Let Clay Be Clay (2013) - full transcript

A mourning mother stays present in the lives of the kids (now adults) who she believes are responsible for her daughter's murder 20 years earlier.

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(siren blaring)

(helicopter engine roaring)
(siren blaring)

- You sound real crazy right now.

- $100,000 does not sound crazy to me.

- If we get 10 girls working,

we can make a million
and get out the game.

- We ain't even finished High School yet.

- Fuck High School, we
won't need High School

once we make this paper.

- I ain't no hoe.

- You don't have to do it for the more.

Look, once we recruit some
bitches, they all work for us.

We got a real plan girl.

- My plan is to graduate High School,

and then go to college.

- Okay, wait, just take the vow,

I'll get you out of it later.

- What vow?
- The vow

holding what at least
tell him you took it.

- I'm not motherfucking
hallway for no fight.

(intense dramatic music)

- You gonna take the vow and hold it.

Give me everything is
in your fucking purse.

- I ain't got no money.

- Yes you do bitch.

- You said you gonna buy your prom dress,

you got some fucking money.

- Not for you.
- Nigga.

(dramatic music)

- Get that bitch.

- Got him Matgod.

- Cassius, help, Cassius, help (screams)

- Get him Matgod.

- Get her Matgod.

- Help.
- Bitch, call me Matgod,

don't call that call Matgod.

- You say Matgod bitch.
- Get that Matgod.

- Yeah.

- This is my dick

all up in here, bitch.
- Yeah.

- Fuck.

- Cassius.

(gun shot)

(heart beats)

(heart beats)

(intense music)
(heart beats)

(train whistle trilling)

(upbeat piano music)

(heart beats)
(clock ticking)

- [Pastor] Oh got to church.

If you are gonna be a participant.

- [Congregation] Okay, yeah.

- [Pastor] And the
redemptive movement of God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] you've got to be prepared

to handle a life of tragedy.

- [Congregation] Oh yeah, amen!

- [Pastor] Nobody including
Jesus, can participate

in the redemptive movement of God

without experiencing tragedy.

- [Congregation] All right, amen.

- [Pastor] Can I get on with it?

- [Congregation] All right.

- [Pastor] And when you
have experienced tragedy,

only then can God use you to participate

in the redemptive
movement of somebody else.

- [Congregation] All right.

- [Pastor] So you can say I'm set.

(clock ticking)
- [Congregation] All right.

- [Pastor] Well there you see.
- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Oh yeah.

- [Pastor] I don't care what you say,

death is tragic.
- [Congregation] Yes, yeah.

- [Pastor] Death is tragedy.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But I know God has a way

of bringing triumph out of tragedy.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But he's got to have tragedy

to bring triumph out of.

- [Congregation] Yeah, triumph.

- [Pastor] Is still tragedy.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
(door banging)

- [Pastor] Are you listening?
(doorbell rings)

- [Congregation] Yeah.
(doorbell rings)

- [Pastor] Now listen, God
(door knocks) has never greatly

used anybody, who has not
experienced great tragedy.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.
(doorbell rings)

(door knocking)
- Come in.

(clock ticking)
(audience chattering)

- Don't you think it's a little dangerous

to keep your door unlocked
in this neighborhood?

Hi, I'm Ms Tayback from the
Internal Revenue Service.

We've sent you several certified letters

but they've all come
back returned to sender.


- Oh sweet I have the
IRS coming to my house,

when they usually come to my bank account.

- Well, I am trying to handle
my case a little differently.

I think this may just be a simple mistake.

According to our records,
you have been claiming

your daughter as a dependent
since she was born.

That would make her 34 at this time.

But we have information
that she passed away.

- She did not pass away, her destiny

was denied by a murderer.

- I'm sorry for your
loss, I truly am sorry.

- You know you don't
have to be sorry, okay?

There's enough sorry people in this world.

What do you want me to be, huh?

- What?
- What do you mean, what?

What are you here for?

You need what?
- You owe the government

$63,000 and we will put
a lien on your house

and sell it in order to pay your debt.

- I am 65 years old and retired.

What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do?

- I am just reading from
the letter here, ma'am.

- Wait, does that letter say miss ma'am

don't even ma'am me, Ms. Tayback.

What the fuck does that letter say?

Does that letter say
that I bought my house

40 years ago, 40 years ago.

Working for my government,
at the Post Office.

- But you didn't-
- What, no.

- You didn't let me finish.

- I think there is a
program, that can help you

if I can just find the paperwork

for it and have you fill it out.

- I'm not filling out
shit, do you hear me?

You think I'm some kind of fool
that I'm gonna let you come

into my house and take my house.

And then you say I willingly did it, no.

The only way I'm gonna leave this house,

is inside a pine box.

- Let me help you.
- Oh, no, no,

shut the fuck up.
- Please, let me help you.

I can help you fill out these papers

so that we can start the process.

- You know what, my baby
was a rightful deduction,

a rightful deduction.

That was taking away from me, oh, shit.

And I paid my taxes that was
supposed to go to the police,

to find the person who killed my daughter.

But no, instead they're laying
off the police in Oakland.

They laid him off, are those Tax Dollars?

Fuck, I mean, the Tax Dollars,
are they going to a resources

to find the killer of my daughter?

- I don't, I'm just a Tax
Collector, Mrs. Sparks.

Look, Mrs. Sparks, I don't know very much

about your particular case
but, I'm here because I care.

I'm here to help, to help people like you,

to find a way out of a mess.

And maybe if you can't
pay, we can help you.

Please just, (paper rustling)
just fill out these forms.

We'll be back on Wednesday.

♪ We don't believe in anything ♪

♪ Anymore without remorse ♪

(instrumental music)

♪ Drown is a road for way to long ♪

♪ Oh my God where have you gone ♪

♪ Well my ego is big ♪

♪ And it got in the way ♪

♪ Yeah, I didn't hear a
single word that you said ♪

♪ The heart is a hand grenade ♪

♪ Feeling poor but we not afraid ♪

♪ We were ♪

♪ We on anymore ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ We were ♪

♪ We on anymore ♪

♪ We on anymore ♪
(upbeat guitar music)

♪ It feels like the spring spill switch ♪

♪ With winter snow ♪

♪ No one knows which way ♪

♪ Which way ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ Letting go is what they'll telling me ♪

♪ I should just obey ♪

♪ Just obey ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ Well my soul is made ♪

♪ Trust is betrayed ♪

♪ A shell of vessels is all over display ♪

♪ The heart is a hand grenade ♪

♪ Feeling poor but we not afraid ♪

♪ Oh we were ♪

♪ We on anymore ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ Oh we were ♪

♪ We on anymore ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ We on anymore ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ We were ♪
(instrumental music)

♪ Oh we were ♪

- [Reporter] I've got
something else for you

to enjoy the day.

