Les crimes silencieux (2017) - full transcript

The body of a man is found hanging in an old mine shaft

To my mum

I'm back.

Silent Crimes

Generations of miners
extracted coal from the earth,

fathers and sons.

Women worked in coal too,
in the daytime,

sorting coal in the dust...

Just think.

Your great grandfather

is shown here.

He worked here.

Before they went down,

they were checked in here,

so it was known where
each miner was,

in case of problems.


We're off for a bite.

See you later.

- We're staying here.
- Alright.

He reserved it,

if we leave, he'll get shirty.

Stop it.

But it is interesting.

The Black Country

Well, well!
Aren't you the lucky one.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

Have a nice day.

- Have fun.
- Bye.

Give me a bit.

- Is it good?
- Yes.

These are the cloakrooms.

They hung clothes here
to dry them,

whilst they dug.

Oh shit.

Here, D.C.I.

The duty officer knows?

He's here.
A northern coffee?

- I was already here...
- Drink while it's hot.

He had this.

Hell's gate.

No. I'm joking.

Disused winding gear.
There's a lot round here.

- Levin restored mines.
- You knew the victim?

Who didn't?

A Sunday murder,
how thoughtless.

Could've waited till you start.

We had a different timetable.

He was quite thoughtful,

using chloroform
before the hanging.

A good-natured crime.

Was Arnaud Levin married?

His wife was
at all cocktail parties.

A sultry brunette,
and local ex-beauty queen.

- I'll hand the case to you.
- No.

- All yours.
- Just like an initiation ritual.

Let's visit his wife.

For real?

Lucky you.
Reality does nothing for me.

Tell me more about Arnaud Levin?

He's a key player in the region.

A politician in all but name.

A businessman,
with a killer instinct.

He was awarded
all the mine renovation tenders.

Created some jealousy, eh?

I don't suffer from it.
Do you?

I was referring to him.

You asked to be transferred here.

OK. Let's start all over again.

I'm Tess Borski.

Detective Chief Inspector.

Let's keep contact informal,
and avoid scoring points.

There's nothing to prove.
Is that clear?

Very clear.

Francois Dubois,

chief of C.I.D.

- Welcome to my team, Tess.
- "Chief superintendent."

So, you're my boss?

Might've said.

You didn't ask.
I appreciate that.

We'll stay informal
and you'll run the enquiry.

People's deaths exasperate me,

crimes exhaust me,
I've had 30 years' worth of it.

- Blase?
- Disillusioned.

It distances you

from your family, your loved ones.

Crimes suck you in
and bleed you dry.

- It's our job.
- Your job.

I'm here to help, observe
and cover your back, if necessary.

The rest is irrelevant.

Shall we go?


Hello, madam.

We're investigating a homicide

which took the life of...

God, I hate doing this.

- Can you confirm...
- I can't believe it.

Yes, it's him.
Why would someone do that?

Finding a motive may tell us.

Mrs. Levin, I must ask:

did your husband have enemies,
business or family?

You know the region as well as I.

He did a lot here.

No one likes
someone else's success.

That's true.

But enough to want him dead?
I don't understand.

Denis, the police are here.

Arnaud's been murdered.

Found hanging
in the museum cloakroom.

Yes, I'd heard.

- Who did it?
- Good question.

Mrs. Levin, what were you doing
last night from 11.30 to 1am?

I was at home.


No. With Denis, my lover.

He lives with us.

You confirm that?

Yes. I can add that we dined
together last night.

Then we made love, as usual.

- Denis, enough.
- Happy with that alibi?

You will almost certainly
be asked that again.

Love triangle less 1,
is a couple.

- The lover did it?
- A classic twist.

It was a consensual threesome.

It's all about motive.
Find it. Amaze me.

That's encouraging.

Make me want to investigate again.

It's vital.

My role isn't as a chauffeur.

Your predecessor wasn't so fussy.

She was delightfully humble...


No. She burnt to death in her flat.

I supported your application

in front of the judiciary.

Yes. Don't worry yourself
about that.

The psychiatric report
will stay our secret.

Yes, absolutely.
Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

- How are the pancakes?
- Like cardboard.

It's mum!

How are you?

Grandad's pancakes
are pretty awful.

Hugues Borski.

- Your honour.
- I'm no longer that.

