Le petit amour (1988) - full transcript

Mary-Jane asks, "Do all women fall in love with a boy, or just those without sons?" She's divorced with two daughters, Lucy and Loulou. Lucy has a party where Mary-Jane notices Julien, 14, small and brassy, but she sees a sensitive side. She contrives to spend time with him and lets him know she's available to him. He's on the cusp between child and man, alternating between playing a video game, Kung Fu Master, where he tries to rescue Sylvie, and joining friends in bluff talk about sexual exploits. As Lucy realizes what is happening, she's repulsed, but Mary-Jane, encouraged by her own mother, carries on. Is it love or jealousy of lost youth? Is there any way this can end well?

Lou was sick that day.

It had rained.

We'd put tarps in the garden

for Lucy's party.

The kids didn't care
about the rain... or Lou.


I still call them kids,
but Lucy's a young woman now.

Take it, I got lots.

- Pervert!
- I'm not a pervert, I'm a collector!

Durex are better!

How would you know?

Durex are durable!

The others are crap!

You guys are revolting!

And so romantic!

I'm the only one
who knows how to use it!

It's not a hat!

Little guys always show off.


He still plays kickball!



A... I... D... S:

"Ass-Injected Death Sentence!"

You're hot!

A temperature!

If you have a temperature,

you stay in bed all day.

Mummy, sing to me.

I'll sing you
what Mum sang to me.


He must be drunk!

Real dumb kid stuff!

He's had a shower,
he won't wash all week!

I hate the army, I hate war

I hate priests
I hate hate, I hate men...

Not so loud!
Lou is sick!

Turn it down!

Stop yelling!

No freedom of speech?

I'm thirsty.

What's wrong?

I feel bad.

Why? What's wrong?

I drank too much.

Like what?

Everything. Beer, vodka...

Just throw up.

I can't.

You don't know the trick?

Open your mouth... Wide!

Drinking at your age is revolting!

Wash your face.

Put on this clean T-shirt.

Sorry about the weather.

It was a great party.

See you Monday!

I gave you my heart

My faithful heart

It will never change

Winter may melt away

Beloved spring

May run its course

Autumn leaves

Summer fruit

All things may pass

But one day you'll return

My own sweet love

And never leave again

Go back to the party

as if nothing happened.

Don't say you were sick.

Go home now.

I wonder if she has a boyfriend...

She's so pretty, such a good girl.

Good party...

despite the rain?

Afternoon parties are kid stuff!

Didn't stop you
from swiping my vodka!

Boys say drinking's for men,
so they got the littlest guy drunk.

Not very nice.

How about you?

Drink? No way, I hate it!

Julien will be sick tonight.

He's small, but he's funny.

Know what he says?

Little twirps are better
than big twits!

So the kid who threw up is Julien.

He got to me,
the way he watched me singing...

It almost hurt.

He couldn't have looked
more pathetic,

yet I found him superb.

I wanted to see him again,

so I went to Lucy's school,

hoping he'd run into me.

It happened differently:

I ran into him.

Watch where you're going!

You ok?

- Fine.
- It's you!

Sit down.

You throw up, get hit.
Never a dull moment!

Your driving's pretty good, too!

Want to go to a pharmacy?
A café?

A café will be fine!

Get in.

Beat it! What's the big deal?

Always the last!

'Cause we're cool!

You don't want a coffee, right?.

A Coke, please.

You like Coke?

Gives me a little buzz.

You're in Lucy's year?

Same home room?

Yes... 9C.

Vacation's coming.

'Bout time!

Doesn't that hurt?
You want to go to a pharmacy?

Treat me to a video game
instead of a Coke.

- How much?
- 5 francs.

I'd like a coffee
and a Coke.

You're nice.


I like the trickiest game.

New start.
Ok, you twins, you're in for it!

They throw the knives,
either high or low,

so you gotta jump or duck.

Each floor has a villain:
a big guy or a wizard.

When you hit him you go up

and get closer to rescuing Sylvia
on the 5th floor.

I'm on the 2nd floor now.

The jars falling down
have snakes in them

or dragons.

You lose points if they get you!

I knew I wanted to see him again.

But not so close to the school.


Want some?

It was good to watch him.

He was wrapped up in his game.

With such skill and passion...

The house was so calm...

A vague feeling of absence...

You're very quiet.

I'll tell you a secret.

When I was your age,

I was in love with a man

who was 15 or 20 years older than me.

It was hard for him,
but he didn't touch me.

