Lou (2022) - full transcript

A storm rages. A young girl is kidnapped. Her mother teams up with the mysterious woman next door to pursue the kidnapper, a journey that tests their limits and exposes shocking secrets from their pasts.


You think I missed?


Off by four inches.

- That's what I said.
- Plenty of space…

You got any more of these black tarps?

Hey, what do you think you're doin'?
I wanted those.

Gotcha, Lou.

…and alleged ransom payments.

We did not, repeat, did not trade weapons
or anything else for hostages,

nor will we.

President Reagan addressing
the heightened tensions with Iran

in the wake of rumors

- about the CIA's involvement…
- Lou.

…In the country's 1953 coup.

Hey, Lou.

In other news, pages from
the Rogers Commission's report

on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster,
with NASA under fire…

You, uh, ready for the big storm?

Makin' a withdrawal.

And, uh, how much
will you be taking out today?

Ah, whatever's in there.

- …special position in Iran…
- Oh. Okay.

…for the simplest
and best of reasons.

Without Iran's cooperation, we cannot
bring an end to the Persian Gulf War.

- Oh! That is, uh…
- Without Iran's…

- There's a lot of money.
- …Relationship with…

I know. I'm the one who put it in there.

If you'd like to place a call,
please deposit 25 cents before dialing.

If you need help,
please hang up and try your call again.


Afternoon, Lou.

Jax is in a good mood.

Can't help but wonder if the spark
of the hunt hasn't got him all worked up.

Unlikely. It isn't hunting season.


Deer must have just bolted out of nowhere.

Happened so fast.

Well, I'm glad you and Jax
came out of it okay.

You know, you ought to get yourself
one of these copper bracelets.

- Pretty.
- My niece got it for me on the mainland.

One of those stores, you know, with the
dream catchers and crystals and whatnot.

I laughed at her.

But I swear to God,
I barely feel the arthritis anymore.

I'm fishin' again.

Careful you don't get struck by lightning
wearin' that thing.

- Potatoes?
- Uh, yeah.

Don't forget on the 15th,
the county fair will be coming…

- Oh, that's right.
- Mornin', Lou!

- Got your ticket?
- Of course! I got my ticket.

Well, I'm gonna be...

- Bridget Hoffman...
- I love...

This is a severe weather watch.

The biggest storm
the Pacific Northwest has seen in years

is expected to make landfall
early this evening.

Residents are encouraged
to stay in their homes

and be prepared for downed power lines
and flooding in low-lying areas.

Ferry service to the San Juan Islands has
also been suspended until further notice

as the area is directly
in the storm's path.

Where could she be? I don't know.

She's not under this tree.

She's not over here.

Oh, she's so good at hiding.


Gotta find her.

Maybe she's inside.

Yeah, I'm gonna check there.

I got you!

I got you! I got you!

You didn't say the code! Little Rabbit.

Oh! Little Rabbit, Little Rabbit!

Little Rabbit!

One more time.

- No.
- Please.

I said no, Vee. Come on.

Pass me a nail?


Mom, do you think
Daddy's gonna find the treasure soon?

It's been two years.

I don't know, Vee. I bet he's real close.

And then is Daddy gonna come home?

You know,
the storm looks like it's a while away.

We could probably fit in another game.

I bet you can't make it past three minutes
before I find you, though.

- Oh, I can.
- Oh, I don't think you can. Mm-mm.

All right. Let me see. Ready? Set…

- Game on!
- Game on!

One… two…

Three… four…

Five… six…


- Hey, Lou.
- Rent. Tomorrow.

I know. Listen, now, I had to lay in
supplies for the storm.

- So I was wondering whether...
- No extensions.

- All right.
- Tomorrow. Inside. On the table.

It'll get wet in the mailbox.

You'll get it.


Oh my God!


What the hell is wrong with you?

Why you gotta drive so goddamn fast?
You know there's a child nearby.

World's not a playground.
Teach your kid to look out for herself.

