Locked-in Society (2022) - full transcript

Set in a German school, the film centers on a father who, one Friday afternoon, knocks on the door of the staff room in order to convince the six teachers still in the building to allow his son to take the Abitur exams.

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going to drink that!? You're not

Oh, but I am.

A staff room coffee Nothing beats

that's sat 6 or 7 hours on the hotplate.

Combined with delicious oat milk,

this bitumen-like substance

becomes a full-fledged latte.

From a food-chemistry perspective... BERND:

Let him poison himself if he wants to.

It's for the nerves. It's not poison,

a stack of exams by 5. I have to correct

No, I... Do it at home.

Speaking of which, I got to go.

Pleasant weekend, adieu and see you.

One second. What?

Something to discuss. We have

I beg to differ.

I've got to get home, shower, eat,

and get to my wife's store.

If I'm not behind the counter by 3:30,

it'll be the last Friday of my life,

predilection for Fridays.
And that despite my

You parked in my space again this morning.

Oh, it's yours?

Your own personal parking space?

I didn't see a sign. I wasn't aware,

Don't act dumb.

Don't bother, Klaus. He's not acting.

Particularly from you! That hurt,

There are rules at this
high school, Mr. Mertens.

Near the entrance has been
mine The parking space

since Dr. Clausen retired.

Eleven years ago, Mr. Mertens.

Have abided by that. All our colleagues

Yeah... Phew...

I really like the spot.

The school quick, You get into

and more importantly back out again!

So, nice talking to you.

Hasta luego, muchachos.

You're an oaf! Have a nice weekend.

And what's more, I'm off!

That was a knock.

We all heard it.

Who could it be? Who cares?

There's one thing I can't stand,
I hope it's not a student. If

it's students at 2:30.

Students at 10:30 are no better.

On the door since forever:
There's been a notice

Students are unwelcome in the staff room.

Yet they're a daily occurrence.

This is a school. It's almost like

The staff room is reserved

as a place of retreat and preparation.

Grubby senior lounge couch.
I don't hunker down on the

Maybe you should. To get
closer to your students.

That's the last thing I want.

There it goes again.

Maybe it's just a woodpecker.

If we just ignore it, maybe it'll go away.

Or we just open it.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Who are you, anyway?

Sara Schuster.

For Biology and English. Trainee teacher

I've already introduced myself.
Trainees come and go.

Is the job description. Trainee Teacher

They come and go, too.

Are you one of those modern
feminists, Miss Schuster?

To be addressed correctly. It's Ms., I want

I recently had
a student who wanted me

to use her chosen pronoun.

According to "them," I'm now
to refer to her as "they."

What the heck?

It offers no improvement
in scientific terms.

As non-binary chemistry.
There's no such thing

But we could still discuss it
among the staff. Providing...

"staff" is inclusive.


Before the tension kills us all.
Somebody better get that

How about our young colleague?

Ms. Schreiber?

Ms. Schuster!

Whatever. Please.

Why Ms. Schuster and not you?

It's fine. I got it.

It's no problem.

Male and female trainees begin at
the bottom of the ladder. KLAUS:

How's it going to look if Mrs. Lohmann or I

open the door to a student?

We're locked in! Come on, Peter.

It's for you, Mr. Engelhardt. Ah!

I don't talk to students at this hour.

It's not a student. It's a father.

Worse still. What does he want?

Tell him I left.

He can hear you!

So now he knows.

I'll take care of it. All right,

Yes, I want to speak to him.
Uh, Mr. Engelhardt?

Great, come in. PETER:

Really? PETER: Yes!

May I ask your name?

I'm Fabian Prohaska's father. Prohaska.

Look, it's Mr. Prohaska, Mr. Engelhardt!

Fabian's father!

My consultation hour is Wednesday at 10.

But it's urgent!

Everything is always
urgent, urgent, urgent.

Climate change is urgent,
or the refugee question.

Why do people take their
petty concerns so seriously?

That's quite fair. I don't think HOLGER:

People with concerns need a friendly ear.

And if it's urgent, we need to be here.

How can we help, Mr. Prohaska?

Has something happened,
does Fabian have a problem?

Is Fabian's problem. Mr. Engelhardt

So I'd like to talk to you, Mr. Engelhardt.

Very briefly. In private.


What's your son's name?

Fabian Prohaska. I'm his father.

Yes, I know your son.

He's a very nice boy.

Your colleague doesn't think so. Nonsense.

I have neither sympathies, nor antipathies.

The only thing that counts for
me is a student's performance.

Well... what's the case in point?

Had a conversation Mr. Engelhardt

with my son yesterday in which...

I explained to your son that,
according to my records,

he's looking at a D.

Ah. Precisely.

Admissible to the baccalaureate.
One more point and he'd be

of one single point. It's a matter

Which he could have earned.

Knows begging is useless.
Everyone who knows me

I'm just trying to convince
you not to spoil his future.

Listen, Mr. Prohaska.

We have our big conference on Monday.

We'll discuss all of our students.

I'm sure Fabian will
be given a fair chance.

But Mr. Engelhardt would
have to change his opinion.

Which is why I'm here.

I don't have an opinion,

and they're impartial. I have results,

I told your son as much.

In giving students hope I don't believe

where there is none. It's immoral.

Has to take the baccalaureate. Not everyone

But Fabian needs to.

Your son has had over a
decade to prepare for it,

is at least 5 years too many.
Which in his case

under-performers in the system.
I don't believe in keeping

I'd have winnowed him out long ago.

Winnowed out?

His first apprenticeship by now.
Yes, he could've quit

Is that how you talk about my son?

It's like a cancer diagnosis.

It's hard to face at first,

but recognition and
acceptance come with time.

Sometimes it's the genes, or the character.

One has to live with it.


Would you let me by? No.

Kindly step away from the door. Uh...

I need to leave.

You're staying.

You're staying. Sorry?

You're all staying!

I'm afraid I have to get
back to my department.

There's an experimental
setup simmering away.

You're staying, too! It could explode.

I don't even know your son.

So? Mr. Engelhardt doesn't, either!

What do you hope to achieve?

Won't change my mind. This approach

The day is still young. We'll see.

As three minutes ago. Not quite as young

Enough. Step aside.

You'd like that, huh? Step aside!

Step aside. No!


You hit me.

Flowing to your brain.
It'll get blood HEIDI:

Is this how you deal
with concerned parents?

No, but if it stops them
from hamming things up,

I'm fine with it.

Argumentum baculinum. It's known as

Sit down.


Sit down. Sit. Sit.

Move! All of you!

Mr. Prohaska, please calm down.

Why the gun? This is foolish.

Please put it away.

Nobody move.


I'll have to shoot.

Don't worry, Mrs. Lohmann.
It's not a real gun.

I've seen them before. It's an airsoft gun.


Like the good old BB guns,

only better designed.

Are you crazy?

That coffee maker was a gift

from our twin school in Toulouse!

Couldn't you have shot Mr. Mertens instead?

What do you think you're doing?
Taking hostages?

If need be, yes.

As I already mentioned,
Mr. Prohaska, HOLGER:

we have our big conference on Monday.