We'd meet in the afternoons

and spend hours together.

Just talking. I loved it.

I loved feeling so important,
so unique.

Why tell me? It bothers me.

Now I'm supposed
to spill my heart out to you?

I don't do that,

at least not at home.

Feelings are so important

when you're 14, 15, 16...

Now I remember.
I wasn't crazy about him.

Just flattered
he was crazy about me.

Cut it out!

Have you ever played video games?

Not very often.

But you've tried them?

There's one in the café near school,

but it's really hard.

Why d'you want to know?

To play when you go out alone?


It's nice!

Where are there other games
like that one?

There's lots up the road!

He says in another café.

Know the game
with a guy in white?

A karate man in a pagoda
with stairs?

Kung Fu Master! Not here.

I like that one better.

Do you have Kung Fu Master?

Check up the street.


Your laces, again!

- Who is it?.
- I'll get the door!

Lucy's at her Dad's.

They're not for her.

They're for Lou and me?

For me too! I bought 3.

Come in.

Let's eat 'em then!

I'm not dressed. It's Sunday.

I don't care.

Lucy calls them
boarding school PJs.

I almost went to one.

With my parents in Africa,

it was go to boarding school
or to my grandma.

I'll take old folks over prefects!

You came to see Lucy?

No, she told me
she'd be at her dad's.

- I was bored.
- We're bored too.

Daddy didn't come visit today.

We could form a lonely hearts club!

You'll come with us then,
but it's a surprise!

What surprise?

You'll see.

First heat some milk,
then we'll go.

The surprise is a video arcade!

Not just any old game!
It has your favorite!


This is it.

You play this time.

Take off your sweater.

It's hot in here.

How do you back off?

You always gotta go for it!


Put up a fight!

Kick low!

It's hard,

I get confused.

Don't kick at nothing!

It's too fast!

Behind you! Good!

Your game's hard!

Use your fists.

I'm screwing up!

Don't laugh, concentrate!

It's hard, my heart's racing!

Don't get trapped!

Do something!

You're really lousy!

You take over then.

Can I play too?

Here's the wizard!

What wizard?

He keeps reappearing.

He won't turn Julien into a toad!



Look, he came out of the cloud!

The hunchback is a slimy creep.

What's a slimy creep?

Got him!

Not bad!

Poor Sylvia, still waiting...

The 4th floor's different:

Bees and dwarf warriors.

Snow White's 7 dwarfs?

Way to go!

Goodbye, Miss Lou.

- The young man?
- Friend of my daughter's.

So long, have a nice day!

This rain!

Unhappy ending!

Poor Loulou!

She's dead tired.

Don't just stand there,
it's raining!

Give me the bags.

No more Coke?

No there isn't!

Coke's bad to drink at night.

Makes you edgy.

Done your homework?

Yes, Mum.

Nothing for me to sign?


Have fun with Dad?

He's got a dog now.

Is your room clean?

On a Sunday that ended too soon,

I took it all out on Lucy.

She said nothing.

Am I mean on Sundays
after she's seen her father?

- We're teaming up for the report.
- With Benjamin.

He's never around.

Your place or mine?

It's due after Easter.
Gimme a break!


What's with Lucy?

He's hot for you!

He'd better cool his jets.

She's stuck-up!

And I'm stuck working with Jacotte!
She's no better.

Who'd you like to get?

I don't know.
Maybe the history teacher.

At least she understands the Nazis!

A teacher with an ass like that
should retire!

One-track mind!

I got a good joke.

Why don't Belgians squeeze lemons?

They're afraid of lemonAIDS!

Not bad!

Don't be such jerks!

AIDS jokes aren't funny.

I've read a lot about it.

-Are you a fag?
- It's no laughing matter.

and AIDS

I hate biology!

On the oral exam,
he asked things we never studied!

I studied the heart,
not even one question about it!

He always does that.

He flunks anyone who's absent.

He even flunked Julien, who's out sick.
What a slime!

He's ruthless, totally deranged.

Bye, Mum!

The home room teacher of 9C,

It's you.

I'm calling about Julien.

No, I don't know his last name.

He's been absent recently.

Lucy forgot to pick up his homework.

Can I stop by?

Now for the respectable
parent routine.

At school or the lawyer's,

I always wear pearls and a suit.

The final touch: earrings.

He's a friend of Lucy's.

No one told us anything.

His parents are in Africa.

That's why!

Lucy didn't know the address.

If only all parents cared as you do.

Who is it?

