sit down.

Stop crying.

Dad, don't sell me off.

Don't get disheartened.

Don't cry.

Dad! - It's okay.
- Dad!

Look at me.
Don't cry, okay?

Don't think about it.

My father often visits Mumbai
for his work.

What if something bad
happens to her?

You always think negative.

Send her an e-mail.

Ask her about her well-being.
- Yes.

Do you want
that butterfly?

What will I do
with the butterfly?

You keep it with you.
- Then I will free it.


What are you doing?
- Will you be my girlfriend?

You are making fun of me, right?

No, I am holding
your hand affectionately.

You realised this love
as soon as Preeti left.

No, Sonia.
I have always liked you.

- No. I am telling the truth.

You are lying to me, right?

- Liar.

Stop, Sonia.
- You are a liar, Amar.

You are lying.


Did you enquire about Preeti?

Shall we go and meet Preeti?

She is doing her job there.

You do your job.

Can't you hear me?
Get back to work!

No, I'm not going to listen
to you.

Send me also to my sister.

I see, so you also
want to go there.


Give my money
as well to dad.

Where is your father?

Does he know that you're here?

Come here.

Let me have a close look
at you.

Come here..
Come on..

Sit here..

Hey, just sit here.

Your sister has left.

Send me there too.

I'll also work over there.

It's quite complicated.

You won't understand.

I'll have to spend
a lot of money

to send you to Mumbai.

- Yes.

Send me there anyhow, please.

You're so stubborn, aren't you?


Go inside.

Call Anjali here.
- Yes, sir.

Are you happy?

I'll send you to your sister.

It's quite late,
stay here tonight.


Come back tomorrow.

Mumbai is a city.
It's not a village.

Once you go there,
you won't feel like returning.

You're so slow.
Hurry up.

Sonia, where are you going?

And who is she?
- Hey, we're in hurry.

She'll tell you
everything later.




Over here, yes.

Oh, my good Lord!
- I'll have to open it..

We've reached Mumbai,

Are you saying looking at this?

This is nothing
compared to Mumbai, come.

I think we'll have to stay
the night in a hotel.

Welcome to Laxmi Lodge.

We need a room for one night.

You seem to have come
from very far.

First floor, right?
- Yes.

- Anjali.

- Anjali, I told you, right?

How much?
- Rs. 1,500.

Where are you travelling to?
- Mumbai.

I need to check my e-mail.
May I use the computer?

Yes.. Sure.
- There's no need.

Don't bother him.

It's fine.
You may use the computer.

Come on.

Your luggage?
- She is my luggage.

You haven't slept yet?

Yes, I need to check my e-mails.

Come over here.

Where does she live?

In Mumbai.
That's where she works as well.

I'll get to meet her tomorrow.

She will jump with joy,
seeing your mother and you.

No, she's not our mother.
We are not related.

Then who is she?


Listen, run away.
- What?

Leave from here
as soon as possible.

What do you mean?
- She is poison.

Let alone helping you out,
she will put you in trouble.

The bus station is nearby.
Just go home.

No, she's taking me
to see my sister.

You have no idea
where she's taking you.

Keep this money
and go home.

Or you will regret it, dear.

You bus arrives in two hours.

Take the bus and go home.
Just go!


Now tell me.

Did that place seem like Mumbai
or this one seems like it?

Mumbai will suit you.

Don't be nervous.

Come, we've to go this way.

Hey, move aside.

Don't let go of my hand, okay?

She earns a lot in Mumbai.

You will also earn.

You can come here
when you have money.

You like bangles, right?
We'll buy bangles.

Mr. Bunty!
- Hey, Anjali!

You're still alive?

May my enemies die.
How are you?

I will slay your enemies.
- Shall we go?

Yes, let's go..

- It's for Rs. 10.

How is the car?
It's so nice, right?

- All right!

Hey, how are you?

Where is Preeti?

Come, buy..

She won't be standing
on the street.

She will be at home, right?

Come on.

Come on.

Move it, Chamcham.

Mr. Jeetu.
It's Alibaba, Mr. Jeetu.

- It's locked.

Are you drunk?

How are you, Anjali?
- You won't change.

Try it.
- Come.

Hey, darling.

Hurry up.

Come.. Come on.

Hey, come on.
Keep moving..

It's fine.
Come on.


Come on, come with me.

Hey, Anjali, new girl, it seems.