The feds have given the
Oakland Police Department

a $1.5 million grant to reopen
their Cold Case division.

This comes as welcome news,

considering the first murder
of the year in Oakland

was a 17 year old boy.

Here is the Police Chief

at the News Conference held minutes ago.

- [Police Chief] In
particular, I want to say

to Mrs. Wanda Sparks, a woman
whose daughter was sexually

assaulted and murdered in 1994,

my first week on the job as a cop

I have not forgotten about.

- Thank you Jesus.
- And neither Mrs. Sparks.

- Father God, hallelujah.
- And we are praying--

- Hallelujah (laughs).

- [Police Chief] Every
other unsolved crime is open

until justice is served.

(upbeat music)
(dramatic music)

- Like every piece that you sculpt

I just see my daughter's face

in every piece you create.

(dramatic music)

♪ Narrow is said ponny is grown ♪

♪ With the blood more goose is slain ♪

♪ Narrow is said no is grown ♪

♪ In the blood more goose is slain ♪

(bell rings)
(dramatic music)

- Time stands still,
it is us who passed by.

You said me.

And how does the world know we here?

Through art.
(eerie music)

Art is an inner vision

into our world, innovation
Stevie Wonder album

one of the best, one of the
best albums of all time.

- Tupacc.
(dramatic music)

- What are you looking at there?

What do you see in the clay?

Look at the clay like a mirror.

And see you right now.
(dramatic music)

- I just see a block of clay.

- I see a lot of shit.

- This is like, this like.

- In that clay, is the design
for the next spaceship.

Maybe it's a new car, maybe,
it's a Hall of Fame bus.

- Maybe its a--
- Maybe God is so creative.

He gave us all different fingerprints.

- They ain't got mine.

- Yeah, ain't got mine though.

- Every snowflake has
got a different shape.


- What snowflake?

I'm sure you know some
about that Oreo nigga.

Double stuffed did (laughs).

- Extra cream nigga.

- Don't dip nigga.

- Pussy nigga.

- You do your pussy's nigga.

- Hell yeah!

- What?
- Are you done?

- Oh boy, you got more?

- We, it's your class nigga
we've stopped, teach your class.

- Don't dip in.

- Sometimes I wonder

if it's worth teaching Fine
Arts in Eastern Oklahoma.

- What are you trynna
say we're not worth it.

- I don't know.

- Shut the fuck up.

Teach your class, nigga (laughs).

- You not a sculpt, pick
all your neck, teach me

teach us your subject.

- Teach us this clay shit.
(clay thuds)

- Look,

I know they just transfer you
to my class this semester,

so that you're clear.

My subject is, you give me
a hard time I call security.

I don't argue with kids.

- All right teach me your subject, sir.

I just wanna learn.

- I think that was a fucking oh that shit.

I think they are hunging (laughs)

- Yo.

(upbeat music)

- Hi Jack where you at?

Somebody need to holla at me you own that.

'Cause we ready to open that Cold Case

and we all over the
fucking news right now.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(phone vibrating)

- I can't answer calls or texts at work

you fucking know that.

(tense ethereal music)

(phone vibrating)
(tense music)

- What's going on with you?

- What you doing here?

'Cause your uncle send
you to check up on me.

- No, it aint nothing like that.

Actually, I come to apply for a job.

- Oh God Jesus.

- He know what you got more
reasons to call on Jesus,

than me trying get a job.

I thought you'd be happy for me.

- I'm happy for you, not for me.

I've seen enough in my life,
enough for two lifetimes.

- I see you not the only one.

- Not if you're Hindu.
(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)
- Everything is over.

(upbeat music)
Everything is over.

♪ Nothing but the whole truth ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ You gotta tell the whole truth ♪

♪ Nothing but the truth ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ You gonna tell the whole truth ♪

♪ Nothing but the truth ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ You gotta tell the whole truth ♪

♪ Nothing but the truth ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ You gonna tell the whole truth ♪

♪ Nothing but the truth ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ You gonna tell the whole truth ♪

(upbeat music)
♪ Nothing but the truth ♪

(upbeat music)
♪ Nothing but the truth ♪

(upbeat music)
(instrumental music)

♪ Father stop criticizing your son ♪

♪ Mother please ♪

♪ Leave your daughters alone ♪

♪ Don't you know that's what's wrong ♪

♪ With the world today oh ♪

♪ Everybody wants somebody ♪

♪ To be their own piece of clay ♪

♪ Everybody wants somebody ♪

♪ To be there own piece of clay ♪

♪ Children are taught ♪

♪ To give and not to take ♪

♪ If we were all children ♪

♪ You know the world be a better place ♪

♪ Oh, everybody wants somebody ♪

♪ To be their own piece of clay ♪

♪ Hmm ♪
(footsteps thumping)

- You've seen the news?

- I don't watch TV unless
it's football season.

How much?
- Six.

(drawer thuds)

Damn, when was the last
time you went to the bank?


- I don't put that money in no bank.

- No one is gonna wind up getting robbed.

That looks good.
(footsteps clanging)

- Why are you trynna get a job at town?

- I can't work for Archie's
ass all my life, okay?

20 years from now when you retiring

and I get no social security or nothing.

- You just figured that out?

- Look I just figured,
there's always gonna be kids

in schools, and it's a good
place for me to just start over.

Start, shit.

Did you see the news or not?

- Yes, I saw the fucking news.

- Damn.

- I see the news every
day in my head, all right?

You know what I see?

I see me in jail for the rest of my life

for something I didn't do.

- That's right, you didn't do it, okay?

When they start running DNA and whatnot

you ain't coming up, Archie's
'cause he's the felon.

- They're gonna find mine to.

- Cassius you never did no crime.

Your shit ain't even in the system.

- We did commit a crime,
we saw somebody get killed

and didn't say anything about it.

- There you go with that shit.

- Best believe, when
they show up at his door,

he's gonna be snitching on us.

- I got a plan for that.

- Any plan that you got is gonna end

up with me in jail or the
grave and neither appeal to me.

(gentle music)

- You sound real crazy right now.

- $100,000 does not sound crazy to me.

- If we get 10 girls working
we can make a million

and get out the game.

- We ain't even finished High School yet.

- Fuck High School, we
won't need High School

once we make this paper.

- I ain't no hoe.

- Erica, just begged, begged
me to put her in snack.


