Les lutteurs immobiles (1988) - full transcript

The consumer society is dead. Welcome to the preservation society! As of their first school year, children are taught to love objects, which most of them do. But not all citizens. To remedy the problem, The security forces crack down on vandals, bands of protesters and other iconoclasts. And for greater efficiency the States uses the services of Kief, a mad scientist who operates on prisoners so as to pair them with totem-objects. Which is why Judith gets wrinkles when her clothes are creased. Which is why the skin of librarian Mikoski gets pierced with holes whenever rats gnaw at his books...

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These images are striking,
aren't they?

Yet, in this garbage dump
have been found, intact,

64 cups,
150 knives,

28 colored plates,

133 pans,

85 sleeping dolls,

22 balls...

All these items, although
a bit worn, could still be used.

Let's stop the waste!

The Society for the Protection
of the Objects - S.P.O. - is watching!

Let's stop the waste!


Open it.

The bag.

Close it.

The immobile fighters

The bag.

Close it.

Open it.

The bag.

Close it.


Open it.

The bag.

Close it.


Hi Mrs Servin.
No suspect trash can today?

I keep my eye on the tenants. I won't
let them take overfilled trash out.

We are good citizens.

- What is this?
- A used jacket.

Look, the bugs#are? is off.

Too bad, it is still usable.

But I know its owner.

- Should we fine him?
- No, I'll take care of him.

Very well, Mrs Servin.

Nothing to report.

Open it!

The bag.

Dear listeners,

time is your most
precious property.

Why waste it?

You suspect your neighbour?

Denounce him.

- Hello Mr Sarella.
- Mrs Servin.

Your mail is one
of a Minister today!

By the way,
doesn't this belong to you?

Yes. I threw it away
because it was off.

But by wearing used clothes that
you can prove you're a good citizen.

- Well...
- You're right, Mrs Servin.

I'll come back later.

- Sure.
- To do the cleaning.

Hey, Mr Sarella!

I'm not mistaken,
this is a new ornament!

You have to attach it!

This is not cautious!

Vandals have been reported roaming.
Don't hang around too much.

You know, Mrs Servin,
vandals don't go to big cities.

They have become more daring.

Utilitarian porcelain.
Code A112. Broken by David Sarella.

Hey! Utilitarian porcelain broken
by David Sarella.

The painter.

What do we do?

We penalize him,
like everybody else.

Hello, this is Morillard.

- Hello Mr Curator
- Did I wake you up?

No, I'm drinking my coffee.

As planned, I'll see you
in an hour at the museum.

We'll come
take your paintings.

- Are they ready?
- I've finished last night.

Oh, by the way, good news!

The Minister for Culture himself
will do the inauguration.

I hope he will like them.

Come on, don't be too modest.

See you in a minute.

Mr Sarella!

Gentlemen, hello.

Unlawful act on
an utilitarian porcelain, code A112.

Lawful fine.

- Mr Sarella, do you admit to it?
- Yes.

- We must gather the incriminated item.
- It's over there.

- Who wants to die?
- Nobody!

- Who can die?
- Human, not objects!

When I say
"Let's stop the waste!"

- You answer?
- Hail to the society for conservation!

Down with
the society of consumption!

And if I say, again,
"Let's stop the waste"

You answer?

Hail to the Society for
the Protection of the Objects!

Hail to the S.P.O.!

And when I say, again,
"Let's stop the waste"

Hail to the Society for
the Protection of the Objects!

Hail to the S.P.O.!

And now, let's sing...

The hymn of the S.P.O.,

the hymn for life!

♪ Objects are children ♪

♪ We are adults ♪

♪ And they will be alive forever ♪

♪ Objects are children ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ A limited time ♪

You are crazy, Sarella!

What is this?

You have lost your mind!

Is there a problem?

You don't want this painting?

You think this is good?

The S.P.O. aims to reassert
the value of the objects.

Do you think this contribute to it?

I think so, yes.

This is an apple, David!

An apple!

You don't like fruits?

Food has an expiry date,
Mr Sarella.

A bed will see a child be born.

And it's passed down
through generations.

But an apple...
If it's not eaten, it rots!

Its lifespan is only
a few hours.

As it was the case for many objects
during the Great Wasting era.


You have no right to honor
what is perishable.

I don't understand...

You are totally mistaken about
the meaning of this painting.