I'm now retired from the bar.

- You're a colleague?
- Chief Superintendent Dubois.

A high-ranking official.
Good for you! Congratulations.

We're in elegant company,
it seems. Good.

Dad! Dad!


Look, Francois
is working with mum.

They're upstairs.

Thanks for housing us.

Rapid transfer, rapid answer.
You're welcome.


We'll find a peaceful spot.

Luc needs it.

- And you?
- What?

You seem tired.

With your husband...

is it difficult?

Life is difficult.

You know, if you settle here,

you'll never work in Paris again.

I'm saving my couple.

In any case, congratulations.

To your first homicide.

Are you on your own on this one?

Yes, in agreement with my boss.

You're being judged.
Be very careful.

The super wants me
to cut through the crap,

victim's a bigwig.

Levin was a restorer of old mines.

Know him?

Not personally, only by name.

Off to bed.

- Bye.
- Good night.

The safe door

closed accidentally on the thief.

The following morning,

I cuffed him,
and he was still asleep.

Tell me another story?

No, time to sleep.

Aren't you fed up
with my cop stories?

That's all you know.

Before sleeping,

think of how you want
to decorate your new room.

I want it pink,

with a garden outside,
like grandad's.

And with a big white dog.

Sleep well, sweetie.

Sweet dreams.

Come on.

Mum, can I read a bit?

- One page.
- Thanks.


Get out of here!

Drop your gun! Drop it!

Drop your weapon!

Any closer, I fire!

Calm down, drop your gun.

It's too late!



That's my limit.

Could a superintendent do it?

So, the murderer
could have been alone.

But needed some muscles.

Which I don't have.

That's not what I meant.

No forensic report yet.

I've had it. Boss's privilege.

I got it at 5am.

The use of chloroform
has been confirmed.

No sign of a struggle,
no prints or DNA.

A complex crime,

the type that keeps cops
awake at night.

- His mobile?
- Geo-tracked to the museum.

You have to request
analysis of calls.

Yes, it's done.

- The museum CCTV?
- Failed.

Blank memory card.


It's complex,
but not the perfect crime either.

He was put to sleep first.

He trusted his killer,

otherwise there'd be signs
of a struggle.

- Why hang him afterwards?
- Sadism.

CID calls it
the killer's marketing strategy.

A logo, a dominant symbol.

Round here, we just say

the victim knew the murderer.

I bet you an excellent meal
that it was the lover.

You reckon it's jealousy?

It is in 70% of all cases.

- Respect the statistics.
- That's it.

My husband did
industrial upcycling.

It's all the rage.
He sold hundreds.

Nothing is wasted.

These were his last
mine renovation projects.


He had this photo on him.

He has them on every project.



- Any life insurance?
- Not for him.

Only for me.

I was "post-mortem capital."

It amused only him.

You were dependant.

In the countryside,

a public figure's wife
is at his disposition,

for his image,

and social standing.

- Did that bother you?
- I got used to it.

I learnt to live
with minor humiliations.

Did he demand
your lover live here?

Sure you want nothing to drink?

Try trusting me.

He enjoyed
watching us make love.

We were like sex toys for him,

he considered us as his pets,
as he said.

I was caught up
in his sadistic little game.

He was a manipulator.

A beast, a swine.

- Look at me while I'm talking.
- Excuse me.

You should look after your brain.

Not the one in your trousers.

You might need it later.

- You're frightening me.
- Superintendent.

He's playing at being a wit.

But you're just a gigolo

with delusions.

Superintendent, please stop.

My husband licenced him
to sell food outside the museum.

A 100,000-euro gift.

I need to change my job.

- You owed him?
- No. No payback, cash.

No financial payback, rather.

My husband had intended
the same at other sites.

Denis in control.

Why kill the golden goose?

You tell me.

The perfect crime
needs intelligence.

Idiots kill out of stupidity.

Which cap fits?


You seemed unhappy,

after the visit.

I was.

Tell me more.

Don't take this badly,

but your aggression
and simplistic moralising,

is just not my style.

You like the nice cop method,
I can be that too.

- How about that?
- Let's forget it.

I've got hold of Levin's call list.

I've got a meeting.
Can you drop them off?

Your wish is my command.

May the Lord be with you.