- We sit up all night

drinking Kool-Aid and said--
- There was one for one

need to have Rice Krispies snack.

- Is that why you always

bring him the cashes is really sort.

You need to Rice Krispies too.

Why you looking at me like that for.

- You peed in our bed.

- Shut up, what?
- You had a night gown,

you peed in my bed.
- I was young.

- $100,000 does not sound crazy to me.

- I love her so much,
she was like my sister,

you know what I'm saying.

- No bitch, fuck you.

- Forget Tyra Banks in them,

she'd be rocking the Chanel.
- You were like her shadow.

- You, wherever she was,

there you were right behind her.

- That's right.

My girl.
- She was beautiful.

Her spirit was beautiful.
- Hmm.

- Her life was cut too short.

♪ So why we fall in love ♪

- You sound real crazy right now.

- $100,000 does not sound crazy to me.

- If we get 10 girls working

we can make a million
and get out of the game.

- We ain't even finish High School yet.

- Fuck High School, we
won't need High School

once we make the paper.
- I ain't no hoe.

- You know if she had stayed

with us you could have got education

you would have graduated
and got your diploma.

- I have my diploma, I got
my GED that counts, right?

Well, Cassius is gonna tell
you I was there at school

applying for a job,
because what you always say

in education you have to get it done.

You gotta get it done, have got it done.

- What you dah dah dah
dah dah dah, that's rude.

- I'm sorry, you know what I'm saying.

You act like I don't listen
to what you're saying.

Now I understand, I understand.

I mean it's taken me a while
to get it but I get it.

♪ Feels to let you have him ♪
- Okay, sorry.

♪ Or even pay your popping ♪

You coming this over?
- Absolutely.

I'm telling did I not
just say I'm changing.

How I'm I gonna go get a
job and do all that stuff,

and still be on the pipe, I'm not.

I'm swear I'm not lying to you.

I'm clean for-
- You aint lying to me?

- I would not lie to you about this.

- When I look in your eyes,

I feel like you wanna tell me something.

Something please, just tell me something.

♪ You are the reason why I love ♪

- If I knew I would've told, okay?

Well, I knew, I remember nothing new

coming up 20 years later.

♪ Oh. ♪
That's it.

I swear I won't lie to you.

- You lying?
- No.

- Face me, okay, wipe your
tears baby, it's okay.

Is okay, it's okay.

- It's not okay.

♪ When I tell you love ♪

♪ I don't need love ♪

♪ I'm not this type ♪

- You come here and make me do this

I'm trying to change,
I told that I'm trying.

I don't know why you came here.

♪ To change ♪
- You think those tears

are gonna make me feel something.

You think those tears
are gonna make me feel

something for you?
(gentle guitar music)

- No, no, no

(gentle guitar music)

(dog barks)
(gentle guitar music)

- Erica.
(guitar music)

(dog barking)

(bouncy guitar music)

- Stop saying her name.
- Erica.

Erica, Erica.
- You know what.

Get the fuck-
- Erica.

- Get out!

Get the fuck out!
- You fucking...

You fucking fucking--

- Get out!
- You fucking tell me

about my baby.

- I don't even know anything.
- Your best friend.

Your best friend.
- I don't even know anything.

- Your best friend, I
can't look at you anymore.

- I don't know why you came here.

- I can't look at you anymore.

- I don't know why you came here.

- Fuck!

(sirens blaring)

Fuck, fuck fuck.

(helicopter engine roaring)

(tense music)

(dramatic music)

(footsteps clanging)
(tense music)

- We need to talk about
this fucking reward money.

- What do you mean we.

- I'm not talking about
anything, all right?

I wanna hear about no damn
DNA, no damn fucking Cold Case.

Or some fucking reward money, all right?

I'm tired of the damn bullshit.

(gentle suspenseful music)

- What's the bullshit here, ah?

Tell me I wanna know some bullshit.

What's the bullshit?
- Oh, I'm just trying

to get him to quit that school.

You know them kids are fucking ridiculous.

- Now that's some bullshit
'cause the real shit

is we need this nigga to
stay where he at working,

so we can continue doing what we doing.

'Cause you'll know they're gonna open

that Cold Case for 20 years ago.

- And?
- And, shit

we all in this together we always there.

(suspense music)

- I mean, we been together.

- I know, but listen listen.
All I just need to know

that we are on the same page in this.

- Yes, we all

on the same page.
- We the same page?

Well Cassius, we on the same page?

Well Cassius, we on the same page?

- Get your hands off my sculpture, please.

- Excuse me bro Casso excuse me.

But are we on the same page?

- We have the same agreement
now as we did then.

- Good, just wanna make sure that's all.

Just wanna make sure we
all on the same page.

All right?
- Hmm.

- Now with all that said, (sighs)

I got some business to
take care of, all right?

All right?
(dramatic suspenseful music)

- Bye, come here (smooches) come on.

(dramatic suspenseful music)

- You see how the fucking asshole he is.

I just wanna put him away.

- You just want the money.

- I want both is that so wrong?

(light playful music)
(keyboard chattering)

- Cassius.

- Yes Mrs. Sparks.
- I brought some breakfast

for you, take care
- What?

Help me please, some old, I
gotta tell you and somebody

just wrote them medical marijuana.

Is just getting crazier up on here.

Please for you I'll just
make some breast sandwiches

for you and your kids.

I don't know about this class you started.

- Class this is Mrs. Sparks.

I went to school with her daughter.

- But they don't care about nobody.

- They do care.

- No they don't.
- They care Mrs. Sparks.

- No they don't.
- They do.

You guys keep working please.

(eerie dramatic music)


(eerie dramatic music)

- I never thought, I never
thought that I would know someone

that have lost her child.

And now I know literally
thousands of parents of murdered

children in this same neighborhood.

- They gonna find him,
all right, they will.

(eerie dramatic music)

- You said it's been how long?

- 17 years, 13 days.

- In other word, I don't think
they gonna find him ma'am.


- The case cold, frozen and shit.

- I don't pay

for your opinion little nigga.

They gonna find him.
- Oh men.

(eerie dramatic music)

- Oh my God.

Oh my God.
- You wanted pity?

'Cause you gonna get it.
- Oh my God this is you.

In this hood no snitches.

- That's goddamn right nigga.

Snitches is bitches that
need to be in ditches.

(dramatic music)
(helicopter engine roaring)

- I swear on my nerves you
always try to kiss somebody

always has--
- Get over here.

(helicopter engine roaring
drowns out speaker)

- Is always talking shit, huh.

