Lipton Cockton in the Shadows of Sodoma (1995) - full transcript

The 21st-century tale centers on taciturn detective Lipton Cockton as he looks into a series of murders involving exploding victims. The main clue in the case is the white halter dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the subway vent scene in The Seven Year Itch. This clue directs Cockton to the highest levels of the super company LTD Prods. But though Cockton tries and tries, he cannot get there and ends up himself blown to smithereens.

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Exploding people!

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This overcrowded city
has recently become -

the scene of a series
of mysterious murders...

As if people had
totally lost their minds -

and were competing
in killing each other

This was the starting-point
of it all and my part in it -

was to turn into something
I had never even dreamed about

This is me,
Lipton Cockton

My original Ugrian name
was Launo Käkkyrä

And this is my Gamecock

A few months ago I got
an urgent call to inspect -

the scene of
the latest mass murder

Lipton Cockton!

Good that you came Cockton!
They closed the whole area...

Took all the evidence... They
claim our authority is terminated...

That we will be transferred...

Do something!
You are one of the best...

Remember that
you are one of us...


You rush in here...
You don't even respect the dead

You are dismissed.
Leave everything untouched

We are the police of northern precinct.
I am the officer in charge

He is Lipton Cockton,
the detective

I am Brand Marlon
from the Federal Police

The case is our
business from now on.

And you Madame...
- What?

You are from this very moment
at my very personal service

And be assured...
that it will be comfortable

I knew it...

A darkie slut...

No! You have no right!

This is our territory!

Lipton Cockton... A personal
name and an expeditious attitude

Here's some evidence for you

All that was left of it

You're acting
under the Federal Police

And take orders
directly from me!

Remember, that your first case
for us may also be your last

I won't take you under my
protection without compensation...

I also demand sacrifices!
- What do you mean?

Unbutton your trousers!

You are mistaken about me

I never make mistakes

Pants down!

Only over this and
my mother's dead body

You have no sense of humour...
Start the investigation

I expect reports
on an hourly basis!

February 14th Valentine's Day.
The same scene again:

A weird superintendent
and a psycho -

who has invented an effective way
of exterminating people

For me, it was only one in a
whole load of similar cases -

during these
endless last months

A pickpocket, I presume...

- Whadda fuck d'ya think you're doin!

In an extremely exhausted mood
I sometimes adopt over-violent methods a consequence
of too long a time -

without sleep and
regular human relationships

Tonight, despite my
orders from top-superiors -

I decided to make
my long time dream a reality

You're on a thief-hunt again?

Many victims under
your mighty member?

Half a bottle
and a mouth spray

A half? 50 good to
have you in the 'hood

The shop hasn't been robbed
since you moved

You clean up this city
like a puss-fucking maggot!

Have I told you
about this mouth spray?

Manufactured by a
diversified company

“LTD Productions - In The
Victorious Way To The Future!"

An institution that owns and sells
everything that improves life!

Oh... are you leaving?
Happy Valentine's Day!

3.30 AM.
On my way home

Seemed like I was
a celebrity in my area

So I decided to make
the Day of Friendship a feast

Mr Cockton!
I recognized your heavy steps

Fuck your pet to death, moron...
- Ass-wipe! Filthy animal!

You don't even respect
the handicapped!

Good old Adolf Kekäläinen had
maintained his spunky Ugrian humour

You're ahead of time!

No, no... This is well
within the agreed schedule

As a freelancer these days you
gotta bust your ass to make ends meet

OK! Spit it out!

Calm yourself!

You aren't delivering
what I ordered!

A thrilling performance isn't
guaranteed. Only an adequate one

I need these thrills!
Not just adequate!

And nothing perverse!

Before making
any further complaints...

Think, that even behind this card
there may be an emotional human being!

Wait! You also have
a package in the mail!

Video stuff. Top secret...
- What!

It's porno!

Of course;
look at this guy!