To get ahead of ourselves.
So there's no need

You're having your conference here.
Right now.

Thanks for this.

My Fabian will get his point.
At the end of it,

He deserves it!

Or else you'll shoot us?

That won't get your son the baccalaureate.

I think we can just give him that point.

Right, Mr. Engelhardt?

Fabian gets a point and the
rest of us can go home in peace.

I'd be happy to oblige. Over my dead body.

If we submit to your
threats, then from Monday on

with firearms here every day.
We'll have parents

We cannot and shall not
allow that to happen.

Of space your son represents
You won't turn the waste

into a good investment
by employing violence.

You're talking about my son like that?

My God! Do you know how many times

I've had this pointless discussion?

Parents project God-knows-what
onto their genetic vegetables

while the rest of us pay the price.

What a way to speak about your students!

You're cynical! No.

Oh, no. It's honesty.

Of congenital non-academics
We funnel millions

into university education,

only to clog up the job market

with college-educated non-starters.

It's the truth.

I think you're going too far,

Mrs. Lohmann.

We're not here to decide whether
Fabian is suited for college,

but rather if we should give
him one more year to mature.

He's repeated a year twice. Nonsense!

So this is his last chance. Hm!

Is that you don't spoil All I'm asking

of taking the baccalaureate.
His last chance

Fine, we'll do that.

Fabian will receive the extra point.

No further discussion,
you pocket the pistol,

we can all... go home happy.


What? No.

That's not what I want. Then what?

To judge him fairly. I want you...

You're not giving him due consideration.

He's gifted.

Yes. I'm convinced. Really!

If you ask me, I also think SARA:

there are exceptions to the rule.

No one asked you.

I have to get back to my department.

My experiment will explode... Otherwise,

want to call the police.
Come off it! You just

The idea never crossed my mind. I promise.

And will be right back.
I'll turn off the gas


You're having your conference here and now.

And how did you imagine that?

You all talk about my son. It's simple.

You discuss his achievements,
behavior and prospects,

before coming to a joint verdict
based on your discussion.


Rather than petty-minded
notes in your ridiculous book.

Is the basis of fair
assessment, This ridiculous book

nor your pistol can... and neither you

This is mob rule.


It's self-defense.

Because I've had it.

I have four children.

What four children means? Do you know

Two times twelve,

and two times thirteen years of schooling.

Not to mention repeated years.

That makes a total

of 50 years of school

that my wife and I have gone
through with the children.

Quite the balance sheet!

Our own school years. Not counting

They were presumably negligible.
Fifty years of school!

And a sense of inadequacy.
Nothing but worries

I'm sick of sitting
opposite people like you

and advocating for my children
just so they get a chance.

How humiliating it is Have you any idea

to spend decades of one's life

begging for one point
here or a D-minus there?

From fifth grade on,

they'll never make high
school kids are told

with this or that attitude!

It's terrorist tactics!

But did you never consider
alternative forms of school?

There are many... I know.

They're all wonderful
options, at private schools!

The rich take their kids
out of state schools

in private ones, and place them

but I'm not rich!

The municipal administration. I'm with


Said to me yesterday? Know what my son

"I won't make it, Papa.

I'm a huge disappointment."

So I'm asking you, Mr. Engelhardt:

feel like a failure Should a boy of 19

because he's missing one fucking point?

I'm not talking about 20
points, but one single point,

which here is the measure of human worth.

To your question. I won't respond

I want my son to be happy!

And so you're rushing
headlong into misfortune?

That makes no sense, Mr. Prohaska.

Please... be reasonable.

It's still not too late.

True, but I still need to get home

or my wife will be the one to shoot me.


will now

hold your conference.

We like to hold our conferences

at the conference table,
in the conference room

not in the staff room.

All right, then push three
or four tables together

your conference table. and you'll have

Move it!

Put them together!

What's with you two?

Don't you want to help? By no means.

Nor do I.

What about you?

You'll oversee our conversation

whose opinion you don't like?
And shoot anyone

I don't want to influence you.
I'll leave the room.

Cellphones, though... If I might have your

We don't have cellphones.

Hand them over! Of course not.

He's right. We don't have telephones here.

They're with the principal
in the device box.

In the what?

The device box.

We hand them in in the
morning You can check.

And pick them up before we leave.

There's one device box for the students

and another for us teachers.

With the student government.
We created the project

I co-initiated the pilot plan
for a cell-free school...

And what a brilliant idea it was.

So none of you has a phone?



I believe him.

Where does that door lead?

The principal's waiting room.



Very good. Fantastic.

We'll proceed like this.

The clock on the wall reads 2:50.

I'll return at 4:00 for your decision.

You're off your rocker.

That's locked.

Don't shout out the window,
I alone will hear you.

And... no tricks, all right?

I'll occasionally look in

to verify that you're
holding your conference.

Right. 4:00.

Forgive me, I almost forgot.

Your names, please.

What do you want our names for?

You know who you're dealing
with, so it's only fair.

You're Mr. Engelhardt.

You? Peter Mertens.

Uh, that's Mrs. Lohmann.

No need to ask. You're legendary.

For my children, too.

That's Mr. Arndt. And
your name, if I may ask?

Vogel. Bernd.

Schuster. Schuster.

Thank you all.


What now?

We'll discuss his son.

You can't be serious.

Why not? The sooner we're done,
the sooner we're out of here.

Such a bad idea. It's not

It'll also advance us as a group.

Excuse me? "Advance us."
What is this jargon?

The communication structure I mean,

at this school may be viewed as fossilized.

Fossilized? How so?

It's possible to innovate

how performance evaluation is achieved.

We had a seminar at college...

a college seminar. Yes, precisely:

I don't need a seminar. Spare me,

I've been here over 30 years

with performance evaluation.
And never had trouble

Please, don't imagine anything.
I simply imagine...

Knowledge is what counts. Know it.

Not perceived truth or intuition.

Education doesn't consist of half-knowledge

it's about knowledge. or approximation,


We're here to prepare young people,

not to entertain them or to raise them,

have failed to do so. should their parents

You've got a lot to learn.

Knowledge anymore. They don't want

They want to be blown away.
Teachers as clowns.

But what has education become

when I cater my classes to immature,

disrespectful children, spoiled,

and their violent parents to boot?

It's out of the question. Exactly.

I didn't imagine so.

Stop with the imagining, damn it!

Why am I even discussing this?
How old are you?

How old do I need to be to
count as a worthy interlocutor?

There's anything to discuss If you think

about the young man's
grade, you're mistaken.

There's no need.

It's open to discussion. Well, I think

Why one point too few?

Ah. That's what my notebook says.

Yeah. Sure,

some basis, right? but it must have

One could review his performance

and perhaps find there

an oral contribution or homework,

that might yield for example,

Are you insane? the missing point.

You think I distribute
grades any which way?

Of course not, but... But what?

That I can cook the books?

I know you and many colleagues do so:

make contracts with students,
come to arrangements,

and all the rest of it.
Manufacture consensus

That's not what we're here for, Mr. Arndt.

And I fulfill it. We have a remit

What's your remit?

