Life Risking Romance (2016) - full transcript

A detective fiction authoress makes a lot of romantic and funny stories with a criminal police and a fascinating sweet guy when she traces a serial killer,





What do we do now?

Chop it up.

Torso at work,

and bury the head in the front yard.

It’ll be cathartic seeing
the head every morning.

Ms. Byeon, that’s a killer idea.

But it’d be a bit wasteful

just to chop it up.

Is there another way?


Did you hear something?

Who are you?!

Stay back!

Hey, Jane!
What are you doing here?!


Police! Freeze!

You’re under arrest
for murder and…

The interior fits the crime novel
publisher’s office.

This doll is so lifelike.

Sergeant, what are you doing?

This is for our best writer.

No pictures please.

She’s Korea’s Conan Doyle,
Ms. Byeon So-jeong.

It was a simulation
to understand a killer.

It’s crucial for a writer to
become one with the character.

And a pseudo-writer sees it
and makes a false report.

You thought I was
having an affair with her?

And plot to kidnap and
kill my wife for insurance?

I’m asking just in case...

Did you tell my wife?

I don’t believe it!

Jane, I’m gonna sue you!

She’s not a writer,
she hasn’t published in years!

Your hands.

She won’t flee, no need cuff her.

No way, she’s a town nuisance,
a serial false reporter!

- Cuff her feet too.
- Huh? Town nuisance?

Hey, honey.

A suspect farted,
it was like diarrhea gas.

Sorry, you were eating?

Get in.

He’s coming,
look sad.

You were caught red-handed,
that’s 3 years!

If you weren’t a contractual writer!

I’ll repay you with a great book.

Forget it!

If you don’t bring me an idea in a month,

first draft in 6 months,
published in 1 year,

I’ll really sue you
for breach of contract!

We signed so long ago!

I don’t even want a bestseller,
just bring one good idea!

You report a butcher shop
for selling human meat,

a tattoo artist for being in a gang.

Keep it up and you’ll be
forced out of town!


And go to a clinic,
it’s really bad.

For reporting a potential suspect?

No, your fart!

It’s irritable bowel syndrome for sure!

I just need to write a book!
It’s stress-related.

I don’t have any ideas, not one!

Hey, Jane.

I was actually thinking about that.

Mind your business
and catch the serial killer.

That’s what I’m referring to!

Base your new book on
the Itaewon serial killer.

The case is open,
so it’s media-friendly.

Go on.

Let’s go camping
over the long weekend.

We can come up with great ideas!

- Camping?
- Yeah.

Why pay money
to be a homeless?

And why should I go with you?

Who else then? Huh?

A man who looks stylish in a suit,

full lips that’s perfect for kissing.

Your perfect man doesn’t exist.

But you’re not it.


Where you going?
You got a report to fill!

Could you do it for me?

Not this time!

I’ve been doing that for you.

You're cuffing me
enough times today.

Ms. Han, stop right there!
That’s enough.

Please stop.

Buddy! Can’t you do it for me?!

Hey, Jane Han!

They have a weird relationship.

Stop that thief!
Handcuff thief!

‘Thief’? That’s too much!

A man who looks stylish in a suit,

full lips that’s perfect for kissing

Your perfect man doesn’t exist.

He's right here...

Who the hell?

Let go of her!

Let her go!

Let go of her!

Who the hell are you?!

Can anyone tell me
what's going on here?

I just wanted to help.

I thought you were
chasing a criminal.

No, you have done nothing wrong.

That was all our fault.

Anyway, I apologize.

What the heck is he saying?

Just say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’.

Sorry, thank you.

Me too.

There goes your chance.

Here comes insecurity.

Shut it.

I’m jealous,
she met her perfect man.

Lord, if you allow us to meet again,

I’ll attend church regularly.

You startled me.

Was I in your way?

Are you…

Hur Jong-gu?

You are him!

How do you know my name?

Well, where do I know you from?


I… I’m sorry.

I mistook you
for a church friend.

Anyone home?!

Sher Lok

House at the end of alley!

I found Hur Jong-gu!

Could you look the other way?



What now?
You got a report to write.

Hur Jong-gu,
2 larceny convictions,

expert at fleeing.

I’m sorry, she’s a bit…

Sir, please calm down!

Put the knife down and let’s talk.


