Lonesome (2022) - full transcript

Casey, a country lad running from a small-town scandal, finds himself down and out in big city Sydney. When he meets city lad Tib both men find something they have been missing but neither of them knows quite how to negotiate it.

(bright music)

(man breathing heavily)

(mesmerizing music)

(wind blowing)

(light music)

(bird chirping)
(insects screeching)

(tense music)

(crow cawing)

(car engines roaring)

(car engine roaring)

(somber music)

(bird screeching)

(packet crumbling)

(truck engine roaring)

(men grunting)
(men panting)

(water running)

- [Man] Do you need a lift

- Nah. I'm good.

I got a ride coming.

(door unlatching)
(door latching)

(birds chirping)

(car engine growling)

(train wheels clanking)

(siren wailing)

(uptempo music)

(people chattering)
(people laughing)

(upbeat music)

- I like your hat.

I haven't met you.

I'm Candice.

- Casey.

- What?

- Casey!
- Oh! Casey.

- Hm!

- Okay. Nice to meet you.

Are you are real cowboy?

Well I like it anyway.

Who are you here with?

- I'm a friend of John's.

- Oh right yeah.

Yeah I think I met him.


Do you know Monica?

Who's party it is, Monica.

- Nah. Not really.

- She was just here.

(sighs) So what do you do?

- Cowboy.

- (laughs) You're funny.

Oh there she is. Monica!

- [Monica] Who's that?

- He's like a cousin
of John's or something.

- [Monica] Who's John?

(upbeat music)

- You're joking.

(phone beeps)

(man panting)

- Nice.

They're over there.

(men panting)

- Get your gear off man. Get in

- Shower's in there.

Oh fuck.

(water running)

(men panting)
Oh fuck.

(men panting)

Fuck me.
- Okay.

(men panting)

- [Tib] Oh fuck!

(men panting)

- [Man] Have fun boys. Catch ya.

(men pants)

- I'm close.

(somber music)

- You snore bro.

- Yeah sorry. I didn't
mean to fall asleep on ya.

Is this a usual night for you?

- [Man] I like to keep it

- That dude, he your boyfriend?

- Never met him before.

(man scoffs)

So are you legit?

Or are you on your way home

from a white-boy
country-trade themed party.

- I'm not from here.

- I figured.

- [Casey] Just got here today.

- Didn't take long for you to
get your big-smoke slut on.

Looked like you enjoyed

- I did.

(water running)

What brings you to Sydney?

- I've never seen the ocean.

- Never?
- Nah.

I always wanted to.

Thought I'd come check it out.

- [Man] Cool.

- You live here?

- I look after the place and I
get a sweet deal on the rent.

(dog barking)

- You got any food?

What do you do?

- What do you mean?

- You got a job?

- [Man] Ah yeah.

Right, I work as an i-Tasker.

- What's that?

- I have a profile on a site.

People put up posts of
things they want done.

You know, odd jobs.

Painting, moving furniture,
that kind of shit.

- That's cool.

- It is cool.

I get to pick the jobs I
want depending on how I feel.

Work my own hours. Be my own

- Good money?

- Decent.

I'm saving more than I ever

Rice milk. It's good for you.

- Rice milk?

Rice milk.

- [Man] You got a job?

- Nah.

- Maybe I could give
you some work some time,

could use some extra hands.

- Yep. Great.

- Look I'm probably not
gonna sleep tonight.

I'm still feeling pretty wired.

Do you want to go to the beach?

I could take you to see the

Watch the sun come up?

- No mate. I want go on my own.

What's your name?

- Tib.

- Tib? Casey.

(Tib laughs)

(men panting)

(somber music)

- Two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine.

There we go.

(somber music)
(waves crashing)

Oi dickhead! Where you going?

(somber music)

(phone rings)

- [Woman] Hello?


I hope you are safe.

Where ever you are you should
stay there.

Your father... I wish you
didn't do the things you did.

You shouldn't call again.

(phone beeps)

(somber music)

- You got it?

Come on.

Ah fuck.

(man groans)

Seem's a pity not to christen

(men smooching)

Need me to drop you off

I just need to stop by my
dad's and pick up some stuff.

- I got nowhere to be.

(egg breaks)

- Yo Josh is dad home?

- Dad!

- Ah this is Casey. We work

- All signed.

- Thanks.

- No worries. Catch ya later.

Clean that shit up, ya dickhead.

- Jesus.

- So that's your Dad?

- Yeah. Didn't know I was white
did ya?

Nah, he's a cunt.

