Love O2O (2016) - full transcript

Bei Weiwei is a beautiful and intelligent computer science major who plays an ultra-high-level character in an online game. When her game "husband" divorces her character, she unexpectedly ...




Are you trying to run away?

Weiwei, we're coming.

-Are you kidding me?
-The connection is lost.

Make way!

Sorry, it's an emergency!


Here I come!



A master from the Blue Sea Tide Clan

has succeeded in arresting
the thief, Meng Dongxing.

The imperial treasure is retrieved.

-Draw your sword.
-What is he doing?

Let me do it. I'm on a roll.



Congrats! You've obtained
the Undefeated Sword of the East!

This game's design...

Why does it have things
that are against our three values?

The three values?
We have the three values in a game?

Stop laughing.

-It's all because you were late.
-My name is Bei Weiwei.

In Mengyou Jianghu,
I'm called Luwei Weiwei.

Ranked seventh in the PvP rankings.

Mengyou Jianghu, Tianshan Snow Pool.

Attacked by other college's players.
I need backup!

I need backup!

-I'm coming!
-I'm coming!

-I'm coming!
-I'm coming!

Did you see that?


-Yixiao Naihe is coming to save me.
-Yixiao Naihe?

Come and look! Hurry up!

-Come and see!

-Come on.
-Well done.

-He is so fast.
-This is too bad.


He killed another one.

-So awesome!
-Come on!


This is Yixiao Naihe,

a legendary player in Mengyou Jianghu.

He is the best player
on the entire server.

The distance between us is not
as close as we are in the rankings.

Weiwei, come to Forget-Love Island.

-I want a divorce.
-A divorce?


Weiwei, I'm sorry.
I hope you don't have any questions.

None at all.

I'll compensate you with a set
of fairy equipment for our divorce.


I don't need it.

We got married only to fulfill quests.

Let's go and drink Forget-Love Potion.

This is Zhenshui Wuxiang,
my in-game husband.

We don't know each other in reality.

Zhenshui Wuxiang and Luwei Weiwei
got a divorce.

Now, they can remarry.


Did you know that Zhenshui
is going to marry Xiaoyu Yaoyao?

Xiaoyu Yaoyao?

The number one beauty in the game.

The whole server knows.

Gosh, I never thought that
Zhenshui would be overwhelmed by lust.

Anyway, Xiaoyu Yaoyao is really beautiful.

A champion of a reality show.

The system honored her
as the number one beauty in the game.


-She is beautiful, isn't she?
-Is this a real picture of her?

If not, why would Zhenshui court her?



You're ranked seventh in the PvP rankings
and is such a powerful player.

But you don't use YY,
you don't show your picture

and you don't have any equipment.

So, everyone thinks you're a guy.

Like an actual guy!

They think I'm a guy
because I don't have a picture?

Can a world that only values
pretty faces get better?

Bei Weiwei.

Only a goddess like you
would dare say such a thing.

How are we supposed to live then?

You sounded as if you're not beautiful.

-Are you crazy?

Someone said you have a sugar daddy.


"A smiling girl leaning on a BMW.

A new game between a wealthy businessman
and a college girl."

-Holy cow!
-Holy cow!

Who is Cao Guang?

A student in the Journalism Department,
director of our university's news center.

-Who is that?
-Excuse me, which one of you is Cao Guang?

It's her, the one with the sugar daddy.

Why are you looking for me?

I just want to ask you

what kind of worldview you'd develop

-if you log onto porn sites once a week.
-Porn sites?

What did you say?

Every Wednesday, you browse porn sites
while you are on duty at the duty room

in the Journalism Department.

What kind of worldview can you develop?


Cao Guang is on duty every Wednesday.

His working hours
are from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

During this time, the computer at
that office is directly linked to this IP.

And this IP is connected
to the largest domestic porn site.


I didn't do it.

You played a card game
called Fight the Landlord

on a website called Beauty Valley,
didn't you?

Yes, that's right!

There's a link
on the home page of Beauty Valley.

It opens this website
on the backend to control the traffic.

But if we just look at
your Internet browsing history,

we can conclude
that you're browsing porn sites.

-That is so creepy.
-So, this shows that

you shouldn't interpret things
out of context.

You released my picture
on the university's website.

Did you ever ask me about the relationship
between me and the BMW driver?

This happened three days ago.

You took a picture of me
at the university's gate,

after I got out of the car.

Then, you hinted that a college girl
in our university has a sugar daddy.

I got it.

You came here to find me
because you want me to delete the post.

Is that right?

This is my Tutor Application Form filed at
the University Affairs Department.

The name of Party A is Ms. Li Rufen,
a divorced and single mother.

She has a 10-year-old child.

I tutor him English and Math.

This is Ms. Li Rufen's Kaixin page.

This is her and her son next to the BMW,

the same car that Cao Guang
took a picture of.

She dropped me off that day
after I tutored her son.

I was thanking her
when Cao Guang took the picture.

I can forgive you despite
your negative outlook towards the world,

your shortsightedness
and your weak and rude reasoning.

But I think you owe me an apology

because you claimed
that I have a sugar daddy

without figuring out
what was really going on first.

You're majoring in journalism.

Why are you starting a campy TV series?

Bei Weiwei, are you here
to get revenge on me?

I'm only here to correct your worldview.

She has returned with glory!

What happened?

What happened when you got even
with that jerk?