Come on, Jax.

- Hey.
- Go inside.

- No, Mom!
- Vee, go inside.

Everything o... okay?

And no stomping, little girl.

Heading into town to get some supplies.

Can I get you anything?

No. We're fine. Thanks, Chris.

- You doin' all right?
- Yeah, I'm just tired.

All right.

Is Lou still bein' a pain in your ass?

- I told you about that?
- Yeah.

Yeah, you don't… you don't remember?


- Look, we were both pretty drunk, so…
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Clearly, 'cause I… I don't remember that.

I do remember you singing "Like A Virgin"
at the top of your lungs.

Oh, please swear you'll never tell.


Or what?

I don't know.

Or, uh…

Mom! I can't find Mr. Hippo!

- Ah.
- Listen, I gotta go.

Hey, have you, um…

Mom, help me find him.

Have you had a chance to talk to Vee yet?

About her dad?

You all right?

- Any way I could get a ride?
- Yeah, of course.

- Get in here.
- Thank you.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.

Sorry about that.

Oh, damn rental car broke down on me.

You're a lifesaver.

Oh, jeez, I'm...

I'm gettin' your seat all soaked.

Don't worry about it, man.
I'm just glad I passed you when I did.

- Oh.
- The storm's gonna be gnarly.

Heavy reading.

Yeah, I bought it for a friend of mine.

Her ex died three months ago,
and she's just...

She's havin' a hard time facin' it.

I see. And you wanna
help her face it, right? Hm?

'Cause you wanna be more
than just friends?

Oh, look, I just... She has a kid.
She wants to take it slow.

Oh! I love this band.

Oh, Jeff Porcaro's the man.

Ah! Fuck! What the fuck?


Vee, look at me.

You know when you were asking
about Daddy earlier?

Well, um…

Baby, he, um…

He loves you so much.

And he thinks about you all the time.


What are we making?

- Friendship bracelets.
- Oh.

I wanna make a friendship bracelet.

This one is for Lou.

You're making a bracelet for Lou? Why?

I like Lou.

- I know you don't.
- Yeah, I do.

Okay. I actually don't like Lou.

But why do you like her?

Well, Jax likes her, and I like Jax.


"I've never been one for many words,
so I'll keep this short."

"The house is yours. Sell it."

"There's a month's worth of meat for Jax
in the freezer, and some cash for you."

"There are certain decisions I made
that you will never understand."

"But that's all in the past now."

"Life can be cruel."

"What made me great at some things
made me lousy at others."

"I wish I could say
that some good came from what I did."

"In truth,

I left the world a more dangerous place."

Bedtime, now!

- Okay.
- My pillow!

Okay, lay down.

- Mr. Hippo!
- I'm exhausted. Come on, Mr. Hippo.

- Good night.
- I'm hot.

Yeah, now I'm hot too. But you'll be
cold soon because it's raining.

Oh, it's just the wind, baby.
Don't be scared.

- I'm not scared.
- Okay.

- Are you scared?
- Do you wanna sleep with me tonight?

- Oh, if you need me to, I will.
- I think I do.

Oh shit.

Shit, shit, shit, shit!


- Watch your mouth.
- Shit!


Do not test my patience, little lady.

I'm just gonna go flip the breaker.

I'll be right back, okay?


Is that you?


Oh! Vee!

No! Vee!


Oh! No!

Vee! Vee! Vee!

Vee? Vee!

- Where's your phone?
- What the hell?

Where's your goddamn phone?
I gotta call the sheriff.

- God damn it! Fuck!
- Slow down. What happened?

- Vee's gone.
- What, you let her wander off again?

- She's not gonna get far in this.
- No, no, no.

- Her father took her.
- Her father?

He's… he's here. How the hell is he here?

Hold on. You saw him?

No. I…

He… he's supposed to be dead,
but he found us.

I... I thought we were free of him.

- He killed Chris.
- Jesus Christ.

