Lili Marleen (1981) - full transcript

In Switzerland German singer 'Willie' falls in love with Jewish composer 'Robert' who offers resistance to the Nazis by helping refugees. But his family thinks that 'Willie' is also a Nazi and may be a risk for them. One day 'Willie' helps 'Robert' but has to stay in Germany. As Willie starts to sing the song 'Lili Marleen' she becomes very famous and every soldier hears that song via radio at 8 pm. Although even Hitler wants to meet her she still does not forget 'Robert' and helps to smuggle photos of concentration camps to the free Switzerland. When 'Robert' wants to visit her he is captured he can finally get free again but he will never see Willie again until war is over.

1938, Sweden.

Lili Marleen's story began here.

This song sounds like an anthem.

All the people in Europe were deeply affected.

What's wrong with your stomach?

I'm so hungry.

You don't eat anything.


Maybe someone calls us to pay back money.


Your friend.

It's Mr.Long.


How about you these days?

Go and find quickly.

Just one night.

Three nights.

I have something to tell you.

I will be out for a while.

There are two with Acseprut and one with Mihan.


Do you understand?

Help me.

All things change since he has appeared.

Go travel.

Waiting for the passport.

It will be soon.

Please give me another cup.

Do you connect with Robert?

Not yet.

Mr.Long's phone here.

It is really not the correct time.

What's the matter?

The password is wrong.

Will you go?

I'll go.

I know it from him.


Before leaving.

Please wait for seconds.

What's the matter?

Are you Robert's friend?

I'm his father.


My name is Billy.

I think.

We are not good friends yet.

I'm so worried about you since you came back so late.


I feel so bad like something in breast.

You know what he went to do?

You haven't to be so worried.

Then I go now.

Robert, you are late.

Chritovki caught.

Where are those books?

In the bag.

Leave Florida to Berlin quickly.

Where do you live?

Keep in touch.

You should be careful.

Thanks, and thanks to your father.

Thank you for taking care of me.

This is what my father likes to do.

We need money though it is dirty.

She is really a good girl.

She is erogenous.

And sings well.

What's the matter?

You often come here. Please sit down.

Are you Germany?

Why are you in Switzerland?

I feel good on the stepping-stone, specially international.

Do you think that is something international?

Don't you think so?

Because of many international rogues there?

International rogues?

Immigrants, like the Jew and the Gypsy.

Let us dance together.

This is really a shrewd country.

Compared with Berlin.

We refer Germany only when talking about artists with great achievement.

How are you?

What did you see?

Those man who likes the theater.

Is he the superviser?

He is well talented.

I will help you if you come to Germany.

Hotel.Doputa, the 124th room.

What s your name?


I have many friends here.

It will be good if I have so many friends in Germany too.

Let us meet again in this road show.

I must be leaving now.

One hundred and twenty thousands Deutsche Mark. This gem worths five hundred thousands.

Take it to the bank tomorrow.

Do you have the key?



Robert, I want you to explain it to me.

Come here.

You must obey my order.


I have made an appointment with her.

What is the appointment?

I said I would tell her when I come back.

She is my girlfriend.

What did you tell her?

I rescued the Hebrew.

He forged a passport in Gremany.

And also took out the property of the Jew.

Too uncanny.

Why are you so hostile to her?

What did you tell her except that you are Gremany?

It is enough.

Aren't these the First impressions?

I can not ensure tat.


In case she blow the gaff?

It dosen't matter.

What's the matter?

We will marry her.

Robert, listen carefully.

We don't think that she is a bad girl.

But it's the specail time now.




The new Western-style clothes suits the new tie.

Why do you look upset?

We are going to get married.

How do you get your cost of living?

You should have some savings.


I want a scarf.

You are so bad.

I want to eat something before go to work. I'm hungry.

I'm preparing.

Your father.

What is the matter with him?

Though I don't like him.

He is affable.

You distort the truth.

He is someone with taedium vitae.

He beliefs that there will be a war.

