Legend of the Ancient Sword (2018) - full transcript

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In today's world all the magic
and the power of the god

has become a legend,
passed with our ancestors.

Only Yanjia Art left,
the most fantastic ability in the present time!

Robots are made of stone and wood,
entered with spiritual energy.

This art science makes robots live!

With such an ability, humans are capable
coexist with demonic creatures.

Until the human world remains peaceful.

Hmm, for now.

my name, Yue Wuyi.

I am the greatest teacher of the world
Teacher Xie Yi.

Well, that's it.

my teacher has disappeared for a long time.

Until now there is no news of it.

So when there's a rumor about the hint of her existence,
will be auctioned off at the Market of Auction Auction.

I need to go there to investigate.

Well, my wife is still in your bank.

I'll take it.

So who else of you the warriors
want to get here challenging?

I will try.
/ You? Go there.

I'll bet 10 thousand.

If I win
can be 500 thousand.

That's right?

Please break your feet!

Let's welcome the next challenger

a skinny traveler

not afraid of his broken bones

I introduce ...
/ Yue Wuyi.

Yue means music.

Wu mean ...
/ Welcome to Yue Wuyi!

Now let's welcome
champion of our time

The most powerful Yanjia robot ever,

our greatest destruction from
Little Blue Gods!


Oh my god!

I'll send you to hell!

It looks like a loose skull,
baskets baskets!


Eyes like a bell,
sounds like thunder,

from heaven to hell
changed shape according to his will.

let me present to you
The mighty Iron Strong Man.


What are you doing
There attack!

Go there!

The claw is made of 9-color deer horn,
his body from the wood of Fu Xi emperor

star system cloud arrangement.

You're nothing more than a second-grade Yanjia robot.

Every Yanjia has its own Archiles heel.

If you can find that weak spot
your attack can destroy your opponent!

I'm sick of playing with you.
You think I can not knock you down?

We will beat you in 3 moves!





I know the robot Yanjia is supposed to be
used to be useful

rather than being ordered to fight for money.

I'm wrong.

However, I'll do whatever the risk ...

to meet my teacher!


This is for you.

You bought the cheapest tickets tonight.

Do not touch anything.

Stand in the room only and do not
to the top floor interrupts our VIP guests.

Uhm, it's up to you ...

Girl's tears-The Mermaid turned into pearls.
Let's take what's left in the world!

The green dragon's tail hit the Fire Beast.

Lightning Snake kicks Lightning Worms.

The Devil's Devil tears
take life.

Who has done this to you?

Are you hungry


Ladies and gentlemen, now I offer
home auction property tonight!

This is the last masterpiece created by Master Xie Xi

before he disappeared.


Hey! That's my bread bun.

I have!

This ring

the only indication for
meet Xie Xi's teacher.

We will start with

100 thousand.

/ 150,000!


/ 400,000!

This master is willing to pay 400,000!

Is there a higher bid?


500 ...
forgive me friend.

Hey hey.

You have to pay first.

This Jed Sky Chain

made from frozen eye of one
Ice Whites

It's worth at least 600,000.

It belongs to the royal palace.

This young master is definitely from the royal family.


Here I pay for real cash!

"The so-called" Jade Heaven Chain
Clearly false!

It's fake!

I'm up to you

lets us check it!
/ Get cool!

Look here sir.

You do not mind
when did we see it?

Not me doing it.

It belongs to my teacher.
I will pay you anything but this.

Are you blind or what?


You have no ability

to meet Xie Yi.

Guard, stop the woman!

Sorry, this ring

is mine.

Your ring?

Since when Xie Yi became a woman?

Miss, I do not want to hurt you.

Leave the ring!

Hurry up, fix him!

Shut up!


The bastard!


Drop the ring,
or you become the creature of this creature.

Hey dude.
It's me!

How much does it taste like bread?
Smart boy!

There must be more bread.

That's where it's more delicious.


Here you go. Iron Strong Man.
Destroy the ice!


Did not you have me updated?
to use a big hammer?

At least this is so great
to break this ice.

Yes it is.

It's still here.
Quick search!

Wait, wait.

Wait, wait.

Iron Strong Man,
You can take it from here!

Tree of Sakti kills people!

Submit the ring.


you smell very fragrant ...
/ Take you away!

Give it a ring.

Do not let them miss.