It's not open to question. KLAUS:

I didn't mean to question it.

I just wanted to
understand why you're here.

You meant to question it
just like everyone else.

These eighth-graders A few days ago,

in which I asked them questions.
Wanted to debate the order

So what? There's nothing to discuss.

"Strict but fair" is my motto.
It's simply done.

That's how it is in Latin.

Really want to know, My remit, if you

is dictated by the syllabus,

and those who can't clear the hurdle

find another game to play.
Must, nolens volens,

love's labor lost. Klaus, this is

The two of us are a dying breed
in a mediocre school system.

Excuse me, Mrs. Lohmann,
but that's condescending,

not to say insulting.

I don't care.

It looks that way from below.
You're arrogant.

I think she's envious.

Mercy me! Why on earth would I be?

Because you belong to that
dying breed of teachers.

That bothers you at work The only thing

is the presence of students.

And pay you back. They sense it

Nobody likes you. At all.

But Ms. Schuster here, or Holger,

or even Our Chemical Lover
is appreciated by weirdos.

Why "even?"

how supremely indifferent
I am If only you knew

to whether the students

or you or Mr. Vogels like me, honestly!

My name is Vogel, Mrs.
Lohmann, and I find...

to be portrayed as a witch
It can hardly please you

in every school magazine.

I receive mail from
former students every year

and get invited to
weddings and christenings.

No wonder. You're probably
the father as often as not.


What's that mean? Nothing.

Ignore these frustrated,
elitist power mongers.

They know no better because

no young person has ever
thrown them... a BBQ!

The idea of forcing down dead
mammalian biomass

And industrial-quality
ketchup makes me retch.

To the tune of vile hip-hip
No doubt it's served

or whatever it's called. or hop-hop

Who can still sing "The Girl
From Afar" or "Spring Song?"

It's Franz Schubert. You, I fear.

Real education for God's sake! The canon,

♪ The air is blue The valley green ♪

And the primroses bloom ♪ ♪ The May bells

♪ And meadow land so colorful ♪

♪ Takes on more color By the morn ♪

That's our cultural identity!

Children should take their lead from that,

not from an emaciated blonde

which of her little whores deciding on TV

but for fashionable rags!
Walks the streets bare

You go too far, far too far!

No, let her finish.

I think it speaks volumes
about our Mrs. Lohmann.

Your amateur psychology. Spare me

Feel free to leave. Very funny.

Stare out the window.

Practice tying your shoelaces.

Do anything that won't overly
exert your cognitive capacity.

Why am I even talking to a gym teacher?

And he calls himself an academic.

You and that loser Prohaska

are cut from precisely
the same ragged cloth.

Maybe, but at least we're human.

Ah. Here we go again:

sentiment triumphing over reason,

and the touchy-feely over the intellect.

Get anywhere here. Klaus, we won't

This is irrelevant. No.

Let's get back to the issue.

The Chemistry Department will
explode in less than an hour

for what it's worth.

The grade, we must hurry,
If we want to discuss

otherwise, lengthy and expensive
renovations will ensue.

There will be no discussion. Fine.

So what do we do?

What you will do. I have no idea

a Cox's Orange Pippin here Luckily I have

and a penknife and a napkin.

Anyone care for a piece?

No? Fine.

Keeps the doctor away. ""
An apple a day

We should really use the time.

Ms. Schuster is right:

This situation is an opportunity, Peter.

Please. We can get in touch
with one another and talk.

And discuss our way of communication.

As well as Fabian.

I think he has a right to a fair hearing.

At the certificate conference.
He'll get that on Monday

Come on, Mr. Engelhardt.

We're all fallible.

Of the students' business.
Maybe, but that's none

One mustn't let one's
weakness become a target,

to a loss of authority. as it leads

We've had flagrant cases of that.

Can we change the subject? What cases?

It relates to him. Why should we?


And his personal foibles,
Thanks to Mr. Vogel

we have this abstruse ban on cellphones.

We can leave it at that. Right?

It's a scandal that not even I,

as vice principal, can use my cell phone.

It's unheard of,

and if I had my druthers... Klaus!

Changes would be made! Klaus!


I've got one.

Got what?

A cell phone. I've got one.

During morning recess. I confiscated it

You've had a cell phone all this time

and never mentioned it?

I forgot.

Give me it.

It must be locked, right?

May I?



four digits.

We can guess.

If you mean to crack it that way,

how many attempts will you need?

I teach Biology and English, not Math.

Ten to the fourth combinations.
There are precisely

in layman's terms, 10,000. Or, to put it

Going from 0000 to 9999.

If you manage 20 combinations a minute,

it'll take you more than...

though probability dictates eight hours,

the last combination, it won't be

so count on 4 hours.

Maybe it's something simple. Have fun.

Is a frequently used PIN. I read that 1234

No, I'm afraid not.

Or 0000?

This won't work. Nope.

It'll go dead after three failed attempts.

Or the Chemistry Department will explode.

Any pertinent ideas? KLAUS:

Let's derive the PIN using a biographical

rather than hermeneutic approach.

Translation for the gym teacher:

the student's birthday. We could try

Whose device is it? Benjamin Mehltau.

An unconscionable 12th
grader and lout to boot.

We all know him well. My friend Benny.

He was involved in the cell ban,
by the way. Right, Mr. Vogel?

Wait. Can I try something?

Um... What's the plan?

I'll hold you responsible if you damage it.



Hey nonny nonny! Here. Translation for you:

How did you do that? Well...

Mehltau is a swine.

He's been drawing his dick
all over since 5th grade.

An older teacher's skirt. And he looked up

So the combination was worth a try.

So what was the code, Sherlock Holmes?


Come up with that? How did you

a numerical combination: It's not actually

Each digit corresponds to a letter.

So what does 6453 spell?


Milf! Milf?

Does "milf" mean? And what

You don't want to know.

It's not applicable to you.

But it worked.

Just as Emergency Call would have done.

You don't need a PIN.

Say so at once? Why didn't you

on the epic fun? And miss out

absolutely unbearable. You are

We should call

The relevant police department...

before that man returns.


Should I call them?

I have seniority.

It's incumbent upon me to make the call.

The device. Hand me

Police Precinct IV, Florian Beinacker,

what can I do for you?

This is Vice Principal Engelhardt

from Rudi-Dutschke High.

Do you wish to report? What situation

A hostage-taking.

Please describe the situation.

We're locked in here. It's as follows:

Please state the location if you know it.

Of course I know it. Then speak up.

Don't take that tone with me, young man.

What age are you, anyway?

Excuse me?

Ahem. Excuse my colleague.

He's a bit confused.

I beg your pardon!

Put it on speaker.

And what does this concern? Who's speaking

My name is Peter Mertens.

At Rudi-Dutschke High. I'm a senior teacher

I'm in the staff room

I see: a volatile situation.
With five other teachers.

We've been taken hostage. You said it.

Is in the next room The hostage-taker

demanding we confer on his son's grades.

Were perilous for me as well.
Those conferences


please liberate us? C-could you

Not from the schoolyard,

might see and shoot you. the hostage-taker

Of course.

Have you understood?

The situation is serious, deadly serious.