I don't want to talk about Politics.

What do you want to talk about?

You still will go there.

Take me with you.

No need, it's too dangerous.

You will be more dangerous if you go alone.

Father will not let you do that.

I will persuade him anyway.

I want to watch around you.

I'm only a German.

but you are a pure Asian-African-Latino.

Your father will understand the reason.

¡°Business pausing now¡°

I will not come here if there is a ferment.


Don't you know?

I have just arrived.

All the Jew's shops are unter attack.

Even the church.

On the street there are pieces of glass everywhere.

What about you?

My engagement.

I'm so sorry because of that reason.

I will request father to do.

Thanks. Where is the passport?

It's really beautiful.

My hands are full of luggage. Can you help me?

Because there is an eudemon beside you.

Take the templet with you.

My son.

I disguise because of self-defence.

Here are one hundred and twenty thousands Deutsche Mark.

Do you remember?

Remember to come back eraly. Let him go out with you.

Please stop.


Is it Mr.Bentabikerly?

Please come with me.

Shou me the passport.

Sorry, there is an injunction here to banish you.

You are not allowed to enter.

You bastard!

When you were in Switzerland.

You suffered a lot of debts, right?

That's why banish you.

In our counter, We are strict with problems about money.

Please come back to Germany.

No method.

There are still one hundred meters.

Tomorrow we will make an agreement.

We will enter the counter before evening.

I'm so worried.

There is no big problem.

Look at the watch. Now is 23 past 11.

Tomorrow I will take you here at 4.

Good night.

Good night, see you tomorrow.

It will be 4.

You must come.

It's father's job. It's not very good.

I will come with Billy.

Then I will collect her due bill.

How much money?

If then, I really have no method.

This matters lives.

Where is the due bill?

I can pay back the money for you.

let me think carefully.

You are lying! You said 4.

What's the matter?

Billy is so bad. Two or three days past.

Because he is working in the department.

And we must collect 6800 francs.

6800 francs? It seems not so many debts.

It will be so many in all.

He said so.

It's true.

But you have not to be worried.

I will help you.

Let me contact with someone first.

I am still tender.

Act as I tell you and it will be right.


What's the matter?


Consulate of Switzerland.


Don't let me enter?

It will be OK if you apply more times.

But you need a job first.


I think we can not meet there.

Please remember.

I saw it in news.

There will not be so great deed.

You look more beautiful.

Perhaps the atmosphere suits me here.

You just come talking with me when I'm confused.

I want you to help me.

And don't let others know.

Something like that.

Hei, Hei, Who is it?

Oh, it's Hank.

There are female singers here.

They are singing in the presidio.

Can I meet them?

I ensure that they are talented.

They suit your shop very well.

Are they Asians?

If they are, you need not to recommend them.

It seems to be the drama time now.


I won't joke if I don't receive the correlative order.

I won't joke if I don't receive the correlative order.

Anyway, please forgive me.

I will introduce some new people promising to you.

Tonight there will be some young girls singing.

The composer who the president enjoyed.

To melodize.

Hanslap writes the words.

He wrote this poem 20 years ago.

It is a story about two women who are befooled.


I don't hear before.

Please talk loudly.

From then the age began to change.

And Germany changed a lot.

The song of the war.

I must enjoy again.

You can not change? I want to see you.

It will be afflictive if we cao not meet.

I said like this too.


This is so beautiful.

I wish you succeed.

From tonight I will sing too.

Let us.

Arouse the young singer.

I love you only.

So I promise you that I will never sllep with other girls.


I will request you to do something about the songs.

At the lampstandard before the barracks.

The light is still on.

Let us meet there.

I will hold you in the arm tightly.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

The two shadows become one.

That is the shadow of lovers.

What a silly guy.

The foot bends.

The voice is so bad.

Silence, I can not hear the song.

What did you do?

Don't be so arrogant in others' country.

Be silence.

Why crying?

I feel despaired that such thing happened the first day.

There are still many chances.

Try to say something.