- Stop right there!
- Hey!

Hey! Hey!

You could’ve died
if it wasn’t me.

You didn’t even know him.

At least remember names
on the wanted posters.

By the way,
why’s there a suitcase?

Suitcase in a vacant house
could only mean a body.

There’s nothing to see here,
please head back home.


No problem, no problem.
Come back home!

Go back home, you idiot!

You bastard!

Salute! On duty!
Nothing to report!

I’ve had it with you!
Is this nothing?!

Then why the hell
am I here?!

- We’ll rectify!
- You call yourself a cop?

You let a suspect to flee
and tamper with evidence?!

What a stupid moron!

3-month suspension or a transfer to the province,

take your pick!

This is CBL’s Yum Chul-ho!

I’m at the scene,
where third body was found,

and the police declared
Hur as the prime suspect,

and sent out a national APB.

Itaewon Serial Killing Case.

Victims were naked inside
a suitcase in vacant homes.

They were strangled with
a unique belt buckle.

Victims exhibit no signs of
resistance or sexual assault.

If they did not resist,

it’d only mean
they felt at ease with him.

Are you serious?!
Damn you, Windows 98!

Don’t kill me…


Emergency Dispatch,
hello again, Ms. Jane Han!

A woman is being murdered.

Very good, you sound drunk.
You should hit the sack.

Please stop calling!

It’s for real!

Hello? Hello?

A woman is dying!


He never answers
when it’s urgent!

Fine, no one will believe me?

Can I really catch a killer?

Food leaflet, you bastard!

Jane, what are you doing?


Jane, come on out!

She’s not answering at all.

Are you nervous?

Just sleep with her already.
Get out of the friend zone.

Tonight’s the chance,
birthday is a weakness.

One kiss is your ticket
out of the friend zone.

Stay out of my affairs!


Friends don’t have
each other’s keys.



Jane, wake up!

Dude, perform CPR,
give it a go.

Open airway, check breath!

I don’t think she’s breathing.

2 rescue breaths!

No, no!

Your chance is slipping!


Chest compresses.

Right on her boobs?

Serial killing in progress!

Killer lives upstairs!

I have to up there
before the evidence is gone.

Let go of me first!

Strangulation and the luggage,
it’s the same method.

You only heard it.

But I’m 100% sure!

Nobody’s home!

Traces of the combination
should still be there.

You idiot! We can’t enter
without a warrant!

A warrant?

Warrants aren’t given away
as birthday presents.

Happy birthday, Jane!

Who still uses Windows 98?


Sher Lok-Han!
I’m so moved!

You should stop reporting
and start writing.

Yeah, Jane.

It’s not right this time.

You mean,
it’s not this time either.

You douchebags!


I’m sure this time!

Bae is coming tonight,
so I’m gonna take off.

The boyfriend
who studies abroad?

I gotta cook, and get ready
for a steamy night.

I just tried it out.

Taking something
without asking is stealing.

What are you doing tonight?

I’m free thanks to
my suspension.

How about a steamy night too?


I’ll kill you
if I ever see you!

Your girlfriend won’t be happy
to know you’re here this often.


I think I met you before.

Yeah, I know.

What brings you here?

I live upstairs, #602.

Upstairs? #602?

I just moved here.

Sorry if I was
too loud yesterday.

Ah, yes...

I usually watch movies while showering.

So sorry about the noise.

See you.

Isn’t that your perfect man?

He lives here?


The serial killer upstairs…

Use that imagination
to write your book.

I got a surefire idea
for a crime novel!

So you’re gonna write about
the Itaewon serial killer?


Go on.

A woman is murdered,

and a novelist living downstairs
witnesses the crime.

But no one, including the cops,
will believe her.

- Because!
- Because?

She cried wolf one too many times,
and reported everyone in town.

That writer reported me too,
the Itaewon nuisance.

Catch the killer
by following the story rules…

Jane Han’s spectacular comeback!

100% true crime,
extreme suspense,


So the novelist
and the killer fall in love?


But love is overkill…

She must use love
to get close to him!

It’s the easiest way
to get to the killer!

This will be a big hit
at the book launch party!

- But, boss.
- Yeah?

What if I capture
the real serial killer?

You’ll be a bestselling writer,
like Ms. Byeon.

Like Byeon, eh?

Think about it.

