Legend of the Dragon (1991) - full transcript

Stephen Chow leaves for the big city to try and save his home by winning the huge snooker tournament.

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Uncle, do you need help?

No, I can manage

- I'll help master then
- Please explain this fortune

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It's a good one

Master, everything is arranged


The unicorn dances look good

Hey, who's behind these festivities?

Master Chow of Tai O,
he's a colleague of Bruce Lee

- Is he?
- Yes, he is


I want everything there onwide angle

Roger, look over there, that's Master Chow

Are you Master Chow Fei Hung?

Yes, can I help you?

We're from CNN. Can we interview you

and get some footage on kung fu?

Sure, I'll get Lung back here

to show you some kung fu moves


Mo, get Lung

Yes, Master

Those foreigners come to interview me


Fly, fly higher

Colleague, Master wants you

Does he?

You do nothing but play

You take over, harder

Hurry HP

What is it, dad?

You and Mo demonstrate kung fu for them

Yes, Master

Go now

On TV?

We are movie stars!

Hold on..., come on

Hey bro, Master will scold us

- Good... again
- Bro, be serious

Step aside, Mushroom Head!

What do you think you're doing, Fight harder!

- Like this
- Yeah, fight harder

OK, got it.

- What did he say?
- Let's do it, Buddha Fist

Don't fool around, Master will scold

No, the foreigners asked us to,
didn't you hear him just now?

Come on, Just fight harder

Thousand Buddhas

I can't hold on

One at your waist, then your groin

Look at him, what kind of kung fu is this?

Lung Kim Fei, you're smart!

- He doesn't know any Kung Fu
- I must retaliate

Master Chow, they're too weak to fight

Weak? Even foreigners can't beat him

Surely not?

No? Ask a foreigner to challenge him



Are you alright? Why are you so weak?

Master Chow, your student is great

Can you show us something more powerful?

No problem, Lung... Mo

show the foreigners some real martial arts

Let's go, Master


Those who practise the arts must always be calm

but you never achieve that

Everybody is injured

just because of you

Master, it's my fault, I didn't let him get ready.

Mo, this is none of your business, close the door

I must teach him a lesson, no one is to come in

You made me lose face

I always ask you to practise but you go fly kites

If it isn't kites, it's snooker

Do you deserve punishment?

Dad, just beat a bit

Hands off, you have no say here


Hands off

Trying to run?

You disobedient boy

You disobedient boy

I must get a cup to protect me

the umbrella is too sharp

I'll kill you!




Uncle, how are you?

Why are you here in Tai O?

- Uncle
- Lung is too naughty

You're all grown up Mo, you're a good kid

Sit closer...

Brother, I bought you some egg tarts

You needn't buy tarts all the time,

It's nothing, I remember 18 years ago

you let me use the toilet first in the mornings

I will always remember you

Don't mention the past

You must stay the night

Oh no, I can't impose

We haven't met for 2 years, you must stay

OK, but I must make it clear
I can only stay 2 weeks

What? Go practise with Mo

- What?
- Have some tea, Uncle

What's happening?

Oh, yes, Master

Don't be mad

let them play outside, let's go upstairs

Let's eat tarts and sing

It hurts...

It's very painful

It hurts, my waist and groin hurt

Quit pretending, why didn't you resist?

I caused you to be scolded by Master,
so you can beat me

It's good that you know

Thank God Uncle arrived,
or he would go on beating me

Right, now that Uncle is here

He might watch us with Master

- We must practise hard then
- Yes, but don't...

Hey brother, what did you say?

I asked you not to hit too hard

Yan, aren't you used to eating so early?

Yes... I can stand it

I can't stand it, let's eat

Let's eat

What are you doing?

Practising with the pole

You only know the pole!

Not just the pole

Anything shaped like a stick

will be a mighty weapon in my hands

Let's eat now

Let's eat

Dad, Uncle, let's eat


Yan, what business are you doing now?

It's just a small business

You must make a lot of money

Just manageable

I can tell by your watch

In our world, we must wear a Rolex

and drive a Mercedes-Benz

and wear Clarks shoes


This is a recording, leave your
message after the beep

Uncle, what is a recording?

It's new technology

Record it as we're eating and listen later

Yan, technology is so advanced?

Just so-so

Lung, you must go and see HK in person one day

No, I must stay with dad

Lung is so loyal

You must be happy with him

I don't need him to accompany me

he just gets on my nerves

Yan, take your time, I'll take a stroll

OK, take time

Uncle, I've finished, take your time

OK, take your time

It's good to get up early

The sunshine is so warm

Lung, why are you singing so early?

