Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve (2020) - full transcript

Two college sweethearts reconnect while coordinating a wedding just in time for the holidays.


Narrator: It all started when
they were just 20 years old.

Corrine was getting ready for a
campus-wide Christmas fundraiser

in the courtyard, and
Rob was taking photos

for the school paper.

He had never seen
someone so beautiful.

Rob went over to
introduce himself,

and from the moment
they shook hands,

it felt like they had known
each other their whole lives.

It wasn't long before they
were spending every waking

moment together.

She loved him
almost immediately,

and although it took him a bit
longer to say it, he did, too.

They were complete opposites.

Rob the realistic and
Corrine the romantic,

but it didn't matter.

The next two years were what
could only be described

as a whirlwind romance.

So magical and pure, it was like
something out of a fairy tale.

The kind of love people
wait a lifetime for.

Maybe they were just
young and nalve,

or perhaps simply
confident in what they had,

but one thing was for sure,
they thought they were going

to be together forever.


-Hey you!

Happy Christmas Eve.

It's so weird being on
campus while it's so empty.

It's not totally empty,
not totally empty.

I saw Professor Hams
over at Woosley Hall

making a snow angel.

Are you serious?

No, I'm joking.

You are such an oaf.

An oaf, that's
a new one.

Yeah, you know, moron.

Yeah, I, I got it,
no need to clarify.

Well, did I mention
a very handsome oaf?

Ah, now see, that's
more like it.

So, are you gonna invite
me to sit or what?

Oh yeah, for sure,
right here, right there.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

It's so beautiful,
isn't it?


Yes, it is gorgeous.

There's just something so
magical about Christmas.

Oh, I wish you could
spend Christmas Day

with my family

-One Christmas with my dad
can turn the biggest grinch

into Buddy the Elf.

Oh, and he makes the
best snowman pancakes.

Sorry to say, but
I'm a waffle guy.

No, I wish I could have
spent Christmas with you

and your family, but next
Christmas, it's you and me.


Well, what did
you get me?

Already right
to the presents?

Well, last year you
got me jumper cables,

so clearly I'm not in
this for the lavish gifts.

Yes, but in my defense, I
didn't want you to ever be

stranded without them.

Plus, I think it's actually
a romantic gesture.


-If you think about.
-Okay, so what did you get me
this year, window washing fluid?


-All right.

Oh, wait, what
is this?

It's nothing,
-just put it here.

Rob, you got into a
photography workshop in Italy?

Why didn't
you tell me?

Because it's not a big deal, and
it's not like I'm going, anyway.


Wait, what, why not?

Because it's two years in Italy,
like, I'm not gonna leave you.

Are you kidding me?

Wait, so you're not
going because of me?

No, I'm not going because
I want to be here with you.

I love you and I want
to be with you here.

No, Rob, you
have to go.

Corrine, come on.

No, I'm serious, you can't
not go because of me.

It's not that simple.

I could never forgive myself
if I stood in the way of

an amazing opportunity
like this.

Okay, then come
with me.

To Italy?

-Well, I still have
to finish my degree.

I, I, I can't
just leave you.

Well, what about
long distance?

For two years?

Yeah, you're right,
that never works.

Well, maybe we're too
young to be so serious.

Wait, are you saying
you want to break up?

No, of course I don't
want to break up.

Okay, then what
are you saying?

I don't know.


I have an idea.

Okay, what is it?

So, there is an old wives'
tale that in the 1950s,

a young shoemaker was so in love
with a beautiful young English

professor here, that he made all
the ornaments for this tree

for her, handcrafted.

I guess Christmas was her
favorite time of year.


And every year he created a new
pair of ornaments to prove

that his love was

And then, after
five whole years,

she was so in awe that he never
gave up, that they got married.

Isn't that romantic?

Apparently, they donated all
the ornaments to this school,

so they can put it on
this tree every year,

claiming each piece was
proof of their true love.

Can you hoist me up?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-On three.

Two, one.

Oh, that was easier than
I thought it would be.

Well that's because
we make a good team.

Look, this says to my
Honey Bee, love Bernard.

-His name was Bernard.

The shoemaker.
Put me down.


What are you doing?

Just hold on.


This contract hereby states
that Corrine Jane Millbrook

and Robert Edward Walker
will lovingly part ways

for the next two years.

Not until Robert is finished in
Italy will they reunite to this

very spot on Christmas Eve at
midnight to decide if what they

have is true love.

-Are you serious?
-What do you think?

I, I think it's crazy.

I mean two years is
a lifetime from now.

Well, Bernard waited
five years.

But we don't even know
-if Bernard is real.
-I think he is.

I mean what if only
one of us shows up?

-This is ridiculous.
-Then we weren't
meant to be.

Just like my dad says, true
love always finds its way.

Corrine, this
isn't a game.

Okay, we could lose
each other forever.

Rob, you deserve to have that
amazing experience in Italy.

It's just two years.


You want to sign it?


What, what are
you doing?

Why did you do that?

We each need to bring our
halves back in two years,

this spot on
Christmas Eve.


To show that we never
let go of one another.

Crazy, do you
know that?


I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you, too.


So are you gonna meet me
back here in two years?




Merry Christmas, Rob.
I love you.

I love you,
too, Corrine.

Merry Christmas.



Ha, good morning,
good morning!

Sam and Aunty Bennet,
Silicon Valley gods.

They developed Attica Inc.,
which has invested in every

major app out there.

Uber, Twitter,
Snapchat, you name it.

They are practically

Give me a little credit,
I know who they are.

Well, they are renewing
their vows on Christmas Eve.

Turns out Nancy always
wanted a Christmas wedding,

but they were too young and
poor to do it at the time,

so they went
to City Hall.

But now, they are
making up for lost time,

and it is going
to be fabulous.

It is going to be the
party of the year.


There is no better person
to plan this than you.

You know that, I know that,
you are my best event planner,

and I don't trust anyone
else to pull this off

the way I know
you can.

Okay, I appreciate that, but
you do know Christmas Eve

is two weeks away.

That's insane!

The person who pulls this
off has to have literally

no personal life.

Okay, hold on now.

I already contacted their people
and sent them your portfolio.

They were thinking of
going with Meridian.

But guess what, they
like what they saw,

and they are
considering you.

They could be one of our
biggest clients ever.

Well you already sent
them my portfolio?

They are billionaires.

Well if this is so important,
why aren't you heading it?

Are you kidding?

David would kill me if I worked
all the way up until the night

of Christmas Eve.

I don't know, Victor.

Look, I know Christmas isn't
really your thing anymore,

okay, and I
don't know why.

It's none of
my business.

But this could be
huge for the company.

Okay, I'll do it.

-Yes, under one

-If I pull this off,
I want to be partner.



I have been here
for six years,

and I work harder
than anyone here.

I brought you loyal clients,
good press, and quite frankly,

a ton of money.

Because of me, you
have an indoor pool.

Corrine, you know how much
I value your hard work,

but the only partner I
have or want is David,

and on most days I want to throw
him into that indoor pool.

So, I'm sorry,
but it's a no.

Okay, well I guess Meridian
is just gonna have to enjoy

their new client.

You know, I heard that
they are billionaires.

You are ballsy,

Well, I learnt
from the best.

This has better be the most
magnificent Christmas wedding

ever, that even Santa and
Mrs. Claus want a redo,

do you hear me?