And also with you.

My dear brothers and sisters,
Ode to Joy

fills our hearts with hope.

Never forget our elders

who toiled to give us
a brighter future.

Never forget

those who lost their lives

in the Courrieres disaster.

The earth.

Our earth...

that closed upon

our miners down below,

leaving their families above.

Thanks to Hugues Borski,
a miner's descendant,

a mass will be celebrated
the first Monday

of every month.

In the name of the Father, Son

and Holy Ghost.


Give it to Tess from me.


My mother always added
a spoonful of sugar.

I try to avoid sugar.

Although beer...

A carbonnade flamande
without beetroot syrup...

Is much healthier.


Ask your wife.

Don't have one.

2 divorces thanks to the job.

They both left me.


Stay for some dinner with us.

Then tell me if I was right
about the sugar.

Good health.

A while back,

I applied to the Flying Squad.

- And?
- No talent for reflex shooting.

And you?

You taught it.

Doesn't it help?

Depends on the target.

But that's over now.

I've changed my life. I'm free.

I do the cooking,
look after my daughter.

I should really have divorced
the police.

What's wrong with you? Stop.

It's alright, relax.

No one can get us here.

How can you possibly know?

We're not responsible
for his crap.

I know.
But I don't need the stress.

The cop senses it.

You may be wrong.

- She thinks I know.
- But doesn't know.

I tell you, if she pressures me,

I'll crack.

Hey, look,
it's just the two of us, at last,

the pervert's not watching now.

Isn't that a good thing?

We're free at last.

Free to love each other.

I've waited for this moment
for so long.

Come on.

It was a pleasure.

Come again.

Same here, your Honour.
Sorry, Hugues.

Call me that.
I'll see you out.

Take no notice of dad.

He's always like that.
He judges.

You know what?

It doesn't matter,
because we're not staying.

I'm fed up with his allusions.

I was only doing my job.

I know, my love.

I hate it.

He humiliated me
in front of your boss.

Don't worry, he understands.
He's a cop too.

Kiss me.

Yes. Borski.

No, I...

Wrong number, sorry.

No problem.

With humility,

your father has paid his dues
to the earth.

He hasn't forgotten.

God will reward him.


I wonder where he was in 1906,

when 1,099 miners
were buried alive.

Tell me,

converting these sites
into ski slopes and museums,

could it have angered those
strongly attached to the past?


Even if some thought it to be
a profanation,

people now look to the future.
But who knows?

So many died
in the Courrieres disaster.

Our killer falls
in the 70% of statistics.

Nowhere else.

Did Levin control
all aspects of the renovation?

Everything. I was on
the security commission board.

He got the go-ahead

even before I gave my report.

Someone pushed it through?

Officialdom prostrated itself.

Despite UNESCO classification,

he still installed a food truck.

Waved his wand,

and, pow!
sausage and chips for all.

Good health.

Don't provoke him.

I'm just a big tease.

Alright, my love?

Your dad's taking over.

School, tea-time, homework.

It's always him.

Why is it so wrong?

He ignored us before.

But now we're here
he's interested in Noemie.

I didn't want to hurt you.

No. It's not that...

You're right, in fact.

In what way?

He organised a mass
in memory of the victims

of the Courrieres disaster,

while Levin was refurbishing
the mining sites.



I don't know. Just don't know.

Drop it. I'm tired.

No. Let's go to the cops.

Land ourselves in the shit?

Lea said they came.

They're just sniffing around.

They had a drink, then left.
Stop it.

I feel as if Arnaud is there,
watching us.

Superintendent reporting.

No, only joking.

Positive surveillance.

The couple are arguing,
there's a problem.

I'm off for some down time
in the Ligerien.

- The what?
- A bar, by the station.

- Welcome to join me.
- Another time perhaps.


They are close to us,
let us be close to them.

They are calling us.

Their blood flows
in these tunnels,

as in our veins.

We are their children.
Let us be worthy of them.

Our duty is to reply to
the silent cries

rising up
from the earth's bowels.

Let's close our lips,

so that our voices
resonate as one man.

My dear comrades,

let us now join those who await.

Francois! Francois! Francois!

You came then.

Oh, something's wrong.

- Couple problems?
- No.

I'm dealing with Luc's depression.

Come on.