And you were?

Vice Principal Engelhardt.

Or you'll be in big trouble!
Follow our instructions

I'll be expelled or what?

Give me your name,

rank and badge number this instant!

I'm the Director of Willy
Wonka's Factory, asshole.


Your authoritarian tone! Always with

Let me try. HEIDI:

Right here.

No, redial.

Police Precinct IV, Florian Beinacker,

what can I do for you?

From Rudi-Dutschke High.
This is Heidi Lohmann

just spoke to you. My colleague

Oh, yeah, I remember!

The situation is as described,
please come here at once.

Please come quickly,

I have an experiment running
in the chemistry room

that could explode at any moment.

The Fire Department. Then we'll bring

of Engineers, too. and the Corps

The situation is serious.

We'll see what we can do.

Are you available for queries
at the indicated number?

Of course. Then remain calm

and we'll look into it.

Maybe we'll bring along drinks.
You guys sound like fun.

Did he just call us "you guys"?

Should I call back?

The officer didn't sound interested

in resolving our problem.

All calls are recorded. No. They'll come.

Imagine something happens

the police ignored our call.
And it turns out

And the police never have those.
It'd be a scandal.

I find your permanently
ironic undertone insulting.

For your sandals. The same goes

against my sandals? What do you have

They're fantastic and
conducive to good health.


Leave Mr. Vogels in peace

and worry about your own inanities.

The name is Vogel.

As you wish.

Something in hand We should have

before Mr. Prohaska returns.

Maybe he's right

enough effort all these years.
And we haven't given Fabian

to hold this discussion.
It could do us credit

Without foregone conclusion.

Had you been paying attention,

conclusion was intended:
you'd know a foregone

The man threatened to shoot us
if we don't vote as he wishes.

We could at least try it.
Vote? To what end?

And it definitely won't be that.
He wants a unanimous decision

where we stand. But we'll know

of awarding Fabian one point?
So, who's in favor

Do we have to vote publicly?
I'd prefer a secret ballot.

The complicated way.
Fine, we'll do it

A slip of paper. Everyone gets

If you want to give the kid
a point, put a dot on it.

Then draw a line. If you don't,

Then fold them up,

and I'll collect them.

This is ludicrous.

Maybe, but we've got nothing better to do.

Everyone done?

Then I'll go around.

An election officer, We need to appoint

and two deputies. secretary,

Your slip, please. Very funny.

Many thanks. There.


Holger, you're taking notes? Mm-hm.


Two lines. Another line.

Reason prevails. Line.

Mm-hm. Dot.


Yes, sir. Another dot.

That makes three votes for Fabian

and three against.

This woman shouldn't be able to vote.

This woman is a faculty member, Mrs.

She's a trainee, for God's sake.

What does she know about such things?

We'd have reached a majority.
If she hadn't voted,

How do you know how I voted?

Firstly, I don't need a
crystal ball for that.

Secondly, I don't care how someone votes

who wiggles her ass to
tantalize the seniors.

Thirdly, the vote is null and void anyway.

It has to be unanimous.

What was that about wiggling? Leave me be.

No, that's enough.

Towards Sara is pissing me off.
Your condescending manner

She's a trainee, Apologize.

He's a gym teacher. I rest my case.

What's wrong
with being a gym teacher?

Where should I begin? It
was a rhetorical question.

Gym isn't a school subject,
but a leisure activity.

One could spend one's
time more meaningfully.


Making garlands with Nazi maidens

and singing your Schubert?

He's not my Schubert.

A little cultural education And yes,

your locker-room-scented life.
Would've improved

You might've become a real teacher.

This is getting us nowhere.

This isn't about our
antipathies, but about Fabian.

We really will be guilty if he fails

without our having discussed him.


It's obvious why Engelhardt and
Lohmann voted against Fabian,

but why did you...

Mr. Vogel?

It was a secret ballot. How would you know?


So no one would know As you wished,

against Fabian's future. you voted

I don't have to justify myself to you.

But you could at least explain
your decision, couldn't you?

I don't know.

If Mr. Engelhardt sees
things the way he does,

who am I to question him?

Might be mistaken. Mr. Engelhardt


I've never known
Mr. Engelhardt to be wrong.

So you always share
Mr. Engelhardt's opinion?

Why should Mr. Vogels answer that question?

His name is Vogel, and he
should answer the question.

If you only ever go along
with Mr. Engelhardt,

you have no opinion of your own.

Of course I do.


Whatever it is, I'm not
voting against Mr. Engelhardt.

Because Mr. Engelhardt protects you?

What are you insinuating?

That porn scandal You know

would've cost you your job without him.

Nothing to do with it. That has

What has nothing to do with what?

Stop. It's irrelevant.
I wasn't found guilty.

Ahem. Our Chemical Lover

circulated pornographic material...

That's not true. in his classroom.

He didn't circulate anything.
Strictly speaking,

It was like this:

a projector to his
laptop Mr. Vogel attached

about some chemical reaction.
To show a film

It was about redox reactions
converting chemical BERND:

into electrical energy,
which is fascinating.

But not as fascinating as
what then ensued. PETER:

He set the class assignment and
left the room briefly. HOLGER:

A student, our Benny Mehltau,

had the glorious idea

of checking Mr. Vogel's browser history.

Everyone in the class was able to see

Mr. Vogel's most recent tabs:

several short clips...

That had nothing to do SARA:

with fuel cells, I guess.

The little shits recorded it
all on their phones PETER:

and shared it on Insta.
My favorite title was:

School Girls Fisting.

School girls fasting? So what?

This was nothing involving Lent.
Dear colleague,


An embarrassing affair. It was doubtless

students should never Like I said,

witness teachers' weaknesses.
Stay reserved.

I never showed it to anyone.

Be that as it may, since then,

abstruse cell ban: we've had this

No one is allowed to take photos
or film on school property,

a smartphone, phones are banned.
And because everyone owns

Whether that's permissible...
It's in the school ordinance.

That's not everything:

disciplinary proceedings.
Mr. Engelhardt blocked

I considered disciplinary
proceedings ineffective

and advised against them.

They'd only fan the flames.

In lockstep with Mr. Engelhardt.
That's why Mr. Vogel is

But we're not voting for
or against Mr. Engelhardt,

but rather for or against Fabian Prohaska,

if I may remind you, Mr. Vogel.

This has nothing to do with Mr. Engelhardt.

It has to do with Mr. Mertens.

Maybe you're only against Fabian Mr. Vogel,

against Mr. Mertens? so you can be


You and your Mr. Mertens!

You dislike him, correct?

It's irrelevant who likes whom.
People are all the same to me.

Hm. So it's true what they say:

that you're an outsider among the staff.

I'm an individualist.

That explains the sandals.

Leave me in peace. Ooh!

Oh. It's agitated.

Maybe chocolate will calm it down.

Let me be.

I just want to be left in peace.
I've never bothered you.

Always picks on me. Everyone

Mr. Vogel! HOLGER:

"everyone" and "always?"
What do you mean by

What's upsetting you?

Would you like to share?

I see the looks you give me,

how you talk about me behind my back:

I wear funny shoes, I have no family,

I always reek of sulfur or whatever...