Not today.
- Let's go upstairs.

Hey, what do I pay you for?

How are you?

Hey, where is Madhuri?
- That bitch is inside.


Are you going to reform only if I
starve you for a couple of days?

Ms. Madhuri,
I'll do exactly as you say.

Ms. Madhuri..
- Come.

Preeti.. Preeti!

Shut up..
- Leave me! - Hey, shut up.

Leave me!
Leave my hand..

Leave me..
Don't touch.


Preeti! - Mr. Bunty,
we have a runner.

Hey, you, are you blind?

Watch where you walk, bitch.



Hey, wait.




Do you want to meet Preeti?

Do you know where Preeti is?

Of course, I know.
Come with me.

Come on.. Come with me.
- Is Preeti okay?

Yes, she's fine..
Yes, we're almost there.

- Preeti! Preeti..

Preeti, hey!


Look, who has come to meet you.

Look who's here
to meet you.

Say, 'Hello'..
- That's not Preeti.

It's not Preeti.
- Yes, it is.

This is not Preeti.
- It is Preeti!

It's Preeti, she's asking how
you are. - Preeti!

Talk to her.
- Preeti!

Where do you think
you're going?

Were you running away?
- Let her run away.

Leave me! - Let her escape!
- You want to run away?

Leave me!
I said, leave me!

Come on..
- We found her, Faisal.

I'm talking here, right?

I know you give extra money
to be rough.

That doesn't mean that you
would beat her to death.

What kind of a man are you?

You raise your hand on women?

they're all my girls.

I will save them until they die..

Got it?

No.. No, Mr. Faisal.

You will respect them now.

Do you understand?

I'll deal with you
in a moment.

Welcome to Mumbai.


Yes, look here.
Look over here, dear.

W-What is this for?

I'm clicking a picture, dear.
It's just a picture.

You're looking good.

Smile, baby, smile.

Pretty.. Nice.

Come here.

I'm not doing anything to you.

Don't do it.

Let me see your mouth.

She's fine.

What are you doing?

Is she a virgin?

Tell him.
- No, Faisal.

As if you know.

Leave.. Leave me!
Leave me!

Leave! No!

Leave me!

Why are you crying?

What did I do?

Why are you crying?

You're absolutely safe here.
You're safe.

Everyone is safe here.

Demons like him?

I'm here to protect you
from them, okay?

Dear, you have come to your home.

You have come home.
You're home, okay?

- Don't..

Ms. Madhuri here..
She will explain everything to you.

Okay, dear?

Go. - No!
- Go..


Take it.

- No, Mr. Faisal!

Mr. Faisal, no!
Mr. Faisal!

Hey, what is it, Bunty?

Hey, shut your trap, whore.
Don't disturb them.

And listen, this is your home
from now onwards, got it?

Keep it down!

Sir, we'll be doomed.

Return Sonia to us.

I swear,
I don't know where Sonia is.

She had come to me,
I scolded her and sent her back.

Take this.

Not this, sir.

I want my Sonia back.


You're refusing to take money?

Take it. Go now.
Come on, go now!

And never come back here.

Go inside and set the pipe.
- Yes, I'll do it.


I'm sorry.

I wasn't fucking with you.
I was just kidding.

What's your name?

Tell me!
- Sonia. - Sonia..

Who is this Preeti
that you were calling out to?

Who is Preeti?
- She's my sister.


Did you say you have a sister!

A sister!

You, moron!
Do you think they'd let both

the sisters stay in one place!

Look, it's not a hostel.

It's a brothel..

Do you know what a brothel is?

A bottle?
- It's not 'bottle'.


you better forget everything.

By the way,
this place is not that bad.

It's a very good place

for a dark complexioned girl
like you.

You can live here peacefully..

Are there
many more brothels over here?


When he got remarried

he snatched away my son
from me.

I was almost dead
before I came here.

Now have me all you want.



Do you know
where my sister is?

Why don't you consider me
your sister?

I can be your sister.

I'm here for you, right?
You can call me Sister Rashmi.

Hereafter, you can treat me
like your sister, okay?

No. - Isn't it?
- No, Preeti is my sister.

She has left the place.

She's left..


Get away from her.

Preeti out, Rashmi in.

You may pick any dress
of your choice, okay?

It's my collection.

Hey, do you know how much
the boss paid for you?

He paid a hefty amount.
Do you know that?