Tell me all.

I keep finding my father
at the heart of the enquiry.

The day of the crime,

then a mass in memory
of the disaster.

Where's this going?

I tailed him to shaft 11.

He was there, preaching
as if he were the messiah.

It's a group of ex-miners
that meet up there.

If you say so.

He said he didn't know Levin.

He called 8 days beforehand.

His number was on the list.

He was a judge.

I can't see him changing sides.

Not him. You're mistaken.

He was near the museum
that night.

His phone was tracked.

That's more of a problem.

just ask him for an explanation.

I can't.

He's my father.


Aren't you taking the pills?


I'm tired of being a zombie,
living in slow motion.

See it just as taking a break.

Stop the compassion.
I no longer serve any purpose.

Please, Luc, come back.
I need you.

I'm useless here.

Not even Noemie's school run.

I'm just a turd people walk round.

Would it help to see a shrink?

Which shrink?

The police shrink?
Great stuff.

He gave me sick leave,

but would rather I'd resigned.

You'll return in a year's time.


With a label on my back
"Caution, danger".

You could work with me.


Can you see me, officer,

under orders from my wife,
the D.C.I.?

- Must I spell it out?
- Don't be aggressive.


Take the beer, open up.
I'll do the rest.

- We could've started later.
- Go to it, Lea!

Yesterday's delay
cost us money.



Look at me!

The bottles took the brunt of it.

They saved her life.

Does she always open up?

No, I do.

You pulled the long straw then.

There must be some prints.

Yes, mine,
I leave my gun in there.

Why are you afraid?

There's reason to be
at the moment.

We're not here to protect you.

Tell us some fairy tales.

Actually, just tell the truth.
We're bored.

- Superintendent.
- I'm on it.

I'm innocent.
Someone tried to kill me.

You had your sister open up?

To show I was the target.

Appearances aren't helping.

People are so jealous.

One crime and one attempted.
What do I do?

I need prints,

some DNA, or an informer.

Human beings are complex.

They kill for a motive.
You have several.

Like what?
Try telling me some.

You mentioned it, jealousy,

and greed,
Besides your truck,

he left an empire behind him.

The villa, his wife, the inheritance.

- Very tempting.
- Nonsense.

You'll discover you're wrong.

Prove me wrong, please do.

Forensics found this photo
on the seat.

As found on Levin.

- Does it mean anything to you?
- No.

It's a pithead winding gear.

If it wasn't you,

it means
you're the next on the list.

- How tall are you?
- 1m85.


What? It's only
to size up the body bag.

Come with me.

- Denis!
- He's alright.

Lea will survive,
with a few scratches.

We found this photo.
Same as on your husband.

I'm waiting for a reply.

These aren't random killings.
I'm watching you.

One night, 3 months ago,

my husband came home
covered in mud.

He was very agitated.

Said there was a problem
in n?4 aeration shaft.

In the photo.

Did you ask for details?

- I tried.
- And...?

He slapped me.

- Was Denis there?
- Yes. I provoked it.

He forbade me to ask questions
about his work.

What happened there?

I don't know!

I've got time, you know.
But you haven't.

Have a nice day.

Where are we going?

Levin had a problem
with shaft N?4.

He returned home all muddy.

I want it dug.

I bet you a vodka
that we find old bones.

- From the Courrieres disaster?
- Yes.

It's like Verdun,
old bones everywhere.

That was war,
with millions of victims.

Here in 1906, 1,000 died,
in a small area.

Europe's largest natural mass grave.

- You sound very blase about it.
- It's hidden.

Unlike all those crosses
in the Verdun war cemeteries.

That strikes home,
gives you goose bumps.

Here they're almost forgotten.


You just lost a bet.

This'll cheer you up.
Forensics said

he died 3 months ago.

Myriam mentioned
3 months, too.


"Numerous fractures present,

"probably due to a fall."

- Work accident?
- Read on.

It's a first for me.

"He was unconscious but..."

He was buried alive.


Explains Levin's agitation
and the slap to his wife.


"Iraqi migrant."

Identity papers.

Myriam needs to spill the beans.

We may have a motive here.

I'll ask tough questions.

- Who's running the enquiry?
- The answer's clearly you.

I've worked hard on her.
She'll come clean.

