Love Object (2003) - full transcript

The twisted tale of Kenneth, socially insecure technical writer who forms an obsessive relationship with "Nikki", an anatomically accurate silicone sex doll he orders over the Internet. Because of his experience with his new toy, Kenneth's life takes a turn for the better when his newfound romantic skills attract the attention of Lisa, a co-worker at his office. But when the doll's jealous personality invades his consciousness, Kenneth becomes trapped in a perverse triangle, torn between the dominating, silicone Nikki and the flesh-and-blood Lisa.

Morning traffic is heavy
here in Los Angeles.

Good morning, Kenneth.
You're on deck early.

I finished the VP 2310
instruction manual, sir.

Why, look at that.
Ahead of deadline.

You should have e-mailed it
to the print shop.

I know, but I'm ready for another
assignment, sir.

This is our biggest job yet, put us in the loop
for government contracts...

the big time, lots of cost overruns.

- What is it?
- It's materials for a user manual

for a federal data-entry program.

Bureaucratic bozos spent
millions on the software.

Now no one can figure out
how to use it.


Very complex.

When's the deadline?

3 weeks from now.

That's one week
to complete each volume.

It's all due at the end of the month.

Not much time for a project this size.

Well, the slackers out there
haven't got enough grit to pull it off.

Think you can handle it?

Think you can handle it?

Well, I, uh... I better get started right away.

Hold on. I got something else for you.

Meet your new word processor
and layout assistant.

Hi. I'm Lisa belmer.
Nice to meet you.

This is Kenneth,
best tech writer we've got.

May I talk to you alone
for a second, sir?

Excuse me.

Sir, I'd really prefer
to work alone on this.

You can't do it solo.
Deadline's too tight.

You write the copy.

Let her do the grunt work.

Sir, I really think
she'll slow me down.

I mean, what does she
know about publishing?

Well, she used to do those kid magazines
they do on their computers.

But didn't we have a deal? I...

Finish the manual by the end of the month,
and you get your bonus.

Make it work.

Yes, sir.

It's a pretty tough commute
for those heading home tonight.

Southbound i-5...

I found that on my desk.

Oh, she wants it, Ken.
She wants it bad.

- She was made for it.
- You know her?

I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
Oh, yeah, she's a wild one.

I could introduce you...
If you want her.

- I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
- Oh, yeah, she's a wild one.

Lets you do anything
you want to her.


So, do you want her?

Do you want to fuck her?

You chump! She's plastic

I told you he couldn't tell.

I mean, he's plastic himself.

Oh, yeah, right, Jason.
You fell for it, too.

It's not even a real girl.
It's a deluxe sex doll.

I saw it on this website.

See? you design it yourself.

You pick the parts
all anatomically accurate,

made from medical grade materials,

It's too creepy.

Can't be real. I bet it's a joke.

It just lays there.

I mean, you'd think it would plug in,
move or something, like a hot box.

Well, that's the creepy part.

It's a doll. It just...

- It just lays there.
- Yeah.

You do all the work,
just like real life.

It's got silicone rubber skin,
ceramic teeth, and real human hair.

Whatever happened to sugar and spice
and everything nice?

Who needs that when you've got

"soft openings to accommodate
your every pleasure"?

Hey, Kenneth, even you
could get lucky with her.

It's even got a spring-loaded arm
for hand jobs.

What kind of weirdo
is gonna spend $10,000 on a sex doll?

Hey, you don't have to take a sex doll

to go and see "The English Patient".

Um, heads up. Novak.

You have something for me?


I heard you're really fast. I thought
I might get a head start on the new pages.


Oh, that's it? What a relief.

I thought you were gonna bury me.

It's very dense.
I have to organize.

Oh, I'm not complaining.

I'm still trying to figure out
that clunky word-processor program.

Just can't seem to make
that computer work.

You're the star technical writer.

Maybe you could explain it to me or...


Never mind.
I'll...See you tomorrow.


Thanks a lot.

Excuse me. Hi.
I'm Lisa. I'm new here.

And I just wanted
to introduce myself.

Dotson. Sheremy here doesn't believe me
about the sex doll.

Go ahead.
Show him the picture.

Marvels of modern science, my boy.

It was here this morning.
Where is it?

Sheremy, where's my stuff?

It was right here.

What's wrong with you?
This is all you got?

You're behind
schedule already.

You used to be on time,
like clockwork.

The temp girl isn't setting any
speed records either.

I'll catch up this weekend.

It's just a very
complicated program, sir.

Kenneth, if you can't handle it,
I'll get someone else who can.