Xie Yi?

Aunt ... Xie Yi.

How are you like this Traitor!

Is the City of Floating Moon
less crime?

Help, the ring.
/ Oh, this is it.

Thank you my friend.

Tough life

do not forgive bad deeds!


Attack them!

Follow here.
/ Yes!

Just follow Pak Pak Xie Yi!

This is

Bamboo Bread Ship.

So, Yanjia Art Master is world-famous Xie Yi

it turned out to be a bad friend
who had released the Tree of Sakti?

So why are you helping us?

And why

You have this ring?
/ Miss

You seem to know better about this ring

than me.
Who are you?

If you're really the last person
who brought the ring

You should know who I am.

I think you're dead or what?

Calm down!
/ Silence!

Years ago, a Pendekar Langit
from the Potato Valley, named Cheng Tingjun

go to Western Territory to take back
a magic ring.

However, he disappeared,
and never go back.

I'm the Sky Pendekar's student.

Wenren Yu.

Ms. Wenren,
I never met your teacher.

Most likely he crossed the road together
Floating Moon City agents

during the Principal Investigation.

Ms. Wenren

this man is not your enemy.

Correct correct correct!

Forgive me.

My name is Yue Wuyi.
Yue means music

Wuyi means "no difference".

Who are we?
It's clear you're ... Ice's face!

My name is ... Xia Yize.

Hey, Iceface,

please realize for a moment ...
the royal dress you wear ...

is this fake?

First, I'm not your brother.

Secondly, you're still owing me 600,000.

Third, my business is
not your business.

If you do not mind,

captain of Captain Tuanzi
have prepared food for us.

Make yourself comfortable.

It seems that Tuanzi has eaten.

She's a little shy

we do not often entertain strangers.
/ Tuanzi?

Where is it?
/ All

Please treat yourself.

It's a long day!
I'm pretty hungry too.

Thank you.

Got vinegar?

Thank you.


Ap ...? Oh yes.

Tuanzi is the Panda Devil.

But, do not worry,

His heart is much better
compared to ordinary people. / En.


The ring?
/ Sorry for my incapacity, the great pastor.

I'm surprised the trouble maker
is really similar to "he".

Really the same?

Maybe someone pretends to be
being her ...

or he has one last trick
on his sleeve?

He was accompanied by some young warriors

which demonstrates mastery
the highest ability.

They jumped into his Yanjia ship ...

but our ship was not far behind.

How to prepare for an attack
Chang'an Town with Tree of Nature?

Everything goes according to plan.

I will never neglect my duty.

Excellent, prepare warships.

I want to know who he is
this shit maker.

Sleep well.

Cang Ming.


will soon be over.

Wenren, look.

Teacher Xie Yi installs all control mechanisms
Yanjia into

control panel.

So everyone

can drive this Bamboo Bamboo Ship.

Come on, try it.

Push up.




A little more, a bit more.
Right now.

Speed control is in the middle.

I guess I have to worry about it
first of all.

Tuanzi, are you okay?

I'm okay,
as well as the bread of his flesh!

You think what they say?

What you ask me is, right now
beyond my ability to answer it.

Anyone, man, demon or yawian robot.

It's about accepting who we really are

not what we are.

Master, not everyone

honest and open like you.

Mr. Xia, you do not need to ...
/ Pak Xik Yi,

did this guy bother you?

Mr. Xia, just now ...
/ Teacher, please keep a secret between us both.

Of course.

Teacher Xie, please tell me more about it
the tree of the devil

and the Floating Moon Town.

In ancient times there was a tribe
a spiritual force named Lieshan

which helps Dewi Nu Wa repair the sky

after the skyfall fell.

When the sky was repaired,
the Lieshan tribe lives above the Floating Moon City, in the sky,

look over the human world.

However, after centuries passed

they can not withstand the decline of the offspring,
oppression, survival in the Floating Moon City.

So they decided
to conquer the human world.

For the purpose of gaining greater strength

leader of the Floating Moon Town, Cang Ming, and his great pastor,
Shen Ye, made an agreement with the devil, the Mindslayer.

And they enable the Tree of Nature
absorbing blood and manpower.

I decided to find ways to save
the human world of the plant or the Floating Moon City.

I finally knew the one
Enlightenment Swords

which can destroy the Tree of Light
and stop Mindslayer.