Pity, I was enjoying
making myself useful.

You still can,
can you try and help Luc?

He likes you,
and needs some support.

When he's feeling bad, I do too.

When you're happy, so am I.


Really, I behaved ridiculously.

You were in shock.


You shouldn't be in this situation.

It must be unbearable.

He employed migrants?


They worked at night
to avoid being discovered,

till it happened.

You know he was buried alive?


Shame on him.
I didn't know.

For Arnaud it was probably
just collateral damage.

A man's life?
"Collateral damage"?

Yes, I know.

Arnaud considered them
as being totally worthless.

He bought a witness's silence,
another worker,

A Somalian, I believe.

He helped him go to England.

That's who my husband was.

- Did Denis take part?
- No, no.

You alright?

Go on, it's just a bit of fun.
Nothing else.

Go on.

I can't fire at someone.

Don't blame yourself for it.

I'm here if you need me.

The bastard tricked me!

Luc! Luc!


No, leave us alone.
Get out.

Daddy! Mummy!

What's happening?


Don't worry.
Your daddy had a nightmare.

He had a plastic gun.

A toy.

He had a toy in his hand.

You couldn't know.
Everyone said so.

I understand, dad. I'm going.

Sleepless night? Insomnia?

Vodka at the Ligerien.

You won't find love there.

Who knows? I may.

- I'm up for a 3rd divorce.
- Looking like that?

You had a lively night?

If only you knew.

- What's this?
- Anonymous letter posted in Lens.

- The photos were inside.
- Have you...?

Forensics have found no prints.
They've taken the envelope.

OK. 3 of them
showed the same date,

3 months ago, to the day.

The 4th, a month ago.

As on Levin
and in the food truck.

- This one's our Iraqi.
- Yes.

Buried alive like a dog.



2 silhouettes with shovels.

- Denis and Levin?
- Could be.

Myriam said
Denis wasn't involved.

A door with "dynamite"
written on it.

Think the photos
were taken by the Somalian?

Yes, it's possible.
Sent from France.

- Fancy a detox?
- Yes. Flat water.

Glad you've recovered.


It's not me in it.

If you say so.

I won't say it to please you.

Killers never recognise themselves
in compromising photos.

Do you know why I haven't
already arrested you?

A soft heart? Probably not.

Not enough evidence? No.
Why then?

- Come.
- Tell me why?

Custody has a time limit.

I'm just conducting a local report,

your replies will be part of it.

Nice manoeuvre!

My father hated the police
using that strategy.

That one's a right bitch.

She'll know it was you.

- Levin tricked me.
- Tell them that.

I'm sure Myriam asked Denis
to help Levin bury the Iraqi.

Not bad.

You mocking?

- I need more than that.
- OK.

A conspiracy of silence reigns,

and Denis gets to run
the food truck franchise.

The price of silence. Like it?

It makes sense.

The lovers
were aiding and abetting.

Which death?
Levin or the Iraqi?

- Both.
- Not bad.

Thank you.

But for the Iraqi, buried alive,

Levin's death means it's all over.

There can be no trial.

Someone's trying to mislead
the enquiry.

But who?

Whoever sent us the photos.

They want us to forget Levin.

You're proof that women
are more twisted than men.

- If you were single...
- I'm not.

In fact, how did it go with Luc?


We shot the lot.

Your guy's a marksman.

- What gun did he have?
- A 357 Magnum.

I couldn't let it go.

You promised me.

It's all down to that.

Shit, Luc.

You can't carry this all your life.
I can't deal with it.


I'm going to trial.

It'll be on the news.
What will Noemie do?

Her friends
won't be allowed here.

They've accepted self-defence.
The lawyer is confident.

Confident about avoiding jail.

But the private action?

The young guy's family
will want compensation.

What will the force do?
Slither away, as usual.

I'll pay all my life
for doing my job.

I'm going under.

You have a family.

A family takes time to build.

Don't destroy it.

I found this.


The Courrieres disaster archives
have been digitised.

You can watch the DVD
if you replace it.

- Where?
- In its box.

I see.

Ah, while you're here...

Any thoughts?
Leave it in its bag.

- Yes and no.
- Yes or no?

Every mine
had an explosives store.

But all the tunnels
were condemned.

- All?
- Yes, all.