-I hear you!
-I am talking



You are gonna
make partner?

That's the plan.

Now I just actually need
them to hire me first.

Well, when will you find out?

Oh, soon, they told me they will
give me a call as soon as they

have made the decision.

Oh, they would be
crazy not to hire you.

Oh, time will tell.

Hey, so tell me, how did
things go with that guy?

What was his name
again, Jack?


It was okay.

I mean he was nice.

I just didn't feel that
connection you're supposed

to feel, you know.

Well you can't expect to feel
magic on the first date.

Maybe you'd feel it on
the second, or the third.

And is that how it happened
with you and Matthew?

Well, no, we hit
it off right away.


It's just like dad used to say,
you can't force true love.

You either feel or you don't.

When was the last time
you talked to mom?

Oh, I called her
on my lunch break.

I let her know I wouldn't
be making it home until

Christmas Day if I
close this deal.

Well, as long as we're all
together on Christmas Day,

that's all that matters.

Dad will be so happy
to see you.

Well, it looks like I
need to get ready for

my meeting tomorrow.

So, I'm gonna talk
to you soon, okay?


-Let me know how it goes.

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

Thank you so much for
seeing us last minute.

Oh, of course,
thank you.

It's such a pleasure
to meet you both.

Well, listen, we took a look
at your portfolio last night,

and I must say we
were very impressed.

Yeah, we saw that you led
the charge on last year's

Google Halloween party.

We were actually there, and what
a spectacular event that was.

How big was your
team for that?

Oh, it was just me and
two junior assistants.

Honestly, I prefer to take on
most of the workload myself.

I like to make sure all of
my events are exactly how

my clients envision it.

Well, let me just cut
right to the chase,

how would you like to
be our wedding planner?


Wow, I would love
nothing more.


We plan to make this
quite the affair,

so it's gonna take someone
special to pull it off

in just two weeks.

And I will make sure it is as
perfect as it possibly can be.

We should also mention a
photojournalist will be

trailing us from Newly
Nuptials Magazine.

He's documenting the entire two
weeks for a future article,

so I hope you don't mind
having your photo taken.

Oh, no, of course not, I
actually love having my picture

taken, and I love
that magazine.

Well, fantastic.

We'll purchase your flight and
we'll have a car waiting for you

when you land, and they'll
take you to the lodge.

I'm sorry, the lodge?

Are you two not doing your
renewal in San Francisco?

Oh no, no, didn't
your boss tell you?

We always spend
Christmas in Connecticut.

We rented out a whole retreat
center to host the wedding.

It's so beautiful.

It's so, it's
so tranquil.

You'll love it.

Connecticut, wow.

Is that okay?

Oh no, yes,
that is okay.

It's actually where
I went to college.

Oh, fantastic, great.

We'll send the
ticket over tonight.

I wish that we could
all fly together,

but Sam and I have to go
early to get the rooms ready.

In fact, our flight
leaves in four hours,

so we better
get going.

Oh, you better
get going.

Thank you so much, and I
cannot wait to get started.

This is going to
be marvelous.

We'll see
you soon.

All right,
see you.


Christmas in Connecticut.



Hello, hello.

Oh, Corrine,
you made it.

How was your flight?

No crying babies,
I hope.

No, just the loud
snoring man beside me.

Well, now you know that
it's been like for me

for the past 35 years.

Oh, you guys, this
place is amazing!

And it will be even more
amazing once we get decorating.

I want this place to be just
bursting with Christmas cheer.

Well, let's get you
-settled in your room.
-Good idea.

We want you to
be well rested,

so we can start planning
tomorrow morning.


Oh, perfect timing!

This is our photographer,
Robert Walker.



What are you,
I mean hi.

Do you two know
each other?

Yeah, ah,
well we, um.

We, we met at college.

Wow, that's such a
fun coincidence.

Yeah, so fun.

Well, Rob is gonna be here
for over the next two weeks

documenting every single
moment with his camera.

It's gonna be a gas.

Have you seen
his work?

It's absolutely

I haven't seen it
in a very long time.

Well, you two are gonna be
spending a lot of time together.

So by the time Christmas
Eve rolls around,

you're gonna be like
an old married couple.

Just like us.

Let me get your suitcase
up to your room.

Oh, Rob, I'll give
you a room key.

You're right next
to Corrine.




-This is unexpected.

Very, huh, but...

You look well.

Thanks, thanks, I, I feel,
I feel well, I feel well.

Good, good, good.

You look well, too.

I mean you look nice
and healthy and...


I didn't mean healthy,
like, healthy,

I meant healthy
like you look.

Not sick, healthy.

Thank you, I guess.

I try to have a kale
smoothie every morning.

It's working.

I, I can, I did, I see it,
I see the antioxidants.

Okay, well, it's been a
long day of travel, so.

Yeah, me, too, it's,
it's late for me.

Okay, good talk.

Yeah, yeah.

Rob is the photographer?

You should have seen his face.

He looked like he saw a ghost.

Oh, come on, give him a break.

He was probably in shock.

I mean when was the last
time you two even saw

each other, anyways.

Seven years ago, remember. Of course.

If I could, I would run
over there and smack him

for what he did to you.

Well, it was a long time ago.

I still don't understand why
he didn't show up to the tree.

Well, obviously he moved
on, or, or he just forget.

Either way, he's in the past.

So you don't want to
know why he didn't show?

No, no, the last thing I need
right now is a distraction.

Sam and Nancy's wedding
is make or break for me.

It'll be fine.

You're both adults.


And it's not like you're
still in love with him

or something, right?



Totally over it.



Corrine, good



Sure, thank you.

How'd you sleep?

I haven't slept that
well since I was a kid.

That's wonderful.

Robert here said
the same thing.


So, what's the
game plan?

We're eager to
get started.

Oh, and there is an adorable
Christmas store here that

we must go to today
for decorations.

Oh, great.

Actually, I created a schedule
for the next two weeks that

shows us everything that
we need to get done.

It's important
that we follow it,

gonna make sure we
don't fall behind.

Wow, so organized,
I'm impressed.

This is perfect.

I knew we hired
the right one.

Well, first
things first,

we need to focus on
finding your dress.

With the wedding being
only two weeks away,

it's really important
we find it asap.

There is an amazing
bridal boutique here.

The seamstress is the best in
town, maybe even in the state,

but she's almost
always booked up.

It's impossible to
get an appointment.

Oh, no, you don't worry about
that, I will get us in there.

I have the power
of persuasion.

Oh, fantastic.

And what's next?

Well, next we have to
decide on our colour scheme,

that way we can build
everything around that,

so to make sure
nothing clashes.

What if we went
traditional, red and green?

Sure, we can do that.

Oh, no, I hate
to impose.

I don't know, I just, I
was thinking more like a,

like a red and white
would be better,

or even a champagne
gold and red.

I mean it'll really make
the, the photos, mwah.

I love that idea.

Oh, we could do gold
sparkling lights with

-red flowers everywhere.
-Yeah, yeah.

That would be

Well, it is your day, so if you
would like to do red and green,

I'm pretty sure Robert
here can still make your

pictures beautiful.

I can and they
will be.

You know what, I
love Rob's idea.

Let's do red and gold.

There you go.

I couldn't
-agree more.
-There we go.

