Le Chef (2012) - full transcript

A veteran chef faces off against his restaurant group's new CEO, who wants to the establishment to lose a star from its rating in order to bring in a younger chef who specializes in molecular gastronomy.


Sole meunière, table 2!

Blanquette for 11.

Steak tartare.

Entrecôte, château Briand,
and fries.

Forget the decorations.
The guy has 20 minutes to eat.

- That's not enough.
- Faugères for table 8.

- Aren't they having veal?
- Yes.

You ordered Faugères?
- Yes.

- Can I ask why?
- The waiter suggested it.

Damned boozehound.

With a veal blanquette,
try a dry white.

- For example, a 2003 Muscadet.
- We prefer red.

You prefer red?
No problem.

In that case, steak and
fries would be a safer bet.

My blanquette!

Can't I have one more chance?

Just a week.
- No.

Don't you realize? You
attacked 6 people over meat!

- They wanted their lamb medium!
- So what?

You almost hit a guy
who put mustard on his sole.

What does Bocuse say?

Bocuse can blow it
out his ass.

We don't do fine dining.

First Basque chiken at 4,
first soufflé at 5.

They say I'm
the Mozart of the range.

Mozart of the what?

The kitchen range...

I know all the big
chefs' recipes.

I'm a culinary whiz.

Hello, gentlemen.

- You're new here.
- Yes.

- Steak and fries.
- Meat stew and fries.

I'll have the herring
and some fries.

Let's get serious. Men, please.

Today I suggest
a butternut squash mousse

with chestnut dominoes and
tomato ravioli on oak leaf lettuce.

Come with fries?

It comes with beets
à la paprika,

watercress soup
with carrot foam

and a dash of
Azincourt vinegar.

Who's this faggot?

Beat it, you and
your paprika crap!

So Jacky?
Finally buying your chef's outfit?

Soon, you'll see.

Sprinkle the beef
with breadcrumbs

and melted butter.

Orange rinds.

How did work go?

No, Jacky!
Fired 4 times in 4 weeks!

Soon there will be
three of us!

They don't understand me, at all.

- See our overdraft?
- Yeah, I know.

- What is it?
- I'm fine...

You okay, baby?

Are you sure?

You have to stop working.

And I'll find a way
to get a job.

- Any job. So you can relax.
- Any job?

First one I find.

And I won't get fired.

Hello, chef...

It's nice to leave
the ovens.

- Is all well?
- Delicious.

- How was the sole?
- Perfect.

Do you like my
onions confit?

- Fit to be devoured.
- Allow me.

The perfect mouthful.

I'll remember that.

How do I eat?

You stab it with a fork...


- Excuse me.
- Of course.

You're legally bound
to show Mr. Matter the menu.

I have no time.

He'll explain
about the other restaurants.

Later, Marion.

It's no good.

I feel no emotion.

- Give me the vanilla.
- Yes, chef.

Taste it.

Very good, chef.

- Fantastic, chef.
- Nonsense.

Not for the Spring menu.

I'm getting nowhere.

Mr. Matter sent over a menu.

He wants you to use it.

He's starting to piss me off.
Follow me.

- Stop moping.
- I'm not.

You said you'd do anything.

I said it and I'm doing it.

- It's just for 6 months.
- It'll whiz by.

Have a good day.

- I think I'll like it here.
- Go on.

All the windows need
to be repainted.

524 all together.


the doors... 188.


- What are they eating?
- No idea. Who cares?

Your overalls.

- Your equipment... Nice and fast.
- Ok, thanks.

Hello, ma'am.

Jerusalem artichokes.


Squash gazpacho.

This is a menu
from the last century, Alexandre.

We need ingredients
to lower the prices

of our frozen food
and microwave meals.

How am I concerned?

You can help us
get government approval.

If Cargo Lagarde uses
these ingredients,

we'll get it.

I am to put that crap in my food
for your stockholders?

My chemists say it's risk-free.

Many big chefs work
with the industry.

- Think it over.
- I already have.

You see?
You're out of place here.

This is Cyril.

Two stars in London and Paris.

Come eat at my restaurant.

Phosphorescent radish mousse,
effervescent sirloin,

and free-range
chicken ice-cubes.


I'm giving Cargo Lagarde to Cyril.

You'll take the Mimosa Farmhouse,
in Orléans.

Look how pretty it is.

A perfect setting
for your hearty traditional cuisine.

Cargo Lagarde bears my name.

Your name is ours. We bought it.

You cost too much.
You're not profitable.

I can't be fired, Stanislas.
Reread my contract.

This meeting is over.


It's how it is. It's the times.
No choice.

Someone knocked.

How are you doing the cod?

- What does he want?
- The cod!

- How are you doing it?
- We can't hear! What?

You're boiling it.

Use a double-boiler instead,
10 minutes tops.

It loses its flavor otherwise.

It becomes...

Open the window.

- How are you cooking it?
- Boiled in salted water.

Don't! It will be bland!

- What are you doing?
- Hold this.

We can do better.


I'm thinking,
a concassé of sea prince...

with lemon mousse.

They hate change here.
They get nasty.

They don't even know
what they eat.

they mistook fish for chicken.

If you listen to me,

we'll reach the peak
of culinary creation.

That's not what we're after.

What did you put in our plates?

Concassé of sea prince
with a lemon mousse

on an asparagus raft
with rainbow polka-dot sauce.

I don't like codfish.

- Taste it first.
- But I don't like it!

