Leo's Room (2009) - full transcript

Leo, a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality, runs into Caro, a primary school friend he fancied when they were kids, who's now trying to ward off her own personal demons. This casual re-encounter will affect their personal conflicts without either truly grasping the other's problem.

Right now,
I'm reading something really interesting.

"Intimate history of the orgasm".

It says, among other things...

...that most people hardly get twelve minutes
of orgasmic pleasure per year.

Now, that may seem too little or too much,
if we consider that an orgasm can last, what?

Ten seconds? Fifteen?

However, this guy says...

...the search for orgasm determines
a big part of human life...

...in every culture and country in the world.

And he's right.

Life is a constant search for orgasm,
isn't it?

We'll do anything
for those twelve minutes of pleasure per year.

Well, that's not all we're looking for.

No? What else are we looking for?

I don't know.
Company, understanding, affection.


All necessary means to get an orgasm.

And if you don't get it...

...to hell with company,
understanding and affection.

I don't think it's quite like that.

How long have you two been together?

Six months.

Six months.

Leo... It's Leo, right?

Come back in a year
and tell me if you still feel the same way.

Look at this one, how she drinks to forget.

I don't know if I told you but
Alvarito always says what he thinks.

I can see that.

No, really.

Life is what we do
between a fuck and the next one.

Look at these people...

...a true mating ritual.

All dressed up, nice hair,
smelling good, all smiles...

...with the final aim
to get aid as soon as possible.

Take Paulita and me, for example.

We met at a party
and two hours later...

...we were in bed.

Right, Paulita?

I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.

It's ok. It's ok.

Must be all I drank.

You didn't drink that much.

Do you mind if I leave?


My parents are out.

It's just that I have to study.

You're going to study now?

No. But if I stay, I'll get up late tomorrow,
and then I won't do anything.

I can go with you if you want. Keep you company.

No, cause you distract me.

I mean I can't concentrate.


Leo, when are you calling Juan?

Who's Juan?

The psychologist I told you about.

Maybe you could consult him.

I'll call him one of these days.


...let's talk tomorrow, ok?

- Bye.
- Bye.

It's for a present.


"A boys thing"

- Hey
- Hey

What are you looking for?

> nothing, just looking around... you?

What do you think?

> Ok, I see

How big is your cock?

Happy birthday, you lazy!

What is this?

What do you think? It's your birthday present.

Are you out of your mind? I can't have a dog.
Take it out of here before it wets my bed.

You are so cold hearted!

I can return it if you want but
it's going to end up in a cold, wet, ugly courtyard.

That's blackmail, I hate you.

I hate you too.

I would have preferred a toy dog.

I know. But I thought showing a little concern
for a living being would be good for you.

- You're so funny.
- What did you get?

A Bo... a scarf. I don't know where I put it.

Well, get up. Your mom is waiting for us.

It would be good for you.
This is a big house and you're alone.

Stop kidding around.
Are you going to come feed it and bathe it?

I don't want to know anything about a dog.

Give it to me, please.


I'm just very happy
I finally get to meet Andrea.

I can't believe it took you so long
to bring her home.

It's ok, mom. No need to put her
under such stress ahead of time, right?

Hey! Don't listen to him, Andreita.

The only thing a mother wants is for her boys
to be good, get themselves a nice girlfriend...

...and give us a couple of grandchildren.

The rest is their business, isn't it?

I'm sorry.

Doesn't matter.

Did you call Juan?

No, I didn't call Juan.

I think you should call him.

Or we could pretend
nothing happened, right?

Are you ok?


I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.

I know it's not my fault.

But we can't pretend nothing happens.

I think we better break up.

Leo, I love you, but this
isn't good for either one of us.

- Hello
(Nightly 23)- Hello, how are you

- Fine, you?

(Nightly 23)- Fine

(Nightly 23)-What are you looking for?

- Meeting someone, you?

(Nightly 23)-The same.

(Nightly 23)-What's your name?

- Nico


I'm sorry. You are mistaken.

- Until next time.
- Until next time.

- Leonardo.
- Yes.


Leo, ok.

Take a sit and wait a minute.
I'll be right with you.

Mister Leo.
Are you comfortable?

Hang it there.

What brings you here?

Well, I'm here on the advice of my girlfriend.
Ex girlfriend, actually.

We were having some problems and...

...since she studies psychology...

...she suggested I come see you.

What kind of problems?

Sexual problems.

Have you had these kind of problems before,
with other partners?

Yes, sometimes.

But I never really gave much importance to it.

I assumed it was a momentary thing.

