Little Terrors (2014) - full transcript

A 13-year-old American boy is recruited by terrorists to bomb a U.S. embassy in Delhi. After being brainwashed he is sent to live with a Muslim family prior to the attack. However, the man harboring him begins to play a dangerous game when he attempts to convince the boy not to go through with the bombing.

[eerie ambience]

[music playing]


[foreign language]


[music playing]

Smack it with the tip of your
finger instead of your nail.

[quiet crying]


Samih, I'm Tarek.

I have come to
offer my condolence

for your brother's martyrdom.

His gift has brought him
riches that only heaven knows,

and his name will be
among those regarded.

When our word is the
one and the whole world follows.

[music playing]

He's your responsibility
now, Samih.


[music playing]

[speaking in foreign language]

Your name?



Is your family dead?

There was a wedding
party for my sister.

The men were shooting bullets
into the air in celebrations.

The Americans thought they
were being fired on and hit us.

Your sister?



One of the men says he
was hit by a shrapnel.

Crazy guy.

His family had no use for him.

Your brother would
have been so proud.

This is what your father brought
you back from America for.

A true Muslim.

Your brother is a hero.

They called him a coward.

They twist things around.

They call us terrorists, and
they drop bombs on innocents.

Your brother died a hero.

He stood there,
proud, praised Allah,
and martyred himself.

That's not what they said.

Samih, the only way
to hurt your enemy

is to make them appear weak.

It is a tactic of the desperate.

And they are desperate now
because they know there is

an army stronger than they are.

Army of Allah.

And you are now
part of that army.

Consider me your older brother.

That's why I'm
telling you to sleep.

And you'll see-- tomorrow
will be a new beginning.

[music playing]

Hey, Samih.

Isn't this how your
mother keeps you fed?


It is of our obedience
to Allah.

That has kept us from
falling under the guise

of the infidels.

And prayer keeps us centered and
focused, that we do not stray.

This is the only reason
they will never break us.

Allah will answer our prayers.

[music playing]

[foreign speech]

To Allah we truly belong
and to Allah we return.

Do you see what they have
done to your brothers,

sisters, fathers, mothers?

Do you understand
now why we fight?

They do this and tell us
it is for our own good.

From far off in the
sky, the Zionists fire

weapons only they possess.

They tell their sons
that they are brave.

What bravery is there
in being our of range?

Bravery comes from looking
your enemy in the eye,

as close as we are now.

We must bring the fight to them.

Otherwise, they will
keep with these
cowardly offense.

We must take
their oppression off
our brothers and sisters

and turn it on them!

Right their wrong.

You are the chosen
people, not them.

Allah teaches us that
every child is born perfect

because it is born
to the perfect faith.


But its parents convert it,
divert it, make it imperfect.

Your elders won't tell
you this, but children

are stronger than we are.

In the midst of your
parents over-protection,

did you not become more bored?

In their sorrows, did you
not become more resolute?

More sure of yourself?

They won't tell you this, but
you have become the leader

and not the follower.

You have become the
protector-- the protectors

of all of true Islam.

The very thing the
oppressors fear most

is sitting before me right
now-- the children of Islam.

And with you, we will do to
them what they have done to us.

You are the future!

And the future
offered to the martyr

is the greatest one of all.

[foreign speech]

[music playing]


It's come for you.

It's old, but still it's good.

A few pieces missing, but I
have ordered some new ones.

Thank you.

You've done very well.

Saba Khan is so pleased and
has requested you to see him.

He wants to see me?


[playing board game]

Samih, it's time.

Hey, Samih.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

You want to really
impress Saba Khan?


Then after saying salaam,
just say...


He will be pleased.

Trust me.




Come, Samih.

Do you know why you
have been brought here?

Your father, in his
wisdom, returning you back

in his homeland, gave our cause
not only one freedom fighter

but two.

His passing so soon was a loss.

He must be beaming proudly from
paradise looking at his son.

Your brother too, of course.

Thank you.

You don't have to
thank me for the truth.

It is what we adults
owe to our children.

It is what we have to
relearn from the children

as we get older.

Would you like me
to do something?

You can do a lot where your
brethren are concerned.

The Zionists and Americans
need to learn the truth.

And who better than one of
their own to teach them?

Will you work hard for
a mission I give you?




Oh, Samih.

Where did you get that
remarkable greeting?