At our age we know if we
like something or not!

- Only mashed potatoes!
- No yellow stuff for me.

The coffee is never hot enough!

Get lost!

Don't worry, Paint Boy.
It's normal.

I once put cheese in an omelet
and I got bit!

It's my fault. I see too big.

People don't care about quality.

Sorry, guys.

You know what?

Next time,

give them mashed aspirin
with Valium juice.

They'll love it.

I'll take the sage.

Live in 5 minutes.
Just one leek.

My mother adores you.
Can I have an autograph?

Live in 2 minutes.

I meant to say...
I'm leaving Cargo Lagarde.


To run Miroir de Paris
in New York.

I haven't decided yet.

Stanislas Matter
already signed me on.

- I hope you'll forgive me.
- You can't do this!

I taught you what
a paupiette was!

Live in 1 minute.

I couldn't refuse
Miroir de Paris.

But not now!

Everyone is lying in wait
for my fucking Spring menu.

You remain in my
heart and head.

Screw your heart
and your head!

Hear me?

Sorry but... I'm leaving too.

Ten seconds.

He named me to Coq de France
in Dubai.

- I'm sorry.
- Are you all in on this?

Welcome to my show,

"Alexandre's Market".

Here I am, along with...

my faithful assistants, Sergio

and Akio.

- Did it start?
- Just now.


I'll teach you
one of my favorite starters.

In the cold of winter,
when you're home...

Crazy how I'm hooked
to this show.

Same here.

To warm your heart, I suggest

a leek soup

with acacia honey.

- You can cook leeks with honey?
- Sure!

- You knew?
- Who doesn't?


Cut the leek into cubes.

Just the white part.

Yes, Akio. Like I taught you
all these years by my side.

He's acting weird.

Before the onions brown,
add the leeks.

He never used onions.

It means...

he has worries.

Something with work
or a woman.

- Know him?
- By heart.

I used to steal his books
and offer them to myself.

Having fun?
How long can one window take?

- I forgot my brush.
- There's another wing.

Okay. I'll just be a sec.

- See you later.
- See you.

I was just... touching up.

You can't get away
for two weeks?

I need a second-in-command.

Dad, I got the date
for my thesis!

You know anyone
who may be available?

I already tried him.

So no one...

Honey, you're home!

I just spoke to
you in there.

I know you spoke
to me in there!

What did I say?

It was about something...

- Are you coming?
- Of course I am... Where?

My thesis defense.

What's it about?

Russian fantastic literature
and the 19th century novel.

We have more and more Russians
at the restaurant.


You going?

I'm working. It wasn't planned.
Are you upset?

I figured. Canceling is your thing.
No big deal.

Come on,
not another hamburger.

It's Miss Lagarde.

I'd like a double
cheese and a Coke.

Thanks. Goodbye.

Have a good night, Dad!

Jacky, we want food!

We want the same
thing as yesterday!

We want Jacky's food!

- I have trouble with your son.
- How so?

He wants me to use gelling agents,
chemical shit.

I see.
Taste this.

I'm in deep shit, Paul.

I have no inspiration.

Same thing every year.
You think you'll lose a star.

Just taste.

What is it?


That's the word.

My red mullet and pumpkin recipe
from 1996!


It's wild. It's all there.

The balance of vegetables,

the harmony of spices.

Who made this?

See that painter there?

The painter?

Excuse me,
can we talk a bit?

Is it you who made my recipe
for mullet and pumpkin from '96?

No, '97.

In '96 it was St.Pierre
and potato mousseline.

- Are you sure?
- You bet!

For me, that recipe
was like Michelangelo's David.

Interesting analogy.

I need a second-in-command.

Would you work on a trial basis
at Cargo Lagarde?

But I'll get a contract?

- A trial. Then we'll see.
- How long?

Whatever the law says.
One month, two...

I'm sorry. I can't.

I have a 6-month contract here.
My wife is pregnant.

- She'll understand.
- No, she won't.

You can't say no
to Cargo Lagarde!

Are you a total idiot?

No, sir. I love my wife.
That's all.

You're all starting to
piss me off. Big time!

Mr. Lagarde, wait!

I accept your offer.

Fine... Tomorrow at
8 at the Cargo.

You're right.
I'll tell my wife the truth.

Of course...

she'll understand
that I left...

a paid job for an
unpaid internship.

- What's that?
- They're flowers.

- Why are you here?
- To pick you up.

I like knowing
you can count on me now.

- You got fired?
- Not at all.

Something serious.

Do you want them or not?

Of course I do. You carry them.
I'm a little pregnant.

Guess what happened.

I knew there was something.

Yeah, there was something.

Guess who congratulated me.



The manager of the
old-age facility.

He says I paint fast.
He wants me to do the whole place.

Zeroing in on the kitchen?

You're crazy. The kitchen
is miles away!

Stop it!

Alexandre! Stop this!

Mr. Matter sent us!

Next time I'll throw
you in the meat locker!

- Morning, chef.
- You're late.

- It's 8:02.
- That's what I said. You're late!


Embroider his initials.

- Of course.
- It's Jacky Bonnot.

Hold on.

Only normal.

"I wanted to say, chef,

I am aware of the chance
you're giving me."

"Indeed, as a mere child,

your recipes were like
beads in a necklace..."

See you in the kitchen.

I'll be right there.

That's Marcel Bouchard...

- Here.
- Thanks.

This apron and I have
a long life ahead.

Start by not getting
fired today.

your attention please.

