Love Records: Gimme Some Love (2016) - full transcript

The rise and fall of Love Records record label in 1960's and 1970's Finland.


After recovering from their countryside
tour, the Finnish and Soviet presidents -

started their third day with a
cruise on the ice-breaker Sisu.

Khrushchev gave President Kekkonen
a Russian translation of -

Kekkonen 's collected speeches.

Adults see them as a challenge,
teenagers as the epitome of bliss.

The audience was like a boiling,
bubbling, colorful concoction, -

drowning out everything else with
its steady screaming.

Basements are fuzzing





Good morning, Atte.


Like back in those days,
back in those days, -

back in those days, when
everything used to be fine.

Like back in those days,
back in those days,-

back in those days,
everything is fine again.

Once more I feel like back
in those days...

Next one.

Thank you.

The Finnish record industry is
doing better than ever before.

More than anything, this success is
based on serving the audience.

Whistling down the road,
the drifter is at play.

Telephone wires keep singing,
Moon looking through the clouds,

The wide open road of the drifter,
is carefree all the way.

He spends his night in a hay barn
and enjoys a hearty bite.

Dreaming of his sweetheart
he slumbers through the night.

Telephone wires keep singing,
and the moonlit sky is clear.

He is free as a bird in the sky,
free from worries and fears.

Who do you work for, then?
- I'm Blom, from HBL.

Pärre mentioned they'd send somebody.
- He said praises were requested.

Topi Kärki.
- Atte.

And what is Mr. Blom going to write?
- The truth.

Hell, no.

That was a joke.
- Yeah.

You said the record industry's success
is based on serving the audience.

But the audience doesn't really
have a choice, -

does it?

You can surely have a few drinks,
can't you? I'm buying.

No thanks. Thank you.

The drifter's kingdom all around
is totally free of care.

The lovely little maiden is bound
to someday have her share.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Christian Schwindt and his orchestra!

Record company employees are drinking
bubbly and stuffing their faces, -

while the people behind their success
are playing their music around Finland.

This is insulting.

Insulting toward the Finnish music
industry, toward the Finnish consumer.

Or insulting toward Topi Kärki?

It's not our job to criticize a
record company's publishing policy.

Who's job is it, then?

People love schlagers - so what?

I've seen the future, and
entertainer music is not it.

1966 and basements are fuzzing.

Buzzing. That's what it should say.

New culture.

People are ready.

You have until eleven to make your text
fit our culture department's policy.

But... - If you want a revolution, do
it somewhere else than a newspaper.

How does this sound? "The annual
record industry party, -

showed us the industry's firm belief in
its ability to dictate people's tastes".

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Hi. ls there still time?
- No there isn't.

Looks like you have to stop
the press.

- Yeah, I know.

Has anybody seen Atte Blom? Blom!



I've put up with this because of
your father, but this is it.

- Yes?

Could you get me some toilet paper?


Otto! We have to go now.


Get moving. Now. I'll
go start the car.

What are you doing here?

Difficult labor.

A boy or a girl?


Are you writing that for her?

Atte. - Donner, Henrik Otto.

I know.

Finland is missing one like that.
That focuses on different stuff.

How different?

The kind no else dares touch.

I want to make music, not sell it.

The end of the world is coming.
Let's do something before that happens.

I have to drive five hundred km to
a gig, just to put food on the table.

While some twenty musicians get
all the studio work.

I'm not on the list. Topi Kärki
doesn't want anything to do with me.

We'll write our own list soon.

How the hell did you talk Christina
into this?

You have told Christina, haven't

What do you know about running a company?
- Chrisse went to business school.

One term, then dropped out.

I thought you wanted to compose.
- I can do that in my own company.

A musicians' own stable.

We'll give job opportunities for
talented artists, -

not for yes men approved by an
elitist inner circle!

We'll make music according
to the needs of music lovers, -

instead of trying to dictate what
the listeners should consume.

I'm still working on this.

This hallucination of yours...
- Vision!