Uncle, you're awake?

Let's practise with the pole, OK?

- Are you mad?
- Come On

Yan, you're up early!

- Morning, dad
- Morning, brother

Go and feed the hens

Right, Yan, come and sweep the graves with me

Sweep the graves?


Are you awake?

Asleep, no, awake...

Why are the feet trembling?


Look, the Chow family
is still influential in Tai O

because our ancestors have
good graves and good land

What good land, brother?

From south of the brooks

and along the river up to the Temple

all this land belongs to us

You made a fortune, brother

With the new airport being built

we can sell all the land, and make a bundle

What are you saying?
We can't sell land left by my ancestors

How can you even suggest it?

No, no, I was only kidding...

I didn't mean it

Hey, peasant

He's calling you

How interesting

Off to the graves so early?

Do you know who owns the land we passed?


There's something in it for you

Tell me who the land belongs to

and I'll give you 20 bucks

The land belongs to me

I save 20 bucks then

My company is interested in buying your land

Just give me a price

you're in luck,peasant

Brother, you're great, he just rolls over

You're still as strong as in the past

Don't you know me, Chow Fei Hung?
Call me peasant?

End pocket

Not bad, go and practise more

You deserve to win, your prize


Lung is getting better and better


Hey, you!

Great game, you played so well just then

Just making some spare change from them

lam just learning

Will you play with me?

Just $100

No, I don't bet

Lung, you won't bet? It's only $100

No, it's not...

It's not betting

What about this sausage?


What about a chain?

I said I won't bet

What are you doing?

Having a game

Master said we mustn't bet

I am not betting

I have a plan, go away

Go away, busybody

Let's start

Forget about her. Let's play





If Master knows you're betting he'll be furious

I'm doing this for your own good

You're so good to me

Good of you to know that

then I should repay you

- God-brother...
- Master Lam

Come on

Get me more big buns, my favorite

Get some big buns

If Master finds out, what do you think he will do?

- He will kill you
- Get some buns now

You like buns, but I don't

Think of what Master would do
if he knows you're betting

Master Lam

What is it, Lung?

This is Mo, my fellow disciple

We've known each other for 7 years

Master Lam is good, my god-sister here is good

You're both single. you should see each other more



Just carry on

- Have a bun
- I hate buns

Eat some meat dumpling then

You talk too much just eat a bun

I'll eat if you want me to

What's that written on the book?

Chow Fei Hung Kung Fu

It's great

Take a photo

What are you doing?

Taking a photo


A photo


Did you leave in a huff this morning?

No, I didn't

I didn't think you would
not like those common girls

You're not a petty person

I'd be really angry if you hit that hard

Buddha Fist again?

L give UP

Your reflex was very good just now


Grand uncle

You made Mo angry

She hit me thrice, I'm angrier

She didn't like you holding her hands

What? I didn't mean to

That's why she's angry

If you'd meant it, she wouldn't be angry

You mean she...


She's amorous

No! She...

Yes, she likes you

That's true, I forgot

What's going on?

No, I lost a deal


I was going to put down the deposit this morning

but I forgot and stayed in Tai O

It's my fault making you stay in Tai O

It's not your fault, The deal just fell through

Losing money is no good

How much did you lose?

About $40,000

I've got that, I'll let you have it first

Come on, have a drink

God-brother, you are so good

For 18 years you've given way to me

I could never repay you

but you're rich and powerful in Tai O

You have no worries

I'm no one and I can't repay you

No, Yan, I have a favor to ask

God-brother, I can do nothing to help you

I want you to take Lung to see HK

Take Lung to HK?

A man must go out
into the world to seek his fortune


I can take him to HK, no problem, but...

Shouldn't he have a say?

He wouldn't go against my order

That's not necessarily the case

Young people these days want to be consulted

Lung is back, Lung, come here

Didn't you say you wanted to
remain here to look after your dad?

Such filial piety is rare these days

Uncle... I want to see HK

You need to get a good haircut before you go


See how nice it's done

Dad, what are you doing?

Dad, are you nuts?

Sorry, my apologies

I was joking with my son, it's all right now

Dad, stop kidding around

You kids don't know anything

The world is dangerous people kill all the time

pipes, chains, and knives

are the basic arms,

I just wanted to give you a taste.

Thanks, Dad, but I do watch TV

they say they have gun battles now

Do they?