Taste this and tell
me what's in it.

- Blindfolded?
- This isn't a music hall.


Roasted turbot.

With a spinach coulis.

The sauce is...
tomato and olive.

Daikon radish,
salted butter.

I'd have added a
pinch more salt.

Very good.

What does that smell like?

Confit of grilled beef.

Vintage Select Beef,
excellent choice.

Zucchini and potatoes...

Lady Christels,
excellent texture.

They stay firm
in boiling water.

A little grilled eggplant...


Way over-grilled, if I may.

He's right.
This eggplant is over-grilled.

Who made this?

I did.

I've told you.
Eggplants are touchy.

Don't hurt them.
Look them straight in the eye.

I looked it in the eye!

- Toss it.
- Yes, chef.

you'd never have done that.

No, chef.
I'd have heard the eggplant scream.

Jacky is the vegetable

And listener.
That's important.

What's this carrot saying?

Grate me.

It wants to be grated.

- Grate it.
- Yes, chef.

For the St. Pierre.

Jacky will watch you work today.
Tomorrow, he'll run both services.

- Get to work.
- Yes, chef!

So I'm hired, chef?

Wait until rush hour.
Many a man returns his apron.

- Not Jacky Bonnot.
- We'll see.

What's this?

Sweetbread, scallops, vanilla...

Forget that.
I do the creating.

I was thinking...

Got it.

I feel so good.

Touch... Our baby is relaxed too.

It's thanks to the new Jacky.

New Jacky....

Don't go overboard.

I meant to tell you...
I quit my job.

I've been with Alexandre Lagarde
for 3 days.

It's an internship,
so unpaid for the moment.

Sorry, I'm half asleep.

What did you say?

Goodnight, my new Jacky...

- How is it?
- Full, chef.

- Where are the langoustines?
- Coming, chef!

The chicken should
be ready by now!

I still need my piccatas!

I'll get them.

- Sorry.
- My fault.

- Careful with my piccatas!
- Make another piccata!

Do the langoustine for table 4.
I'll do the piccata.

It's not your job.
Check the chicken.

Look! It's not enough chicken.

You want Jerome to get yelled at?
Add more.

Clean this up, please.
Piccata, now.

Behind you!

Good work, Jacky.
Nice first week at the Cargo.

Thanks, chef.

Mr. Lagarde!
I love your lemon chicken!

But you should
use more lemon.

Add it yourself!

I hadn't thought of that!

Live in 5 minutes.

Where are we going?

To the set.
To shoot my show.

No way!
I can't do a TV show.

What if my wife sees?

She works.
She won't be watching TV.

What if my in-laws watch?

Can you call me Brian
while shooting?

Welcome to my show,
"Alexandre's Market".

I'm happy to introduce you
to my new assistant.

This is...

- Brian.
- Brian.

Brian, this week we'll make
veal navarin with spring vegetables.

The navarin from your 1999 menu
at the Inn in Uzès?

- Exactly.
- Excellent.

- As you can see, Jacky...
- Brian.

Brian is the living memory
of French gastronomy.

- Why the sunglasses?
- So no one recognizes him.

Why go on TV in that case?

To be recognized but... incognito.

We cut the veal flanks
into nice chunks.

In the meantime,
I, Brian, peel the carrots.

- Why Brian?
- His American name.

Cut these chives.

You're using chives?

Your recipe calls
for tarragon!

We're shooting live.
Jacky's a real clown.

Not Jacky. Brian.
I take your navarin very seriously.

So no chives.

Let's use...

some thyme!

We won't use thyme!
Don't alter your masterpiece!

Is this a real fight?

- Thanks Brian. You can go.
- I want to taste the navarin.

- Better without chives or thyme.
- Shut up.

Ladies and gentlemen, bon appétit.
See you next week.

A bit of tarragon
would have helped.

Shut your trap.

I'm making a navarin tonight.

Thank you.

- Never again.
- I defended your recipe.

Alexandre, that was wonderful!

That was some routine, you two!

I reread your contract.

I know how to fire you
from Cargo Lagarde.

If you lose one star,

you're fired.

I'll never lose one.

I know all the owners
of the guides.

Two critics are going
to Cargo Lagarde soon.

Tough luck...
They don't like your cuisine.

I'm not sure you'll keep
your three stars.

I almost forgot.

If you lose Cargo,
you lose your apartment.

It's ours.
Bye, Alexandre.

Have fun you two!

- Chin up. It'll be fine.
- What are you doing?

- Comforting you.
- Comforting me?


- Get to work and keep quiet.
- Yes, chef.

Goodbye, chef.

Stanislas Matter came
to see all the suppliers.

If we sell to you,
he won't buy from us.

That bastard. What do I do now?

Don't worry.

I'll never forget your aid.
I'll help you.

Thanks, Marco. What a friend!


This is Julien.
He'll be doing the shopping for us.

This is Marco.

Thibault, come here.

Add cinnamon and a lotus
leaf to the lamb sauce.

- We can't change his recipes.
- They're his creations.

He gave me carte blanche.

- But I can't!
- It'll be great.

Come here.

- Do it.
- He'll be furious!

- He'll fire him.
- Little prick.

Good idea. I'll do it.

I have two people at table 8.
Critics, I think.

Not eating, just tasting.

They ask questions.
They ordered the lamb.


Your second-in-command
changed the recipe.


You're going to
pay for this.

There they are.

How's everything?

Mr. Lagarde, it's delicious.

