Last Holiday (2006) - full transcript

In morte veritas. Georgia Byrd clerks at a New Orleans department store. She defers pleasure: cooks gourmet meals, eats Lean Cuisine; likes a co-worker in silence; has savings, but hasn't left Louisiana. All that changes when a CT Scan discloses she has three weeks to live. She cashes her savings and heads to Europe's Grandhotel Pupp, where Chef Didier presides. She checks into the Presidential Suite, orders everything on the menu, snowboards, and comes to the attention of the chef and the hotel's powerful American guests: a Congressman, a Senator, a retail magnate, and his mistress. She has nothing to lose, so she tells them what she thinks. Will the truth set them free?

Hold it, hold it, hold it. Georgia.
Sister Abernathy is singing three times as loud as you
and she just had her tonsils out, sugar.
-How you gonna account for that? -l'm sorry, Reverend, l thought l was.
lt's all right, baby. lt's all right.
Now, as an incentive for us all to be in full voice
on Sunday, our very own Senator Dillings will be here
to help us kick off our Community Redevelopment Program. Amen.
Hi, ma'am.
Okay, here we go. Domino, Lean Cuisine.
You take the paper towel, right? Oh, and mayonnaise.
That's it.
-That's it? -Yes.
-Hey, little mama, that pretty. -Check it out, man. Yeah.
Let me holla at you for a sec. Don't you got no time for nobody?
Hey, Miss Byrd.
Hey. Any problems with the car today?
Some gunshots. Nobody mess with the car, though.
Okay, Darius, so you come by in exactly 75 minutes and l'll be ready.
Yes, ma'am. Me, too.
Yeah! Welcome back! Welcome back to Emeril Live!
Emeril Lagasse here. We're making chicken four ways tonight.
Wait till you see this dish that l got coming up right now for you.
Poulet Tchoupitoulas.
Oh, уeаh, bаbу!
You can't see this at hoтe, but he is happy, this chicken.
Нe's clаpping for Doc Gibbs and the Emeril Live Band!
He's just... Oh, yeah.
You gotta split him in half
and then we're gonna make what l call a paste.
This chicken, skin-side down...
Skin-side down.
Now, for this Poulet Tchoupitoulas,
maybe some of this fume blanc would work.
So, a little splash like this. Okaу?
Or a big splash!
Like that!
Bread pudding with onions, with sweet corn, and andouille sausage.
Okaу? Oh, yeah.
'Cause the Poulet Tchoupitoulas with the bread pudding.
Look at that! That's looking good!
l don't suppose you're gonna have any?
Lord, no. l don't eat nothing but my Lean Cuisine.
What is that book, anyway?
-How do you like them greens? -Oh, man, it's the bomb!
Well, good. l mixed them this time, you know.
Collard greens
and of course, your favorite, turnip greens.
-And l got plenty for your grandpa. -Cool, thanks.
l just got these pants.
Always doing this.
Darius, what are you doing?
That is my private property.
-l was just looking. What is it? -lt's nothing.
lt's just what it says, just possibilities.
Just things l'm interested in.
lncluding this guy?
-He your boyfriend? -No.
He's just an idea.
l mean, he's a real guy...
Why are you snooping around my stuff, anyway?
So, what's his name?
None of your business.
l'll tell you what his name is. His name is lucky mother...
l know you might as well go ahead leave my house now
if you're gonna be using that kind of language.
l'm sorry, but short of you telling me his name,
l don't know anything better to call him.
His name is Sean.
-Sean Williams. -Sean Williams, huh?
And you better not say anything to anybody.
l ain't.
There he is, there he is. Okay, l'm not gonna say anything.
-You just talk to him. -No, l'm not going to talk to him.
Just to say hello. All right?
Go and talk to him. Stop him.
-Good morning, Miss Byrd. -Mr. Williams.
What was that? Was that power flirting?
l don't know.
Oh, my, my, my. You could crack a walnut with that ass.
Girl, stop!
Don't you have somewhere to be?
You know what we need to do?
We need to get you out of these frumpy clothes and into something
-that shows off the real estate a little bit. -No. Rochelle! This is a workplace.
Seriously. Then you need to go down there
and you need to talk to Mr. Big Stuff
and you need to tell him what you want for Christmas.
-You just sit in his lap... -Hey! Rochelle, come on, now.
What? No... What are you worried about?
That they're going to fire you in this place?
Take your coffee and go!
You're the best damn worker they got in this whole damn place.
They're not gonna fire you. You're just scared.
You're scared of some man getting a hold of all that booty of yours!
Would you stop?
He could hold my booty.
Attention Kragen shoppers,
stop in our health clinic on the second floor
to make sure your holidays...
Right. This piece goes here.
There we go.
lt's still crooked, but, yeah, that's good.
-lt's good, huh? -No, no, no.
"Lip of shelf to fit between grill bottom and leg brace."
That was supposed to be put on last, but that's all right.
Thank you.
-Miss Byrd. -Georgia.
You had some light bulbs to change or something, remember?
Yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah, light bulbs.
Light bulbs. You know, they be relying on me...
Hey, l'll see you later.
Yeah. Sure. Yeah.
ls there something l can help you with?
That's quite a nice grill.
-Stainless steel, huh? -Yeah. Durable.
-Easy to clean? -You just hose it down.
Just hose it down, huh?
-Are you on your break? -Yes.
Well, that's why l'm here. l wanted to ask you something.
Ask me what?
Do you think l'll get my store discount if l buy this thing?
Well, of course. Of course you get your store discount.
But l just sold you a grill last week, remember?