I know I don't have the assertive voice

or the charm of Mr. Arndt.
Of Mr. Engelhardt

"Our Chemical Lover." I'm always just

No one listens to me.

Everyone interrupts me At conferences,

like I'm not even there.

No one responds to what I say

for my expert opinion. and I'm never asked

all just laugh at me. The students

in the law of mass action,
No one is interested

yet everyone must know Schubert's songs.

Nobody loves Bronstedt's acid-base theory,

but I do.

I love it.



But if I admitted that,

I'd suffer Peter Mertens' ridicule.

Among colleagues. It's banter

We aren't colleagues.

Mrs. Lohmann has been getting
my name wrong for years.

Periodic table's beautiful
logic I console myself with the

and the two students in each grade

out of polysaccharides. who get a kick

And if I do happen to make a splash,

no one wants to know.

What splash?

Twice, I've managed to get my students

of Young Scientist of the Year.
Into the final round

Twice! In 2019.

And in 2016.

And you know why no one noticed?

You never mentioned it?

Mm, no, that's not the reason.

Then tell us.

Why don't we know about it?

Forget it. No, please tell us.

I put it on the bulletin board.

With the certificate and everything.

It was my success story.

Before going to my department.
I hung it up at 7:40

By morning recess,

my notice was in the trashcan
under the bulletin board.

Someone had simply removed it.

Who would do such a thing? HEIDI:


Did you take it down? Is it true?

He was with his lab rats.
How would he know?

That's what Mr. Mertens calls
advanced chemistry students:

"lab rats."

how I know who tore down And I can tell you

my laudatory certificate,

as it had been replaced by an invitation

volleyball tournament: to a beach

"Starting at 7:00,

grilling and chilling
with DJ Pete Mertens."

I needed the pins.

Sometimes you're such an asshole, Peter.

Would apologizing improve things?

I'd ever vote along with you.
You needn't imagine


Okay, Mr. Vogel. HOLGER:

I understand that.

But if you could decide it all by yourself,

if no one else had a vote,

what would your opinion
on the Prohaska case be?

It wouldn't interest anyone.
It does. It interests us.

Don't include me. His opinion
interests me not a bit.

Tell us what you think. Mr. Vogel,

I think we're...

taking ourselves too seriously.

Won't make any difference at
all This one point in Latin

to Fabian Prohaska's life,

regardless of whether we grant it or not.

He'll scarcely remember it in 10 years.

Just as it should be.

He should remember other things:

the smell of bread,

the sound of a ripe apple
falling from the tree,

a won game of beach volleyball, even.

If we award him this one
point, he'll go one way.

One point, he'll go another.
And if we refuse him that

So what the hell? He's young

as far as I remember. and not stupid

important to any of us?
And is that one point

Not to me.

Nor to Mr. Engelhardt.

He's awarded thousands
of points in his life.

If he gives one away, then Lord knows,

he'll have done something
good, for a change.

One point fewer because of it?
Will someone else get


In which I've been making a
deal You see, I teach a subject

with the students for years:

the essential elements, They retain

the composition of air,
maybe, the oxyhydrogen test,

and, with a little luck,

the basics of the Bohr model of the atom.

In return, they let me
and the three or four

preserve our dignity. interested students

For my honest opinion, I'd
say: So if you're asking me

We shouldn't act like gods
with grading superpowers.

In the way of the kids.
And we shouldn't stand

Which is why I'm in favor

of giving Fabian Prohaska the point

go his way in peace. and letting him


let's vote on it again.

By a show of hands. Publicly,

of giving Fabian a point.
All those in favor


What's this?

Why have you changed your vote?

For the hell of it.

It makes no damn difference who votes how.

It still stands three to three.

Mr. Mertens,

welcome to the land of reason.

What's up, Beinacker?

Hey, Boss, it's about those
hostage-calls this morning.

Another one came in.

Today because of that crap. So?
We went out five times

To five different schools.
Five false alerts.

But this call was different.

How so?

The other times, there
was only one male voice,

though he pitched it differently.

This time, there were
at least three voices.

One was a woman.

Take the word

of an experienced colleague: It's students.

Then his friends want a go.
One of them calls,

They'll laugh their heads
off if we go out again.

So we're not gonna, got it?

Something else. But there was

Get to the point.

The calls this morning,
and the call just now,

weren't from the same cell.

Give me the number.

A fucking Saturday to me ♪
♪ Every weekday's RINGTONE:

I'll speak to the officer.
Where is it, who has it?

Give me the phone or else...
Are you the boss?

Nothing. No answer.

Can we go back to work

and take care of important
stuff, Mr. Beinacker?

Yes, sir!

You lied to me. No cellphones?

What did you expect?

Of course. The police. Did you call anyone?

Half an hour ago.

The officers will be here any moment.

You called the police? Indeed.

And spoke to Police Precinct IV. Indeed.

That's fine.

But not for you. Fine for us,

How can you be so sure? They won't come.

They won't come. Believe me.

Carry on and no more tricks.
You have 20 minutes left.


So, what now?

We still haven't discussed Fabian at all.

But without the students,
we wouldn't even be here.

Precisely: Where would we
be without Fabian Prohaska?

We'd all have been home long ago.

You of all people should save us

sociological lectures. the kitschy

I preferred you on mute.

When I was on your side.

And like I said, I'm sick
of everyone picking on me.

Let's discuss Mertens.

That could get interesting. Huh?

But for no one else. Maybe for you,

I'd be curious.

What's there to know about Mr. Mertens?

You'd prefer us not discussing Nothing.

Why Ms. Trainee is here today?

On a Friday after school's out.
I'm warning you.

Tell us. I'll tell you nothing.

Why were you still here? Then Ms. Schuster:

I missed the bus.

It looked like rain, so I came here

to avoid spending 30
minutes at the bus stop.

There you have it.

To discussing Prohaska. Let's go back

You hadn't gone home, either. BERND:

your lamentable part-time
job Before going to

at your wife's cheese shop,

you had to take care of something urgent.

This is your last warning.

I'm afraid of you? You think

I know exactly what's going on.

With matured Gouda at home Why make do

when you can enjoy fresh cheese here?


It's not worth it. Want your ass kicked?

What isn't worth what?

It's irrelevant now. Let him go.

Would someone please explain
what the devil's going on?

Ms. Schreiber?

The name is Schuster.

So why were you still here?

With Mr. Mertens? For a rendezvous

If that's what you call it.

To having a relationship
So you're admitting

with a married colleague?

That's none of your business.

You've signaled virtue All this time,

the do-gooder... and played

While the contrary is true.

Put a sock in it!

Not to mention you!

To the students every
day, Playing super teacher

while only having one thing on your mind.

Volleyball and barbecues?

Don't make me laugh! You
are an incompetent fool.

And an adulterer to boot!
A disgrace to us all

drawing your victims Not to mention

young colleagues. from defenseless

What makes you think I'm defenseless?


Women are a priori victims to you?

Woman might take what she wants?
Have you ever considered a

So you're a floozy.

No, I'm a modern woman.