It't quite amazing that you feel despaired.

There are something affects people in that song.

Make disk.

Make disk.

I will help you.

What't the matter?

Do you need to be so amazed?

I got this job with your help.

I really agree with you.

But your father...

This organization is much important than my father.

The organization needs many hands.

Go to Minhan.

I want to see her.

I love her very much. I really want to know why.

What side does she stand?

Do the last charpter again.

There are still some disks here.

The reason why the disk without salability.

Because here "In the night fog" is not good enough.

It should be more sentient.

Something like this formerly?


You are right.

OK, take the tape back.

First Tasna and then Billy.

Put more sentiment into it.

Much more sentiment.


Are you fine?

It's dangerous.

That Hanklu is a bad guy.

What's the matter? It's still good in the midway.

It's been 8 hours and it doesn't complete yet.

It's already 6 in the morning.

I'm tired out too.

Sorry, I don't feel well.

Let us rest for ten minutes.

Go out for the fresh air.

News at 6.

"Our force began to attack in the dawn"

Anyway we must complete the recording.

Rest later.

"It's time to show our strength to the world."

Where is he?

Waiting outside.

Be careful when go there.

I want to go too, Mum.

You must care your health.

It's dangerous.


The war has just begun.

Do you still love me?

If you can not hear, do you understand those things?

I know.

But I want to understand clearly.

What side do you stand on earth?

Stand with you.

So long as I'm alive I will stand with you.

Though I want to live.

But sometimes I can not choose the lifestyle.

Billy, let us begin. There is no time.


When set out?

About tomorrow.

Thanks for your care.

You are welcome.

Weather you or you mother.


We go now.

Be in good spirit.

It's so lamentable that wo should find son here.

I have something to say.

Drink something.

I'm working now.

You needn't work here.

All for money.

6800 francs is not a samll sum of money.


It's mother's birthday.

It's really sad if you don't come.

Please come.

I feel embarrassed as you came from far away.

Really thanks.

Your son?

I must leave for a while.

Come frequently if you have time.

Are you content?


Where is mother?


Let me introduce my oldfriends to you.

My son, Robert, is warped.

This is Doctor Claup and his daughter Millam.

The friends in childhood?

We know eachother when use diapers.

How lovely.

No, we show-off since childhood.

The competition in childhood.

It isn't.

I am content with him now.

I am content with him now.

Excuse me, do you have cigarette?

You can abstain from smoking if you insist.

The disk doesn't sell well.

The song is good, but the time is not good.

All things are not certain now.

What means clear?

Things don't make you associate with death.

You sing too easily.

The accompaniment is too fast.

This is the demand of the new song.

I want to sing weightily and with depression.

It's important to be in fashion now.

It will be easy when you have your moment.

I don't want to die for war.

Go to patrol, two in a group.

You can do that if you make sure that you will not be caught by corps.

You can also make groups as you like.

BUt, I want the accompaniment to be slower.

"Our force has occupied Berkla"

This is the army broadcasting station in Berkla.

Let me read this letter.

From Marry.loui in Benchbruke.

To crackajack corps in Nalupik.

And to senior captain Hans in Benjchi.

From mother in the old sod.

To the lieutenant in Larido.

Assist, there isn't.

There are only 54 disks on the hand.

Yep, we have try all the methods.

What? Now is broadcasting.

Crackajack corps Lidila are on the way back.

The assignment is completed.

Where did you steel it?

From the broadcasting station.

You are so silly.

Isn't it forbidden?


Welcome. This is the collector's, take a look at it.

"The Lili.Marleen for young sentinels"

The radio is playing the young sentinels' song.


At the lampstandard before the barracks.

The light is still on.

Let us meet there.

I will hold you in the arm tightly.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

The two shadows become one.

That is the shadow of lovers.

Show it to all.

Let us meet there.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

That is the bray means turning off the light, the friends are calling.

The storehouse 3 days later.

Though we will say goodbye here.

But I want to stay with you.

Uncle, Aunty.