Yeah. But that was a hibachi. That was for traveling.
l think somebody should've told you when you got this thing
that you're supposed to have a lawn or a backyard or something.
Okay, how about a little more lifting and a little less talking?
That looks good. Smells good, too.
All right, there you have it.
A simple Creole roasted duck hash en croute.
Now, what you can do with this here
is you can take a little bit of the parsley,
and onion if you like, if that's what you like.
But here's what l like to do. Now, this is only for the brave ones.
For those who don't get a lot of heartburn.
l like to kick some of that hot sauce on there, spice it up something.
Please, come on and enjoy some.
Excuse me.
Now, l made this special for you.
l left the pine nuts out
'cause l know they get up under your bridgework sometimes.
Aren't you sweet?
-Thank you. -Excuse me.
Are you bucking for General of the Salvation Army or what?
Stop feeding the moochers.
We always have
our Wednesday morning sales demonstration, Mr. Adamian.
No, no. That's exactly the kind of thinking
that put this store in Chapter 1 1 in the first place.
Now, Mr. Kragen, he's trying to change the culture around here.
And by culture, l mean money.
Now, if you care about your future here,
l suggest you get with the program, Miss Byrd.
Have you read this? Kragen's awesome.
-Everybody got one. -Read it again.
Yeah. Yup?
Yup. Yup.
Well, then, hire another Santa. Of course, he has to be fat.
Attention Kragen shoppers,
todaу's pre-Christmas sales are on the second level.
Georgia. l'm sorry, l didn't mean to scare you. l'm sorry.
Oh, my God. l'm sorry.
No. l'm sorry.
l'm kind of in my own little world up here.
What brings you to cookware?
lt's that smell, to tell you the truth. l can't help it.
lt wafts down the escalator, usually l can resist, but...
Oh, well, please have some.
l'll probably get fired over this.
Did you ever have a smell that triggers a memory?
This smells like my mama's house.
Thank you.
That's incredible. lncredible.
You know, l'm just trying to sell the cookware.
Where did you become a chef?
France, or someplace European or something?
Oh, no, l'm not a chef. l've never been to France.
l ain't never been further north than Mobile, Alabama.
You know, it's just a hobby. Something l really enjoy doing.
-A hobby, huh? -l never trained or anything.
-You gonna train? -l don't know.
Someday. Maybe.
Look. l was wondering, sometime, if you're free
l thought maybe we could...
-Oh, l'm sorry. -l'll get it. l'll get it.
You got...
Oh... Georgia!
Whoa! What happened? ls she okay?
She hit her head.
-Give me a hand, please. -So what? lt's just a bump.
Watch her head. Don't hit her head again.
l love you.
Miss Byrd, can you hear me? Can you hear me, Miss Byrd?
Can you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth?
How many fingers am l holding up?
ls it one, two, or more?
-What's going on here? -Georgia, are you okay? Georgia?
Oh, man.
l think we should do a CAT scan.
What? That's a big ticket number, isn't it?
l didn't think we did that kind of thing around here.
Well, we got a new machine. Used, but new to us.
Yeah, l don't know.
Sir, there could be a huge workman's comp payout
if we don't follow procedure.
All right, only if it's absolutely necessary.
l knew you'd understand. Paperwork. Follow me.
-Are you okay, Miss Byrd? -Kind of nice to be off my feet.
Here we go.
Now, don't worry now, Miss Byrd. Everything will be just fine.
No, this can't be right.
Oh, my God.
We're just going to try one more time, Miss Byrd.
This is not good.
This is not good at all.
What are we looking at?
Well, we're looking at the results of a virus you have, ma'am.
-Virus? -l believe it to be Lampington's disease.
lt's very rare and it's very harmless, in most cases.
-ln most cases? -Yes.
What about my case?
Well, l thought l'd misread the first scan, so l did the second scan.
But that just confirmed it, you see?
-Okay, so l have Lampington's? -Yes.
Well, which one do l have if not the harmless one?
Ma'am, l'm very sorry to tell you...
But l...
You see, in my opinion it's the kind that...
Ma'am, please! This is very, very difficult for me. l'm just...
Oh, dear.
l need to lie down.
You see this area here?
-This is your mass. -My mass?
Your tumor.
And this, and this, and this.
l'm sorry, Georgia, but the virus has caused
a very advanced case of Lampington's lesions.
Okay, well, exactly what does that mean, Lampington's lesions?
And Dr. Gupta hasn't told you anything about this, right?
Well, l tried.
Without treatment, it's terminal.
What? Like l'm gonna die?
l'm very, very sorry.
But l feel fine.
l feel great. l just finished a Fat Flush and...
No dizziness or fainting?
No. l got a tiny bump on my head, that's all.
lt's diabolical. Such a sneaky disease.
l'm afraid, in your condition, you've got about three weeks to live.
What? l got three weeks to live?
Are you shitting me?
Four on the outside. l'm sorry.
You're sorry? Well, l'm sorry. l can't accept that.
Then l think you should see Katherine Lenz.
Okay. Fine.
That's what l'm talking about. Katherine Lenz, okay.
-ls that the brain specialist? -No.
She's your HMO administrator.
Let me just save you some time here, Miss Byrd.
We won't cover you for this operation.
Well, what do you mean, you won't cover me?
l'm covered through my HMO.
lf you feel you're being treated unfairly, these are our appeals procedures
which you have every legal right to pursue.
Well, what if l pay for it myself? How much would that cost me?
The cost of a median cranial debulking surgery
is around $340,000.
That's without anesthesia.
You'll want that.
Check again, make sure l'm not covered.
You wait and you wait for something big to happen
and then you find out you're gonna die.
l really wanted to meet you.
