Let's Get Harry (1986) - full transcript

When Harry Burck (Harmon), an American engineer on loan to Colombia, is taken hostage and held for ransom, his brother Corey (Schoeffling) and friend Jack (Busey) are among a group of men, lead by Shrike (Duvall), who go deep into the jungles of Colombia to rescue Harry and an American ambassador.

What do you say, Leon?
How do I look?

Harry, you look like a man who
wishes he was someplace else.

Go tell your crew to act like
they work for a living.

Harry Burck?

- How you doing, Mr. Ambassador?
- I'm Reville Douglas.

I saw the whole plant
from the air.

You guys have done one
hell of a job.

Well, thanks, but it's been
a real team effort.

This Colombian crew
has been great.

So you agree that the climate
for American business investment

is pretty good down here?

Don't ask me. All I am is
a glorified plumber.

Boss back home says, "Harry,
get on down there and put in some pipe".

That's all I did.

- So you're going home after tomorrow.
- You bet.

The people have been great.
The experience has been great.

The girls are great.

I even avoided most of
the Illinois winter, but...

But you never really
appreciate America,

until you've spent six months
someplace else.

You got it.

So, uh, what's
the procedure tomorrow?

All right, you and, uh, President Betancur
are going to turn this valve here.

It's gonna release some water
from the, uh, aqueduct.

Come on down here through
the manifold, on down the hill

through the turbine and lights
go on all over Colombia

and I'm out of here.


What the hell's happening?

Okay, let's go!

Let's go, you guys!

Give us a break.
It's December. So?

Bob, you promised you weren't
going do this today, man.

Hey, that's before I knew
how beautiful it was gonna be.

It's not beautiful,
it's freezing. Put the top up.


You just get out of high school or something,

Let me out.

Put the top up or let me out.

You're a mad man.

A couple of babies.

You were right, Bob.
It is a beautiful day.

Pachowski, I don't know how they
even gave you a driver's license.

They didn't.

I bet you Harry'll be glad
to get home, huh?

Yeah, I mean, come on,
six months in Colombia?

I'd say that's a long
enough vacation.

Spence, he was working.

Working? On his tan.

Hey, Bob, did you get
enough beer?

You think I should get
another one?

- Put that in the front. Put that in the front!
- Move! Move!

- Move! Move!
- In the front!

Where's that plant Harry
was working on?


- All right.
- Looks great.

- Looks great.
- Whoa, let's party.

- Hey, let's break that keg.
- Yeah. Bob.

Hey, Dad.

Hey, it's every man
for himself.

What's the matter?

Harry's been kidnapped.



Why would anybody want to kidnap Harry,
for Christ's sake?

They were after
the Ambassador.

The opening in the new plant.

Harry tried to stop them.

- Who?
- They don't know.

Terrorists, maybe.

Who told you this?

Aw, some guy from
Washington called.

I'm sorry, fellows,
but I'm afraid I don't have much to add.

Ambassador Douglas was touring the
plant before it officially opened.

The kidnappers attack.
Uh, Harry fought back, uh...

Apparently armed
with a wrench.

Yeah, uh, yeah, Mr. Reilly.

You know, we...
We got all that from TV.

I mean, we just flew
six hundred miles.

We just want to know
what you're doing about it.

I'm afraid there isn't
much we can do.

I mean, come on,
Reagan just sent Marines right into Grenada.

F-one Eleven's flew right into Libya.
I mean, he's got to tell these Mexicans,

"You let Harry go
or you're dust!"

In the first place,
they're Colombians, not Mexicans.

And in the second place,
this situation is

- totally different from the one...
- Excuse me,

Mr. Reilly, this is not
some "situation".

This is my brother.
Do you understand?


All right.

I'm gonna tell you
some things,

but if you go public with this
information, in any way,

I'll deny it.

We don't know much about
the kidnappers except that

their leader is a man
called Carlos Ochobar.

Who wants some of his friends,

naturally he calls
them political prisoners,

let out of jail.

If the prisoners are not
released in 10 days

then the hostages
will be shot.

So let them go.

- It's not up to me.
- Who's it up to?

The policy of this administration
is not to negotiate with terrorists

under any circumstances.

- So you send...
- And you can forget about

sending in the Marines
or the Air Force.

These guys aren't
part of a hostile government.

And... And they
don't have, uh,

bases that we can hit.

They're a roving bunch
of murderers

with 2,50,000 square miles

of trackless jungle
to hide in.