It is all about the supremacy
of the objects

It's the pocket knife,
the object,

that peels the fruit.

Don't make fun of me. One more word
and you can say goodbye to your glory.

- Destroy this painting yourself.
- I can't, it's an object.

But I could smear it.

Then smear it.

Alert! Calling all units!
Clothes have been stolen!

It is the acts of vandals.
It may be Judith.

Museum of Modern Art
David Sarella

- Do you like me in these clothes?
- Yeah, I can't resist you!

Buying an object
is like adopting a child.

The bugs are made
to rat on you!

You are all in probation!

Wake up! We must fight against
the tyranny of the S.P.O.!

Down with objects slavery!
Sown with S.P.O.!

Calling all units!
Vandals are attacking the supermarket!

The kids! Wait!

Don't move! Stay here!



Your Judith
is quite interesting.

Very interesting.

She was a rep at the
Youth Affairs and Sports.

And all of a sudden
she turned to rebellion.


Our society is still
at an early stage.

We'll need time
to change mentalities.

#When I remember we thought
the fines would be dissuasive...

It's clothes they vandalized
in the store, right?

Science is much more convincing,
you will see.

I certainly hope so.

Judith is dead!

Judith is dead!

- How did she die? When?
- They killed her!

Open it.

The bag.

Close it.


Open it.

The bag.

Nothing to report.

This will be a good day.

In a year, Morillard,

we will only have
model citizens.

Like this young lady.

Aren't you a bit hasty?
She is only a human guinea pig so far.

- She woke up.
- Already?

See it yourself.

I am Dr Kef.

You have slept for eight days.

How do you feel?


If you are not in jail,
it is thanks to me.

You underwent a transplant.

Don't try to flee.

Your fellow friends
will not recognize you.

Yet, you still have
the same face.

Science is astounding.

♪ Objects are children ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ A limited time ♪

♪ Why waste? ♪
♪ Why throw away? ♪

♪ They are our memories, ♪
♪ our eternity ♪

♪ Breaking ♪
♪ Throwing away ♪

♪ Is not living better ♪

♪ Is not living happily ♪

Take care of your dresses.

Take good care of them.

Your life depend on them.

May no ruck crease their fabric.

Any fabric.

Let your face
keep its radiance.

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ A limited time ♪

♪ Farewell, blue sky ♪

♪ Blue sky, farewell ♪

♪ We won't live long ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ Yes, a limited time ♪

♪ Only a limited time ♪

♪ Pretty blue sky, farewell ♪

♪ Farewell ♪

♪ God, oh God ♪

♪ Your sky was so blue ♪

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you very much!

Thank you, Mr Curator.

I'm sorry, I...


It's not me
the Minister should congratulate.

But Mr Curator.

He had the idea for each and every
paintings. I only painted his demands.

I'm not ashamed
of this confession.

Especially because I came here tonight
to show you his last masterpiece.

The apple...

being peeled.

Please applause Mr Curator!

You are an impostor, Sarella!
Get out of here!

I am but a civil servant
at your order, Mr Curator.

A state-paid little smearer!
Fuck you!

- Mr Minister.
- Oh, right!

Mr Minister,
let me introduce you to

Pr Kef and
his delightful spouse.

Hello Professor.

The Professor is in charge of the medical
researches at the military hospital.

Mr Minister, have you noticed
the incongruity of these paintings?

I'm afraid I haven't.

None of these objects
have a bug.

- You are right.
- Subversion.

We will need to find solutions.

As it happens, Mr Minister,

we have found one.


Open it.

The bag.

I have the green light.
Sarella's exhibition has been canceled.

I had his stuff moved and
transferred to the military hospital.

He's yours.

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart,
thank you.

The transplant was a total success.
All our tests are positive.

But, the Minister...

The Minister is enthusiastic.

He just brought our files
to the Council of the Wise.

Morillard we are going to win.

Yes, but to win we need formal proves
that the experiment was a success.

For Sarella of course,
but also Judith and all the others.

I want a complete success.
You hear me?

It will be a cosmic success.

You bastards!


They came back!

The bastards!

They attacked me, my house,
the front door.


Why do they do this?

- Sit down.
- Look. Look what they did.

Let me see your wound.

We must repair your door
right now, Rodrigue.

I don't understand
why they do this.

They don't know who we are.

- They don't know what happened to us.
- No, they don't know. They don't.

