Love Is a Gun (1994) - full transcript

A photographer who's afraid he's slowly losing his grip on reality is seduced by a disturbed married model. She claims it's their destiny to be together. Her husband disagrees. The photographer starts having a strange feeling of deja vu.








Uh! Uh!

Oh, Isabel.

Won't you save me?

Won't you save me?

Won't you save me?

Take the shot, Jack.

Won't you save me?

Take the shot, Jack?

Just one last time?

Take the shot, Jack?

Isabel, please.


Okay, okay.

Then I'll see you
in hell, honey.

All of you.


This was a dream, right?

It didn't feel like it, honey.

No, Jack. You were
dreaming, honey.

You were still asleep.

Come here.

Jack, do you remember
anything else?

Yes. I killed somebody,

or the police thought I had,

and they were chasing me.

And I was looking for you,

but you wouldn't help,

And I was begging
you to come back.

I was begging, but you
wouldn't listen to me.

Isabel, you hung up.
You hung up.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

You know I love you.

You know I'll always
be there for you.

I know.

Do you remember
why I was leaving you?

Yeah. You thought
I cheated on you.

Oh. No wonder you shot yourself.

You're lucky
it was just a dream.

Oh, really?

Okay, you ready for
my interpretation?

Do I have a choice?

What's today, Jack?


The first day of your new job.

What's the job about?

Taking pictures.

Photographing weird shit
for the police, right?


It's obvious.

You're afraid you're
going to see something

that changes you, that kills
some aspect of yourself,

and you're frightened when
that part of you dies,

I'll stop loving you.

Isabel, why does the whole thing

have to be about you?

Because I'm incredibly
important to you, Jack.

I know it's hard for you
to admit sometimes,

but in a very real way,

I am you,

you are me.

Heaven forbid.

Our lives are totally entwined.

On that note... Ahem...

I think I'll go back to bed.



When are you going to give me
your grandma's engagement ring?

Wait a minute. Is that
what this is all about?

Just let me try it on.

I should never have
told you about it.

As far as I'm concerned,
we're already married.

You married me when you
asked me to come out here.

The ring is just a formality.

Then what's the big hurry?

Be patient for once
in your life.


You are a sadistic
bastard, Jack.

You've been teasing me
with that ring

for over a month now.

"Do this, I'll let you
see the ring.

Do that, I'll let you
try the ring on."

I know exactly where
you keep it hidden.


The pocket of your blazer.

Relax. Never even looked at it.

You never looked at it?

I want it to be a special moment
when you give it to me.



You know, you're sweet.

You're wonderful.

Yeah... You're stupid.


Jack, open this door!

I don't believe this!

Open this door, Jack Hart!

Okay, my timing is lousy,

But yours is nonexistent.

You have the
communication skills

of a fourth grader.

Open the door! Let
me out of this room!

Jack, let me out now!


Jack, please.

Hey, wish me luck
at my first day of work.

Good luck, you bastard.

I love you, Jack.

Have a great first day.

I love you, too, Isabel.

Take a good look, gentlemen.


Take a good look...

Because as of today all such
souvenirs are going into the trash...

Where they belong.

Boo. Boo. Boo.

Now a reminder,

The deadline for this year's departmental
photo competition is August 17th.

That's right. That gives you
a little over three weeks

to get your printing
and your mounting done.

For the benefit of Mr. Hart,

the newest member
of our little fraternity...

Whoo! Whoo!

I will reiterate.

Each entry must consist
of three images

illustrating the phrase...

A Woman's Place.

A woman's place is on my face.

That's nothing.

not only does my face seat six,

but I know how to breathe
through my ears.

Mr. Hart, you'll
be spending this afternoon

with Mr. Tynan in the field

strictly as an observer,

and then tomorrow morning.

Mr. Liebovitz here will go over

our lab procedures with you.

All right, gentlemen,
let's get to work.

You never know when that first
call's going to come in,

so I suggest you take
the next few minutes

and get your locker
straightened away.

Oh, I almost forgot.

on behalf of the LAPD
forensic photo lab,

welcome to hell, Mr. Hart.



♪ I got a cockeyed woman ♪



Oh, Jack.



Oh, Jesus.

Talk about a chick
with a split personality...


There's plenty more
where she came from.

I'm out of here, Jack.

Peace in the middle east,

and I don't mean Pittsburgh.

And I don't mean Pittsburgh.


"Jean Starr...



What... No fixer?


Looks like we got
a body for you.

So this is your first body, huh?

No, just my first dead one.

Oh, yeah.

Well, if you start
to have a problem,

just say what I always say.

What's that?

It's not me laying
down there bleeding,

so why the hell should I care?

I'll try to remember that.

Let's do it.

I don't give a damn
what your supervisor said.

I'm the boss here.
I said don't dust it.

Bag it, tag it,
and file it. That's it.



Hey, Bootsy.

Don't make no big deal
out of this.

We got no witnesses.
Know what we'll end up with?

Another goddamn unsolvables.

I got enough unsolvables
as it is, don't I?

Looks like an accident
to me, Frank.

I like your attitude.
I want three shots--

Front, back, one of the burger.
That's it.

You got it.

By the way, watch out
for that secret sauce.

They tell me that shit
is zesty this morning.

Hey, who in the hell are you?

Get me a uniform over here.

What's this guy doing?

He's in training.

One of your guys at the lab.

Yeah, he's cool, Frank.

Keep him out of the way.

Who was that guy?

Frank Deacon, Detective.

He's a nice guy
when you get to know him.

What's his problem?

I'm sorry. What were you saying

about the detective,
and you felt something weird?

Remember that time we went to
that party on Long Island,

and there was a guy there

we both thought we recognized,

but we couldn't place him?

The one who turned out

to be the weather man
on the local news?

I felt the same thing
when I saw Deacon.