In your opinion,
what's the reason for these problems?

I have no idea.

Tiredness, I guess.

It's not that I didn't want
to have sex with her...

...or that I didn't like her.

It's just that...

I don't know.


Thanks. You shouldn't have.

Yes I should.
If it were me, I'd like someone to do the same.

Thanks. I can handle it.

Do we know each other?

I don't know. I don't think so.

You're Caro.


I'm Leo.

Leo Brasetti.

From Panama School, remember?

You wore glasses back then,
that's why I wasn't sure.

Leo, you said?

Yeah, we were classmates
all through primary school.

- Maybe.
- Remember?

What are you doing?

Nothing, I just...

Do you live around here?


It's incredible.

Shall we have some coffee or something?

If you're in a hurry that's ok.

No, it's not that.

Come on. We'll catch up.

It's on me.

I'm working temporarily.

At least until I get my degree.
I still have to finish my final thesis.

What about?

I have no idea. I don't know yet.

And you?


What do you mean nothing?

We haven't seen each other
in like fifteen years.

Something must have happened.

I'm a preschool teacher.

That's nice.

Do you still live in the old neighborhood?

No, I moved on my own
a couple of years ago.


What about you?

Me neither.

Me too, I mean. I also moved out.
I'm not in the old neighborhood anymore.

Yeah, I only go back to visit my mother.

Do you have a girlfriend?
Did you get married?

Yes, I got married.
I have three children.

No, I'm kidding.

Actually I just broke up with someone.

I see.

Let's say I was left by common agreement.

Something I'm used to.


Don't you remember?



I used to have a crush on you.
All through primary school.

But I was such a coward,
I never had the courage to say anything to you.

Until one day...

...I don't know how I dared to ask you...

...if you wanted to be my girlfriend.

What did I say?

You said no, obviously. What else?

You dumped me.


Yeah, hi.

- What was your name?
- Gustavo.


- What now?
- I don't know, you tell me.

I live nearby.


Wait, do you have condoms
or do we need to buy?

No, I do. I do.

Come in.

Do you want something to drink?

No, thanks.

I thought you lived alone.

Yeah, sort of. I rent here.

But, is he ok?

Yeah, he doesn't know anything.

Did you move here recently?

No, why?

The paint, I mean.

Oh, yes. Still pending.

What is this? Italian?


What does it say?

Something like...

"Between the houses of life...

...and the magic of heaven
I'm searching for freedom".

I rather not.

You don't like it?

That's for faggots

What's wrong?


Well, where are those condoms?

You know, I can't find them.

What do you mean
you can't find them?

Yeah, I was sure I had some
but I can't find them.

I can't believe it.

Anyway, I'm not in the mood
anymore. Do you mind?


Do you mind if we leave it for another time?

What a waste of time, man!

I'm sorry.

Would you at least give me a blow job?

No. I better not.

I don't know what to say.

Sometimes the best you can do is to just say
the first thing that comes to mind.

Do you like dogs?

I do.

Me too...

...but I don't have time to
take care of a dog right now.

Andrea gave me one for my birthday.

And now I have a dog but I don't have Andrea.

Would you have preferred it to be
the other way around?

No, not exactly.

It's just, I don't know if I really wanted
to be with her in the first place.

She is... I really liked her.

She's very smart and funny.

But I think we would get along a lot better
if we were just friends, nothing else.

Why weren't you just friends?

The thing is...

...I never really chose.

She started the relationship...

...and I just never said no.

Now that I think about it, the dog thing
is exactly like my relationship with her.

How so?

Like the beginning and the end...

...it was all her decision.

And you just didn't say no.

It's a shame...

...because she seemed like a lovely girl.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I started therapy, you know.


- Are you that bad?
- No, mom.

Therapy is just to learn how
to blame you for all my problems.

Yeah, right.


I tell you though: I did my best,
for better or worse.

I know, mom. I was just kidding.

A mother alone...

It was never easy.

It didn't turn out that bad, though.

I can't complain about my sons.



Wait a second.


Caro, it's for you.

Will you take it?





I wasn't expecting your call.

Stop it!
How did you say its name was?

No, I haven't named it yet.
I couldn't come up with a name.

For the moment I call it Puppy.

The girl who answered the phone earlier...
was that your sister?

No, that's Alicia, my roommate.

But you do have a sister, right?


I think she was my brother Javier's classmate.

He's three years older than me.
What about your sister?

Three, too.

That's it, then it's possible.

How is she?

I'm starving, I didn't have lunch, you?