But the Sword of Enlightenment shattered
so 4 parts

after being destroyed in an ancient catastrophe.

Only when the four fractions were united
can forge the sword back.

Go back to the sword

has become my goal.

So it really does exist

The Swords of Enlightenment?

Yes, this ring is a fraction, a change of shape
from the uplifting of the Sword of Enlightenment.

So, uh, then, this sword
really small?

Is not it just like, dagger, is it?

I have met
final fractions

The sword
located in a place called depth

which is under the South Sea.

The portal door goes inside
only open every 60 years.

My good fortune paid off
and this rare event

will happen tomorrow.

/ No.

Tuanzi believed in eating it
7 times a day,

the time to eat, again.
Tuanzi said eating 7 times a day

is a panda tradition.

We discussed the search for swords
next time.

You really don't remember me?

How about this?

I feel this Yanjia bird I know ...


You're the one who gave it to me.

Since our first meeting

I have

looking for you.
/ Forgive me...

What are you talking about?

I don't understand ...

Eating is very important for Tuanzi ...

Is there an enemy?
/ Tuanzi sees the Floating Bandar Bulan ship

chasing us.

Hey, we were attacked!

We have faced them before.
We may help you.

En. Xia, you were trained on Taihua Mountain right?

I'm sure you know Ziwei Astronomy ...

/ I put another fraction of the Enlightenment Sword

in painting scrolls.

The painting "Eternal Peach Garden" in a locked chest,
down to the hatch, below the deck.

I will survive here.
The three of you bring the fraction to the deck

where we will combine strength.

Shen Ye.


I've never seen anything like this!

We're looking for locked chests first.

The sword fragments must be hidden

somewhere very secretive.
This place is big.

Where do we start looking for it?

The fragment must be very strong, so ...

let those who come to us.

Let me see ...
Jom comes out, exits.

This is it.
Hey hey

Look, you don't need to be afraid to use the brain!

The key seems complicated ...

This is the Six-Fold Key.

This Yanjia art has become a lost art
for hundreds of years!

Very difficult to choose.
OK, I will ...

burn until the first 3 folds pass quickly
to open the fourth fold.


Shut up!

You don't need to be afraid of using the brain.

Hey! Why did you give a painting to him?

If I remember correctly,
I'm a person

who knows Ziwei Astronomy.

So, did you meet something?

This is an ancient key.

Collect the pieces of the sword.

Kill everything that blocks!


Don't let them approach this painting.


Xia Yize.
Where is she?


10 opponents not a pair of fighters ...

can you handle 10 alone?
/ Much more than you.

Take care.

Who are you?

How can you come in here?

Did Brother Xie Yi tell you to look for Ruan?

Why isn't he here alone?

Wenren, catch it!

Did they both make it?

Cik Ruan, Teacher Xie Yi told me to come here
to take back

shards of the Enlightenment Sword.

I think this flute isn't it?

Ruen won't give this flute

to anyone other than Xie Yi!

Ha ha

Who are you really?

Are you here looking for the sword fragments?

On behalf of the Sword, I want you to say
where is Brother Xie Yi located?

I don't mean to offend you.

Cik Ruan, there must be something

that happened outside this painting.

We got away immediately.

Go get some water!

Cik, sorry!

Oh shit!


Cik, Jom hurry up!

Cheer up!

The right time.

You just want to finish.

Hmm, who is he?

A Yanjia Man-Robot!

Hand over all the pieces of the sword.


Shen Ye, as a descendant of God Shen Nong

may you cooperate with Mindslayer?

You have betrayed our people.

Do you know what about betrayal?

My favorite student

make a robot
to fight against me.

This is betrayal.

Check out Xie Yi!

Check out Xie Yi!

Teacher Xie Yi!

Yue Wuyi, wretched you,
where do you want to go?

Let me help.


Yue Wuyi, wretched,
Do you really want to go?

Thank you my friend.

Life is difficult
do not forgive evil deeds.

Son, from today onwards

I owe you my life.

No, no, no.

This principal bird and claw

is there some kind of martial arts?

This is amazing!

This is Yanjia's art,

mechanism created from

gold and wood stones infiltrated with life.

Can you ... teach me?

The most important thing in learning
Yanjia is not the mechanism

but life is in it.


one day
You can make this bird fly

then you lift me to be my student.