He slipped out on my mum
when I was about Josh's age

and he's got a new family now

and I reckon he would rather
have nothing

to do with us at all.

Mum raised me by herself.

- Where's your mum?

- She got booted out of the

She never got married to
him so I'm a legit bastard.

I'm trying to help her get back.

She's got to apply for a visa
and it is fucking expensive

if she doesn't want to wait 40

to have her case looked at.

- So that's what you're saving

- Yeah. I just needed that
cunt to sign some paperwork.

- You miss her?

- Yeah.

- I don't see mine either.

- Something happen?

- Some shit went down.

- You know, if you want we could
do some more jobs together.

We did good today.

We could take on some
better paid shit as a team,

get you set up.

You don't have a place to stay
do you?

Well, you could crash
on my couch if you want.

I'm not asking you to marry me.

(Casey laughs)

(upbeat music)

You ever cleaned a pool?

- You use a net right?

- Nah. More to it than that.

Chemicals and PH levels and

- PH levels? What's that?

- Dunno.

Lawn mowing, I fucking hate lawn

You should put some cumin in

- I'll put some cum in you.

- Looks good on you.

- [Casey] You like it?

- I do like it.

- But you really should
put some cumin in that.

- I know how to cook this.

- Okay.

Oh this is good.

I know this lady. I've
done a lot of work for her.

She likes me.

Oh yes!

(drink pouring)

You're gonna get smashed.


You know, this is good.

- My Dad taught me how to make

It's the only thing he can cook.

He's a cunt.

- Cunt makes a good stew.

- To cunt dads.

- To cunt dads.

(glass clinks)

(Tib coughs)

(phone beeps)

Oh sick, we got a job!

(upbeat music)
Come on corn fed,

show me how you boot scoot.

(upbeat music)

Oh shit!

Oh you good. Come on.

(upbeat music)

(man crashes)

(upbeat music)
Oh shit.

(both laughing)

(Casey vomits)

You good?

(Casey vomits)

Oh Jesus!

(somber music)

(man yawns)

(man pants)

- Ooh fuck!

- Get up. We got work to do.

- It's just a bit of
general weeding really.

Seems like it's an endless

Tib planted all of this out.

You should have seen it when he

Oh It was bleak. He's done

- Oh, you've looked after it
pretty well.

- Oh! I don't do anything at

I just water it every now and

Have you done much gardening

- Casey grew up on a farm.

- Oh! Is that right?

That's lovely.

My family used to farm up
in Tully in Queensland,

sugar cane.

- Mine are out west, cattle.

- Sydney must be a change
of pace for you then.

- Yeah.

- Well I like your shorts.

- They're Tib's. I didn't
bring much with me.

- Oh that's nice.

Oh and there's some fairy lights

wrapped around that palm tree.

Do you think you might
be able to unravel them?

- Oh yeah, Sure thing.

- That would be wonderful. I'd
love that.

I had a little here
gathering a few weeks ago

and I just seem to have them
all in a bit of a tangle.

- Not a problem.

- Such a treasure.

I'll bring you out something to

Getting hot out here now.

You know where everything is

- I do, yeah. Thanks Carol.

See the way she was looking at

She wants a piece of
that cowboy dick so bad.

(men laughing)

C'mon, let's give the lady
what she's paying for.

- Goodness me.

What would my neighbors say

when they see you two
gorgeous men in my garden?

Now, you pop some of this on.

You have very fair skin.

- That's a great tree Carol.

- Oh. Oh yes, yes.

It throws out a lot of shade.

- Here, I'll grab your back bro.

- I was going to cut it down

oh it's so lovely when it

and it just seems to be very
very old.

Well, give me a coo-ee
if you need anything.

I'll just be inside.

- You know what she's gonna
be having for dinner right?

- What?

- Spit roast.

Do you have enough sunscreen

on that pretty white skin of
yours, hey?

- Shut up.

- Jesus, these are really

Do you wanna have a go?

- Yeah, in a sec. I gotta take a

Excuse me! Carol!

- Yes dear?

- Can I take a piss?

Sorry. Can I use your bathroom?

- Oh! Yes yes.

Of course. Come on in.

Just in there.

(man urinating)

(man sniffs)

Your hands.

- [Casey] I didn't want
to mess up your bathroom.

- Don't be silly.

(tap running)

- This is wonderful.

It smells like Rosemary.


- It's nice.

- It's like a roast.

You two work well together.

You seem close.

- Yeah. I guess we are.

- Oh. No.

- Sorry. I thought.

- No. No. No.

- I'm so sorry.

(tap running)

- He's a good boy.

He reminds me of my son.