I did, at my mother's.

But if you want we can go home
and grab something.

Yes. Please.


Is that your brother?

No, that's Felipe, the home owner.

Let's say I support him...

...in addition to his parents, of course.

Come on in.

Come in, Caro. Get yourself comfortable.
I'll take this dog to the kitchen.

- What do you want? Tea, coffee?
- Coffee. Black.

Ok. Turn the music on, do what you want.
Make yourself at home.

Who is she?

A friend.

Here we are.

You have nothing familiar to me.
Where do you get all this music from?

Yes, I don't have a very traditional taste.

It's what I like, though.

What do you listen to?

I don't know.

I used to listen to a lot of local rock.
We can exchange some CDs if you want.

Sure, why not?

I have this one. Let's see if you like it.

It's terrible because...

...this reunion felt like
the end of summer, you know?

Just before going back to school...

...when you realize that a certain period of time
is gone and there's nothing you can do about it.

This reminds me how stupid I am
for not finishing the thesis...

...when it's so easy.

If I want to graduate...

...I have to do it and be done with it.

Nicolas, right?


You're Seba, right?

That's right.

You're going to have to move.
This is a bus stop, you now.

Don't worry, I don't think
there are buses at this hour.

Do you want to go for a drink?

We can go to my place. It's nearby.

Ok. Let's go.

- Come on in.
- Thanks.


Come on.


And now?

Now what?

In person, I mean. How do you like me?

I like you.

- Great.
- Yes.

How do you define yourself?

How do I define myself? Let me see...

...male, 26 years old, Uruguayan, single...

No, you know what I mean.

Why don't you just ask me
what it is you want to know?

Are you gay?

Oh, we're having that conversation.

Not if you don't want to.

No, it's ok...

I just don't like labels. But yes, I'm gay.

Since when?

Always, I guess.

- Did you ever have a girlfriend?
- Yes, I did.

Didn't you feel bad for her?


Sure, but mostly I felt bad for myself.

- That was sad.
- What was?

Not being with who I really wanted to be,
lying all the time.

It's not cool.

What about you? What's your story?

I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out.

But you like guys, right?

- Yeah, sure.
- Lucky me!

What are you trying to figure out then?

- Nothing. It's me.
- Ok.

Are we talking too much?

I don't know, what do you want to do?

I don't know, we could play something...

...maybe a board game...

I don't have any here, but if you want
I could ask Felipe...

What do you want to do?

I don't know.

What? You haven't figured it out yet?

I'd like to kiss you.


It's ok if you don't want to.

Let me...

I lied to you.

My name's not Nico...

...it's Leo.

I forgive you.

I met someone.

That's very good. How is it going?

It's going fine.

It's a nice person...

...we get along great.

We really like each other.

There's a beginning for every story as they say.

The thing is, we both just broke
up with someone else.

And you know how these things are...

How are they?

It takes time.

Some things take more time than others.


I need a glass of water.

I'll go get it.

Did anyone call?

Your mother.

What did she say?

She wants you to call her.

Studying hard?




No, nothing.

Come on, what?

I was thinking...

...that maybe we could go out one of these days.

Go out where?

I don't know.

We could go for a walk, a movie, dancing...

Dancing? You and me?

Yes, dancing.

- There are places for that, you know?
- Yeah, I know.

I would never go to such a place, though.

- Why not?
- No, I would die if I run into someone I know.

Hi. I thought nobody was home.

Is Leo home?

Are you sure he's in there?

Wait, don't say a word.

Leo, are you there?

It's me, Caro.

He must have gone out.

I'll call him later.

You can wait here if you want.

- Who is it?
- A friend, but I don't know what she's doing here.

Do you want me to get out the window?

You're Caro, right?


And you're Felipe.

You must think I'm insane.


...but acting this way...

...makes you look suspicious.

You're right.

This is crazy. Let's go.

Come on.

Put it on.

- Am I ok?
- Yes.

- Sure? Ok, let's go.
- Ok.

Well, then, that's it.

Tomorrow we continue with subject 4 and...

- Caro!
- Hello.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?
I called, knocked on your door, didn't you hear?

Not at all.

Did you hear something?

It's just that we were so focused,
studying all daylong.

That must have been it.

We're like crazy with this thesis...

...we want to finish it soon...

...and between my work and Seba's girlfriend...

It's complicated.

Did you call her after all?

Can you open the door, please?

I'll be right back.

I'm sorry for all this.

It's ok, don't worry about it.

When do we see each other again?

I call you, ok?

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Where's Caro?
- In your room.