So you must be patient
and be on good terms with others

I know, never bet, never fight, I'll remember

Dad, must I stay calm
even when people try to kill me?

Good question

Take this with you

If you're facing death and have no recourse

then open this up

Not until the last minute

are you to open it

Got it

Dad, what exactly is inside?

I'm not telling you

Lung, are you ready?

- Ready
- God-brother

What do you want?

I've helped you pack

- God-brother
- Take this

See me to the boat

No, you're only going to HK

Don't come back if you don't make it big

Come, Yan, I leave Lung in your hands

OK, don't worry

Come on

Dad didn't see me off as I first went to HK

You dad is stubborn and won't lose face

I just want to tell you...

Hold on...



You were great yesterday too

No, Lung

I want to tell you I...

It's OK. I understand

Be good, son

Uncle, I must make the most of my first time in HK

I must build up a business and career

so that I won't disappoint my father

Do you have any plans?


Firstly, I want to eat fishballs at the ferry pier

and also have a cold drink

My friend Keung taught me a verse

he says with this. I can get a free hamburger

I can still remember it...

Very big big Mac

French Fries Hamburger

cheese, ketchup and sesame

and everyone is pleased with it

HK is so prosperous

Lung, what are you doing up there?

Lots to see down here, come down

Really? Or I'll get back up there

Sure there is

Look at the lamppost, signpost, the sky

See the women, planes, roads, look, the sun

Warch the glass, and hair

Look at cars

Look how lovely it is

You're not listening to me

Why must you watch cars?

Uncle, you going for a haircut?



Shopping? These are women's clothes


Dresses or handbags?

- These are women's stuff!
- I've come to collect money



Hey, is the boss's wife here?

You needn't shout, Master Yan

When will you pay me back?

I was going to pay you back

but I now have to pay back the 2 million

my guy offered to me

And, now I have been arrested

Why? You've never seen this before?


Peasants are like this,

What about the money you owe me?

I'm seducing the manager of Bank of China,

I'll pay you double if I succeed

Your shop is big you should be making lots

I owe others millions, your debt is so minor

What? Want to touch my breasts?

- Damn, busted!
- You are too much

Now means...?

What? I don't owe you

No one protects my shop, take it

Miss, I've spent much time on you

Don't force me

Force you? I'm giving you the shop!

To cancel out the half million

Paid no rent or salary you fix it

That's quite pitiful

Here's a few thousand dollars

It's Dad's money

Hands off

Let's go, move on

We'll return in a few days, we're not kidding

Walk on, idiot

What use is the money?

- Uncle, shall we go home for a rest?
- No hurry

Let's grab a bite and see what happens

Queue up and take my phone, I'm off to the toilet

This is a recording

Please leave your message after the beep

Mo Yan, don't think you can hide

I'll find you and kill you

You must get the million dollars back

Sir, as you use four letter language

the recording is terminated

Thanks, tea, iced lemon tea, and soup

Minced beef rice and pork chop spaghetti

What's under the soup?

Minced beef with rice

The second above the minced beef?

Hurry HP


What's the second to the middle

between tea and spaghetti?

- Pork chop, tea, rice
- Wrong

- Soup
- Wrong

- Minced milk
- Wrong

- Shark's fin?
- Wrong

- Fish?
- Wrong

- It can't be Chinese dessert?
- Wrong

Hey, what do you want?

Why did it take so long?

I failed to answer just one question

What couldn't you answer?

Damn you

Go get our food and let's go

Uncle. there was a call and the man said

he will beat your morn
and kill your father and family

That's it?

There's more, he said...

OK, don't ever touch my phone again

Go and get a seat, go now


Where have you been?

It's horrible

What are you doing?

No, I must sleep at 12 o'clock

There's still 'IO minutes, don't sleep yet

Lung, pork buns

Lung... hey...

Wake up...

Hey... Not so hard!

Mo Yan, there you are where's my money?

Don't be a smartass, James

You used to call me Brother Yan, what do you want?

Stop kidding show me the money!

Don't let me run into you

Lung, get up, trouble's coming


I better run away

Big trouble's coming

He was just here

Boss, there's someone inside

Playing dead?

He's sleeping soundly wake him

Get up

Still sleeping? Wake him

Hey man, get up

It's refreshing to get up early

What's up?

- Are you awake?
- Yes, I am

Pretending? I'll punch you

Sleep on then

Sleep forever

Stop that, man!