Hi, Milliam.

When do you announce your affiance?

We are all waiting.

No matter where I am.

I always think about your lips.

In the night fog.

Under that light.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

See you again, Lili.Marleen.

Try to read.

You'd better come back, the situation is not good.

The postman said that the mails are too many to deliver.

All the mails are kept long in stock in the Postoffice.

It suits Lili.Marleen.

This is the result of augury.

The letters are in a heap.

Could you lend me the phone?

Let your son sign here later.

Civilization office.

I think you have not to be too worried.

Calm down.

I always do things in fear and trembling.

Calm down.

There are not so many things to worry in fact.

There are also not reasons to be blamed.

Wait please.

Oh, Billy.

I can not wait.

you stay here.

We haven't see eachother for a long time.

Take out the time at last.

Are you worried about anything?


Only the Civilization office's strick name.

It will be amazed if called.

That's right.

But perhaps it will not be so strict like we think.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you again.

I also want to celebrate the success.

I know that you are talented.

It's me that realize your talent.

What about having supper together Saturday?

There is a dance in The Stratocracy office.

What about Sunday?

I will have dinner with Marshal Beyabaluto.

Can't you leave one night for me?

Many friedns came now.

It's quite usual as a popular singer.

The fortune comes and I will not let it go.

It's good to have your moment little by little.

And I hope that the misery will not come along.


What's happened?

You should know.

How can I know?

The beautiful words are said first.

6 millions generals and soldiers in our country.

Listen to your songs in the radio everynight.

6 millions?


I can not belief that.

It's true.

On the battlefront from Arctic circle to Africa.

Listen every night.

6 millions...

But there is one thing you don't know.

Someone suggeatd forbidding your songs.

They said that it is not the song to arouse the soldiers.

But the songs are without crime.

The songs have something informing indeed.

BUt also have something not informing.

Someone noticed that.

Do you think so?

The propagandists think so...

If there are sany accidents during the playing.

Stop playing immediately.

This is confused.

If I refuse to have dinner with the marshal.

Can you help me?

What do you say? The two things don't matter.

I'm glad to see you again.


Something serious?


Then I leave now.


Before leave here.

What's the matter, Stolilo?

The president.

He want to see Lili.maeleen.


They will have tea together tomorrow noon.

Hiltla and Cbreau have different interests.

As a female.

How should I greet the president?

President Harlau.

President Harlau.President Harlau.

I'm Robert.Hoffman.

July 11th, 1907

Born in Laribu.

Laribu...I'm a piano teacher.

My mother's name is Josephen and My father's name is Aristo.

My mother's name is Josephen.

My father's name is Aristo.

I studied in Xutato School.

What's the matter?

Nothing. I Only feel worried about the possible failure.


A lovely child in spite of disguise.

Why can't the others ?

he is familiar with berlin and is a strong man.

And already considered my business.


I came back safely at 4th August.

Perhaps it's your interest.

All things unite.

The house is presented by the president.

How miraculous!

you don't need think too much.

Who asked about my interest?

Something are necessary to investigate.

Hooray! Good cards!

We will earn money from now on.

With you, Lili.Maeleen.


We make it.

We climb high.

Very, very high.

Above the sky.

We will earn money.

From now on.

With you, Lili.Marleen.

Now say like this.

We have no talent.

Oh, that?

Your thought is strange.


Cheer for your bad reputation.

What a beautiful night.

Just tonight?

So this would not happen evey night.

Where is her number?

I cannot find it in the phone book.

I don't think it's a good idea to meet each other.

I want the truth.

I also understand your feeling.

She dated with a Nazi magnate.

The life is wonderful.

Vested interest.

She seemed to be happy for this.

Everyone will misunderstand this.

Including you.

All will.

The soldiers on the front line and the lovers on the rear line.

The song is full of confidence and will be kept forever.

The lampstandard in front of the barracks.

The light is still on until now.

We will meet there.

I will hug you closely.