- Man.
(helicopter engine roaring)

- How you gonna to it here and be a dick.


- Hey what's up when you let me in babe?

- First of all, you burning my hair.

Second of all I'm not
gonna let you hit it.

And third of all get
this shit out of my face.

- Hey bitch I'll pay for
that new hair what's up.

- Hey show me the money.

- Shut up.
- Hey, I got 10,000 men-

- Drop that shit nigga.

(helicopter whirring)
- You know we got this from.

- Smell that shit, that's how
cool I will make you a star.

- Hey what about--
- I don't need

your money to be a star,
I'm already a star.

- Hey little ma.
- Shit, what's up girl.

- Donisha.
- Hey, come here.

Put your head right down here.
- What?

- I'm talking to you.

- Put your head right down.
- What?

- Would you come up here.
- No, I don't wanna come up

there with you.
- Why?

- 'Cause I just don't wanna come up

there with you.
- Pass that weed nigga.

- 'Cause you with that nigga?

- You bring your ass down here.

- Pass that weed nigga.
- Can't you see-

- We about to smoke nigga.
- You come down here

so maybe you might be able to be occupied.

- Why don't you roll that shit up here.

- No.
- Damn nigga you can just drop

like that nigga and shit men.
- Nigga you ain't catching.

- Fuck.
- How personal you think I am?

- Take a sip on this baby.

- No, I'm not a thing, fuck that.

- That shit will make your hair smell.

- Hey Devonte, pass me that drink.

- What drink nigga?
- Pass it to me.

- Man fuck you nigga.
- Try man.

- Hey, you can see my
hands is full right nigga.

You see my hands is full, right?

I'm full of two bitches,
what you got up there?

♪ At you ♪
Shit, shut the fuck up bitch.

This aint no studio.
♪ I've been your baby ♪

I got something for that mouth.

Come here.
- Shut up.

Why you always fuck my moment up, damn.

- Devonte she can blow, okay?

- Yeah, she can blow nigga.

- You what it is, nice.

♪ This is, since you went away ♪

- Hey bitch you know I'll make you sing-

♪ Don't you know I sit around ♪

- We don't wanna hear that gospel shit.

Get over there bitch.
- It's not even gospel.

- Come here.
- It's Micheal Jackson

you dumb ass.
- Hey Devonte.

- Come on.
- Devonte.

- Yeah, what's up nigga.

- Hey look at this.
- What up?

♪ Hoes I gotta chilling by the pocket ♪

♪ Here by the fuck tree ♪

♪ Treating bitches like a rocket ♪

- That's a hot shit nigga.

- Shit.
- That nigga

is gonna murder us.

- Hey Devonte.
- What up?

- Devonte.
♪ I will pimp no key ♪

hoes know me, don't know
that I'm in the shit

♪ That I might just be ♪

♪ Chilling with her mama,
cousin, sister and a friend ♪

♪ And I'm a pimp in a first ♪

♪ And a pimp in the end bitch ♪

- Yeah lets go relay that track nigga.

- Lets lay that track.

You can sing and the you gonna fuck me.

- I'm not singing that shit.

- Hey Devonte.
- What up?

- I'mma lay that track on 73rd on mark it.


- We can get these bitches working

on 73rd of the Gospel.

- That's my boy, that's my nigga.

- I have been with bitches with no money

and two of my other ladies.

- Don't need shit, she doubling now.

- Give me a phone call I met you now here.

- Yeah, why?

- Tara!
- Damn.

Who is the investigating detective?

- Terry Rybicki.
- Rybicki.

- Aha.
- Crime had too much time

to investigate the murder of a black girl.

- Men why do you think it
gotta be black and white?

You know you'd like
skinny girls always trying

to be super black tall.

- Talking about black see
Negro man look in the mirror.

- Man I know best day and my
worst day on black and you.

- Get up and pull those pants up.

We have a show in less than two weeks.

- Excuse me ma'am I'm,
Detective Devonport,

this is Detective Stone,

I'm trying to locate a
detective or Rybicki,

- Retired, may I help you?

- I'm sorry, it's just an unusual name

for a black person in Oakland.

- Not really, I see you're
not an Oakland Raider fan.

Here, have a seat.

Turn out say your lines
clearly and just go over

while I talk to these gentlemen.

- Mr. Burski, my partner
I just went over a 20 year

Cold Case regarding Erica Sparks.

Now it seems the case was just dropped.

You had two prime suspects Archie Andrews,

who was a suspected pimp
dealer and Mercedes Riviera,

who was arrested for prostitution.

She wasn't a prostitute, she
was a 15 year old victim turned

out by her boyfriend.

And I was a little busy that weekend.

We had a white officer
shoot an unarmed black man.

And people were about to
riot so I spent all my time

on crowd control.

We didn't have DNA so we had
to depend on concerned citizens

in our part of town snitches don't exist.

- So that's what took the
officers off the Sparks murder?

- Emphasis of the Sparks
murders not the issue.

You know, nobody gives a
damn when a kid gets murdered

a black one at that.

Man we did everything we could
there was a riot going on.

Thousand people showed
up to protest this slime

that just robbed a bank that
gotten shot by a white officer.

But nobody cared about these kids, nobody.

It was a funniest thing ever
saw the next month I retired.

Now I do this, I work with
some kids that I can say.

So if you gentlemen can excuse me,

I got a rehearsal in progress.

All right, you guys, let's
take it over from the top.

And Hoby pull up your pants.

- Ma'am thank you for your time.

But the whole reason we're
here is we just came across

some new information on
Archie Andrews when your prime

suspects back then and
we just had to follow up.

- Wait, I always thought Archie was dirty,

but we never had anything on.

The thing you really need to
know is that if he committed

the crime, he did it as a juvenile.

And so we'll be prosecuted as a juvenile

and nothing much is ever
gonna happen to him, sorry.

Okay kids, let's take it from the top.

- Come in.
- Hi, Mrs. Sparks,

we spoke on the phone under tech.

- Davenport yes, I'm
so excited to meet you.

(laughs) Have a sit.
- Thank you.

I want to be with you face to face

and find out from you
what you might remember

and maybe wanna share.

I have to tell you, I'm
only on this part time.

So the results you get
might not be as fast

as you would like but
we will find the person

who did this.
- Persons, persons.

There was more than one.

That's what they had to
shoot her she was strong

she could fight, she was not pushover.

- There was quite a bit of blood evidence.

- Yeah well.
- But only

from one male and her.

- Mm.
- Now however,

there was DNA evidence on a crack pipe.

- Mm.
- And fingerprints

from two other individuals.