Where's is Mo Yan hiding? Tell us now

Don't lie

Tell us or I'll blow you up

"if you're facing death... open it"

"Beat him up"

Tell us

Which is faster, gun or umbrella?



You're not bad

Really something...

I was just fooling around

You're really good


Atomic bomb

Shut up, let's go


ls my hair a mess?


- Really?
- You're such a dandy

What's up? Crazy

Who were those guys?

Look up there, that side

They had guns and bombs, woke me up

Don't bother me or I'll send you back to Tai O

I'm not going back alone

Then shut up

Where are you going now?

To get some money or how can we flee to Macau?

OK, let's go together

You stay

Stay here and don't budge

You're clumsy, watch our things

- Uncle
- What is it

Be quick, I'm scared

Want to flee? Get in there

Long time no see, Master Yan

Absconding? You're going to pay

Brother Yan, I've waited and prepared the money

Then pay me now, I need money badly

But Keung beat you to it

I only have coins, I'm broke

Don't try to fool me

You've been so good to me. I wouldn't dare

Then figure it out for me

- Figure it out!
- OK...

Think now

A guy wants to bet on snooker. He seems loaded

You can win thousands from him

Is that true?


You serious?


If you're lying, you're in for it

You look pretty good, how much a point?

$50, step aside

Dare you play $500 a point?

I'll give anything a shot

OK, we play cash, no card

Man, 50 points, and just cash for $25000, no cards

You can't be that good

Get your cash ready

Uncle, you made me wait there
and you're having fun here?

No... this is not it!

Good, that doesn't count then

All of it doesn't count

Now we save the 50 points

and let's start the whole game again

Hey, are you crazy?

No way, it should be my turn now

Your turn?

Can you?

You forget how well I played in Tai O?

Listen, he plays with you,

same terms

Does he? Sure

- I'll go get something
- Let's play and not waste time

Uncle, get me some food, please

OK, I will

Hey, set the game

A quick escape that could have been bad

21, 24

Hey boss, don't hit me...

Betting with no money?

Don't bet if you have no money

This fits

Beat him...

This is bad

End pocket, end pocket, middle pocket

It's real skill

End pocket


Lung, you played well

I won, is there a prize?

Prize! This is it, come here


Give it to me, I want to count it

He won

How do you get the end pocket and middle pocket?

Eat, I'm very happy

You needn't laugh so long

Lung... hey


- Take this for yourself
- Thank you, sir

Uncle, I saw you count money,

were you betting?

No, I never bet, you know

Lung, what are you doing?

I've achieved the highest goal in life

Nothing left to do but to kill myself

I have no choice

We're here, why are you in cold sweat?


- Stay calm, put on your shades!
- Let's go

This way

Master Yan, long time no see

Yeah, I've been busy

This guy's very smart

He's the new snooker king, Lung


I must step away, serve Master Lung

Sure, are you hot, Master Lung?

I'm OK

What kind of girl do you want?

Yeah, I want a clean girl,

who does good housework and be good to my father

but she must remain loyal to me

she mustn't have others lovers,
it's good if she's rich

You mean a good girl?

Yeah, a good girl

All girls here are good, don't worry

I'll help you find one

- Sure
- Good girl, right?

So big?

No, you bad boy


- Hold on, don't shove
- Move

Hi, boss

Bosses get all the girls

Sit down first

Long time no see

I've been busy

The boss is here, what do we do now?

Money is never a problem

Boss, the peasant I mentioned is over there

Hey, what about the money?

Can I pay you the interest first?


Let go

We must behave in public

I'm sure Yan will not run away

Boss is so understanding,

He deserves to make money

OK, I'll pay for tonight

- What do you think?
- Thanks

Boss, you're letting him off?

His debt is minor

the peasant beside him is worthy

That peasant?

His father owns a lof ot land in Tai O

If we get him we can make a bundle

You must be tired, come and sit down

Buns, I want, two

What's so great about buns?

Rose, what shall we do later?

I want to carry on


- Let's do it then
- Have some buns


I don't want to play snooker,
I want to get back Tai O

Are you kidding? A grown man homesick?

Your dad says not to return
until you have made your fortune

No, I really want to go home first

What's wrong with snooker? Brings the girls around

No, uncle, listen to me,
I don't want to play anymore

I miss Tai O, I want to go home

I'll take you to the nightclub after the game

Lung, come here

This is Lung, this is Master Lon

Shake hands

He plays badly

- It suits me then
- Yeah

Why did you say I play badly?