Nobody comes to Mumbai
for free.

You need money.
Who will pay all the money?

Do you understand, you idiot!
Speak up.

Do you want to meet Preeti?

Do you know where Preeti is

and what kind of work she does?

You ask so many questions!

Come, let's go..


You'll be able to meet Preeti soon

if you do as I say.
Do you understand?

Do you want to meet her?
Tell me.

- Exactly.

Then you should first
repay your loan.

Later, you and your sister
can go wherever you want.

You can do whatever you want.

Can you do me a favour?

Can you inform Preeti
that I'm here?

I will fix everything.

Sure, why not?
I will definitely inform her.

Okay? Go now.

Go change your dress.
- Will you really inform her?

I told you that I'll inform her,
didn't I?

Now leave.
I said, go!

- Yes.

Oh! My sweetheart!

You must be missing your home!

Actually my sister..

Do you know where she is?

Yes, sit next to me..

We'll find your sister, okay?

Everything will be fine.

All right, tell me something.
Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you?

- Tell me the truth.

At least, you might be looking
at boys, isn't it?

What's his name?
Come on, tell me.

- Amar..

Has he ever kissed you?
- No. - Has he?

He hasn't?
- He has just held my hand.

It's such an amazing love story!

Don't intervene.
I'm talking to her, right?

All right,
did you do anything else

apart from holding his hands?

I mean, anything more..

All right, have you ever had
oral sex with him? - No!

You never did it?

We didn't engage ourselves
in such acts.

It's okay.
You'll learn it gradually.

Yes, I'll teach her.
- Exactly.

Madhuri will teach you
how to do it.

Don't give her a chance
to complain, okay?

Learn it from her.
- I don't want to learn it.

Didn't I explain to you?

Don't you want
to meet your sister?

Why are you getting angry with her?
Speak to her politely.

Look, dear, I know
where your parents reside..

If you refuse to learn it

then you'll be in trouble.

So, will you learn it?

Learn it properly.
You can do it.

Say that you'll learn it.
- No.

You can do it, dear.
You can do it.

I know that you can do it.
- No.

You can do it, dear..
- No! - Hey!

Dare you say 'no' to me!

Do you understand?

You don't seem to understand
as I'm talking to you politely.

I'll disfigure your face.

Hey, take her away.

I told you so many times!

You tarnished my image.

Sit down and clean the commode.
- I made a mistake.

Do you have any sense?

They'll fuck your sister
if you overact like this.

Do you understand?
- No, please don't do that.

I made a mistake.
Please forgive me.

You better scrub the entire toilet.

No one understands
if spoken politely.

Are your sisters beautiful
and fair like you?

- Would you like to come to Mumbai?

No, my family won't send me.

All right,
go get a cup of tea for me. - Okay.

She left the house
without my consent.

I didn't want to send her.

Please do something.
- What do I do?

Then whom will I approach for help?

Who will listen to my woes?

What do I tell you
and how do I explain?

Listen, mister.
I'll tell you where she is

but you should go
and bring her by yourself.

Do you understand?
- Yes.

Do you know where Mumbai is?

Just keep your mouth shut,
take a seat in the bus.

I'll take care of the rest.

Three for a price of Rs. 150..

It's branded stuff.
Buy it all!

Buy these leather ones
for Rs. 100!


Look, if he tries to force himself
on you then scream real loud.

Otherwise, the boss will kill you.

He is calm till now.
Don't make him angry.

Do you understand?

Come on, open your mouth.

Wide open! Yes..
Now swallow it.

Everything will go well.

Let's go.

See, listen..
Both of them are village girls.

No broken..
They are virgins.. Yes.

They are village girls.
They are virgins..

They are village girls.
They're innocent.

No, they're fresh..

Yes, fresh!

Not broken.. No!

They're virgins..
They're village girls.

No, you don't understand
what I'm saying.

No, you fucking..

They're from the village.

You don't get it.
They're better than city girls.

Motherf.. Fuck you!

You motherfucking bastard!

Damn it!

Move it.

Whom do you want to meet?

She doesn't work here.

Get away from here..

Get lost!

How are you?

Come closer.

Catch her!

Catch her..

You caught her!

Buy some bananas!

A dozen bananas for Rs. 20!

A dozen bananas for Rs. 20!

It's good, isn't it?
- Yes..

Come here!

Neetu, Afza.

Get out.
- They won't be going.. - Hey..