[foreign speech]

Why did you tell
me to say that?

Shut up!

Shut up.

Shouldn't you be washing
Saba Khan's feet, American?


Get up.



[foreign speech] Get up.

I don't want to fight you.

Come on.

Come on.


Bloody Americans.

Go, Rashid.

Rashid, you can't do that.

You have to flick it.


Go and find Mukhtar.

We have to go.

Yushua, Rashid--

[music playing]

We have to go.

Tarek is calling us.

I'm coming, American.

Hey, guys.

I need to grab something cold.

-You want something?

Hey, hurry.

We've got to get back.

I've got to Skype my girl.

That sounds dirty.


She likes it when I
Skype her all night long.


Do you have any Coke?




[horn honking]


What is it?

The complete set of pieces,
professional weight and size.


Thank you.

We keep our promises.



No Coke.

Yeah, I already heard that.

Who-- who are your friends?

Fuck it.


Fuck it.

Uh, I think you mean fuck off.

Fuck it.

Hey, guys.

Can we take a ride out west?

SOLDIER: This time of night?

Yeah, I think I
heard something.

Uh, are there reports
of Muslim-Americans

bringing their families
out to this area?

Muslims do stupid things.

That's why we're here.

That's not what I mean.

Remember the bombing
in Hyderabad last year?

There were rumors the
kid was an American.

Look, man, we got to get back.

You can't see shit in the
dark this time of night.

We'll talk about it on the way.

SOLDIER: I don't
know about you guys,

but I could sure use a blow job.

SOLDIER: Yeah, the only way
you're getting your dick sucked

out here is if it
gets bit by a cobra

and Taylor here decides
to suck the venom out.

They went in this direction.

What-- what's up ahead?

Uh, there's just a couple
warlords up in those hills.

Other than that, it's
just a bunch of dirt,

some abandoned houses,
maybe a couple cockroaches.


Sand niggers.

Trying to be
politically correct here.

Call them cockroaches because
they can survive anything.

Sounds more like a
compliment than a put-down.

Yeah, it's not meant to be.

Cockroaches are still bugs.

And you know what
we do with bugs?

Squash 'em.

You know what I don't get?

They keep promising
these bombers 72

virgins to blow themselves up.

It's actually a misnomer.

It isn't virgins.

It's wives.

Yeah, that's even worse.

Imagine the alimony.

My point is, 72 virgins, wives,
whatever-- that equals 72 kids
to look over potentially.

Wouldn't one of these
bombers actually

think through the consequences?

Or at least get a
vasectomy before blowing

themselves up to smithereens?

Seriously, guys,
how are you going

to support all those brats
on a suicide bomber's salary?

I mean, you don't get
paid once, don't you?

72 wives?

That'd last me,
what, three days?

What am I supposed to do
for the rest of eternity?

Yeah, well, the
least paradise could

offer you is endless variety.

So, Stevie, what exactly are
you hoping to find out here?

You know I can't take this
Pakistani piece of shit outside

of the perimeter.

Just a story beyond
the usually embedded

journalists getting
soldier's takes

on virgins in paradise, buddy.

Oh, you know our mother's
love those kinds of stories.


Get down!
Get down!

Oh, fuck.



Get down!


Under enemy fire.

Coordinates, latitude--

Oh, fuck.





Holy fuck!


[car on road, voices speaking]

[car doors closing]

[engine revving]


Please, you got-- I promise,
you got the wrong guy!



Please, I didn't do anything!


Please, no!

Oh, no!

No, please!

No, no, no, no!

[music playing]

We weren't spying.

We were just looking for a place
to buy a Coke, and we got lost.

American, you don't see the
infiltration of something

as ordinary as that as a
slap against our people?

We need tough leaders

and strong morals to survive.

Not a soft set.

You follow it [foreign word].

Ask your Russian friends.

We never asked for this war.

But the math
proves different.

America has been in one war
or another every generation.

You obviously are not
a religion of peace.

But what are you?

A nation of warmongers?

No one is innocent.

Injustice has been
made by both sides.

You murder our
people by the score

and you want us
to bend your way.

How can a father who has
lost his entire family

side with you?

How is my piety equal
to your gratuity?

There has to be an
end, a reconciliation.

Surely a man of your wealth and
education could influence this.

Don't assume what you
have not lived, American.

And don't try to compare
me with puppets who would

sell their people for silver!