That's a nice
thought, Rob.

Thanks, that's
what I do.



What are you doing?

What do you mean?

I'm, I'm putting
my camera away.

Why didn't you just tell them
that you liked red and green?

That's what they wanted.

Come on, red and green,
it's a little cheesy, man.

Well, maybe they
like cheesy.

What does it matter?

Our job is to make them
happy, and they are happy.

All right, just because you're
the queen of Christmas,

doesn't mean that you're
always going to be right.

I am hardly the
queen of Christmas.

In fact, I can't wait for this
whole holiday to be over.

You're joking.

Do I look like
I'm joking?

Just, I mean Christmas
used to be your favorite.

After Halloween, your dorm
room would look like Whoville.

Look, let's just stay out
of each other's way, okay.

I'll stay in my lane
if you stay in yours.


Okay, what do you
say, guys?

Isn't this fun?

So much fun!

Yeah, having a blast.

To the Christmas
shop we go.


After you, queen
of Christmas.

[♪ O Little Town
of Bethlehem ♪]

Wow, this is beautiful!

Isn't it

Yeah, it really is
something, it's amazing.


Oh, hi there.

How's business.


Who knew a Christmas shop would
be so busy at Christmastime.

We do live in a
strange world.

Are you looking for
anything specific today?

Well, actually, my husband and
I have decided last minute

to renew our vows
on Christmas Eve.

We never had a
real wedding,

so we're gonna do it up
big Christmas style.

We might end up buying
out your entire store.

Music to my ears!

That is delightful,

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

Well, I'll leave
you to it.

Let me know if I can
help with anything.

Yeah, we will.

Shall we get

Let's do this.

Oh, my gosh,
look at this.

Oh, I love him.


[♪ Jingle Bells ]

I think that's beautiful,
-Okay, great.

[♪ Jingle Bells ]

Look at this
little guy.

[♪ Jingle Bells ]

Hey, Nancy, want
to get married.

Hey, Nancy.

That's creepy.

[♪ Jingle Bells ]

Anything else?

Oh, here is my basket.

I got it, I got it.

-Oh, okay, wait.
-Thank you.

-I got you, I got you.
-Good, good, good.

Oh, do you know what
else I was thinking?

We do Christmas poppers with
the guests' names instead

of place cards.

I love that idea,
that is so cute!

This is going to be the best
Christmas wedding ever.

I should mention to you folks
that there's a whole box of gold

Christmas tree ornaments
I'd be happy to sell you

for half price.

I assume there will be a
Christmas tree at this wedding.

We got so caught up in the
excitement we forgot all

about getting a tree.

It should go directly behind
you two during the ceremony.


Rob, will that be
good for the photos?

Uh...uh, yeah, think
it'd be great.

Great, yes, so we have to go
tomorrow afternoon just so

we can keep up
with the schedule.

A Christmas wedding
needs a Christmas tree.

Um, tomorrow we're supposed to
pick up our daughter, Tracy,

at the airport and then
go for lunch with her.

But we could cancel lunch
to make time for the tree.

We've already made reservations
and they were so hard to get.

Well, you know what,
don't worry about it.

I will happily go down there
and pick out the perfect tree

for your wedding.

Are you sure
you don't mind?

Oh, no, of course
I don't mind.

It's my job.

Go enjoy time with
your daughter.

You are a lifesaver,
thank you.

Rob, you make sure to
go with her to help out.

A tree isn't easy
to move from A to B,

and you guys can
take our truck.

Oh, no, no, no, I
am perfectly fine.

I, I have it.

I think she's very capable of
picking out a tree for you two

without my help.

I'd only get
in the way.

Nonsense, no, this would be
great for you guys to spend

the day together, catch
up, work as a team.


Oh, um, I'm happy to
help, happy to help.



A lot of trees here,
we'll find one.

How about this one?

This is nice.

No, there are
too many gaps.

We have to make sure our
tree is big and full.

Okay, no gaps,
big and full.


How about this one?
This is good.

No, too skinny.

Right, we wouldn't want the
other trees to be self-conscious

if we choose it.

All right.

So, Newly
Nuptials, huh?

Seems a bit
ironic to me.

Why is that?

Well if I do recall, you used to
make fun of me for believing

in true love and
soul mates.

I'm good at what I do.

It doesn't matter the occasion
or what my beliefs are,

I capture moments.

You should put that on
your business cards.

Already is.

What about you?

Seem to have done pretty
well for yourself.

Where you based?

San Francisco.

I've been working at an
event agency there for

the past six years.

Oh, okay.

You must be running
the place by now.

That is the plan.


So, where are
you based?

New York, New York, I live in a
one bedroom above a taco shop,

so it perpetually
smells bad.

Oh, it can't
be that bad.

Tacos are delicious.

They specialize
in fish tacos.

Okay, yes, that is,
that is bad.



-This is it.
-This one?

-Are you sure, you sure it's
not too branchy or too green?

No, it is perfect.

Okay, we'll take
this one.


Okay, wait,
-to the left.
-Your left or my left?

-Your left, okay,
so that's.

-No, mine!
-I'm, I'm going.

Okay, wait, wait,
wait, that's too far!

I can't see because these
branches are poking me

in the eye.

Just bring it towards
me a little bit.

Now I got tree
sap in my mouth.


Are you seriously
laughing at me right now?

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm capturing
this moment forever.

Oh, you're very funny.

Okay, a little
bit more.

Oh, wait, wait,
-that's good.


-All right.

Yeah, nice job,
it looks good.

The officiant will be there,
and then Sam and Nancy

will be there and there.

Yeah, I think the, the gold
balls will look good

once we put them on.

You picked a good one.

Well, thank you for
your help today.

I know it's not in
your job description,

so I really
appreciate it.

No, it wasn't
that bad.

Well, I guess it's time for
me to open these boxes

of ornaments and
start decorating.

So, I'll see you later?

Yes, you will.


Actually...you need
some help decorating?

Oh, you don't
have to.

I don't mind.



-That's okay.
-I like it.


I love it.

Okay, not bad.

Yeah, you don't think it's
a little too cluttered

on the left side,
that's kind of?

What, really,
you think?

No, no, I was just
double checking.

You are such an...

An oaf? That's...

You remember that?

A man never forgets something so
obscene and hurtful, come on.

It seems like it
was so long ago.

And yet it still hurt.


You know, I never asked you
how things went in Italy.

Was it incredible?

Oh, yeah, it was,
it was pretty cool.

Pretty cool?

I mean it was great.

Come on, that's
all I get?

What else do
you want?

Nothing, I guess.

We forgot the star.

The tree doesn't
have a star.

You are right, a tree is not
complete without a star.

I'll look for it.

Oh, I found one.

Oh, great,
crisis averted.

Wow, it looks just like the
star we used to put on

my family's tree.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Um, can you put
it up top?

Yeah, I wonder if they have a
ladder around here somewhere,

-I mean I'm sure.
-You know what
we can do?

You remember?

Challenge accepted.
-Let's do it.
-Are you sure?


All right,
-you ready?

-Three, two, one.
-Three, two, one.

Oh, wait!

-I got you.
-I remember us being
better at this.

Just hurry and put
-the star on already.
-Well, I need you to put
me closer to the tree.

All right,
-there you go.

-Good, you good?
-All right, you
can put me down.