I am Dr Kef.

You have been sleeping
for eight days.

How do you feel?

You are in the military hospital.

If you are not in jail,
it's thanks to me.

Remember, you caused a scandal
at the museum.

Good, you remember.

You are an artist.
That's why I value you.

You'll understand
what I mean.

A dog can bite.

A cat can scratch.

But a plate...

A raincoat...

How can they
defend themselves?

They can't.

They can't.


Will I be released?

Of course,
we won't be detaining you.

As soon as the observations
are over,

the rest of the program
will happen outdoors.

What program?

We will turn humans and objects
into Siamese brothers.

It's very simple,
you'll see.

We transplant a symbiotic macro-molecule
on Dupont

and his tureen.

So that if the tureen is mistreated,

Dupont will also be.

In other words, Dupont will suffer
as much as his tureen.

The macro-molecule
creates a coupling

that turns the man

and the object

into Siamese brothers.

Thus... It will become a reflex
for the man to protect the object.

You did a transplant?


The Siamese brother...
of an object?

An immobile fighter!

Objects have now become
immobile fighters.

I want to leave!

I want to leave!

David Sarella, you are
the future of every man.

Play along, David,
and everything will be fine.

Your Siamese brother is waiting for you.
Hurry up and find him.

An abandoned object
may be the source of many torments.


A forgotten bike, rusting.

I was paired with a bike?

It was just an example.

Only an example.

David Sarella!

I burnt my dress!

I burnt my dress.

I burnt my dress!
I burnt my dress!

My ointment!
My ointment!

I burnt my dress.

I burnt my dress!

Stop. Forget it.

It will get better naturally.

- Are you Judith?
- Yes.

- You were paired with all of this?
- Yes.

Kef visits us sometimes.

He told us you would come.
I didn't believe him.

- Does the ointment helps you?
- That's not the worse, you'll see.

It's the obsession.

The obsession of your double.

- What are you paired with?
- I don't know.

You don't know?
They didn't tell you?

Why were you caught?


Nothing serious.


I was leading
a group of vandals.

One day, we burnt clothes
in a big shop.

The bastards!

They thought is would be fun
to pair me with my clothes to punish me.

- What is this?
- It's nothing?

It's nothing!

It's eczema.

A coat got mold.

You know, I tried to live naked
at the beginning.

But with the cold,
the mold, the mites...

The mites...

That's the worst.

If they gnaw of a cloth,
I have a hole at the same place.

I always have to clean
and iron them.

Clean and iron,

The bastards! Have you seen
the iron they gave me?

There is no thermostat!
Do you realize the anguish?

Why does only Rodrigue have access
to electricity for his defense?

The vandals keeps prowling around
our goods. They don't recognize us.

It's hard not to be recognized
by your own kind.

How often do they come?

At night.

They come to attack my dresses.

I keep shouting
I'm a vandal, like them.

But they don't believe me.

What is my double?

Don't you have an idea?

You didn't tell me
what you did.

Usually, it's based on
the fault you committed.

An apple!

I am not an apple!

A perishable product.

I am not an apple!

Don't break anything.

Just have a bruise.

I'm Dr Matthias Gregory Mikovsky.

- David Sarella.
- The painter?


Go easy on it!

I don't feel anything.

It doesn't seem to be it.

No, it's not it.

David Sarella!

Find it soon, your twin.

Find it soon.

Otherwise, an atrocious death
awaits you.

How can I find my object?

Pr Mikovsky!

My double!

My twin!

My Siamese brother!

Pr Mikovsky!

They are snacking
on my books!

Fucking rats!

Get out of here!
I'm a vandal, just like you!

You want to kill me?

- The bleach!
- Here is for your dress, granny!

Why are you doing this?


My... My hair...

What happened to them?

Don't move.

What's with your hair?

It doesn't matter,
it will get better.

Yeah, we'll all die.

Don't talk ill of the vandals.

They are after our objects,
they don't want to hurt us.

What's the difference?
We're still going to die.


It's so violent!

Sarella used to get angry,
but he would never be violent.

This is a different man.
This transplant has unexpected results.

The vandals!



Leave us alone!

Get lost!

David! Help!

- Stop!
- David!


David! Help!

He will get better as soon as
Judith will have fixed the wholes. #holes?

The wounds will cicatrize. #scar?

I don't feel the blows anymore.