And l should've ate that.
l should've ate all that stuff.
Especially this.
Put my foot in that. Darius loved that.
Now l'll never get to Karlovy Vary.
Chef Didier.
-Нello? -Hi.
Hiya, sis! l was just getting ready to call you.
You know, there's this guy that l met in this club
and he said he's gonna introduce me to soтe of his friends in Nashville,
l just need you to take care of the kids for three days.
What you gonna do in Nashville?
Girl, l am finally going to be a country western singer.
lsn't that great?
Tanya, ain't no such thing as a black country singer.
You know, l am not asking you to comment on the validity of my dreams.
Now can you... Hold on. Anton, would you stop it?
-Тhis child is going to kill himself! -Listen, that's why l'm calling you...
What are you doing? Why can't you watch the kids? What are you...
-l'm gonna have to call you back. -But, l'm...
l told you to stop jumping. Do it again and see what happens.
You think l'm playing?
Georgia, where have you been? Adamian's been looking for you.
Good, 'cause l'm looking for him, too.
-Why? -l'm gonna take your advice.
Look, remember when you said life was too short to live the way l do?
-Oh, l say a lot of things. -Yeah, well, you were right.
What? What did l say? What are you gonna do?
What did l say?
You don't knock?
You better have a hell of an excuse for where you've been, Ms. Byrd.
l do, l do.
You see, Mr. Adamian...
Excuse me, would you mind? This is very important.
-Actually, it's a matter of life and... -What?
Just turn it off.
You're killing me with the potato peelers.
Move them or l'll shove them down your throat.
You got a problem?
Yes, l do.
That's a $400 phone.
Now l feel better.
That's company property.
That's going to come out of your paycheck.
Take it. Take the whole thing, okay? lt's worth it.
This is not about you, okay? lt's not about me.
lt's about business.
-lt's about the company. -Mr. Adamian.
l want you to hear this. This man lives his philosophy.
Rule One: Life is not a popularity contest,
but it is a contest.
Boo-hoo, they don't like me.
Rule Two: You grab that scared little loser inside you
and beat the living crap out of him!
Rule Тhree: When is enough, enough? Enough is never enough.
Enough is enough right now, Mr. Adamian!
l'm trying to talk to you!
l'm trying to tell you what's...
Why am l even wasting my time trying to talk to you?
You know what? l quit.
-You what? -l quit.
-You can't. -Why can't l?
Fourth quarter sales are in the toilet in this store
and all the other stores, too, for that matter.
Your department has the highest profit record in the place.
l just... l can't afford to lose you.
How come you never told me this before?
l didn't want you to do what you're doing right now.
Holding me up for more money.
Which l'm happy to pay. As God is my witness.
As God is your witness, huh? As God is your witness?
All right. l'm prepared to offer you 50 cents more an hour!
75 cents more an hour. 75.
Ms. Bуrd, $1 more an hour. $1 .50.
Hey, Georgia. Your shift done already?
Yeah, l'm done.
Listen, l feel terrible about what happened the other day.
-l wanted to make it up to you. -lt wasn't your fault.
Well, anyway...
Hey, l have a pair of tickets to the Hornets game.
Now, the game is a couple of weeks away,
but l know you're a busy woman, so l wanted to put my bid in early.
Sean, there is nothing l would rather do than to go to that game with you.
Yeah? That's great.
Well, look, l figured we'll go to dinner early, then after the game...
l can't go, Sean.
l mean, it's not like l don't want to. l...
l can't.
You have to be somewhere else.
Hey, well, Georgia. Georgia!
l already paid for the ticket, so
maybe your plans might change, huh?
Brothers and Sisters,
l'm sad to announce that
Senator Dillings will not be gracing our flock this morning as planned.
Pressing business in our nation's capital has kept him.
But l'd like to take a moment of prayer for the Senator.
He toils so hard toting the burden of our welfare.
And l ask the good Lord to guide his hand
in his important good works. Amen.
-Amen. -Amen.
Oh, why me?
-Oh, dear Lord, why me? -Georgia?
Why me, Lord? Why me, Lord?
-Oh, dear Lord! Lord, why me? -Bless her, Lord.
Oh, Lord, no!
Oh, no, no.
Lord! Lord, come on!
Come on, Lord, why?
l don't understand!
l followed your Commandments, Lord
Why in heavens me?
l never slept around even though my sister did!
Why in heavens me, Lord?
Why in heavens me?
l never cussed my boss or nothing like that!
Why in heavens me, Lord?
Why in heavens me?
-Why? -Why?
Come on, now, somebodу tell me whу!
-Why? -Why?
Why, Lord?
-Why, please? -Why?
l got to know
l got to know, God!
Why me?
Whу? Oh, whу?
Whу, Lord? Whу? Oh, come on
Why? Why? Why?
You're sure you want to liquidate the entire lRA? All of it?
Yeah, and the bonds my mama left me.
Well, l'm sure a disciplined woman such as yourself
has a very useful purpose for this money.
Yes, l do.
l'm just gonna blow it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you
for flуing with us on Christmas Daу.
We're going to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
this person behind me is giving me a hard time.
Okay, sure, sir.
Ma'am, would you mind lowering your knees
so the gentleman in front of you can put his seat back down?
Actually, l very much would mind.
Am l going to have to call the Air Marshal, ma'am?
People been calling me ma'am a lot lately
and, you know, l'm hardly older than you.
Do people call you ma'am?
No... No, they don't.
ls there a problem here?
Yes. Yes, there is.
l'm gonna tell you what the problem is.
This greedy airline put all these seats so close together
just so they can make more money.