I've spent my coin
for a better cost.

And yet you revel
in your position.

And you use yours to
spread your falsehood.

It's not my intention
to argue with you.

I know that my government
has done grievous things.

I'm just looking
for an interview.

I thought you were
looking for a Coke.

Yes, and an interview
with an American boy.

What American boy?

I thought I heard a voice
the other day at a shop.

It sounded like a westerner.

There is no American boy here.

Then I've been mistaken.

I'm a journalist.

I could be of more use to you.

If you wish, let me tell
your side of things.

Let me interview you.

What I wish is for
your dogs of war

to leave my people in peace.

[music playing]

[foreign speech]

How are you you, my old friend?

I have had better days.

As have we all.

I've arranged a
better doctor for you.

Well, the last one said a
walk in the morning would help.

But it hasn't.

Still, here I am.

You want to go back?

Forward is always better,
especially at this age.

I know you already know that.

How do you know that?

You've never looked
any other way.

I know you're ambition.

Don't think I don't.

The journalist--

--Misbah will
take care of him.

Is that wise of her?

Is there any alternative?

There's only the

how far along
is the American boy?

It will take time.

Are you suggesting something?

Send the boy to me.

Let us see what he's made of.

[music playing]

(WHISPERING) Come, Rashid.

Come, come.



Come, come, come, come.


Come on, Samih.

Sit here.

You talking to me now?

He can't hold both of us.

Oh, sure he can.

[speaks foreign language]

Come on.

I want you to see what
they do with Americans.

My name is Steve Winthrop.

I'm an American journalist.

I was spying when
I was captured.

My honorable captors demand
the immediate release

of all Palestinian prisoners
from Israeli jails,

all Islamic brothers from
imperialist prisons--

We should get out of here.

Ah, just wait.

Maybe they'll kill him.

If these demands are
not met within 24 hours,

my honorable captors
will have no other choice

but to kill me for
the sins committed

against Islam and its people.

[music playing]

Samih, you come with me.

Samih, I have a
favor to ask of you.

Anything you wish, Kamil Khan.

Good boy.

Often, obedience
is lost on youth.

But even the Americans couldn't
deprive you of the wisdom

your father gave to you.

The American spy journalist?

You wish I talk to him?

Such a smart boy.

That is why children
rule the world.

When would you like
me to talk to him?

The prophet teaches us
that it is great treachery

to tell your brother
something he accepts as truth

but that you know is a lie.

Yet that is what
these Americans do.

And this spy journalist uses
words in treacherous ways.

Saba Khan says you have
progressed well, Samih,

but I'm not sure you are ready.

I will not let you
down, Kamil Khan.

When you please me,
know that Allah is pleased.


Set him right.


[music playing]

STEVE: What is this?

So you wanted to speak with
the American boy, right?

This is him.

He will give you your interview.

You expect me to, uh,
write with my hands tied?

Nobody reads anymore.

We'll tape this.

What's your name?



Hi, Samih.
I'm Steve.

Your brother's the one
that bombed that school?

He was a hero.

No doubt, one person's
terrorist is another's
freedom fighter, right?

He really buried the lead on his
American heritage, though, huh?

i guess the accent on the
tape he made didn't work.

Should have had better coaches.

So what, now you're here
to correct a mistake?

I wonder when they're going
to stop sending children

to do their dirty work.

Grown-ups send you
out to do this, too.

Do you have any other
family, just in case

you screw up your mission, too?

They're all dead.

No, they're not.

See, when you've been
doing my job for a while,

you get really good at
picking out who's lying.

My mother.

How much did she sell you for?

She didn't.

We take care of each other.

Is that why you're
here instead of home?

They're educating me.


Is that what they call
brainwashing these days?

You were spying.

They caught you.

Whatever happens, you have
brought it upon yourself.

Is that how you really feel?

Or is this just the educated
martyr coming out in you?

I have no problem laying
my life down for the cause.

You're 12.

The only cause you
should be thinking about

is girls and what band you
want to form to get them.

Is that the choice you
give children of Palestine

before you drop
bombs on their heads?

Why do you want to kill people?

No Muslim wants to kill.

But when one is under attack,
one must defend oneself.

I'm not attacking you.

I write for a living.

One million Iraqis dead
from American attacks.

Do you write about them?

American justice is
only selective at best.

You say live and let live.

But you have made it
kill or be killed for us.