What you need to do
to get your head on straigh

Do it. Fast.


My name is Nikki.

I want to fully embody your desire.

What kind of girl
do you dream about?


Too cheap.


Too scary.


Yes. like that.

I want to be pretty for you.

What color eyes do you like?


What kind of mouth
do you want to kiss?

Like this?

Do you like my breasts?

Oh, thank you.

Please give me arms to hold you.

my legs...

Mr. Kenneth Winslow?


This is a telebanking
associate from Concord Savings.

I'm calling to verify
an overdraft to your account--

an electronic debit of $10,750

to Modern Leisure Appliances

Your overdraft protection covers
your account until the end of the month.

At that time,
the balance must be paid in full.

Ok. well, uh...
That should be fine.

I'm working on a big project,
and I have a bonus coming, so--

thank you for using Concord savings.

What is in the box?

It's a refrigerator.

Kind of small for a refrigerator.

"Modern Leisure Appliances."
Never heard of them.

Be careful. It's new paint.

- What's in the crate?
- A new refrigerator.

Oh. We're about ready for a new fridge.
Let's take a look.

We'll have to unpack it
to get it through the door.

Good idea. I'll get the tools.

Hey, listen. Watch yourself.

Living next-door
to the manager...

You never know these days...

About your neighbors...


Just let me know
if he causes any trouble.

Let's open the baby up.

I'm calling because I'm not
satisfied with the, uh...


Yes, I do still have
the original packaging.

Yes, it has... been used,

I understand.

Instuction Manual
Model: Nikki

Now it's time to arouse
your largest sexual organ...

Your brain.

Fill me with your erotic imagination.

Make me like someone you want,

maybe like someone you already know.

Oh. hey, uh...I still haven't finished...
the other pages. You know, it's...

What kind of music does she like?

That word processor is 3 versions out of date
I don't know...

How does she dress?

What makes her happy?
What makes her hot?

You're the star technical writer.
Maybe you could

explain it to me or...

Right here? In the typing pool?

It is after hours.

What if someone sees us?

Well...if you think it will help.

- Where's Lisa?
- Lisa's way behind in her work.

She got in a row with a supervisor.

Now she's in the head,
crying her eyes out.

I...i've got to let her go.

I have a system with Lisa.
Look. volume one it's already finished.

- She just needs to typeset it.
- Too much drama. I'll get you another typist.

Sir, I really like working with Lisa.

Volume one.
You can't argue with results.

Where are you going?
You can't leave now. We're just getting started.

I can't get anything to work.
I can't get anyone to help.

Everyone hates me
because I'm a temp,

as if I want their
stupid jobs anyways.

I tried to catch up, you know.

The supervisor wouldn't let me stay late,

said I might steal office supplies.

Can you... Can you believe it?

Well...maybe I could
show you a few things

after hours,
if you think it would help.

Oh, I don't know.

I can't go back there, you know.

Everyone is so hateful.

I started out in the typing pool.

I know what it's like down here.

All right.

Run macro after format.

You know, I did desktop publishing,
"'zines and stuff,"

Which is why I thought
I'd be good here.

- This is so different.
- What are 'zines?

Like a magazine.

You write about yourself,
your hobbies, anything.

It's kind of embarrassing.

But 'zines were the rage in high school.

I don't know.

It seems sort of naive
and self-implorive now.

I'm sorry I had that meltdown today.
It seems kind of funny now, right?

All that angst over instruction manuals
no one even reads.

What do you mean?

Well, think about it.

I mean, all over the world,
there are vcrs blinking 12 A.M.

One of the first things
people throw away.

Yeah. uh...
Macro "l" to justify.

And function 6 to repaginate.


Then e-mail the completed
document to print shop.

It's so easy when you explain it.

Everything's easy if you
just read the instructions.

I've been watching you with the new girl.

Sorry, sir. You startled me.

- What exactly are your intentions?
- Intentions?

I see preferential treatment
over senior typists

in exchange for after-hours fraternizing
in company offices.

Careful, Kenneth.

Even a temp can sue this company
for sexual harassment.

But I'm not harassing. I'm--

Hate to give you a citation.
You have a spotless record.

I've always considered you
the model employee.

Home Carpentry Instruction Manual

- Where did you find this jacket?
- Oh, some thrift store.

It creeps me out,
shopping at those places.

I could be wearing dead people's clothes.

The first thing I'm gonna do when I get a new job
I'm gonna get some new clothes,

And not just new to me, but really new.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare.

I couldn't help
but notice your ensemble.

It's a very good look for you.

No. it's not too daring at all.