-All right, down.
-All right.

-You okay?


OMG, okay, this tree
looks like amazing.

Mom and dad are
totally gonna flip.

Oh, you must Tracy.

Hi. I'm, I'm Corrine,
the wedding planner.

Oh, girl, I know,
like, all about you,

my parents would not stop
singing your praises today.

It's, like, so nice
to meet you.

Oh, nice to meet
you, too.

Well, if it isn't my
favourite photographer.

Hi Trac, how was
your flight?

Okay, cut the small
talk and give me a hug.

Of course.

I'm sorry, you two
know each other?

Yeah, Tracy and I met at
a wedding that I shot

a few months ago.

My cousin, Tad, once my
parents and I saw the photos,

we knew this was
the guy for the job.

What a talent.

Come on, Trac, you're
embarrassing me,

you're making me blush.


We live close by
in New York.

You decorated
for us, too?

Oh, it's gorgeous.

You have outdone

This, this looks

Isn't it just perf?

As the official maid
of honor, I approve.

Oh, thank you, I'm so glad
you all love it so much,

but I can't take all the
credit, I had some help.

No, I just did what I
was told, it was all her.

You two make a
great team.

Come here, I have to,
like, catch you up

on everything
that's going on.

Come on!


k the Halls ♪]

Okay, ladies, so we have
the venue obviously,

we've already purchased a
few of the decorations,

but I'm a little worried
about the invitations.

I don't think we have
enough time to get them

through snail mail.

Don't worry, Sam and I have
called each guest individually

to invite them.

We're flying in exactly 25 of
our closest family and friends.

Okay, great, I'll make sure
I order the chairs today.

Um, and who's
officiating the ceremony?

My Great Uncle Bernie.

He's, like, such a hoot.

Oh, my gosh, I can't
wait for you to meet him.

Almost 80 and the
life of the party.

Oh, and I forgot to mention
that I got you an appointment

today at that
bridal boutique.

No way!

Oh, I'm so relieved because you
can't have the perfect wedding

without the
prefect dress.


-I completely agree.
-That we will
find it, mom.

Oh, and how do you two feel
about having stockings on the

back of the chairs with all the
guests' wedding favors inside?

That is absolutely

So cute.

You have the
best ideas.

Why thank you.

Oh, also, I found a caterer who
can do a traditional Christmas

turkey dinner, and for dessert
we will have a Christmas

pudding, along with
toffee nut lattes and

gingerbread cappuccinos.


Um, so, like, you're
really good at this,

can you plan my
wedding some day?

Oh, of course, I
will be honored to.

So, are you
seeing anyone?

Sort of, we're just
getting to know each other,

but I really like him, and I'm
pretty sure we're gonna have,

like, adorable
babies one day.

Okay, well will he
be at the wedding?

-Yes, yes.

Okay, that's,
that's great.

Well, like, what about you,
any lucky guy waiting for you

back in California?


If that's too personal,
you do not have to answer.

Oh, no, that's okay.

I've actually been single
for a little while now.

My last relationship ended so
long ago it almost feels

like a dream.

I find that so
hard to believe.

A successful beautiful
woman like you?

Well, yeah, dating
has been tough.

It feels like with my ex, every
time we would look at each other

there would be

I mean we connected

I know that sounds
silly, but, you know,

it felt like true love.

And that doesn't
sound silly at all.

What happened?

I actually don't
know what happened.

I still don't have
all the answers.

That must have been
extremely difficult.

It was, but if we were
meant to be together,

we would have
figured it out.

I could never imagine
Sam and I parting ways.

Even after all these years, he
still gives me the butterflies.

Well, my dad used to always say,
"If two people love and respect

each other, the magic
would never go away."

He sounds like
my kind of guy.

Oh, he was the best.




Good morning.

Hey, ladies.

What are you
guys up to?

We're just doing some planning
and little girl talk.

Oh, girl talk,
I won't impose.

No imposition whatsoever, your
presence is always welcome.

-You sure?


I was just gonna roll
off a couple of photos,

if that's okay.

Go right ahead.

Me, yeah?

-Yeah, yeah.
-Okay, do one?

You're ready, you're
-ready, got it.
-Be, like, no?

-I got it, I got it.

He doesn't want to
make sure I look.

-There you go, Nanc.
-Thank you.

You're like a
model, mom.

Oh yeah.

What's on the schedule
for today, ladies?

Well, if you would have read the
schedule that I've already given

you, you would see that today we
are going to the floral shop to

pick out flowers, and we also
have to design Nancy's bouquet,

and now some
dress shopping.

And, um, I'm staying back to
help my dad with some things,

but I will be there to
help with the dress search.

By the way, you guys totally
have to come by later on.

We're thinking about
playing Christmas charades.

It's our favorite
holiday tradition,

and Uncle Bernie is arriving
-today, and he loves to play.

Christmas charades not really my
thing, but you guys go ahead.

Yeah, charades has never
really been my forte.

Come on, you two are family
this year, so you have to.

And we totes, we're not
taking no for an answer.


Well, then I guess
totes, I'm in.


I mean, yeah, I mean peer
pressure, what are you,

-what are you gonna do?
-And he can't
say no to me.

-And that, too.

Great, then I will
see you guys later.

-Mm-hmm, mwah.

-Mwah, tootles.

And you're not getting
away without one either.

Mwah, mwah.

-Mwah, thank you.

Well, should we
get started?


What about red roses,
would they look good with

the gold decorations?

Well, I think red
roses would look great,

but I feel like the amaryllis
flower just screams

Christmas to me.

That's beautiful.

Gosh, it is beautiful.

We used to have them all over
my house during Christmas.

My dad loved them.

Does he not love
them anymore?

Did I say loved?
I meant to say loves.

So, I think that we should
order about 70 of them

just to be safe?

-Done and done.

Well, next, let's talk
about your bouquet.

I was thinking we should do
champagne roses, beautiful,

and some fresh berries,
add a little greenery.

And, oh, we can't
forget the holly.

And for our final touch, a
pine cone right in the middle.

Christmas in
a bouquet.

What do you think?

I am speechless.

You truly are the
Christmas wedding queen.

How did you just come up
with that on the spot?

That's, I can't...

I can, she's brilliant.

Oh, well, thank you, I wish
my boss was here to hear

you say that.

Oh, don't worry, he'll
be hearing from me

after the wedding.


We're gonna try
these two.

-Of course.
-How are you doing
in there, Nancy?

Well, let's see.

Oh, I look like a
hot air balloon.

No you don't, but don't worry,
I picked out a bunch of dresses

that I think would
look great on you.

We've already tried on
seven different dresses.

Yes, well maybe eight
will be our lucky charm.


Wait, wait, wait, how
long is this gonna take?

As long as it needs to.

I once had a client
try on dresses for

eight hours straight.

Eight hour, like,
are you kidding me?

-I'm not gonna
last that long.

Well, it's always worth the wait
when they find the right one.


Okay, oh, no, I,
I, I don't know.

It's itchy and it just doesn't,
it just doesn't feel good.

Well, do you happen
to have a slip

that we could
put underneath?

Not for that
kind of dress.

Ah, it's hopeless.

No, do not lose hope.

I actually have a really
good feeling about this one.

This one, really?

Yes, just try it.

Sometimes the right one is
the last one you'd expect.