He's cheeky and a charmer.

- Where is your son?

- We don't really speak much.

I guess I wasn't the
most supportive mother.

I questioned some of his choices

and things turned really bad
between us.

I think that's why I like having
Tib here.

He just reminds me of my Adrian.

- I'm sure he loves you.

He'll come good.

- Oh. Thank you Casey.

- Is it what you imagined?

- Feels bigger than I thought it

There was this guy I was seeing.

He was married. Had a young

Where I'm from it's not like

We would meet in his truck,

drive out to a paddock
where no one was around.

It went on for a while.

Got lazy I guess.

Someone saw us.

His wife, she took off with the

Everyone knew about
it. Everyone blamed me.

He blamed me.

He ended up driving his truck
head on

into a semi-trailer, drunk.

Both drivers were killed.

No one thought it was an

I know it wasn't.

I ended up back in that paddock

with my dad's shotgun in my

- Fuck.

- Weird thing though, sitting

dead set, ready to blow my
brains out.

I just kept thinking,
I've never seen the ocean.

I just took off.

(seagull cawing)

- There's a swimming pool.

- Just there?

- Yeah, I used to jump it all
the time.

It's fucking like $25 to get in.

You wanna go in?

Come on. Let's do it.

(somber music)

Can you give me a leg up?
- Yeah.

All right?
- Yeah.

(somber music)

- Hi. Can I help you?

- Yeah, Casey here needs to get

so we can get him on prep.

- Okay. Have you been
with us before Casey?

- [Casey] No.

- Do you remember last
time you were tested?

Have you been tested before?

- No.

- Okay, that's fine. It's super

We just need to know your sexual

- Oh. Total slut.

Absolute cum pig. (laughs)

- Okay. Great.

We just need you to fill this

and give it back to me and we
can get you in straight away.

- Does he get the bum swab?

- Yes. He does.

(Tib laughs)

Well your boyfriend can wait out

or he come back in half an hour.

- I can take a hint.

Yeah. I'll come back.

- Right. Follow me.

(upbeat music)

- How'd you go? How was the bum

- Shut up.

(Tib laughs)

(lip smacking)

(water running)

(men panting)

(tap running)

- I gotta call my ma in a

- Okay.

- It's our date.

She goes to my Aunty's
every week and we talk.

- You want me to go for a walk?

Give you some privacy.

- [Tib] That okay?

- Yeah no worries.

I'll go for a wander.

- Cheers man. I appreciate it.

Hey Mama.

(phone rings)

- [Woman] Hello?

(phone cuts)

- Tib.

Can I do anything?

(Tib crying)

- [Man] Oh, hey man.


(somber music)

- You wanna go to the beach

Bummer, Carol isn't here today.

She's never here Tuesdays.

Better when she is.

I get to work here for a bit
extra, get those good tips.

- You remind her of her son.

- [Tib] What?

- She doesn't want to fuck you.

She likes having you here
you remind her of her son.

- Who told you that?

- She did.

- Do you want to fuck me?

- Nah mate. I'm good.

(somber music)

(man grunts)

(somber music)

- Hey. Sorry man, didn't mean to
wake you.

This is...

- Paddy.

- Yeah. Paddy.

- [Paddy] Sorry to wake you

- Don't worry about it.

- Hey. You awake?

You wanna come play?

Come on.

Come on.

(upbeat music)

(men grunts)

- He fucking loves it.

Fuck yeah. Fuck him!

Yeah fuck him.

My turn.

- [Tib] Oh Shit.

- Fuck yeah.

- [Casey] Take it easy mate.

- He fucking loves it.

Such a slut.

Fucking pig.

(man thuds)

- Get the fuck out!

- Dude what the fuck?

- Get the fuck out.


- Maniac fucking psycho!

- What the hell are you doing?

- He was fucking choking you.

- Yeah I was fine.

- You didn't look fine.

- Jesus. Fuck bro!

What the...?

I'm gonna have a shower.

- Tib.

- Not now man.

You really freaked him out.

You're a fucking animal.

(door banging)

Fuck, he's back.

Just fucking apologize.

(door banging)
- Open up. Police!

- Go out the back door. You
don't wan't to be here for this.


(door bangs)

Hey. How can I help you?

- [Cop] We've had a call
about a domestic disturbance.

- Ah yeah.

- [Cop] Do you live here?

You get in contact with
me if you see him again.

- Yes sir.

- [Cop] Make sure you do.

You might think about if it's a
good idea

to bring total strangers into
your place in the future.

- Yep.

It was a dumb decision

and I was just thinking with my

(phone rings)

- [Cop] Who's phone is that?