Ever heard of casual sex, Mrs. Lohmann?

What's that supposed to mean?

And will get you into trouble.
Mr. Mertens seduced you

Yes. Me in trouble?

I only do what I please. On the contrary,

With whom is a matter of some indifference.

What? But...

I thought we were something special.

Come off it, Peter.

On grubby equipment room
mats You think fooling around

between dirt and high bar

of a beautiful relationship?
Was the beginning

I risked my marriage for you.
And my career.

That's on you. I sure didn't.
I just like doing married men.

Personally addressed, Not that I feel

but what's so good about it?

It's simple:

They treat you nicer than their wives.

They make more of an effort in bed.

They get lost quick to get
back to their families.

They don't bug you on the weekend.

On stupid little holidays.
They don't want to go

And they always have bad consciences.

It's fun.

It's all relish and no regret.


I wanted to share everything with you.

All my free periods.

You two apparently share one brain.


Don't make a scene.

This is truly a pitiful
performance, Mr. Mertens.

Behold the disappointment.

He's not used to dealing with real women.

Enough with the innuendo.

It was always the other way
around for the big stud.

Women were your toys,

inasmuch as schoolgirls
can be called women.

Affairs with schoolgirls?
Is that true? You had

Of course not.

Of course he did.

That's why you changed schools.

It's all slander. Dr. Clausen
told me as much.

Then tell us the truth, Peter.

You all know how it is. Fine.

Just admitted it herself. Ms. Schuster

grab whatever they want. These young things

if it's a married man They don't care

- they're dealing with.
- Cry me a river.

You mean to cast yourself as the
victim of what might be minors?

No, they were all 18.

You're so nauseating.

A most apt epithet.

Great. That's all I need. Thank you.

Boss, I know you said to forget
about it, but I couldn't.

I checked the cell number.

The phone belongs to a kid It turns out

called Benjamin Mehltau.

Does he go to school? And where

Rudi-Dutschke High.


It's Friday afternoon.

Let alone this "Male-Towel" kid.
No one's still at school,

If we want to get him,

straight to his house. we should go


And go to "Mail-Turd's" house.
Get some officers

Really go to town on his ass. Go to town.

To shit his pants! I want the kid


Heh. Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.

I'll fetch my husband. One second.


Can I help you?

As to remove your helmet,
Maybe you'll be so kind

Is your son Benjamin home? Right.

I'll have to ask my wife. I don't know.

One second, please.

You'd like to see Benjamin.

Yes. Is he in? No.

Where could we find your son?

I can't quite say.

He and his friends meet at that
skate park beneath the bridge.

Tell him dinner's at 7:00.
If you do see Benjamin,


So now? Time's up.

Explain to me why Mr. Engelhardt
was wrong in his evaluation.

Mr. Engelhardt will enter the
point in his little notebook.

Anything to add, Mr. Engelhardt?


Fine. Anyone else?


You had over an hour.

And I imagine

petty-minded bureaucratic crap.
You wasted it on

made good use of the last hour.
I, on the other hand,

By doing what?

I thought about you all.

And about what possessed
you to punish my son

for still being a child in so many ways.

Nobody is accusing your son of that,

but now you mention it,

as the "coming-of-age" test.
The baccalaureate is known

It's supposed to indicate
a certain maturity.

What my notes indicate That's not

in the case of Prohaska filius.

He doesn't have what it
takes to do a baccalaureate.

You have what it takes to be a teacher?

Indeed. I've had nigh 40 years' experience.

Latin was still alive when he began.

So you could teach us what integrity is,

you being a splendid
example to the children?

From saying as much, but...
Modesty prevents me

yes, absolutely.


What are those files? What's that?

Your personnel records.

Where did you get them? What the hell?

In the principal's filing cabinet. MANFRED:

Now read them to each other.

No one's reading my file.

On examining your files,
one starts to wonder

what gives you the right to judge my son.

Or, as Mr. Engelhardt might have it:

Ex iniuria ius thing-a-majig.

You what?

Ex iniuria ius non oritur.

Right doesn't arise from injustice.

My opinion remains
unchanged: You're insane.

I was by no means only referring
to you, Mr. Engelhardt.

Are also morally dubious. Your colleagues

Sorry, Mr. Prohaska, but
we've already learned

plenty about ourselves today.

That an extra point for my
son Yet not enough to conclude

would be the most minor
mistake of your lives.

I don't doubt it,

but sadly there was no unanimity.

It's three to three.


I've changed my mind.

Fine, then it's four against two.

In Fabian's favor.

I said it had to be unanimous. Screw that.

So if you won't read them to each other,

I'll reveal who you're all
dealing with respectively.

But we know that.

Not in your case.

Mr. Arndt.

You act like everyman's friend,

but in reality, you send your
colleagues to the slaughter.

What? Come on.

I'm not listening to this. Arndt, sit.

Would you like to hear Mr. Engelhardt,

Mr. Arndt made of you? the evaluation

Not in the least.

"Engelhardt is a
cold-hearted, petty bourgeois

students and colleagues alike.
Whose pedantry torments

His megalomania alone
outstrips his vanity."

put it better myself.
I couldn't have

You don't come off any better.

"Peter Mertens is infantile,

and character-wise professionally

ineligible for promotion.

He distinguishes himself at parties

by being overly sociable
to female colleagues.

An embarrassing millstone P.M.
could be termed

around the school's neck."


On to Mr. Vogel. MANFRED:

"Vogel is an opportunist and a square.

He has a stench, Furthermore,

and appears unkempt and neglected,

the baccalaureate ceremony." even at

he got your name right. Hm. At least

"Heidi Lohmann MANFRED:

thoroughly frustrated governess.
Is the prototype of the

nor an understanding of youth.
She has neither charm,

She'll be grudgingly kept until retirement,

and then forgotten."


Would you care to comment? MANFRED:

Why did you do it?

It's hard to explain.


I apologize.

Why, Holger?

Everyone expected Mr. Engelhardt
to be appointed principal.

Then, to everyone's surprise,

Mr. Eckhoff was brought in from outside.

He made me an offer.

What kind of offer?

He said he didn't know the staff,

and asked me to put
something together for him.

After Engelhardt's pensioning He said

plus the... corresponding...
I'd get the deputy post

his parking space.

Fuck. Here come the cops.

Maybe we should dispose
of the doobie, guys.

That shit is over the top. I guess so.

Mr. Arndt's dossiers.
Most revealing, MANFRED:

But the other personal
files aren't bad, either.

Mr. Mertens... Hm?

We've already discussed me.
Sorry to disappoint,

They all know.

You're said to have had

up to four student lovers at a time.

You're scum.

Who's been saying that all along?

I don't have anything on you. Ms. Schuster,

You're a clean slate.

She likes doing married men.

I'm quite new here. I'm a trainee.

Then you'll learn a lot today.

Do you have the impression
You could say that again.

Pursue the education your colleagues

of the children? and well-being

You want an honest answer?

This school has zero interest No,

in the students attending it.

My dear young colleague. That's nonsense,

It's not.

Remember last week's big conference?

We discussed if the school
day should begin at 9:00.