I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm here, sorry I'm late.

Can you hold that?

Yeah, I guess.

How is it going
so far?

Ah, don't ask!

That good, huh?

We'll get there, it
just takes some time.

Mm-hmm, you
having fun?

Yeah, dress shopping
is my Disney World.


Oh, my goodness, mom, you
look H to the O to the T.

Are, are you sure I don't look
like I'm trying to be 25?

Oh no, absolutely not.

It's so beautiful,
so chic and classy.

I think you look

But, the real question is
do you feel beautiful in it?

Mom, hey,
what's wrong?

I've always wanted
a dress like this.

See, I told you, I guess
it was lucky number nine.

What do you
think, Rob?

I think you look
stunning, Nancy.

It's a bit big though.

Oh, do you think we'll have
time to take in the sides

a little bit, and maybe about
an inch off the bottom?

Sadly, I doubt it.

I close for the holidays in
two days to go on vacation

with my family.

We're travelling
to Italy.

It'll be a trip
of a lifetime.

Listen, I work for the
Kirkland Agency in California,

I will put you guys on our
annual list of the best

boutiques in the country if
you can make this happen.

Wow, you would
do that?

Yes, if this dress makes her
feel beautiful and comfortable,

that means she's truly
herself when she's in it,

and nothing feels more special
when you're really seen,

truly seen for who you are
by the person you love.

So, yes, if I can make sure that
my client has that experience

on her wedding day, yes, I
would absolutely do that.

Meet me here on Wednesday,
four o'clock sharp,

I'll have it ready.

Don't be late, I am
not missing my plane.

I won't, thank you,
thank you so much!

Corrine, let
me hug you.

You are, like,
-literally a lifesaver.

Okay, but now I'm
doing sparkles.

Well, that
was amazing.

-I know.
-That was amazing.

And I think
you're amazing.



There you go.

What are you taking
pictures of me for?

You know I capture
moments, come on.

I wish I would have taken
more pictures growing up.

It would nice to hold
some of those memories

in my hands,
you know.

Yeah, well I mean that's the
beauty of it when you take

a picture of a moment, the
memory becomes eternal.

It's the only form of
time travel we have.

I like that.

It sounds like something
my dad would say.

Speaking of, I never asked
you how your family is doing.

They're good.

Elizabeth has a little
boy now, Max, he's seven.

Wow, with, um,
Matthew, correct?


And what about your
parents, how are they?

-They're good, too.

How about your
parents, how are they?

Good, they're good,
they're good,

they're both
enjoying retirement.

Yeah, and my mom's with my
stepdad on a cruise for

three weeks, and my dad is
with Doreen in Florida.

Wait, so you're not gonna
spend Christmas with them?

No, no, I'll probably be
tired after the wedding,

so I'm probably just gonna
go back home and sleep with

the smell of fish tacos
wafting around me.

Oh, that's so sad.

Yeah, and what about you,
you going back to Boston?

Yes, I'm taking the train
home right after the wedding.


Well you have to tell
everyone I say hi, please.

-I will.

The holidays were always so
special at your place, you know.

[cell phone ringing]

Oh, it's Victor.

I'll call him back.

You sure?


Hi Corrine, yes, it's,
it's Victor calling

a third time, yeah.

Just waiting for you to return
my call, give me an update,

as your boss.

So then, it was, like, the
final rose of the night,

and he gave it to
Chelsea, it was crazy.

Which one's Chelsea?

Dad, have you even
been listening?

Can somebody pass me one of
those Christmas cookies?

How did I know
that was coming?

Come on, guys, you're gonna
miss Christmas charades.

Finally, I totally thought you
two were gonna bail on us.

Okay, Corrine, you're gonna
be with my Uncle Bernie.

Lovely to meet you.

Now, I hear you were
the hero of the day.

Oh, hardly.

It's lovely to meet
you as well.

I've heard nothing
but good things.

Oh, my goodness,
I love your shoes!

Please don't get him
started on his footwear,

you'd think he was Beyoncé
based on his shoe collection.

You'll have to bear
with me tonight,

my charades game is
not what it used to be.

I'm lucky if I can
even read the clues.

Oh, no, if we get one hand, I
will consider that an epic win.

My kind of partner.

Rob, you're gonna
be with me.

Tracy and Sam, you'll
be the third team, okay.


Let's get started.

-All right.
-Rob, you're up first.

Yup, here we go.

It's all good.

All right, you ready?

-I'm ready.
-Let's do this!

And go!

Okay, roaring.

-Abominable snowman!
-Yeah, yes!


Pole dancers,
snow, is it snow?


Yeah, good job!


The Greeks!

Yeah, the Greeks,
the Greeks!


Eating, cracker,
cracker, the nutcracker?


Yes, yes!

I got it.

-Mr. Claus.

Okay, everybody, if Sam
and Tracy win this one,

they've won the
entire game.

Oh, gees.

Yeah, no pressure
or anything.



Shush, quiet,
shush, shush.

Shush, quiet,
be quiet. Fifteen seconds!

Stay, stay quiet, silence,
silence, night, nighttime,

sleeping, the, the
Night Before Christmas?

-No, Silent Night!


Sam and Tracy are the winners
for the third year in a row!

You, my girl, are
a rock star.

I am so glad you made
it home for Christmas.

And I love
you, my dad.



Well, this was a
lot of fun, you guys,

but I just realized that I have
some work to get finished.

Thank you so much and
have a good night.

Good night,

Good night, Corrine.
Sweet dreams kid.



What are you
still doing up?

Peppermint tea
still your favorite?

Yes, thank you.

You're welcome.

So, what do I owe this pleasure,
-more logistics to go over.

You left so abruptly
during charades,

I wanted to make sure
everything was okay.

Oh, yes, I'm,
I'm fine.

Corrine, it's me,
come on.

Tonight was just a lot
of fun, you know.

It was the first time in a long
time that I've actually felt

the joy of Christmas.

Being with the Bennet's
reminded me of what my family

used to be like.

Used to be?

Yeah, it's been
a hard few years.

Why is that?

It's complicated.

Okay, if you don't want to
talk about it, it's okay,

I understand.

It's my dad,
he's sick.


Four years ago he was diagnosed
with early onset Alzheimer's.

So, he started getting confused,
forgetting basic things.

Corrine, I'm
so sorry.

And it got so bad that he even
started forgetting us...me,

and all of our
memories together.

I can't imagine how
painful that must be.

Yeah, so seeing Sam and Tracy
tonight just reminded me

of my dad and I
once upon a time.

We used to love being
partners during game nights.

Yeah, you guys had an
amazing relationship.

It was intimidating.


Of course, his youngest
daughter's first boyfriend,

come on.

I just wanted him to know that
you were always safe when

you were with me.

He knew.

Anyway, that's why Christmas
has been so hard for me

these past few years.

My dad loved
-the holidays.

He used to rent out an
ice skating rink for

-Elizabeth and I.
-Yeah, I remember.

He used to always make sure
Christmas was so magical for us.

Now I'm just lucky if he
can even remember my name.

So, honestly, Christmas
has lost all its magic.

Come on, don't
say that.

I'm sure there's still some
magic left in Christmas.

Says you,
there's a twist.

Memories with our loved
ones, they're, they're,

they're precious,
you know.

And sometimes we forget
how precious they are

until it's gone.