She's fresh meat.

Who do you want?

You want younger than them?

Come on, speak!

Hey, Mr. Patil, how are you?

I'm great, Mr. Jeetu.

How are the kids?
- Everyone is fine.

Your wife?
- She's good.

Tell her not to feed you so much.

Take a look at your paunch!

- Coming!

Sonakshi is in which room?

Hey, hottie!

Hey.. - What happened?
Come with me!

Where are you going?

What happened..
What happened?

Where are you going?
What happened to you?

Hey, ma'am!



You want to eat?

Did you see any police officer?


What work do you have with them?

I saw one just now.

I don't know where he disappeared.

If I don't find him,
I'll have to go back.


They can do anything to my sister.

Where is she?

What does she do?

Oh, she is a sex worker!

So, you are one too..

So, you are one as well?

Sex worker..

Where are you going?
She's a sex worker.

Hey, ma'am..
- Move aside..



- What happened..

Please help me.

What happened?
- My sister is trapped.

She's been held captive.

Sit inside.
- Buy fresh vegetables.

Buy fresh vegetables..
Buy fresh vegetables!

We've received
a few such complaints.

Could my sister be here?

She might.

Don't worry.

We'll look for her.
All right?

Hey, don't speed..

Do you want to do it?

I'll come back at night.

- Yes?

You don't love your sister?

You want to get her killed?

Do you want to get not only her
but also your family killed?

No, sir.

I've done so much for you.

I brought you home.

I made you the apple of my eye.
I treated you like a child.

Now, she's stabbing me in the back.

I'm very hurt.


I'm a good man.

I'm not a bad man.
- No.. Please don't..

I'm a good man.
- No.. Please..

Sir, no..
- There..

Who is saving you
from the hellish world?

Ms. Madhuri, please tell him..
- Who is saving you?

Tell me!

Tell me! Who is saving you
from that world?

I won't make
the same mistake again..


Ms. Madhuri..

Sir asked me to throw it away but..

This isn't meant to be thrown away.

It's my Sister Preeti's.


If you follow all the rules

I'll beg sir to let you meet her
for two minutes.


You know..

When I was very young

my sister and I would
secretly go to the movie theatre.

Upon returning home,
we'd enact the entire story

before our dad arrived.

Even you need to think
that all this is just a movie.

A movie has to come
to an end, right?

T-The g-girls are ready.

Chinese guy, don't try to fool me.

The deal has been agreed upon.

You sending the money or not?


No money, no girls.


Who is this?


What is your name?

You look very different today!

You look nice.

Hey, what happened?

Hey, Sunita..
- Yes? - Hey..

You aren't ready yet?
- Hey.. Sunita! Where are you?

You do it..
- Give me some kohl..

Have you seen Madhuri?

Hey, prostitute, I haven't.
Get lost!

Yes, I..

"Pulled my hand.."

Do you know where Madhuri is?

She left.

What are you saying..
- Yes..

Want a puff?


You know..

Every day, Teja says, 'I love you'.

He keeps repeating
that he loves me.

Do you know why I call him
by a specific name?

"Fixing your gaze somewhere
but aiming somewhere else!"

The bastard says
that he won't wear a condom.

'Our bodies must rub
against each other, Rashmi!'

He loves you?

That's what he says.

He will take you away from here?


What do you mean by that?

I can leave this place
whenever I want to.



But where will I go?


People like us get disowned
by our families.

But my family isn't like that.

Not even my distant relatives
talk to me.

I'm an insult to them.

Where will we go if not home?

Oh, little girl..

We've been dead to them
for ages now.

All we can do is make the best
of these hellish people.

I eloped
and got married to my lover.

The only family I had was my son.

My husband married someone else.

I didn't agree to it.

So, he took our son.
And sold me off

into this hell.

So, tell me, my dear..

Where will we go?



- How is everything, ma'am?

Hey, Mr. Deepak!

How are you?
- I'm good.


Not Asha.

I want someone new today.

Sure, take your pick.

Katrina, Meethi, Priyanka,
Sonu, Rashmi, Deepika..

Get up, all of you.
What are you doing?

Take your pick.

There was one more..
I saw her the other day.

She was a dark girl.

She was young.
- I see..

Somehow, you got to see her..

You cannot hurt her, okay?
- Yes, I know.



It's her, right?

Oh, no..
Listen, Sonia.

Excuse me.