I know my role in the equation. And
Otto would be the production manager.

But what are you?

Well, I know everything about jazz and
the blues and... everything else, too.

Could Atte be the publicist,
for example? - What? Yeah.

That's what I'll be.

We at Love Records have been dissatisfied
with this development for a long time.

We don't want to restrict ourselves, but
we are forced into this corrupt system.

We have some unbelievable projects in
development... - That's enough, thanks.

Leave that magazine.

So, instead of trying try to
compete with the old system, -

we'll create a completely new scene,
never heard of in this country before.

Oh fuck.

How the birds fold their wings,-

how the waters rumble beneath
the cliffs, -

how the forests rise with the wind...
- Sounds good.

You've forgotten something.

Making records and starting a business
cost money. The poster cost money.

Do you have any money?

NO .

No sessions.

I'm up against the wall, Christina.

That's a lot of money.

It's an investment in our future.

I’ll go.

I need some initial capital.
We'll just make one record first.

We want to promote diversity in Finnish
music. - Pärre Järnefelt paid me a visit.

Oh? - My son tried to set the
Hufvudstadsbladet office on fire!

Try to understand your father.
- He doesn't understand me, either.

You look pale. Are you coming down with
something? - Quit worrying about me.


It's a neurological disorder,
abnormal electrical nerve cell activity.

An epileptic seizure can be triggered by
lack of sleep, too much alcohol, stress.

Is there a drug for it? - A healthy
life style. Enough sleep, no alcohol.

I declare the constitutive meeting
of Love Records open.

Artto Anders Blom was voted keeper
of the minutes.

Damn, I don't have a pen.
- Never mind about that. Money!

Atte, money.

Today, Love Records will be
registered as a limited partnership.

3000 marks is our initial capital,
producing records our line of business.

General partners Donner and Schwindt
contribute 1500 marks per asshole.

In addition, limited partner Blom
contributes a hundred marks.

The meeting is closed in an
atmosphere of enthusiasm.

Hey! The night is young.

So is the baby. Adios.

Do you know them?

We're having an after-party
with them. - After-party?

There will be, before last orders.
- It's only ten o'clock.

Plenty of time to cement
the deal. - What deal?

Atte. You need to relax.

Okay. Dutch courage, maybe.
- Maybe.


What would you like?
- Never mind, I'm fine.

Hi, I'm Anna.
- Yeah.

It's customary to introduce
yourself at this point. - Yeah.

Is "yeah" the only thing you can

Will you buy me a drink?
- Yeah.

Do you have any booze, Henrik Otto
Donner? - Can you come out and play?

It doesn't matter how many records
we sell if the music isn't worthwhile.

And we can't compete with big companies.
We have to create a market of our own.

I'll pop by the bonfire.

How long do we have to wait
outside your door?

Mum and Dad, how nice of you
to drop by, unannounced.

The war generation has a dream.

That our children don't have to
start with nothing, like we did.

Start reading. For the entrance

This is our first album.
- Really?

We'll continue to pay your rent,
help you financially.

The clinic will be there, waiting
for you to graduate.

Yeah, but... - It's as simple as that.
Let's go, Mum.

It's you, you I love...

Don't mind them.
- I don't.

...stopping me from seeing you.

How the birds fold their wings, -

how the waters rumble beneath
the cliffs...

ls it selling?

A few hundred LPs.

It won't get any air play,
after all.

Just kids fooling around.

They'll understand the realities
of the business soon enough.

Did we?

They want to do something

Ethnic music, children's

That's idiotic. Children don't
buy records, do they?


Spit it out, what do you
think about all this?

I don't think Love Records is a
threat to us at any level.

Love Records, switchboard.

Yes, we have. Just a moment, I'll put
you through to the warehouse.


Yes. Five copies? Of Chydenius's

Your address?

14. Alright, coming up.
Thank you, goodbye.

Why couldn't you answer?
- You did fine.



It's too fast, too slow,
it's all over the place.