I tried your lamb
once before and....


Brilliant idea to have added


I thought the cinnamon might make
for an interesting twist...

There's another flavor too.

I can't put my finger on it.

- He won't say.
- No... he won't say.

- Lotus, right?
- Lotus, bravo.

I like some conflict
in the flavors.

It's crazy.

What people in Paris
say about you.

"He repeats himself."

"Just a businessman."

They're mean.
You're still the best.

- Tops!
- Thank you, thank you.

Alexandre... if I may...

I've heard that critics from Le Guide

are coming the day you introduce your
new menu.

April 12th, I think.

Le Guide?
Thanks for telling me.

Busseron and Marchal.
They hate classic cuisine.

If I may be so bold:
make them a molecular dish.

With liquid nitrogen.

- It's their thing.
- Molecular cuisine?

Not that.

What the hell is this?

Cinnamon? Lotus?
You're changing my recipes?

You served the same sauce
with filet mignon

at the Tokyo Four Seasons.
It had cinnamon!

But you can't compare lamb
and venison!

I was interpreting you.

I tied a new Alexandre dish
to an old Alexandre sauce.

Alexandre says to stop
making connections

between Alexandre and
Alexandre! Understand?

Excuse me,
but I know how Alexandre works.

- But I'm Alexandre!
- So? How does that matter?

I've followed Alexandre
since day one.

You want the truth?

Alexandre was better
before Charlotte left.


My ex-wife?
Why drag her into this?

Since she left,
your sauces are stagnant.

No one says it,

you're in a sauce rut.

Leave Charlotte out
of my veal stock!

This is over.
I'm fed up.

- Get lost!
- What? You're firing me?

End of apprenticeship.


No problem.

Want inspiration
for sweetbread and scallops?

I know what Alexandre
would have done.

I do the creating here!

Goodbye, Mr. Lagarde.

- Keep scrubbing!
- Yes, chef!

Mr. Bonnot?

Chef asks how Alexandre
would do the sweetbread.

Deglazed, with elberberry vinegar.

Deglazed, elberberry.

He wants you to come.

Not too soon.

The elderberry vinegar now.

Why the dumb smile?

The first time
I've ever been rehired.

Go on.

- You're right, you idiot.
- You bet.


We'll do the menu
together, but...

You can be
a real dipshit too!

I'm sorry, Alexandre...
I'm on the phone.

Chang, farfalle are done al dente.
Yours are overcooked!

Okay. I didn't know.

Start over.
Let it boil 9 minutes.

And remember,
stir, stir, stir...

- What's this?
- I'm helping at the old-age home.

So at lunch
you were working both jobs?

The residents love my recipes.
I couldn't just vanish.

I come in peace.
I want no trouble.

I'm just showing my restaurant
to Cyril and his decorator.

Leave my kitchen.

Very well.

This is Mr. Laveine, court bailiff.

He'll tell you I can visit
without danger, my restaurant

to have it redone.

If you lose a star.
Of course.

- This goes, Mr. Matter?
- All of it.

And that will be
polished ceramic.

Lose the wall, open it up.

The customers eat
here and there.

Here I want
a large table-screen.

Good idea.

Find the recipe in Elle?

It's about time
I see to the Cargo.

So, Cyril, come with me.

Come see the
winter garden.

We'll lose the doors.
We need space.

Too old-fashioned!

- Can you lose a star?
- It can happen.

Let's get back to work.

I burnt the lemon sauce.

Get another pan
and start over.

Beatrice called here.
She couldn't reach you.

She has baby stuff
to show you.

Oh yeah?
I'll call her back.

I'm looking for Jacky.

He quit here a while ago.


- Go ask in the kitchen.
- The kitchen?

First, let the soy beans
marinate in the lemon...

I was told I'd
find Jacky here.

He quit.
What's it about?

- Where is he?
- Don't tell his wife!

On the screen.

- And you are...?
- His wife.

She's coming?
So we better watch out.

- I'm his wife.
- Oh... shit.

What did you tell Beatrice?

About your hookers.

Cut it out.

I said you had
10 minutes of errands to do.

Are you stupid?
How do I get back there now?

I have to call her
and find an excuse!

Jacky watch out!

Just a sec.

My wife has the
same ringtone.

- Hey, baby...
- Yeah?

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'm just calling to say
don't bother coming by work.

I won't make it.
I'm stuck in traffic.

- Where?
- Not even that far... By Nation.

I'm near Nation too.
Where exactly?

You can't see me.
I'm on the left...

stuck behind
some trucks.

Hold on. Move!

I have to work too!
Let me through!

I'm sorry...
It's starting to move.

I'm at Boulevard Voltaire.
I hear an echo.

Why do I see
you there?

- Where are you?
- Jacky, your wife's here.

- Why do this?
- Do what? I did nothing.

You think I'm an idiot.

- I'm sick of this. It's over.
- Beatrice, wait!

Chang, do something!

- He didn't go to see hookers!
- Not that!

Honey, listen to me.
You can't leave like this!

You're in deep shit.

Your boy's a real champ.

With him it'll be
shooting stars.

They pass by.
They don't stay.

They just shoot on by.

So long, stars.

Answering machine again.

She's not home.

Stop calling.
It won't get her back.

That's not it. I lied to her.
She'll never forgive me.

- I know her.
- They're all the same.

They want to marry a great man
but at the first screw up...

they're gone.

You know what?

She mentioned marriage a lot

and each time like an idiot
I said "not now".