A crime writer catches a real killer,
and turns it into a novel.

Wouldn’t you be curious to read it?

As if crying wolf isn’t enough,
you’ll go on a hunt?

Why don’t you
just call the police?

Even you don’t believe me,
so what’s the use?

Itaewon Serial Killing Case HQ

Isn’t Hur the prime suspect?

He’s not it.

Look at his face,
doesn’t look like a killer.

He does look like
a criminal though.

He looks cute, very manly too.

Hur’s not it.

Larceny never translates
into serial killing.

First victim on Aug. 20,
second on Sep. 11,

and third on Sep. 24.

This is the killer’s safe zone.

Either the killer is in here,

or he dumps the body within
7 days in a vacant home.

#602 moved in recently,
he might not know this area well.

Not at all.

While searching for his home,
he must’ve seen all vacants here.

You feeling it?

He likes dimsum.

I love it too.

Huh? FBI?

Most serial killers dream of
becoming the law.

Domination, manipulation and control
are all common traits of serial killers.

I got it.

#602 wants to become
an FBI agent.

#602? Jason Chen,
the Chinese-American!

He arrived early August, maybe.

He wanted a room for 2 months,
for some seminar.

I wonder what Jane Han’s up to!

You reported me as a kidnapper!

It was a misunderstanding.

He’s got the expensive suite,
he must be loaded.

What are you doing here?

Don’t get wet.
You’ll catch a cold.

See you.

Jason Chen, early 30s.

His hometown Miami has
an open serial killing case,

that is very similar to the Itaewon case.

After arriving in Korea in August,

the killings in Miami stopped,

and bodies with similar traits
showed up in Itaewon.

Could it be a coincidence?

Found in vacant homes,
Asian women,


Unique belt buckle?

It’s Jason!

Jesus H. Christ!

I’ve never seen six-pack in person.


If you eat chicken breast
and do sit-ups,

anyone can have it!

If so, then where’s yours?

Give it.

I’ve never seen
such perfect curves!


It’s the push-up bra.

She pushed up
even her baby fat.

Isn’t that your bra?

When did she steal that?

Buddy, I’ve had it!

Come here!

This is considered assault.

2 years in prison,
$5,000 fine.

Sexual harassment for you,
1 year in prison, $7,000 fine!

Private property damage,
conspiracy to commit a crime,

maximum of 3 years!

It’s open!

Jesus… He even has
autopsy photos.

Illegal search, 5 years.

That’s 8 years in total!


Stop yapping and pop the trunk.


I’m in Seoul for a seminar.


It’s Jason!

Come here!

What do we do?!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Speed bump ahead.

Multiple speed bumps ahead.

One kiss is your ticket
out of the friend zone.

Your fart is a bio weapon.

You got no manner at all.

Jane, wait for me!

Come on!
Let’s go!

Lok-Han! Don’t go!


Let’s get him!

What the hell!

Jane! Help me!

Jane! Jane!

Nothing to report!


You must be attending the seminar.

Please, have a seat.

Get the hell out!

Sher Lok-han…

I’m sorry, sir…

Get off of me!

I’m sorry, sir.

Sorry, so sorry!

Allow me to introduce
FBI profiler Jason Chen.

Alright, let's get started.

As an FBI profiler…

He’s a real FBI.

… from the crime scene.

And the missing piece is
identifying the suspect.

So, he’s an FBI,
who’s also a serial killer.

Next victim maybe?

I got you now.

What a unique interview.

A mystery writer
and FBI profiler.

Why’s that bitch here?

What can I get you?


Caramel macchiato for me.

FBI is too busy for dating, right?

- I'm not busy at all. Really?
- Are you sure?

Isn’t it a crime for an FBI
agent to be so good looking?

I'm not.

Tomorrow we have a
launch party for my novel.

You will come join us,
won’t you?

Sure, I'll go.
It's my pleasure.

Okay, then…

Can I come to your place
after the party?

Let’s grab a drink.

Is she seducing him?

I’m just curious about what kind of
books an FBI agent reads.

He really is the killer…

Once we find this buckle
at his place,

it’s game over.

But how do we get in?

You want to
come to my place?

Okay, no problem.

You can simply be
my girlfriend.

All the boys are crazy to bring
the girlfriends to their place.

Netflix and chill?