I was reading some reports
and I saw similar notations

that you had a hunch that her girlfriend

Mercedes Riviera had information.

- Mm, Mercedes do that have her?

Well, let me just tell you this.

My daughter was very honest with me.

She said she was not hanging

out with that Jezebel Mercedes anymore.

My daughter's graduating she was accepted

to San Jose State University.

She was majoring in communications.

That girl was jealous of her, mm.

And that boyfriend of hers,
someone the pimp his name

was called what?


kind of a fool was that?

- Mm.
- Huh?

(upbeat music)

♪ It's always nigga say
like they Tupac Tupac ♪

♪ Tupac go ahead and rot ♪

♪ It's always nigga like they in to ♪

♪ Looking like they went do ♪

♪ But still like with still like with ♪

♪ Say they good at with ♪

♪ But it's shit that I kicking
in the if I had a notion ♪

♪ To stop me, take your best shot ♪

♪ And get drop with your passing strata ♪

(upbeat music)
♪ Static ♪

♪ Tupac Tupac ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see ♪

♪ Tupac go ahead and rot ♪

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see ♪

♪ Static ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Tupac, Tupac ♪

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see ♪

♪ Tupac go ahead and rot ♪

♪ Nigga I got the matt ♪

♪ I've go checking up
Imma a lot of I got ♪

♪ What you can huh ♪

♪ I've gotten the sparks so not a jah ♪

♪ Can't come and get drunk ♪
♪ Tupac ain't trynna here ♪

♪ But I can smell it
smell it at you rock ♪

♪ I swear you are not swat ♪

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see me ♪

♪ Better have a bat or
a dat to defeat me ♪

♪ Nigga I'm a whole bussing
wound in a one shot ♪

♪ Checking all you duh ♪ ♪ Why
you broken start run so far ♪

♪ Static ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Static ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Tupac, Tupac ♪

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see me ♪

♪ Tupac ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Static is the last thing
you need when you see me ♪

- Yo Teacher what's up men?
- Head to his house.

- How you guys doing in my house?

- Come on, man we just
looked at your website

just came to your studio.
- And see how you were doing.

- We did not notice was your house.

- I thought we'll bring you
some girl scout cookies.

- And smoke with us, call it a truce.

- It could be a week.
- I don't Smoke.

Take a look around if you want.

(birds chirping)

- Go damn see your done
up things side cut.

- That shit oh.
- What's round back teach?

- Have some pants back there?

- Some more scultures.
- Hey, yo.

Are you for all of this man?

This spot right here?

- I don't know all of this.

- We gonna do that right here.

- Gangster shit man.
- You get through him.

- Yeah.
- Yo Ken.

- What?
- What are you doing?

You gotta find out, we get this tonight.

- Men we need to rob this for tonight.

- Tonight, and we can't
do that shit tonight.

- Tonight nigga.
- He's gonna be home my nigga.

And you doing it too boo.

- No, fuck this shit up this time.

- Pam down.
- Come on,

let's go for it man.

- I can get used to this shit.

(tense music)
- Who is that?

(tense music)

- Sir we--
- Look, man,

it ain't nothing about
that man we going man.

- Yeah, well, I'll see
you in class tomorrow.

- See you right.
- We'll see you next week.

- Nice to meet you.
(tense music)

- That's what I'm talking about.

That's what you need to
get out of this school.

Give me my damn can.
(suspense music)

- I call the police.
- Why so he can sit in jail

and watch cable TV and lift away.

I don't want him to rot
in jail, I want him dead.

I want his family dead,
I want his parents dead.

I want anything and anyone
that has to do with him dead.

- You know what this is
your own fucking fault.

This is your fault.
- How is it my fault?

- Look at your fucking hair, your clothes,

your fucking titties all out.

I shouldn't have paid for
your first fucking abortion

or the second one.
- Well I didn't ask you to.

- No, you know what?

But I want you to be another
fucking statistic out there.

Fucking hoe.

- I'm gonna text uncle Andrew.

- Do you fucking hoe,
nasty fucking sucking dick

laying down with every fucking body.

What are you doing back there anyway, huh?

Smoking, fucking, drinking.

You want to do that shit did you?

You wanted it, look at you
yeah look at you pretty girl.

Come here where are you going?

Bitch come fucking back here.
(suspense music)

- I'm so glad that you
stopped by here today

I have great news.

The Cold Case cop he told

me that he could find Erica's killers.

- Oh (clears throat) that's great.

- Did he it's like, a coast coming

back to haunt those bastards.

- Unless you think there's
more than one person.

They have blood from one,
but fingerprints from three.

(siren blarring)
This Cold Case

cop is for real.

If they just wouldn't confessed,
maybe we could have helped

them but they didn't.

They made us confine them
and for that they must pay

the ultimate price.

- Well sounds like he
knows what he's doing.

(upbeat music)

- Charlie has some depression.

(upbeat music)

That's why you are depressed
and she does that's why.

Look at that ring they said
you draw it back a bit head

off fucked up.
- You know what?

- I'm telling you he's some depression.

(upbeat music)

- What's up what's up men, hello hello.

You got a little bit of
a, is a cool shop with a.

Nice to see you, you're depressed
to travel I can see that.

- I'm telling you some depression.

I just see my daughter's face
in every piece you create.

- I'm telling you some depression.

- In every piece you create.

(upbeat music)

- Yo.

Maybe you wanna go get
some free activities.

Oh oh yeah you didn't say, I
thought you said you had 250.

- Now you think about me?

- You got a little something.

Hey what's up with the Cash?

- Cash is great bob.

- What, you don't wanna
do this, wun't you Cash?

On it?
Are you sure man?

- Yeah.
- I brought this especially

little nugget from the
center of the source.

- Damn Cassius look at
the lips on this babe.

- A little cold oh God damn.

- At least Job is in love men.

- Shut the fuck up.

- Cassius seen something man,

you got something going on right?

- It's every piece you create.

- Seriously, I don't wanna
freak you out when I see some

you're depressed, you're
trouble, I can see that.

- It's every piece you create.

- Sure buddy you seem a little down today?

- No I'm good, I'm good.

- Give you a Tshirt, you need a Tshirt?

- You'll start catalize I'll kill you man.

- How much Tshirts man?

- $5 you guys just go make
five I'll pee but I survived.

- No I'll tell you.

- No I tell you my secret,
every time somebody die

in the community, it's important that we,

that we do remember their
name through tshirts.

Don't you think I give a fuck about us.

But they do could ware this shit.

- Man.
- Which should mean something.

- We got all that.
- Man we need

to go to the strip club.