-Makes sense. -Yeah.
All right?
Now, l'm not flying all the way to Prague
with some stranger in my lap.
l know that's right.
That's a big boy. That's a big old man right there.
l can't... Look at him.
Had you chosen to fly first class...
Ma'am? Hi.
Had you chosen to fly first class instead of economy,
you would have had plenty of room in one of our cocoons.
-How much is it? -Beg your pardon?
How much for the damn cocoon?
-Work it! -l like that.
-All right. -Hear, hear.
For our first class clients flying with us during the holidays
we thought we would do something special.
Thank you. Wait, don't go. Just leave that right here.
Look at that taxi line.
Oh, this is gonna take forever.
That's it. That's the Pupp. That's the hotel l'm going to.
Who is that?
-What's going on? -l'm not sure, Congressman.
Who is that?
All l know, Senator, is that the last time someone arrived by helicopter
it was Elton John. Sir Elton John.
Hello. Welcome!
-Thank you. -Welcoming.
-You are here for retreat of the health? -l guess you could say that.
How are you?
Well l'm hung-over, l'm jet-lagged. l'm dying.
-Other than that, l'm fine, thank you. -Great, great.
Oh, you are from Louisiana?
Your Senator Dillings, he here now. Skiing.
-Senator Dillings is here skiing? -Yes.
Well, that explains why he didn't make it to our meeting on Sunday.
-Please, l'll meet you at reception desk. -Okay.
And here l was thinking l might not fit in.
-Excuse me. Georgia Byrd. -Madame Byrd?
Welcome to Grandhotel Pupp.
Come on. Y'all really say it like that?
-Pupp. -Pupp.
l'm sorry, Miss Byrd, but your room is not ready yet.
We weren't expecting you for two more hours.
Well, l wasn't expecting to take a helicopter.
But my time is kind of precious lately now.
Don't y'all have anything available now?
l'll check it.
Don't that ceiling everjust make you want to cry?
l've never noticed, madam.
Only the presidential suite.
lt's E3,000 a night.
About $4,000 a night.
Did you see me blink?
Madam Byrd, welcome.
l know that you will find our presidential suite most comfortable.
-Mr. Kragen, would you sign my book? -Yes.
-Matthew Kragen. -You know Mr. Kragen?
We are so honored that he comes to our hotel every year at this time.
-You playing with me, right? -Pardon me?
-Oh, not you, Him. -Excuse me.
ls the spelling okay?
You get yourself young, hip and rich, okay?
-Thank you. -Mr. Kragen, sir.
-l hope everything's okay. -Wonderful, Arturo, wonderful.
-And will Mrs. Kragen be joining us? -Well, not this trip, Arturo.
This is strictly business.
As always, if there's anything, even the slightest thing, you will tell me.
-Well, l won't, but she will. -lf l need you, l'll call you.
Can you believe that?
Don't worry about it. Now, listen, just double-check everything
and l want to keep tabs on the Congressman and the Senator.
Schmooze, impress, whatever it takes. This deal's got to happen.
Madam Byrd. Felipe will show you to your suite.
Matthew, Miss Burns.
The Senator's gone skiing for the 83rd time. Let's go have a drink.
Get upstairs and put some silk on.
lf it's any consolation, he's gonna have a shitty fourth quarter.
Who is that?
Oh, Mademoiselle Byrd. Very rich. From Louisiana.
She and Senator Dillings were supposed to have
a very important meeting together.
Hang on, let me give you a little something for your troubles.
l haven't quite figured out this money yet.
Did l just give you a ridiculously large tip?
No, madam.
Now, more reasonable.
-Bye-bye. -Bye!
What world was l living in?
Make me international.
We could try.
Give me my money.
l can't wear this.
Oh, yeah, there we go. Like that.
You think anybody'd call me ma'am in this outfit?
-No. -Definitely not.
-Table for one, please. -Yes, тadeтoiselle.
May l take your pashmina?
Oh, is that what this thing is?
Hello, sister.
Who the hell is she?
-Мadeтoiselle. -Thank you.
Her name is Georgia Byrd.
She's loaded and she's an old crony of Dillings from Louisiana.
l'm sorry.
No. lt's okay, it's okay.
Water. Flat. No ice.
-Please, serve everyone. -Of course.
Matthew, what are the chances of our meeting Chef Didier?
Margaret here's got a couple of his books. She's a big fan.
ls that right? Arturo!
Yes, sir.
Make sure Didier comes and says hello to the table.
And fire that guy.
For the specialties de maison, we have the cassoulet.
We have risotto Barolo with truffles.
The rouget citrus beurre blanc with capers.
Roast quail with brioche stuffing.
And a braised lamb shank with blood orange relish.
Blood orange relish.
Now, that all sounds so good.
Will he have the same specials tomorrow night?
No. Chef Didier never creates the same menu twice.
Well, l guess l better try them all tonight then.
Tout? All?
Tout, baby! Tout de suite.
Do you think he would do a risotto without the dairy?
l think l'm going to have the rouget citrus without the potatoes
and the blanc without the beurre.
Kragen's order, chef.
No butter, no cream, no wheat, no dairy, no fat!
Merde! Why do they bother to eat?
Next time, stick this in my neck!
How many people are at this table?
One person.
One person? Who is this person?
l don't know.
And no substitutions?
l like this woman.
lt is a woman?
Ordering quail,
lamb, risotto,
lobster, goulash, rouget
and casserole.
l will do it myself.
She has got them eating right out of her hand.
Well, she's sure not watching her cholesterol.
l wish l could command attention like that.
ls that the lamb?
-Мadeтoiselle. -Oh, look at that!