...that chick is pretty messed up, man.

Why do you say that?

Can't you see it?

I'm sorry for coming here without calling first.

It's ok.

What did you take?

Nothing. An anti-allergenic.

- Let me see.
- What for?

I'm allergic too, I want to know.

You should go to the doctor then.

I'm working on it. Come on, show me.

You're so annoying.

I'm not annoying, Caro. I worry about you.

It's something I take for depression.

Are you depressed very often?




What do you mean, stuff?
There must be a reason.

It doesn't matter, Leo.

Listen, whatever it is that's
going on you'll feel better...

...if you talk to someone about it.

It's easy for you to say.

Caro, you're not the only one with problems.

Believe me, I know what I'm saying.

No, you don't know.

- What do you mean I don't know?
- Don't say you do because you don't.

What's wrong, Caro?

If you were a liar when you were a child...

...does that mean you'll be a liar
for the rest of your life?

I was such a liar when I was a kid.

I lied openly, all the time.

I used to tell my classmates that I had a father...

...when in reality my father was dead.

Children always lie.

When you're a kid, lying is like a game.

Sometimes we lie to avoid suffering
or to avoid hurting someone else.



I'm sorry about the time,
I couldn't sleep.

It's all right. I was just studying a little.
Everything ok?

Yeah, you know...

Don't you want to tell me?

I'm pretty good listener.

It's my problem. I don't want to bore you.

Tell me about your day.

There's nothing to tell.

Your call was the most exciting thing in it.

I'm sorry.

Don't be silly.

Maybe you had other plans.

Like what?

I don't know. Going out with someone.

Yeah, with my dog.

How should I know?
I don't know much about you, anyway.

There's not much to know.

What about you?

How come you're not with someone?

I'm not very good company, lately.

You are to me.

We need some music.

Come on, let's dance.

- No, you're crazy.
- Come on, let's dance.

What, are you dumping me again?

Come on.

- No!
- Let's dance.

It's been years since I slow danced.

You stepped on me.

What's wrong?

I thought you wanted to.

I'm sorry if I gave you that impression.

No, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot.

No, no, wait. Look, it's ok. It's me.

No, I want to leave.

Would you open the door for me?

- Yes.
- Hello.-Hello.

Is Caro home? I'm her brother in law.

- Eduardo, right?
- Yes.

Come in. Yeah, I remember you. Come in.

Caro is in bed, you know.

You'll be doing everybody a favor
if you can wake her up, because...

I don't know, I'm going to work.
If she asks about me, which is highly unlikely...

...I'm gone.


- See you.
- Bye.


What's up?

How are you? Huh?

Are you still thinking about the mass?

Of course, why?

I don't know, just asking.

It's his birthday, Eduardo.

I know it's his birthday.

I went to see Caro today.

She's in very bad shape.

She didn't even get up when I arrived.

I'm also in bad shape. We all are.

Leticia, she's your sister.

Can you hand me the wine?

Come on, it'll do you good.

No, I told you.

What's going on, Leo?

Tell me.

Have you ever been in a position
where you don't know what to do...

...or what road to take?




It was a Saturday afternoon, in the summer...

...and I was getting ready to watch
the Star Wars trilogy on cable.

The originals...

...not the new ones, those suck.

I was ready to watch the three in a row
when Pincho calls me up...


...variété at Juanelo's Warehouse.

Agri-experimental rock by
Three Little Ducks Project.

Plenty of beer, diverse narcotics."

And here I was...



What did you do?

What do you think I did?

I don't know. What did you do?

You're such an asshole.

Here, and stop smoking that shit,
it's drying your brain out.

Hey, don't mess with me. Let me be.

After all, I don't ask you
what it is that you do in that room, do I?

Hi, Leo. Leo, are you there?

It's Seba.

Call me back, ok?



Hi, I'm Leo. Are you Alicia?

Yes. Caro is not home.

Could I talk to you?

- Me?
- Yes.

Got a minute?

Tell me.

It's just that I'm very worried about Caro.

Last time I saw her she was pretty bad
and I haven't heard from her again.

Do you know anything?

I don't know, what do you mean?

What's wrong with her?

Look, Leo. I think you should talk to her.


Maybe she's afraid to ask for help, or...

...I don't know, maybe something really bad
happened to her and she's afraid to talk about it.

There must be something
we can do, don't you think?


Javier's still sleeping?

He's terrible. Sometimes I think
your brother married a pillow.

Leito, I'm planning on going
to the cemetery next week...

...because of your father's date, remember?

Your brother said he might go.