Where are your keys? The car won't start.
I gotta get to the sheriff.

- I'll drive.
- Okay.


No, no, no, no, no! Come on!

- What's wrong?
- Run!



Ho... how did you know
it was gonna blow up?

Bombs tend to.

Sorry about that, buddy.

Turns out I'm not done yet.

A bomb?
It means he's been plannin' this, Lou.

We gotta get more help.
We need to get to the sheriff.

Can't get to him.
No cars. Phones are down.

We're ten miles outside of town.

Your kid's gettin' further away
by the second.

- I have to track 'em.
- What?

Track 'em? You?

Get batteries. Kitchen.

You don't understand.
Philip was a Green Beret.

Wanted for some terrible shit
that he did in Central America.

War crimes kind of shit.

I saw the court transcripts.
He was torturing hostages for fun.

He's highly trained. An explosives expert.
Well, we're no match for him, Lou.

We need professional help.
You and the dog ain't gonna cut it.

Did he take anything from your trailer?

Her... her favorite stuffy, Mr. Hippo.

- And a... a blanket.
- He wants her comfortable.

He wants her quiet.


When they tried to arrest him,
he blew his apartment up.

They sent a death certificate.
How the hell could he still be alive?

Halothane. Sleeping gas.

You're lucky it didn't knock you out.

He's pullin' her in somethin'.

If he gets her off the island,
this will get a lot messier.

Airport and ferry are closed.

Private vessel. He's headed to the coast.

He's got a head start. I gotta move fast.

Stay here.
The storm clears, head into town.

First house you see, call the sheriff.

- Hey, where are you goin'?
- To find my child.

You don't know what you're doing.

If you slow me down,
I will leave you behind.

Jax. Right on.

You can't see shit.

We're close. We're clearing the ridge.
We'll be there shortly.

Fuckin' idiots.

No. No, no, no. It's okay.

I know it's been a while.

Maybe this'll jog your memory.

Here's the church…

Here's the steeple…

Open it up and…

It's you.

Yes, it is. It's... it's me.

It's me, sweetie.

You came back from your adventure.

I sure did.

And… and I even brought you a present.

Is it part of the treasure?

Uh, treasure? Yeah!

Yeah, it sure is.

And… you and I are gonna go
on our own adventure together.

Where's Mo... Where's Mommy?
Is she coming with us?

Yeah, of course she is. Of course she is.

I left her a note
and some clues to follow us,

and she's gonna
meet up with us after, okay?

Uh... Whoa.

What do you say?

Thank you, Daddy.

- Okay.
- Do you copy?

Come on. Get on radio.

- Do you copy?
- All right, I've gotta do one more thing.

And then you and I are gonna start
our adventure together.

See, you put these on…
All right, like that.



You see anything?

- You know them?
- Tony and Gerry. They served with Philip.

They're just as vicious as he is. Come on.

Stay down. Your jacket might as well
have a target painted on it.

We wait.

Suppose this is just a distraction?
Buying him more time to get away with Vee.

It's the kind of game he likes to play.

Danglin' somethin' shiny in front of you,

and you don't notice when he's about
to bash you over your goddamn head.

Do you know how to use this?

Mmm, yeah.

- I took lessons after I left him.
- All right, I'm gonna go have a look.

If anybody gets too close, use this.

Go for the eyes.
A man can't kill what he can't see.

- How do you know all this?
- Girl Scouts.

Jax. Stay.

All right, no one's gonna
follow him in this shit.

I'm telling you, this feels like another
one of Philip's fucked-up games.


Oh, excuse me.
I'm completely turned around out here. I...

I… I was looking for my dog.
The poor little guy...

I haven't seen any dogs.

Okay. Do… do you have a phone I could use?

- I just want...
- Are you alone?

Unfortunately. Um…

Look, I... I don't think I can make it
the three hours back home, but…

If I could just rest
and get my… my bearings?


- Okay. Just two minutes.
- Oh!

Thank you so much.

Oh shit.