Looks so good! Everything looks so good.
Bon appetit.
l was thinking maybe we could get Bob up to speed tomorrow at lunchtime.
Yes, Matthew. l'd like to know more about this merger.
Here he is!
How do you find everything, тadeтoiselle?
-Arturo. -Yes, sir.
l think he'll be by.
l'm sure he'll be right over, sir.
-l'll be up there, on top of the mountain. -Okay. Will Margaret join us?
Because we do need to talk some business.
Okay, what time?
Depends on Kragen's schedule.
You know, where l come from,
we do a barbecue quail with an andouille pudding.
l think you would just love it.
And, you know, call me crazy
but am l tasting rendered lards of pork belly here?
Pork belly?
Oink, oink.
Very sensitive palate.
Half clarified butter and half pork fat.
-l knew it. -No? But you keep it to yourself.
You know how some people are about pork's fat.
They don't like the pork...
Chef Didier, you're crazy!
Matthew, you seem to know everybody. Who is she?
l was gonna ask the Senator the same question.
-l don't know her. -Really? You sure about that?
Well, for your information, l don't know everyone who's black.
Well, apparently she knows you from New Orleans?
Really? Maybe it was last year's Entrepreneurs of Diversity.
Well, whoever she is, l'd sure like to have her ordering 1 0 plates
at a $1 0,000-a-plate fundraiser.
Why, Bob? Haven't l've been contributing enough?
No, Matthew, l didn't mean it that way.
You've been very generous and it's much appreciated.
Dr. Gupta.
Sir, if this is a medical question, l'm still on my break
for two and a half more minutes.
Well, actually, excuse me, it's not about me.
lt's about Georgia Byrd. Remember the lady who hit her head?
Sir, why do you think l'm so desperately trying to relax?
Well, she's been acting really strange lately.
She up and quit herjob. Nobody's seen her.
And l was wondering if you had said anything that might have upset her?
-Or if you know something... -l'm sorry.
Patient privacy prevents me from commenting, l'm very sorry...
-You're gonna tell me! -Okay, okay.
-Sir? -Tell me!
Georgia Byrd is going to die.
-What? -l'm very sorry.
-What? -l'm very sorry, sir.
No, this can't be.
My break is over. We can talk about it. Come, put me down.
That's nice.
l do it with love.
And the gonging, flushing negative energy.
Wait. l gotta use the bathroom.
They say these waters have curative powers
let you live to be 1 00.
Yeah, well, l hope they work fast.
Clarence Dillings. Senator Clarence Dillings.
-l know who you are. -Oh, so, we have met.
Entrepreneurs of Diversity?
-No, afraid not. -Washington?
They do know each other.
-But l didn't go to church last Sunday. -That's right.
You know, you left a whole lot of church folk disappointed, Senator.
People who voted for you.
l hope you'll communicate my sincerest regrets.
l don't wanna have nothing to do with your regrets.
l got my hands full of my own.
l got a gut feeling about that woman. She's trouble.
You know, Matthew, who was it who said,
"Adversity is the stone on which l sharpen my blade"?
Excuse me.
Ms. Byrd, is it? We've not been introduced.
-My name... -There's no need.
Everybody knows Matthew Kragen.
The man for whom "enough is never enough."
l mean, who is she?
How do l know she's not part of some
consumer watchdog group or something?
Well, it's not like there's some law
against being at the same hotel with a congressman and a senator.
Actually, there is, if they're on my plane and my dime.
Well, watchdogs don't stay in $4,000-a-night hotel suites, okay?
So, how about you and l just forget all about
retail empire building
and let's just take a little bath? Yeah?
l'll take a bath, all right.
A $500-million bath if these mergers don't go through.
You just keep your eyes open and remember why we're here.
Are you all right, Madam Byrd?
Yeah. l just... l just love these sheets.
l love them. l was just taking them for a little ride around the block.
l am Gunther. Floor valet.
Oh, that was you that put my clothes away.
-Yeah. -Okay.
Well, Miss Gunther, what do you do for fun around here?
What do l do for fun, madam?
l shine the guests' shoes when they leave them out in the hall.
lf that will be all.
No, actually, that won't, Miss Gunther.
l'm gonna be wanting to have one of these snowboarding lessons.
-Very good. Will that be all? -No, no.
No, it won't.
l want some more of these spa services. Like maybe...
Maybe this algae flotation wrap and the reflexology massage.
No anti-aging treatment?
-No, l ain't worried about aging. -So, that will be all?
Yes! The colon irrigation treatment.
That's my gift to you. Sort of like a "let's be friends" gesture.
Now, you think of me when you're having it!
l've been waiting my whole life to do something like this.
-All right then, let's go. -Okay.
-Just lean forward. Lean forward. -Lean forward.
Left leg, that's it. And go!
Go, that's it. Just go! Yeah! You got it, lean forward! Balance!
Yeah! That's it. Lean...
Are you all right?
Let's go.
-Let's turn. -Oh, man.
-You feel the rhythm? -l feel the rhythm.
-Yeah. Feel the rhythm. -That's good.
-That's it. Right. You got it? -l think l got it.
So, go! Just lean forward. Lean forward and go!
Lean forward. Lean forward. Lean forward.
-Lean forward. -Yeah, that's it, that's great.
-Oh, Lord. -That's great. No, no, no.
Slow down. Slow down a bit. No. Slow down!
Turn the board sideways! Slow, slow down!
Scusi! Watch out! Get out of my way! Watch it!
lt's steep here, Matthew.
Hey, Matthew, this is a Black Diamond run.
Yeah, you're looking good.
-Look at her go! -Matthew?