Did he kneel and beg for mercy?

Of course he did!

That moment, I, Bei, the Bladeswoman,
was seen breaking into his classroom

and attacking him with a move called
Black Tiger's Digging Out Heart,

that bastard was knocked out
with a single crack.

-Our university's big shot, Xiao Nai.
-Xiao Nai.

He's from the Computer Department.

-What's up?
-He's a computer genius

and even came in first at the swim meet.

Yes, why not prove it?

-Anyway, I'm not making it up.
-I'll show it to you.

It's a one-way glass, so he can't see us.

Let her give it a try.

-He can't see us for sure.
-He can't see us.

-He can't see me.
-He can't see.

Xiao Nai.

-Master! He can't see me.
-You're so cute.

Look how tight his skin is!

-So handsome!
-Look how long his eyelashes are!

I know.

You think the reciprocal square root
remains invariable,

so the click speed can only be doubled.

But I'm trying to say

that the reciprocal square root
can be optimized.

Xiao Nai is a master indeed.
I worship him.

I worship him too.

Me too.


He turned two reciprocal
square root functions into one.

He used a shortcut
calculation method for that.


Hi, Xiao Nai.

I'm Meng Yiran
from the Foreign Language Department.

I like you.

I watch all of your basketball games.

I have a performance tomorrow evening.

I hope you can come.

Sorry, I have to work tomorrow evening.

I'll continue to support you!

He turned her down.

That was sad.

Finally, a discount for this lipstick!
I've been waiting for this a long time.

-Check again!

-I beg you, find some food.


So rich!

If I had that much money,
I'd use it to upgrade my equipment.

Xiaoyu Yaoyao is
the number one beauty on the server.

-Grand wedding ceremony!
-He's handing out money

-and property.
-Zhenshui Wuxiang hired many NPCs.

-It must cost him a lot, right?
-He's so nice, I want to marry him too.

He got remarried so quick.

Weiwei, cockroach!


It's big.

-Here! More, please!
-Walk a bit further.

-Don't push!

-It's different with ours.
-Who's that?

Isn't that Zhenshui Wuxiang's ex-wife?


To catch the cockroach,
only one word is needed. Timing!

One moment earlier or later, and it...

Didn't Zhenshui just divorce Luwei Weiwei?

-She seems so sad.

Weren't you happy when we got a divorce?

I wanted to compensate you,

-but you declined.
-Why is she here?

-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!

-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!
-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!

I'll take care of you from now on.

What are you trying to do, Luwei Weiwei?

What exactly do you want to do?

It's all your fault.

Everyone, it's all because
I was trying to catch a cockroach.

Luwei Weiwei is among
the top ten in battle rankings.

-Xiaoyu Yaoyao and I are a good match.
-Get lost. Xiaoyu Yaoyao is mine.

-Zhenshui's choice is not bad!
-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!

-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!
-Support Weiwei to stop this marriage!

If I run away now,

will they say that I ran away crying?

-Snatch the groom!
-Snatch the groom!

-Everyone, take a look at my collections!
-Snatch the groom!

-I have all the latest potions.
-Snatch the groom!

-Twenty percent off everything.
-The latest potions!

It’s difficult to get these normally.
We have to be quick.

-I'll take one!
-So, will I!

What a bargain today!


We're sold out for today.

-Thank you for buying!
-It's sold out!


-Is everything sold out?
-I didn’t get anything.

What a pity!

-Find Weiwei...
-Let's snatch some gold coins.

Come on! Scramble for gold coins!

Four, six, eight... One more.

Why? Don't we have enough?

Xiaoxi is not here. We need more.
Keep moving.


Yixiao Naihe.


Master! Idol! Rich person!

-Luwei Weiwei.
-Master Naihe, I've heard a lot about you!

What do you think of the wedding ceremony?

Did he come here just to gossip?

It's a very grand wedding!

Do you want
an even bigger wedding ceremony?

Marry me.


Did someone hack your account?

Did you see the latest notice
on the official website?

About the contest for in-game spouses?

Is that why you want to marry me?

You're the only female
who is in the top ten in battle rankings.

Your strength is formidable.

If we join hands,

who else could be the best
across the server besides us?

Okay, let's do it.

Let's go to the Matchmaker Temple now.
Let's go.


I need to prepare for it.

-Prepare what?
-The wedding ceremony.

It's really simple.

It's right after registration.
I've been married before.

I'm Yixiao Naihe.
I can't have such a simple wedding.

I have something to tell you.

What's up?

Did you get the investment?

-Is it true?
-What happened?

Hurry, speak!

I'm going to get married.

You don't even have a girlfriend.
Who will you marry?


Where is the bride?

When is the wedding ceremony?

-Cut it out!
-I mean

I'm getting married in Mengyou Jianghu.

It's not complicated
to get married in the game.

-Use a package.
-There are packages at different prices.

I won't use packaged services.

It's too impersonal.


"It's too impersonal."

I'm going to marry Yixiao Naihe.

I've played Mengyou Jianghu for so long,
but I've never seen Master Naihe.

I just met him too.

You're going to get married
just like that?

What does he look like in real life?
Is he tall and handsome?

Hey, he is a talented musician
with unparalleled skills.

And he is super handsome.

What are you talking about?

I asked about Yixiao Naihe in real life.

-How would I know?
-I don't know either.

You don't know?

Bei Weiwei, aren't you guys
moving too fast?