Oh, bless your heart.


Oh, good morning.

She lost her dog, man. She's soaked.

Just need to get my blood movin' again.

My goodness. Quite a storm out there.


- Oh.
- What's your name?

Oh, sorry, I'm... I'm Martha. Flemming.

But you might know my husband, Gordon.

- He works at the...
- I don't.

Here. Why don't you grab a seat?

- Give those cold feet a break.
- They sure could use it.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.


- Oof…
- So… been on this island long?

- Oh, 32 years.
- I don't get the appeal.

It's a pain in the ass to get to.

Weather's shit.

It's an acquired taste.

I love it, though.

- Good place to hide, I reckon.
- Hmm.

Come on, Tony, relax.
She's just an old lady.

The soup smells so good.


So nice and warm in here.

That must be my Jax.

Sit down, Martha.

Where is he taking her?


…is he taking her?

Eagle Bay.

And then where?

I don't know.

I swear. That's all I know.

You gonna shoot me?


Things, uh…



Jax. What'd I tell you about that?

Gerry, he say anything about Vee
before you killed him?

Not a word.

Here. Take this outside. Go through it.

Hello? Come on!

Turn that thing off.

- We might be able to reach the sheriff.
- Not in this weather.

More likely it'll tip off Philip.

- What channel would the emergency...
- Don't argue with me. Leave it.


You know, I was in the Girl Scouts, too.

Got my archery badge, pen pal, first aid.

There wasn't one for hand-to-hand combat
or murder with household objects.

Really? Must've just been my troop, then.

What branch of the military were you in?


26 years in the field.

A spy?

- Wouldn't have guessed that.
- Be a shit spy if you did.

Come on, Jax.

- Daddy?
- Yeah!

I need to pee.

- Can... can you hold it?
- Nuh-uh.


Damn it.

Hello, hello. Is anyone there?

Let's go!

Okay, come on, Vee.



Let me see?

Yeah. No, he's got...
He's got a bad wing, Vee.

Yeah. You know…

Sometimes, in nature, when a…

Creature's damaged…

There's nothing you can do to save them.

It's almost like they were meant to die.

But maybe he's just tired.

Maybe. Yeah.

Uh… Here. We'll put him right up here.

- All right. Come on.
- Wait, I haven't peed yet.

Come on, Vee. Now!


- Fuck.
- What's hurtin'?


Come on. We gotta keep movin'.

Fucking kidding me!

Damn it. Fuck!

Hi. We have to walk now, okay?

- I need a break.
- Huh?

I need a break to warm up.

No time, Lou.

He takes breaks too.
I can tell by the tracks. Come on.

Oh, God damn it!

Oh shit.

I'm not too cold.



You walked a long way on that.
You should've said somethin'.

And give you an excuse to abandon me?


Is that for me?


Well, can I have some?


And yet you stayed.

Well, should've done somethin'.


Thanks, Lou. That's… very helpful.

Just saying you could've left him sooner.

What is it you know
about being with someone like him?

So maybe don't tell me
what I should have done.

I didn't recognize who I was with him.

I actually felt I could fix him.

You know, when we met,
he was loving, he was caring…

But so broken.

For so long, I thought…

Thought it was all me.

I thought…

"Why am I failing him?
Why isn't my love enough?"

I don't know.

That son of a bitch is a monster.

Whatever the hell made him this way.

There ain't no amount of love
in this entire world

that's gonna be able to save that man.

He ever hurt Vee?


Not yet.

When he would get into his moods,

I'd whisper to her, "Game on,"

and she'd run and hide.

Actually made it into a… a goddamn game.

How pathetic is that?

He always said,
if I took Vee away, he'd kill us both.

Go on…

Tell me what I should've done.

I guess we've all been through things
other people will never understand.


We'll get her back.


Come on.

Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit.

Slow and steady.

Home, Jax.

No arguments. Home.


Oh shit.


How the hell did he do this with Vee?

Gotta climb around it.