What do you think?

- It's flat.
- Yeah.

Have you ever tasted
a Cheval Blanc?


Cheval Blanc '61 .

Just wonderful.

He doesn't know everything,
Mr. Elderberry Vinegar.

Taste this.

Check out the color.

Smell that bouquet.

It brings tears to my eyes,
a Cheval Blanc.

Me too.

My eyes are welling up.

The critics come in 4 days.

I'm cooked.

Why do you say that?
It'll be another triumph.

They're disciples
of molecular cuisine.

- Molecular cuisine?
- Goodbye, 3rd star.

Ever tasted a Petrus?


- And the Cheval Blanc?
- Later!

I've got it!

I know someone.

A Spanish specialist
in miocailulaire cuisine.

He's our man. The best.

Is he well-known?

I was told he's a genius.

I'll call him.
Juan Castella.

I still have his number.

Answering machine.

Hello, Juan.
This is Jacky Bonnot.

I'm working now
with Mr. Alexandre Lagarde.

I think we need your skills.

Call me back.
'As fastas as possiblo'.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for what
you're doing for me.

It's an honor.

If ever I keep the
three stars,

you'll be


- I'd prefer...
- Shake.

..."right-hand man."

"First assistant"
isn't bad either.

Okay, first assistant.

Is "deputy chef" better?
It sounds...

- Will you shake?
- Sorry.

- Let's have some Armagnac.
- Sure!

She's in Nevers!

I'll go ask her
to marry me.

Beatrice went to her
parents house in Nevers.

I'm abandoning you.

I can't live without her.

I understand.

Let me drive you there.


first, tell her
we're signing a contract.

I'll manage.

I go, I talk,
she falls into in my arms.

Just kidding.

I'll just pave the way.

Neat place, Nevers!

It's here...
Turn up ahead.

If they're not home,
they're here.

Let's go.

This way.

That's her.

But she's beautiful!


Follow me.


I don't have a ring!

- We can't go empty-handed.
- What do I do?

I'll whip up something she likes.
She'll forgive me.

Get rid of this... Next...

Jacky, why are you here?

Hello, Carole.

It's a surprise for Beatrice.
Please don't say a word.

You're at home here.

This is Alexandre Lagarde.

Alexandre, Carole, the owner.

Mr. Lagarde... it's an honor.

The honor is mine.

What a coincidence.
My cook leaves next month.

If you want,
you can take me on a trial basis.

You're too pricey for me.

Didn't we come
for Beatrice?

Yes... Beatrice, yes...

Sorry to intrude.

Let me introduce myself....

You're Alexandre Lagarde.

That's right.
That's me.

Beatrice, listen,

I'm here to say
it's all my fault...

I brought about
this situation.

Thanks for coming.
But I know it's not you.

Tell Jacky I won't see him.

Don't say that.
He has to tell you something.

I won't listen!

I have to tell you
that if all goes well,

he'll work full-time
at Cargo Lagarde.

He wants to hire Jacky!

A future father mustn't lie.

He's irresponsible.

- That's true.
- And unbearable!

True. I even fired him.

Weren't you supposed
to defend me?

Why are you here?

Hello, Armand...
Hello, Mathilde.

Honey, I'm sorry.
Forgive me.

Look what I made.

Your favorite.
Caramel mille-feuille,

tiny strawberries,

tiny pistachios...
- I don't want it.

You do! Look!

I made you a vanilla sugar heart.
Know why?

I love you.

Vanilla sugar won't work!

Let me make of the most
of your parents presence

to ask you solemnly

if you'll marry me.

Not like this!
Not now!

- Why not?
- You lied to me!

Okay, I lied to you. No big deal.

I never lied before.

But that didn't count.

We weren't
really together.

I don't think it's
time to propose.

- We should be going.
- Sure, let's go.

I know it's not
the right time...

How do I stop candied fruit
from sinking into the batter?

Add the fruit to whipped batter
and keep on beating.

Thank you, Mr. Lagarde.

There's another school.

Put the batter in the fridge
and the next day,

just add the
candied fruit...

- So did it work?
- Goodnight, Carole.

It's all fine.
She loves him.

- Your name is Carole?
- That's right.

- I'm Alexandre.
- I know.

- I may accept that offer.
- Of course.

See you soon.

She's pretty.

I know.

Not Beatrice. Carole.

I mean...
they're both pretty.

But Carole...

You have cream on you.

Not even enough praline.

Make yourself at home.

The Toque d'Or,
your first trophy.

And this is the...

Good night.
See you tomorrow.

Hey, baby.

It's me again.

I know I should
stop calling...

but I can't.

So... call me back.

- Still working?
- I have to be ready.

This time I'm going
to lose a star.

2, 3, same thing.

But come for my thesis.

I may lose a star and you blab on
about Russian books no one reads.

Go tell the rest
of the world,

no more scrambled
eggs with truffles.

See how they cry.

- How can you be so selfish?
- You taught me.

I was never around.
But I made lots of people happy.

Yeah, other people.

It's always about
your restaurants.

I'll let you work.

I don't care.

Besides working
at the Home,

I don't see how
they're qualified.

Chang did make-up at Crazy Horse.
Moussa drove trucks.

And Titi used to lay tiles.

What should I
do with them?

We need a crew here.

And guinea pigs to try
the first samples.

Got health coverage?

That's him.
I'll go answer.

this is Juan Castella,


- Can I say "world-famous"?
- You can.

...in molecular cuisine.