So why do you ask
us to be merciful?

You're just twisting
words, Samih.

I could show you a load
of people starting up

at the top of the Vatican
who do the exact same thing,

and that doesn't make
them right, either.

Then everybody's wrong.

They probably are.

So why don't we just admit
that we're all flawed

and try to get along?

Allah is not flawed.

I never said Allah was.

I said men.

And prepubescent boys
with death wishes, especially.

You're still an American, right?

I'm a Muslim first.

Yeah, well your
friends are trying

to sell you off as an American,
same way they did your brother.

I am a Muslim!

When you were an
American kid growing up

in America just two short years
ago, did you watch "Star Wars"?


"Star Wars."

Did you watch it?

What does this have to do--

Did you know that
it's an allegory

between man and religion?

Faith is the force.

There are those
who use it for good

and those who use it for evil.

Luke sees black and
white, right and wrong.

But the problem is that
Darth Vader's his father.

And that complicates things.

He gets angry.

He leaves his training.

He wants to blow things up.

Do you understand what
I'm trying to say to you?

I don't.

Yes you do, Samih.

What they're doing to
me is wrong, Samih.

And you know this.

And what they're filling
your head in with

is darkness because you've
seen the other side.

Do no go down this path, Samih!

It is darkness, and
it will slowly eat--

Come on, Samih.

There's no discussing
things with them.

They only dictate.

They don't listen.

[music playing]


[screaming in pain]

[screaming continues]

SAMIH: Steve?



Yeah, it's me.

Should get out of here, kid.

If you get caught, you're
gonna get in trouble.

You were screaming
this morning.

Yeah, losing a
couple fingernails

will do that to you.

When they let you go,
will you find my mother?


SAMIH: Tell her I'm all
right, not too worry.

Of course, Samih.

She always worries too much.

Yeah, mine too.

No girl ever loves you quite
like your mother, do they?

I never saw the
last "Star Wars."

I mean, the new ones.

I left before.

I'm-- I'm gonna go now.



Take care of yourself.

[music playing]

Please, where are we going?

What's going on?

Samih, please!

Are you there, Samih?

Please don't!

Oh, please!


Samih, please!

Are you there, Samih?

Tell them they don't
have to do this, Samih!

[music playing]






Samih, please!


Please stay!



[foreign speech]



Samih, please!


Please, Samih!

Hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come.

STEVE: Give us this day
our daily bread.

[continuing prayer]

[Steve praying]


[glass breaking]


[music playing]

responsibility now.

KAMIL: You are the future!

ZAFAR: Will you work hard
for a mission I give you?

Samih, I'm not
sure you're ready.

SAMIH: I will not let
you down, Kamil Khan.

Hey, Samih!

So Rashid is Yushua's
brother, huh?

I guess he had to take
the blame to protect the retard

But why?

I mean, the idiot.

It was you, wasn't it?

[glass breaking]

Save that anger for
your true enemy, Samih.

Zafar Khan?

Do you wish to say
something, Samih?

What is Allah's will for me?

I will do it.

[music playing]

[thunder and lightning]

MALE SPEAKER: Wake up, Samih!

Wake up!

Wake up, Samih!

Wake up!

Wake up!

What were you dreaming about?

A well.

It was in my village.

I fell in it shortly
after we moved back.

If it hadn't been for my

he saved me.

What's your name?



I know.


Sit down here.

Do you want to eat something?



Bring something for him to eat.

Are you eating?

She will eat later.

You first.

We are doubly blessed to have
had two martyrs from one family

under our roof.

Your brother.

Afsa witnessed his
march into paradise.

He died heroically.

Excuse me.

[music playing]

There, across the street.

That is the American consulate.

Zafar Khan has it
targeted in two days.

Usually on a weekday,
when it's working,

it's pretty crowded with
job-seekers, visa-seekers,

and even protesters.

You need to mingle in the
crowd, get to the gate,

and tell the guards that
you're an American citizen who

has lost his parents.

They should believe your accent.

And, uh, even if
they don't--

even if they don't,
your martyrdom will be
just as effective.

Do you understand?


Tarek will be meeting us
and showing us the device

that you'll be using.

[music playing, street noises]

The uniform of soldier.

It's good to see
you again, Samih.

I trust Amir Khan has
been taking care of you.

He has been most kind.

Has Amir Khan taken
you through the task?