- It's mine.

- [Cop] Is that him?

- No it's ah...it's mum.

(phone rings)

- [Cop] Okay. We'll be
keeping an eye on you.

Maybe you should get that

and tell your mother
what you've been up to.

- Yes officer.

(phone beeps)

- [Voicemail] Message
received today at 2:22 pm.

- [Woman] I know it's late.
I haven't been sleeping well.

I just wanted to know you were

Everything's okay here.

We had some rain so your
father is in a better mood,

but he's still, well you
know what he is like.

I should go.

You can't call.

- [Voicemail] You have one saved

- [Joe] Listen. You need
to calm the fuck down!

What the fuck were you thinking?

You can't come here.

I love my wife. Fuck!

I don't know what the
fuck you think this is

but it's nothing.

You get it?

You're gonna to ruin my fucking

Is that what you are trying to

Don't fucking come here again!

- Listen.

- Why are you listening to that?

- I just had to stand there
and lie my fucking arse off

and tell them I had no idea who
you were.

Cops don't treat people like me

the way they treat people like

I'm gonna be on their fucking
radar now.

- I was trying to protect you!

- I'm not your fucking

I don't need you to protect me.

You're too fucking needy!

- You let these assholes
treat you like shit!

- You can't even see
how fucked up you are.

You'd rather carry around
your guilt like a stone

than face the fact

that what happened to you
wasn't because of you.

- Shut up!

- It wasn't even real.

- You're a fucking whore!

- I'd rather be a fucking whore

than be in the ground
like your last boyfriend!

(man thuds)

(men thudding)

- [Casey] Get the fuck off me!

(men thudding)

Fuck man! Fuck!

Get off!

(men thudding)

- Get the fuck out!

(shoulder bumping)

(Tib panting)

(upbeat music)

(tap running)

(upbeat music)

- Hey. What's up?

Do you remember me?

- Yeah?

- I remember you.

- What's this?

- Something stupid.

- Something stupid?
- Yeah.

- I like it.

- What else do you like?

(upbeat music)

(men panting)

(man snoring)

(somber music)

(phone rings)

- [Tib] This is Tib. Leave a

- Thanks.

- [Martin] There's a coaster.

- Oh sorry.

- [Martin] That's Okay.
It's just it's bespoke.

The table.

- Oh, it's really nice.

- [Martin] Yes it's by a local

He re-contextualizes iconography

and mythic imagery into everyday

How long you been in Sydney?

- Not long. A month or so.

- [Martin] Where are you living

- Haven't found a place yet.

Been staying with a friend
and moving around a bit.

- [Martin] You're working?

- Oh yeah. I do i-Tasking.

- [Martin] Like odd jobs?

- Yeah.

I been doing it with a mate

but I'm gonna branch out on my

- [Martin] I see.

Is that a fairly regular thing?

- Yeah. It's good.

- [Martin] The last
flatmate I had wasn't great

with paying bills on time.

I just want to make sure
you got a regular income.

Look I'll be honest with you.

It looks like you haven't
seen a shower in a while.

- Sorry, I just come from a job.

I thought I'd have time to get
cleaned up

but it went longer than I

(dramatic music)

(door knocking)


(door banging)

(dramatic music)

(somber music)

- [Man] Oi! Who the fuck are

- Do you know where Tib is?

- Who?

- [Casey] The guy who lives

- Wasn't supposed to be living

Some trouble with the cops or
some shit.

He got booted.

Now who the fuck are you?

- Do you know where he went?

- How the fuck am I suppose to

Oi. Did you bust the door?

(bell buzzes)

(door knocking)

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey I'm pretty high is
it cool if we don't talk?

- Yeah. Can I charge my phone?

- Yeah. Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- Oh good. You're here.

Come in.

You gonna need to rinse off.

You're a bit fucking ripe.

- [Casey] Yeah sorry.

- Shower's through here.

What happened to you?

- Got in a bit of a fight.

- Brawling like a fucking

You need sorting out?

- I reckon.
- Yes sir.

- Yes sir.

(tap running)

- Use that towel there.
Don't use my good towels.

- Okay.

Yes sir.

- Don't use too much soap.

We don't want you too clean.

- [Casey] Yes sir.

- Put those on when you're done.

I'll be in the kitchen. That's
your money.

(upbeat music)

Good timing. Come in.

You can drop your stuff down

I'll put it through the wash for

You grab that and follow me.

(upbeat music)

Put that there.

I know no one's hungry, but
help yourselves when you are.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Who's this?

- This little pig has been
fighting in the streets.