So that's it?

You're not gonna
do anything, right?

I'm sorry, guys.

That's the way it is.

- Mr. Reilly...
- Let's go, come on. Come on.

I don't understand.

You mean to tell me you went
all the way to Washington

and didn't even see the man?

We saw his aide.
He wouldn't see us.

that's just great, Corey.

It wouldn't have made any difference, Dad.
It's their policy.

Aw, what's the use?

- If Harry'd gone down there...
- Don't start about Harry, Dad.

Well, Harry would've
gotten some answers.

He's not here!

Harry's not here, Dad!

Well, maybe,
Harry would have...

The reason I went
down there was Harry.

But you want to know something?
Harry couldn't have done nothing.

Not even Harry can move the government
when it don't want to be moved.

So I don't want to hear about
what Harry would've done,

Dad, 'cause he's not here!

I'm sorry, Corey.

I know you did
the best you could.

Bears - fourteen.
Vikings - seven.

And we'll be back after this
word from our local sponsor.

Smiling Jack Abernathy here.

You know, you can look on
the north side of town.

You can look on
the south side of town.

You can look on the east side of town.
You can look on

the west side of town.

You can look all over town. But when
you're ready to buy, you'll end up here.

Tell them why, honey.

Smiling' Jack says
make your own deal.

Yeah! You pick out the color,
the make, the model,

four-door Sedan
or convertible.

Tell me what you can afford
and you'll make your own deal.

Then you'll be smiling, too.

First and ten for the twenty.

Galt is wide to the right.

Patton's in motion.

McMann is back to throw.

He's got Galt up the field.

Oh, come on, come on, oh!
He dropped the ball.

That's the first time they've been
able to stop Galt all afternoon.

Oh, that's funny, Spence.

Half... Half a yard,
that's gonna cost me. Nice.

What's with you, guys?

You're supposed
to be Harry's best friends.

Hey, we are.
What are we supposed to do?

You're supposed to just sit
here and watch a football game?

Hey, Corey, you know, uh,
none of us like it,

but I mean, if Uncle Sam
can't do nothing.

Harry goes up against machine
guns with a goddamn pipe wrench.

You guys aren't even
gonna try.

Hey, why don't you guys
just drop it, okay? Let it go.

Hey, Spence, you drop it.
You let it go.

I'm going down there.

To do what?

I don't know, Kurt.
Find my brother and bring him home.

Well, I'll give you Superman's phone number.
You can take him with you.



Hey, let me talk to him.
Let me talk to him.

Hey, Corey.
Come on, man, take it easy.

- Where the hell you going?
- To get my brother.

You don't even know
where he's being held.

- I'll find him.
- Hey, just hold on a second.

You're just not running off anywhere, okay?
I love Harry, too.

I mean, I... I got a
family here. I got a wife.

I got two kids.
I got a house to think about.

You wouldn't have this house, Kurt,
if Harry hadn't co-signed the loan for you.

Pachowski, you
got laid off in Chicago.

Who gave you
a job, no questions asked?

I mean, if it was me,
if it was any of us,

Harry'd be on the first goddamn
plane to come and get us.

He's right.

Let's, uh, let's go do it.

- Are you for real?
- There's no way. No.

Well, I'm tired of
getting pissed on, Spence.

- How about you?
- You want to go down there and get him?

Spence, what are we gonna do,
leave him there?


- It's not that easy.
- All right, come on, let's do it. Come on.

It's fucking nuts.

Let's get Harry.

Listen to this crap.
"Mercenary for hire."

"Gung ho?"

I don't believe it. "Soldier of Fortune."
You guys have cracked.

Look, if we're gonna
do this right we need a pro.

It's that simple, okay? Uh,

Spence, you run
the interviews.

Me? Come on, why me?

'Cause you're shop steward and you think
you're Mr. Fucking Wizard, that's why.

Well, you've got
a point there, Bob.

- All right, let's go.
- Here goes nothing.

- Hi, my name's...
- No names!

Okay, well what would
you like us to call you?

You can call me Rambo.

In addition to the Balisong,
I also carry a Nighthawk

and a Fairbairn-Sykes
throwing knife.

For my malaria.

You fought in Vietnam,
Chile, Angola,

Falklands, Lebanon.

And you helped plan
the raid on Entebbe, right?

That's right, mate.

Kill them all,

and let God sort them out.

That's me motto.

We'll be in touch.