Has long since established Chronobiology

improves performance. that a later start

aren't awake at 8:00. Young people simply

Their first class is a waste.

Scientifically proven. This has been

Proven? How so?

And always will begin at 8.
School always has,

That's stood the test of time.
One could simply try it.

Other schools have been
trying it for a while.

Only not this one. Why not?


There were two arguments against it.

Number one:

his wife's cheese store on time.
Mr. Mertens here has to be at

if school ends later. He won't make it

Family reasons apply to about
thirty other staff members.

All schedules and bus times Number two:

would have to be adjusted.

That would mean work.

Precisely as they did So things went

over the last hour in this room:

Everyone against everyone
else and each for his own.

If you want the truth:

No one here is interested in your son.


And you still want to be a teacher?

Believe it or not, yes.

To do things differently.

That's so naive, it hurts. Outrageous!

Is that your students What's outrageous

can only reach you by fax.

The test of time, too. That's stood

This school's never heard of digitization.

Though home schooling is now so topical,

no one here is interested.

Is in the secretary's office.
The only router

one email address. The school has

They shut themselves off, can't be reached,

There are also budget concerns.
And nay-say innovation.

You're just praying you retire Come off it.

Before this broken system
collapses around you.

That's a harsh allegation.

What if Ms. Schuster's right,

and you're all just sitting it out

at the expense of our children?

Come off it!

You act like we're to
blame for every E or F.

You go face a fifth-grade class
full of screaming kids.

Prepare lessons for 16-year-olds
who tell you to your face

what they can google. they won't learn

who threaten to sue Talk to parents

if their spawn repeats a year.

Or worse!

What do you expect?

You get three months' vacation yearly.

In which I attend training
courses, among other things.

Things aren't that simple, Mr. Prohaska.

That every single one
of us I can assure you

has good intentions.

Maybe you once did. But
nothing remains of them.

You'll go the way of steam engines

after the discovery of electricity,

being washed away by digitization.

It'll be no loss whatsoever.
And by the looks of it,

How dare you, you vile wench?

Wiggle your butt, You come here,

seduce a married man and imagine
you're a pedagogical authority.

It's absurd.

No, it's just time.

The school has to change
as must its teachers.

If the school is to be
reformed by people like you,

God help us all.

What do you like least about Ms. Schuster?

Or unapologetic opinion? Her butt

tell me how to do my job.
I won't let some floozy

Ms. Schuster in the face, too?
Or else you'll punch


It happened once.

It's all in here.

You will not detail that
in front of everyone.

Injustice for all.

Was Paula Sonsbeck. The girl's name

An insufferable girl,

a downright harlot.

And what did she do?

She made my blood boil.

That morning, she and her
friends were going upstairs.

I had homework and my bag, a heavy load.

And the dizzy-lizzies were cackling away.

I squeezed by them,

and she tripped me.


At least, she almost did. HEIDI:

not to loiter there. I told the girls

They should go to or prepare
for their next class,

instead of striking
poses like scarlet women.

Pretty young women SARA:

prostitutes for you. are automatically



It's how they talk and dress,

and lack of decency! their directness

everything is displayed.
Nothing is a secret,

The dirt, greed and... Love of life?

For Shakespeare's
sonnets, One can feel love

a string quartet or even a little couplet.

But what young people today rejoice in

is nothing but base instinct.

Is all about screwing. Shakespeare

Even gym teachers know that.

To cut a long story short, MANFRED:

and the girls didn't back off.
Mrs. Lohmann started a fight

The girl offended me deeply.

Well, you called her a prostitute.

There were many witnesses. Repeatedly.

A teacher can't start something.
You started it.

Paula Sonsbeck's insult was in retaliation.

What did she say?

I will not repeat it.

"Unfuckable shrew." Here it says:

You hit Paula Sonsbeck so
hard, she lost a tooth.

That'll teach her. Her
parents reported you.

There was disciplinary action.
Your pay was cut.

Your promotion suspended.

You had to apologize to the student.

If you say so. Right?

You despise youth. All that because

Maybe you're just envious of the girls?

If you say so, Stasi-Arndt.

Listen: I don't hate the young.

I just can't stand them. Hm.

To make you so hard-hearted?
What on earth happened

Your softness,
understanding and tenderness:

They're not worth it.

You only get disappointed.

You're better off without
that romance nonsense.

Then you don't get hurt. So you were hurt?

None of your business. Like I said:

That's true. SARA:

But maybe others, or at least we,

would treat you differently
if we knew you have a heart

that beats for someone or something.

Georges Moustaki.



Georges Moustaki, the greatest
chansonnier of all times

with the most beautiful
lyrics, for Edith Piaf, too.

I admired him as a young woman.

From high school in 1976, After I graduated

I even followed his tour

through half of Spain and all of Portugal.

♪ No ♪

♪ I am never alone ♪

♪ With ♪

♪ My solitude ♪

Once I was very close to him.

In Lisbon.

And again. I loved him.
I had to see him again

I still do.

I waited behind the venue.

Monsieur Moustaki! YOUNG HEIDI:

in my homemade jeans skirt...
And I stood there

and sassy jacket. Evening.

I'm a great admirer of your art.

Thanks very much.

Very pretty.

Pleasant evening.


Then there was this little slut,
her tits almost tumbling out.

That hurt you. I understand

But that happens to many girls

who fall in love with a pop star.

It passes.


Superficial crushes may pass,

and everyone is interchangeable.
When there's no foundation

with Moustaki within me. But I had a future

I lived for the man. I lived with him.

I had children with him, a family.

You're crackers, Mrs. Lohmann.

Well, Mr. Mehltau,

let's get to it:

Why the hell did you do it?

Don't you know it's punishable?

It was a herbal cigarette.

No biggie.

Show me your phone.

I don't have it on me.

Are you shitting me?

I don't have my cell on me. No.

By whom? It was confiscated.

Who's Mrs. Lohmann? Mrs. Lohmann.

A teacher? At my school?
Rudi-Dutschke High?

During morning recess. She took it from me

You made no calls from it this afternoon?


Mrs. Lohmann has my cell.

What the hell are you doing?

What does it look like? I'm having a smoke.

The smoking gym teacher. How fitting.

Athletes are people who smoke and drink

And still perform without a kink

Sit back down.

Shoot me if you must,
but I need a cigarette.

Where's my damn lighter?

Smoking is prohibited
throughout the building.

Our Chemical Lover is back.

Call me Our Chemical Lover again.

Mr. Prohaska, tell Our Chemical
Lover not to wet himself.

If you start a fire
here, I'll extinguish it.

I'm warning you.

Oh, yeah, Chemical Lover?


Pity, I was hopeful.

Same here.

Can we finish up? MANFRED:

There's only one left.

Mr. Infallible.

Propriety personified.

Go on, play your trump,

so your little mind can find some peace.

Let me summarize.

Class 10a wants to take a trip to Rome

of the Latin language. to the roots

Homeroom Teacher Engelhardt
creates a varied schedule,

and finds a hotel and a bus company.

And divides them by 28 students.
He then calculates the costs

This makes for a contribution
of 410 euros per participant,

including travel, hotel, and admission fees

for museums and educational institutions.