Bye bye, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Bye bye, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

The shadows of two people become united.

That's the lovers' shadow.

Show that to the people.

We will meet there again.

Bye bye, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Bye bye, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

It's the horn for the light off, and the friends are shouting.

ÖØÓª²Ö was late for three days.

Though we say good-bye here,

I want to be with you.

Be with you, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Be with you, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

I know your steps.

The lasting light in front of the barracks.

I am worrying about you faraway.

Who are you with now?

My beloved ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

My beloved ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.



Count on you.

¡°ÑÅÑ˲¼ Manor¡°

±ÈÀû, nice to meet you.

Get a picture for us.

Look this way.

I have been looking hardly.

ºº¿Ë³ officer, you are welcome.

I'm not feeling good.

Does your elbow still hurt?

I've got aspirin.

My headache is worse.

I'm sorry I cannot help you, and let me show you out.

Ok, I think it will be fine if I take more walk.

Dont't be nervous, good night.

He's still stubborn.

We follow him.


This is ·¨À¼Ë¹»ù.


Call backup.

Are you OK? Though you like adventures, this is too dangerous.

I want to be finished soon.


Your life is in danger.

It will be safe if I'm with you.

What do you mean? Why are you saying 'safe'?

You will be award of that.

But you are the lucky symbol of Nazi regime.


But I just sing.

I heard you have many powerful friends.

They are the Nazi magnates.

What does that mean?

Do you want to know?

Yes, I do.

You think it well.

They are just my good friends.

Only friends?

You have dated with the singers.

If you reject, you will be suspicted.

I think the date is perfect, and you are in the happiness of the success.

You can say that.

So you just see the fucking behaviors of those bastarders?

That's the war. It was before the war.

That doesn't matter with the war.

Even in the internal country the horrible things happened.

I dont't know.

I just sing.

You come finally, I thought there would be only me here all night.

I'm Jew.

I know that earlier.

In Germany Jew will not be treated like a man.

I like you.

I want to be with you.

I love you.

What shall we do?

Let me see your ID.

In fact the situation is not bad.

The trivia costs much time.

Who are you?


Is it your real name?

What's your real name?

My real is just what I said.

If it's so that will be OK.

What are you doing?

I'm on the journey.

I want to stay at the Palace ÑÅÑË.

All right.

You will be with that woman soon, right?

Many women have come.

They are all famous.

Who will be responsible for that?

They are the women who cannot be possessed by the normal guys.

Without any ability without success.

And then?

It's time to let °¢Áú know something.

Want more?

No, I'm enough.

When I was caught,

I took nothing and so...

...some time will be necessary to ID.

Who are you with?

With her.

I think you might forget something happened several years ago.

This is ·¨À¼Ë¹»ù.

She got on a black car.

He was caught after meeting with you.

Hey, it's the secret police of Nazi who did that.

Then I will really...

...and have to suspect you.

If I had done this, I would have come here today.

If you don't believe me,

I also want to believe you with my best.

Why stop?

The master wants the car.

he seems to have some words with you.

I'm so glad to see you...

...though it is dangerous.

I want to believe you as ÂÞ²®ÌØ.

Have you heard of what °¢ÎÚ±È×È had said?

In Poland the Jew are cruelly killed.

I want the truth.

I want you to collect the evidence.

You can ask the soldiers on the front.

Now the personal journey to Poland is forbidden.

It should be effective.

If you say you want to condole the soldiers with the war,

you will get permission immediately.

Because of him?

Of course.

I want you to do me a favor.

I want to know your name.

Please stop the car.

Can you tell me your name?


It's still on the investigation.

There is really not a person named ÂÞ²®ÌغɷòÂü.

That man died of accident three years ago.

There is only one way now.

Normal woman?

If there is the permission from the head.

Yes, this is the report.



This is the day to celebrate.

Today is the birthday of our great leader-the president.

Let's say happy birthday to the President.

For our respective president.

Let's celebrate!

One more!

Where are you going?

You knew that.

No, I didn't.