We got a nut case,
a possible drug addict,

a couple of drunks
and the rest...

Are you satisfied?

I don't care. I'm still going.

Well, without me.

You're a pussy, Kurt!

Bob, real bright.

Way to go.

Come on, you guys,
this is a load of crap.

I mean, Kurt was right. I mean, what are we?
We're a bunch of plumbers.

You know, we're gonna go down to some
foreign country and play soldier?

Aw, gee.
I mean, let's get serious.

I mean, this is not
gonna work.

Not with
that attitude, it isn't.

How'd you get in?

Well, for a situation
like this I use the door.

What code name do you use?



Well, I'm not too fond of it myself
but we don't pick our parents, do we?

Norman Shrike.

Don't worry about it.
My Spanish will be fine down there, okay?

Now as I understand it,
this house belongs to Harry Burck, Sr.?

That's right.

A guy by the name of Harry Burck, Jr.
from Aurora, Illinois,

is being held
by Carlos Ochobar.

Some other guys from Aurora are
looking for a professional soldier.

- I love this guy.
- Excuse me.

Now let's get down
to the mission.

Now I have a picture here
of Carlos Ochobar.

Look at it
and remember that face.

Now the press has been
calling him the mystery man.

What he is, in fact,
is a scumbag drug dealer who's pissed off

because his government's extraditing
his dealers to stand trial in the U.S.

And Ochobar wants to trade our
Ambassador for his dealers.

What about my brother, Harry?

Harry doesn't mean shit to them. They'll
kill him just to show they mean business.

- How'd you find all this out?
- Who cares how, Spence?

What counts is this guy knows.

I mean, well, how do we know,
you know, you can handle yourself?


A medal of honor.
Far out.

Can't shake that cold,
eh, Spence?

- Dut!
- How you doing, Jack?

I'm doing good. How you doing?

Sneaking by.

- J.D., rocks, twice.
- You got it.

Better not be
watered down, neither.

- Is that good for you?
- Mmm-hmm.

Hey, fellows!
Let me buy you a drink.

Thanks, Mr. Abernathy.

- Call me Jack.
- All right.

Let's have a round
of Chippewa Pride

- for my friends here.
- Sure thing, Jack.

Hey, Corey. I want you to know
I'm sorry about what happened.

I mean, I never
heard a bad word about Harry.

You know, this whole town
feels the same way.

I mean, it's a goddamn shame.

I can't understand what's
happened to this country.

You know, in the old days,
they wouldn't put up with this nonsense.

They'd send in the Marines
and I mean right now!

I just can't understand it.

It just makes me sick.

I guess all we can do
is pray, huh?

Hey, Dut,

whatever these guys want,
put it on my tab.

- Yes, sir, Jack.
- Okay?

- Whoa! Are you ready?
- Uh-huh.

Okay. Corey, if there's anything
I can do for you, call me up.

- Okay, Jack.
- Okay.

- See ya, fellows.
- Ooh.

- Give my best to your dad.
- All right.

- Isn't it about time he got a new truck?
- Yeah, I guess.

Well, send him in.
Make his own deal.

I'll mention it to him.
- Okay.

- See ya, Dut.
- Bye-bye.

Keep it hot.

This really blows my mind.

I mean, are you guys
really serious?

What is it with you, Spence?

You think if you keep
asking that question

you're gonna get
the answer you want to hear?

If you don't want to go,
don't go!

Bullshit! You're going!

Hey, lighten up. All right?
All I'm saying is this.

I think if we're gonna go down there,
we should all go together.

So, you in or out?

I'll go, if Kurt goes.

Come on, Kurt.

All right.

Oh, great. I mean,
so he convinces her.

Well, what are we gonna
do about money? Rob a bank?

What's the problem now?

- Money.
- So, we'll rob a bank.

That's great! That's great!

You fellows are what this
country used to be all about.

Don't take crap from nobody.

I tell ya, I was robbed once.

Then I started carrying
this little baby here.

Smith & Wesson.

I'd like to see somebody
try it now. Boom!

You know what I mean?

Anyway, my politics are no secret.
What can I do for you?

Well, uh, we figured for a job like this,
uh, we're gonna need some help, right?

So, uh, we hired a pro.
You know, a... A mercenary.

Good move, good move!
Is he any good?

Yeah, he won the
Congressional Medal of Honor.

Right, but these guys don't come cheap,
you know, and, uh,

we're a bunch
of working stiffs.

What, you a little
shy on cash?