Oh shit.


- Aah!
- Come on!

I got you.

Good job.




Not now. God damn it.

- Lou, what's the matter?
- Nothing.


Oh God.

Lou, wake up. Lou.


Oh, thank God.

Let me help you up.

Get off me.

I can help you if you just let me.

I don't need your help.

Oh, fuck!

Get up.
We just lost an hour on him.

Hey, I told you to leave that behind.

Storm's passed.
I'm gonna climb up to that hilltop.

- Try to connect.
- There's no time.

God damn it. Can you stop
bein' so stubborn? We need help.

- There is no one who can help us.
- Shit.

- I'm all you've got. Now keep movin'.
- Why are you helpin' me, Lou?

- Huh?
- Eagle Bay's just ahead.

- Don't slow me down.
- God damn it.

We missed them.

No one's comin' or goin'
in water this rough.

- Then what's his plan?
- Over here.



- Where did you take her?
- Stop.

He's fucking with you.

We can do this all day.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe we do need help.

Go back to that hill.

See if you can raise Rankin.
Emergency services are channel 16.

Meet me back here when you're done.

Thank you.

What are you gonna do?

I need to rest.

Go on.

Hey, hold up.

Try not to blow your brains out.

There we are.

Frozen in time.

Together forever.

Wanna do another one?

Did you know…

That there are hand prints like these
in caves all over the world?

And long after you
and Mommy and I are all dead…

These hand prints are still gonna be here.


Can anyone hear me? Hello?

Can anybody hear me?


Hello, anybody?

- God damn it.
- This is Sheriff Rankin.

Who is this? Over.

Sheriff! Sheriff Rankin.

Oh God. Thank God.

This is... this is Hannah Dawson.



Hannah, can you hear me?

Can you repeat that, please?

Uh... Okay.

My daughter
was kidnapped by her father.


Lou Adell is with me…

Hannah, can you please confirm?

Hannah Dawson?
Can you hear me?


Say that… say that again?

Come on, come on, come on.


Oh fuck. Okay…


Torres, come in.

- Go, Sheriff.
- Listen, we got a situation.

This is gonna sound a bit crazy,

but I think Hannah Dawson's daughter
has been kidnapped by… by her father.


Listen, let's put it on the wire,
right away,

in case she's taken off the island.

Okay? Hannah and Vee Dawson and Lou Adell.

I think she mentioned Lou.

The guns.


Hello, Philip.

Don't worry about her.

I've made sure she'll sleep through this.

Just tell me one thing.
And be honest here.

Why'd you sell me out?

I knew you'd track down Hannah and Vee
sooner or later.

I wasn't gonna be able
to protect them forever.

Protect them?
All of this is happening because of you.

Okay? And Hannah may be too naive
to... to see it, but I don't.

Hannah doesn't know who I am.

You still can't even admit I'm your son.

So what's the plan, Philip?
Why the elaborate chase?

Why let us track you?
You don't wanna hurt your kid.

Did you know that Vee is the same age
as I was when those... those men took me?

Yeah, but they weren't as nice as, uh…

As I'm being to her.

Can you appreciate that?
The symmetry of that?

I thought my mommy
was comin' back to save me, too.

It was a trap. If I'd tried to save you,
they would have had us both.

Bullshit. You wanted
to maintain your cover.

I was a pawn for your mission.
Nothin' else.

- I had you rescued. I got you out of Iran.
- Then why didn't you come back with me?

Here's why.

Because you chose the fucking CIA
over your own child.

Yeah, how'd that work out for you? Hmm?

I mean, did you guys fuck up anything
worse than you fucked up Iran?

And then you steal my wife
and... and my kid...

Hannah and Vee had nothing to do
with my mistakes. Leave them out of this.

Oh, spare me the fuckin' morality lesson.

You gave up that right a long time ago.

It's not too late.

You move, I'mma put a bullet in you.

It's not too late.

Leave Vee with me and go.