Come here, how will I say you play badly?

Just have mercy on the guy

He has terminal illness won't live long

Does he? No wonder he looks pitiful

He's dying

Only has a month to live

He loves snooker and admires you

So play a game with him

Is that the story?

Maybe lose a little just to make him happy

Do I get a prize if I lose?

Yes, there's a reward, I'll get one

Got it...

Enjoy yourself

He will beat you later!

Master Lon, are you enjoying yourself?

Yeah, I won a bit

That's good

It's good to be happy in a short life

I know...

Master Yan, 230 points


The total is $69000

You bastard, you made me lose $69000

You used me as a bet?

Lung, listen to me, Lung...

What did you promise me?
I promised Dad I wouldn't gamble

You lied to me

Yes, I was a little wrong

But do you really think I am well off?

You are well off

What about me?

Look how many prizes you've got

You have made your family proud

Your family will be proud

Keep the prizes they're rewards of gambling

Lung, keep calm please

You've ruined my whole life and happiness

Luckily it's past 12

Bastard, you're useless

I may have used you

but you benefited too

What do you say?

Silence means consent


What is it?


What is it, boss? I've paid you the interest

Come and have a chat

Don't say I'm too cruel

If you can make him play a game with me

you won't regret it

Sure... forget the debt

But I want to bet on his father's land


His father loves the land

You want to bet on it? I'm dead, for sure


Do you want to take a dive from the 30th floor?

Think it over

Lung's back from HK! Smart boy



I miss you Mo

It's tough as no one fights with me outside

I'm happy to see you again

Me too, god-brother

How is my father?

Master is well

He eats a lot and he misses you

Let's go see him now

Sorry, Master Chow. I have to pay the rent later

It's OK

just pay it later

Sorry, I'll take my leave

Master, Lung is back

Dad, I missed you

Why are you back alone? Where's your uncle?

He's busy, so I came back alone

You've been away for less than a month

I said not to come back unless you make it big

Yes, I have

What fame?

I... but...

Why are you mumbling? Just tell me

You must have committed a crime

I didn't, dad

No? Tell me then

I just fought

Fought? I told you not to

but you did, I'll teach you a lesson


Brother, just tell Master if you did nothing wrong

I must teach you a lesson

Don't beat him, Master

Dad, listen to me

It's not your business, scram

What's wrong?

Yan, you came back at the right time

Did he fight with others?

It's no big deal. Let's chat

Don't get angry

Lung was a good boy, he didn't fight

he just played snooker

Snooker again? I'll beat you

Lung, listen to me, Lung...

Lung mixed Kung Fu into the game

and he's now famous in HK


It's true...

Lung, you're famous

Mo, go with Lung to the temple

to offers prayers

Yes, Master

Thank you god for blessing Lung

Lung is famous

You must try for a fortune stick

What's wrong?

Nothing, your hands are very clammy

Let me dry them


Thanks for taking care of Lung



Lung is invincible in HK

He must beat foreigners if he wants to be better


My comrade Bruce Lee

kicked 8 foreigners to be famous

Brother, just promise me

I've arranged for Lung to play with a foreigner

He will beat them, cheers

Brother, it's like this

I need your land lease of Tai O

as guarantee for the match


No way

How can I hand you my precious land lease?


if your son becomes a snooker champ

a talented kung fu snooker player

then Tai O will be the focus of the world

Even China's only good in table tennis

and now we can prove Chinese are mighty

I don't think your ancestors will disapprove

Brother, you're a wise man

From now, let us work together

to prove kung fu in Tai O is powerful

The ancestors will protect us



Mice wine is a great health tonic

It's tasty

OK, let's drink

Another drink

The wine is properly preserved

I'm 28th generation of the Chow family

for the future of Lung

and the glory of our ancestors,

I'm making use of the lease

I'd rather die than harm the land

Lung, come here

Damn, is the secret out?



Lung, come and kneel


Dad, I know I was wrong

Chow Siu Lung, listen,

you must do what Bruce Lee had in mind

to spread Chinese kung fu

that's why I named you Siu Lung (Bruce)

Starting today

You're a descendent of Dragon

Master Chow, this is wrong

Lung, you must defeat the foreigners

Got it

We're relying on you, work harder

Dad, are you all right?

Are you all right?

I'm fine

A convertible's cool isn't it?


It's refreshing to sit in a convertible


Come in and see

It's nice, Master


Dad, it is not here


The toilet is upstairs

You can throw up here

Good skill


Very nice


Why take photos of these?