Right! Right.
So we figured that, uh...

So maybe I could help you
out with a little loanie?

- Yeah.
- How much?

We don't need it all up front.
Okay, we can pay him half now.

- Well, how much?
- We got six thousand bucks.

- How much?
- Forty thousand.

Whoa! Forty thousand?

- Forty grand. That's serious money.
- I know.

Look, Mr. Abernathy,
we wouldn't come to you

if there was any other way.

Corey, don't get me wrong.
I want to help,

but 40k.

Another hand job.

Excuse me, son.

Hey, Jack.


Did you nail all these
suckers yourself?

Oh! Every one.

- Really?
- Damn knee kept me out of Vietnam.

That pissed me off.

Yeah, I've been on safaris.
Africa, Alaska, South America.

Did you see that white rhino?

I nailed him to Botswana,
dead-on heart shot with a .458 Winchester.

And if I'd have missed,
I wouldn't be here talking to y'all.

Whew! God, you know, it must cost a
fortune to stuff and mount these things.

You wouldn't believe it.
It's $1500 a head.

That's nothing compared
to this full-bodied gazelle.

Exactly how much do all
your hunting trips cost?


Very good. Very good.

I ought to have you
selling cars for me.

Like that white rhino,
I think I just been nailed.

But I want to get one
thing straight.

If I pay for a hunting trip,
I go on it.


Where you going?

I told ya, Dad.
We're going fishing.

Well, don't fall in.

Probably be unemployed
when we get back.

What makes you think
we're gonna make it back?

Oh, that's funny, Bob.


- Hey, Jack, give me some stuff.
- How much?

Why don't you fellows
let me handle the money?

We've already been over that.
Jack handles the money.

Here ya go.

Found another one.
There's not much more.

Big Mickey, how you doing?

A-ha! Stormin' Norman!

Right on time.

Good job.
Thanks a lot, fellows.

You know, I think we should
have at least gotten passports.

Where we're going,
we won't need them.

Okay, how'd you get this gig?

You still waving that
big dick medal around?

Did you tell them exactly
how you got it?

I want to know how
I can find Alphonso?


I wonder what they're
talking about.


Come on, amigo.

Hell, he's out of business.
Living high somewhere.

In the hills outside
of Bogota.

Don't have no exact address.

Gee, look at all that blow!

Wait a minute, fellows. I think we
should just take a minute here and talk.

Talk about what?

About that stuff.

It's not exactly legal,
you know.

What's the problem?


I didn't see anything.
Neither did you.

- Yeah, I did.
- Hey.

You want to abort
the mission, you do it now.

Because once we're
on that plane, fellows,

we're in for the duration.


Yes, sir.

My troops.

I knew if I accepted
this post, there'd be risks.

That comes with
the territory these days.

But I never dreamed I'd end up
being bait for some drug lord

trying to get his
dealers out of jail.

I've never been bait
for anybody in my life.

Come on,
let's get out of here!

Come on, run!

I hope you enjoyed
your morning exercise.

I have made contact with your government,
Mr. Ambassador.

They have one week to release my friends
who are now in jail in the U.S.A.

It'll never happen.

Well, if my friends are
not released,

you and the Ambassador
will die.

And that is only
the beginning.

There are many Americans
in Colombia.

I can take my pick.

You should've nailed him, Bob.

Iguanas are good eating.
I've had them on a stick.

Get out of here.

Here he comes.

- They want $3,000 for the Renault.
- All right.

Three thousand dollars?

I ought to open my own
dealership down here, Norman.

I ain't giving $3,000
for that piece of shit.

That's a rip-off.

Then you make the deal,
Smiling Jack.

Jack, give him the money.

- That's a lot of money.
- Jack, give him the money.

Three thousand dollars.

- Expensive.
- I don't give a shit. Take it up with him.

Here, $3,000, one Renault.

Norm, army patrol comin'!

- Huh?
- Fuck!

Move out, on the double,
on the double! Let's go!

- Come on! Keep it cool!
- What do you mean, an army patrol?

Put the stuff
in the trunk. Come on.

- Adios, amigo!
- Big guys in the back. Let's go!

On the double! Let's go!

Here I got it! Give me that.
Put it in there!


- Watch your heads!
- All right, come on! Let's go!

Let's go!
Get in, get in!

Take it easy!
This thing had better start!

Take it easy!

Get in!
Come on.

Don't flood it, Shrike!

Come on!

Oh, come on!