That you'd seen him
before on TV?

Isabel, you're
bugging me. Listen.

I'm talking about a feeling,

about you knowing someone

but not knowing from where.

That's interesting.

Maybe you dreamed about him.

What makes you say that?

I don't know. I was only joking.

Well, I'm going to
get back to work

while I'm feeling inspired.

Isn't there any of that for me?

Oh, I'm sorry, honey.

It was only a single serving.

Oh, and by the way,

lately I find myself
siding with the pope

on the issue of premarital sex.

That's blackmail.

How can it be blackmail, Jack?

There's nothing of yours I want.

Aah! Here, it's yours.

All right, but if
we're going to have sex,

you have to close the door
and pull the blinds.

The neighbors can see
right through the window.


Nice window.

Let's get a shot of the front.

Hey, Mike, give me a
hand with the gurney.

Where's the body?

Oh, we'll get to that.

Now, Mr. Hart...


Uh, is that him?

Always makes me wonder
if dead men dream.



What's the problem?

Um, my watch. It just stopped.

Let's see it.

It just stopped, you say.



Oh, the night before last.

Would you mind sharing with me

what it was that happened

at 5:59 and 51 seconds

the night before last?

What do you mean?

A watch of this quality
doesn't just stop

of its own accord, sir.

Did we drop it,
smack it, knock it?

I don't know. I mean...

I might have bumped it in
my sleep or something.

Ahh, bumped.

We bumped it
when we were asleep.

Well, as I said, Mr., uh...


Watch this quality
doesn't just stop.

Fill out a ticket,
name and number.

I'll see what I can do.

Do you have any idea
when it might be ready?

5:59 and 52 seconds, Mr. Hart.

Until then, time has
no meaning, does it?


♪ Happy barf day to you ♪

Thank you very much.

♪ Happy barf day to you ♪

You shouldn't have, guys.

♪ Happy barf day, dear Jack ♪

Thank you very much.

♪ Happy barf day to you ♪

You shouldn't have, Boots.

What the hell's
going on out here!

Now first things first, Jack.

We want you to shoot the whole
crime scene in sequence.

Start with a wide shot
of the scene,

then move in for the details.

Think of it as
a little story, got it?

Now these particular
negatives were exposed

at the site of an armed
robbery in Downey.

You see the footprint?


One of the suspects stepped
in grease coming in.

That would be enough to convict
a brother right there.

They busted in and surprised the
night manager after closing,

forced her to open up
the safe at gunpoint,

then they tied her up
with duct tape.

Here's where this particular
story starts to get good.

It just so happens
a group of detectives

had been running surveillance
on these guys for weeks,

following them around, and waiting
for them to commit a crime.

Cops can do that?

Why not?
These guys were suspects

in a whole string of robberies
with similar M.O.S.

When the suspects returned to
the vehicle, money in hand,

the detectives
were laying for them.

One of the suspects
brandished a weapon,

and the officers opened fire.

I guess this next shot
tells the whole story.

They tried to make a run for it

and got cut down,

I think in all I counted

24 12-gauge shotgun shells

and 19 .45 caliber
Magnum casings...

Whoa. It was a firestorm.

This is the only weapon

the police found
at the scene. Here.

Look at it closely.

A marksman repeater?

A pellet gun, Jack.

The next guy here made it the furthest

before the shotgun here
took him down.

They shot him
in the fucking back.

He was trying to escape, Jack.

It was a massacre. These
suspects didn't fire a shot.


Ain't life grand?

How's it going in here?

Fine, Al. Fine.

I hope Mr. Hart hasn't been
too much trouble.

Not at all, Al.

Fast learner, is he?

I think Jack's picking up

on how things work
around here real quick.

Did you hear about the one

in west Hollywood last night?


Someone cut this guy's unit off,

and he bled to death.

They searched the apartment
all over for it.

They couldn't find it.

Then finally somebody
found it in the kitchen

on the stove in a frying pan.

It had been cooked.

Braised, I think.



Are you doing
the photo competition?

I don't know.
I hadn't thought about it.

If you're going to,
you better get cracking

because you'll
be competing with...

This baby.

Ooh, wow.

That's fantastic, dieter.

Hey, this is nothing.

Wait till you see what I did

with Washington's monument.

Toodle-oo, Bubby.

See ya.

Jean Starr.


Oh, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no,

no, no, no. Damn.

Hey, baby, Jean
Starr’s who you got.

To be here to answer the
phone, maybe I'm not.

I would have tried
to stick around

if I'd known I was sought.

So please leave a message
after this thought.


Hey, great outgoing message.

My name is Jack Hart.
I'm a photographer.

And, well, I saw some
of your work recently.

I was wondering
if you'd do some modeling

over the weekend for me.

I'm working on a photo essay--

Jack, lunch?

Lunch, yeah.

Titled A Woman's Place,

and what can I say?

I think you'd be perfect
for the piece.

My number is 555-0493.

Well, I finally make it
into his office,

he opens up my portfolio,

looks at it for all
of 30 seconds,

zips it up, and says
in that tiny voice of his,

"these were shot a fraction
of a second too late."


You kidding.

No, man. Dead serious.

How would you like to do

some freelance work
for the Tribune?

Yes. Yes, that would be great

as long as it doesn't interfere
with my current job.

Hey, you're amongst
friends here, Jack.

What are we talking about?

I want you to be
straight with me, Jack.

Is it starting again?

Is what starting again?

You know, the whole syndrome--

I pressure you a little,

you dangle another
woman in my face,

I get angry, you call
me a jealous bitch.

Where is this coming from?

I want you to know I can
play that game, too.

I will not go through
it with you again.

Who's asking you to?

Jean called.

Oh, my god.

honey, look, she's a model

I was thinking of using
for a photo contest

we're having at work.