I will definitely make it fly!

Good luck.

I haven't told my name.

My name is Yue Wuyi.
Yue means music ...

Thank you Wuyi!

My name is Xie Yi.

Uncle Xie Yi,

how can I see you again?



OK! I have the right to receive it ...

but, now we are drawing, how?

If you continue to sleep while on duty,
Other times it's not water anymore.

Xie Yi has left.

So now we are ... alone.

I finally met him
after all these years,

then this happens ...

even though he wasn't the real Xie Yi.

The great teacher of Yanjia will lay all
emotional energy

into his creation Yanjia,

so that their creation is like the original.

Xie Yi's emotions and memories
imprinted in his work.

For me

he is the real Xia Yi.

When I bind you

I met this.

He must be hiding this from me
when saving me.

Finally I have been on board this ship.



I thought you were dead! Wuyi!

Tuanzi. Calm down, calm down.

I'm very happy.
I thought ...

I thought ...
You wanted to die.

Do not worry.
I don't die that easily.

I am fine.

So, how long have I lost?

Where is Yize? And the girl from the painting?

His name is Ruan.
They are on the deck.

And you are complaining for several hours ...

but you really need to wake up.

Following, said Abang Xie Yi,

the last fraction of the Sword of Enlightenment
located in Depth.

Will you help Brother Xie Yi
complete the mission?

Of course.

This is my last chance
meet the original Xie Yi.

I will not give up like this.

Why is meeting him so important to you?

Maybe Ruan can help you.

This is personal business.

Ruan, kid, come with you.

Thanks to you

Ruan's house burned to the ground.

You owe me.

I'm just joking.

My house on Mount Wu.

But the place is rather sad
and boring.

Then I met Brother Xie Yi.

But why did he lock you up
in the painting?

That's personal business.

You should eat Meat Bread!
And the Panda isn't on a diet.

I've taught you everything you know.

You feel your Yanjia robot

can it be my match?

Our agreement with Mindslyaer is almost complete.

But the sword fragments

still in the hands of Xie Yi's little friends.

That remains a problem.


will take back the Sword of Enlightenment

for the sake of our people.


God of dragons!

There is no other entrance?

Do not worry.

Xie Yi's Teacher Preparation is quite good for today
just in case.


/ Don't be too happy first.

Mutiara Malam is protected by strength
strong protector.

Everything gets careful.

Yue Wuyi, you know it's okay
are you doing

Just look at Ruan.

How can he sleep like that?

I think he's tired.
Leave it alone.

Are you sure you know how to do it?

More or less.


Watch Out. Night Pearl Protector
definitely somewhere around here.

Hey, look!

It seems that he is ready to fight.

Damn, there seems to be someone from
Bandar Bulan Terapung is one step ahead of us.


He got Mutiara Malam.
/ Hand over the remaining pieces of the sword.

Go ahead and take it!

Xie Yi's brother?

I just want the fracture of the sword,

I do not care about the other.

Why are you doing this?

Get back!

Aunt Xie Yi.

Aunt Xie Yi.
/ Red Xie Yi.


we still do not know
who he is.

He is Xie Yi's brother.

I have to save him.


Do not waste your energy.

The Power of the Sword
have burned this parasite.

Shen Ye has been with me.

At the same time

my ve ...

also destroyed.

All this is my fault.

You saved me again.

The Yanjia bird,

can now fly to?

Teacher Xie

do you know my teacher Cheng Tingjun?

The Sky Pendekar from the Potato Valley ...

is that your teacher

What happened to her?

While depriving the ring together,
You meet Shen Ye.


your teacher

not safe.

I managed to hide the ring
in Yanjia eggs

but I was caught and taken to
Floating Moon City.

Floating City City,
they have been searching for the Swords broken.

No wonder

if you keep me from
in the painting.

Not much time yet.

Shen Ye almost prepares her preparation.

Soon he will attack the city of Chang'an
using the Tree of Power.

This will terminate the agreement
with the Mindslayer.

How many people do they have to kill?

Just to free Mindslayer?

What she wants

only to destroy the human world.
The city's invasion of Chang'an is only the first step.

You need to stop him.

Aunt Xie Yi,

what should we do?

Floating City Floating Moon.

Stop Shen Ye and the mindslayer,
with the Swords of Enlightenment.