Please start, please start.
Come on, please! All right, let's go!

Fast! Come on, Shrike.
Pull out. Move!

Whoa, yeah!




Open my bag.
There's a black bag inside with guns in it.

Throw it out the window.

- Guns? What do you mean, guns?
- If you don't want to get shot, throw 'em out.

Get 'em out!

- Go on, do it!
- Get 'em out!

Shit! Fuck!

What should we do?

Shut up! Just give me $100.
Just give me some.

A hundred dollars!

Get your hands up.

What in the hell have
we gotten ourselves into?

All right, all right! Sorry!

Shit! Please, please!


Maybe it's better if we...

If we settle matters
right here.

Smuggler pig!

The man's an artist.

Get out of my district.

You don't know how painful
and expensive that can be.

- Gracias.
- Whew!

The Indians say that if
you spit after a close call,

you'll be protected
in the future.

I think we spit too late.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh! Whoa!

Oh, please, God.

Jesus Christ.
Please, God.

What now?

We walk.

Guess the Hilton was all
booked up, eh, Norm?

How come Shrike got the

Probably needs it to count
my money.

Know what I mean?

What did I tell you?

Don't ever open the door
'til you know who's on the other side.


Let me have $3,000.

What's it for?

It's better if you don't

Well, you better know.
We got exactly six days.

- Six's plenty of time.
- Okay.

No, wait. Let's just hold
on a second here, okay?

I want to know something
about the guns we ditched.

You didn't say anything
about guns.

You said he was gonna take all
the risks.

We'll let the government
do the actual rescue.

That's what I intend to do,
but I've been sniffin' around outside.

There's a state of siege
on in this country,

so it doesn't hurt
to be prepared, does it?

Which reminds me,

let's have it.

- I just gave you three grand.
- No, no, no, no, no, no. This.



- Oh, shit!
- Oh, man.

Now, do you know what
would have happened

if the military police had
found this on you back there?

What would have happened?
They would have blown our heads off!

Now listen to me, fellas.
This isn't a game.

Now, even if you do exactly as I say,
some of us might not make it back alive.

Now, I'm gonna go out when it gets dark.
I'll be gone for two hours.

I want everybody to stay here.
That means everybody.

God damn it, Norman.

- I don't think we should be followin' so close.
- I don't want to lose him.

We're not gonna lose him.

I wanna know what he's up to.

- We lost him. Shit!
- You can say that again.

Buenos noches, amigos.

Let's go. Excuse me, slime.
All right! All right!

It's time to pay
your entry tax.

Hey, get out!

I told you guys to stay put.

I'm not your babysitter.

Go back to the hotel,
all right?

You must understand...

Cocaine is my
daughter's education.

It keeps my mother
well cared for in her old age.

It takes care
of my wife's family.

Is it bad what I do?


You're a regular
Mother Teresa.

Can I interest you
in some dinner?

I understand.

People who are not used to the jungle
tend to lose their appetites up here.

This... It is truly
a different way of life.

I'm sure you would
like to go home.

Home to your family...

Your friends.

What do you want from us?

I want you to help me
save your life.

Your Embassy doesn't seem to be
interested in talking to me, so...

I'd like you to talk to them.

I could talk all night.

I don't think it'll
make a difference.

They don't deal
with people like you.

It's easy for you
to be a wise guy.

You don't know what it's like
to go hungry.

I know you're
a fucking low life.

You deal in misery.

Take it easy, my friend.

Isn't he a beauty?

Yes, I like to think that these are the
finest fighters in the whole country.

I'm sure they are.

You seem surprised that I would
turn out to be a sporting man.

Not really.

It's a sport that suits you,

Well, if there is an insult there,
I'll try not to find it.

So, you go after Ochobar.

Certainly a worthy challenge.

But I don't understand.
What, uh,

exactly is it
you want from me?

Well, I need to know where he's
hiding the hostages... One.


And two, I need firepower.

Well... Among the many things,
I'm sure you learned from Mickey.

He must have told you
I'm out of the business.

Listen, I got no time
to fool around.

- Are you gonna help me or what?
- Amigo...

You know I want to help, huh?

Please, tell me.
What kind of weapons?

it's got to be something simple for my team

because they
aren't exactly pros.

Bueno. Mini-Uzis?

Bueno. And for you...

I'll bring
something special.

How much is this
gonna cost me?

At my stage in life,
money isn't everything.

- Pay me what you can.
- Okay.

I'm gonna give you $3,000.