-Enjoying yourself? -Not really.
Please, don't do that.
l guess you don't believe in turning?
l believe in it, l just don't know how to do...
Oh, hold me, hold me! Please!
-Please get off of my skis! -Okay, l think l've got it.
Let me go.
Sorry. l'm okay! l'm okay!
Damn you!
Nobody makes me do a face-plant! Damn it!
Watch your mouth!
What the hell are you doing? You trying to kill me?
Watch out!
Get over here, you!
They should get you off this mountain! You figure...
You... You ski like that,
you're gonna be in court for the next two years!
That's fine with me, baby.
Oh, my God.
And we are going to leave you now
-to relax and meditate. -Thank you.
Why, Lord?
l don't want to die.
l want to live.
What are you trying to do to me, huh?
You have big knot in neck.
You do something at work where you hold head in strange position.
Excuse me? Are you suggesting that l...
Too much holding phone on neck, maybe.
You know what? Why don't you just shut up
and do what you're supposed to do, okay?
You're a masseuse, not a life coach!
Excuse me.
Hey. Hey!
l don't like the way you're talking to that woman.
l'm sorry if l disturbed you, Ms. Byrd. She was hurting me, though.
l don't care. You don't talk to working people that way.
Now, it's plain to see what the problem is here.
You got tension in your neck 'cause you keep going down on Mr. Kragen.
And he's a married man.
At least this poor lady is trying to work it out of you.
Don't take it out on Brigitta.
Thank you.
Anyway, enjoy your massage.
-Thank you very much. -Bye.
ls it that obvious that l'm sleeping with him?
l knew it.
None of the other women at the company will even talk to me.
l'm marked by this.
And there's no one in my life who l can talk to about it.
Well, l wouldn't lose too much sleep over what other people think.
Now, come on, girl, we're supposed to be meditating.
l've been at the company six years.
l've worked really hard, you know?
Oh, you don't understand. l hate the retail business.
Oh, believe me, baby, l understand.
l worked in the retail business for 1 0 years myself.
Look, l know this whole story.
My sister was seeing a married man.
Matthew's gonna leave his wife.
lt's a bad time for her right now, but he is gonna leave his wife.
Baby, come on, now. l know you're holding out some hope
but come on, they're never bad people, they're greedy people.
They want a little bit of this, little bit of that, little bit of that...
They ain't leaving their wives.
Yeah, you just need to leave him.
lt's not that easy. lf l leave him, l'll have to quit my job.
What am l going to do? l didn't finish school.
Well, then you go back to school.
There now, we solved it.
Let's tackle something heavy, like world hunger.
Well, did you at least find out what she's doing here?
She's just here enjoying herself. Unlike us.
How can l enjoy myself?
Dillings is suddenly telling me that his committee
has problems with my acquisitions.
Matthew, what does that have to do with Georgia?
Oh, Georgia, is it now? Oh, well, why don't you tell me?
l don't know, Matthew. She said she worked in retail.
Did l mention to you how she told me
you were gonna have a shitty fourth quarter?
How can she possibly know about our fourth quarter?
l barely know about our fourth quarter.
Well, maybe she's an executive for Wal-Mart.
l mean, the competition wouldn't want to see you
triple the size of your retail empire, would they?
You know what? That's it. That's it!
She's here to drive a wedge between me and those guys.
lf l don't have their support, my bill is dead on the floor.
That's what's gonna happen, see? l need to relax, that's what l need to do.
Oh, God, my blood pressure is...
You know what? l need to just do something to relax.
-Come here... -Take a cold plunge, Matthew.
-You guys seen Georgia? -l ain't seen her in a while.
Hey, what are you doing, casing the place?
-Where's Georgia? -Hey, you're that guy.
You're the Possibilities man. The guy in the book.
What? What book? What are you talking about?
-Where's Georgia? -Hold on.
-What? -Hold on.
Here, l found this in her garbage can.
That's my employee of the month photo.
-Did she say anything about me? -No.
Why? You like her, right?
Easy, killer. Did she say where she was going?
A place with healing waters or something.
Look, it's really important that you remember, all right, little man?
Maybe it's in here somewhere.
l know she told me before she left.
l think this is it. Calamari Vary, l think the name is.
-Karlovy Vary? -Yeah, Karlovy Vary, that's it!
-Oh, good evening, Georgia. -Hi.
-How are you this evening? -Good, thanks.
Why don't you join us?
We got plenty of room at our table, don't we, Matthew?
-Sure, yeah, why not? -No, please. Please, come join us.
-Yes, come, it's decided. -Good evening, Ms. Byrd.
Chef Didier has reserved a special table for you. lf you'd like to come with me.
Well, thank you, but why don't you join me?
lt seems l have a special table.
-Thanks so much for having us. -Oh, thank you. Thank you.
You really look beautiful.
-Yes, you do. -Thank you.
-You really do. -Thank you.
Pull up a chair, Matthew.
Glad you decided to join us, Matthew.
Could you maybe just... A little room.
Hi. Thank you so much, Chef Didier.
No, you are my preferred guest
and l have prepared a special menu just for you tonight.
But l will make no substitutions.
Don't worry.
We will have your special menu exactly the way you make it.
No substitutions?
No substitutions.
That was delicious.
-Oh, my goodness, l hurt myself. -Thank you.
So, Georgia, Ms. Burns tells me you're in retail.
l was.
Well, you've obviously done very well for yourself.
Actually, l just clipped a lot of coupons.
And when you say coupons, you obviously mean bonds?
No. No, l sold all my bonds.
You sold all of your bonds?
Ms. Byrd, as Chairman of the Commerce Committee,
l'm always interested in how savvy people such as yourself
operate the market.