It's... very professional.

I, uh...
I was actually wondering if, uh...

You' to go to a movie
with me or something.

"The English Patient"

I never realized how empty my life was
till I met you.

Now I don't know
how I ever lived without you.

I'm so glad we found each other.

Print it.

One down, 2 to go.
You kids make a great team.

Lisa, just toss that temp badge
and join us full-time.

- You mean I'm hired? I have a job?
- Welcome aboard, my dear.

Kimberly will set up your paperwork,
your parking card...

- Thank you.
- Your insurance forms, your...

Come on.

Kenneth Winslow.


Nikki, is that you?

Kenneth, on deck.

- Hey, Ken, here you go.
Volume one. Good work.
- Thank you.

You're the best copy
writer I've got, Ken.

I need you in the bullpen,

and seeing how you turned this job around,
I owe you better.

I'm promoting you to editor.

- What about the manual?
- Well, you still got to finish 2 volumes,

but you can work in your new office
instead of in the bullpen.

Come in.

I heard about your promotion.

Yeah. I can't really start editing, though,
until I finish the manual.

Well, now we both have something
to celebrate.

You doing anything special?

I hadn't really thought about it.
Why? Are you?

- You know.
- I do?

I told you.

When I got a real job,
I am getting new clothes.

Well... new to you or really new?

A girl I know shops at this place.

It's a very good look for you.
It's very professional.

Clothes. New job.

New me. I'll take it.

Hey, honey. Uh...

Sorry I'm late.
I, uh...Got home a...

Of course I appreciate
all you've done for me.

Well, I got home as soon as I could.

I... I didn't know you were so jealous.

Ken, are you ok?
I tried to catch you downstairs,

but I couldn't keep up in these heels.

It's you, isn't it?

Please, leave me alone.

What do you want from me? I...

Can I come in?

- You look kind of stressed.
- Do I?

Yeah. you've been working too hard.

- I think you need to take some time off.
- Yeah. I need to finish volume 2.

It's for volume 2.

After all you've done for me,
I wanted to help you for a change.

Wow. it's clear. It's simple.

You're better than most
of our staff writers.

I just tried to imagine
how you would write it

I mean, it needs some editing, but...

So edit.
That's your new job, right?

Well, I've...

ขอฉันทำเล่ม 2 ให้เสร็จ

You can edit my pages on Monday,
and we'll still be on schedule.

Oh...i don't know.

Come on. Stay home this weekend.

Do something special.

I, uh... need to talk to you
about something.

I think...

Maybe we should slow down a bit,

Give each other some breathing room.



See other people.

You're wrong.

Lisa's not like that.

I mean, you make it sound so cheap.

She thinks I'm special.
She understands me. You...

Why would you do that?

Please, please. Ok, listen.
I'll do anything you say.

Just please don't tell her
about us, ok?

Let's stay up.

Modern Leisure Appliance technical support.

May I help you?

There's something wrong
with the doll you sold me.

It's out of control.
It's telling me to do these terrible things.

- Please, just tell me how to turn it off.
- Uh, sir...

Yes, dear, I'm coming.

Kenneth, what are you doing here?

You're supposed
to be relaxing this weekend.

What are you holding?

Chinese food.

Well, when I first came here,
I felt totally out of place, but...

now it's all going great.

- But...then there's something else?
- Well, just getting used to the grind,

you know. Growing up. Nothing special.

Tell me. We're the only ones here.

Work is so...Cold, you know,

Impersonal compared to school...

Especially art school.

It's like we don't even
really matter as people. We're just...

Tools, robots.

I feel that way all the time.

I could disappear,
and no one would even notice,

as long as Novak met his deadline.

No one really cares.

I care.

I know.

I'm glad.

You're insane.

No! you don't know what I want!
I want Lisa!

That's horrible. Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

I told you,
it's over between us.

A couple of weeks ago,
she was ready to jump ship.

Think she's got what it takes
to make a tech writer?

She's very good, and I've been
training her after hours and weekends.

She has a real talent for tech writing.

- 2 down. One more to go.
- Carry on.

- Come right over here
- Ok.

I have ADSL on my Internet.

- So if you ever want to use that, just come on over.
- โอเคค่ะ

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I think there's,
like, apple Martinis and stuff.

Hey. uh...

What's up with him?

We're ahead of schedule.
So I was wondering

if you might like
to have dinner tonight.

Yeah. sure. That...That...
That would be great.


The Chinese food place
right around the corner...

- it's still open if you...
- You always eat Chinese food?

No. I'm...I thought you liked Chinese food.

No, no, no. I do. I do.