I'm here for Julien.

From school.

Please go right in.

He'll be glad to have a visitor.

Come in.

Did Lucy tell you to come?


You're pale.

I'm sick of everything!

Even me?

No, I've been waiting for you.

For 2 days now.

Here I am.

I'm sick of being sick,
being here, being 14,

having this crap on my teeth!

I can't help you.

I'm not a dentist.

Don't be sad.

You're in pajamas.

When you visited me
I was in pajamas too.

We're like old folks in a rest home.

Get well quick.

Go back to school.

Call me if you need me.

Lou spilled the milk.

What's wrong?
Your face is all red.

I saw a sad movie.

What was it?

An oldie you wouldn't like.

When did you go?

4 o'clock.

I saw you at school at 4.

I thought you'd come for me,
but you stayed in the car.

I thought you were avoiding me.

15 minutes later,

I saw you go in.

Sherlock Holmes!

Did you see Mrs. Lavillié?

That's it.

'Cause I skipped on Thursday?


- Was she mad?
- You bet.

Skipping class and lying
don't go down well.

I covered for you.

I said we had family matters.


It's a great concept.

My friend's gifted.

Yes, but she's late.
It's 2 days overdue.

Now we've got it, all is well.

Come with me, he bites.

- Bye Mary-Jane, thanks.
- Bye.

They were all bitching.

No one could reach you.
Are you depressed?

In love?

Really? Found a guy?

Just kidding.

Nothing to report.

Don't be like Isabelle.

Cried so long over Bob
she dried up, turned to bones.

What's wrong with being boney?

Anyway, I'm not a loose woman!

You're single, you should have fun.

You've still got what it takes!

That innocent look...

You could get a guy.

Even a young one.

Stop it!
You sound like people with everything.

Family, kids, a steady job...

A happy family can be a drag.

Agood husband... good to others!

I'm saying you're free,
so you should have fun.

Remember when we were young!

Speak for yourself. I was too shy.

Now I tell Lucy,
"Don't do this, don't do that."

I haven't even mentioned the pill.

Get with it.

I put condoms in the bathroom.

You do?

Thomas and his friends are 15 now.

You should hear them.

It's tough these days.

There's not much romance
left in first love.

How are they otherwise?

The eldest and Mary are fine.
She's funny.

Thomas is in a bad phase.
He's a pain!

But he's so loving,
always hugging you.

Sure, he's sweet. But lazy!

He's flunking all his classes.
At home it's worse.

Jars and toothpaste left open,

pajamas in the tub, combs lost.

And his room!

Jeans in a heap on the floor,

sneakers on his pillow,

underwear in the ashtray
on his desk...

He leaves a trail behind him.

Cookie crumbs near the TV
means he was there.

The TV on cable

means he watched a skin flick.

Boys are curious and vulnerable.

I find it touching.

You don't live with one.

You're a neat freak, that's all.

You're lucky to have a boy.

Of course, I love him.

But 15 is a difficult age.

I'm sick of inhaling this stuff.

Better safe than sorry.

But I'm well!

Err on the side of caution, honey.

Must be prudent.

Bad weather extends to the south.

Another day of captivity
for Marcel Carton,

Marcel Fontaine,
Jean-Paul Kauffman,

and Jean-Louis Normandin.

The French hostages in Lebanon

are still denied freedom.

The Constitutional Council

decided last night to adopt

the Lamassour amendment.

You made it back!


He stabbed me.

How can that be?

I didn't see it coming.

I always get screwed here.

Doesn't matter.

What a beauty!

A trusty steed.

This is more our style.

The Chappy's real cool.

It has no guts.

It's "fixed".

But it's easy to unfix.

Cut 'er open, ditch the governor.

Then retune the carbs.

Go easy, kids.

I'm debating.
This one looks racier,

but the Chappy's a lot faster.

I need to test them.

You'll need your parents for that.

Take off the plastic,
the rain's stopped.

New bikes cost too much.

This one's not bad.

Yeah, but look at the mileage.

What's with the raincoat?

It's cool.

You look different. Awesome!

I found it in a trunk.

It's 30 years old
and smells of mothballs.

I combed the flea market
for one like Colombo's.

Impossible to find.

- I'll trade you.
- For what?

A calculator.

It's not just any calculator.

Straight from Japan.
Impossible to find here.

It's a deal.

Then I got a call that shook me up.

I have good news.

We need to celebrate together.

I said yes.

Then blurted out,
"I want to celebrate."