Jason, have you ever
shot a gun?

In Quantico, you must shoot,
if you draw your gun.

It’s in the first section
of the FBI code of conduct.

There’s a similar rule
in the writing method.

If the gun shows up in Act 1,

it has to be fired in Act 3.

It's Anton Chekhov.

It’s Jane!

This is a writers’ soiree,

but you haven’t
written anything in 5 years.

Then Victor Hugo
must not be a writer.

He wrote Les Miserables for 16 years.

We haven’t introduced ourselves yet.

I’m Jason Chen.

I’m Jane,
Jane Han.

Jane Han?

Are you the author of
‘Psychology of Murder’?


How did you know?

You really are!

It’s an honor to meet you.

I really like your book.

Jesus Christ, Jason!

Do you really read
that kind of book?

Of course.

I see, you have some poor taste.

Byeon, it’s not about taste.

How you described the pedophile
in the book was quite realistic.

The big guy who drives
a kindergarten bus,

is inspired by
John Wayne Gacy.

How did you know?

You did read my book.

Do you have any
new story coming up?

I’m really looking forward to it.

By the way, can I have
your autograph next time?


Are you okay?

I'm not drunk at all.
I'm sober.

I'm fine.

I’m really not drunk, baby!

We can drink another one
in your place.


Netflix and chill,
let’s chill!

You’re drunk,
you have to go home.

Good night.



You sure dodged a bullet.

I saved your life tonight.

So, you want to go together?

I hope Lok-han’s watching…

Do you like espresso?

Yeah, sure.

Never been to
a single man’s place?


No, no, no!
I’ve never been.

You look so nervous.

Please make yourself comfortable.

Unique belt buckle…

Excuse me, I have to
do something about that.

Hey Jane.

The alcohol makes me
feel a little drowsy.

Can I use your bathroom, please?

Wait, so he really was
watching a movie?

I usually don't drink that much.

Did you touch my bag?


What you’ve done so far,
are considered as crimes, Jane.

You reported me as a murderer,
have been tailing me.

And now you’re
searching around my place.


What if I am the real murderer...

What would you do now?

Writer Jane Han,
can I have your autograph, please?

'Psychology of Murder'

I’m heading back to Miami
after the seminar.

I like to prepare things earlier.

Why did you pretend
like you didn’t know

that I was tailing you?

An FBI agent chased by
a mystery writer as a serial killer.

That’s interesting.

I’d be hiding in an empty house
in this area, if I were you.

The murderer always dumps
the body in an empty house.

If he’s still out there killing,

he should appear in one of
the vacant houses in this area.



You scared me!

You scared me more!

What’s wrong?

I was being followed.

Out of my way!

What’s wrong with you?

So, Jane, why do you think
the murderer puts the body

into the suitcase?


Maybe it’s reflecting
the consciousness of the suspect,

that he shouldn’t
have been born at all.

The reason?

If you look at the bodies,
the victims were all naked,

and their poses remind me
of a baby in the womb…


Your imagination is outstanding.

No wonder you're a good writer.

Snap out of it, Jane.

You’ll either end up in his bed,

to get stuffed inside a luggage.

How about…

we go on a real date next time?

Not as a suspect and a writer.

Yeah, I’d love to.

Good night.

Good night.

You love what?

What are you doing here?

I should be asking you that.

Jane, you guys mentioned
date or something.

Are you really
going to date him?

Come on…

I brought this.

It’ll be a victim’s hair.

Send it to the forensics.

The forensics doesn’t do
your chores.

The last time you did this,
it ended up being your own!

Okay, fine!
I’ll take care of it.

Where are vacant houses nearby?

A new body should surface today…

Like hell!

Our investigation is over!
I’m out!

You really are!

It’s a great pleasure to meet you.

And your imagination is outstanding.

No wonder you're a good writer.

This is so confusing!

Jason Chen, who are you?


The murderer always dumps
the body in an empty house.

If he’s still out there killing,

he should appear in one of
the vacant houses in this area.

Vacant houses…

Where are those
in this neighborhood?


I got inexplicably good memory.



You’re no help at all.

Well well.

No one will notice me this way.


Thought you could fool me?
Do I look stupid?

What a dimwit.

Hey, hey, hey.


It looks like the real thing.


Stay back!

Stay back!

Stay back, you psycho!