Don't be scared.
Nothing will happen.

How old are you?

I'm 17.

Have they forced you
into doing this?

I'm Manish.

I run an organisation

which helps girls like you
get out of such places.

There's that young girl,
Asha, right?

She was fair and seated there..

We are helping her as well.

Please sit.
I just want to talk to you.


The customer was very happy
with you.

What happened to you?

I got you something.

Eat it.

Nothing will change but..

Hang all the clothes.

May the bitch just die!

You can go in.

Excuse me.
You can go in.

It can be controlled with ART
but it cannot be cured.

Now, you'll have to make
all your customers wear condoms.

Let all the bastards die!

Don't lose hope, Madhuri.

You have a long way to go.

"You pinched me."

"You have pinched me
here and there."

"I am mad..
I am mad at you.."

"Come, mollify me, O beloved.."

Remove it..

Remove it.
- What happened?

Remove it.
Come on, remove it..

No. Am I any less
than your sister?

Hey, get lost.

Wait, remove it!

Does it have golden wings?

Are you removing it or not?

I'll show you.
- Quiet.. What is it?

You're a prostitute just like us.

What are you?
A prostitute..

A prostitute..
A prostitute!

She's not like you.

What did you say?

She's not like you..
- I'll slap you.

But you're here.

Soon, you'll become one of us.

It'll be fun.

Take it.

Take it.

What happened?

Okay, take it, it's yours.

Take it..

This is your place,
you bloody bitch!

You're no different from us.
You're no better than us!


Get lost!

Get lost!

Get lost!

Bloody bitch!

Bloody bitch..

What is this?
What number is this?

If you go as a customer,
you'll get to know

which building Preeti is in.

- Yes?


Well, you see.. Sonia..
- Yes?

She's soaring too high.

She thinks she's royalty.

Why are you worried?

I'm here.

Why should I worry?


It's time to fight.

Sonia is a troublemaker.

Don't worry.

Go on..

You're a queen.

He just has a limp now'

'but if his tongue gets cut off,
he'll become mute. Shut him up.'

She got scared?

- Yes.



'One must find a cure to it
on one's own.'

'One must forget one's sorrows.'

- Sir.. - Get lost!

'He performed the last rites
of the child..'

'He had it all..'

'He had money, a car,
a bungalow, a kid..'

Come on, let's explore Mumbai.
Come on.

Let's go..

Sit at the back.

Come on, get in.

Be comfortable.

Very good.

Where do you want to stay?

Choose any house you like.

It will be yours.

Trust me.

I am not joking.

- Come on. Come with me.



Go away!
Get out!


Who are you?
Get out!

What has happened to you, Preeti?
It's me.

Sonia, your sister.

What have I done?
I am your sister, Preeti.

What has happened to you?

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

'We saw a policeman.'

A policeman..

'We saw a policeman..'

Do you remember this?

Do you remember this?

Look at me..

Look at me.
I am your sister, Sonia..

Don't cry.

We'll go away from here.

Don't cry. Everything..
Everything will be fine..

This is all your fault!
This is all your fault, Sonia!


No.. - You need to go..
You need to go!

Preeti, look..
I am here.

Everything will be fine.

I will fix everything.

You knew that dad
was going to sell me!

You didn't tell me that,
not even once!

No, I didn't know, Preeti.

You need to leave!

I didn't know anything.
Had I known about it

I wouldn't have let you go.
I had come there.

I didn't know..
Look at me..

You were jealous of me.

You were always jealous of me.

Get out.

Get out!
Get out of the car!

I don't want to see your face!
I don't want to look at you!

Go away!

Where you are today..

Wherever you are..
You deserve to be there.

Die here.

Come on. - Do you understand?
Get out! - Come on.

Go away!

Come on..

Let's go.
- No.. - Let's go..

Let's go.
- Let me talk to her..

We will come again tomorrow.
Let's go back.

Please let me talk to her.

Hey, give me the pill.

We will come again tomorrow.
- Preeti..

Preeti, I am not jealous of you.

I am not jealous of you..
- Go on..

I want to talk to her..

I am not jealous of you..


I am not jealous of you..

Our loved ones become strangers

and strangers become family.

This is life.

Don't worry.

Let me take care of you.

Everything will be fine.

If God is willing..

I am not jealous of you..

I am not jealous of you..

I had told you that it will
cost you about Rs. 2,000.