You don't understand
because you don't play games.

All you do to have an in-game wedding
is have a ceremony.

I want a wedding ceremony too.

But no one wants to marry me.

How about I make
a male character marry you?

Why don't you give birth to a baby
and let him marry me?




What is this?

Betrothal gift.

Is this what it feels like
to marry someone with money?

This is so awesome!


Take it.

You can use it for battles in the future.


Well, let's begin.


-This is...
-My dowry.

I never take anything
without giving something.


Luwei Weiwei and Yixiao Naihe agree

that they will love
and stay with each other for life

after they get married
in the Matchmaker Temple.

She married the number one master.

These are my teammates.

Yugong, Houzijiu and Mozhata.

This is Luwei Weiwei.

Nice to meet you!

It's rumored that you're a guy.

Are you really a guy
who plays as a female character?

-Houzijiu, what are you talking about?
-Are you

the ex-wife of Zhenshui Wuxiang
from Blue Sea Tide Clan?

Why did you get married
to our brother this soon?

The guy she married before
isn't a human being.

You're not allowed to insult her.

Whether they are men or women,
our team needs mighty teammates.

-Hello, sister-in-law!
-Hello, sister-in-law!

This is the most special wedding ceremony
in the whole server.

How amazing!

-This wedding is so wonderful.
-Flying Mounts!

I didn't even know about Flying Mounts'
existence in Mengyou Jianghu.

It puts Zhenshui Wuxiang's
wedding ceremony to shame.

Luwei Weiwei's wedding ceremony
is way better than Zhenshui Wuxiang's.

Exactly. I'm so happy for her.

Why are you smiling?

I'm not.

You definitely smiled just now.

You must be hiding something from me.

What are you talking about?

Are you falling in love?


Stop talking nonsense.

-What are you doing?
-Weiwei, it's me.

Do you still remember me?

Cao Guang? What do you want?

It's 9:48 p.m.

Please remember this moment.
This is the moment when our love begins.

From now on, I'm going
to give you everything I have.

Since that time
when you corrected my worldview,

I haven't been able to forget you.

Can you continue to help me
become a better person?

-What are you thinking?
-Thinking about you.

We're not a good fit.

I can do whatever you like.

It has nothing to do with that.
It's just because...

You and I

-are not possible.
-It's not a matter of possibilities.

Besides, maybe the best is yet to come.

To tell you the truth,

I actually want to find a boyfriend
from the Computer Department.

-A boyfriend from the Computer Department?
-I'm from the Computer Department.

Are all the guys
in the Computer Department slobs?

-Do you like guys like that?
-What's wrong with that?

The girls in our department
like guys like me.

You have no chance.

Stay away from my stuff.

But the girls from your department
seem to neglect their appearances too.

Look, a small ball.

"The guys from the Computer Department."

What should a guy
from the Computer Department look like?

Do I look like a student
from the Computer Department?

Leave me alone.

What took you so long?

I saw the hottest girl
of our department just now.

It's Bei Weiwei, the sophomore.

Cao Guang, a student from
the Journalism Department is courting her.

He stopped her
at the study room's entrance.

He's confessing his love to her now.

I'm wondering, is it necessary for us
to stay late every night?

Then, stay up all night?

Hey, Xiao Nai!

Where are you going?

Thank you for liking me.

I'm sorry, but let's stop
wasting our time.

-I don't feel like it's a waste of time.
-But I feel it is.

I truly want to find a boyfriend
from the Computer Department.

Even though you talk so much about it,
you haven't found the one you love.

Then, why don't you give me a chance?

To tell you the truth,
I already have someone.

I was too shy to tell you just now.

He's also from the Computer Department.

Who is it?

Master Xiao Nai.

Yes, the guy I like is Xiao Nai.

Master, I am sorry.

I had to borrow your name
to help me get away. Forgive me!

Master, bless me, please!

I've been in love with him
since I was a freshman.

But he's so far from me.

He's so tall.

Although he's never set eyes on me,
my unrequited love for him

will never change.

My love is unwavering.

Thank you!

You're welcome!



"I've been in love with him
since I was a freshman.

But he's so far from me.

He's so tall.

Although he's never set eyes on me,
my unrequited love for him

will never change.

My love is unwavering."

May I ask, what do you think of this?

She has good taste.

Look, so narcissistic!

Don't forget.

You're already married in the game.

Luwei Weiwei.


Hello, Mr. Li.

No problem!

Okay, sure.

Don't worry!

Mr. Li?

-Is he the one from Youjing Company?

Youjing. One of the three
biggest game companies in China!

They want us to present the proposal
for the Smart City the soonest.


How much time did they give us?

One week?

Five days?

-Three days?

Holy cow!

-Move, move. It's time to work.
-Hurry up!

Wait for me, guys!

Hurry, hurry.

Hey, don't!

How dare you hack my wife? You're dead!

Up All Night King.


Congrats! I heard you got married again.

-You are still playing Spore.
-It's fun.

I got married in this game.

Got married?

Pretty cute!

Which one is your wife?

It's not her account.

-Not hers.
-Let me have a look.

-No, don't click the one at the top.
-Hurry, let me look.

-Gosh, do I still have any privacy?


-You're serious?
-Yes, I'm serious.

You are blushing.

Are you really falling in love
with someone in a game?

How do you feel?

You've been married twice,
but you ask me how it feels?

I only got married in a game
to finish quests.