You stupid serial killer!

What’s in the suitcase?

Our wedding present.

You think I’m fooling around?

This is fun.

So fun.

Time to walk down the aisle.

The trouble you caused…


Calm down, sir.

Put your knife down.


I don’t wanna hurt you.


I said put your knife down!

Do you understand
what I’m saying?

Seems you don’t.

What the hell is he saying?

He’s the Itaewon serial killer.

I saw him
hide his suitcase!

Die, you bastard!

You really got me worked up.

Jane! Jane!
Are you okay?

Let me go!

Chief! Come at once,
the commissioner is here!

Bravo! Bravo!

One and only FBI!
Good job!


He’s the one!
You killed her!

I saw you hiding
at the wedding hall!

Get him out of here!

He was hiding there!
I saw him!

I really saw him there!

It’s him!

Things are getting complicated.

How can…

Do we have an interpreter?

Hey, are you nuts?

How could you
go in there alone?

Are you hurt?

Jason was worried
and followed me there.

He caught the serial killer.
Hur Jong-gu’s the one.

He dumped a body
at the wedding hall.


Reporter Yum!

We heard you caught
the Itaewon serial killer!

Wait a minute,
you want my interview?

It’s a bit of an inconvenience…

A bit closer please!

Son of a bitch…

This is CBL’s Yum Chul-ho! .

Ms. Jane Han,
what exactly happened?

Bam! After an upper cut,

he immobilized the bastard!

And then, “FBI!”

Stop… stop!

Oops, sorry.

I got so into the role.

Would you believe

if a crime novelist was the one

who caught the serial killer?

I used the psychology of a killer
that I learned while writing.

Dormant period between
killings shortened…

Ms. Han, get to writing ASAP!

So I infiltrated
a vacant wedding hall…

What’s that doing here?

Byeon, I’m sorry.

They fall in love, right?

Crime writer and FBI agent…

No, beautiful crime writer.

Beautiful crime writer,
and handsome FBI agent,

they fall in love
on the trail of a killer.

Must they really fall in love?

Jane, you got an idea?

It’s a great concept!
Start writing!

He’s a US federal agent…

Freeze! FBI!

Meanwhile, serial killer Hur…

Hur Jong-gu…

Hur Jong-gu…

Hur Jong-gu…

Do you still believe
Jong-gu is a true criminal?

Jong-gu is just a thief.

His appearance,
occupation, intelligence…

they all indicate that
he doesn’t match the profile.

You know that, Jane.

That’s exactly how I see it.


Oh, it’s okay.

Thank you.

He just swooped in
and took your girl.

I have to catch the criminal
and write a novel...

Don’t worry.

You have an FBI agent
living upstairs.

You need to start from the crimes
committed to get to know the criminal.

This is where
the last victim was found.

Some people say that there’s
something in common,

between love and hate.

In either situations,
only one person is wanted.

Only that person can be a target.

It was her birthday so she was
here with her friends.

The victim’s tracks
are lost from here.

Don’t look at it.
I look too ugly.

You look good, see?

No, no!

How’d he have lured
the victim in?

Maybe he was quite attractive.

Like you.

It is ironic.

Normally, you’d expect to walk
in here and have a good time,

but instead, became tragedy.

That maybe
the theme of the killer,

an insult to love and marriage.

We had a similar
case in Miami too.

I was in the investigation
at the time…

There was a prime suspect,
but he died in a car accident.

Oh, really?

We found out that

he had been abused
by his mother in his childhood.

His mother was a prostitute,
brought men to his house…

So every time he had to
hide himself in a big suitcase.

And that’s why he chose
immoral women to kill

and put them in the bag.

That is so sad.


If he had been a happy child,
he wouldn’t have killed those women.

So you think he was
not born evil?

No one’s born evil.

Look at children.
They’re all angels.

You’re an angel
in my eyes, Jane.

This place is a little scary.

Maybe because the
body was dump here.

I thought you weren’t easily scared.

I write mysteries
because I'm timid.

I always think about horrible things.

Then the stories come up,

that I can’t fall asleep easily.

That’s no good.

From now, I hope
I can make you forget

all those horrible things.

Like this.

I know it’s late but this
is for your birthday.

Jane Han!

What are you doing there?

You’re under arrest for tainting
the evidence, and unlawful entry.