And that sound of metal...

It seems your totem
takes the blows for you.

What totem?

- What totem?
- Precisely, we have to find it.

The vandals want to destroy us.

You are here to defend us.

Our lives are on the line!

If you live, we will live.

Kef's experiments...
Pairing experiments...


Maybe we are taking part
in more experiments.

I'm the keeper of a library
somebody is reading.

The mice are snacking on the books
and harming my skin.

What proof do we have that
this is only Kef's experiment?

Maybe there is something else.

Something is putting
our lives at risk.

I still want to live.

Even if I have to chase rats
for the rest of my life.

I want to live.

Do you understand?

He has to live too.


She was 20 when she died.


The kids from our gangs are all dead.
And our chief too!


We won't leave you alone
before we destroy you!


It's astonishing!

Your epidermis secrete
bony cells at an insane rate!

It's turning into an armor!
You are made to kill.

You are a war machine.

They are going to attack!
I heard them!

But you don't care!

Your clothes, your books, you can run
away with them. I can't take my house!

Do you know what will happen
if they set my house on fire?

I'm done for!

I'm done for.

Do you know what that means?

They don't.

He is suffering from a loss of mobility.
I don't understand.

What is it?


A nightmare.

I never dream.

Since I arrived here,
I don't dream anymore.

I used to dream so much...



My dress have bled onto me.

Isn't it amazing?

It's the melanin!
The pigment inside moles.

It concentrated to reproduce the
patterns of the books, of the dresses...

Rest assured, Judith Fleuri,
that you are not disagreeable to see.

First it was David,
and his resistance to shocks.

And no wit's us,
with all these things!

Chameleon totally control their pigments.
It's a very well-known thing.

What I don't understand is
why does your skin...

and mine...

feel a need for this imitation.

Threat! Threat!
Everywhere! Everywhere! Everywhere!

This is it.

I found it.

It's my totem.

It's my totem!

It's my totem!

My books!

My books! They are going to
burn my books!

They will burn down my house.

They will burn everything!
They want to kill us!

It exploded!
Well done!

There are still vandals


They will burn my dresses!

Come, hurry up!

They will burn my dresses!

He killed him.


David? David!


Get out of here!

Get the fuck out of here!


Oh my God!
I'm burning!

It's Kef!

His organism...

It's calcifying..

His veins, his arteries,
his heart...

His heart.

There is nothing
we can do for him.

It's some kind of
galloping metastasis.

Your totem is inflicting you
this mutation.

The transplant failed, right?

We are bound to die.

Not exactly!

You were luckier than him.
You were worthy of your objects.

You are free!

- Freed from my dresses?
- Free, with your dresses.

And you, Mikovsky,
you are free with your books.

You are amnestied from your faults
for having helped science advance.

You gave me proof that
pairing has become reality.

We will now live in peace
with out environment,

for the glory of
our new society.

That is our final goal.


They are dead.

They are dead!
They are dead!

- Kef is dead!
- Kef is dead!


Kef is dead!

Let's help him.

- Let's help him.
- David!

- David.
- Put him on the ground.

Leave him here for now,
I'll go get the truck.

We will take you there.

Wait here.



Judith, we have to go!

Go get your dresses.

Judith, we have to live.

We have to live...

We have to live...

♪ Objects are children ♪

♪ We are adults ♪

♪ They will be alive forever ♪

♪ Objects are children ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ A limited time ♪

♪ Why waste? ♪
♪ Why throw away? ♪

♪ They are our memories ♪

♪ Our eternity ♪

♪ Breaking ♪
♪ Throwing away ♪

♪ Is not living better ♪

♪ Is not living happily ♪

One day, I'll managed to
free us from our implants.

We have to live.

We have to live.

Subtitles: tadanobu@KG
Thanks to zaza

♪ Farewell, blue sky ♪

♪ Blue sky, farewell ♪

♪ They will live a long life ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ Yes, a limited time ♪

♪ Only a limited time ♪

♪ Farewell, blue sky ♪

♪ Blue sky, farewell ♪

♪ They will live a long life ♪

♪ We will only live a limited time ♪

♪ Yes, a limited time ♪

♪ Only a limited time ♪

♪ Pretty blue sky, farewell ♪

♪ Farewell ♪

♪ God, oh God ♪

♪ Your sky was so blue ♪

♪ So blue ♪