Just, you know, not every day.
You need variety.

Yeah. I, uh...
I don't know much about food.

Oh. oh, I see.

So you're a virgin

Well, relax. I am an experienced foodie.

I will take care of you. Let's see...

Let's do something exotic.
How about Indian food? My treat.

Sure. I want to try everything.

Would you like to come inside?


I...didn't have time to clean up.

- I wasn't expecting company.
- It's all right.

- Drink?
- Sure.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.


What's in your mouth?

My tongue ring.
You never noticed.


That's my guardian angel.

You did this to me! You!

Why do you keep following me?
Why won't you let me go?

It is over between us!

Let me go, please.

Please. Let me go.


I told you to leave me alone!

It doesn't feel very good,
does it? Huh?

I'm gonna make you like Lisa.

And a tattoo on your chest.

How that feel?

Please leave a message.

I just wanted to apologize
for the other night.

Let's just drop it.

This girl Nikki
I used to see a long time ago...

She stalked and attacked me.

Last night just...

Brought back memories,

and I was too ashamed to tell you.

I'm...i'm sorry, Kenny.
I had no idea.

I just...Nikki's gone for good.

I just don't want to lose you.

Come on.

Are the indicate functions
in the category menu or the select menu?

That's a data-entry question.
Volume one...

- I can't even remember.
- I'll look it up.

Volume one seems like such a long time ago.

So much has happened
since we started this project.

I know.

Whoa, pardon me.

I was just going to tell you how pleased I am
with your work on the manual.

- Thank you, Mr. novak.
- Is there anything else?

Get back to work.

"All my love, Nikki"?

What...what is this?

We...we're wearing the same clothes,

Kenneth, and the same hair. wanted me to be like
your ex-girlfriend?

The stalker?


All along, you just wanted me
to be like Nikki.

You never cared about me.
You were just using me?

All the help here at work,
it was just a game?

- That's not...
- How do you explain this, huh?

What's your story of this...

You wanted me to be like...
A rubber sex doll?

What kind of a person are you?

Please don't do this to me.

I'm sorry. Please.
I'll do anything you say.

You stay away from me.


What the hell is going on?

It looks bad, you being
her immediate superior.

I've got to protect the company
from any harassment claims.

That's a demerit.
It's on your permanent record.

Any further contact with miss Belmer
will be grounds for termination.

But I need her help to finish the manual.

Move on, sailor.

Find a new girl.

Thank you. Please stay on line
as we process your order.

Transaction denied.
Credit limit exceeded.

Customer service.
How may I help you?

Hello. Modern Leisure Appliances ?

Hi. I'm calling from
Accurate Technical Publishing.

We write instruction manuals,
and as an introduction,

We'd like to revise your current manual,

Free of charge.

I notice your current manual doesn't cover
certain operating problems, certain complications.

certain complications.

แน่นอน ผมต้องการ...

- We'll need a sample model for resear...
- Thank you very much.

I know it's just an oversight,
but your rent is due.

I have to charge you a late fee
if you don't pay soon.

This is a message for Mr. Kenneth Winslow
from Concord savings.

Your overdraft is now due.

This is Steve from the print shop.
I'm still waiting on those files.

Kenneth, I've got too much riding on this project
for you to screw it up.

Watch it. It's your job.

I usually don't ask,
but I was wondering

if you could advance me the bonus
you promised.


These pages are unusable.
They're incoherent.

For the last week, Lisa
has been rewriting your work.

I can't carry you anymore.

But you promised me
my usual rate and a bonus.


You're fired.

- We need to talk. I need you. It's...
- You shouldn't be here.

At least speak to Novak.
Get me my old job back.

Anything! Even the typing pool!

You're not gonna help me,
after everything I've done for you?

Unbelievably Lifelike

Discreet shipping and delivery

Modern Leisure Appliances

Honey, can you get that?


This better be important. I'm busy.

- It's radley, the manager downstairs.
- Yeah. what do you want?

I don't know exactly,
but I saw something very suspicious.

I don't know if it's
a murder or a sex doll.

Hey, I'm off-duty, ok?
If this is for real, call 911.

If this is some pervy joke,
I'll bust you for making a false report.

Never mind. It's probably nothing.


How's your head?

Lucky I wrote that first-aid manual.

What...what do you
want from me?

I just think
we need to spend some time together,

Just to work things out.

What about Mr. novak's manual?

He's probably looking for me right now.

Everything's on schedule.

It's easy to write
now that we're back together.

I can just e-mail it to the print shop
under your account.

It's like you said,
no one will even miss you.