Come on, they were grooving.

Just a moment.

It's not classical or jazz.
It's supposed to sound like that.

You're wrong.

Hey guys, what's going on?

I didn't come here to get guitar

Otto doesn't mean anything bad.

I talked with the guys.
They're just not used to this.

The quality of music is measured
using music terminology.

Music terminology is based
on the laws of music.

Only quantitative facts matter.
You can't catch "grooving" on tape.

Playing right is the only one way to get
in the groove, to make a band swing.

Okay. They promised to do their best.
Should I ask them back in?

Who are these people?

We've been working hard.

Me, Jim and Hasse thought everybody
deserved a little party.

This is my workplace, not a circus.

Who put acid in Atte's drink?
That's not funny.

We're supposed to be adults.

The Blues Section are splitting.
- What the hell for?

Too many gigs, too little new
material, the guys can't get along, -

there are other jobs waiting for them,
who knows?


Well, now we have many good solo
artists instead of one great band.

Atte, you're a genius!

He's five foot-two, he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.

He's thirty-one, he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,-

He's fighting for the USA.

He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon...

He's pretty good.
- Yeah, who is he?

Heikki something.

I haven't seen
you around lately.

I've been busy.

Fucking Pembroke.
- What about him?

He played the piano all
morning, sloppily as hell.

And we're paying him
to do it.

I don't think he plays sloppily.
- What?

I think Jim plays that grand
piano pretty well.

Compared to six months ago, maybe.
But we hired him to do office work.

So he wouldn't return to England.
- Jim is teaching himself, making songs.

Scandia or Finnlevy would never do this.

That fucking Lindberg would steer
clear of his artists if he only could.

Still here.
- Like a bad smell.

I look at this kid and see myself.

You're obsessed with those brats.

We have an empire.

But their attitude, it's
something new.

Foolhardiness, optimism.

Romantic naivety.

Practically job requirements in this
business, don't you remember?

I remember everything.

I was supposed to go to America.
Composers like me were in demand.

Then the war started.

When you get to my age you
start thinking, was that it?

Maybe we all reach a point when
we have to just pack it in.

Those boys are the future,
you know that.

Yeah, yeah.

Topi Kärki.

The greatest music producer in
the history of independent Finland.

Look at the state of him.

I have an idea.

If we want no one to become
exposed to this music, -

why don't we make sure no
one gets their hands on it?

What's this?

Take them with you. We don't sell
your records in our store anymore.

In that case I want to talk to the
manager. Pera!

I don't think that's a good idea.

What's this? - Take the records off my
counter. And get the hell out of here.

Can't you decide what records to sell in
your own store? - I won't sell those.

What are you now, Fazer Music's
gutless stable boy?

Walk away, Chrisse.
- I'll be back, goddammit!

Don't try to fuck my girlfriend next
time. - What do you mean "try"?

See you tonight, Heidi!

Music Fazer is refusing to sell
our records in their stores, -

their marketing partners' stores
or through mail order.

Can't we do it ourselves?

Fazer is the country's biggest record
distributor. - There are three of us.

There isn't enough time.

Good night.

Where are you going?
- What am I doing here?

Why make records if we can't get
them into stores? I'm going home.

Put out the lights.
Electricity costs money.

We're not giving up because of this.

What's in there?
- Wigwam records.

Are you having us on? - The album
covers weren't printed on time.

No biggie. Love Records decided
that these are all rare, unique copies.

Is that a church boat?

If you say so.

Cool. How much?
- I want one, too.

Pera sells them, I'm just a distributor.
- Wigwam's debut album?

People have been asking for it.

Music Fazer can't stop us.

It's just that fucking Chrisse.
- I'll talk to him.

Do you need a hand?
- Get in and start taking money.

Would you ask Christian to call me?


Dinner is on the table.

Yeah? - Hi.

We promised to get great albums in
stores before Christmas. It's all done.

It's Christmas Eve, Atte.
- Did you hear what I said?