Good day,

Señor Alejandro Lagarde.
I am very honored.

So am I.

First of all,

I will taste your "cousin-e".

My cousin?

What is it?

Beef with seaweed
a surf and turf.

Straight to problem,
Señor Lagarde.

Let's get to work.

Pluck them.

Where did you get them?

Wild ducks.
From woods near Paris.

Woods near Paris?

Pluck them.

More duck?

More, more.

Much more, much more.

I am happy.

Where are the ducks?

I undertook fragmentation
of duck

and reconstituted taste,
into little cube.

I should serve this?

He's not finished.
Now he'll work on...

Artistic aspect.
The color.

The sauces.
The crunchiness.

Moussa, Titi, Chang!

Come have a look.

Can you three...

taste this?
- Duck with quince cracker.

- Where?
- There.

- The cheese cubes?
- Duck and quince cracker.

Quince and quacker?

You put the quacking
in the cube?

How did you do it?

It's time to taste it.

- Is that normal?
- I take notes.

Too much liquid nitrogen.
Reduce by 15 grams.

- Should we stop chewing?
- Not yet. Continue.


It's like a powdered duck
that takes shape inside.

It tastes fishy.

It's true.
You made fish with duck!

Must be problem
with condenser.

I have to go check.

Taste, Señor Lagarde.

The true essence of duck.

Not at all.
lt's... raspberry.

Continue eating.

What the hell?

Don't worry, Señor Lagarde.
Normal chemical reaction.

What do you mean, normal?

Enough bullshit!

So no more magic food?

No, no more magic food!

You, very hypersensitive.

Me leave!

That's right.

I've had enough.
No more ducks in cubes!

20 years of pressure
just to please three critics!

I'm calling it quits.

You promised me
a job contract.

We have two days to invent a menu
that's still a mystery!

It's not possible!

And Cyril Boss?
He manages fine.

How does he do it?

Why don't we
go eat there?

We'll check it out...

we'll taste, understand, analyze...

- And we reinvent.
- Everyone knows me.

I call and say:
"Table for two for Lagarde"?

"For dinner?"
"No, for spying!"


- There's no solution?
- I don't see one.

- Chef?
- What?

He was a make-up artist.


Mr. and Mrs. Nobushi.

We're honored
to welcome the cultural attaché.

Tonight we have
our new menu.

This way...

The chef Cyril Boss
welcomes you.


- They'll do this to Cargo Lagarde.
- Disaster.

Your table.
Enjoy your evening.

The chef Cyril Boss
proposes his Symphonic Menu.

Liquid nitrogen champagne.

What is this thing?

How does it taste?

Champagne with cigar juice.

Compression of fowl
with udon noodles?

Phosphorescent radish mousse.

- Sweetbread spaghetti.
- Virtual calamari.

Do you eat it virtually too?

Please try some wine.
Essence of Pomerol.

Without wine.

No grapes,

no alcohol.

What's in it then?

We can't say.

Very, very mysterious!

Mizuko likes to be silly.

I'll keep it on ice.

Who wants non-alcoholic wine?

It's woody.

I taste the
idea of Pomerol.

- And redcurrant.
- And leather.

I taste leather.

Sheep milk cheese
with seasonal fruits.

Tuna belly
with tomato.

Caramelized leek
with lemon grass.

What the...

Beef and veal
in their garden.

Sniff these
while biting into your beef.

Not practical.

You have to take it.

Not practical either.

Cyril Boss wishes
you bon appétit.

I can't get it.

This is interesting.

It's bitter.


Sweetbread spaghetti.

We have to copy this.

Your Excellency...

- Enjoying it?
- Wife like lots.

Yes... very much

Excuse me,

You've eaten
here before!

First time.

I feel as if I've
seen you before.

First time.

We to come... very far.

Osaka, Kobe,
Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido.

I'm sure I've
seen your face.

Are you fans of
gastronomic dining?

We to love very much...
fine dining.

Where do you go?



Alexandre Lagarde.

He totally sucks!

You wrong.

We to eat very well
at Cargo Lagarde.

Come on...
Between us...

Lagarde still makes
beef stew.

What's more
- I'll tell you a secret -

he hired an

a bum who used
to sell gyros.

Shish kebab boy!
A total loser!

You enough.
No respect.

In Japan, Monsieur Lagarde
restaurant ichiban!

- Great insult.
- Number one!

You, Cyril Boss...

nothing at all!

The food critics
want to see you.

Okay. I'm coming.
I'll be right back.

Probably for some
more compliments.

We better go or
I'll clobber him.

- In the face.
- Let's go.

Wait. First, let's borrow
a few ingredients.

Very nice digestive dance!

- It went well.
- I'm loaded.

No strawberry éclair in a test tube?

- No, we go.
- Yes, sick.

I'll see you soon
at Cargo Lagarde.

I'm the new chef there.

If you mention Cargo
Lagarde again,

know where I put
your test tubes?

- No.
- Better you don't know.

The chef Cyril Boss
thanks you for coming.

Bring in the food.

Explosion of beef
with ginger!

Why are you screaming?

Because it's classier.

No one screams
in 3-star restaurants.

How would I know?

Bone marrow on toast,
vitrified in squid ink.

Don't scream.

- But Titi told me to.
- Titi got it all wrong.

So I don't scream either?

- Tomato and cucumber in their froth.
- What?

Tomato and cucumber
in their froth.

Thank you.

I said it softly.

So, chef?

- It's not bad.
- Not bad?