Save the Chang'an city.

And prove if our tribe is innocent.

This "depth" closes.

My spells-a thousand-piles

wearing a very large amount of energy

I can only hold it in time
very short. Hurry away now!

Go now!

Wuyi, quick!

Pak Xik Yi, I will not go without you.

You've been in the Art of Janjia.

I'm sure you're doomed

to be my disciple.

I am now your teacher

so what do you call me "teacher"?


Smart kid.

Shame if I can not teach you again.

But there is one last thing
which I want you to understand.


it's more valuable than any Yanjia.

I'll remember it, Master.
Use Art of Yanjiamu to save many people.

Now go!

This is a command!


Xie Yi

You're an interesting person.

Let's go.



Get up!

You're not afraid of me?

Wuyi! Get up!

Now is not the time
make your stupid joke.

Your shot is very strong!

Now you all know.

Who am I?

Let's go back to the ship

and find the right clothes for you.

After all, I began to hate
rich playboy appearance!

Sleep it

Cang Ming.

I'm half-devil.

My mother is a mermaid girl from the Pearl Sea.

My father is an emperor.

I'm the most wanted traitor
all over the country

third son

Li Yan.

As long as I travel around the world

I know that
Teacher Yanjia, Xia Yi

know the methods that can be cleaned
the blood of the devil in me.


this last chance

now gone.

Ruan likes you like it.

Ruan is right.

We are friends.
That's what's good about a friend.

That's right. We have been working for a long time
as a troop until now.

Yue's troops!

"Yue" as in the name of Yue Wuyi!

That name will not work.

Try another name.
/ Why not?

I think the name is good enough.
/ Ruan has a good idea.

What if "Xie's troops"

in honor of Xia Yi.

Xie's team,

Yes, too.

It does not matter.

Is this really necessary?

Of course it is necessary!

This is the most exciting moment.

Ruan come along!

Me too.

I want to go to the troops too, please!

How can we survive?
without you, sir?

And, without you,

who wants to send us to
Floating City City? / What? Floating City City?

No! That's too dangerous.

None of us go there.

But if we do not stop Shen Ye
and the Mindslayer

more people will die.


If Xie Yi is still alive,

she sure wants us all to go.

Next step Xie!

Well, but you have to promise

when all this is over
You have to go back. Together.

Nothing is left behind!

Xie's team

will thwart the

serious bastard!

Good! For Xie Yi's sake

with all who have sacrificed their lives
for this.

We will complete this mission

which they started from the beginning!


Migration goes smoothly.

432 occupants

has moved to Long Bing Island.

Now our ship is approaching Chang'an city.

The attack

ready to start as soon as we receive our signal.

That's great.

The Great Ruler,

number Seven

not yet back from Keddalaman.

I've noticed that.
You can go now.

The Great Ruler,

please forgive me. But I can ask
would you like to go with us?

Anyway ...
/ Me

has not completed the affair here.

It's my destiny and Cang Min
to stay.

Finally, we can start.

Do you remember Teacher Xie Yi
talk to us

Enlightenment Swords

destroyed into 4 parts?
/ Yes.

The ring

flute and Mutiara Malam

That's just 3 of 4 sections.

But have we got a sword?

or, the fourth breakdown is still missing.


This place looks creepy.

Very strange,
how much does this place go ...

Tuanzi, you have to stay on board,

to help us when needed.

Good. All right.

I do not care if it's a dragon's nest.

I get revenge for my teacher.


And save the entire Chang'an city.

Hey, Wenren,

You love to beat people.
But there is nobody here.

That would make you disappointed?
/ Shut up you,

or you who I'm passing on now.

All, be careful.
Maybe this is a trap.

Are you sure this is the right direction?

That's right.
This is the ancient Sacred Tree.

The door is as strong
with the strength of the tree.

The last.

Finally we get to this stage.

Our people have all been transferred safely.

They will not suffer again.

So many people

which has died because of us.

We will be responsible for our actions.


will end sooner.

They are here.
/ I'm here.

Shen Ye, your bastard.

You have killed Master Xie Yi.
You killed my teacher too!

Now you sacrifice so much
innocent lives

for your stupid deal with the Mindslayer.

Today we will stop you.

You act beyond your ability.

Leave the Sword.
/ Keep in the trance.