Meet me at 5:15

42 Rue Lafayette.
My cousin's place, it's cool.

Get Lucy to babysit Lou.
But come, ok?

Yes. I instantly said yes.

Can I call you Mary-Jane now?

Of course. I call you Julien.

No more Madam.

Do people still say "My Love"?

He hung up.

I ran to meet him.

Want a drink?

A cocktail
with orange juice in it.

A screwdriver and a Coke, please.

The usual. Tea with milk

and a cookie for my baby.

We shouldn't make fun!

I see!

Your teeth, they're free!


That's the good news.

There's more.

You're awfully coy.

Your cousin's place
is actually a hotel bar.

I didn't lie.

He lives here.

His family owns the hotel.

We can go upstairs.
It's really neat.

Let's go up.

Come on, let's go.

What about the drinks?

We'll have them sent up
or I'll come down.

After you.

I won't go to a hotel room
with you!

You're crazy.

It really is my cousin's.

Here's the other surprise.

I'm sure you made up this cousin!

You're chickening out!

You're too young to smoke,
and not in a lift!

Shut up, "Mummy"!

Dirty brat!

"I love Mary-Jane.

"She's lovely. Love me."

I got a love letter.

I got my face slapped too.

I'd better not see him again.

"There will be casualties

"in the business world,

"and in ethnic circles.

"We don't want to hang a rich Jew

"on every telephone pole

"if it can be avoided.

"But Judeo-Marxism must be

"rooted out of our populist state

"backed by our finest forces."

Let's copy that.

Sit on the floor, don't be a queen!

I'm writing it.
Someone has to.

Lucy is such a goody-goody!


I've written a summary.

"Hitler, frustrated artist
and son of a customs officer,

"volunteers for the army."

Seems Nazism didn't get off
to a great start.

The Party only had 6 members.

I can just picture them,

in an 8th floor garret
with no elevator.

6 moronic Nazis shouting,
"Heil, Adolf!"

Here's more gossip.

Hitler Youth wore baggy shorts.

Cut it out!
Let's finish this before vacation.

Where you going?

England, to my grandparents.

Lucky you!

I'm stuck here.
My folks never move.

I'm off to Switzerland.

England's nicer.

Can I come in your suitcase?

Never been to London?
You'd like it.

It's got everything from chic to slob.

I adapt to all countries.

I promise to do the whole report.

I'll even illustrate it
with my golden touch,

if you leave me room.

What about me?

You provided the eats,
the helmets, the digs.

I'll let you sign my drawings.

Can you buy me some Doc Martens?
They're cheaper in London.

I'm not lugging shoes around for you.

They're huge and heavy.

- Wear sneakers like us.
- So get me Converse.

You and your brand names!
You're so dumb.

Ok pals, sign my nice pictures.

I'll trade them for friendship.

"I, Lucy, promise

"to take Julien to London

"if he agrees

"to lift his pinky

"when he drinks tea."

Lou, bring the hen.

What have you got?

Is it for us?

Is this your first trip to London?

Answer in English.

Great, a nursery!

It's full of games.

You'll be in here with Lou.

I'm with Lucy,

in the room I had as a girl.

- Top or bottom?
- Bottom. No, top.

Come on, we're tired.

1 , 2, 3, go!

When Julien's grandmother phoned me
before we left,

I didn't know
of Lucy's pact with him.

We were like one big family.

It was hard for me
to see him as my kids' pal.

Go Lucy, go Julien!


Who won?

You did!

What's AIDS?

It's what we call SIDA in France.

That's funny.

He says
there are 50,000 cases now.

At this rate
there'll be 1 to 2 million

in 5 years.

One night of passion may kill her?

Reminds me of something!

Condom collector, wow!

Shall I turn off the TV?

Yeah, it's boring.

I think it's funny.

We got the point.

Let's go behind the balustrade.
There's a surprise.


See? A swimming pool.

That's no pool.

It's a bucket, a bathtub,
a mere coffee cup!

In summer we swim in it.

Cold, this morning!

Seriously, we swim in it.

- In winter we hide in it.
- To play cowboy?

Did your Mum grow up here?


Mum, can I have one?

Quick, Lou,
they're explosive eggs!

You'll be blown to bits!

Be nice to my sister!

Julien, Lucy, let's cross.

AIDS is all they talk about here.

The Brits are perverts!

Got something against us Brits?

It's the same in France,
same news, same deal.

With all these drawings?

What's that? Give it to me.

Put it in your pocket.