They are special

What's so special?

This is especially big

All bowling balls are the same size

Yeah, they're the same size

Is it a bowling ball?

Why are all the photos of two of them?

It must be two, it's too bad if there's only one!

Mo, shall I go shopping with you?


Boss, they are here

Master Chow

It's a fortune

How are you? Sit here


This is my solicitor, he'll clear all regulations

Go on please

Both parties agree that the stake is

5 million dollars and a piece of Tai O

What did he say?

It there are no questions, please sign here

I hope this is satisfactory to both of you

It's all in English

Yan, what is it?

This in in English

I think it says if Lung wins,

we'll become famous

OK, I understand

You understand?

No problem

Sign it, it's just a formality

Can I put my thumb print? I can't sign

Stay cool, it's easier than going home

- Look, it's all so familiar
- Master Yan

Fat Wong,

you're getting fat

Lung, are they all edible?

I don't care, I must try them

Jimmy White

Let's take a photo

Pretty girls come here

Sorry, excuse me, miss

Boss, let's take a photo

Why can't I take photo with you?

Finish with business first

Sorry, excuse me

Lung, I have something to say to you

Mo is outside

Then you...

Do you know where she is?

Forget her, do you know that Jimmy White?

What White?

Jimmy White is a good player

You must keep calm and play well


Mo is outside, know where she is?

Is she?



Keep calm and be smart

Where are you going? It's starting now

Start the game


Yan, are you very hot?

I'm very cold

Boss, we've hired the right person, we'll win

Why is the foreigner playing by himself?

Great, boss is going to win

Let me see

That foreigner isn't letting Lung play

I must talk to him


You mustn't lose this game

Don't you see how skillfully he plays?

He's a super player, I will lose

But you must win this game whatever you do

I can't guarantee you a win

You must admit he is very skilled

I'll get a reward even if I lose

You'll lose the land if you lose

What did you say?

The stake for the game is the Tai O land

You said you wouldn't bet and you lied

I won't play on

No, you must play on as you've already lost a game

You're giving up if you won't play on

then you'll lose everything

Think it over...


OK, Lung won't lose easily

He'll make it once he plays

Not bad, but he got the wrong ball

The wrong ball?

Great, clear them all

The surface is slippery

Peasant, go home and make sauce, don't stay here

I need to take a pee

What are you waiting for? You've lost

We've lost?

Jimmy, congratulations

Thank you

Congratulations, Jimmy Well done

Lung, don't lose heart

Your uncle Bruce Lee

didn't win the first time

Take a photo, boss

Try again next time

We've lived in it for 2 decades,
they now take it over

We have to accept reality

We just lost one game

We can play again next time

Master Chow is back, ask him

- What is it?
- Dad, forget about it

Dear fellow, what is going on?

What, take over our house?

I'm going to beat up whoever who comes over

Why are you so furious, old woman?

Put down the broom and calm down

Don't come near! Wait for Master to come

Fix that woman for me now

What is it? What's going on?


Master, you come the right time,
he took over my house

Take it easy

Excuse me...

Please come over...

Master Chow, you've come at the right time

Please make it very clear to them

They said they are taking over the land
and sealing our homes

Who dares to take over my house?

I dare to!

You signed a contract with your finger

You played a game and you lost

Everything is ours now

I didn't sign it, you lie

You're lying

Seal the houses

They cheat us of land, and you help them?

Don't get mad, Master

they have all legal documents with them

and you put your thumb print on, look

Give it back to me...

Master Chow, take it easy

Don't be rash, stay calm

You'll get into trouble if we charge you

just sign this statement

I have always been righteous

I didn't commit a crime, I won't sign it

OK, don't sign it... maybe next time

Step aside, get away

He's coming out

Let's go back

Chow Fei Hung, what now?

Shut up!

Don't bother me...




Get Master back

Take it easy, all of you

Get away, why did you frame my master?

Go to the police if you want to protest

I've fixed the police, what is it?

Ask Master Chow to return my home

It has nothing to do with Master Chow

Grand uncle, close the door
and don't let them get in

Don't be like this

Chase them out

Master, Lung, why are you hiding here?

I am too ashamed to see them

Come out now, it's no use hiding

I have always been righteous and honest

but this happened to me


I, Bruce Chow

I've strived to be kind and fair

and this is the result!

Shut up!

You two come out

Why can't you men face the reality?

Why hide under the table like a girl?


Mo what, your master is in hiding

He's not coming out. Why don't you hide too?