You are coming tomorrow,
aren't you?


Do you want her?

What is her price?

A cigarette.

Bastard, she shouldn't lose
her virginity.

You can only do her from behind.

Tell me.







Sonia.. - Your sister
is with you. - Sonia..

- Sonia..



Your Rashmi.
- Sonia..





Are you done?
- Set.


What else?

Is the police after you?

Get up!

You bitch!
You want to kill me?

You want to kill me?

What are you scared of?

I will kill you.
Do you understand?

I will slit your throat.


Open the door!
- Open the door!

Who are you?
- Open the door..

Bunty, handle them!
The police is here!

Hello, sir. - You can greet me
later. - Get up..

It's a raid.
- Sir!

Sir, the dogs..
The dogs are here.

It's a raid, sir..
Please handle the situation.

What the hell..
- We have strict orders..

Where is the key?
- Let me bring the key.

Don't get smart with me!
I will put you in jail.

What are you saying..
- I will arrest you!

I found the key. - Open it!
- I'll open it right away.

Here you go.

I opened it..
- Sir!

Sir, take them upstairs.
- Okay..

Go upstairs.
- The police has raided the place.

Get up..
Close the door.

Get up.. Close the door.
- Pushpa!

The effing bastards..

The bastards didn't even inform us.
- What happened

- The effing bastards..

Hey.. Move it..
- Sir.. What are you..

Sir.. - Move it!
- What's going on..

Move aside..

Hide Sonia and Asha.

I won't spare you.

Get up.

Sonia, let's go.
- What..

What's with all this chaos?

Get in.
Get in!

Come on..
- Come on..

Tambe, where are you?

The police has raided the place.

You bastard..
What the hell is this?

There was a girl here..
- What happened? - Who are you?

What happened?
- You have

kept two minors here, two girls.

There are no girls here.

T-There are women..
- Okay. Let us check, then.

Ma'am, I do business.
I run a business.

I own a bar
on the other side of the road.

Keep quiet.

We are checking the place.

Let us search the place! Got it?
- I am not stopping you.

Come on..

Come on.. You too.
- Come on..






There's nothing there.


The business just got..

Hey, stay quiet!
- This is illegal.

We'll get to know
how legally you're working.

Why are you grinning?

Mr. Manish..

Mr. Manish..


Save me..

- Here..


Where are you going?



Mr. Manish..
- Come on.. Nothing has happened..

Come on.. Come out..
Come on.. Easy does it..

Don't be scared..
- Sir..

Come on..
- Come on..


Almost done..

Take her away..
- Sonia!

It's okay.. Take her away..
- Sonia!



- Move..

Sonia.. - They'll bring Sonia,
dear. Let's go..



What is happening here?
- Hide them..

- Hey.

Did you check everything?
- Yes, sir.

Leave this place.
- Sir, we are checking.

What's happening?
Hey, come out.

Come out!
- Just a second..

- Come out.. Come out!

Give me your hand..
- Hey, come out.. - Sonia..

- Hey, come out!

Come out! Come on!
- Sir..

Sir, she is j-just a kid..
- Shut up!

Leave me!
- Hey, you're done here!

Hey.. - You took one girl
away from here, right?

There's no other girl.

This is my area.
- Hey, she needs help..

This is my area.. Get lost..
- She is there..

Take him away..
- She is inside, sir.

Take him away!
- She is a child, sir!

Take him away!
- What are you doing? - Listen..

There is a child in there!

All of you are in on it.

What did you say?
- All of you are in on it.

Is that so?
- Hey, let it be..

What did I tell you?
I'm a businessman.

I do business.

Who gave you the right

to screw with my business?

Now, talk decently..
- Sir..

- What are you doing?

Sir, stop..

Hey, take him away!

Take him away..
- I'll deal with him..

Someone had complained to us
about it..





What are you doing?

What are you doing?


Give it to me.

Kill me.

You owe me.


Look, they took Preeti with them.

After Asha, how many are left?

You do the Math..

N-No, sir..

That's not true..

I need to continue my business.

Please don't send me.
I'm sick.

Please don't send me.


Faizal, please..


Where the hell is he?

- Faizal!

Come on.. Come on!

You will die, you bastard.


They have taken your sister away.

You don't have to worry.

There is a lot of food here.

And no monkey business
in the container.

Are you listening to me?

Save your energy.

There's a bucket there.

You can use it as a toilet.