I'll throw them off your trail.

Philip, listen to me.

You're right.

I didn't protect you when you were a kid.

So let me do it now.

Shut up.

What, you wanna kill me?

Do it.

Before I knew you took Vee last night,
I had my rifle pressed against my head.

I'm not afraid to go.

You just can't stop
messin' with my head, can't you?

Kid, I wouldn't even know where to start.

The minute I heard you blew yourself up,
I knew it was time.

I thought Hannah and Vee were safe.
My mission was complete.

But you tricked me there, didn't you?

You always were smarter than me.

Beat my ass at chess
when you were five years old.

Remember that?

I do.

Oh, Philip.

You know what?

For once, we're playin' my game.

It's time to end this legacy.

Put this whole family out of its misery.


you're her father.

And you're my mother.

Oh my God…


Mom! Mom!

We'll be waiting for you
at the lighthouse.

Make sure you bring Hannah.

Don't take too long.


Just checking in on ya.
How are you doing out there?

- Talk to me, Deputy.
- Still no hits on the APBs.

I notified ATF about the bomb in the truck
and the coroner about the body.

They're sending teams
when the weather lets up.

Orcas Island Sheriff's Department.

Yes, sir.

Sheriff, it's the federal marshals.

- This is Rankin. Who's this?
- Sheriff, Dominick Crown here.

Did you receive
our facsimile transmission?

Yeah, I got it right here.

We've seen the APB
for the woman you know as Lou Adell.

Is she a match
for the person in that photo?

Yeah, it sure looks like her.

- How confident are you, Sheriff?
- It's her.

And the second individual?

Hang on one second.

Do you recognize him?

No. Are you telling me
that this guy is involved?

Do you have any intel
on the location of these individuals?

- Are they together?
- Well, I don't know if they're together.

What I believe is that they're headed to
Eagle Bay, on the west side of our island.

We need to make sure no civilians
go anywhere near that location.

Set up roadblocks and cordon the area.

There's a kidnapped girl
and her mother out there.

- Hold.
- Excuse me?

Asshole put me on hold. Unbelievable.


- Sheriff Rankin?
- Yeah, right here.

The male fugitive
is US Army Special Forces,

convicted in the murder
of numerous civilians.

The female is a high-priority target
for the CIA.

The CIA? Lou Adell?

This investigation is now under
the jurisdiction of the US Marshals.

Lethal force has been authorized.

Do not allow any approach to Eagle Bay.

- Not by your department, not...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

There... there is a kidnapped girl
and her mother out there.

Stay out of our way, Sheriff.

Lou, sorry it took me so long.

I tried to get as high as I could, but…

Jesus. Oh shit.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. Okay, wait, wait.
Let me help. Let me help.

Did he do this?

And Vee? Is she… is she all right?

She's okay for now.
He's taking her to the lighthouse.

- Okay, wait, wait, wait.
- Wait.

- Move your hand right now.
- Okay…

Do it quick...

Oh shit.

- Pack the wound.
- I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming.

Fill it with gauze.
As... as much as you can.

Oh God.

- Oh shit.
- Come on, deeper.

- Really pack it in.
- I'm trying.

Jesus, Lou.

I'm so sorry I dragged you into this.

Put your hand here. Right. Press down.

Okay, good. I gotta...
I gotta grab some tape.

Hannah. Did you reach the sheriff?

- Uh, I don't know.
- Leave it.

- Wait, uh...
- It's fine.

I found those at the cabin.
I meant to tell you.

You're lying.

This message isn't for me, is it?

None of them are.

Say it.

I need you to say it.

Say it!

He's… my son.

When I was stationed in Iran, I had
to get close to a very dangerous man.

Very close.

No, no, no, no.

Oh God…

I kept the baby to keep my cover.

You mean… you mean Philip?
The baby? You mean your son?

So what is this? Some game?

You fucking with me?
What, you tell him where we were, or…

- What... what is this?
- No. I wasn't helping him.