- Yeah, we need some money
we ditched the bitches.

Think about it, we just
can't go in there take a tip

and a big tshirts.

- What are you doing right here, come on?

Come on, it's free.

Just like let me help you out.

Just do a little breathing,
exercise with me.

Come on some breathing,
just kind of get in here

and do a little bit of,
I'm just gonna change

the energy field here.

I swear to God, it'll help and
whatever you're working out.

I seen something I can
see, I wanna break you out.

But I can sense something.

All right I'm just gonna like,
let me I'm talking myself

here for my personal blog
is the over and below.

I'm still working on, come
on just like the energy flow.

Skin it up, you are an
incredible brilliant Artist.

It's chi, we're all
just her Chinese figures

that out about 2000 years.

Yes dump ass I'm just trying to catch up.

So we're gonna pull something out,

something up in your root
core and let it push out.

Tension you feel it?

Right in your heart drop,
there's a lot of tension

right there, feel it?

Feel that electrical poles.

- No no, no look not in the right place.

- All right, I feel you.

Cassius I'm your brother I got your back.

Anytime you ever want a
way pull something out,

just bodywork, do yoga,
pull OG push we gonna

talk about anything man.

Whatever you wanna do I got you.

- All right.
- I'm a born too,

you know that?
- Yeah.

- All right, thank you, thank you man

for showing me some duty.

- I know how we can get some money.

We can get from our boy
Archie deals with people,

we make the T shirt boy we
make about $1,000 a day baby.

- I want to talk about no damn villaine.

Ain't going to no fucking Strip Club.

(instrumental music)
- We trynna help you out.

- Damn lets get us out of here.

(instrumental music)
- No said.

- I will escape back couple of walk back.

(instrumental music)
Need to cut your brush.

- You need to put some
black asses on the stash.

- Yeah.
- No bush stashes.

- I think you I can hear you.
- Great.

- Here really like is me.

(instrumental music)

- [Pastor] Hit me somebody.

- [Congregation] Yes, yes sir.

- [Pastor] He said and God loved you.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] And he loved us so much.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] That He gave His inner self.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It's what the
theologians call Hamaguchi.

He's of the same essence as the Father.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But he is the expressed

in the essence in his what form.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] And I tell
somebody that God loves you.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] If he gave his inner self.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] Tell us God loves
ya, I'm glad every time

I hear the little children
saying Jesus loves me.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] This I know.
- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] For the Bible tells me so.

And that's enough for me.
- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] You see because I was sinking.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.
- [Pastor] Deep in sin.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.
- [Pastor] And I was far.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] From the pitful show.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] I was then
deeply staying within

and I was seeking to thrive no know more.

But Lord lifted me.
- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] Lord stood me up on my feet.

- [Congregation] Yeah, yeah.

- [Pastor] What was that love baby?

I tell you.
- Lord I just want

to just God, God damn rest with
her, I just want really her.

Just don't know what happened.

- When the doctor came in, he
told me that she had been shot

that he had to be the
mirror, mirror bad news.

And I knew she wasn't gonna make it.

That she wasn't gonna make it,

that she's been shot in the head.

And it was small caliber good.

The bullet hit going through her brain.

And then launched on the side over here.

And I asked them when they're
gonna try to remove the bullet

and he said no that your
brain had been was expanding

in, they had her put her on life support.

And we would see they would do some tests

and find out how she
could do in the morning.

So we, I stayed that night
and I was able to go and see

her but it was cut, like
she was just asleep.

(upbeat tense music)


♪ No one ♪

- Yes, I carry a gun and I keep it loaded.

And I put little crosses on the bullets,

and I sprinkle holy water on
them to find the basturds,

I'm gonna shut that roll up his ass

and I'll send them home right to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is the feminine
side of the Trinity, right?

- That is an interpretation.
- Okay.

So the thing that came down on the force

was a woman, right?
- Yes,

it was a feminine spirit.

But what does that have
to do with you carrying

a gun for the last 20 years?

- I am rendering help to
the Lord, I am his helper.

There are more than 300
murders in this city alone.

And more than half of them are
juvenile, kids, black boys.

I'm here to help God.

- You just can't go
around murdering people.

- James I don't hear you
complaining, I'm kidding.

(car revving)
(gun shots)

♪ God still no that I pay easy ♪

♪ Love can be deep down ♪

♪ I'm gonna get you satisfied ♪

♪ Love can be deep down ♪

♪ I'm gonna get you satisfied ♪

♪ Tell me who you feel like God oh ♪

(gun shots)
(tense suspenseful music)

- Mr. Dassault, Mr. Dassault.

- [Radio] At one goal off 3:40.

- Got your coffee.

- It's three o'clock
in the fucking morning.

Does it always take this long.

- I'm sorry, sir, we've been
on the other side interviewing

witnesses we're moving as fast as we can.

- I didn't even see these guys.

- That girl is critical.

She's been in surgery
for the last eight hours.

The bullet is three
centimeters from her heart.

The boys brains been without
oxygen for over an hour.

So in reality, even if he makes it,

he'd probably be a vegetable.

Do you see the shoes?

- I didn't see the faces I was
going the opposite direction?

I didn't see their faces.

- I understand you're a Sculptor?

- Yes.
- So you're pretty good

at facial details.
- Imaginary creations

not real people.
- Really?

Your work is primarily facial plus.

- Where did you find my work?

- Where else the internet,

you've pretty impressive resume.

Schomburg Museum Harlan,
the African American Museum

Los Angeles had a whole wing dedicated

to you a few years ago.

- Expressionistic abstract facial busts.

I create those faces,
they're not real people.

(gun shots)

- No, fuck all that shit.

My question is, what
are you doing teaching

in High School in the hood?

I mean you should be some big
time college professor, right?

- I teach here at Tyumen
because I graduated from Tyumen.

I wanna help out my community.

- You wanna help out your community?

Help me, now you sure you
don't see the shooters?

- Those two look familiar.
- Yeah.

- Damn it what's he done in here?

- Who?
- Him.

- That's King dirt, he
runs three street gangs,

drugs, teen prostitution, if
it's dirty, he's doing it.

You know him?

- Moved in High School together.

- Yeah, well, he's a bad guy.

Lots of dirty money and dirty business

when it comes to that dude.

- Why isn't he in jail?

- We would love to lock him
up, we can touch him right now.

The FBI has a whole other
investigation going on.

And the FEDs, told the local
so we'd have to wait until

we hear word back or they're
getting on a bigger charge.

- A bigger charge like what?

- I don't have that information, why?

- I'm just curious.