Screaming here is of no use.

You are surrounded
by 12,000 containers.

No one will be able
to hear anything.

You need to take care of yourself.



Eat something.

No, don't sleep.

You can't sleep here.

Eat something.

I don't want to eat.
I don't want to get up.

Please eat.



Absolutely beautiful.


Let me go..

Let me go..

'We will be ruined.
Everything is ruined.'

'Sonia! Sonia!'

'Sonia! Sonia!'

In Pushkar, there's a fair
of camels every year.

That's where we were going.

My entire family used to stop
at the station

only for five minutes.

My sister had not eaten
anything since morning.

So, I got down to buy
something for her.

But it was so crowded.

I couldn't find my compartment.

It was a gang of four men.

They grabbed me.

Fucking rascals.

I was too young.

I was younger than you are now.

When I reached Mumbai

I used to find anyone noble

who would save me
from these demons.

That's when I found Faisal.

He used to behave
as if he was born to help us.

He used to speak to us
like a father.

He took care of me.

But one day,
he showed his wild side.

It's clear..

Go, dear..


Glad you found it.

Come on in, please.

I was just making some coffee.

Would you want a cup of coffee?

I can make some hot chocolate.

I have a bar. I don't know
if you drink alcohol.

I can give you something harder.
- What?

- Are you okay?


Come, let me show you around.

You may want to watch
your step here.

It's a little steep.
- No..

I have a swimming pool.
I don't know if you like to swim.

This is the living area,
for just hanging out.

If you want to see the balcony..
There's a nice balcony out here.

I'm sorry
that the view is so shitty.

What do you think?

It's so bright.

The earth is shining
brighter than the sky.

I'm sorry, I don't..

Are you cold?

Do you want to go inside?
There's a nice fire.

You look chilly.

You look chilly.


Come on, let's go inside.

It's okay..

'My dear Sonia.'

'I have been searching for you.'

'I went to the market in Mumbai
where prostitution takes place.'

'I didn't find you there
like always.'

'Where have you gone, Sonia?'

'I miss you every day.'

'If I find you,
I'll take good care of you.'

'You are my butterfly..'
- No.. You're not in trouble.

It's okay, sit down.
I don't mind.'

It's okay, sit..

I didn't know you did email.

I'm a big emailer.

Yes, email..

Yes, it's amazing, isn't it?

Being able to talk to people

when you're not actually
talking to them..

You can get whatever you want
with the click of a button.

It's.. It's fucked up,
that's what it is.

Do you have one of these?

Come on, every girl has a phone.

Even 11-year-olds

are sexting each other
in middle school.

You really don't have a phone?

This is a problem.


You almost smiled.

This is a year old.

But it still has
a touch ID which is great.

You're going to place
your thumb here

and it's going to recognise
your thumb print

and only you'll be able
to access this phone.

I don't really need it.

This is for you.

Take it.


Take it, it's a gift.


Your friends are coming soon.

'What are you doing?
- Will you be my girlfriend?'

Are you okay?





She slit her wrist.

We'll handle this.




No! She couldn't be far.
We need to check that way.

Excuse me!
- Get your hands off me.

I'm sorry..

Are you okay?

Hello, Sonia.
I am Salma.

This is a non-profit organisation
called Cast.

We're here to help girls
in your situation.

Sonia, my name is Jia.

Her name is Salma.

We work for an NGO.

We work for girls like you.

I'm really sorry this happened
to you.

It's not okay
and it's not your fault.

Whatever happened to you
was not right.

You are a very brave
and courageous girl.

You are very brave.

You're doing great.
Just take your time.

They burnt my legs
when I didn't do something

they wanted me to do.
They said they'd hurt my mom.

I called my mom and told her..

When she didn't listen to them

they used to burn her legs.

That's really good.
Who would like to share next?


It happened so quickly.

It happened so fast.

But it's clear..

She gave up her life for me.

But she killed herself for me.

I.. I was very scared.

Very much.

It made her very afraid.


But I felt, I..


But it also made her feel
like she was..


She's saying you're worthy..

I was worthy of it.


Come on!


'Hello, Sonia!
How are you?'

I'm fine, sir.

'Look who is here to meet you.'

'Talk to her.'




'How are you?'

I'm fine.

'I thought something bad
happened to you.'

'I was very scared for you.'

Is it so?

Are you so worried about me?


'You saved me.'

You are my world.