He needs some straightening out.

- Looks like he's been fucked up

- [Man] Is this true boy?
You been causing trouble?

- Yes sir.

- [Man] Turn him around.

He's got a nice arse.

- Blue says you have a nice

What do you say slut?

- Thank-you sir.

- Spread your cheeks.

(upbeat music)

(man sniffs)

(upbeat music)

On your knees.

Clean my boots.

Clean my boots. Lick them!

(man spits)

- Who's right for drinks?

- I'm good.

- Give me a scotch.

Suck my cock.

(upbeat music)

(man claps)
Fuck yeah.

- That's fucking hot.

- He's a good little cocksucker.

- [Man] Oh fuck yeah.

- Oh fuck!

Fucking give it to him.

- Fuck! Oh fuck!

(upbeat music)

- I'm getting close.

(man groans)

- Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!


(man thuds)

(upbeat music)

- [Man] There we go. Coffee's
almost done.

- I can get it.

- No, no, no. You sit down.

You're a guest.

Didn't know how you took it

but I figured you for
a milk and sugar man.

- It's great. Thanks.

- Hungry.

I'm not surprised. You
slept most of the day away.

- What time is it?

- Almost seven.

- Shit.

Sorry. I didn't mean to crash so

- You must have needed it.

- I'll get out of your hair.

- Do you have somewhere to be?


- No.

- Girlfriend?

Where do you live?

- I'm kind of looking for a

- Are you staying with friends?

- I was, but I had to go from

- So you're just on the street?

- Until I find a place.

- I know boys like you.

You like it that way, being on
your own.

- I thought I had something.

- Tell me.

- A guy, he was married, had

- Right.

- I just wanted it to be real.

I thought it mattered,

but I don't think I did.

- You enjoyed yourself last

- Yeah. It was good.

It helps me out.

- I could help you out some

You need a place to stay?

I got some room here.

I work a lot so you'd
have the place to yourself

quite a bit.

'Course I'd expect some things
in return.

I have my little gatherings.

You'd have to do as you are

But nothing you wouldn't enjoy.

- Yeah that could be good.

Yes sir.

- You enjoyed it.

I saw it.

Being treated like shit.

You like that. You need that.

It would be good for someone
like you.

(water running)

- [Man] I don't know what
the fuck you think this is

but it's nothing.

You get it?

You're gonna ruin my fucking

Is that what you are trying to

Don't fucking come here again!

I will meet you like I said
but it's the last time.

I can't give you want you want.

After this you need to leave me

- [Voicemail] To delete message
press two.

Message deleted.

(seagulls cawing)

(phone rings)

- [Monica] This is Tib. Leave a

- Hey. I went by your place.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm

for what I said to you.

I was angry and you were right.

I just hope you're okay.

(bottles crackling)

- Man it still smells like shit
in here.

You need to give that a clean

I usually give it a wipe,
roll it up, lean back here.

There should be some cleaning
sprays and cloths back here.

This space needs sorting out.

You can do that, yeah?

Here. You'll find something in

This couch is pretty
comfortable to sleep on.

There's some space back there
where you can keep your stuff.

I don't wanna see your shit
lying around.

I like to keep this room a
certain way.

Just clean the place up yeah?

(upbeat music)

♪ Sweat dripping down my head ♪

♪ Pushing myself off my bed ♪

♪ Open the door the heat greets
me ♪

♪ Stepping out into a lost city

♪ Running down a different
street ♪

♪ The smell of (indistinct) ♪

♪ Will you be there waiting for
me ♪

♪ Through the door I've got my
key ♪

♪ I was sure that you never let
me down ♪

♪ (indistinct) skin to skin ♪

♪ Yeah I wanna know ♪

♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ If love is a game who stands
to win ♪

♪ Love's gonna win ♪

♪ Love's gonna win ♪

(upbeat music)

♪ When I was young I stayed
inside ♪

♪ (indistinct) killing time ♪

♪ Never saw the moon or stars ♪

♪ Only hear the sound of passing
cars ♪

♪ You pulled me out of that life

♪ I said I never had to lie
again ♪

♪ You can do what you want to do

♪ And kiss whoever you want to ♪

♪ Kiss who you want to ♪

♪ You never had to lie again ♪

♪ Kiss who you want to ♪

♪ I was sure that you'd never
let me ♪

♪ (indistinct) skin to skin ♪

♪ Yeah I wanna know ♪

♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ If love is a game ♪

♪ Who stands to win ♪

♪ Love's gonna win ♪

♪ I know love's gonna win ♪

(upbeat music)

(somber music)