Look, Lou.

Nice, huh?

When I was little
I loved Easter morning.

Kids love it.

My mother hid eggs.

Now I hide eggs.

Does everything repeat?

Gestures, feelings?

Do all women, once in their lives,
fall for a teenager?

Did my mother?

Or only those without a son?

You're mad!

Hiding eggs?

I caught you, Madam!

No more Madam...

Always in pajamas...

It's your fault.

My fault?

- You grabbed my pajamas.
- I did not!

I see you.

You call this a happy Easter?
You disgust me.

Because he kissed me?

Did you sleep with him?

Right, speak English!

What do the English call it
when women fuck teenagers?

Statutory rape, is that it?

You're proud of my good grades!

But I don't know the dirty words
in English for what you did!

And you lecture me!

"You're too young, don't do that!

"Watch out, boys can hurt you!
Don't fall in love yet!"

Lucy, be quiet.

You're jealous.

Jealous over that brat?
You can have him.

Jealous because someone desires me,

when you see me
as old and washed up.

You're not old
and I'm not jealous.

But 20 years older is disgusting.
And in your parent's garden!

In this very garden,

at your age,
I flirted with boys Julien's age.

Let's have an egg fight!
I have a blue and a green one!


Is this it?

Look, Lou!

Know what they used to catch?

Lobster. But they ate it dry.

They had no mayonnaise,
oil or anything.

Will we be alone here?

Yep, Lou.
We're out in the wilds.

No more busses, phones,

or school!

It's called a desert island.

Is that guy going to come back?

Who knows? He's British.

Perhaps not, perhaps in a few days.

Does anyone ever sail by?

No, never.

But we have flares.

What are flares?

It's adventure...

You can sleep with Lou
in the big bed,

I'll sleep in the cot.

I'd rather she slept in this bed.

Unzip the two sleeping bags,

then zip them together
to make one big bag.

For the two of us.

The full moon and an oil lamp.

This is the life!

The tide's gone out!

- You can't catch it!
- I can!

Come back, the water's too cold!

Dare me!

I found three!

Bring the basket.

Did you find any eggs?

Stay where you are. Don't move!

We've found 15 at least.
Big omelet!

Omelet time.

They're squawking, "Mummy!"
Hear them, Lou?

"Mummy, Mummy!"

- What?.
- That's my spot!

Your spot? Make room for me.

For you.

Listen to that one!

They mock us!
I like the one who says,

"Mummy! Mummy!"

I want my mummy!


It's beautiful.

Makes you want to touch it.

I'm sure it's soft.

Yes, it is.


Put lots in my shovel.


Look at this guy. He's great!
He's lost his head.

A brother's better than a sister.

I love you very much.

So do I.

Who do you like best?

Lou or me?

Both, Captain, sir!

I'd like to spend vacations here.

I'm too old for you.


But this place could use
some video games.

I'm happy.

Really I am.

Kiss me or I'll die.

She gets a head start.

Lou won again.

Did you somersault?.

I never know.

Lucy says so little.

What do you play?


Sometimes we play
"Dungeons and Dragons".

The game takes place in your head.

You're a character

and your adventure
is decided by the Dungeon Master.

He conducts the game.

All you need is paper,
a pencil and dice.

So I'm a medieval warrior.

No, an assassin.

A medieval thief-assassin.

We're in the Middle Ages.

For example, the mission could be
to free a captive princess.

We have to free her
while dodging the monsters.

You meet monsters along the way.

Trolls, gnomes, goblins...

It's all determined by dice,
even dexterity,

strength and intelligence.

I can buy weapons.

Swords, maces, daggers, longswords.

To strike my enemy.

The dice tell me if I hit him,

depending on the armor he wears.

If he has a shield and chain mail,

I have to score at least 18
to hit him.

If I hit him with a sword
that rates 1 to 6,

I score 1 to 6 points of damage.

Then there are LPs.

What are those?

Life Points.

The number of points you have.

When you reach 0, you're dead.

You can be revived by a wizard

if you have a ring of regeneration.

Do you play that game often?

Very often.

Did you have fun
when you had a husband?

Tide's coming in, crabs!

That was fast!

Caught us off guard,
we're surrounded!

The sleeping bag's soaked.
Come, Lou.

I'm tired!

What's all that?

How do I look?

You look like a witch.

That's not true!

You're a stinker!
Mum's prettier than you are.

Your hazel eyes,

the color of autumn...

All these freckles...

You didn't have them in Paris.