Lok-Han, what are you doing?

I’m doing my job,
don’t get in my way.


I mean, Officer Sher!

You’re overstepping your authority.

Where’s the key?

Jason is a consultant
to the investigation.

Of course he can
enter the crime scene!

He never sent us any formal
cooperation request.

He thinks we’re chumps!

But you’re suspended right now!

- Stay out of this!
- Stay out of this!

Are cops high and almighty
in this part of town?

Are you belittling me?

This is an insult!

It’s an honor to have an FBI agent.

Honor my ass,
Yankee go home!

You’re out of control.

Jane Han, you’re not
going anywhere.

What do you think
you’re doing?!

Come back here!

It’s my last warning!

How dare you!
Don’t move an inch!


We need to talk.

- Let me go.
- Just a moment, come out!

What’s with you?

Hey, stop it.

I don't think she wants to
talk to you right now.

You stay out of this,
it isn’t your business.

Get in the car.
I’ll take care of it.

You bastard!


Calm down, officer.

What the hell is he saying?!
Speak Korean!

Son of a bitch!

Stop it! Please!

Stop it!

You bastard!

Sher Lok-Han!
Come here!

If you ever touch her again,
I’ll kill you!

It is truly a scary thing.

This kind of emotion
we call love.

Thank you.

Let go!

Are you insane?
How could you hit him!

I should be asking you that,
you said he’s a serial killer!

You followed him to investigate,
but end up kissing him!

And what’s with that necklace?

Is sleeping with him
also in the agenda?

Or is it already done?

You look so pitiful right now.

Don’t you understand?

Be honest, have you ever
seen me as a man?

Just drop it,
let’s talk later.

Remember I told you that
the Miami case had a suspect?

The suspect was
a local policeman.


As far as I know,
the Korean Investigation team

is looking at Itaewon case

as a copycat crime
of the Miami case.

And Lok-Han is on top of
the suspects list.


They found his fingerprints
on the suitcase with the body.

That was a mistake.

It could be,

because he knew his fingerprints
would be found.

So he might have touched
the suitcase on purpose.

If the emotion of love
is denied for too long,

that could be a trigger too.

Ted Bundy was such case.

He killed 37 women.

How does an FBI agent
fight so lousily?

FBI my ass…

He’s just an American Po-Po.

Stop it already.

This case is all but over.

I can’t end it like this.

I’ve never been so insulted in my life…

I can’t just stand back.

You’re really scaring me.

Where are you going?
What will you do?

This is CBL breaking news!

Serial killer prime suspect
Lee Jong-gu escaped...

I’m sorry.

Hur Jong-gu escaped from
police custody.

What’s more troubling is that
the police hid this information.

Our tax is wasted
on those cops!

This country’s going to shit!

Where are you from, assholes!

Mind your damn business!

Block this too, asshole!

Wow, ‘Jane Han’ is
#1 searched name.

And our company name, too!

Who is it?


Officer Sher?

It’s about Jane.

I am sorry if I offended you
when I said…

Lok-Han might be a serial killer.

That's alright.

It’s not possible anyway.

I’m going back to the States
after my vacation here.

You said you’re working on a story
about mystery writer

who catches a serial killer
with an FBI agent, right?

Can we give this story
a happy ending?

TV NEWS) With Thanksgiving long weekend
starting tonight,

massive migration down south
has already begun.

Although it was expected to
begin tomorrow,

many have already left the city…

I look like a crook…

For someone with no boobs,
she sure is messy.

This is so small…

I could use it as sleep mask.

Just wait till I get you…I’ll…

Holy cow!

What are you doing here?

Lend me this knife.

I wanted to cook for once
but I got no knife.

I told you taking something
without asking is stealing.

So I’m asking now.

So many here…

Leave that, please?

New undies?

You got a guy to show it off?

Or someone who’ll undress you!

The FBI upstairs?

I’m not in the mood to kid.

Damn it...

New necklace?
A present from the FBI?

That’s it, out!

- Go! Out!
- Don’t you pity Lok-Han?

Wolves make the worst shepherds.

Why you little!

Sorry, Jane!

I’ll keep it a secret from Lok-Han!

Why won’t he ever answer?


I have something to tell you.


Sorry, I don't think
it's good time.




Are you asleep?


Yes, sergeant.