A photo contest at work.


What's this about
a woman's place?

That's the theme of the contest.

Don't look at me.
I didn't make it up.

She didn't say anything

about any photo contest, Jack.

Well, I didn't tell her.

I didn't want to scare her off.

I wish you worried that much

about scaring me off.

Look, Jack, I'm going
to the movies, okay?

Her address is by the
phone in my office.

She wanted me to tell you

she'll be home all day tomorrow,

and you can drop by anytime.

What do I have to do
to make you trust me?

Honey, you know it's not here.

Then go and get it.

It's at work. I can't
get it till Monday.

Then call her and cancel.

Come on, baby.
We can't function that way.


Wait right here.

Oh, god. I don't have
time for this, Jack.

The movie starts in 15 minutes.



What are you doing?

Will you be my Mrs. Hart?

No more games?

We're really engaged?

You bring the ring
home on Monday?

Cross my heart.

And I hope to kiss you to death.

That's a good kisser.

Okay, 4136. This is it.

Jack, look at this place.

She wouldn't live
in a place like this.

No, this is it.

What makes you say that?

That garage. I've seen
it before in a picture.

You still want to
set up the shots?

You still want me to?

You're the one with
all the good ideas

about a woman's place.

You only like me for my brain.

Well, somebody's expecting us.


Wow. Check out this mirror.

Jack, there are
hand-painted murals

on the walls in this room,

and in the dining room, too.



Jack, don't look.

I tried calling you at work,

but you had already gone home.

So they gave me
your home number.

You work for the cops, huh?

As a photographer.

It's a temporary thing
just to pay the bills.

I guess I'm lucky.

I have a husband to do that.

You know, this is
fascinating work.

I didn't know you were
a photographer, too.

It's all I've ever been.

What about your modeling?

Well, I shot myself for these,

but other than that,

this will be the first time

that I've ever posed
for somebody.

So you shot you
in the white dress?

I don't think
I've ever taken a shot

in a white dress.

I only do nudes.

No, no. I saw them.

They were in an envelope

with your name and phone number,

but somebody
hadn't fixed them right.

When they hit the light,
they turned black.

Oh, those.

You're going way back.

They're from when
I was just starting.

I forgot about them.


Is that your husband's name?

No, it's my professional name.

So... What did you
have in mind, Jack?

A woman's place?

A woman's place, you know,

it's just a departure point.

It's a, uh...


It's a place to begin,

to start with.

We had all kinds of ideas,

but we saw this house,

and it just blew us away.

So, um... We thought maybe...


So what's the story
behind this place?

The story?

Mm-hmm. How did you come to
live here and everything?

I don't live here, really.

I stay here sometimes
when I'm in town.

I inherited the place
from my mother

when she passed away.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Nothing really dies, Jack.

So would you mind

if we took a few
shots around here?

Whatever you want.
I'm here for you.

Couldn't ask for more than that.


What is this all
supposed to mean, anyway?

From the moment the bride
lies back on the marriage bed

to perform her carnal
duty to conceive a child,

she takes her place among the
portraits of her ancestors.

After she's performed
this vital function,

she's no longer part
of the present

or the future...

Oh, my god.

But she becomes
a part of the past.

I'm almost sorry I asked.

Ladies, I got to tell you.

This has all happened before.

That's so weird.

I was just thinking
the same thing.

Yes. This house, that bed,

those portraits,
the white dress,

it was all in the
photos I saw of you.

What are you talking about?

You guys...

You guys are playing
a trick on me.

Isabel put you up
to this, didn't she?

Isabel, very clever. Ha ha.

For just a minute,
you had me thinking

that I saw these...

Quit fooling around, Jack.
Take the shot.

Quit fooling around,
Jack. Take the shot.

Yeah, Jack. Take the shot.


This ought to be
an interesting juxtaposition.

The perfect bride
taking out the garbage.

If you're not playing a
joke, this is too much.

This photograph has
already been taken.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

There won't be any shot at all

if you've got the garage
in the background.

The American dream
works great for men,

but the bride still
takes out the garbage.

Did you hear what I said?

Just imagine
if a woman had to wear

the dress she wore
on her wedding day

every single day
the rest of her life.

There won't be a shot if you got
the garage in the background.


Was that some kind of
reverse psychology?

Look what
you've done.

You're the one, Jack, not me.

Stay. Stay right here.



What's the matter?

I asked you not
to take the shot.

I begged you,

but you wouldn't listen.

You just went ahead

and did exactly what she wanted.

Aw, Jean, come on.

My father committed suicide
in that garage.

Oh, my god.

I'm so sorry.

When I was 9,

he had a bad fight with my mom.

So she took me and my
sister to my grandma's

for the day.

Daddy went out to the garage

and started the engine.


But something made him
change his mind.

So he made it
to the garage door,

but he fell on the floor

and cracked his head open.

Oh, Jean.

When we got home,

there was just that...

Little trickle of blood...

Did you hear what I said?

Coming from under that big door.


Oh, Jean.


That's how it's done.

What the hell are you
doing in here, Hart?

Do you have any idea

how much each sheet of that
paper costs the department?

It's just an experiment
for the photo contest.

You'll be going out
on a 187, solo,

in approximately 12 minutes.


I suggest you get your
ass in gear, Mr. Hart.

Give me a wide shot.

How about a medium
on the passenger door?

Give me one from right here

where the gun was, okay?

♪ Take a bullet in the brain ♪

♪ Away goes trouble
down the drain ♪

Jack Hart...

Detective Frank Deacon.

Remember me?

How can I forget?

Hope there's no hard feelings
about last time, Jack.

No, I'm a big boy.

I understand your situation.

You know, these guys got
less than 20 bucks.

Bastards. Makes you want to--

Makes you want to what, Jack,

buy a gun, become a vigilante?