How can you be his son?

Have you been concerned over your father?

Come out now,

for god's sake

Don't ever come out if you don't come out now

- Corning
- Corning

I didn't mean to scold you

Master is old, it's hard for him to bear this

Yeah, ask him out first

Master, come out

No way

I won't come out again

as they will scold me

You'll come out if no one recognizes you?

How can that be?

I have an idea, come out first

Come out!

Will no one really recognize me?

No one will recognize you, come out


Sit down, you must be tired
after squatting so long

Are you hungry, Master?

I'll get you some food

Pork rice

Keep an eye on Master


I'd like an egg sandwich

OK, got it

Lung, you and Master hide out in HK tomorrow

Don't worry, it will be all right

I know

Egg well clone, beef half done, please

Damn, forgot to tell Mo. I want fatty pork

Master, take off your mask now

No one gets up so early

But just in case

Master, why not let me go with you to HK?

I'll be there with Dad
you stay here with grand-uncle

Go back, just see us off here

Don't know when we can fight again



Mo, I... I love you

What happens if you kiss me and I get pregnant?


It's my fault, I was too rash

Don't worry, I'll take responsibility

Don't panic, I didn't swallow your saliva

Didn't you?


Just our luck

Thanks to Buddha


Dad, is our uncle living in HK?

We can look him up

I don't want to rely on others
I can take care of myself

Brethren, I'm Chow Fei Hung from Tai O

We were passing by
and wanted to show you some kung fu

Just applaud if you find it good

but don't shout if you don't

We performed and had some food too

This great preserved fruit

costs only $1

That's expensive!

One piece


It's not good, come on

Thanks for coming

You dare to perform in Tsim Sha Tsui East

I must arrest you

Arrest me?


He wants to arrest me did you hear, Lung?

Put down the spear or I'll fire

This is not Tai O, put it down

Put it down

What... let go

I'm not a criminal why are you arresting me?

You're charged with obstruction
and arms possession

Why? I didn't commit a crime

Why didn't arrest the guys who cheated my land?

Watch him, you mustn't make trouble in the station

What do you want?

I'm Chow Fei Hung,

Bruce Lee is my comrade

You know Bruce Lee?

Sure, I was his stunt man

I've seen every one of his film

What films did you stand in for him for?

Uncle, take a seat

All of Bruce's films where he fought foreigners

the one who tumbled was me

That film

Master, Bruce Lee was a great man

you are too?

I am as fit as him

We really can't tell

So you're fleshy inside

especially on your chest

Very strong

Does the temple watchman live here?

You again?

Who wants me?

A blind man watches the temple?

What do you want?

I've checked with the government

and found that north from the brook

and to the temple, all land belongs to you

Our group is interested in buying your land

Just give us a price

We won't sell our land

You're aged now

Sell the land and cure your eyes

Miss, rights?

What did you say? Come closer and speak louder

You're not only blind but dead as well

Don't you hear me?

Get the money and cure them too

Dare you attack me?

Want to eat up our land too?

Don't throw anymore, bitch

Dear fellow

Our Master Chow from Tai O

wants to perform a hard trick for you

Smashing stones on the chest

It's not good

So passe!

Lung, can you stand it?

Break it


You should be ashamed!

Are you all right?

I'm fine...

Conmen! Let's go

The stool is broken but I'm still unhurt

Why so?

As I've rubbed medical oil of Chow Fei Hung

Only $20 a bottle, buy some, thanks

Sir, medical oil

No thanks


No, I'm not your uncle

Come here

Sorry, it was a misunderstanding

Say no more


Take it easy, let me explain to him

We used to be on good terms

Remember 18 years ago about the toilet?

Forget 18 years ago

You bastard made us lose our house and land

Brother, I didn't mean to


I was framed too

I've been hiding a long time

I must teach you a lesson

Listen to me


Mo... harder

Master, I have a way to get back the land

- What?
- We can get our land back?

Shut up and say no more

Whoever wins will get it


We can ask the gang to play another game

and then we can win the land back

Sure, play another game

We can save our ancestors' heritage

I can't gamble. I'd lose all confidence

I'll lose. The foreigner is very good

Lung, it's not gambling,
it's just a piece of paper

Brother, you mean...