Moreover, I don't even know
what he looks like.

I have my standards.

Hey, do you really feel
the relationship in a game

can evolve into a real relationship?

Feelings are feelings.

It's hard to tell if they are
from a game or real life.

Our clan's provisional action to fight
the boss has been canceled this evening.

You don't need to show up.

What's up?

I didn't receive the notice from our clan.


Zhenshui should have notified you,
but he's busy today.

It doesn't matter.

What are you trying to do?

Why didn't you show up
to fight the boss this evening?

Why didn't you make it?

I was told it was canceled. Wasn't it?

We were robbed of the boss.

The entire clan showed up except you.

Recently, didn't you join
Houzijiu and his teammates to level up?

I got married to Yixiao Naihe
to fulfill quests.

Of course I need to play
with them frequently.

Weiwei, I understand
that you didn't have a choice.

You got married to Yixiao Naihe,

so you need to consider
their team's interests.

Never mind.

I can talk to Zhenshui
and the other members for you.

After all, you've been
in this clan for a long time.

You fought really hard for this clan.

Even so, you shouldn't disclose
the secrets of our clan!

You didn't show up, that's fine.
But you let others rob us of our boss.

Wasn't it hard for our team
to watch over the boss for so long?

That's enough, Qingqing.

If you keep on talking, all of us
will mistake Weiwei as a traitor.

-What did you say?


Calm down, everyone.

Drop your weapons. Drop them!

Weiwei has been one of us
since the first day

the Blue Sea Tide Clan was established.

-Have you all forgotten that?
-Forget it!

I don't want to look into
this matter anymore.

Luwei Weiwei.

Let this be
my divorce compensation to you.

Blue Sea Tide Clan
is no longer what it was.


Do you really want to leave
the Blue Sea Tide Clan?

You dare betray our clan?



Luwei Weiwei was suspected
of disclosing our clan's secrets,

so she left!


I'm really confident about our proposal.

It's time for us to meet
with Youjing Company.

Let's go. We'll go eat.

Let's go!

Hey, Xiao Nai.

Come here and have a look at it.

It seems that someone plotted
against Luwei Weiwei.



Did you take the boss
of the Blue Sea Tide Clan?

Who would take their boss for no reason?

Someone sent out an SOS signal just now.

We rushed over to help
and slayed the boss easily.

Once we finished, we came across players
from the Blue Sea Tide Clan.

Were they waiting there the whole time?

-Is the SOS message still available?
-I have a screenshot of it.

You even have a screenshot of it?

I noticed it was a female character
who sent the message.


It looks like Weiwei is offline
and has left her clan.

Zhenshui and his followers
are bashing Weiwei in the chatroom.

Should I explain?

There's nothing to explain.

Yixiao Naihe invites Zhenshui Wuxiang
for a duel at Chang'an City.

Zhenshui Wuxiang hasn't accepted
the challenge.

-Her husband and her ex-husband.
-This should be fun.

Yixiao Naihe invites Zhenshui Wuxiang
a second time

for a duel at Chang'an City.

Zhenshui Wuxiang hasn't accepted
the challenge.

You're so ruthless.

You delivered a challenge
via the world chatroom.

If he doesn't accept it,

he'll be too ashamed
to play on this server anymore.

It's a natural thing
for a husband to protect his wife.

-Naihe said he'd fight Zhenshui thrice.
-I only love Master Naihe!

-He only has to win once to be the winner.
-He is not as good as Naihe.

Moreover, he's already downgraded
his equipment to 5,000 points.

Isn't he insulting him?

But Zhenshui is too thick-skinned.
There's still no response.

Then, I'll issue another challenge.

Yixiao Naihe invites Zhenshui Wuxiang
a third time

for a duel at Chang'an City.

Yixiao Naihe invites Zhenshui Wuxiang
a fourth time

-for a duel at Chang'an City.
-Damn it.

Are you crazy?

-Weiwei, where are you?

Yixiao Naihe and Zhenshui Wuxiang
are going to duel.

Why do you want to fight him?

He has issued a challenge
four times in a row.

This can replenish
your health immediately.






-He has been defeated.

-He can just give up.
-Why suffer?

-Don't struggle anymore. Just surrender.

What is he trying to do?

-What's going on?

-Taking a potion?

-He's drinking a potion.
-He has replenished his health.

-His health has been fully replenished.
-Is he cheating?

He must have cheated.

-Do you have no shame?
-You still can't beat him like this.


Dude, we're just playing a game.

Is Luwei Weiwei worth it?


-You were so strong just now.
-That's right!

-Come on, let's eat.
-Great! Let's go.

-I don't feel hungry. You go ahead.

Weiwei, I want to take you somewhere.

It's so beautiful here.

What is this place?

I don't know either.

It's very strange.

It's not on the map.

I call it Sunset Peak.

Is there such a beautiful place
in Mengyou Jianghu?

Why haven't I been here before?

Only the top five players
in the PvP rankings can come here.

I'm not one of the top five yet.

You're my wife now.

Of course you can come here.

I should have waited
for you to deal with this.

But too many people were paying attention.

I thought it was better to settle this
as soon as possible.



Damn it!

How dare you cheat in the duel?

Who? Who's up there?

Are you mad?

You bitch!

How dare you bully my sister-in-law!

Who's your sister-in-law?

Why don't you say
I bullied your aunt instead?