It will be dangerous if the film is found.

You look very uncomfortable.

Are you really all right?

There is no one that can help me except you.

You are welcome.

You must be careful.

And look for a safe and secret place.

»ª¶û×̲¨ÁÕ, than you.

Stop! It seems not right.

You stop!

±ÈÀû seems to hold back something.

Be quiet.

ÀòÀò·ëÁ« will be on again.

Where to go now?

I don't feel comfortable.

Does your head still hurt?

No, it's ok now.

I'm been looking...

I'm sorry...

Let's exchange the partner.

Come on, exchange and dance!

The house is different.

It's not like what she has said.

±ÈÀû is my fiance.

If you are rude to me he won't forgive you.

You are so brave.

The environment is different.

Wait a second, let me shou you something.

Don't waste the time.

OK, this way please.

What's this for?

It's the physical inspection.

The vaccine won't be necessary because I've already had that.

Tell ´ó×ô if you have any disagreement.

Come, closer.



Take care of the film.

Trust me.

This kind of physical inpsection has just begun.


It's delivered from ²éÀí.

What's the name?


Oh. I see.

OK, leave it to me.


We are all waiting, and we can go back to Berlin tomorrow?

Has the work on the front been finished?

I want you all to continue with your work on the front.

This is the order.

Order? What for?

I've said that all of us are eager to go back.

But ´ó×ô has the requirements.

That means..

...the order.

Ëþ˹ÄÇ has to go with the army.

To the East Line.

"The relationship between you and the Jew Îıß·˹..."


"The man who you were with at that night..."

"We don't know his name"

"He is the officer of government"

"I think it suitable not to publish his name."

Are you done?

Sign here please.

Thak you all.

I think there won't be any problems.

Sorry to keeo you waiting.

I seem.. have seen you somewhere.

You saw me in the newspapaer.


Would you mind if I smoke?

Ah, I remember.

You are ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

The singer ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Nice to meet you.



Of course.

Even the president likes you.

You have become an actress.

You act great!

Îıß·˹, you've got a single cell.

Come on.

Let's go back.

You will be in the blacklist from now on.

It's great to be welcomed.

This won't be needed.

It's time to go now.

Do you know where to go?

Maybe to search for the landmine on the East Line.

Your finger is sensitive.

Don't go to that dangerous place, OK?

There will be no one to protect you.

So is with you.

We cannot lose.


Almost forget to take the card.

Let me give you a send-off.

No, thanks.


Is there such a place?

Still the front line.

It doesn't matter.

How are you?

You two should help each other and take care of yourselves.

I know.

Then let's go.

Take care of everything.

You too.


...go together.

How about ÀòÀò?

Don't sing.

That song has been forbidden.

Don't sing that song.

That song has been forbidden.

Stop, that song has been forbidden.

I really want to kill him.

Don't say anything before the end.

There are some people who has answered.

Are there only four people?

What's wrong?

One by one.

How about my son?

I want to say something first.

It's the film.

It's so important that you must have made one copy.

But don't forget that the hostages are on my hands.

Small parts of people should be delivered at scheduled times.

Don't publish the film.

We'll meet in six months.

You should take 100 people here in 3 months.

You must be dreaming, and only 5 or 6 people can be taken every time.

There will be no problem if that's so.


How about my son?

Group One can come now.

All is done.

Group two.

Let me blow it down.

Bend down!

Why did you do this?

I cannot stand any more.

Cannot stand.

Where is ±ÈÀû?

Been watched.

He's caught and wants to commit suicide.

That will be the trouble and we must get there before him.


Broadcast the news.

You did this to save her.

From Berlin.

It doesn't matter.


It seems it's »ª¶û×̲¨ÁÕ who said this.

He ony can do this to save her.

Let some people go to London.

Why does he want to save such a woman?

I quietly...

...turn in the film.

If he knew this...

...he would not marry me.

I don't think so.

Please forgive me.

For you and all the people.

That will be fine.

There is the plane to London.