- I wake up in 4 hours.
- Honey, I'm sorry.

It's the Spring Menu.
I have the critics tomorrow.

You're not coming?


Behave yourselves!

Send in the rest.

- Thank you.
- Jacky's right.

His method is better
than Lagarde's.

Fruit in every bite!

Stop making that kid suffer.
He's such a good cook.

He drove 200 kilometers

to ask your hand
in marriage.

Admire the elegance
of this cake.

I was too tough on him?


What is it?

Please take me
to the clinic.

Right away, honey.

I'll take a slice
for the ride.

Why not two?

I'm coming...


Quiet, my daughter
is sleeping!

Don't scuff the walls!

I'll get it.

No, I'll help you...

That's the last of it. I'll climb in.

Don't be late.

You're not coming?

You're the one
who's right.

Without love,
we're nothing.

What do I do?

Why are you here?

You can't take a test
on an empty stomach!

I made you a very intense
hot chocolate.

Sit down. I'll serve you.

We called it "brioche à l'Amandine".

You'd make me one
for every exam.

Back then I cooked
for pleasure.

Then I became the guy
with all the 3-star restaurants.

I forgot what I loved most.

You and... cooking.

Where are they?

I must see you tell the jury
Balzac stole from Cossaks

for "The Magic Skin".

You read my thesis?

- You read my thesis?
- Eat.

You read it?

Three stars.

What's wrong?
Why is nothing ready?

Marco stopped selling to us.

It was too late.
Just wilted vegetables.

The kind...
you can't whisper to.


I'm looking for Alexandre.

He's not here.
He'll be here later.

Will you tell him to call me?

Would you like
to work with me?

No thank you.
Alexandre trusts me, and I'd...

You're too pure, Jacky.
Think about yourself.

Alexandre insists on living
in a bygone era.

I don't agree at all.

He's still the best.
And I'll be second-in-command.

If he keeps his three stars.

But what will you do without him
and nothing to cook?

Grilled cheese?

You overestimate yourself.
You can only fail.

But I want to try.

Try what?

You think you're a chef
because you follow recipes?

You're not!
You're an amateur!

And this place is
for professionals.

Have you ever
invented something?

Eggs mimosa or tiramisu?

Was that you?

You're a copycat.

Just a guy who
sings karaoke.

That's all.

So go home...

Mr. Bonnot.


What do we do?


No vegetables, no ideas,
no Alexandre.

- We're here.
- That's nice, but so what?

Stanislas is right.

I just sing karaoke.
I should have stayed a painter.

Beatrice would
never have left.

- I'll go find her.
- What?

Is that all?

We left our jobs for you
and you bail.

- You'll put us on unemployment.
- You promised us.

I'm sorry.

That guy was right.
You're not professional.

You cook for pleasure.

Professionals do
it for others.

I wasn't laying
tiles for pleasure,

but so people's
floors were even.

Phone call, sir.

- Alexandre?
- No, a woman.

Thank you.

- It's me.
- Oh baby...

I'm happy to
hear from you.

I'm so upset with myself.

I lied and I shouldn't have.
And for nothing.

- We got screwed.
- How so?

Critics are here and
we have no food.

I'm sure it'll be fine.
It's how you cook best.

This time there's
really nothing.

I'm calling it quits.
Now I know.

Cooking is not for me.

You and your excuses!
Go all the way for once.

How else can you
know your worth?

What you cook for
me is so amazing.

Your saving grace.

Obviously for you
it was because I love you.

Imagine you're
cooking for me.

And your daughter.


I have a daughter?

I'm coming.

Finish what you
have to do first.

Are you sure?

Don't worry.
We're waiting.

See you soon.

Is there
a supermarket nearby?

Just a grocery
at the corner.

Start getting ready.

Turn on the stoves.

Titi, boil water.
Moussa, Chang, let's go.

Come with me too.

You there, come along.

Guys... I'm a daddy.

I'm a daddy!

Some vegetables?
Nice tomatoes?

Give me everything.
I'll take it all.

Vegetables, fruit,
onions, tomatoes, artichokes

pineapples, pasta,
rice, flour, eggs, cheese.

The whole store.

- Did God send you?
- He sure did!

Don't let them scare you.

The lemon juice is
for your voice.

Okay, Dad.
It's my exam, not yours.

Breakfast will give
you energy.

- Don't overdo it.
- Am I?

You're becoming
a helicopter dad.


Your sweater. It's cold.

I'll park first.

This is for broths
and stocks.

- Chang, peel carrots.
- Right away.

Moussa, chop onions.

Titi, blanch the vegetables.

An hour and a half
to invent a new menu!

An hour and a half.
It's impossible!

But we'll give
it a try, okay?

We regret your not mentioning
Anastasila Vladimrovna.

Thank you, but I felt

it was irrelevant
in a chapter on Dostoyevsky.

Gerard, I can't talk.

That bastard Marco said
he'd deliver the vegetables!

I'm coming...
Excuse me.

I'm sorry, madam, but...

Sorry to disappoint.
I have to go.

Trouble in the restaurant.
That was great work.

I didn't get it all,
but I liked it.

I'm very proud of you.

I'm sorry but...

Isn't she great?
I'm off.

- Papa?
- What, what?


For breakfast this morning?

It was nice... See you later.

Let's continue,
Miss Lagarde...

Yeah, Alexandre had
a great reign,

but he hasn't evolved.

His cuisine is

I'll keep quiet.