Everyone’s away
for the long weekend,

it’s eerie.

I could be wrong about it.

I probably am.

Lok-han’d never do that.

No, but this is wrong.

Emergency Dispatch,
good evening, Ms. Jane Han.

Go ahead.

Jane, it’s me.

I got something to tell you,
please open up.

Let’s talk tomorrow.

I’m… really tired.

Don’t come in!
This is illegal entry!

Must you be like this?


Are you disappointed in me?

Yes! I really am!

Why did you do it?
Why! Why!

This isn’t you…

Go away,
I don’t want to see you.

I’m getting transferred.

Now that you found someone,
it’s time for me to leave.

Looking back,
I was always with you.

I was so happy
to be by your side.

I wish you’d
find happiness too.

Sher Lok-Han, you idiot.

Stop crying!

Don’t cry like a baby.

Come here.

I’ll find it for you.

Lok-Han, don’t worry.

The Missing Chick Case

The kidnapper is…

the junk shop man!

Jane, should we just go home?

No matter what,
stay by my side, okay?

My chick!

You brats!
What are you doing here?!

Stop, you brats!

What did you take?!

Stop right there!

SAT’s coming up soon.

Which college will you apply to?

Me? Well…


Chung-ang University.

That’s too bad,
I need you!

I actually wanted to
go there too.

The Hwasung Serial Killing Case

Investigative Club

Here, birthday present.

So pretty!


I heard you got into
SW Construction.

How about police academy?


To become a crime writer,
I need plenty of real data.

I could use an insider.

Thank you…


Officer Sher Lock-Han,
reporting for duty!

Why you're wearing this uniform?
What about SW?

Government work is for life.

Why did you drink so much?
Something wrong?

They say my novel is soulless.

First snow!

Make a wish.

You can’t even fight.

What’s the point of
chasing a thief?

Then do cops see thieves and flee?

Better safe than dead.





That’s all I did,
and now I’m wanted.

It’s because of the knife,
you’re a thief, not a mugger.

This is for my protection,
it’s barely a knife.

Don’t be startled,
this is so blunt.

It’s way too safe.

You promise?
You never killed anyone?

Of course not!
You know me.

I’m really shy.

That’s why I only rob
vacant houses.

I was so annoyed that
I came across that body.

Just thinking of
the trouble I got into…

I thought I’d never see you again
thanks to Jane.

That’s why
I got you something.


I’ve always wanted this!

So pretty!


let’s live in Hawaii.

I’m too famous here.

You got money?


I need one big score.

Baby, let’s rob this building.

What do you mean?

Because of the long weekend,
it’s completely empty.

- Yu-mi.
- Yeah?

You’re not only sexy,
but super smart too.

Baby, that’s a real knife.

It hurts!
Is it bleeding?

It stings!
How bad is it?!


I don’t think
I can come with you.


Is it Lok-Han?

I’m afraid that he has
some tough time ahead of him.

I don’t think I can
leave him behind like that.

Even though he is a killer?

I have Lok-Han in every part
of my memories.

He was always on my side,
in good times and bad.

Now I feel like he’s another me.

He may be a killer or he could be
something even worse…

but I will protect him
no matter what.

I wish I had that
kind of love too.

This doll sure looks real.

I don’t think I’m fit
to be a profiler.

You moron, but you had to use
a doll to practice killing?

I wanted to help Jane,
so I borrowed it.

I’m gonna head down now.

You’re hopeless…

Well, look at the time!

Sorry, cover me for 3 hours.

No way, the chief will kill us both.

Who cares, let him!

If I don’t go now,
my wife’ll kill me anyway.

Her menopause depression
is getting worse.

I’m off!

Oh yeah, Lok-Han!

The thing about relationship is,
you must risk everything.

Even if it’s for menopausal wife.

Lok-Han even practiced
killing for you :)

That bastard…

What if I am the killer?

Wait till I get my hands on you!

I’m sorry?

It’s nothing…

FBI and Korean police…

Forensics Friend


Where did you get this sample?

Why? Is it Jane DNA again?

One of them is,

but the other is the 4th victim’s DNA.

You are the killer?

I have to go.

Hey! Lok-Han!

Jason is the real killer!

The hair sample DNA matches
one of the victims!

Jane! Jane!