No. Move to Montana.

You know, life's
a vicious circle, Jack.

I bet good money

that the trigger man
in this deal

served a stint
in gladiator school,

learned a few things
from his classmates,

came out promising himself
that on the next job

he'd leave no witnesses.

No wits, no crime.

I take it you don't believe
in rehabilitation, Detective.

Call me Frank.

You take it right.

These guys don't give a
damn if they get caught.

What's the worse
that can happen?

They go back to prison

where they can hang
with their homeboys, right?

You think prison's
a deterrent? Ha!

Most of these guys
like it inside--

Three squares a day,
basketball, weightlifting,

color television.

So what's the solution, Frank?


Hi, honey. Just let me
finish this paragraph.

I'm totally in a groove.




Jack, this is Jean.

I just wanted to
call and apologize

for Saturday.

That's okay.
You don't have to explain.

I understand.

Do you?

Yeah, sure.


Jack, something
is unspoken here,

and I think we should
get together and talk.

Well, talk away. I'm listening.

Okay. Remember what
you said at my house

about how it felt

like everything
had happened before?


Well, you were right,

and I can explain.

Well, explain away.
I'm listening.

No. It's got to be in person,

away from her, and
bring the photographs.


Oh, my.

Honey, honey, honey.
The photo lab just called,

and there's been a big accident.

They want me to come in.

I'll see you when you get home.




What are you doing,

trying to kill yourself?


Do you hear it, Jack?

Hear what?

Somewhere way in the
very back of your head,

isn't there a tiny little voice

talking to you right now?

A tiny little voice
that keeps saying,

"she's perfect for me.

"She's the answer
to my dreams and prayers.

She could be every woman to me."

The only tiny
little voice I hear

is the one that keeps asking
me where your old man is.

San Francisco.

That's where he lives,

where we live.

I come and go as I please.

How convenient.

That's exactly what it is, Jack.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Then, uh...

Why do you stay?

Why do you stay with Isabel?


You want to see my darkroom?

I built it myself.

I might as well.

I mean...

As long as I'm here.

Hey, pretty nice.

Is this where you printed
those shots of you

I found at work in my locker?

I didn't take those shots, Jack.

You did.

Wait a minute. You said before--

I lied.

You lied?

I lied because
Isabel was around,

and she would never understand.

Understand what, Jean?

That you saw the future

in those photographs.

It was destiny
bringing us together.

Excuse me.

For a second
I think I forgot, but...

Just exactly what universe
are we talking about here, Jean?

If you don't believe me,

why are you here?

Why don't you just leave?

You really loved me once, Jack.


Excuse me?

You did, and you know it.

You felt it the moment
you laid eyes on me...

We both did.

Something old, strong, and deep.

Now you can have me back...

But you have to want me

more than anything else
in this world.




Ay yi yi yi yi.

Fuck me, Jack.

It will all come back.






Oh, no, please.

I'm ready.

Oh. Oh.

Oh! Ho-ho! Oh!


Oh! Oh!

Aah! Oh.

There's somebody there.

I got it. I got it. I got it.

Oh, you scared the living
shit out of me.

You're a little jumpy yourself.

There must be a reason.

Yeah. You screamed.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

Oh, get off it.

No. I haven't said anything.

But it's been over a week now.

You still haven't
brought home the ring.

Have you changed your mind,

fallen in love
with somebody else?

You wake up screaming,
"there's someone in the room,"

and you ask me
about another woman?

I should be asking you
the same thing.

You know I could
never be unfaithful.

And you have been unfaithful.

And you're never going to let
me live that down, are you?

Look, is there somebody else?

'Cause I would
understand if there was.

Things have been hard lately.

I've been preoccupied
with my writing.

You're frustrated at work.

No. It's not about that.

Oh, my god.

I was right.

No, Isabel, honey.

Honey, it's not what
you think, Isabel.




Nothing has happened.

I mean, I--I...

I have been tempted...

But nothing has happened.

Who? Who is she, Jack?

We're not going
to accomplish anything

by discussing this, really.

You make me powerless
by withholding from me.

You're deciding whether or not

you want to be in
a relationship with me,

and I don't even know it!

Why do you always
have to be in control?

Oh, baby, come here.

Oh, now. Come on.

Come on.

Just stop this.
Just stop this.

Do you want to break up
with me, Jack?



I'm not sure.

Well, if we're
going to break up,

you're going to have to do it.

I came to this godforsaken city

to be with you.

I built my life around you.

I cannot--I will not
break up with you.

Who is she, Jack?

You can tell me.

I won't get mad.

You're writing a book about her.

You bastard!

How long have you known her,

for one fucking second?

Just as long as you have.

Don't you even get
near me, fucker!

You're just as obsessed
with her as I am.

I warned you. I'm leaving.

When I get back, I want
all your shit out of here.

If you're happy with that
spaced-out, fucking bimbo,

don't expect me
to be waiting patiently

when you finally
realize that slut

can't carry on a simple
fucking, logical conversation.



Damn it.

Where the hell is she?

God damn it.

He's yours, Al.

Get him under control,
god damn it!

Good morning, Frank.

Fuck you.

What's wrong with him?

What can you tell me
about this, Jack?


Can't you fucking read?

It says, "police line--
Do not cross."

No fucking press.

I'm the police
photographer, man.

Where's your I.D.?

It's in the car.

Jack! Hot damn, Jack Hart!

So we meet again.

I didn't take
the photograph, Al.

Detective Deacon seems
to think otherwise.

Deacon's got a bug up his ass.

Go through my negatives.
I didn't shoot that.

Look, I'm going to be
straight with you on this.

Got kind of a funny
situation here.

How can I help?

We'll talk about that
in a minute.

Can I help you gentlemen?

I swear to god, Al.

I did not take that shot.

I'm still on probation.