You know you don't have to
if you don't want to.

No, I'm going.

Are you ok?

Yeah, sort of.

My darling.

- Is it because of someone?
- Don't start, mom.

I just want to know if there's someone.

I don't want to interfere.

It's ok, though. I won't ask no more.

I'd be happy to know if
there's someone in your life.

If you have a girlfriend...

...or boyfriend.

At the end of the day what a mother wants
is for her kids to be happy, right?

I'm baking a spinach pie.
Are you staying for dinner?

Hi. Are you ok?

You know, I'd prefer that you call
before showing up like this.


But, I called you. I left several
messages and you didn't reply.

I've been busy.

Don't tell me.

You were studying.

- Wait, where are you going?
- Open up.

I don't have time for this bullshit, Leo.

- Open the door.
- Wait. Can we go upstairs and talk about this?

Not upstairs. Outside.


At least this is a step forward, isn't it?

I know what's going on with you.

The thing is, you love being with me...


...you don't want to get used to the idea
because it scares you.

You're afraid of what it would mean that
we keep seeing each other.

Am I wrong?

Believe me, Leo. Nothing would be easier
for me than playing along with you...

...just like that.

It's not enough for me, though.

I want something else, you know?

I need something else.

And what you need is time.

- Hi, are you waiting for Juan?
- Yes.

I'm Rosario, Juan's colleague.

He had an emergency and had to rush out
but he asked me to apologize to you.

He'll call you to reschedule
your appointment.


Are you alright?

Yeah, yeah.

- Sure?
- Yeah, I'll call him later.

- Ok.
- Thanks.



- Yes.
- I'm Leo. I'm a friend of Caro.

If you're looking for her, she doesn't
live in this neighborhood anymore.

No, I know. Can we talk for a minute?

I'm sorry for coming here like this.

Is everything ok?

Yes, he's a friend of Caro.

- Oh, how are you? I'm Eduardo.
- Leo.

Caro's brother in law.

Caro and I were classmates in school.

And Leticia was in my brother
Javier's class, right?

I don't remember really.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing here.

A while ago I ran into Caro...

...walking down the street, completely by chance.

It was so long since we saw each other,
since primary school I believe.

I almost didn't recognize her.

You know, I have this image stuck in my head
of you and Caro playing in the school yard.

So, you didn't get to know Agustin, did you?

What? Can't I talk about my own son?


I better leave.

This is Agustin.

Caro adored him...

...and he adored her.

That's why they went to the park,
because he asked to...

It was an accident.

It could have happened to me
or my mother in law, to anybody.

But Leticia needs someone to blame.

Otherwise, how do you cope with it?

I'm really sorry about the other day.
It was really an emergency.

- They did tell you, right?
- Yes, they did.

Honestly, I really wanted to
talk to you that day.

What if it was some other patient,
having a crisis or something?

Tell me, Leo.

Remember I told you...

...I'd met someone?

Yes, I remember.

Well, the thing is...

The thing is...

His name is Seba.


So? What are you crying?

Don't you like the name?
Sebastian it's a nice name.

What's the problem?

I don't know.

I guess I'm afraid to disappoint.

No. Disappointing would be if we
continue another 20 years...

...without you telling what's
really happening to you.

That was mom's, right?

Yeah, always gives me trouble.

Let me do it.

That's it.

Mom, do you miss him?

To be honest, yes, I do.

What do you think he'd say...

...if he could see me now?

He'd say...

..."Look what a big man my son is."

Hi, Leo. It's Caro.

I've been thinking a lot and...

...missing you and... well...

Do I have to fill the tank?

No, it's almost full, it should be
enough to get there.

Ok, and I guess I should
return it with a full tank, right?

It's the least you can do, you bastard.

Mom's acting weird, don't you think?


She didn't say anything about me not going
to the cemetery the other day.

Not a reproach.

She must be assuming I'm hopeless.

A car wash when you get back
wouldn't hurt, huh?


Caro, how are you?

Fine, you?

Great. I had a few days off
so I borrowed my brother's car...

...and hit the road...

...to take some fresh air.

Good. I'm listening to one of those
weird CDs you lent me.

That's good, I have one of yours with me.

I like driving and listening to music.

Any recommendation?

I don't know.
I'm sure you'll find something you like.


Caro. Hello?

- Do you hear me?
- Hello?

Caro, would you mind helping me
paint that damn wall when I get back?

I'd love to.

Great. Felipe would love it too.

- What?
- No, nothing, we'll talk later.

Hello? Hello, hello.


Hello? Leo?