We did it. Despite the distribution

Merry Christmas. - You too, but...

Love Records is alive!

Do you work there?

No I don't. - You do, you're Atte
fucking Blom. - Gimme your autograph!

I know pop singers get fan mail,
but a record company?

What the fuck?
- What the fuck what?

It's easy to see the founders of Love
Records as like-minded musketeers, -

but in fact, Donner is the only one of
the three with an academic degree, -

the only one officially qualified for the
business. - The journalist's words.

This gives you the idea that Love
Records is -

Artistic Director Otto Donner's
brainchild, and we're your sidekicks!

The title gives us a professional
image. It's good PR.

I agree. The article explains us to
the more conservative people.

I'm no conservative.

There you go.

What is this?
- Our new logo.

A little suggestive. - Thank you for
your opinion, Mr. Artistic Director!

Atte, a phone call.
- Take a message.

It's your doctor.


I mean, seriously?
- What? It's ingenious!

Your condition is more serious
than we originally thought.

The tests indicate a tendency
toward status epilepticus .

Excuse me?

A prolonged epileptic seizure.

It's not dangerous, is it?

Beat the clock.
Try to make it stop.

Before time can...

Fucking Babitzin!
- I don't recall this song.

Scandia published it.
- Isn't Kirka one of ours?

Next time, get them to sign
the papers!

Sign the papers!

Nice arrangement.

Good translation.

Record singers are a breed of their
own, greedy.

Not happy with their wages, starting
their own labels to get Gramex payments.

Without us, they wouldn't
even be record singers.

And record companies would be
nothing without their artists.

Lunatics can't run the asylum.

Scandia snatched Kirka just because
we found him.

You're not the only one who keeps
his ears pricked.

The distribution boycott was a
punch below the belt.

Because of that boycott, you had to
expand your catalogue to -

make your own distribution
organization economically viable.

All is fair in love and the record
business, is that it?

The holy trinity: The Parliament House.
The commercial center. The banks.

All you need to know about this business
is between those three points.

Politics controls the radio.

Retail business controls the
consumer. - And the banks?

You'll always want to be on good
terms with the banks.

I don't think you understand what Love
Records is all about. - Does Donner?

You think you're some musketeers.
But you haven't faced a real battle yet.

If entrepreneurship was easy,
they'd give it a simpler name.

We need a strategy. We must schedule
our releases to market them...

Our strategy: This year Finland, next
year Scandinavia, then the UK and USA!


Any thoughts, Otto?

What do you want, Atte?

To change the world. - There's a
boycott, let's take it easy. - No way!

Talk to that guy, pretty soon
I won't even want to.

Where the hell is the fire?
- It's all or nothing.

Get yourself sorted out. - I don't
want to see another doctor.

What about your dad?

Your parents don't know.

There's no cure for
what I have.

The drugs are losing their power.

Consequences: brain damage or
in the best case, death.

They tell me I have five years.

Maybe. Or at the most.


Hi. - Hi.


When do I get to sing?

We've talked about this.

Let's talk again.

Love Records has certain

And I'm not up to those

I just can't hear that.

You can't be serious. - Not
everyone can be a record singer.

Fuck you.

Anna, hey.

What I've learned about piano playing
is that the black and white keys...

We listened to those records you
sent us. - How did you like them?

They were interesting.

Do you have to be so radical?
- So far on the left, you mean?

You have a new apartment?
- It's nice.The landlord is, too.

Not likely to throw me out
without a warning.

It was for you own good.

There's something I want to tell
you. No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.


Did that girl put you up
to it? - Yes, it's a pity that...

Anna. - That Anna isn't here.
I'd like to meet her.

Some other time.

What were you saying, Atte?


Thanks for everything.

Hi. ls Anna home?
- She's got a date.

Was it something important?


Do you want me to give her a


Can you say anything else
than "no"?

They went to Kruunu. Don't tell
them I told you that.


The evening casts its shadows -

as I'm sitting here thinking.

I can hear the leaves whispering -

in the silence of the night.