I'll be in my office.

- Where?
- Office N?4.

I see.

I've had my sins absolved.

Your grandfather
wasn't shot by Germans.

He died in the Courrieres disaster.

Were you ashamed of it?

that we're in a holy place.

What else have you lied about?

A little dignity, please.

And Levin?

You didn't know him?

You called just before he died.
Your number was listed.

You were near the museum!

Stop treating me like shit!

It's how you see yourself.

Who the hell are you?

Think you're God almighty?

You even talk like a cop.

And a cop that shoots first
and thinks later.

- You shit...
- Luc.

There's no point.

Listen, you.

Under my roof,
I'll say what I think.

Instead of imagining things
about me,

try looking at him.

What does that mean?

I read the shrinks report on him.

You piece of shit.

You had no right.

While living,

my role is to protect
you and Noemie.

Without me,
he would've strangled you.

What part of depression
do you not understand?

I've heard enough.

You're toxic,
utterly self-important.


That's what you do.
Destroy things.

You love it.
You always have.

It's what killed mum.

Never held her hand,
never any affection.

You're cold and inhuman!
You love no one!

I can control my feelings.

The head of the family
must be solid,

and there when necessary.

I held your mother's hand

until she breathed her last.

I was there, alone with her.

Carry on believing you were
a good husband and father.

- Tess!
- What?

Let me give you a bit of advice.

Be as realistic about life
as your work.

- Which means?
- Luc arrived a week before you.

He's a total failure.

He has nothing to offer,

so gave you a murder case.

How dare you!
Who do you think you are?

I'm an expert on the human soul.

Safe in your office,
with handcuffed people to look at?

You loved scaring them.

Find yourself a flat. Rapidly.


Where are you going?

I don't know.

To a mate's, a hotel.
I'll keep you posted.

It's too much.

I need air,

if not, I'll blow my brains out.

You can't say that to me.

Don't worry, you and Noemie
keep me going.

I'll return in good shape.

- You alright?
- Yes, yes.

Our "dynamite" door
is in one of these tunnels.

Right, let's go to it.

Keep radio contact.

The treasure hunt begins.

You know...

I enjoy working with you.


Did you tell anyone
we were going?

No, I forgot.


And there's
no phone signal here.

- What do we do?
- We continue.

I've found it.


It's at 300m,
further up the tunnel.


Francois, is it you?


Shit. I scared myself.

The door was jammed with a pick.

- The Courrieres ghost.
- That's not funny.

Someone who followed us

He must really know the mine.

You didn't answer?

The radio's crap.

2 years I've been asking
for new batteries.

- We've wasted our time here.
- Look.

Like an El Greco painting.
Well, almost.

Still life in coal.

My father must know it.

He's often here at night.

Should be named after him.

Ultimate consecration.

Levin unknowingly profaned it.

Modernised it, made it fun.

And more profitable.

Daddy still on the list?

He never came off.

- Why's he here?
- To give himself up.

- That's subtle.
- Tess!

You OK?
Good God, I was afraid.

- Are you alright?
- Yes.

Did you just turn up?

I got a voicemail
from someone who told me

you were in danger in N?11.

So here I am.

- Concealed number?
- What?

Don't you believe me?

Take it.


Your daughter risks death in 11.

At this very moment.

What went on?

Some kids were seen
partying there.

An unauthorised rave.
False alarm.

Today's youth are idiots.
Aren't they, superintendent?

Not just the youth.

Right... I'll leave you then.

I'll be off.

See his manner?
He's so oppressive.

He's too old to be a suspect.

Maybe he set it up.

Drop it, Tess.

Our suspect is a predator.
Crafty, strong,

with a screw loose.

A polymorphous pervert.

A shit who's playing with you.

Any ideas then?

My money's on Denis
and his cougar.

Here's the pitch:

to flatter his ego,
they lure him into his museum

for some dark sex games.

Myriam chloroforms Levin,

and Denis hangs him by a chain.

A premeditated crime,
gently done, no violence.

To round it off,
I bet you they marry.

I know,
sometimes I'm quite surprising.

Good morning.

Has Luc gone?

He was suffocating.

It's my fault.

I shouldn't have said that.

- I know.
- No, you don't know.

You don't know.
Since your mother...

No. Leave mum out of this.