I'd be an idiot
to pull that stunt.

Well, to make
a long story short,

one thing led to another,

and the guy resisted arrest.

Sounds like an open
and shut case to me.

Exactly, but, well, you see...

Here's where the shit
starts getting deep.

See that kid up there
on the steps?


He's not the suspect

that we were in pursuit of.

It's at least possible

this photograph
could have been taken

by a journalist
outside the police line,

but a forensic analyst

will determine the distance
the photographer was

from the subject.

If the distance he determines

falls inside the police line,

then we've got a little
problem, haven't we?

Now, if you could see clear

to downplay the corpse's youth--

Frame out high-top tennie
runners and basketball, maybe.

Now, if you could
just see your way clear

to do that for us, Jack,

well, then,
I'd owe you a big one.

No problem, Frank.

No problem at all.

You got to believe me.

I'd love to believe you, Jack.

I really would.

But I have to ask you
to take the day off.

We'll have the information we need
for a decision this time tomorrow.

You be in my office.


Somebody killed my baby!

Somebody killed my baby!

No! Aah!

Oh! No!

Get away!

My baby!




That ain't my baby!




Oh, thank god.

Jack, is that you?

Where have you been
for the last...

Two weeks, Jean?

Out of town on a job, why?

What's wrong?

I couldn't take it anymore.

I told Isabel everything.

Jack, where are you?

Would you like to come over?


Jack, there's something
I have to tell you.


I talked to my husband.

He's coming to L.A. tomorrow.

He says he's taking me back
to San Francisco with him.

I really--I really--

I really don't know
what's left to say.

I mean, I felt as if I'd
been given one last chance

to really and truly love
somebody completely,

without any doubts
or any regrets.


Stop it. Now I feel--

Don't say anymore.

You're breaking my heart.


Okay, listen...

It was fate that
brought us together,

I know you don't believe that,

but why don't we
let fate determine

what happens to us now?

What are we doing?

I'll write 10...

And you write 10.

We'll pick five

and do exactly what they say.

Okay. Okay.

We'll each pick one
until we've got five.

You go first.

♪ Da da da-ta da dickety da ♪

"Make love till we puke."


"Get married before
we know each other"?

Good idea.

"Stay in bed for a year."

As the crowd goes wild.


"Make babies"?

It'll take practice.

These are all yours.

I know.

I know. I know. I know.

Okay, one more. One more.








Ow. Jack, don't.

Jack, no.

I'll never get it off.
Don't. No. Ah.


As fate intended it.

Now I can never take it off.

We're entering into
something far more powerful

than either of us know.

It's not going to be easy, Jack.

There will be forces
working against us.

Forces like...

What kind of forces?

Like my husband.

He told me once that he
was so attracted to me

that he would fuck my dead body.

I would, too, Jean.






Come on, Jean.


Why aren't you naked?

I'm cold.


Jack, don't.
Let's just go to sleep.


Let's go to sleep.

I'm sorry.

It's just...

I've gotten a--a little rash,

and I'm afraid
it might be contagious.

Oh, my god.

Is there anything you
want to tell me, Jean?

No. It's just so weird.

All of a sudden,

it just appeared
on the palm of my hand.

On the palm of your hand?


What? You don't believe me?

Ay yi yi.

Oh, honey.

There's a little bit
of it on my back.

Well, let me see.

Yeesh. Oh, baby.

Oh, my goodness.

I'm freaked out, Jack.

Please. I'm going
to go to the doctor

first thing tomorrow
morning. I promise.

Just think how much better
it would be if we wait.

Put your sock back on, baby.

Good night, Jean.

Good night.






- Aah! Ah! Ah!

Man, man!

My hand. Oh.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.


Jack Hart?

Who's asking?

Please, I can tell by the
expression on your face

that you recognized me

I'm not here to play
macho games with you.

Then it was nice
not meeting you.

There's something
you should know.

My wife is a very sick woman.

She's been in and out of mental
hospitals her whole adult life.

I don't care.

You are by no means
the first man

she's latched onto
in this manner.

The temptation's almost
overwhelming, isn't it?

You want her so badly,

you're willing to
overlook her fantasies,

perhaps even buy into some.

What fantasies?

What are you talking about?

Well, let me guess.

You were lovers in a past life,

separated by fate.

Reunited for eternity.

How am I doing, Mr. Hart?

But the photographs.

What about the photographs?

Oh, the photographs.
Now, let me see.

I suppose you received
them in the mail.

Two bits of blank
photographic paper

that turn black once
exposed to the light?

I saw an image. It was of Jean.

You saw what you wanted to see,

just as you saw
what you wanted to see

when you fell in love with her.

It's all part of the game.

I commend you
on your willingness

to listen to reason.

Most of Jean's victims

put up with a considerable
amount of unsavory resistance.

I can only wish you luck.

You say the photographer

was outside the police line?


Are you sure?

Well, Jack...

Got some good news.

The calculation of our
analyst Mr. Liebovitz

places the photographer
who took that shot

that appeared in the Tribune

well outside the police line.

So that puts you in the clear.

I trust there'll be no hard
feelings over the incident?


All right.

Then I expect everything
to be business as usual

from here on in.


Any questions, Jack?


I fucked up.

I really and truly fucked up.

Watch this.

I'm closing the door.

Watch this.

I'm closing the blinds.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

How can I, Jack?


Marry me. Marry me. Marry me.

Thank you, Isabel.

It's not going to be easy, Jack.

You're going to have to try
harder than ever before.

I know. Ahem. I will.

Your lover
has invaded my dreams.

Every night,
no matter what I dream,

there she is.

I'm so sorry.

You've turned me
into a murderer.


Last night I dreamt that I--

I tracked her down.

I watched her.

I watched her for a long, long time.

I watched her wash
her perfect white body.