I can see a stream out there -

soon to be covered with mist.

The wind will drive the clouds away -

and the little stars get to shine...

Chrisse. What is this?

Housewarming party.
- That was last Friday.

...color of words starts changing
in the light of the black night.

I wait alone until the morning comes...
- You, too, get out.

...rejoice in the morning of us two.
No one can stop the morning now...

- Atte.

Leena, Atte. Atte, Leena.
- Now is not a good moment.



Is everything okay?

Never been better. - Good.

Are you okay?

Atte. There will be other Annas.

What's this?

Otto's solo material.

Where were you? This is
a great show. - Business school.

You? Mr. sex drugs and rock'n'roll?
- It wouldn't hurt to finish my studies.

And don't book that fucking

It's signed, like we agreed.

Love Records has taken off really well.
Where does this know-how stern from?

With expertise in all music styles,
it's easy to get on the top.

I've studied trumpet and composition
in Sibelius Academy.

And modern music in Darmstadt,
West Germany.

Atte Blom has found the kind of talent
we haven't heard in this country before.

I have also studied electronic music
in Holland.

In Paris, I familiarized myself...

Interesting person this Mr. Donner.
His job isn't easy.

Taking care of the company's music policy
while trying to make his own music.

I wonder how he sees his
career development?

What are you doing? - I'm going
to make a few phone calls.

How long have we worked together?

You started working here in 1955,
if I remember right.

If my opinion counts for anything,
don't make any phone calls.

Sometimes I wonder whose side
you're really on.

This is not a war.

That's where you're completely
wrong, Toivo.

In whose troops are you standing?

Whose flag are you carrying?

There is no love without justice,-

there is no justice without battle,-

no battle without...

Domestic news: Henrik Otto Donner is
YLE's new entertainment manager.

The founder of Love... - What the fuck?
...was chosen from among applicants...

YLE's music policy reform is part of the
entertainment manager's responsibilities.

Donner is yet to comment on the
direction of his new music policy.

And then... Fuck!

I'll say it, then.

You care so much what they
think about you.

Whatever your title, those guys
will never see you as an equal!

Talk sense into him.
- It won't work.

You crave for influence.
At YLE, you won't have any!

If you want a revolution, don't do it
in my record company! - Calm down!

Fucking hell.

We thought Otto could work
for Love on a freelance basis.

You thought so, huh?

For fuck's sake, guys!
- Ouch! Fuck!

You promised me.
All or nothing.

I have a family, Atte.

What are Chrisse and me, then?

I have a child already. I don't
need to work with one.

If there's a silver lining, -

maybe Yle will start playing
our records on the radio.

I'm not able to do what Otto does,
are you?

Maybe that's it, then.

Welcome. - Donner.
- Toivo Kärki.

The man of a thousand songs.
- You're quite productive yourself.

You won't have time to compose here,
there's so much arranging to do.

No need to be nervous, young man.

Your father is M. Sc. Donner, am I
right'? - Yes.

And how did he feel about your
little flirt with the left?

About Love?

Working class hero? That's not you. You
might come from a working class city, -

but your heritage is totally bourgeois.

How did I end up on the
applicant list?

Your underground work in Finnish
music hasn't gone unnoticed.

Certain people thought you might
be the right man for the position.

Certain people?

Get the fuck out of there.

You don't have a driver's license. You
can't drink and drive without one.

We all knew this wouldn't last
forever. - Fucking Otto!

Yes, fucking Otto.You should get some sleep.
- No, I want to make music.

Two records per year, tops.
- No. Lots of music, the best.

It'll bankrupt us. - Money isn't
everything. - In a bankruptcy it is.

Who's going to produce the records?

Let's start, guys.

Would you like to sit down?
- No, get the tape rolling.

The tape is rolling.


Thank you.

Why are you trying to destroy
everything I've built?

Anna was a good fit for a project.

I'm not talking about Anna. Without
Otto, Love Records will die.

You rocked the boat.