More than generous.

All right,
meet me tonight at the...

Al gimnasio...
La Via de la Paz, 10:00.

Meanwhile, I'll check
with some sources

and we're gonna find the rock
this snake is hiding under.

You all stick together,
all right? Stay close.

What is this?

These are goddamn antiques!


This... This is
a terrible mess, isn't it?

You know, frankly...

I'm surprised.

You know, you look like
a professional to me.

Why in God's name did the...

Did you ever put your trust in a man like...
Like Alphonso?

Ah! $3,000!

This is what he pays
for loyalty.

One must pay him a great
deal more to secure his, eh?

I didn't count on inflation.


Well, to business.

Americans, eh?

In this country, illegally.

And illegally buying guns.

Why? Hmm?

To encourage revolution,

I don't think so.

I think you came down here
to rescue your Ambassador.


What I, uh, want you
to tell me is...

Who is behind
your little operation?

No one.

You want me to believe that,
uh, you and those five amateurs

are going to tiptoe into, uh, Carlos Ochobar's
headquarters and, uh, free the hostages

by yourselves, hmm?

Why not?
Somebody better do it.

There is no official record of your
presence in this country, Mr. Shrike.

In these dangerous times,
terrible things can happen!

Now I must know
who is behind you!

No one.

Who is behind you,
Mr. Shrike?

Tell me! Who is behind you?

Speak up! No more jokes!

Fuck you, chinga tu madre.


Get the pretty one.

You know, you are lucky.

You're American.

I like Americans.

America is such
a beautiful place.

With so many wonderful things
for a boy like you, eh?

But you will never live
to see any of them,

unless you cooperate.

What do you want?

What do I... What do I want?

I want you to talk to me.

I simply must know
who's behind you.


I put this thing
together myself.

They're gonna take us out
to some farm and shoot us.

Shut up!

I'm sorry.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Come on.

Don't shoot!

- Take it easy!
- Put your hands up. Keep them up.

- Fellas? I'm Walt Clayton from the Embassy.
- Oh, thank God!

Sorry about last night. I didn't get word
on this thing until a couple hours ago.

Anyway, we'll get your
paperwork squared away.

You men are on your way home.

We're goin' home?

All right!

- Beautiful!
- I wanna say something to you, though.

What you did was not only illegal
but it was damn dangerous.

Well, it had to be done.

Well, my friend,
you came about this close to a firing squad.

Whose bright idea
was this, anyway?

Mine. I'm Harry's brother.

Well, you're lucky
he still has one.

That's great, but, uh, we came here
to get Harry. When's he comin' home?

He and the Ambassador
should be released very soon.

How 'bout that?

Negotiations have been gone on between
the U.S. Government and these kidnappers,

- since day one.
- All right!

An agreement's imminent.

Anyway, you have about 10
minutes before your plane leaves

so, if you guys want to wash
up there's a john over there.

We've brought your stuff from the hotel.
We took care of your bills.

- Feel free.
- Thank you, Mr. Clayton.

Mr. Clayton, I'm Jack Abernathy.
Abernathy Chevrolet.

Thank you very much, sir.

All right! Free and clear!
Somebody get me a...

Oh, yeah! All right!
Harry's coming home!

These negotiations.

If it was Henry Kissinger
or a plane-load of hostages,

that's one thing.
But what we have here, as I see it

is a no-name Ambassador
and a plumber.

Have a nice trip.

Jesus Jose!

I tell you, being guests of the
government doesn't come cheap!

This place is definitely off
my vacation list.

What was that all about?

We talked a little bit
about Harry.


It was bullshit, wasn't it?
They're not doing a goddamn thing!

That's right.
They want us out of the way, fellas.

Wait! There was a negotiation.
There was an agreement.

There's no negotiation.
There's no agreement.

This guy, Clayton,
was just doing a tap dance!

God damn it!

This is just a short hop
to a neutral field.

I'm gonna go along with you

to make sure you don't have any
problems with customs or anything.

All right, well,
don't everybody thank me at once.


Okay! Okay!

Okay, let's go, let's go!

Come on! Let's go!

Let's go, come on!
Spence, Jack, come on.

- Let's go! Corey's next! Let's go!
- Come on!

Jump! Corey! Come on!

- Kurt!
- No!

Corey! Come!

No! Come on! Get out of here!

Don't worry about him!
Kurt, are you with us?

- Kurt!
- No!