I'm trying to save our couple!
Understand that?

And you...

Forget it.


Send forensics.

I'm off.

I'm before the beep.
You're after it.

Oh, shit, not now!

New crime at the old cement works.
Call me.

- Hello.
- Hello.

May I go?
I've left all my details.

Yes. Thanks. I know.


I'm before the beep.
You're after it.


It's me.


My father's dead.

Funeral service on their way.

- Tess.
- Don't speak.

- I went crazy.
- I noticed.

I'm here.

He left without a word.

Come on.

10 years without any contact.

I found him dying
in an old hospital.

About 20 of them,
all waiting to die.

It was appalling.

I brought him home
to die with dignity.

He refused to speak to me,
or see me.

We had so much we needed to say.
But none of it got said.

Hear that? Nothing.

He just ignored me.

I'd become transparent to him.

Why? Shit, why?


Did you ever call him
in all that time?


I worked like a crazy man,
crime after crime,

case after case.

I gave my life to this shit job.

Look at me.

Look hard.

What have I become?

An idiot son who knows
you only get one dad.


It's hard.

I closed his coffin.

I'll talk to him at the cemetery.


Denis the menace?
In a wheelbarrow?

Unconscious before
Luc's coat and the mask went on.

Why was he wearing Luc's coat?

I don't know.
Luc has left.

Denis was asphyxiated.

The gas mask airholes
had been blocked.

The marks on his arm mean
the killer watched him die.

A 2-minute pleasure.

Yes. A sadistic crime.
Luc is incapable of that.

When Levin died,
your mobile was near the museum.

Can you explain it to me?

Well, yes.

That evening, I was
with friends in the tunnels,

preparing a memorial event.

That's all.

You called Levin as well.

He sent me 4 surprise
invitations to the museum.

He knew I'd worked
to have the slag heaps listed

as a world heritage site.

A success story.

At least one.

I called to thank him,
but never got to speak to him.

And that's it.

Good enough?

In fact, I...

I feel you don't love me.



Tess, look at me.


I love you.

You've never shown it.

How could I know?

I'm sorry.


I regret it deeply.

Don't walk away.
For god's sake...

Tess, forget me.

Kiss Noemie
and find her a dad

that your father finds

Hello. You've reached
Luc's voicemail...


- You frightened me.
- Sorry.

Luc's just left me by text.


He's left everything,
our daughter, our life.

Who is your husband?

His coat was on Denis,
he's left you?

I don't know.

Come on.

I can't imagine Luc
committed these crimes.

My father can.

Luc was born here.
He knows the place.

- Yes, but why?
- I don't know.

He changed after the shooting.

Despite that,
he's never a killer,

no way.

Did you reply?

I tried calling.

He didn't reply,
even when I hid my number.

I'll call him.

We exchanged numbers
when he came shooting.

If you need me, I'm here.
For anything.


- Two's better than one.
- It's what I used to think.

- Shall I drive?
- No, I'll be alright.


Well then?
Couldn't make it to the phone?

You recognised Tess's car?

Don't fret,
you weren't right for her.

If you'd been single,

you could've helped me
eliminate the oppressors,

those who kill slowly,

I'm sure you could.

Never mind.

I'll help you leave
and take your place.

A win-win situation.

No thanks.

I'm happy to help out.

Tess deserves a better future.

Tell me, dear colleague...

What can I give Noemie,
to make her mummy happy?

All the free invitations sent
since the museum's opening.

- On this flash drive.
- Thanks.


Anything to avoid paying tax.

- Will you change your life?
- I need to take a long, hard look.

It's essential.

I've been living a false existence.

I wasn't myself.

It may seem hard to you,
but their deaths leave me unmoved.

I'm reclaiming what was taken
from me, my body and soul.

I wish we'd met
in other circumstances.

Please stay around
during the enquiry.

Of course.

Good luck.

Why bring me here?

I wanted you to know first.

The lab told me that DNA
was found on Denis.

It's without a doubt.

It was definitely Luc's coat.

We found his prints

on the gas mask.

His prints were on record
after the hostage incident.

It's not possible.

We could keep it hushed up.

You're mad. We can't.

We could, you know.

We falsify it

then close the case
for lack of evidence.

Falsifying evidence
isn't the way I work.