I mean trust me, I know what
it's like to feel forgotten.

Yeah, I was just so focused on
work and getting ahead these

past few years, so I just, I
felt like I missed out on

so much time with
him, you know.

No, no, don't do
that to yourself.

Okay, he knew how
much you loved him.

He still does.

I bet he was so proud of you
when you moved cross country

to follow your
dreams, yeah?

I know.

It's just hard.

It's the most painful
heartbreak since...


Do you want to
go for a walk?

Right now?

Yeah, right now,
you and me.



I remember
Professor Brown.

I remember he caught us passing
notes in class, and he told me,

he said, "Unless you're
majoring in flirtation, Robert,

you better smarten up."

Yeah, you were so

That's the day I asked
you to the movies, right?

Yes, to see Deer
Hunter at Revival.

What kind of insane
first date was that?

You said you liked
classic cinema.

Yes, like, An Affair to
Remember, or Casablanca.

That movie gave
me nightmares.

Fair enough,
fair enough.

Actually, I went to Casablanca
a few years ago for

a photo exhibition,
it was amazing.

Oh yeah, I saw that photo you
did of the woman from

the village in a National
Geographic, it was incredible.

You subscribe to
their magazine?


Do you want to sit?

Yeah, sure.

I may have peeked at your
website once or twice.


Yeah, you're really

The way you capture people
and places, it's incredible.

Well, I have you
to thank for that.

Remember all those hours you
let me take photos of you and

practice my lighting
and my lenses,

it's you must have
been so bored.

No way, I was never
-bored with you.

Well, except for that one time
where you tried to make me

watch the Godfather.

I think the four hundredth
time it was, yeah, that,

that was boring.

Okay, I guess I need to brush
up on my movie choosing skills

when I'm trying to
impress a girl.

Yeah, I'd say so.

Speaking of, what's
the deal with Tracy?

Tracy Bennet?

Don't play dumb.

No, I mean I guess she does bat
her eyes at me quite a bit when

she's talking about who she
thinks her future husband is.


I mean she calls
you Robbie.

That's just Tracy.

She has a nickname
for everyone.

I'm surprised she hasn't
called you Coco yet.

Mm-hmm, I was pretty sure
you're the man that she

was talking about.

Nope, not me,
we're just friends.

Plus, she's
not my type.

Gorgeous isn't
your type?

No, beautiful inside and out,
it's always been my weakness.


What's up with you
and Uncle Bernie?

I saw you guys looking at
each other during charades.

The chemistry
is undeniable.

There's something there.

You are silly.

Oh, my gosh, he is
a very nice man.

Okay, okay.

Well you're smiling,
I like that.

Thank you.


Okay, so the next one
we are going to try is

hot chocolate cake
with whipped cream.


Thank you, papa.

Oh, what end
to start on?


Hmm, mmm.

Wow, this is


I think I still like
the chocolate ganache

North Pole
cake better.


Yeah, I agree with dad, but this
is, like, incredible though.


Now the next cake we're going to
try may sound a little strange,

but it has been a big hit at
all of the Christmas parties

I've planned,
eggnog cake.

-It's this one?

All right.


Thank you.


Oh, mmm, this is
it, this is the one.

Yes, dad.

The texture is
to die for.

I might.


Like redonculous.

So, is this it,
-eggnog cake?

-All right.

-I'll get it ordered.
-Everything is
coming together.

In a few short days,
we'll have a real wedding,

just like you
always dreamed.

I'm, like, so
excited for you guys.

I just wish my sweet Susanna
were here to see it.

She would have
loved all this.

Was that your wife?


She was my
bright light.

They were married
for over 50 years.

Wow, she's

My Honeybee.

So, what's your


Always remember to do kind
gestures for one another,

even if it's as simple as making
their favorite cup of tea.

Where is Rob today?

Shouldn't he be
taking pictures?

He went in to town
to do something.

He said it was

So, speaking of
going into town,

do you think you could
pick up my dress today?

I have a conference call
that might take far longer

than I'd like.

Oh, of course,
I'd be happy to.

Thank you.

I can't wait to
see it again.

Oh, Sam, you're
just gonna love it.

I'm sure I will, hon.

She looks hot,
dad, hot.


Okay, well, who would like
to try some red velvet cake

with cream cheese
-frosting just for fun?
-Oh, me.


No saying
no to that.




Am I interrupting?

Nothing, no, not
at all, hey.


So, what's up?

I see that you have some
time in your schedule today.

Oh, not much, I have to go
pick up Nancy's dress

and start prepping

Come on, not even
an hour or so?

I might be able to squeeze
something in for an hour.

What are you thinking?

Grab your coat.


Where are you
taking me?

Why is it so cold?

You'll see.

Okay, Niko, now!


Can I take it off?

Now you can.


I rented out an
ice rink for us.

Now, I know it's not the same
without your dad, but, look,

I just couldn't bear the
thought of Corrine Millbrook

not believing in
Christmas magic.

You did all
this for me?

Of course I did.

But you don't even believe
in Christmas magic.

Well, let's just say
I'm starting to.

How did you?

You're not the only one with
the power of persuasion.

I don't know
what to say.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Now, are you ready to
get your Gretzky on?

I was born ready.

-Look at you.

Actually like Michelle
Kwan with this spotlight.

It looks good on you.

Oh, we should have
been figure skaters.

I bet you we both would have
made it to the Olympics.

You think so?

-Let's test that
theory out then.


-Come on.
-Oh, goodness.

Are you ready?

Look, look at us.


I think so, Olympics a
little bit, a little bit,

a little bit.

All right, now let
me see a triple axel.

Triple axel, so
we shall go here,

then we shall spin and
we shall stop like that.

Boom, gold medal
finalist for sure.

Why thank you.

Don't you just
-love skating?

I just feel so free.

I feel like I'm
floating on air.

Oh, I think you might
have missed your calling,

-you're a natural.
-Thank you.

Oh, wait.

I got you.

Yeah, natural.

Maybe we should slow down
because I don't want to be the

reason that the most talented
wedding planner in the country

goes to the hospital.

Okay, maybe you make
an excellent point.

-I will just glide.
-All right.


So, I want to talk to
you about something.

What is it?

Last night when you told me
that you looked me up online,

I looked you up,
too, a few times.

Oh, so the truth
comes out.

I was a little
embarrassed to admit it.

But I thought about you a
lot when I was in Italy.

Now, there's no reason
to be embarrassed,

I think I looked you
up almost every day.


Yeah, I cried my eyes
out when you left.

Some days I was so upset
I couldn't even function.

So, why didn't
you call or email?

Well, I didn't think it would
be fair to break up with you

and then pester
you every day.


So, it was a break
up under the tree?


See, I knew it.

You knew what?
We both agreed to it.

That was ridiculous.

Well, if you weren't
gonna take it seriously,

I wish you would
have informed me.

Take it serious, what?

Nothing, I, I don't
want to talk about it.

No, maybe we should
talk about it.

But why, what does
it matter now?

We were just kids.

Just because we were younger
doesn't mean it was

any less real.

Look, being around you now, it
made me realize how real it was.

How can you
be so sure?

I know a way.


-Oh, my gosh!

-The dress.
-That's what you were thinking
about in this moment?

What time is it?

Three forty-five.