I don't want
to influence you.

The menu.


What has he
prepared for us?

- Alexandre!
- Paul... you came.

I've never missed any
of your new menus.

Your painter did
the Spring menu.

Where did he find
the vegetables?

The corner grocer.

We're dead.

You must call Alexandre Lagarde.
It's incredible.

We want to
congratulate him.

I don't remember him
capable of such subtlety

allied with
such modernity.

How does he put so
much emotion in this?

It's like a woman hugged me,
threw me in a tub,

sponged me down
with warm water, then...

Not you?

I expected as much
from Alexandre.

I know that he's
constantly badmouthed

but for me he's always
been the best.


It's true.

Alexandre, it's Stanislas.
Call me back.

The critics want to see
Alexandre but I can't reach him.

I'm going back out.

Tell them he's
busy working.

These recipes
are magnificent.

Start the calamar, now!

Part traditional,
part molecular!

I'm floored!

How did he come
up with it?

I'm floored!

They'll invent a 4th
star for him!

You were here?

- You too, Mr. Matter?
- Can I taste?

- Dad, I didn't know you came.
- You didn't have to.

Everything from
the grocery?

All I could get
my hands on.

Did you hear?
I think you won!

I am so, so happy
to see you.

Go on, they're waiting.
It'll be a triumph.

There was some tension
between us recently,

but all that's over now.

I want you to stay
at Cargo Lagarde.

I insist.

I'll announce you.

I think the time has come.

Hold on...

What are you doing?

Follow me.

Ladies and gentlemen,
you enjoyed my Spring menu.

And I thank you.


I wasn't here earlier.

I watched my daughter
defend her thesis.

She passed with honors.

Thanks for her.

Hello to the critics from Le Guide,
here incognito.

Not at all.

Jacky, come here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Jacky Bonnot.

He created the Spring menu.

Thanks, chef.

He is the new chef
at Cargo Lagarde.

Isn't he, Stanislas?

Umm... yes.

I was looking for a successor.
And I found him.

This is why
I'm telling you...

I'm done chasing stars.

What will you do?

You'll know soon enough.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks, chef.

Good luck.

Thank you all.

Your mille-feuille was great.

Here, give this to Beatrice.

It'll go over better
this time.

Jacky Bonnot is
my secret weapon.


I said I had a surprise.
It's Jacky Bonnot!

- Come here.
- Yeah, Dad.

We skipped too many steps.

Before you take over the group,
learn to appreciate product quality.

What were you thinking?

We'll find something.

- Mr. Matter?
- Yes, my friend?

- Can I have a job contract?
- Now?

I need a signed contract,
right away.

- Do what he wants!
- Sure. We'll sign you on.

- Right away.
- Write him a check too.

I'll write you a check.

- Okay?
- Fine with me!

Great timing.
I just become a dad.


I'm late. I have to go to Nevers
to see my baby.

Give him your car too.

Give him your car!

I'd like that.

- Is there gas?
- Yeah.

Haute cuisine will
never be the same.

Alexandre Lagarde has
given up "the star system".

His crew now works

for a young chef,
a newcomer.

We tried in vain
to find out more.

Sir, can you tell us

about this mysterious
new chef?

- Hello, Jackie.
- Hello, Antoine.

- Buying your chef's outfit?
- Yes!

And twenty of those
for my crew.

They'll call.
I thought I'd tell you.

So long, Antoine!

...Jacky Bonnot,
young culinary genius.

- You're the father?
- Yes, I am.


It's all about teamwork.
I owe it to my crew.

You meant...?
No, for that I was all alone.

When can I make her
boeuf bourguignon?

Two or three years.

- Why so long?
- She's a baby.

Have you been
here long?

She's so beautiful.

Did it all go well?

A job contract.


- I have to tell you...
- I have to tell you too.

So you'll be my wife?

Propose for real.
This is all so lame.

Propose for real?



my love,

will you be my wife?

I do!

Hold on.

Just tell me.
When was the first lie?

Why weren't we
technically together?

Technically I can't
remember too well.

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to our
new show,

which is now weekly

- Alexandre's Cuisine...
- And Jacky's.

Jacky, give us food!

For our first show,
we're starting off with a classic.

Grilled côte de boeuf.

- Today is a big day.
- Sure is!

Today, Le Guide came out

and thanks to Jacky,
Cargo Lagarde kept its 3 stars.

Thank you very much.

You kept your 3 stars
for fifteen years

thanks to your
extraordinary skills.

You're no longer
at Cargo Lagarde.

Why did you go and become
a cook in Nevers?

Neat place, Nevers!

Here we have
some neat images

of you cooking
in your new restaurant.

For you.

Enjoy your lunch.

And here I am... with Carole.

She runs the place.

We decided to work
amid everyone.

And I'm starting...
to feel young again.

Look how nice this is.

I think this meat
is almost ready.

- And look what I brought.
- Rosemary?

- Delicious.
- What is it for?

- The côte de boeuf.
- No way.

- Why not?
- No rosemary on rib roast!

You kidding?

I will not let you
ruin this roast!

There's juice and butter.
That's what counts.

- Remember we're live.
- I'll say it live.

- Give me the meat.
- No!

It'll mask the flavor.

Come here.

No rosemary on
côte de boeuf.

Come back!
Where are you going?

I'd rather drown it
than use rosemary.

Just a little rosemary!

Why not some thyme too?
And chives!


Quack, quack...

Quack, quack...

Cut. End-slate.