- You're a chicken shit!
- Fuck you, man! I'm no chicken!

- Come on!
- No! I'm goin' home!

Come on!
Let's go!

Don't slow down! We're almost across now.
Don't slow down!

Fuckin' Kurt, man!
I can't believe it.

Don't be so tough on him.

Every man has got
a different breaking point.

What's your problem, man?
You think you've cornered the market on balls

'cause you won the
Medal of Honor or something?

Let me tell
you something, ace.

I got the medal, I certainly did. But I'll
never forget the three faces that paid for it.

Our patrol got
ambushed in Laos.

Relief choppers were called in and as
we pulled out I saw three of my guys

running out of the tree line.

I'd given the signal
to pull out too soon.

I mean, we could have gone
back but we didn't.

It was dangerous but I could have gone back.
I didn't.

It was shock on their faces.

I mean, If I live to be a 100, I'll never forget
the look on their faces as we pulled away.

They got further
and further away from us.

I pulled out too soon,
you see.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you never
know what you're gonna do until the time comes

or you never know what you're
gonna do until you do it.

What's that supposed to mean?

That means things
have changed.

That means the only way your brother's coming
home is if we go and get him ourselves.


So, we've been running away until now.
Anybody can do that.

What I want to know is how many of
you guys are actually ready to kill

to get Harry out?

We'll do what we have to do.

Thank you.

Bad information.

See, that's another reason why

I'm getting out
of this business.

I heard you were
on an airplane.

I got off.

Well, yeah.

I heard about your problems
and believe me,


That dwarf... That dwarf
has already been punished.

Now if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to go
into your office and talk for a few minutes,

if it's all right with you.

Of course. We have much
to talk about.

Yes, we do.
You can bet your ass we do!

Not bad. A little heavy.

But it'll do.

When was the last time
you supplied Ochobar?

Two years ago.

- You deal with him directly?
- No! No, no, no, no.

- Through a contact in his organization.
- Okay.

Call your contact
and make a deal for tomorrow.

What should I say?

You're so goddamn smart,
you figure it out.


Where the hell is he?

What's he...

Spence, you...

- Where'd you get that?
- What are you doing?

I brought it with me.
Hey, don't worry. It's cool.

That's the reason
why Harry got grabbed

- in the first place.
- Exactly.

Hey, listen. I don't have
a problem with it, okay?

- Maybe you got a problem with it.
- Give me that shit!

- Hey, it keeps me alert, all right?
- Hey, hey! Shut up!

- Give me.
- Hey!

- How'd it go?
- I'll give you the payoff.

He's still supplying Ochobar
with his firepower.

He's set up a meeting between
us and his cowboy contact.

How do we know
that it's not another trap?

Something in his attitude
convinced me.

You were right, plumber.

Your government doesn't seem
interested in negotiating with me.

In fact, with just a few days left,
someone is trying to rescue you.

It is your brother.

But I have a little
surprise waiting for him.

I need to convince your
government that I am serious.

Besides, you've been
a most troublesome guest.

- Haven't you?
- But there's still three days left!

I've changed my mind.

Okay, fellas,
the game is over.

Now listen to me
and listen good.

Your eye goes wherever the
muzzle of the weapon goes.

Keep your finger out of the trigger
well unless you're ready to fire.

All right?

Bullets do not go where you wish,
they go where they're aimed.

Goddamn, a woman!

I hear something, man.

- What'd she say?
- That she's not with Ochobar anymore.

Oh, fabulous. Your friend,
Alphonso, fucked us again!

She's full of shit!
She's one of them!

Take cover!

- Abernathy! 12 o'clock, high! On go!
- Gotcha!


Cover me, guys! Cover me!

- Whoo!
- We did it!

We got 'em! We got 'em.

We did it.
We kicked their ass. We did.

Jesus Christ.

God damn it, it's my fault.

That's the police captain.

Let's get the hell
out of here.

And what about her?
She set us up!

She comes with us.

I don't care, man!
Let's get the hell out of here.

Okay, little lady,

you may be foolin' these kids with
that cold-blooded act of yours,

but you're not foolin' me.

I don't know whether you
understand or habla English

but I have a question
you're gonna answer.

And if I have to push, I will!


What do we got here?

A little frogsticker? Huh?

A little frogsticker?
You ain't gonna be stickin' nothin'!

You don't mind
if I smoke, do you?

Now, one more time.
Where the fuck are the Americans?

Where are they?



What the hell are you doing?