Under no circumstances was
this fuck-face the professional -

I had requested
from the Mail Order

My innocent plan to spend
the night with a paid companion-

went sour as those
who took my order -

was totally indifferent
to my discreet demands

So, I was left with no choice but
to spend an ordinary evening at home

Fucking rascal!

Now hear this my beloved son.
This is your mother speaking

These are probably
my last words to you

when you hear this...
I'll already be gone

Because you
have ruined my life!

You just fuck
sluts of all tribes

Instead of bringing glory
to our clan - The Cocktons!

Now I leave you this, -

my humble and simple message
to remind you of the woman -

who sacrificed
her life for her son

where are you? You don't visit
your mother anymore!

If you don't come at once...
then don't attend the funeral either!

I know that you too have
problems with yourself

You are just as
miserable in your solitude -

as any living creature in the
middle of all this madness

If you desire information
regarding your latest mission

Well, you know
your way to Silicon Café

Hi barkeep!

I am Lipton Cockton.
Any message for me?

No message for you


A woman was sorry she had to leave...
She left some information:

There is a message for you,
at the Federal Network Bureau

The code word is “Lonely“

where is the host?
Here is a Gamecock

I'll take a whore...

what do you want?

You need fresh meat!
And I need a woman!

You eat shit!
- Eat your own! This is fed on the best!

The most handsome
cock in the village!

And I'm the best!
I fuck them to pieces!

You don't get a cock-burger
out of this!

Cock-shit! Burger with jerky cock lasts!
- For this you barely get Irma...

Irma! I just got
rid of one like that!

Pretzels are included...
- Shit, I'm being fucked all over again

Irma, that dull
piece of duckling

She could die if I humped her!

Shit, I'll crush you Irma...
-Just a moment!

I think we're giving
the bird another chance

See, the animals... and the women
they constitute the salvation -

of this planet

You cannot exploit
them as you please

We're out of here.
Have fun guys...

I withdrew in
a seemingly calm mood -

hoping that my spontaneous outburst
wasn't too noticeable in the bar

I don't know
what had provoked me -

but that strange incident made
me almost forget my actual mission, -

this mysterious caller who might
be my devious murderer...

Something had moved inside me and
I felt a strange sympathy;

Me and my sudden
Valentine Day partner

By the way,
where are you going?

Actually, you can stay also...
Just don't you shit on my coat

Rather surprising, I was expecting
to make music in a totally different way

But this is better...

A friend beats a slut any day!

Fucking son of a bitch!
No reports!

We arrive in this office
expecting some information!

But, no...

There is a message for me...

on, Mr Cockton! All kinds of confusions!
Unpaid bills... this and that...

These machines make too many
mistakes - as if I could afford it!

Start coding
my fucking transfers...

Well, I am a man
and I am a woman

But only one at a time!
So, now you know it too!

Hope to meet
you again soon...

A message...
coded "Lonely"

We are only
extras in our own drama

Nobody wants to be in charge
to take any actual responsibility

Things just happen to us

You know that you protect a lifestyle
which only promotes premature death

Anyhow, you don't
do the opposite!

You are a typical product of this time.
A guardian of self imposed immunity

But your immunity will not save you
from the next humiliation

I'd also like to
ask you a question:

Did you know, that the common
people have to volunteer -

for the most of their lives as
guinea pigs for the corporate world?

I'll give you a clue in order
for you to understand -

how it is to live in the world
you've committed yourself to defend!

“LTD Productions - In The
Victorious Way To The Future!"

And do remember...The final
solution is always at hand

Let it be proven,
in front of your own eyes

Explain yourself!

What were you
doing in there?

I have found out that all the victims
were decent middle class B3 citizens

And by that you mean?

Normal victims of the system
acting just as they are expected to

So there is some crazy dissident...
responsible for all this

An alienated mutant
who is dedicated to -

blowing up common people,
puppets of this system!

And now get out of here

Try to accomplish
something tangible!

This is my place
- I'm expecting you, my son!