I watched her wash
her perfect blond hair.

I watched her apply her
perfect makeup in the mirror,

and, finally, just when she was
putting on the finishing touches...

I snuck up.

I snuck up, and I bashed
her perfect face in.

I smashed her perfect face

against the mirror
into the blood,

and the skin and the
hair and the makeup

were all a perfect muddy pulp.


If you kill someone
in your dream,

are you guilty of murder?


Don't you think you willfully,
morally, and psychologically

have proven your
capacity to kill?


It's for you.

- [RING]
- Yeah. Right.

Soup is great.


Hello. Hello.

Oh, how serene.

I wish I was there
to see the reunited lovers beam.

I think you have
the wrong number.

Come home, darling.
Isabel's going to--


Wrong number.

What did they say?

Oh, it was just
some crazy woman.

Jean? Wasn't it?

You have a secret
code or something.

You're going
to rendezvous with her.

No, of course not.

It's what I told you.

It's a wrong number.



Je-Jesus Christ.

What's going on?

Nothing. Nothing.

I'm going with you!

No. You stay right here.


My, my, aren't
we in a big hurry?

I fucking knew it.

Would you excuse us, please?

I need to speak with
my fiancé in private?

Oh, my god.

Don't you think
I'm in this, too?

Very well.

We've got a little
bun in the oven.

Oh, my god.

Bullshit. She's lying.

That's just some bizarre
attempt to trap you.

Look at her!

It's true. I'm not
absolutely sure yet,

but the first test
came back positive.

I'm having another
one in a week.

No, no. This is too much.

Jean, Jean...

Uh, what are you going to do
if you are pregnant?

What do you mean?
She'll have an abortion.

Actually, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about, Jack.

I filed for a divorce today,

and I'm seriously
thinking about having it.

Oh, my god.

If you think this little
ruse will drive me away,

you've got another thing coming.

Maybe the three of us

could raise it together, Isabel.

Oh, my god.

She can't.

Jack, tell her she
can't have your baby.

Isabel, you can't tell
someone to have an abortion.

Well, I have nothing
against you, Isabel,

and if Jack can't seem
to live without you,

then I'm willing
to work something out.

You're insane, Jean.

Hee hee.




Our baby will be
the purest expression

of two people's love

that the world has ever seen.

Get out of my house!

You know, I could love
you, too, Isabel.

Forget it! Just forget it!

I can't believe
you actually fucked her.

She's a complete spaceshot!

I made a mistake.

A mistake?

Cutting your balls off shaving
would be a mistake, too.

You made a cosmic blunder.

Okay, okay.

Go to her and tell her
she can't have that baby.

What am I supposed to do?

Make her have an abortion?

I guess you'll just have to.

If I antagonize her,
who knows what she'll do?

You saw her. She's crazy.

She'll--she'll have the baby
just to spite me.

If she can't be part of
my life, she'll ruin it.

Good. You deserve it.

Do what you have to do,

but don't come back here
until you've done it!

Where'd she get the ring?

Who knows?

A box of fucking crackerjacks.

That was your grandma's ring.

You were supposed to
give that ring to me.

That ring was mine. It was mine!

You are the single
most sadistic...

Thoughtless asshole
that ever lived!

You've ruined my life,
Jack Hart.

I swear to god, if there's
any justice in this world,

you will go to hell for it!

Go to hell?

I'm in hell.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.



Hey, how's it going?


Really great.

What the fuck is your problem?

Hi. Good morning.

You called and said
my watch is ready.

Yeah. Get it out of here.


It's there on the counter.

Take it.

But it's still broken.

Oh, no, Mr. Hart.

It's far from broken.

It's bewitched.

Every part is in
perfect working condition,

and there's
nothing out of place,

but it refuses to run.

Get it out of my shop
before it infects the others.

Are you out of your mind?

You tell me what happened
at 5:59 and 51 seconds,

you tell me that,
I can fix your watch.

Till then,

get out.

Get out!

Get out!

We now return you

to Laurel Canyon.

Oh, Grant,

you mean this torture's
finally over?

Darling, from now on,
it's just you and I...

In our Laurel Canyon.

Oh, how serene.

Look at
the reunited couple beam.

Oh, my god.

Will you excuse us, Gwen?

My fiancé and I must talk.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm in this, too, Grant.

Very well.

Grant, I think we're
a tiny bit pregnant.

Look at her.

She's lying.

She's trying to trap you, Grant.

Oh, it's true. I'm not absolutely sure,

but the test did
come back positive.

I'll take another one next week.

What do you plan to
do if you are...

pregnant, Missy?

What do you mean?
She'll get rid of it.

Gwen, enough.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

I filed for divorce today,

and I'm thinking of
seriously having our baby.

If you think this will
drive me away,

you have another thing coming.

Maybe we can raise it together.

Tell her
she can't have it, Grant.

She can't have it.

Gwen, I'm a pro-life activist.

I don't actually have
anything against you.

If Grant can't seem
to live without you,

we'll just have to sacrifice.

You're insane, Missy.


But imagine how wonderful
that little child will be

when we raise it together.

Get out of my house.

You know...


I think I could learn
to love you, too, Gwen.

Oh, my god. I love this.


Laurel Canyon...

will be right back.



You get everything in there?

Uh, yeah, I think so.

What about the bathroom?

Oh, uh...


I think I forgot.


It'll only take a second.


Say peace.


Ah, Mr. Hart.

Would you please
try to discourage

your various admirers
from treating the photo lab

as your mailing address?

Thank you.



Do you remember the night
you gave me this ring,

what we said, what we felt?

I, uh...

I wanted to marry you.

And we knew it wasn't
going to be easy.

We knew there were powerful
forces working against us,

that we'd have to be strong,

or we'd lose everything
that we felt between us.

Do you remember, Jack?