You're awful.
You've been killing me since just now!

I'll kill you!

Go to hell!








-I'll call you when I get there.

-Take care of yourselves!

-I'm leaving.



Apparently, there are people in this world

who become a couple through games.

They're even planning on
studying abroad together.

I should give them my best wishes.

All of the gods here and abroad,
please bless Zhantianxia and Diemeng,

so that their love
can be everlasting and steadfast.

Don't forget tomorrow's final tournament.

At half past seven.

I have a meeting in the afternoon.
See you at seven.

Okay. I will wait for you
in front of the NPCs.




For players,

the biggest difference between
standalone games and online games

is the interaction among players.

Apart from interaction,

what can move players the most

is the sense of escape offered
by the entire game world.

Therefore, I hope that the Smart City

can evolve into a vivid world.

For example, the unique background
that we set up for NPCs,

their living environment
and their way of reacting to things.

When they face
different players and incidents,

they will have different AI reactions.

Players won't be able to tell
whether they are NPCs

or other players.


Very good!

Your idea is very interesting!
I like it very much!

But an online game

needs at least 100 million yuan
for investment.

It's a huge investment.

We need to have lots of discussions
before we make the decision.

Don't worry!

Wait for my good news.

-Thank you, Mr. Li!

Hey, you're here too.

Luwei Weiwei is here.


You have to win the tournament.

We're expecting a bonus
for the whole area if you win.

-Come on!
-Come on!

I'll wait for you in front of the NPCs.

You can come here directly.


How can he not come
for such an important contest?

How can she participate
in this couple tournament alone?

-It's still early.
-It's the final today!

Poor girl!

Why he is still not here?

He must have stood her up.



You must enter the battleground
together with your husband.

Since Yixiao Naihe
and Luwei Weiwei forfeited,

the winners of the couple tournament

are Jiushi Bazhu and Hehua Yidianxin.



You were stood up?

How did you know?

I'm the network administrator here.
Is it really weird that I know that?

In fact, I don't mind at all
that we didn't win.

It's just that...

It's just that you're not sure
if he'll ever show up again.

Players disappear all the time.

You need to get used to it.

Do you still remember I once told you
about the game that I'm playing?

I made a friend in the game.

She was very nice to me.

We got married.

Then, one day she just disappeared.

And she hasn't been back since.

Later, I hacked her account and found out
she was from this university.

Did you find her?

I've waited so long,
but she has never appeared.

I don't think
she wants to talk to me anymore.

But you still have a chance.

Silly girl!

-Come on!

You're back.

I've been looking for you.

You were looking for me?

Actually, it's not me.

It's Houzijiu who's looking for you.

-Houzijiu from your team.

He's been following me
in the game all day.

He said he wanted to apologize to you.
He's really annoying.

Is he online now?

Yes, he is still online.

I'm sorry, sister-in-law!
Please kill me immediately!

What's up?

We went out to eat
on the day of the final.

I was driving the car on our way back,
then I smashed it into a tree.

-Is everything okay?
-The car is fine.

Fortunately, the insurance company
showed up.

I mean Naihe.

He suffered a slight concussion
and was knocked out for several hours.

What do you mean he was knocked out?

Damn it.

We're fourth-year students, but they still
cut our electricity and Internet at night.

-I haven't finished talking to Weiwei.

Weiwei is online?

I was just telling her
about the car accident.

I haven't finished talking to her
and the electricity went out.

-Xiao Nai.
-Xiao Nai.

What are you doing?

You shouldn't be playing games now.
You should be resting.

I'm fine. Sorry!

I stood you up and kept you waiting.

That's not important.
It's not worth mentioning.

Let's meet each other.

Why did she suddenly want
to buy clothes today?

How would I know?

Didn't she say that she liked
to wear clothes with holes in them?

-Don't say that.
-Maybe she remembered she's a girl today.

Bei Weiwei, our final exams are tomorrow.

We've spent our precious time with you,

so tell us the truth
about what you're really doing.

-I have an interview tomorrow.
-Why didn't I know that?

Besides, what kind of company

would have an interview on a Saturday?

Why do you have to dress so formally?

Aren't you always stressing about culture?

Culture? This is culture!

Xiao Ling. Wait! These shoes won't work.

Won't work?
You can't change out of such nice shoes.

These are too tall. What if he...


Who is he?

-Tell me.
-Tell me now!

The interviewer.

Ma'am, I'd like to submit my paper.

-The time is not up yet.
-But I'm done.

You can't submit the paper early.
You can recheck it.

-Bei Weiwei!

Time is up. Hand in your papers.

Naihe, I’ve heard a lot about you.
I'm Luwei Weiwei.

Naihe, I'm Luwei Weiwei.

Naihe, I'm Luwei...

-Who is Naihe?

Who is this Naihe guy you're looking for?

Is Xiao Nai waiting for someone?

Why is he coming here while looking at me?

So embarrassing.

Mr. Xiao, what a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence.

I'm waiting for you.


It's me.

I almost made you wait for me again.

-Not exactly.
-Let's go.

Where we are going?

My last basketball game
before the winter vacation.

Do you want to come with me?

Get on.

Are you giving me a ride?


It's too far away to walk.

-People might get the wrong idea.
-Wrong idea?

People will think we're in a relationship.

When were we

not in a relationship?




Actually, I'm not a terrible driver.

You don't have to look so scared.

-Where are you?