Oh, no, no, no, I'm
late, I have to go.

Corrine, wait, wait!

No, I can't do this
right now, I'm sorry.


Oh, no, no, no, this
can't be happening!

Closed for the holidays!

I'm only 10 minutes late!

Okay, get it together,
get it together.

What do I do now?


You lost track
of time, how?

Well, I was taking care
of other errands

and I didn't realize it
had gotten so late.

Have you tried

I did, and her voicemail says
she's already on vacation

and they're not open again
until January 4th.

I am so
sorry, Nancy.

My wedding is in four days
and I don't have a dress.

This is really
bad, Corrine.

I will find you
another dress.

Yes, please.

Corrine, you have been amazing
ever since you've been here,

but the dress
is essential.

I know, I know, and I am
really, really sorry.

I will find you another
dress, the perfect dress.

Hey, Corrine is amazing
at what she does, mom.

-And she will
figure it out.




Yes, hi, I was wondering do
you have any time today

for a dress appointment?

Completely booked, so no
time to squeeze us in at all?

No, I literally need five,
10 minutes tops and I prom-


What am I gonna do?

[cell phone ringing]

Victor, hi.

How goes it?

I miss seeing my favorite
planner around the office.

I miss you, too, Victor.

I can't wait to come home and
see your face again every day.

So, are you the little Christmas
genie making all of their

wedding wishes
come true or what?

I'm trying.


Well that doesn't sound
like someone who's about

to be partner.

I'm sorry, I've just
been distracted.

Well snap out of it.

Look, I'm not about to go into
business with someone who

is distracted, so whatever
it is, or whoever it is,

get rid of them.

Corrine, do you hear me?

Yes, I understand.

Get rid of them.


Nancy, are
you okay?

She's just worried
about the dress.

Maybe we were just too ambitious
to try and pull all this off

in just two weeks.

We should delay
until next Christmas.

No way!

I told you, I can
figure this out.


It's too late.

We can fix this.

Nancy, I want this wedding
to be everything

you've ever
dreamed of.

If we can't find another dress
that you love, we'll postpone.

Absolutely not.

I can find you another
dress, this is what I do.


And don't you even think
about cancelling anything

until I get back.

Where are you going
in such a hurry?

I'm going to
fix this mess.

What mess?

Because of you I wasn't
able to pick up the dress

and now the bride
has no dress.

Because of me?

Look, we both lost
track of time.

Look, I was just
trying to cheer you up.

Don't, okay, I can't afford
any distractions right now.

So that's what
I am to you?

I'm a distraction
to you?

Just over the
next few days,

can you please just
let me do my job?

I cannot miss the chance of
getting partner over someone who

wasn't even considerate enough
to let me know that he didn't

even plan on showing
up to the tree.

We had a deal, and that
little kiss that we had

doesn't change
our past.

That little kiss?

Look, don't pretend like all
that wasn't just an elaborate

way out, okay.

I remember what you said
at the rink, we broke up.

Now, see, you should have just
said that like a normal person,

instead of coming up with
a ridiculous contract.


Yeah, really.

Then why did I drive
from Boston that night

on Christmas Eve?

I could have been spending
that time with my dad.

I felt so stupid
waiting there.

You went?

I, I didn't know.

Forget it, I don't have
to explain myself to you.


Please, please, yes,
yes, hello, hi.

Oh, you're closed
for the holiday, too.

Well, would you happen to
know any wedding boutiques

that might still be open?



Okay, thanks.

I need a Christmas

Not having a
great day?

Bernie, what are
you doing here?

Just exploring the town,
thinking about my Honeybee.

You all right?

Yeah, no, I mean
I don't know.

I've really messed things up,
and I don't know what to do,

I've ruined everything.

Don't be so hard
on yourself.

Now when in doubt, you just let
the magic of Christmas guide ya.

I don't know if I believe in
the magic of Christmas anymore.

I feel like this holiday has
brought me more heartache

than joy lately.

Maybe you're just not
taking the time to notice

the magic anymore.

But I have a feeling
it's still there.

You look ravishing.


Hold on, what size
is that dress?



Oh, you look amazing!

I can't believe
you found this.

It fits perfectly.

Well, the store owner was
inspired by you two recommitting

to love each other
no matter what.

Well you really know how
to think on your feet.

I am very, very

Thank you.

I love you,
okay, bye.



Oh, my gosh, mom, you
look, like, amazing.

Good job.

And you look happy.

I just talked to Brian.

Oh, that's

Isn't falling in
love so much fun?

Like, the best.

And when you find someone
who, I don't know, really,

really gets you, it's
important to cherish that.

Aren't I right,


So, he thought you broke up
with him when you guys

made that deal?

That's why he didn't show up?


There has to be more
to it than that,

that doesn't make any sense.

I'm just so confused.

Well, at least this
wedding is almost done,

and you won't ever
have to see him again.

Yeah, I guess.

You guess?

Being around him has made
me realize how much

I really miss him.

Do you still love him?

I don't know.

I mean the kiss was so magical.

It's just it still hurts
that he didn't take

our deal seriously, so.

You never told me about a kiss.

Okay, I will fill you in on all
the details when I come home,

but right now I just need
to focus on decorating

for this wedding.

Corrine, I love you.

I am here for you
no matter what.

I know.

I love you, too.

Thanks Liz.



This, this looks

I mean you did it.


Yeah, you should
be really proud.

As long as Sam and Nancy
like it, I love it.

I'm sure they will.

Do you need something?

Yeah, I, I want to talk to
you about the other night.

What about it?

I showed up to the
tree and you didn't,

what more is there
to talk about?

Look, I was going to
go, okay, trust me.

I, I mean I had my clothes
picked out, everything.

Oh really?

So, what happened, did
you get stuck in traffic?

The night before I was
supposed to meet you,

I looked you up online, okay,
and I saw a bunch of pictures

with a guy named Victor.

It was the same guy that
called the other night.

Now, why would I go all the
way to Connecticut to meet

a girl that had a
boyfriend, right?

Wow, really?

Yeah, really.

Look, if you guys are still
together just tell me.

No, no, don't shake
your head at me.

Look, I, I, I
deserve to know.

Victor is my boss.

And not that it matters, but
he's been happily married

to his husband, David,
for the past 10 years.

That seriously
your boss?

Why would I need
to lie about that?

Look, I'm sorry,
okay, I'm sorry.

I thought that the contract
was elaborate weird way to,

to end things with me.

If I wanted to end
things with you,

then why have I been keeping
my half of the postcard

all these years?

You still have it?

In my bedside drawer, underneath
a copy of Alice in Wonderland

that my dad gave me when
I was eight years old.

Wow, I mean
you kept it.


Why do you think?

You're right, you're right,
I should have showed up.

But you didn't.

Please forgive
me, please.

You really don't
get it, do you?

Even if you thought I
was with someone else,

if you truly loved me,
you would have shown up,

you would have kept your
half of the postcard,

but no, instead you
decided to give up.

The shoemaker wouldn't
have given up so easily.

He's not even
real, okay.

But what we had was.

And you threw it away over
an insane two year deal

for us to be apart.

I wanted you to
pursue your dreams,

that's how much I loved you, and
all I asked was for you to show

up to a tree, and you
couldn't even do that.

What if I did?

What if we had a redo?

What do you mean?