What do you mean, what am I doing?
You wanna find Harry?

Harry? You don't
even know Harry!

Don't you come at me, you little punk!
I'll break your neck!

You ain't gonna do shit,
old man! You hear me?

Whoa! Okay.

Look, I don't know
if you understand me

but I'm sorry.

I just want to apologize,
that's all I'm trying to say to you.

You're free now. You can go.

What's goin' on down here?

We're in the middle of nowhere,
my brother's got two days to live and

we don't even know
where he is.

I told you this thing
was never gonna work, man.

That's right!
You told me, God damn it!

I just need some help.

I will help.

How far is it
to Ochobar's compound?

In this boat, two days.

That doesn't give us
much time.

You must know, it's a heavily
guarded compound.

We may not find your brother.

I'll have to worry
about that when we get there.

You boys planning
a little boat trip, huh?

This must be your guide.

What can we do for you?


The name's Al King.
I just don't get a chance to talk

to too many fellow Americans
down here, that's all.

We're from Canada.


You be careful.

This river can be
full of surprises.

More surprises.

That's just what we need.

What about Jack?
We gonna leave him?

Corey, take me along.

You know, I always finish
what I start.

Now, what I did back
at the house,

I was just tryin'
to get more information.

I'm sorry.

Okay, Jack.

Thanks, Corey.

Okay. Let's go.


We have to stop here for the night
and go by foot in the morning.

All right.

Keep your eyes open, guys.

Get the weapons, Spence.

Now keep your eyes open
and stick together.

What the hell was that?

It's just a monkey.

He probably thinks we're
fucking up the neighborhood.

I've had 'em on a stick.

Okay, Ochobar's quarters
are here.

The lab and the barracks are here.
You think Harry's somewhere in here?


- I want you to go.
- No, I said I will help.

You have helped
more than enough.

But this is our fight.

But how will you get back?

We have other plans.

Don't worry.

Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be okay.

Americans always think
everything will be okay.

Good luck, Corey.


All right.

Ochobar's compound
is over this next ridge.

All right, look.

Here's the compound.

Guard tower's here.

Veronica said Harry and the Ambassador
should be here in the barracks.

Okay. How many men
does Ochobar have?

- About 50.
- Fifteen? Not bad.

- She said 50.
- Fifty?

- Shut up.
- Whoa.

- It doesn't matter.
- It doesn't matter?

It doesn't matter. If we do this right,
we'll be in and out before

they know what hit 'em.

All right.

We'll split up
into two groups.

Jack, you and I'll take
the guard tower, go for Harry.


- How you gonna do that?
- With these.

Spence, Pachowski,
go for the lab, which is here.

So you get it, take it,
set it, and rig it to blow.

One of you take the chemical
storage room, which is here.

Set that to blow.

All right?

And set up some kind of diversion
so we can get to the dock.

All right, I'll get the lab.

Spence, you get the storeroom.

I'm still on this part about
the 50 guards.

Hey, look. You gotta give us
10 minutes from the time

we separate before things start to blow,
all right?

Ten minutes, you got it.

Okay, we'll meet at the docks.

Take one of the boats and make
sure they don't follow us.

Okay, who's gonna stay back
and cover the rear?

Somebody's got to do it.

I'll do it.

Okay. All right, come on.
Come on. Jack.

- Okay, let's do it.
- Let's do it.



Okay, go now. Good luck.

- Jack.
- Okay.

Okay. Oh!

Now, I'll show you how
this son of a bitch works.

This is one of the most
complicated weapons ever devised.

You take a dart,
dip it in poison.

And then you just
pucker-up and blow.

One drawback, don't inhale.

Don't miss.

Let's go.



I don't fucking believe it.

It's his jacket.
It's Harry's jacket.

So much for plan A.

- Spence, they moved Harry. Keep 'em busy.
- You got it!

Hey! Harry!


No closer or this man dies.

You little creep!
I'll have you on a stick!


No closer!




Come on!



How the hell are you?

Much better now.

Thanks, Corey.


Spence, where's Pachowski?

I don't know.

He should be right
behind me.




- Hey! Harry!
- Come on!

Come on!

- Come on! They're right behind you!
- Let's go!

Watch my leg!
Watch my leg!

Come on, let's go!
Let's get outta here!

- Come on!
- Here they come!

Well, come on, you guys,
let's go!

Now, Spence!

Attention, please.
Attention, please!

I have very good news.

Harry Burck has just been

Welcome, Harry.