-It's still early.
-Hurry up. We're waiting for you.

-I'm busy.
-With what?

-A date.
-A date?


Students of the Architectural Department
are not convinced.

I told them we'd definitely win the game

-with Xiao Nai in court.
-Hey, Bei Weiwei. You're late.

What are you doing here?
What about the interview?

It’s over.

So secretive.

-Were you really at an interview?
-So many snacks!


I love to watch guys running, jumping,
sweating and bumping into each other.

So cool!

What are you looking at?

I suggest you lose weight.

It's a match between the Computer
and the Architectural Department.

It's none of your business.

Students from the Foreign Language
Department should be on holiday.

Xiao Nai doesn't take a holiday,
so I don't either.



-Xiao Nai!
-Xiao Nai!

-Xiao Nai!
-Xiao Nai!

-Xiao Nai!
-Sit down!

-Xiao Nai!
-Sit down!

-Xiao Nai!
-Sit down!

So handsome!

-I like him so much.
-Where is she? Is she here?

I can see him.

Who is Xiao Nai looking for?

-Come on, Computer Department!
-Could he?

Could he be looking for me?

There are so many girls. Which one is it?

He is looking at you!

Don't take my snacks.

-Go Computer Department!
-Go Computer Department!

-Go Xiao Nai!
-Go Xiao Nai!

Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

-Come on!
-So handsome!

-Come on!
-Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

It's good!

-Go Xiao Nai!
-Come on!

-Come on!
-Come on!

-Go Xiao Nai!
-Go Xiao Nai!

-Go Xiao Nai!
-Go Xiao Nai!

-Go Xiao Nai!
-Go Xiao Nai!


Xiao Nai!

I heard that Xiao Nai
is even better at swimming.

I really want to know
what he's like while swimming.

Hey, why are you blushing?

You're a pervert.

Xiao Nai is so handsome!

He's coming.

Xiao Nai.

We're going to eat later,
so I might not be online tonight.

What are you doing tomorrow?


I'm so stupid! Why did I say studying?

The exams are over.

Why didn't I say eating, sleeping,
watching movies or playing games?

I'll go with you.

There's a seat over there.

Can you move further inside?



Only two-points difference?

Don't worry.

When they stop watching the stands,
they'll get ahead again.

Ask me anything you want.

Unbelievable! We didn't know
you were in love with Xiao Nai!

-Stand still. Seriously.

-Tell us.
-It wasn't my fault.

I didn't know until today either.

Do you think we're idiots?

You were acting like you've been together
for more than six months.

Who would believe you?

-Go back.

Come clean and we'll let you off.

Tell us properly.

Actually, I have nothing to tell.

I need ten minutes to explain
without interference.


Here is the story.

One day, several months ago,

it was sunny and clear.

I found a cockroach crawling right here

-and then--
-Get to the point!

Get to the point!

Weiwei, you really...

What are the key points? Hurry!

Xiao Nai.

Am I the same as you imagined
how Luwei Weiwei would be?

Is she the same as me?

I didn't imagine you.

You didn't?

I've seen you before.

I first saw you at the Internet cafe.

Make way! Sorry, it's an emergency!

I went there to surf the Internet,
and I was nearly hit by you.

Suddenly, I wanted to know more about you.

So I went into the cafe

and saw you were playing Mengyou Jianghu.

On that day, you saved your group.

-I'm coming.
-You're loyal to your friends,

and have great skills.

You're fast.

So, you've known I was Luwei Weiwei
this whole time?


Then, during Zhenshui's wedding,

it looked like you were
going to ruin the wedding.

You were in such a terrible situation,
but you're quick-witted.

So, I...

So, you proposed to me?


Wait, tell me more.

This way.


This is my company. That's my seat.

Do you like it?

It's awesome.

You still have this?

I played it when I was a kid.

It's the same configuration
as before, right?

This is my first computer.

I have more.

-Does it still work?
-Yes, of course.

Are you brave enough to challenge me?

You really love games, don't you?

They've kept me company
since my childhood.

So, I hope someday, I can design a game
to keep other kids company.

Weiwei, look.

It's the conceptual design of our game.

And these are the scene designs.

Weiwei, come here.


This is the original design for the boss.

We call it Smart City.

What do you think about the name?


I just feel...

like nothing's real.

Before we met yesterday,
we were only strangers.

How can we be so familiar already?

I didn't think it would be this fast too.

Do you think it's real now?

-Continue. We didn't see anything.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Hello, I'm Weiwei.

I know. Bei Weiwei, right?

You're our junior.




-I'm Luwei Weiwei.

Luwei Weiwei?

Bei Weiwei is Luwei Weiwei?

So, you're not really
a guy playing as a female!



Are you free this weekend?
Let’s get together.


We're members of the Blue Sea Tide Clan.
We've been through it all.

-I'm Zhantianxia.

This is my wife, Diemeng.

-Hi, everyone. I'm Lanzhimeng.

-I'm Dalang Taosha.
-Who stole my equipment.

-Xiaoyu Mianmian.
-Lieyao Daozu.

I'm Lieshe Xianren.

-I'm Zhenshui Wuxiang.

-So handsome.

Hello! I'm Xiaoyu Yaoyao.

-I've seen your picture.
-The beauty of Jianghu.

Looks prettier than her photos.

Diemeng, is everybody here? Let's toast.

Wait, well...

Hushuilan and Hanyan aren't here yet.