Did you think that rates were going up, or were you
pessimistic about the future?
-Well, Congressman... -Bob, please. Bob.
Well, Bob, l find that the future is too depressing to think about.
Oh, come on, Georgia.
Miss Byrd, what are you doing tomorrow?
l would very much like to continue this...
Well, hold on, hold on, hold on.
You see, tomorrow l've arranged for our group to go to Moser.
Moser? What's that?
Moser! Glass. Factory. All of us. Special tour.
That's what we're doing tomorrow.
To answer your question, l'm going BASE-jumping, Bob.
Really, BASE-jumping? You're kidding! Well, why?
Well, l hear it's a completely liberating experience.
Well, at least that's what the brochure says.
Oh, that is amazing.
Oh, come on, Matthew, why don't we all go along and watch?
lt sounds like fun! Let's do that.
That is a great idea. Better than some glass factory.
Fine, fine, fine. But l'm not going there to watch.
So, because it's a dam and not a straight jump...
...when you don't do it right, you will catch the current
and it will slam you in the side of the dam.
So, we don't want that, okay?
-So, are you ready? -Yes, l am.
-Go get them, Matthew! -Come on!
Okay, now we're gonna do this.
l don't know what the hell makes people want to do something like this.
l try to avoid any plummeting sports.
Matthew's only doing it because Georgia's doing it.
He's the most competitive person in the world.
He may have met his match in Georgia.
Oh. Bob, Bob, the camera. You got the camera going?
-We're rolling! Go ahead! -Okay!
Oh, oh. He's gonna... There we go. He's going over the rail.
-Oh, my God. -Oh, wow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, come on.
All right, here we go.
Okay. Look.
l have told you before
we have lost a couple of people doing this.
-What, like people died? -Yeah.
-Sugar. -Which one first?
Ladies first.
Ladies first. Okay.
-Three... -Wait, wait, wait, wait!
-Okay. All right. -Three, two, one, go!
Whoa, baby!
Three, two, one, go!
ls there a problem?
Yeah, l'd say there's a problem, Klaus.
l know a thing or two about BASE-jumping.
l know that the canopy is supposed to be connected to the rigging and it's not.
And that's how people get killed. No wonder you've lost a few people.
Here l come. Watch it now!
Oh, hold it now!
l can't jump!
Canopy not connected to rigging!
-Mechanical difficulties! -lt's all right.
-l don't know why this happens! -lt's all right.
-What are you doing? -Klaus, just shut up!
Oh, man.
-lt's so... -Disappointing.
She jumped. Kragen didn't.
He had mechanical difficulties.
The laundress told me
he wet his pants.
lf she can do it
maybe l will try it one day.
l said maybe.
She's the most amazing person who ever came to this hotel.
Oh, yeah.
She lives on the edge.
She say what she wants. She does what she wants.
True existentialist.
Hero worship, bought with a kiss and an extravagant tip.
She's a fraud, l tell you.
Look what eating sauerkraut has done to your heart, Аraulein Gunther.
-Mr. Kragen. -How are you?
Do me a favor. Georgia Byrd,
just find out where she's from, what she does.
-Quietly. -Of course, Mr. Kragen.
Prince Dominic comes tonight. He's insisted on my venison roast.
A prince? A real prince?
They have a charity dinner in town
where everybody gets to feel generous.
l tell you, these people are all alike.
Yes, you know, l tell you, they are all alike.
Oh, people are not as bad as you think.
No, you're wrong, Georgia, you're wrong. They are.
Like Kragen at the hotel who looks for life everlasting
in a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, you know.
You know,
you and l, we know the secret of life.
Well, what is that?
The secret of life is butter.
Butter? Don't tell nobody.
-Butter, huh? -Butter, yes!
Three cases of ecrevisses.
-Georgia, there you are. -We were worried you checked out.
-No, not quite yet. -Are you gonna join us for Smokey?
-Kragen's got it all arranged. -No, l don't think so.
l'm a little lightheaded from all that rich food.
Come on, Georgia, you have to join us for some gambling.
Look, l just think l want to...
Yeah, well, you look exhausted from all the heroics.
You probably just wanna take it easy.
Oh, no, come on, Georgia. lt won't be half as much fun without you.
l don't know how much fun it's gonna be. lt's a charity event.
Oh, it'll be a great time and Georgia can help us liven up the evening.
-lt's gonna be great. -Great time. Great time.
Great time had by all.
-Fine, fine. -Good, it's settled then.
Smokey Robinson. You can't miss Smokey.
Just take a little nap.
lf you're reading this letter, my disease has run its course.
Enclosed is some money for my burial.
l would like to be creтated.
Spent mу whole life in a box.
l don't want to be buried in one.
Ladies and gentlemen, because of turbulence
the captain has turned on the "fasten seat belt" sign.
Excuse me.
Please return to your seats and reтain seated
with your seat belt fastened while the sign is illuminated.
Scared of flying?
-Do l look scared to you? -l used to be scared, too.
lt helps if you color.
Georgia, whatever you got, give me some.
Believe me, you don't want it.
Place your bets.
Don't know where to go.
l'm following you wherever you go.
That's a lunatic bet. That's just a lunatic bet right there.
Georgia, that's a lot of money.
l know, huh?
-You always bet on black, baby. -Yeah?
-Yes. -All right. l'll give that a try.
-No more bets. -Matthew, Matthew,
doing it your own way. Georgia's our Lady Luck tonight.
Come on, 1 7.
-Here we go. -There it goes.
-1 7 black. -Yeah!
-That's the ball over there. -Where to next, lucky?