Dad hates gambling most

but for our land and house in Tai O,

I'll let you bet

We must have another game

you lost last time as you had no luck
but you will beat him this time

OK, I must play another game

Yeah, cheers for it

Have some noodles


Lung, we rely on you this time


OK, cheers

Good, we couldn't ask for better

if you win you'll get the land back

but if you lose
all land in Tai O will belong to me

One more condition

Sure, say it

I want all HK people to know of this game

as I fear you'll deny your failure

Us lose? OK, I'll make it a big deal

You can go out now


Lung, Tai O is now in your hands

Lung, the properity of HK after 1997 relies on you

Done? Let's go outside

OK, let's go

Mo, I...

You fear you will lose?


You're not confident?


You want me to play for you?

Yeah, can you?

Have some faith! you'll win for sure


Ladies and gentlemen

Let's welcome both our players into the venue

Jimmy White is quite calm over there

- And extraordinarily dignified, too
- Right

Chow Siu Lung looks a bit nervous

Maybe his competition experience isn't enough

I think so

Stop this or I'll beat you

Stand properly

Master Chow,

We'll count you in for the party later

I have a celebration in Tai O too


This event's going to be held very soon

Do you think Chow Siu Lung will win?

I've played snooker with him

His skill is considered to be unfathomable

If he can do his best

he stands a chance

- I hope he really does
- Right

Alright, we're now going to watch the match

Can Chow Siu Lung clear the red ball?

The shot's not strong enough indeed.
Do you think he's really nervous?

Hasn't warmed up...

Jimmy White has been too careless this time

Right, I think he shows contempt for his rival

Chow Siu Lung has a chance
to clear the red ball this time

That's right. I think he's confident
in clearing this ball



Boss, we'll make it this time

Boss, that peasant is losing

The chance of clearing this ball is almost
the same as that of the previous one

There's no reason for Chow Siu Lung
to lose this chance again

Go away bumpkin.
Go back to Tai O. Get out of here!

Sorry, I want to get some water

You're scared?

Lung, what's happened?

God-brother, maybe there was too much pressure

Maybe there's too much pressure

- What's up?
- Who knows?

What's up? You've stopped suddenly

I can't gamble

And we're betting on so much land. I can't...

Just pretend it's a piece of paper

Lung, have confidence

I have no confidence

I can't go on

Chin up, you can do this

Persevere, you can do it

Lung, have confidence

You can do it

- It's very touching
- Right

Many people are encouraging Chow Siu Lung

Come on, Chow Siu Lung!

You can't do it go back to your village

What did you say? Hit him

Stop, he's seriously injured now

Why must you beat him?

Just hit his foul mouth

It's enough

too bad


I must try hard for everybody

Boss, I've taken care of him


What is it?

For the ancestors



I've made it

Thanks to everyone

Hey, it's not finished


It's not over yet

Quick, end this


Not over yet?

I forgot we have to go on

Do you?

It's a tough shot, how'd you do it?

You're certainly getting
your confidence back, right?

Got it


Made it

Damn, failed again

Seventh round, the tie-breaker

Chow Siu Lung lags three shots behind

There're still 3 balls on the table

That's right. Only if he can clear the blue ball

He can take the lead with two points

It's done

Lung, just get the pink one and you win

It's done

Pop the champagne!

This won't go in

You got a plan?

This one isn't going in...

Don't let it go in


You've guessed it

Super powers

You know it?

I learnt it from a movie

Aiya, Chow Siu Lung is really unlucky

He's let Jimmy White set the shot

It's quite difficult for him to clear this ball

The white is completely blocked by the black

The opposite pocket is the only one he can aim at

Let's celebrate

He's going to try a special shot to get this

He wasn't great at it at the start

What makes you think he can do it now?

He's doomed. He doesn't deserve to lose

Look at Lung

What hell is he doing?

Was that a mistake?

Is it mistaken?

He's won!

No, he must be disqualified

Foul, disqualify him

Check it quickly

Let's check it! Void him if he's damaged it

He must be disqualified

I'm calling up the International
Snooker Association

You needn't; he's won



What are you doing?

Beat him...

This way, quick!

Out of the way

Dad, get out of the way

You dare fight back?

Fighting back, peasant? You're not as swift

Damn it, get him!

Still want to fight?

Get the foreigner if you can't do it

Lung, you're great

Lung... kiss Mo as you're so happy

Yeah, kiss her

Are you crazy? No

Don't be shy, come on

I must make you pregnant now

and we'll get married after that

Good, finally!

That's all


All wishes come true

May you win in gambling

Enjoy good health

Everyone who sees this film
will run into good luck


Subtitle from BluRay Retail
Resync by amin20thapril