- Here's my card, if you
hear any noise, you call.

- [Announcer] Amy, she was
screaming for help unfortunately,

she was mature enough and smart enough

to know what was happening
to her and she was--

- I was waiting for you (laughs).

- I made lunch--
- Oh Mrs. Sparks

I really don't have time for lunch today.

But I could really use a home cooked meal

you just made my day.

- [News Anchor] By special
forces reported today.

- Cassius my God, damn ass.

- [Woman] Found the information charges--

- Those are fonny motherfuckers.

- That's an important
case, it's civil right.

- Good about the civil rights
of the black boys killed

by who knows how many other black boys

in Oakland last night?

How come nobody's
marching down the streets,

calling to find the murders
of these children, huh?

I'll tell you why, because the murderers

are their children, mm.

That man is an easy target,
fight a real fight, bitch,

fight a real fight.

- Nobody wants to be called a snitch.

- Nobody wants their lives
to be denied by some animal

who lives in this society
who doesn't belong

with the rest of us?

He calls him a snitch, huh?

One I call them a hero, what's
wrong with being a hero?

I am a mother who is suffering,
this is why when I get

in their faces every fucking
chance I get oh Jesus help me.

- Get her Matgod.

(instrumental music)

- Bitch I told you not to fucking call.

I told you to text I
wasn't ready with it yet.

- Why you have me come up here?

I told you I'm not doing
this hoe shit no more.

- I didn't call you over that shit.

I called you because I git fucking Gold.

I called you for this fucking shit.

(dramatic music)

(siren blarring)

Are you okay?
- Such a pretty view.

- I need some water.

You'll wake him up, please do it sshh.

(door bell rings)
(dramatic music)

- Hey where is Pap?
- He is sleeping

that we had a crazy night.

- I know he like some crazy to
watch you know just like you.

- Because I ain't no hoe.

- She's just my driver.
You have hair baby.

- Have you fucked him oh.

- Bitches these days know how to swim.

- Bitch.

- Let's go.

(tense suspenseful music)

- Letif that shit set me
up, get her set me up.

Ain't no fucking true.

- What's wrong?

- Danny is dead, she killed herself today.

- What?
- It's my fault right?

It's my fault all this,
all this is my fault Erica.

Tell me I'm not a bad person,
tell me I'm not a bad person.

- You not a bad person.

(upbeat music)
(instrumental music)

- Won't you bring that baby?

(instrumental music)

Got some money from do some
digging, what the fuck nigga?

Hey what's up?

And what are you doing over here?

- A little girl got killed today.

- What are you saying did you do it?

- You did it.
- Hold on,

baby get the fuck out of here.

Maybe you want to get your ass
shot boy sit your ass down.

Sit down, on the couch sit down.

(instrumental music)
Now what's your main problem?

- One of you gang members, I
think it's worth more than me.

- What about my gang member?

- Does the money that I clean

for you come from gang activities.

- What?
- The money

that I've been laundering for you,

does it come from gang
activities and prostitution?

- Cash what, the fuckers
you told them, what?

Get what are you because you wanted some?

If we spared you some money.

- I don't want it anymore.
- What?

- The money.
- You know what?

- I don't want any any more.
- You know want what nigga?

You know what?

Nigga let me tell you
something people dash your job

do you understand?

That's your job until the day you die.

- Nigga.
(instrumental music)

- Matter of fact man get
you ass out of my house.

Get you ass out of my house,

get your ass out of my house boy.

(instrumental music)

(upbeat music)

- Ain't no snitcher, but
I learn from the best.

(upbeat music)

♪ We push to the club with
the back side reader ♪

♪ We push to the club with
the back side sitter ♪

♪ We push down the club
because of my reader ♪

♪ We rush back in 'cause
everything is clear ♪

♪ Owner knows me for hits from last year ♪

♪ Now we be a key I finish for last year ♪

♪ Chick at the funny
I told him last year ♪

♪ Just because you got
on catching casmir ♪

♪ Have robbed your wife with
your stash is that clear ♪

♪ Put away your standards we
were looking around here ♪

♪ what I'm telling you to
do like you still go here ♪

♪ Tommy disappear on the dance floor ♪

♪ I give me the last in the chair ♪

♪ Is really must niggas saying
really trying to share ♪

♪ Just because of what I
got on a kind of scare ♪

♪ Yeah dear we prefer ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ Track is right we need more chess ♪

♪ We make the gangster,
make the gangstar ♪

♪ I know white white Peter
had a whiteboard Peter ♪

♪ Let me so fast as so
she got the cheater ♪

♪ He got me round on my
feet pepping daddy kol ♪

- Mr. Dassault this is my
partner Detective John.

Well this is kind of nice huh, John?

- Yeah,
- I've never been

to an artistic studio
before, kind of neat.

All this one a High
School teacher salary huh.

- And I saw my sculptures.
- Hmm.

- Oh I can see that, this
one, this one here particular

is really nice.

It's almost like they're
holding against a will.

Kind of like that rape
the High School last week

for me I think.

- I guess.
- Mm yeah.

So what else do you do
with you besides clay

bricks, rocks, pussy?

- All about it bitch.

- I'm led to believe
that a little bit more

about Archie Andrews and you lead on.

- No just went to school with them.

- Just went to school with him huh?

- Mm.
- Yeah, yeah.

I miss so many calculate Cassius.

- No, this is just artworks.
- Okay.

We know Andrew is is into some dirty shit.

And he's reached touches a lot
of people in this community.

Including kids, you teach at school.

I got a pretty good idea
that you're you're a good guy

and you care for these kids.

You want to see motherhood,
getting by in life?

If you know anything about
this rape, the shooting,

You gotta tell me, right
now I can help you.

I can help you later on.

- I don't know anything.

- Yeah, keep up the good work.

(upbeat music)

- Detective Davenport, this
is Mercedes, this is the fifth

time I'm calling.

Look, I know who did this,
I can solve your Cold Case.

I just need to make sure that anonymous

money's gonna be anonymous, call me back.

There's a promotion for you, I don't know

why you're not calling me (sighs).

Look I'm ready to tell, call me, okay?

(car revving)

(upbeat music)

- This is Davenport, I need
paramedic at 700 street.

(upbeat music)


- You saw me nigga,
you had a fucking name.

Give me the fucking name man,
I told you nobody flips on me.

- It's over, it's over Archie.

- No it ain't over for
me, it ain't over for me.

You see your DNA is at the
scene so clearly could you be.

You owe me that killed that bitch.

That's the one of the reason
why I'm kill you nigga.