Check it out...

If you don't come now,
I will kill myself!

I'll feed my heart
to the dogs

I'll try to be back soon.
It should not take long


Happy Valentine's Day
from Earth

Your tax-fiancee, whose dreams
about great love you destroyed!

Who might you be?
Speak up, be honest

I am detective Lipton Cockton
from the police...

We only accept possible criminal charge
against the corporation in writing

Do you have any search-warrant?
- You have misunderstood me,

I have no charges...
I just want to be a product tester...

I see... Hard times...
even for officials. NEXT!

You are in group Hormones A32
- Hormones?

Yes, you know... red and yellow...
muscles and desires

Aren't they dangerous?
- That's what you're paid for!

Seems fair...
- You can pick up your salary here...

what the...?
- Your first show?

Listen, here we go...

This is where
the mind goes bonkers

what the hell
is going on?

I have gathered material
about all the most horrible stuff...

A hooker might consider this normal.
But who is right?

Wrong decisions have been made
for centuries in the name of humanity!

We belong to the
Union of Test Persons!

A general strike...
And they'll have to use rats again!

We have to get out of here...

Not yet, my friend

We are committed
to stay here for days

So, let's have fun!

You're allowed to
cut loose here...!

My, my. That was some bad stuff.
It gets worse each time!

But in my great condition
you can take it

A positive attitude
and an open mind!

I'm off on a date

Fucking SHIT, Cockton!

You've got
15 seconds sharp -

to get the fuck out of there
and go kick some ass...

Or I will set
your balls on fire!

I see...
Better go somewhere...

If I go to get you those seeds then
at least that thing will be taken care of

You'd better stay here...
One never knows what's out there

By the way...
That tree has to be fixed

February 27th 5.17 AM.
The exploded woman's ideas -

about the multinational
financial conglomerate made sense:

people and business empires
seem to do anything -

to maintain this notion
of a healthy life

But this information did not
advance my investigation, -

and these crimes of exploding
people were still not solved

In order to find some snacks
for the only creature that cared for me -

I headed to the only shop
in my neighbourhood -

just to noticed that my area
had lost its last grocery store

To my total surprise I saw a
familiar character in the shop window

Piss off!

Here it is, a unique
sample of this model

Well, maybe not
this time... So long!

First they poke around and
then they leave without buying!

Mister Cockton,
fancy seeing you here...

I'm sure you wonder
about this change...

We had to change assortment
to take account of the demand...

You see, dreams sell better
than reality these days

First I thought about doing groceries
daytime, sex and violence at night

But now I have realized
that these sell well at any time

Mornings start with hard porno.
Middays we push violence

And towards the night...
we shift to hefty spanking

But... what do you want?
Normality or abnormality?

I'm interested in the model
in the shop window

You mean the blonde?
Would you like to try first?

I beg your pardon?

We have cosy rendezvous-
shacks in the back...

Forget it

I'm interested in the dress.
where did you get the costume?

Please, step over here...

Wait there, so nobody can see...
I will take care of everything...

Trust me...

I see... who are you?

And why are you busting in here?
This is private property!

I am a detective...


Upstairs is a dress that might
belong to a female victim

He is talking about the white
costume in the store window

They are specially designed clothes
which have their own fans

And you don't
seem to be one of them

Fix up this Don Quixote!

No, for God's sake!
I am a police officer!

I was full of hate, and
barely able to cool myself

I had never allowed anything to
affect my professional conduct

But now I felt
that this was the limit

My immunity
had been violated

The sex products shop was connected
to the killings, to say the least

I decided to report this to my
superior and drag him into the action

Now we needed fire power!

So, what news
do you have for us?

The world is changing...

It is becoming
a really dangerous place

You may be right
but so far on the wrong track

I have bumped into
the clothes of the dead...

I suggest making a major bust
on a certain sex products store

You are far too excited.
Explain to him, Pony...

Yes, I am detective
Kent Lumumba...

what the hell!