You made some very important
people worried.

You've rocked the foundations
of the business.

You could have warned us.
- Not really.

We've chosen our sides,
you and me.


Perfect pitch doesn't matter if you
can't listen with your heart.

No amount of virtuosity can
ever replace instinct.

Don't give up.

Chrisse, listen.

If you terminate my contract, I'll
shoot myself. With a shotgun!

Does have a shotgun?
- No, he doesn't.

I'll jump out of the window!

Let him jump. We're on the second floor.
- Let me go!

What happened to giving our artists
time to grow? - Wasn't my idea.



Are you ready?

Roll the tape.

Okay, let's try again.
- Atte, I can't.

What's wrong?

Do you have a bottle there with
you, Rauli?

Let's take a break.

- Yeah.

The more talented the singer,
the worse they sound drunk.

But I can't get a sound out
without it.

Booze doesn't help. It helps with
many things, but not with this.

You're a badass singer, but you
shouldn't sound like a badass.

A certain sensitivity, that's
your thing.

And that comes from being
nervous, right? - Yeah.

We don't want to lose that.
That's what makes it original.

But. - Tell me.

This song is about fucking.
- So?

Where's the problem?

You've already done a song about the
external female genitals. - Yeah.

But what? - We should make
it sound like fucking.


Ladies and gentlemen, Atte Blom,
the heart and soul of Love Records.

Chrisse. Somebody should
give Rauli a kick-start.

Sometimes I will then again I think
I won't.

Sometimes I will then again I think
I won't.

Sometimes I do then again I think
I don't.

I looked at my watch, it was 9:43.
Everytime I spinned she spinned with me.

I was rollin', reelin' and a rockin'.

We was reelin' and a rockin'. Rollin' till
the break of dawn.

I looked at my watch, it was 10:28. Gotta
get my kicks before it get too late.

We was reelin', reelin' and a rockin'.

Reelin' and a rockin'. Rollin'
till the break of dawn.

I looked at my watch, it was 10:29. I had
to hold her hand, she's still holdin' mine.

We reeled, reelin' and a rockin'.

We was reelin' and a rockin'. Rollin'
till the break of dawn.

I looked at my watch, it was time to go.
Bandleader said "We ain't playin no more".

We was reelin', reelin' and a rockin'.

We was reelin' and a rockin'...

It's completely irresponsible to put
someone like that on stage!

It's a disaster. - It's a success.

Drive, drive!

I dare you to show Topi Kärki your
ass. - You're on.

This summer belongs to the shy boy
with a great voice.

Somero's own Rauli Badding has
hit the jackpot.

He is the king of the concert venues,
number one on the singles list...

Come in.

A board meeting on the sixth floor.
In five minutes.

YLE is politically unattached. The
marked songs don't fit that policy.

I'm the one who should be making
those decisions.

Love Records songs.

I'm just the messenger.

Nice office.

What the fuck is this?

Click track.

Let her party on,
your wife party on.

Let her party on,
your wife party on.

If the road is straight,
crawling home is easy.

Can you see that pretty lady?

Can anybody tell me where she
came from?

Can you see that pretty lady?

Can anybody tell me where she
came from?

A new song started playing, -

wistful tunes filled the air...

Good night.

Yeah, see you tomorrow.

My grandfather built this company out
of nothing four decades ago.

In 1966 I started Finnlevy Ltd and its
two subsidiaries, Scandia and Finndisc.

We quickly became the biggest
record producer in Finland.

In 67, we grabbed the lion's share of
music publishing rights in Finland.

That was my plan.

I'm not going to stand by and watch
Love Records steal our market.

Is it true that lrwin was paid 30000
marks just for signing his record deal?

Christian Schwindt.

Mr. Kärki will see you now.

Real protest singer.

I don't know you, Schwindt, -

but I understand that a company needs
a CEO who can pretend to be dynamic.

Are you one of those, or do
you really make things happen?

Love Records isn't interested in
Fazer Music's offer at this point.