I'm just gonna hold you
here untill the cops come

and I'm gonna tell him
everything that happened.

- I know what really happened.

You know I used to be afraid
of you but I'm not afraid

of anything anymore, come on Archie do it.

- No I ain't gonna kill you (laughs).

That's what I ain't gonna
do, I ain't gonna kill you.

See I'm gonna let your ass go to jail.

I'm gonna let niggas
fuck you like a bitch.

And I'm gonna watch it
I'm gonna laugh (laughs).

And I'm gonna beat the
motherfucking your nigga.

I'mma beat her up motherfucker
'cause I'm the one

that got the rapists (laughs).

- You fucking a rapist.

You killed Erica for no fucking reason.

You ruin my life and
you ruin Mercedes life.

- What the fuck you saying nigga,

Mercedes nigga that bitch deserve to die.

I told a little young
gas to get on the show

to make my bank roll,
and she told me no, no.

Nigga this what I do the
motherfucking that tell me no.

I say no to the Matgod.

- What happened to the motherfuckers

who say no to the Matgod,

huh motherfucker you killed my daughter?

- No I didn't Mrs. Sparks

no I didn't he killed your daughter.

- You lying piece of
motherfucking pork ass bitch.

I heard you confess, I heard you.

- I was confronting him Mrs
Sparks he did it he did it.

Mrs. Sparks listen this
is not what you think.

- Really what do I think,
huh what do I think?

- Mrs. Sparks it happened a long time ago.

- Don't stop on my baby
die, when Erica die

it was just like it happened yesterday.

- Listen Mrs. Sparks just calm down.

Listen I've got a lot of
money that I could give

you in that way nobody has to get hurt.

- Hurt.
- Hurt.

- Hurt oh somebody already got hurt.

Motherfucker you killed my
daughter, you killed my daughter

you killed my daughter.

- Mrs. Sparks no I didn't Mrs. Sparks

he killed your daughter.

I was there, I was there
when he killed her.

- You fucking lying motherfucker,

you pork ass motherfucker
you killed my daughter.

I heard you confess.

(tense music)

- [Pastor] In the name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] God started.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Before that went out away.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] In the name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Congregation] What started

before that was a this or that.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] In the name.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] God use that name.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] When the time over.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The town shall roll over.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Make my people go.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] More than said who.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Shall I stay single.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] God using me.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Care when I travel.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] That I am.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] That I am.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] I am.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But I was.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] I am.
- [Congregation] I am.

- [Pastor] But I still am.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] And I am.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] What I always will be.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Tell him.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] I am Simon.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Yes sir.

- [Pastor] But in the New Testament.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Is not our hand.

- [Congregation] Aha.

- [Pastor] But its the name.
- [Congregation] Aha.

- [Pastor] Belong in the jit.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] And that name.
- [Congregation] Amen.

- [Pastor] In the Greek language.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Is curiosity.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means Lord.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means ruler.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means Governor.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means the dignified one.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means the source of all.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means the holy one.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It means a name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It's the
in-communicatable name.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It's a name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] That a really king name.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It's a name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] That can't describe it.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] It's a whole lot of name.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Somebody.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Call him out him out for.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Somebody.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Call him Omega.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Its a name.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Its too many name.

- [Congregation] Yes.
- [Pastor] Somebody.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Call him Yahweh.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Somebody.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Call him Yehova.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Somebody.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Call him Elshadai.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Somebody.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Say he is the one.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The only one.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness?

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But that make close here.

In more than ever.
- [Congregation] Aha.

- [Pastor] He said Lord.
- [Congregation] Aha.

- [Pastor] To the glory.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Oh God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Have I got a witness.

- [Pastor] I'm glad.
- [Congregation] I'm glad.

- [Pastor] That the Lord said.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Every child.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Of God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Your purpose on Earth.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Is the glorious oh God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The truth.
- [Congregation] Yes.

- [Pastor] And whole of it.
- [Congregation] Yes.

- [Pastor] Glory Sir God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The mountains.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Put on the sky.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Glorifying God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The birds.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Chirping on tree top.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Glorifying God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] The tree.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Bow their heads.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Glorifying God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] The waves.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Play little.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] On the back of each other.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Glorifying God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] The moon.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Reflect his glory.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] The sun.

- [Congregation] Aha.

- [Pastor] Shine for the glory.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] But the Lord said someday.

- [Congregation] Aha.
- [Pastor] Every knee.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Shall bow.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Every tongue.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Shall testify.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] That Jesus.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Is Lord of all.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] That Jesus.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Is king of kings.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Amen.
- [Congregation] Amen.

- [Pastor] Amen.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Amen.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] That my life is glorifying God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] See the glory.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] To God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Be the glory.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] He saved me.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] To God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Be the glory.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] He forgave me.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] To God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Be the glory.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] He gave me a second chance.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] To God.

- [Congregation] Yeah.
- [Pastor] Be the glory.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] After a while.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] And by-and-by.

- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] When its all over.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] To God.
- [Congregation] Yeah.

- [Pastor] Be the glory.
- [Congregation] Amen.

- [Pastor] Say oh.
- [Congregation] Oh.

- [Pastor] Savior.
- [Congregation] Oh.

- [Pastor] Well done.
- [Congregation] Oh.

- [Pastor] Well done, to God be the glory.

(crowd applauding)

(upbeat music)

♪ Hold me if the sky is going down, down ♪

(upbeat music)

♪ Don't many mothers
kind I hate that sound ♪

♪ That sound, I hate that sound ♪

(upbeat music)

♪ Say yeah yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Why so many die in the
streets we've got to stop it ♪

♪ Make a change, we got to do it ♪

♪ Right now ♪
♪ Right now ♪

♪ For me it's not a fantasy
we've overcome so many things ♪

♪ So we can do this ♪

♪ Right now ♪
♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell the truth ♪

♪ I'm not gonna say it ♪

♪ Not gonna say it no, you know it time ♪

♪ I see so much pain in the streets baby ♪

♪ It blows my mind ♪
♪ It Blows my mind ♪

♪ What can we do to take the shame away? ♪

♪ We need that healing inside ♪

♪ We walked in chains
but that was yesterday ♪

♪ I'm gonna scream and sound damn ♪

♪ Of what we gonna do ♪
♪ I find it ♪ ♪ Come on ♪

♪ So many dying in the
streets we've got to stop it ♪

♪ Make a change we got to do it ♪

♪ Right now ♪
♪ Right now ♪

♪ For me it's not a fantasy ♪

♪ We've overcome so many
things yes we can do this ♪

♪ Right now ♪
♪ Right now, got to see ♪

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