And I am Edgar Hampton,
researcher of Internal Affairs

Despite your prejudices we constitute
the board of the Police Pension Fund

You can never trust the institution...
So we had to secure our future

We do business!

Incidentally, we are specialized
in dead merchandize

As you know,
death is hot!

So there is nothing
strange about this

Bodies build business

Go, you have nothing more
to give us

And stay out of the way...

Or you will have to deal
with me... personally

How could I have believed that
all I had committed my life to -

would turn out to be a lie

In my mission to protect mankind
I had only been supporting criminals

The city had
gone out of control...

There was no illusion anymore
of anyone taking responsibility

I was exactly in the same
position as this cock:

The world didn't seem to give
any room for us anymore...

You stink
like chicken shit

Or is that some perfume
from the cheap slut of yours?

Is somebody living with you?
I know somebody is over there

why don't you answer me?

My duty is to
warn you, my son

Desire, women...the most deceitful
forces plot to destroy you

That way will mess
everything up for you

Beloved son... wait...

Be strong and suffer

And one day
you'll meet a girl -

who you'll know is
the right slut to lie on

You with this sense of humour
will be dealing with my Luger...

who was it?

Shouldn't have
left you alone

From now On we are one...

Watch out...
if you try to separate us!

What are you here for?
- We couldn't reach you, faggot

Not even through message automation,
intuition and parapsychology

Your life is not worth anything anymore.
So you've got to choose your side...

That's why I'm here...
and the cock in the oven

The boss' symbolism,
do you see...

I don't get it
- Get it or get lost!

The boss says your worst problem is...
wrong kind of humanity -

and compassion for the weak

He's got an offer,
more useful to you than death

So here I am...

You don't know me,
but if you wish to continue...

You know the way
to Apocalypse Gallery

I am Lipton Cockton...

Is that your pet?

No, just a country cousin

who was this woman
featuring an ancient celebrity?

And what was her plan?

For me it was clear that
he was the key to my solution

So, sincerely my strategy was
to make her reveal her secrecy

I'll give you some free advice
to honour shared moments

You cannot drive around filthy
like this - not even in this bean

Dutiful citizen
gets robbed, or what?

300 German marks...
Or the double in dollars

And the shield will shine
like your mothers eye

My mothers eye
was always... black

Let it stay shitty...
to honour my mother

You are fucking cheap!
Normally we take it all

And you seem to be
a pretty lonely missy

One that nobody misses...
More than a dead body pisses...

where are you heading?

towards the end!

To a more romantic

Did you think, that a real man
functions only in romantic situations?

I mean, the more exciting the place,
the more there is to enjoy

And in this rush we are not going
to make it to Mount Everest...

Forgive me mother!

You already know
what I want

It all started -

when multinational corporations
decided to bring in religious themes -

in their product development
and marketing

what about LTD Productions...

And the exploitation
of human beings?

That's just a small
piece of this puzzle

Through it,
we can understand more...

The solution is however
to be found elsewhere...

Hell, tell me more about it...

Or the fun stops here!
- What do you mean?

That I would not like to kill you
for wanting my cock!

A long time ago a group
of progressively minded people -

decided to save this planet...
A mini version of Genesis was created

Go on!

Its agenda was
a kind of a game...


Finally I saw everything clearly.
I understood how my idea -

of life worth living and
recent events are connected

Having already
experienced death once -

I was now approaching
the stage of my final solution

As there were different
visions of the meanings of life -

there also were different
goals of this existence

And now the alternatives
were taking shape to me:

Life for death...
or death for life

Isn't it so, that we would all
like to see the hero survive -

only with some bruises...

And that we would all
like this to happen in life -

based on dreams which may
turn to rotting cadavers

No future events
are yet consummated

what will come
remains in your hands...

Just as I am shaping
the fate of the future

Our choices are not
of small importance

Because when we leave this earth
we will sit there silent -

crying over all
what we have done to it.

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