Love Records or Atte Blom?

The decision was unanimous.

Did Donner cast a vote, too?

Otto Donner trusts the board's

You can call my home
number at all times.

If the situation changes.
Or if you can change it.

Carry on.

I need the sheet music.

Play some of your own stuff.

Nothing has changed.
You're never at home.

I don't deserve this.
Tania doesn't deserve this!

I can't sleep, Daddy.
- Daddy is coming. - No!

I’ll go.

What are we doing wrong that those
longhairs are doing right?

No airplay, but selling more
records than us.

They have their own way of doing things.
- Sounds like you admire them.

You have to admire their energy.

Let's get down to business.
Fazer Music has bought you.

Excuse me? - Scandia will be
merged with Finnrecords.

Merged with?

Merged with. Acquired by.

We have to form a united front if we
want to compete with this new culture.

I have to go.

Keep up the good work, Harry.

These two would like to discuss a
record deal.

Give them Atte Blom's phone number.
And take the rest of the week off.

Marilyn, Marilyn, take your
jumper off for me, -

Marilyn, Marilyn, are those days
too far gone to see?

Where do you keep finding these

They keep coming through the doors
and windows these days.

What is it? - A phone call.
- Who?

Anna. She says you know her.
- I'm busy right now.

Shall I take a message?
- Yeah, why not.

And when that writer Arthur
got to scratch your itch, -

I pulled you off my wall,
since you were just a bitch...

Atte. - Yeah?

Someone here to see you.


I have some good news.
- I'm a little busy.

Why are you acting like that?

You used me.

I never got around to that.

You've listened to it?
- I certainly haven't.

I knew you wouldn't do
that for me.

So you threw yourself at Kärki.
- Topi came to me.

Topi? - Atte.

Nothing needs to change.

I wish you'd leave now.

I wish someone could tell me -

what makes white butterflies -

paint the night's velvet
with flowers.

I wish someone could tell me -

why I see people, mute
and strange -

wearing snowy armors on
their faces,-

such snowy faces, and the eyes
of a stuffed bird.

I wish someone could tell me -

Why the dewy morning grass -

unveils the hidden games
of robins.

Take it easy, there's some
fragile technology there!

...why the black soldiers
at the gates -

are holding withered roses
in their hands, -

such withered roses and
bent tiger lilies.

I wish someone could tell me, -

how to quietly disrobe my heart -

in the veiled shadows of the sun.

I wish someone could tell me, -

if you came running across
the field, -

came close to me and
carefully, -

so carefully undressed
my heart.

Okay, let's start.


Blackouts. Loss of speech.
Hearing problems, dizziness.

Absence seizures.

Typical symptoms.

This is the final warning, Blom.

Take it easy honey, I'll see you
when I can.

There's been all sorts.

Wait a moment.

Wasn't this party supposed to be

It's over already, those guys just
haven't realized it yet.

Everything okay?
- Yeah, sure.

The situation is intolerable.

Everything Atte touches turns to gold,
but we never get to see it.

We keep working on twenty albums
and singles simultaneously.

How's things at home? - Fine, thanks.
How about that freelance work?

This is really not a good time.
- Chrisse. I need that gig right now.


There is no road to walk for the
one who looks for beauty, -

there is no land to roam for the
one who proclaims love anymore.

There is just a border.

It's a great record.

But you've been away four years
and now you want to come back?

You promised me, all or nothing, then
left. You have no business at Love.

You can't throw me out of the studio.
- You threw me out, remember?

You don't even fucking
remember that.

You have the soul of an arms dealer.
Fucking mathematician.

Tanja, come here.

Sorry, I didn't know that...


Where is everybody?

I threw them out.

We don't have money to throw
parties anymore.

Studio time costs money. The staff need
to get paid. We get bills every day.

More bills every fucking day.

I've got a hot new project...
- Atte.

Are you listening? - What?

Love Records is in the hole.

How deep?
- On the bottom.

Our records are selling great. - All
the money goes into new projects.