We go together!

What? It is broadcasting now.

Let me broadcast.

I will tell all the German soldiers.

"The singer Called ÀòÀò·ëÁ«"

...was killed in the forced penitentiary.


He told that to the German soldiers in the broadcast.

Wherever you are,

You will hear the "ÀòÀò·ëÁ«" every night.

Listen to the radio for the free soldiers.

Heard of that.

All is out of my imagination.


We should beat back soon.

This report is for you.

It's really tough.

I came to see you representing for the government.

Sorry to keeo you worrying.

We are all shocked.

Go to declare the announcement as the originated version.

When will today's news conference be held?

This is the propagandism of the Jew to be against Germany.

Here to clearify...

...all the lies.

"The singer named ÀòÀò·ëÁ«"

Who died in the penitentiary.

The lies broadcasted from the radio station in the London.

They are all despicable lies.

This is the chance to show the loyalty to the country and the president.

I want you to sing a song for me.

If I said no?

You seem not to menace me... the enemy said.

I have the moment that I dare not sleep.

But now the fear becomes less.

Let me tell you.

ÂÞ²®ÌØ has been sent back to Switzerland.

ÂÞ²®ÌØ? Really?

You should feel more refreshed now?

I cannot believe it.

I got the phone connected for you.

You'd better make sure of that yourself.

I'm ±ÈÀû.

ÂÞ²®ÌØ, is that you?

ÂÞ²®ÌØ, it's really you.

You're still alive.

I'm all right too.

It's true.

When is the good time to sing?

How about tonight?

I'm afraid not.

This is the order from the officer.

Be happy.

The light should be tuned a little dark.

ºº¿Ë³´ó×ô, I have a question.

When will the broadcast begin?

Normally at 10:03 pm.


"Tonight the broadcast is held by the Berlin German Broadcast."

"It is transfered from the crowded gym center."

"The 211 Hope Musical Concert for German Soldiers"

"The songs will be broadcasted this time every night"

"There must be the song by ÀòÀò·ëÁ«"

The light in front of the barrack.

The light is still on until now.

We will meet there again.

I will hug you closely.

Once more, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Once more, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

It's the horn friend who is calling.

The barrack which is late for three days.

Though we have to say goodbye here...

...yet I still want to be with you.

Be with you, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Be with you, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

The shadows of two people become one.

This is the shadow of lovers.

Let all the people see.

Let us meet again under that street lamp.

Bye bye again, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Bye bye again, ÀòÀò·ëÁ«.

Wherever I am.

I will miss your lips.

In the dark fog...

Under the street light...

Heard of that?

It's our man.

Come over here.

It's the enemy.

"All the German army"

"and the ones commanded by the other German officers"

"including the headquarter of Red Army"

"the headquarter of the United Army"

"Today to declare the surrender without any condition."

"Today to declare the surrender without any condition."

When did they declare?


What did you say?

What's the suitable time to hide?

It's too early to check in.

You don't believe me.

They all came at that moment including »ª¶û×Ȳ¨ÁÕ.

They can provide us the useful evidence.

I knew someone was killed here.

When did that happen?

In 1928, it's almost 29 years.

Before the Nazi took the regime.

The lover killed the woman.

It was really amazing.

Where did that happen?

In the front of the fallen tree.

This case was written into a novel at that time.

Nore specifically.

I don't know more.

I didn't read that novel either.

Do you still love me?

The person like me.

What do you mean?

I mean just as before.

May I kiss you?

One more kiss only.


You'd better go to his home.

To ÂÞ²®ÌØ's home.

±ÈÀû, long time no see.

I'm fine.

How about ÂÞ²®ÌØ?

Right, I wonder when he became so famous.

It's a long story.

It's great.

It's ¼Î¶Ù¸ç³.

Mr ±ÈÀû, I always want to see you.

This is my wife Ã×Àö°¢Ä·.

Where is ±ÈÀû?

He's gone back.

It's great.

One more.

±ÈÀû, where are you going?