I remember.

And what happened?

I got scared.

I stopped believing.

Why, Jack?


First there was the rash.

It's gone.

It disappeared.

Yeah, well...

Then--then I had this dream.

Oh, I had a dream.

I dreamt...

that you had this crack
in your head.


And then...

your husband came over.

I knew it.

That bastard.

He told me about
the blank photo paper, Jean.

It was a promotional gimmick.

I sent out hundreds of them.

It brought us together,
didn't it?

It doesn't change what you saw.

Jack, wait.

I want to show you something.

Oh, my god.

He told you I was
crazy, didn't he?


He told you I'd done
this kind of thing,

tricking men into loving
me over and over.

He told you anything he could
think of to scare you off.

How would he explain your dream?

You didn't know
I had a birthmark.

How could you have
dreamt about that?

Because, um...

Because this has all
happened before.

- Exactly.
- Exactly.


Would you do something for me

if I asked you to?

Oh, Jean.

Would you give me one more
chance to make you believe?



Of course.

Wait here until I call for you.


The third shot is the key, Jack.

We have a chance
to change our destiny,

but first we have to finish
the photo sequence my way.

I want you inside me now.



Do you, Jack,
take this woman

to be your lawful wedded wife...

I do. I do.

To have and to hold...

Yes! Yes!

From this day forward...

For better or for worse...

Yeah. Yeah.

For richer, for poorer...

I do, Jean. I do.

In sickness and in health...

I'll never leave you, Jean.

Till death do us part?

Oh, god.

Make me your wife, Jack.

Come inside me.

Oh, give me a child.

Oh, Jean.

Jean, Jean, Jean,

Jean, let go. Let go.

Jean, Jean.

What's happening?

Why are you leaving?

Let go.


You lied to me!

You were never pregnant!

Isabel was killing your soul!

I lied to save you from her!


What about the ring?

Keep it.




Come on, Isabel.

Son of a bitch.




Hey, Jack.

Jack, Jack, Jack.

It's all cleared
with the head cheese here.

Breakfast is on moi
this morning, pal.

Jack, Detective Deacon
seems to feel

that, in light of what's
transpired over the last few days,

your working relationship
with him would benefit

through a gesture
of reconciliation.

That's nice.

That's awfully nice,
Frank, but...

I'm not a breakfast guy.

Hey, Jack, Jack, come on now.

This is a done deal, pal.

I won't take no for an answer.

Anywhere you want,
as long as it's drive-thru,

because we got a 187
waiting at Palos Verdes.

Ah, goody.

Jack, you left this
on the bench last night.

Ah, forgetful me.


Have fun, gentlemen.


- [BEEP]
- Hi, Isabel. It's Claudio.

- Claudio?
- I just wanted to call
and tell you again

what a great, great time I had.

Great, great time?

What more can I say?

I'm just thinking
about you, baby.

Thinking of you, baby?

- Thinking of you, baby?
- [BEEP]

Baby, baby!

Baby! Baby! Baby!


My god!

Baby, baby,

Baby this.

Baby, baby, baby.

Claudio. Claudio. Claudio.

Hey, great time.

Great, great time.

"Anne, Cindy..."

Ah, Mr. Claudio.

Mr. Claudio.




You are playing straight
with me, right?

I mean...

You're not just spooking
me, are you, Jack?

Absolutely not.

As far as I'm concerned,

you and I will be do-si-doing for the rest of time.

Did we get any salt?



Isabel there?

Hold on a second.

Jack, what are you doing?

I love you, Isabel.

I made a terrible mistake.

I want to devote myself
to making you happy.

I'm sorry, Jack.

It's too late for that.

You destroyed everything we had.

I want my own life back.

Isabel, it's never too late.

Honey, let's go home.

I want to get out
of this hellhole.

Look, I got to go.

I don't want to hear
from you ever again.

As far as I'm
concerned, you're dead.


Isabel, no, I'm not dead.

I'm not dead. [ Repeats ]

I'm not dead.





Looks appetizing.


- [RING]
- Well, let's eat her before
she gets cold.

[ISABEL] How did you
get this number, Jack?

I'm in trouble. You've gotta help me.

Get that bitch to help.

She's the mother of your child.

She wasn't pregnant.
She said that to scare you.

She wins.

I hope you're happy with her.

She's dead, Isabel.
Listen, listen.

She killed herself
and made it look like--

You couldn't stop lying
if you tried, Jack.

No. Wait. Please listen.

No. You listen.

I'm through being
manipulated by you,

being pulled around like
some kind of puppet.

It's your turn to hurt now.

Where are you, Isabel?

Goodbye, Jack...


No! No!

- Isabel! Isabel!

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Talk to me! Talk to me!

Talk to me!

I got your number now, Claudio.



What's the matter, pal?

Thought you was
an old hand at this.

Fuck you, you bastard.

I beg your pardon.

What'd you say to me,
you little shit?


Why? Why?

Why did she have to go
and do that?

- [RING]
- Oh, why?

- Listen, Jack, and listen carefully.

Isabel never wants to see
or hear from you again.

Is that clear?

This is none of your
fucking business, Claudio.

Want to make a fucking bet?

You ever touch or
harass her in any way,

I will break your fucking neck.


- By god!


Shit. Shit. Shit.

- Ughh.


- Listen, you--

Hi. This is Claudio.
I'm not in...

I got to warn you.

Your erratic behavior is
attracting suspicion, Mr. Hart.

- Care to comment?
- Yeah!

Go fuck yourself, Deacon!


I'm sorry if I said something
insensitive back there.


Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it!

Come on.

Let's get back to the car.

I'm not going back there.

I've had enough.
I've had enough.

Damn it!

God damn it!

I'll take you anyplace
you want to go, buddy.

You just say the word.

Okay. Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.