If you’re not mine,

you shouldn’t belong to
anyone else!

Now I see what he meant.

Lok-han’s fingerprints
and blood traces

will be found together
with the dead bodies.

A serial killer Lok-Han,

who’s been stalking a girl
for 30 years…

kills the girl
and kills himself.

Does it make sense?

No… not Lok-han…

Hello? This is #502!

Please call the police!

Sorry but you are a little late.

I never wanted to do this,

but I can’t help it.

Let go!

You said you understood me.

Let go!

You said that you felt
sorry for me.

Stop it!

You could understand
if Lok-Han had done it,

but why not me?

Do you even need to ask?!

You killer!

Why did you bring the knife?

Hello?! Open up!

Jane! Jane!


You damn cop!

Evening, Ms. Han.

I heard so much about you

I’m Yu-mi’s boyfrie...


That’s my boyfriend.

Yu-mi? That boyfriend you longed for?

You feeling okay?

You okay?

Please call the cops!

You are a weirdo.

You want me to call 911?

Do you smell something?

It’s in my mouth!

Jason is the serial killer!
Get out of here!

That’s your excuse for everything,
stop crying wolf!

Yu-mi, it’s dangerous!

Get back in here!


You’re far more dangerous!

Dying in his hands would be
far less painful.

What the hell?

Yu-mi! Get out!

It might be dangerous,
run home ahead.

Baby, but...

Don’t worry.

We’re going to Hawaii.

Hurt your hand, eh?

Pretty good.


Yu-mi! Call 911!

Jane! Can you hear me?

Where are you?


Sorry I’m late.

Jane, you okay?

Just leave!
He’s going to frame you!

I’ll be right there,
stay where you are.

No! Don’t come!

Lok-Han! Lok-Han!


You bastard!

How can you be a hero?

You can’t even beat me.

Don’t touch her!


Don’t you dare touch her!

Stop it, you psycho killer!

Hey! Are you okay?


Stay back!


Not another step!

Don’t you want to know

what it feels like
to kill somebody?

The first bullet of Korean police
is always a blank.

My feelings for you
were true!




Get away, hurry!


What a day!

You psycho killer!


Please wake up,

Come on!

Wake up!

Open your eyes!

Lok-Han! Please!

My god!

Now that we kissed,
I’m out of the friend zone.

I thought you were dead!

Why should I die?

I’ll be with you forever!

Says who!
Forget it!

Hey, I’m still badly injured!

I know this is medicine to you.


We heard a gunshot,
did you shoot?

You damn killer!

Don’t move, asshole!


TV NEWS) Itaewon serial killer Jason Chen
was extradited to USA…

Fugitive Hur Jong-gu was
reported to have fled to Hawaii

with his lover Jung Yu-mi.

Writer Byeon’s new novel got in a plagiarism scandal.

Reporting for CBL!

With so much fresh air
into my brain,

I’m getting so many ideas.


Don’t you think your novel’s
a bit too traditional?

Then what? Make protagonist’s
friend the killer?

Good point.

That’s why emotion
is important, emotion!

What’s the main emotional arc?

Look at you,
a know-it-all.

I’m sure I brought it.

The knife’s gone.

So useless.

Putting up my tent…

I’ll use my lady charms.

It’s such a beautiful day!

Excuse me,
may I borrow your knife?


Are you a couple?

You two look happy.

It’s a bit used up,
but it’s comfy to use.

Wait a minute.

Aren’t you Jane Han?
‘Psychology of Murder’?

I am indeed!

Right? Right!

Never thought I’d meet
a bestselling author here!

I’m honored!

Could I…

get your autograph?

‘Psychology of Murder’
Jane Han

Make it out to 'Noh Duk-sul'?

How do you know my name?

Well, I…

How do I know your name?

Most Wanted: Noh Duk-sul

What? What is it?

Noh Duk-sul, unpaid wages,
attempted murder!

Not again!

Stop right there!


Stop right there!

How does a cop not even fight?!

Why does a writer memorize
all wanted posters?!

Why don’t you jump?

Hear that?
Let’s jump.

You don’t know how to swim!

Better than getting stabbed!

Help me!


Damn, those crazies really jumped!

How could you push me!
I almost died!

Aren’t you used to that?

Hey! You’ll drown!

The main emotional arc
of my life

is with Lok-han…

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