- I was helping you. You and Vee.
- Stop lying to me.

Tell me the goddamn truth!

I got you to this island.

Your old friend from college?

The one who told you about the beautiful
secluded place on Orcas Island

with the cheap rent?

I had her run into you on the street.

I tried to stop him.

I blackmailed the CIA

to force an investigation
into what he did in El Salvador.

- You think you saved us?
- I knew he'd track you eventually.

You didn't save us.
I got Vee away from him.

I took care of her every goddamn day
and made sure she was safe.

Now she's out there with him
because of you.

You're no damn hero.
You're a fucking coward.

- Wow.
- All that rage that that man felt.

All the rage inside of that man
that he felt,

that he aimed towards me,
is because of you.

Not everybody is meant to be a mother.

Yeah, maybe not.

But you could have been
a little more human.

You drove past our trailer every day.

You drove past
your own granddaughter, Lou.

You didn't talk to her.
You didn't speak to her.

You didn't look at her.

What kind of person
could do that to their own family?

Come on. We gotta keep moving.

There ain't no more "we."

Hannah, you don't know
where they're going.

You said the lighthouse.
I'll follow the coastline.

Not on your own. It's a trap.

- Please. There's one thing I'm good for.
- Not anymore.

You'll just slow me down.



Mama! Mom!



Are you okay?

Never thought I'd be excited to see you.

First time for everything.

- Where's Hannah?
- On her way to the lighthouse.

And her daughter?

- Already there with the…
- Okay.

…the kidnapper.

He's armed. Very dangerous.

That's exactly what the feds said
about you.

You stay here. I'll send someone for you
as soon as the road's clear.

Wait. For fuck's sake, help me outside.
I'm suffocating in here.

Come on. I got this.

You gonna tell me why
the CIA's lookin' for you, Lou?

I used some evidence I held onto.

What kind of evidence?

Documents. Proving CIA involvement
in the coup in Iran.

Ah. I can see why
they'd be pissed about that.

Lou, they're on their way.

Fuck, they won't care
about collateral damage.

You gotta get Hannah and Vee out of there.

- Ow!
- Here.

Come on.

This thing starts up again,
I'm gonna bleed out.

Will you get the first-aid kit?
I left it in there.


Lou! Lou!

You gotta be kidding me.



- Mommy!
- Vee!

Come! Please, come!

- Vee!
- I'm here, Mama!

- Up here!
- I'm coming!



Hi, Mommy.

Hi, baby.

We were afraid you weren't gonna show up.
Weren't we, Vee?

You okay?

Of course she's okay.
She's with her daddy.

Come, give Mommy a hug.

Hey, how's... how's Lou doin'?
Is she... Is she on her way?

Jesus, look at me.

Still waitin' for my mommy to come back
after all these years, huh?

But we do need her here to finish this.

I wanna give Mommy a hug.


Philip, please.

Please, Daddy?

Okay, Vee.

One quick hug while we wait for Lou.

Oh, I missed you so much.

Game on.

Daddy, may I go to the bathroom?

Of course you can, Vee.

But hey… Come right back, okay?

Wow, Lou is really rubbin' off on you.

Come on, just give me the gun.
We both know you're not gonna shoot me.

You don't know me, Phil. You never did.


I know that if you were gonna shoot me,
you would have done it years ago.

I know that you're not like Lou and me.

You're not.

Yeah, 'cause she would've shot me already.

Come on. Give me the gun.

Oh, you...

You abandon me, and then
you steal my baby from me,

and now you shoot me?

That shit won't work on me.

Not gonna work on me anymore, Phil.

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

And I won't let you hurt my little girl
the way you hurt me.


Hannah. Hannah.

Do you remember?

Do you remember…

How it felt?


I remember.

Vee! We have to run!


Oh shit.


Game's over, okay?
Come here, Little Rabbit.

We gotta go right now.

Oh! Oh, baby.

Come on. Get up. Are you okay?