And Luwei Weiwei.

Isn't this a party just for clan members?

-Why would you invite an outsider?
-She's not an outsider.

She was a part of the clan
before most of us.

I know there was a misunderstanding
between us.

In any case, we're going abroad soon,

and we wanted to see her once
before we go.


It will be good for me to see my ex-wife.

See what she looks like.

In Mengyou Jianghu,
it's rumored that Luwei Weiwei is a guy.

-I don't know if it's true or not.
-You'll know later.

Hello, everyone!

-Are you a guy playing as a female?
-Who's a guy playing as a female?

-That's Hushuilan.
-I'm Hanyan.

-So you're Hanyan.

-Here, have a seat.
-Sit down.

-Have a seat.
-It's you.

Sorry, I'm late.

-Cao Guang?

-Are you Luwei Weiwei?
-And you are?

He's Zhenshui Wuxiang.

It's a small world.


That's right. Come here, don't stay there.

Everybody is here. Let's toast.

-Thank you.
-Thank you so much!

-Have a great trip!

-Come and take a seat here.

-Let's sit.
-Today, we...

-You're going abroad so soon?
-Take this.


Weiwei, I don't know
when I'll see you again.

I'll wait for you to come back.


Can you access the server
from outside the country?

-Let's have a battle soon.
-Sure. Depends on the technology.

I might be a little stuck.

-Let's go. Bye!

-I'm leaving.
-No one is coming to pick you up?

Weiwei, let me take you home.

It's okay. Thank you.

Weiwei, sorry that I'm late.

Why are you here?

It's normal for a boyfriend
to pick up his girlfriend, right?

-Let's go.
-Xiao Nai.

-I'm leaving. Bye.

Hey, handsome!

Do you know that your girl
has married before in the game?

She cheats other players
and flirts around.

She has a bad reputation
and everybody knows that.

-Don't be cheated by her.
-As long as she wants to be with me,

I don't care about those things.

Let’s go.

The rain has stopped.


Maybe you've pissed off Xiaoyu Yaoyao,
the Rain Demon.

I've discovered that you're better at
pissing people off than I am.

That's flattering.

If I really did all that,
you don't mind, right?


If you go outside the wall an inch,

I'll move the wall an inch.

If you go outside a foot,

I'll move it ten feet.

Weiwei, this is the first time
I've been with a girl.

Most of the time, I don't know what to do.

But at least,

what others can do, I can do too.

So you guys are not going back
to your hometown?

Why is Youjing Company still working
during the New Year's?

That's right, we can't go home.

If our proposal is approved tomorrow,
we'll start working on the game.

It'll be a race against time.

After all, the launch date has been set.

I'm worried about where you'll eat
for your New Year's dinner.

-New Year's dinner.

You have to find a good restaurant.

I'll eat at the Internet cafe that night.

I didn't mean to book
such an early ticket.

When the university booked
the tickets for us,

we didn't know each other yet.

I hate it.

I don't want to part with you.

Me neither.

Call me when you get home.


I'll be waiting
for your good news tomorrow.

This is when we dim
the background of the game.

And set the story
in a fictitious mythical world.

In that world, many interesting,
fierce and new monsters will appear.

And our boss and NPC system
will satisfy our players,

but at the same time, our Battle Mode
will provide a great degree of freedom.

This guarantees to give players
the best user experience.

During the research and development,

our entire creative team
has been thinking about one problem.

What's the biggest difference between

-standalone games and online games?
-Mr. Li.

This was our idea.

This isn't Dreamland Space II.
But this is our game, Smart City.

You've copied us!

It's not just the overall idea, but the
character design and style are the same.

How have we copied you?

First of all, the game is called
Dreamland Space II.

Secondly, it's developed
by the Dreamland Space Company.

If it has any relation to your game,

we really want to thank you
for inspiring us.

Thank you so much!

My friends.

I'm surprised that
our worldview is so similar.

It must be fate.

So, on behalf of our company,

I want to invite you to join
our research and development team.

It's 500,000 yuan per year.

When the project is finished,
you'll get a bonus.

This is an honest offer.

Welcome to the team.

-I'll kick your ass, liar!

You can't get away with this, old man.


You liars.

You can only trick us once.

Happy New Year!

-Xiao Nai.

Happy New Year!

Where are you eating for dinner tonight?

Houzijiu booked a restaurant.

-Are you there now?

Really? Why is it so quiet?

We booked a private room.

-Looks like Youjing is treating you well.

-It's dinner time!
-Have you started eating?

No. My mom is cooking.

I'm making a salad right now.

-I'll make it for you next time.
-What are you looking for?

Seafood ramen,

sea salt lemonade

-and ham sausage.
-What kind of food are you having?

Stop kidding around!

New Year's food.

I'm eating...

sour soup fish, steamed mandarin fish,
three cup chicken and hairy crab.

We also have steamed fish, squid balls,
Dungeness crab and seafood soup.

-Weiwei, set the table for your mom.

We have Sichuan poached pork, spring
bullfrog and Sichuan toothpick beef.

We have scrambled eggs, sautéed shrimp,
kidney beans and dumplings.

We also have Dongpo pork,

-and Japanese roast fish.
-Weiwei, who is it?

Gosh, Mom!

-Hurry up.

It's just that I wanted to spend
the New Year with you.

Weiwei, it's dinner time!


My mom is calling me for dinner.