And these teeth...

I knew them
when they were in braces.

This little shadow...

It's lovely.

I know I won't be around

when you start shaving.

Why do you say that?.

I won't be around.

People drift apart.
That's how it is.

Don't say that.

I love you so much.

You never say anything.

I don't know if it's because...

you're shy...

I'd do anything for you.


You'll forget me.

Don't say that.
I'll never forget you.

Even if it's a lie, thanks.

It's the truth.

I'm so afraid of losing you.

I'm scared too. But don't say it.

Once we left the island,
everything went wrong,

very fast.

They took Julien from me.
All of them.

His grandmother, who told.

The principal.

Julien's mother, back from Africa.

She threatened to have me arrested.

I was a monster.
I had sinned against nature.

Damaged everything.

Julien had to change schools,
so did Lucy.

Lucy's father took her from me.

I was a bad example.

They left me Lou,

but not for vacations.

I spent the summer alone
in Paris,

wandering around,

asking myself questions,


Had he loved me, forgotten me?

I could accept him forgetting.

I couldn't accept him despising me

or speaking ill of me.

I pondered the details.

Did that cousin exist,
in the hotel where I'd felt shame?

I went by one evening.
There was a guy at the door.

Was it his uncle?

I avoided the place after that.

But I saw "Hotel du Nord" everywhere.

It made me feel sick.

Julien never phoned or wrote.

Was he in Africa?

Or shut away somewhere?

Once I'd told him how,
when I was young,

I'd had a love affair by mail

via general delivery
at the central post office.

Did he remember that story?

I stopped by that post office
now and then.

I'd written him there,

general delivery of course.

Where else could I write him?

I hoped for a letter someday.

But he never wrote.

I thought of him, alive and funny,

but it was as though he were dead.

Then autumn came.

So early that year.


Are the flowers for Lou?
She's not here. She's with her dad.

No, they're for you.

Well, come sit down.

Is the dog Dad's?

Mine now. I changed his name
from Bistro to Bonny.

Is Dad ok?

Why aren't you sitting at the table?

I don't know, I was just reading...

I didn't know when you'd come.

You were waiting for me?

I see so little of you.

You look well.

Long hair looks lovely on you.

I think you've grown.

Not in 2 weeks!

How's the new school?

Any news?

It's fine.

At first it was tough, but now...

I've made friends.


Yeah, 3 of them.

They've adopted me.

Has one adopted you
more than the others?

No, they're...

Well, there is one.

One I like better.

What makes a boy better?

He should be on the tall side.

Not too dumb.


No smoking, it stinks.
He should be sweet to me.

No ugly leather jackets

or cowboy boots.

We should be able to talk
without him gossiping to others.

And he shouldn't date other girls!

You'll soon be kissing behind trees.

Why do you say that?.

A boy explained to me
that going with a girl

means kissing and stuff.

You know that?

That's what he told me.

We don't discuss that.

Shall I put on water for tea?

Here, take the flowers in.

If you hate gardening,
get a gardener.

Not worth it, this time of year.

Maybe in the spring,

for your birthday party.

I'll plant flowers everywhere, ok?

My pals wrote a petition
to make video games

part of final exams.
"Reflexes and concentration".

- Did you sign it?
- Sure, it's just a gag.

I play too,
in an arcade near school.

I always change games.
I never improve.

But it's fun.

Sometimes we skip lunch
and go at noon.

Sometimes I skip lunch and read.

I love to read.

Me too.

Reading and playing,
I like both.

I just read
Vian's "Froth on the Daydream".

- Did you like it?
-A lot.

I'm so glad!

I adored it at your age.

It stood for passion.

It still does.

I also read
Dostoyevsky's "The Gambler".

Well, well!

Gambling is passion too.

I got him!

It's in the bag!

Can I use the phone?

- Will you do me a favor?
- Depends.

Get me some paper.
I need you to make a call.

You can call this woman,
I can't.

Tell her Julien saved Sylvia
and you saw it.

Tell her I tried for 6 months

and finally succeeded.

And tell her Sylvia...
You won't forget?.

Thanks. For the call.

Yet another nutcase!

Who's this?

Mummy's not home.

Screw this!

See you later.


- Got a girlfriend?
- Used to.

Who dumped who?

Was she built?.

She was just a housewife

with big feet and no tits.

Had 2 daughters.
One too old, one too young.

She was nuts about me

so I played along.

She wasn't much of a lay.

No spring chicken.
She totally sucked.

But I did my duty.