Come here.

Relationships are a 2-way street.

I'm doing all the work,
and you're not even trying!

I think you need to take some time off to relax,
just think about things maybe.

Maybe he'll go away.
It's gonna be fine.


Anyone home?

Who is there?

Oh, my god.

Hurry. he's somewhere
in the apartment.

Calm down. I'll call the police.
Come on. Let's get out of here.

You shouldn't be here.


I didn't mean to hit you like that.

Nikki, is that you?

I made such a terrible mess of everything.
I miss you so much.

I just want to make things
right between us.

Is there any way
that we can just start over?

What should I do?
Ask me anything.


You know, Nikki and I
thought we were all alone,

until we found others who were
just like us on the Internet.

They taught me all about
bone plastination,

how to preserve your body for Nikki.

You know, everything's easy
if you just read the instructions.

Nikki is really...

The only one...

That understands me.

You know, it's not enough

just to talk to her.

I need to be with her, hold her.

So I'm gonna give her your body.

Nikki? Uh, nothing.
Excuse me.



You know she means nothing to me.

We...we were just talking.

Lower calf incisions Embalming Tools

I e-mailed it to the print shop.
They know what you did.

Don't you understand?

They're gonna call the cops.
They'll be here any minute.

You have to stop! Just stop!


Nikki warned me
about girls like you.

Nikki is not alive.
She's just a doll. She isn't real!

She's not alive!

She's not real. She's not real.

Listen to me...

Just because she's not alive
doesn't mean she isn't real.

Accurate Technical Publishing

Yeah, yeah, put it in Betty's file.

Knock it off. Shape up.

You jokers could take
some pointers from Lisa belmer.

What? the cute girl?

- I thought she quit.
- Quit?

She finished the manual...
Right on schedule.

- Where is she?
- We haven't seen her all week.

All week? Well,
where did these come from?

The owner's totally freaked.

Last week, somebody tossed
a mannequin in the same dumpster.

Like a...Some kind of rehearsal.
This time, it's a real body.

It's a small world after all.

- You know the corpse?
- The manager of my apartment building.


Maybe the neighbors saw something.

No, they're a bunch of degenerates.

Hold it. I know the guy
who lives next door.

He's, like, a regular Joe.

Please leave a message.

Kenneth winslow, this is detective Martin Quinley
with the Los Angeles police department.

Do you remember me?
We're neighbors

Anyway, we were talking just a few weeks ago
when you got that new refrigerator. How's it working?

Well, you know that oddball
apartment manager.

Well, he got himself killed,

and since you live next door,
I figured I'd call

and see if you noticed anything unusual.

I had my suspicions about that guy.
He didn't seem right.

So, better be careful
until we get thissorted out.

Thanks for your help.
And have a nice day.

He's probably at work.

Maybe we should check out
the body's apartment. May be some clues.

Yeah. why not? It's on my way home.
I'll surprise the missus.

You had lunch yet?

I have to empty a few major arteries

to let you out and pour Nikki in.

She hasn't been here.

Maybe she e-mailed her work
directly to the print shop.

This embalming fluid
will end your suffering

and preserve
your beauty for Nikki.

Relationships come and go,
but plastination is forever.

She sent the first file Tuesday night.

- She sent a new file yesterday.
- What file?

Forget it. That thing's
giving me a headache.

Besides, radley's already dead.
What's the hurry?

What do you mean, 2 whole days
before I can report a missing person?

No one's seen her all week.

- Here's that new file.
- Hold it.

Jesus Christ.

Screw them. Screw the cops.

I don't need them.
I can take care of myself.

Killing... killing
is too good for you.

I'm gonna show them
what you really are.

I'm gonna lock you up in that box

and deliver you to the police myself.

You knew what you were doing to me!
You studied it.

Planned it all out, huh?
Everything you did to me!

Now it's your turn!

Die, you sick fuck! Die!

Looks like we got here just in time.

You ok, buddy?


Back already?
What about your medical leave?

I just wanted to get back to work, sir.

It's horrible what happened...

Lisa holding you captive
in your own apartment,

e-mailing her work
so she could stay and torture you.

She always seemed like such a...

Nice girl. A little high-strung, though.

Well, there's no way that
the company could have known.

- We're as much the victim here as anybody.
- Of course.


I was going to mail this to you,
but since you're here...

A bonus.

Just like I promised.

Welcome back, sailor.

Nikki is a very lucky girl.

Well, you're always
buying flowers for her.

She's very lucky to have a guy like you.

Someone who really knows
how to treat a girl,

how to make her feel special.

That's real romantic.