Let's talk later.

Okay, go ahead.

-The dumplings are ready!
-Let's eat!


-Happy New Year!
-Happy New Year!

-Happy New Year!
-Welcome home!

You're the best cook, Mom!

-Weiwei, have another shrimp.
-Dad, I'm full.

Stop saying that.
You're too skinny. Eat more.

No, I'm not that skinny.

Dear, do as you're told.

Eat more. Let me peel you a shrimp.


I'm full. I'm going to my room.

-The countdown is about to begin.
-I know.


Is Weiwei in love?


Xiao Nai, this is the best
New Year's present ever.


Weiwei, Happy New Year!


What's keeping you?

Happy New Year!

Why aren't you saying anything?

Is something wrong?

Youjing Company deceived us.

Xiao Nai is at the university on his own.

We went home for New Year.

Xiao Nai!

Xiao Nai!

Xiao Nai, come out!

Xiao Nai, come out!

Xiao Nai!

How did you get here? By plane or train?

I have no money for a plane ticket.
I took the train.

What should we eat?

It's so cold. Let's eat hot pot.

-Yes, let's do it.

We haven't fought the boss for a while.
Let's play one game.




What is this place?

There's no way through! Is this the end?

Right, here is the end of the world.

Where's the boss?

-Where's the boss?
-Where is it?

Sure enough, there's the boss.


Hold your ground!

Be careful!

Be careful!

Get in position!


Xiao Nai, be careful!

-It's tight. Defend your positions.

Xiao Nai, come on!

You made me trip!

I am Bei Weiwei!

I am Xiao Nai!

I am Yu Banshan!

I am Qiu Yonghou!

I am Hao Mei!

Hey, guys! Why do you love playing games?

Because I love fighting bosses!

I love role-playing games because
I love being a warrior and a master.

It's a type of fantasy
that you can't experience in reality.

That's right.

To me, the game world
is a brand new world.

I can do everything I want there
and I can meet interesting friends.

Like all of you.

In games,

we can find the most real,
beautiful and exciting world.

-Let's make a new game.

Let's make a new game.

-New game!
-Make a new game!

-Make a new game!
-New game!

-Make a new game!
-New game!




Thank you!

Who are you looking for?


-Why are you here?
-I heard you need some help. Can I help?

Today, we're not talking
about tournaments.

We're talking about a popular new game
called Young Game.

Frankly, it's not a finished game yet.

It's just a demo,
but it's very popular recently.

I heard it was developed by students.

-The worldview and boss just came online.

Although it's simple,
Young Game has a great sense of identity.

It has a very realistic feel to it.

I love the natural rhythm.

It's an intense experience,
but with a great climax.

-Yes! I'm looking forward to it.

-I'm Rookie.
-We are the IG squadron.

-I'm Ruofeng. We are...
-The Panda TV squadron!

Have you played any new games recently?

I've seen a video recently.
It's very popular on the Internet.

It was only a few minutes long.

-Young Game, right?
-Yes, Young Game!

The best thing about the game
is its interesting special effects.

I hope that it's done as soon as possible.
Then, we can play it together.

Yes, it'll be really fun.

Yes! I'm looking forward to it.

Xiao Nai!

Hello, I'm Wang Sicong.

I'm a big fan.

I love Young Game very much

and I hope I can join you guys
to help make Young Game.


-Let's work together.

Here we are at the launch of Young Game.

We can see that
the atmosphere is fantastic.

The world needs heroes.
Games need innovation.

The latest version of Young Game took
four years of research and development.

After going through multiple betas,
it's finally here.

I, myself am very excited.
I'm looking forward to it.

For Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei,
their startup story inspires people

and is something people can aspire from.

Okay. Let's get back to the launch party.
We can see the launch party now.

This is great!


I heard that our game had a great impact
on Mengyou Jianghu when it launched.


But I believe
Mengyou Jianghu will survive.

After all, it has us.

We prefer here.

We like it here.

I really want to play
Mengyou Jianghu again.

I do, too.

I haven't been to Sunset Peak
for a long time.

-Let's go.
-It is my honor to announce

that the Young Game launch party
is about to start!


-Hello, I am Wang Sicong.

Like everyone else,
I've loved games since my childhood.

Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai have said before
that in games, we can do whatever we want,

meet even more interesting people.

Compared to the real world,
the game is more real,

and games are more beautiful and exciting.

Young Game is such a new world.

I can't wait.

The moment we've been waiting for
is right now.

Please turn around. Watch the big screen!

Let's count down.








-Three, two, one!
-Three, two, one!



Even if the game is shut down someday,

the things we have seen together

and the things we have done together,

the memories will never fade away.

I'll remember it forever.

What about you?

We'll bring our child here someday.


I'll show him...

where we said
our first words to each other.

If I had known I would love you this much,

I would have fallen in love
at first sight.

-I have an affair in an online game.
-With who?

-I haven't heard about this.
-It's not in Mengyou Jianghu.

It's in Spore. I'm called Tianyi.

-A female character?
-I play as a female character

because I wanted to find
a great woman to partner with.

He's a guy playing a female character.

I found someone with a very poetic name.

At first, I thought it was a girl.
Her name was Shoukezhao Xingchen.

After a month,
I started having feelings for her.

It turned out that the character
was a guy.

-Is your server Chang'an Yuexia?
-How did you know?

My beauty.

I'm Shoukezhao Xingchen.