Now go,
Do not block me.

Iron Strong Man!

Let's run, run!

Shut up you!

Ah ...

Mother ...

We, Lieshan Tribe, have helped Dewi Nu Wa
repair the sky

in bad consequences

the human world has been severely polluted.

We can not go back to the human world,

then we stayed here, in the Floating Moon Town

settle the liability on
Tree of Life created by God Shen Nong.

But now the power of Sakti
have already burned yourself.

Lieshan people face extinction.

Our tribal chief, Cang Ming,
sacrificing his own blood

to give the city power
and defend the sky.

Yes, I made a deal with Mindslayer

providing blood and manpower
make him

exchanged with the time required
to ensure the survival of my own people.

Shen Ye, you dare betray me?

Our agreement is almost over.

I have saved your tribe.

Why do you care about these people?

I have to kill you

because you're going to party
above the blood of Leishan.

When my tribe has settled on the ground
human world

You think

can kill me with that stupid sword?

Come on, try it!

I guess you can never

injuring Cang Ming.

Shen Ye, what are you doing?

Every day for 100 years
I put flowers

in Cang Ming's hair.

A number of innumerable flowers

designed to form
an ancient escort.

Cang Ming has long decided
sacrificing yourself wholeheartedly

to destroy you completely
and save our people.

Thank you Shen Ye

we finally succeed.

We have saved

our tribe.

Forgive me.

Take care of yourself, Yeah.

Now is the time you go.
Already ended.

What about Chang'an city?

The tree split into the city of Chang'an

will die together


Without the strength of Cang Ming

The Floating Moon City will begin to fall.

You all have to go now.


You are stupid human beings!

No heart

The sword is not perfect.
It can not hurt me!

Where's the Mindslayer?

It's just a waste,
make me sick.

Mindslayer! Stop it now.

Ruan, what are you doing?

Take you to hell!

So, Ruan is

broken fourth sword?

But why he locks you in
in this painting?

It's a personal affair.

The last break of the Sword

located somewhere called Depth
which is under the South Sea.

Ruan, this will suck your whole energy.

Stop it.
/ If Ruan does not do this now,

he can not forgive himself.

Stop it now!

I just want you to be with me.

I will always be with you.

Forgive me, Yize.

I promise

will be back to you.

You're a human half-bodied devil.

Your demonic blood can not be poisoned
can hold the power of the Sword!

You're wrong!
Because I'm not alone!

Tough life

do not forgive bad deeds!
Your game is over!

Kill the tree

with the Sword!
Mindslayer will grow

stronger as long as the tree is still alive.

Your bitch is stupid,

You ruined my design!

What do we need to do now?

This place will fall over Chang'an city.

What are you doing now?

The Tree of Tree is supported by
Shen Nong's blood.

My blood is not pure

blood of Cang Ming

but it should still be enough
preventing us from collapse

hit the city of Chang'an.

Tell people
what's going on here.

Ask them to accept our clan.

I thought I had control of everything.

But I almost made it
a big mistake.

Yue Wuyi,

You have saved the world.

We end this time.

Shut your mouth!


Hurry up to the boat.
No more time!


Not wrong to?

Where's the girl?

Why did not he go to the boat?

Where did he go?

Tuanzi, Ruan is gone.

No, he was not completely absent.


I mean, he's like ...

Good! Thanks for the help!

You lie.

You're talking about going back together.

Legendary Stories of Rare Dew Rumput

which can absorb magic power.

With enough magic it can
re-formed into human form.

When the Sword of Enlightenment was destroyed

Ruan, in the form of grass, certainly somehow
absorb the fracture of the Heart.

This Dew's grass flower
is the real Ruan.

Wait, I'm confused.

Is Ruan in the grass

or is she in this sword?

I will keep this grass.

And from now on,
wherever this sword goes,

I come along.

He promised
will be back to me.

That's amazing.

Xie's team can fight together again.

Hey! What about you

We fly again by boat
Unwrapable Bread Bread

as Xie's team is unbeatable.

It's time to go.

I already know.

Iron Strong Man, Come on!

We do not plan to save the world.

But this happens just like that.

If one day, the Bamboo Bread Ship appears in the sky

that's sure Xie's troops are heading for battle.

If you also want to join Xie's team

it's best to follow Tuanzi rules.

Eat 7 times a day!