Did he hurt you?
He didn't hurt you, right?


Oh! Hide. Hide. Hide.


- Hannah.
- Come on.

We need to move.


- My gun.
- Lost it.

- Knife?
- Stuck in Philip's hand.

Try that hatch. Go, go, now.

- Wait, your jacket's stuck.
- Oh fuck.

Push you up.

Run to the end of the beach.

- Run as fast as you can.
- No!

- I'll meet you there.
- Don't leave me.

We won't fit.
You gotta run now. Go, go, go, go.

Run, Little Rabbit! Run!

It's rigged. I can't defuse it.

Could buy us some time
if I can change the frequency.

Wait. Where are you going?

One of us was actually a Girl Scout.

- Do you still have the radio?
- Yeah.

Maybe we can use it after all.
Go bust that gate open.


We're all here.

We're all here.

I was hoping
that we could all do this together.

Face to face!

So that we could end this… the right way.

End this right.

As a family.

As a family.

But sometimes,
you don't get what you want.




Fuck! You fuckin' let me in!

Oh, thank God.

Oh shit.

- Oh shit.
- What?

The CIA's on the hunt.

They comin' for Philip or you?

They won't want either one of us
to leave here alive.

- Go, go.
- No.

- I'll just slow you down.
- I'm not gonna leave you here.

Lou, go get your granddaughter to safety.
I'll catch up.





Oh! Come here.


You're a brave little girl. You know that?

Good. Help me up, will you?

Okay, listen to me.
I want you to go grab a stick, okay?

The longest one you can find. Go, go, go.

- Mommy!
- Hey, baby.

Hannah. The radio.

In my pocket.

- Come on.
- Help me.

- All right.
- Come on, go, run.

Hannah, hold this up as high as you can.

- Are you calling for help?
- Yeah.

That ought to get their attention.

You gotta go.
Take the road back towards town.

- Bring Jax with you.
- You… you come with us.

Hannah, you take care of your kid…

I'll take care of mine.

I left a letter for you at my house.
Make sure you find it.

Okay. Go on, Vee.

Oh, God damn it.

Don't die on me now, Lou.

Everything that matters
is right here in front of you.

I know.

Go. Now!

I'm sorry, kid.

- Hey, Vee.
- Hey.

Hello, Jax.

Hey, you got two bracelets now.

Yeah. Just like you.

One's for a friend.

So, out of the blue, she just leaves
you and your daughter this house?

Mm-hm. Yeah, this house
and a ton of frozen deer meat.

It's open.

- Hey, Han.
- Hey.

Oh, hello.

You guys still around?

We had a few more questions
for Ms. Dawson here.

Oh. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Hannah, uh, coroner's got an issue.

You're next of kin. He needs a signature
to release Philip's body for burial.

Yeah. Sorry.

Ms. Dawson, did Lou Adell ever mention

anything about documents
from her time in the CIA to you?

She'd be a pretty shit spy if she did.

If you think of anything…

You gave me a card last time
you were here, and the time before that.

Anything at all.

All right.

- Sheriff.
- Good to see you again.

- Forget them.
- Mm.

Looks like you two are ready for Seattle.

Yeah, you're all packed up.

Yeah, almost.

I wanted to tell you, you just did
a beautiful job with the memorial service.

- Stop.
- No, you did.

And I think Lou would have
really appreciated it.

Come on now. All that sincere
emotion would have made her puke.


Oh, well…

- She was her own person.
- Mm-hm.

I mean, sometimes,
I'm just so damn mad at her, and then…

Other times I miss her.

Isn't that just how it is with family?

"I've never been one for many words,
so I'll keep this short."

"The house is yours. Sell it."

"There's a month's worth of meat for Jax
in the freezer, and some cash for you."

"Life doesn't give you second chances,

but sometimes
it does offer a fresh start."

"Hannah, you're going
to wonder why I did it."

"Why I left this all for you."

"The simple answer is,

you'll leave the world
a better place than I did."