Our musicians are waiting to start
work, but we can't pay them.

Flat broke?

If we tighten our belts, we'll survive
this year. - We have to do this project.


Promise me you won't start new projects
before we're done with the old ones.




Hi. - Hi.

I need a little advance payment.

You're in fucking withdrawal.
- Come on, help a guy in distress.

Two hundred, there.

I'll be off, then. Hi, Chrisse.

Hi, Jukka.

What's this?
- Remu and the Hurriganes.

What? - A new band.
They're great.

You want us to play or
roll in the hay?

Fucking phenomenal. I'm out.
- Chrisse, hey!

Let's get this in the can while the
iron is hot, man! - Okay, let's roll.

Lindberg's offer still stands.

We are the majority shareholders,
we have the right to sell.

What about Atte?

This is the only way to save
Love Records.

Take me in your arms, talk me
into the morning, -

teach me how to ask the
right way.

The clarity of your words comes to
understand me, and...

Political songs and prog
rock are over.

People want rock'n'roll,
like the Hurriganes.

What about bands like Wigwam,
your old foundation stones?

Otto's bands, I don't give a shit.
- We're done. Atte, we need to talk!

Put that last comment in your magazine
and your co-operation with Love is over.

Where did he go?

Who? - Atte.

Your empty bed next to me -

keeps forcing me to see.

You're gone and you never will -

come back to me, my love fulfill.

You went to someone else 's bed, -

to leave the life that we once led.

You had to know you hurt me so, -

And finally...

How's Mum doing? - I wanted
to talk to you alone first.

Why didn't you tell us?

What for?

I should be dead by now.

They tell me that Atte Blom
is Midas.

Everything he touches turns
to gold?

But everything can't be gold.

Dad. I don't want what you want.

I know it.


Oh. Has the world changed?

You've changed it, Atte.

What happens after the revolution?

You can do anything you want, son.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

The Finnish record industry is
doing better than ever before.

People here have been whispering
about its future.

So, as we're gathered here to celebrate
the music producer of the year...

Thank you, thank you.

We can give you news that will please
everybody in the record industry.

Love Records has had an important role
in the Finnish music industry.

And we'll always need people with no
desire to blend in with the mainstream.

Love Records still has lots of potential,
although its future in uncertain.

But with the business in the right
hands, who knows?

We used to be freaks, and now
everybody wants to be like us.

Donner can still be the brains behind the
operation. Blom can be the heart.

Otto, you said you wanted
to make music, not sell it.

Love Records can continue its mission,
even if the ownership is different.

You only want to destroy the competition.
- Otto, This is the only logical move.

You shouldn't have left. - I did fix
you some good radio drama reruns.

With my dad's money, Love
can pay its debts and carry on.

Flogging a dead horse.
- Shut up, fucking clown!

Love has always been one hit away from
bankruptcy, and I've always delivered.


Your publishing policy has been
analyzed, copied and conceptualized.

Fazer Music's new record label is going
to start whether you're with us or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, the record
producer of the year is Atte Blom.

Unfortunately, Atte Blom was unable
to make it here tonight.


As a boy I sang ships to the
harbors, gracefully whistled, too.

The ships replied with their echoing
foghorns and made me so happy.

Oh oh the beautiful ships,
oh oh were here again.

Things changed, I grew a little,
I felt many things pass.

Change is certain but does it have to
wipe out so much.

Oh oh the beautiful ships,
oh oh they went away.

Into the adult world I was forced,
people clapped their hands.

My imagination got a box of its

Christian Schwindt worked in the music
business for the rest of his life.

He died in 1992.

The clean white ships are now just
piles of junk.

Henrik Otto Donner wrote over a
thousand songs during his life.

He died in 2013, aged 73.

Atte Blom is still in the music business
as a manager, songwriter and producer.

Love Records released almost 400 albums
and 350 singles between 1966-1979.

Atte and Otto's collaboration ended along
with the bankruptcy of Love Records.