If Luc is arrested,
your career is over.

It's over.

Hush it up.
Think of your daughter.

I can't risk letting Luc
kill someone else.

I just can't.

Think about it.
You've got 24 hours.

Don't give me that mean look.

You're full of hate, my friend.

You know,

my ancestors died
in the Courrieres disaster.

Yes, dear officer.

Their boss stopped the search

to keep the mine operational.

They should have carried on
looking for those young lads,

those fathers, those men.

But no.

Profit comes first.
A thousand dead.

Cannon fodder, coal fodder!

Ah, not my father though.

Silicosis ate his lungs away.

A slow death, and a silent one.

Amidst total indifference.

Ask all the right questions.

Levin and Denis were alike.

They buried a migrant alive.

Levin ran over the Somalian.

I found his mobile on the verge.

The rest is in the photos.

I got Levin easily.
He was a real coward.

He blabbed about Denis
before giving up his mortal soul.

I had to act. It was my role.
You understand?

Cops are treated like shit
in our society.

Look at your case.

Kill a loony in legitimate defence
and you're the bad guy.

We're just pawns in their game.

I like you, you know.


I wanted to accuse the judge,
but there was Tess.

Then you came to see me
after the row with daddy-in-law.

You did me a favour.

Our destinies were linked.

You're going to allow me
to rebuild my life,

and make some sense of it.

Be nice.

Thank me.


I'm more of a humanist.

You'll get your wish.
I'll assist your suicide.

Your car found by the lake.

You'll be full of pills, drowned,

lungs full of water,
a little fun for forensics.

But you won't suffer.

Don't worry.
The girls will be happy with me.


- Bank transfer.
- You shouldn't have.

Yes, I should.

If Luc finds a house,
it'll need some work.

I can't take it with me,
wherever I end up.

He wants to beat me skiing.

What's that?

Not on real skis.
I don't know how to.

Well, don't then.

Can I stay with Francois?
To see the animals.

I'd like that.

She always has pancakes
for breakfast.

- OK.
- Don't mess them up.

Tomorrow, you revise.

I'll call you.


- Ready for it?
- Yes.

- Francois.
- Yes?

It's better for skiing.

I'll take yours.

Let's go.

Have fun.

Small dose tonight.
Overdose tomorrow.

What are you doing?

Looking through
the invitations Levin sent.

- Don't you trust me?
- It's not that.

You didn't request one.

So why did he send it?
That day particularly.

What is it?

Francois asked Levin
to send you an invite.

Francois, superintendent?

Send me
the distorted voice message.

I know, I thought it was yours!

The culture of doubt,

a constant in my working life.

Hand it over.

Yes. Hi, it's Tess. You OK?


Listen. I need a favour,
with your access code.

I need voice descrambling.

OK, good.

Yes. Thanks.

Drop in when you're passing.

You think Francois
sent it as a delayed message?


it's quite possible now.

That's it.

Your daughter risks death in 11.

At this very moment.

- It's Luc.
- I'll call him.

What's going on?

It's Francois' jacket.

Shit, this is unreal. Noemie!


- Come on.
- Take her.

What are you doing here,

It's OK, sweetie.

Grandad's taking you home.

- Don't worry.
- Dress her.

- I'll join you.
- Yes.

My love.

My love. It's me.

Can you hear me? Luc?
Look at me.

Sorry, yes, it hurts a bit.

It'll be alright.

I'm here.

You alright?

Give me that.




- I'm here, my love.
- I'm here, I'm not here.

I made only one mistake.
A bloody big mistake.

please stop this right now.

- Yes, do.
- Shut up.

I pass sentence.
You'll all go together.

Not Noemie.
Don't touch my child.

All 3 of you.


Why did you destroy it, Tess?

You're a madman,

a killer.

You don't scare me.

Cop kills his family, then himself.

Just another case.

You're a vegetable.

Legitimate defence vegetable.

Why did you invent
a heroic death for grandad?

You don't drop it, do you?

Like father, like daughter.

Every family needs to have
an imaginary hero,

to create a role model,

and transmit those values
that are being lost.

That's all.

My values came
from you and mum.

Let's just say I wasn't up to it.

Now we've got a real hero.

- You won!
- Did you see, mummy?

Subtitles: ECLAIR