Meet me at the
Christmas tree, please.

Do you still have your
half of the postcard?

No, I threw it out.

Look, Rob, what's
done is done.

It's obvious we weren't
meant to be together.

You don't mean that.

I deserve someone
who's gonna show up.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have work to finish.



Penny for your

Ha, hey, Bernie.

I was just thinking about
the shots I'm gonna shoot

for the, the wedding.

Yeah, I may be old,
but I'm not stupid.

Can I join ya?

Please, I'd, I'd
love the company.

I know that face,
problems of the heart?

That obvious?

Who's the lucky lady?

An old girlfriend
from college.

We recently connected and
then we had a big fight,

and I just, I don't
know what to do.

Do you love her?

I think I do.

I, I think I always
have actually.

Then you know what
you need to do.


Show her.

That's what I did
with my Susanna.

It took me years to show
her how much I loved her,

but it was so worth
it in the end.

Yeah, it's, it's

Seven years ago she took a
postcard from a Christmas tree,

and apparently a
shoemaker had made it,

and she ripped it in half,
and we each took a piece,

and she said in two years
we would both come back to

the same tree with our
pieces, and if we did,

then what we had
was true love,

and we never gave
up on each other.

Well call me an
old softie,

but that sounds pretty
romantic to me.

Yeah, the problem is,
is I didn't show up.

Why not?

I, I thought she had moved
on, forgotten about me,

and found someone else,
and she showed up,

and I stood her up and
I, I just, I feel awful.

Well don't worry,
at Christmastime

anything is possible.

Oh, don't tell me you believe
in Christmas magic, too.

It's all around ya, kid,
you just have to believe.

True love will
always find a way.

Yeah, I keep
hearing that.

Mm-hmm, you
should listen.


Have a good night.

You too.


I can't believe
everyone's here.

How's your mom?

Really nervous,
but really excited.

Thank you for everything
you've done for my family.

It's, it's been a pleasure
to watch you work.

Thank you, Tracy.

It has been a pleasure to bring
your parent's dream to life.

You know, when my parents
first got married,

my dad thought the idea of the
whole wedding thing was a waste

of money and silly, but once he
realized how much it meant to my

mom, he's just gone above and
beyond to make it perfect.

And I think it sometimes takes
people a little extra time

to realize what these type
of moments really mean.

Well that's the beauty
of second chances.

I think so.

Um, I think everyone
deserves a second chance.

And there's Brian, looks,
like, so handsome,

I feel like
I'm sweating.

And Rob looks pretty
cute, too, huh?

What, hmm?

Oh, I'm just saying I think he
might be some kind of monk.

He told me he hasn't
dated anyone seriously

since college, so.

She must really
have been something.

Well, you should
get upstairs.

We'll be
starting soon.

I'll see you
out there.



Okay, let's make sure
the bride is ready.

She will need to walk
in the next 30 seconds.


Welcome everyone.

We are gathered here tonight to
celebrate and share in the love

between Sam and
Nancy Bennet.

Two people who have honored and
cherished one another since

the time they shared in college,
and have never faltered

in their love for
each other since.

They have made sacrifices
for each other,

and encouraged one another,
but most importantly,

they have never stopped
fighting for each other.

This is the greatest love.

This is true love.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

It does not envy, it does
not boast, it is not proud.

It does not
dishonor others.

It is not self-seeking.

It does not easily anger.

It keeps no record
of wrongs.



You just knocked it out
of the park, Corrine.

I just, I can't wait to
talk to Victor about it.

Thank you so much.



Bernie, hi.

Beautiful ceremony.

You were wonderful
up there.

Well that's very
kind of ya.

I just spoke
from the heart.

Actually, I was
gonna sneak out.

Basically, my job
is done here.

Not so fast, no, I
expect a dance first.

I would, I'm just
really not in the mood.

Come on, don't leave
an old man hanging.


You all right?

I don't know, I'm a little
out of sorts truthfully.

How come?

It's a long story.

They always are.

Did, did Susanna ever do
anything throughout the years

that made you question whether
or not you were meant to be.

Oh, she dismissed
me for a long time.

I almost gave up, believing that
the, it must not be meant to be,

until one day, she finally
agreed to go on one date

with me, and the
rest is history.


That must have been
some first date.

It was.

And neither of us could deny
the magic we had together.

Well was it easy
after that?

Oh, no relationship
is easy.

No, everybody brings different
fears and insecurities to the

table that create complications
and misunderstandings,

but that's just part
of the adventure.

Well, how do you know if
someone's worth holding onto,

or if you should
finally let them go?

That's a great

I believe that love has a sneaky
way of showing us the answer,

true love.

Well, thank you for
the dance, Bernie,

but I really must
catch this train.

Can you please tell Sam and
Nancy and Tracy goodbye for me?

I can do that.

And Rob too.

Sure can.

It's been a pleasure
meeting you.

Oh, the pleasure
was all mine.

Oh, don't forget
your stocking.

I left a little present
in there for ya.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,


To the train
station, please.


[♪ Jingle Bells ]


[♪ Jingle Bells ]

Excuse me, Trac.

-This is the Cha Cha.
-I'm sorry, Bernie,
have you seen Corrine?

I have actually.

She just left.

She said to tell
you goodbye.

Left, where, where
is she going?

She mentioned something
about a train station.

She's gone?

Oh, yeah, she
didn't seem herself,

she definitely had
something on her mind.

I'm too late.

Don't give up hope, Christmas
magic is all around us tonight

from the top of the tree to
the bottom of our stockings.


It's Corrine,

It's Corrine, she's
the one that I love,

and I, I let her
get away again.

Have you actually told her
that you still love her?

No, but I, I know
I should have, I...

What are you
waiting for?

You think I should
go after her?

What do I know, I'm
just an old shoemaker.

You're right, you're right, I,
I have to fight for her, right.

Thank you, thank
you, Bernie.

Oh, wait, don't
forget your stocking.


Wait, shoemaker, Bernie,
Bernard, no way.


[♪ Jingle Bells ]

From the top of our tree to
the bottom of our stockings.





What the...how?



It's 11:53.




Merry Christmas,


You know, I heard about
an old wives' tale once.

A man who loved the woman so
much that he devoted years of

his life to prove that what
they had was true love.



I've never heard
that one.

The crazy thing is, it's not
an old wives' tale, it's real.

It's more real than, than
I ever thought possible.

You found your half.

Let's just say Christmas
magic was on my side tonight.

Tell me about it.

I just can't
believe you're here.

Well true love always
finds a way, remember?

Is that what we
have, true love?

There's no doubt in my
mind that's what we have.

I love you, Corrine,
I always have.

I'm sorry that I
didn't believe in us.

I let my pride
get in the way.

You were right, you deserve
someone who's going to show up,

and I'm here and I always
will be, if you'll have me.

Of course I'll have you.

I love you, Rob.

You're the one, you
always have been.

I love you, too, Corrine, and I
will devote every moment I have

to you, even if that mean I
have to move to San Francisco.

Merry Christmas,
my handsome oaf.

Merry Christmas,
my love.

Wait, so does this mean that
I actually get to spend

Christmas Day with you?

Does this mean that I finally
get to spend Christmas

with your family?

Well, I am making these
amazing snowman pancakes.

Well you know I'm
a waffle guy.

That's okay, we
can negotiate.





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