Trigger, timer.


Samih, I have to go.

See you soon.

Do you wish another one?

If you allow it.

Anything you wish, Samih.

Samih, close your eyes.

What do you hear?

[street noises]





In order to do the task
you have set out to do,

you have to accept an
end to all of this.

These sights, these sounds,
these senses,

to a life of marriage,

children, the pursuit of any
dreams that you may have had.

I know what I'm doing.

Do you?

Your mother is still alive.

She's already lost a son.

Do you really wish to
see her lose another?

Won't she miss you?

Why are you asking
me such questions?

Doubt is as strong of
an encourager as faith.

My brother had doubts.

His faith won over
at the end, did it not?

Samih, we have to say
goodbye to a thousand things

when we choose the
time of our passing.

It is-- it is not wrong
to feel conflicted.

I am not the one conflicted.

What I lose here,
I will get in paradise.

That is where my brother will
be waiting and my father.

You should be cautious
in your tones.

People might think things.

I-- I was just trying
to see how resolute

you are in your convictions.

I see you are.

I'm not thirsty anymore.


[foreign speech]

[music playing]

Don't you want to watch?

She should cover herself up.

AMIR: God forbid that a
man find a woman attractive

or find joy in song.

Samih, when someone
cannot express themselves,

Are you with us, Amir Khan?

Yes, Samih.

I am with you in any
direction you choose to take.

I choose the direction I am on.

[foreign speech]

[music playing on radio]

I'm so sorry.

Please don't tell
my grandmother.

I won't.

It's disrespectful of me in
the face of what's to come.

I apologize.

There's no need.

And I won't tell.

Thank you.

What was that song?

Actually, your
brother gave it to me.

Do you want to listen to it?

[music playing on radio]

Your future is in paradise.

It's not in this world.

And certainly not in this house.

[music playing]

[foreign speech] My
name is Samih Mohammed.

I was born in Detroit,
Michigan, in the United
States of America.

I grew up under
tyranny of hypocrisy,

which you term Western culture.

In this culture,
I was brainwashed,

pulled away from
piety and respect

that a child should be taught.

My father, Mahmud Mohammed,
and my brother, Rasin Mohammed,

saw this.

My name is Rasin Mohammed,
son of Mahmud Mohammed.

Helping our people, and
returning me to my birthright.

They have succeeded
on every level.

To my mother,
I pay the respects
that every child should

and know that she will
understand this sacrifice.

It should be every mother's
joy to see that a child has

been chosen for such an
honor and blessing as the one

that I have.

What I do today is in the
name of Allah the merciful.

And by this act, you will
know that a son of America
has seen the truth.

Today, a son of America--

And you too will
know to seek it.

[music playing]


To you alone we worship,
and alone we pray for help.


AMIR: Guide us to
the straight path,

the path of those
whom you favored,

the prophet and his successors.


AMIR: Not of those
who incurred your wrath,

nor of those who
have gone astray.

Samih, my son, it is
important to know what we

say and more so what it means.

It is very easy to
lose sight of oneself

when one stops seeking himself.

Look at your hands.

Just as two fingers are made

God made all of mankind equal.

God does not show mercy to
those who are unkind to mankind.

These are the prophet's words.

[music playing]

AFSA: May I come in, Samih?


I wanted to apologize again.

I have not been completely
honest with you.

Your brother was here
much longer than you were.

We grew close.

Nothing happened.
You must believe this.

We were just fond of each other.

I loved talking to him.

I didn't want him to leave.

I wasn't at the college to
watch him martyr himself.

I pulled a wire...

and thought that he would
just be arrested.

And then we could--
and he would escape.

I stayed to pray.

But by the time I came out,
they'd already shot him.


He just stared.

And all I could do
was turn and run.

He was so proud of you, Samih.

When you see him in
paradise, tell him I'm sorry.

I should not have put myself
ahead of Allah's will.

[music playing]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Samih.

I was just horsing
around before.

Wake up, Samih!

Wake up!

Wake up, Samih.

Wake up!

I didn't mean to push you.
Wake up!

Wake up, Samih!

Thank Allah you are alive.

[music playing]


I'll take Afsa and Grandma
out in a little while.

You better leave in a
little while after us.

And may Allah show you
the path of righteousness.

[protesters chanting]

[music playing]




[music playing]




[both yelling]



TAREK: Yushua!





[music playing]

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