I gathered from your reaction
back there that, uh...

you knew the victim, Jack.

Well, you gathered wrong.



What happened at...

5:59 and 51 seconds, Mr. Hart?


What happened?

I'll tell you what...

Fucking happened!



What in hell's going on, Frank?

I'm going to ask you
one more time, Jack.

Did you or did you
not know Jean Starr?

I don't have the faintest idea
who you're talking about, Frank.

There it is, Frank.

I saw him working
on them myself.

He had them hidden in
the trunk of his car.

May god have mercy on your soul,

Mr. Hart.

You know what
purgatory is, Jack?


You're in it,
and you'll stay in it

until you quit making the
same stupid fucking mistake

over and over again!

There's nothing there
to hurt me.

We don't have to go through
this song and dance.

Tell me the truth
and be done with it.

Wouldn't that be a relief, Jack?

Check it out, Frank.

The suspense is killing me.

Okay. You got me. I admit it.

I worked with Jean briefly
as a model for the contest.

That's all there is to it.

End of story.

That's real coincidental,
isn't it, Jack?

I mean,

a wedding dress and all?

She killed herself.
She was crazy.

Are you sure there isn't
something you're leaving out?


What are we going to
do about this, Jack?


I slept with her
a couple of times, okay?

She was a freak.

I tried to break up
with her, she, uh...

She kills herself and frames me.

She did a damn good
job of it, too.


Even better than that.

I might even go so goddamn far
as to say it's perfect, Jack.

I'm innocent, and you know it.

Sure, you are.

You're going to
take it in the neck.

You rubbed all the right
people the wrong goddamn way.

We know all about your little
affair with Miss Starr.

Oh, I admit.

We haven't figured out what
you did with the finger yet,

but we will.

The finger?

What finger?

Playing dumb doesn't
become you, Jack.

We've got enough on you.

I could ice your ass
right here and now.

There wouldn't be
a goddamn inquiry.

Seeing's how we're
such great pals and all,

I'm going to give you
a nice little head start.

Oh, Frank.

Now get out of this
goddamn car and run!


Stop the car! Stop the car!


- What are you waiting for?

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go!

Shoot the motherfucker!

Get him! Get him!

Don't shoot!




Hi. This is Claudio.
I'm not in right now...

But if you leave a message,
I'll get back to you.

Thanks. Bye.

- [BEEP]
- Okay.

I guess it's my turn to talk.

All I need is something to say.

Let me say...

What can I say?


Isabel, Isabel, Isabel.

Oh, dear Isabel.

It's funny how
things work out, isn't it?

One minute you tell me
you could never leave me,

you tell me it's all up to me,

and the next minute,
you moved in with Mr. Claudio.

How sweet.

How sincere.

I hope you two have
a wonderful life together.

I hope this is finally the
real thing for both of you.

I hope you don't mind building your
new lives on my rotting corpse.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

I didn't mean any of it.

I want to be honest.


I want to get at the truth.

I--I know...

I have been
a terrible bastard...

And thought only about myself,

did exactly what I wanted to

without thinking of anyone else.

And now...

Oh, god.

Now it's time to pay...

To pay the price.

Don't you see, Isabel?


Jean is the devil.

She tricked me.

She tricked me into believing

that she could fill the shoes

of the woman lurking...

down there...

in my brain.

She tricked me into thinking
that she was different...

That the rules
didn't apply to her.

For just one minute, honey,
I believed her.

I wanted to so badly.

God, I wanted to believe her.

Now I know.

That woman doesn't exist.

She's only perfect
'cause I can't quite see her.

She's a shadow.

She's a tease
designed to torture me.

She's the one love
that I can never have.

There will always be something
in my brain, though, honey,

something that says...


Now it's her.

Now it's...


Oh, Isabel.

Won't you save me?

Quit fooling around, Jack.

Take the shot.

Quit fooling around.

Won't you save me?

Quit fooling around, Jack.

Won't you save me?

Take the shot, Jack.

Won't you save me?

Take the shot, Jack.

Just one last time.

Quit fooling around, Jack.

Take the shot, Jack.

Isabel, please.

Yeah, take the shot, Jack.


Okay, okay.

Then I'll see you
in hell, honey.

All of you.



Welcome to hell, Mr. Hart.




Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Hey, Frank, he's moving.

I don't know what
to tell you, Jack.

It is you laying there
bleeding this time.


Jeez, Jack.

Looks like
your whole life just...

Passed in front
of your eyes, buddy.

Your men shot at me, Frank.

Oh, hell,
those were only blanks.

You clocked me a pretty
good one yourself, pal.

I thought you'd kill me.

And that's exactly what
I wanted you to think.

I had a feeling
that you didn't do it.

I figured if we
wound you up a little

and pushed you off
in the right direction,

you'd show us who did.

I tried to kill myself, Frank.

Okay, okay.


Maybe my plan got a
little out of hand.

If it's any consolation, pal,

we got a good clean
collar on this one.

Looks like
you were right, Frank.

Looks like she scrubbed
it pretty good,

but we're picking up traces
of blood in the cracks.

I'd say she wanted
that ring pretty bad...

To kill somebody

and chop their damn
finger off for it.




I was hoping to spare you this,

but it turns out

Claudio lives in
the apartment below you.

They got the music
turned up so loud,

they can't hear a thing.

My god.

I don't see any harm in
waiting till they're done.

I mean, even a condemned man,

or in this case, woman,

Gets a last meal, right?

Oh, my head.

One last thing, Jack.

What's that, Frank?

Do the world a favor.

Don't ever fall in
love again, okay, pal?

I'll do my best, Frank.

That's my boy.

See you at work first
thing Monday morning.

Like I said, Frank...

Hey, Boots.

Don't let her get you down.

There's more
where she came from.



So what's the story
with the watch?

You really want to know?