'You too.'

'I miss you a lot.'

'Come back..'


Ma'am, I want to meet Preeti.
I want to go home.

Yes! - I want to meet Preeti.
- Okay..

We'll try..

We're working on it.
Am I right, Manish?



'Look at me..'

'I look like an ox.
I look so ugly.'

No, dear.
Who told you that you look ugly?

You look like my angel.

Trust me!

You look like a queen.

'Come soon.'

I found my sister.

I've never been happier
looking at anybody before.

Where is Preeti?

Has she gone somewhere?

She left, Sonia.

Where and when did she go?

She went back to her addiction.

She couldn't bear the struggle
of living a normal life.

Unfortunately, a lot of girls
do this.

Where has she gone?

Has she gone to her boss?

We don't know where exactly
she has gone.

We searched for her there.

We searched a lot of places.

I will find her.

Yes, Sonia. But she can be
anywhere now. - So?

She is my sister.

I will find her.

Sonia, you also need help.

What will be your answer?

I'm fine..
- What? - I'm fine..

Very good, please write.


Hold this properly
and hold it tight.

Hold it like this.




Take care..

Let's go..

'Dear Preeti..'

'Why did you go
before I could come?'

'Do you know how much
I miss you?'

'I can't even tell you.'

'But I am not alone.'

'There's someone else
who wants to meet you.'

'I'll tell you the name
of the person when we meet.'

'You know, all of us
are looking for you.'

'Mr. Manish and I stay here
with some more girls.'

'Now this is my home
and they are my family.'

'Everything can start
afresh, Preeti.'

'You might not believe it
but it's true.'

'You don't listen to the people
who are around you.'

'They'll only tell you something
that they're benefitting from.'

'But this time, you fight
against everybody for my sake.'

'Please come back.'

'Every day I feel
you will come back.'

'But I cry when you don't come.'

'But next day, I become strong
and wait for you.'

'Mr. Manish and I won't stop.'

'We'll definitely find you.'

'We'll bring you home.'

'You are very beautiful.'

'You look like a queen.'

'You are worthy.'

'I found you once,
now I'll find you again.'

'Hey, mamma's girl..'

'You know me.'

'I won't give up.'

'No matter what..'


'...I will find you, Preeti.'

'You wait and watch, Preeti.'

'Love Sonia.'


"Don't want to play this game."

"Nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide"

"no shoes to hold my weight
and I'm falling."

"But I can't let go,
I won't let go."

"I have broken through
these walls."

"I'm open now, but I still fall."

"Or will it end
if I run from it all?"

"Because it matters,
I hope it matters."

"Do you know that I am more?"

"I am more than what they see.
- This world is your oyster."

"Sonia, what do you need?
- My dear Sonia.."

"Sonia, what do you see?
- This will pass too."

"When I'm down, I see your face."

"When I think of all the days."

"When love is more
than what we need"

"and this life is more
than just deceiving."

"That's far away."

"Therefore, I believe the stars
don't stop shining."

"All the stars are with you."

"We have the same colour."

"All the stars are with you."

"Do you know that I am more?"

"I am more than what they think.
- The world is your oyster."

"Sonia, what do you need?
- My dear Sonia.."

"Sonia, what do you see?
- This will pass too."

"My wishes.."

"My freedom.."

"My wishes.."

"Sonia, you can fight any battle."

"Still the thunder comes
at night. - Sonia!"

"And the voices of the night.
- Oh, Sonia!"

"The earth is shining brighter..
- The world is your oyster."

"...than the sky."

"Do you know that I am more?"

"I am more than what they think."

"Sonia, what do you need?"

"Sonia, what do you see?"

"Sonia, what do you need?
- My dear Sonia.."

"Sonia, what do you see?
- My dear Sonia.."

"Sonia, what do you need?
- My dear Sonia.."

"Sonia, what do you see?"

"Sleep, my darling..
Sleep on the red bed."

"Mom and dad will be coming.
They'll bring red toys."

"As you are playing,
if you feel hungry"

"and there are no peanuts.."

"I'm not your grandfather."

"Your grandfather has gone
to Delhi."

"He brought two cats from Delhi."

"One of the cats left."

"I will cut your nose."

"We saw a policeman with yellow
uniform and black shoes."

"He had a belt on his hip
and a stick in his hand."

"He was the first man whistling."

"The thief couldn't steal."

"We saw a policeman."