But that's not the real price.

In fact, the bus operator

had bribed Mr. Engelhardt
to get the contract.

The hotel price was wrong, too.

A discount for years, It had given him

pass along to his students.
Which Engelhardt didn't

And he also hid the fact

that he charged his students
for individual tickets,

but ordered group ones.

Every student 410 euros in cash
So he collects from each and

though the actual price per person

Mr. Engelhardt? was how much,


295 euros.

Ah. So each student is paying
you 115 euros too much.

With a class of 28, that makes...

Well? Say it, it's all in there.

It is.

3220 euros.

Not bad, old lad. And who
knows how often you did it?

I did it once.

Her gall bladder operation. My wife had

a year abroad in London. My son was doing

The car was broken.

Do you know what it costs to feed a family?

Yes, I do.

I still don't steal.

It all blew up in your face

noticed the group-ticket trick.
Because two smart-asses

They confronted you,

and you threatened to
discipline them with bad grades.


Is this really true?

First you steal from
children and their parents,

to wiggle out of the affair?
Then you use such means


I paid it all back

and never became principal because of it.

What more do you want?

For years, you've acted the role model

and worn a halo of infallibility

after committing such a lapse?
Klaus, I don't understand.

How can you hit a girl for being
joyful, carefree, and pretty?

Let me recap:

A brawler,

a snitch,

a pornographer, an adulterer,

and a con man

are to decide

if my son is or is not entitled
to one single additional point.

You think that's fair?

It seems a justice gap has emerged.

I'm appealing to you again, Mr. Engelhardt.

Under the circumstances,

and because none of us are flawless,

how about that point?

Kiss my ass.

Mr. Prohaska said it himself. Klaus!

Ex iniuria ius non oritur.

Right does not arise from injustice.

He meant that because of our wrongdoing,

to pass judgment on his son.
We have no right

But it's a double-edged sword:

Our having been taken hostage is wrong,

and no putative right may arise from it.

Then one injustice must outweigh the other.

Our failings have nothing
to do with our grading.

Our having been taken hostage,

is a direct result of it. however,

So it's the greater wrong.

Stop twisting things, you asshole!

My son is getting that point now.

When the school explodes...
Or the moment has come...

I'm begging you,

let me go make sure things are fine.

One way or the other. We're nearly done,

Mr. Engelhardt, please reconsider:

still find that point? Where might we

more intriguingly still: Or, wait,

How did the point disappear? Hm?

What do you mean? Maybe he had 5 points

and one was deducted.

Has very scrupulous methods
Our colleague surely

to deprive students of points:

Poor handwriting here,

stained homework there, things like that.

Open your little notebook Mr. Engelhardt,

and tell us what it says. Hm?

It's none of your damn business.

And check for myself. I swear I'll take it

You wouldn't understand my
system, anyway.

Of tallying up points and marks
It's a sophisticated method

that takes into account all the
parameters conceivably relevant

in assigning grades.

Namely? Topic-relevant quality,

style of presentation, that is, neatness.

Correctness I rate as a priority,

at about 71 percent. weighing it

Then comes style and handwriting,

of an oral performance, or the eloquence

if it's not written work,

in further deductions, that can result

additional points. or, rarely,

Now I want to know concretely, what...

get for his assignment? What did Fabian

What is entered there?


And which is the grade?


I'll give in to the pressure.

A D grade, as you knew. Here you go.

I bet that's noted there.
Were there deductions?

You do. I don't have to tell you.

Or I'll break your fingers to get that.

One point.

"One point" what?

Had to be deducted.

Because of tardiness. Why?

Meaning what?

Handed his work in late. The student

How much too late? Explain what that means.

I'd agreed with the class It's simple:

that the big assignment had to
be with me by Tuesday at 1:00.

Everyone was punctual except Mr. Prohaska,

with his assignment. who was late

By how much?


"Two" what?

Days? Weeks?

What? Minutes.

He handed it in Two minutes.

While babbling something
about a jammed printer.

Among young people. A ruse typical

Everyone was on time except Fabian,

a one-point deduction. so he got

How was my son's assignment?

Fair in terms of content.

A tendency towards six, Five points.

But not enough to give them.

And a one-point deduction for tardiness.

You shitbag. PETER:

hypocritical old shitbag. You repulsive,

Two miserable minutes!

Two minutes?

He's not baccalaureate material
because of two minutes?

It's a question of justice!
The rest were on time.

Small-minded malice and
power, No, it's a question of

you miserable old bastard.


Give me the notebook.

Who loves chemicals now?


Now... we vote.

Okay, come on.

Oh, man.


Now we vote.

Of awarding one point? All those in favor

Klaus, I'm sorry.

With you anymore. I can't go along

You can't pocket money from a class trip,

while sealing a student's fate
because of a two-minute delay.

That won't do.

It won't do!

Raise your hand now.

Go on, Engelhardt, raise it.
Raise your hand!

Please, Mr. Engelhardt, please.
So this all finds an end.

I will not raise my hand. Never.

Give him the point, Engelhardt.

Klaus, do it!

Do it.

Just do it, Engelhardt.


Drop the gun!

Drop it!

Down on the ground!

On the ground!

Get down!

That's right, nice and easy. EMT:

Just around here.

Take a step up.

And be seated.

Go buy some. Got a spare smoke?



Listen, officer,

I need to get into my chemistry room.

You're staying here. We need a statement.

I've told you all I know.

With something else. You'll come up


How are things? It's all fine.

Good work. No injuries.

Nothing beats experience and intuition.

I didn't mean you. Thanks, Boss.

Can I use my phone?

I'm afraid not.

I just wanted to call my wife.

May I, please?

I can't remove the cuffs,

but I can unlock your phone
and put it on speaker.


It's here, in my pocket.

The code is:

1, 2,

3, 4.

You have voicemail.

Want me to play it for you? I won't listen.

Worried that I missed dinner.
It'll be my wife,

My son will be waiting, too.

I fought for him.

Hey, Dad. It's Fabi. VOICEMAIL:

Listen, the thing is...

where you are right now, I don't know

but by the time you get home,

well, I'll be gone.

I'd wanted to tell you yesterday, but...

after our conversation. I didn't dare

You were so upset.

I've thought about the baccalaureate,

studying and all that.

Maybe Engelhardt is right. You know,

university material. Maybe I'm not

And maybe I shouldn't
take the baccalaureate,

but do something else.

Maybe that one point is like a sign

on the wrong track. that I've been

I know it's a bit late, but...

to me yesterday, and he said
Engelhardt came and talked

as an opportunity I should take it

to change my perspective.

I guess he's right.

He's pretty okay, really.

So what I wanted to say,

is you don't have to be pissed with him

about that one damn point.

Really. It doesn't matter.

Anyway, I think I just
need to get away for a bit.

I got from Grandma for my 18th.
I took the money

It's enough for a ticket to...

you know, to go surfing.


I gotta go.

In a couple of months, that is.
But I'll be back soon.

Then I'll start something else.

You'll see.

So don't worry now, okay?


Don't worry. I'll be in touch.

Bye, Dad.

Yours, Fabi.