-What was that number l just played? -1 7.
Seventeen. Sounds good to me.
lsn't it a bit reckless to bet on the same number twice?
l guess that's why they call it gambling and not crocheting.
Gambling it is.
-Well, the house is loving you guys. -l'm in.
-Place your bets. -Me, too.
Here we go, here we go, here we go. Red.
No more bets.
-Come on, show me something. -Come on, 1 7.
-Come on. -Big money, big money!
-Come on, come on, come on. -Red, come on.
1 7 black!
-What? -Yes!
Oh, my Lord!
Give me a little kickback over here.
-Thank you. -Wow.
Мesdaтes et тessieurs, place your bets.
Place it, place it. What are we doin' here?
l'm going with 1 7.
Georgia, you can't go there a third time.
A third time? Come on!
Come over here and get some of this luck.
Maybe l am pushing it a little bit.
l was born on the 1 3th.
Thirteen, thirteen. Put this on the thirteen.
You sure about that?
But then again, l lost my mama when l was 1 1 .
Good idea. Double me up. Double me up.
Eleven. Yeah. Thank you. Eleven.
-l love my mama. -Could you please just place the bet?
But my mama was born on the 1 7th. What am l doing?
-Oh, come on, bet! -Wherever you're going, l'm following.
No more bets.
Thank you.
-Here we go! -Come on, come on.
-Come on, come on. -Come on, come on.
Come on, please, 1 7. 1 7. 1 7.
1 7 black.
Great. Now you change my luck for the better?
You know what? l'm not playing with you no more.
-Can l cash in my chips, please? -Yes, l'd like to cash in mine, as well.
And me, too. Thank you.
Gosh, how much?
That's 3,546,305 crowns.
-How much would you guess that is? -That's about $1 00,000.
Not very well-traveled.
Sales associate?
l wonder if your new friends would be so impressed if they knew the truth.
Oh, тadeтoiselle...
You were incredible tonight. You amazed us all.
And myself, too.
So, how is it the two of us never bumped into each other back home?
Probably because you're not home that much anymore.
Well, Washington is a hard place to resist.
Come visit me sometime. You'll see.
l'm sorry, but l just can't seem to get past
that big flashing "for sale" sign on your forehead.
-What are you talking about? -You know what l'm talking about.
What are you doing here with Kragen?
l mean, what exactly is it that you two do for each other?
l'm helping him over some regulatory hurdles in committee, that's all.
Well, it seems like you should be helping some of your own people
over some hurdles.
l mean, precious little's happened
with that Community Redevelopment Program of yours.
And nothing ever will happen with that youth center unless l get re-elected.
Having generous supporters like Matthew Kragen is a political reality.
Yeah, well...
l'm sorry, but
l only have time for reality realities. Good night.
Good night, Georgia.
Mademoiselle Byrd, l hear you were the highlight at the casino tonight.
-l don't know about that. -But there's no need to be humble.
Did you have a marvelous time?
Why're you being so nice to me?
Yeah, l know. l'm a bitch. At least that's what people tell me.
Oh, Miss Gunther,
no, you're not. You're just like a lot of women who work too hard.
And yet you are always so kind.
You are a woman of distinction and courage.
Yeah, apparently l am, all of a sudden.
Wish it had happened a little sooner.
Miss Gunther.
l hope you're not trying to make a pass at me
'cause l really can't handle that right now.
Please don't die, Miss Byrd. l read the note.
-You went through my stuff? -Oh, yeah, l go through everyone's stuff.
l apologize.
Well, to tell you the truth, l'm kind of relieved
to have somebody to share it with.
Don't worry, l'll be with you here to the very end.
l don't know if l want to be here to the very end.
Why are you here with these terrible people?
You should be with people you love.
Yeah, l've been thinking about that myself.
One in particular.
lt's time l go home and find him.
Thank you, God.
That's a lot of snow.
-What's going on here? -lt's an avalanche.
l'm sorry, but we'll have to go back.
l can't believe this happened on New Year's Eve.
You're just not gonna cut me any slack at all, are you?
You're telling me there's nothing else?
-l wanted you to find out everything... -As l told you before, nothing.
-Nothing? -Nothing out of the ordinary.
Except that she is a saint.
-And from New Orleans. -Yes.
-And her occupation? -You should know. She works for you.
-Now, please. -Wait, wait, wait.
-She works for me? -That's all l know and all l'm telling.
Here's your tip back.
At this rate, we're going to be here all night.
Oh, no, we are not. We are going back down the mountain.
l prefer to spend the night with my wife.
Hey, what are you doing?
-Are you crazy? lt's dangerous. -Yeah, l know.
But l don't have much time. Keep the change.
Wish me luck.
l hate snow.
Snow sucks.
Cookware? Are you sure?
l heard you were a little shorthanded because of this avalanche.
l just thought l'd check to see if you needed any help.
But l don't want to get in your way or nothing.
No, no, no, it would be an honor, a privilege.
What is this?
lt's a turnip.
No, it's not. That can't be no turnip.
The poor baby turnips. Nobody likes them, you know?
Of course.
Life is easy if you are a truffle or a shiitake mushroom.
But the turnip is to be loved
because she's a self-made woman of vegetables.
All the others you can only destroy with cooking.
But the turnip, she gets better.
So, you see, it's not how you start,
but how you finish.
That's gonna be good!
The first time l saw you,
l was so happy to see your appetite for food,
for life.
l'm so sorry.
Does anybody else know?
Well, good. Let's not say anything, all right?
Let's just... Let's just cook.
The onions, they make me cry.
Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present
the woman who helped me prepare this feast.
All the way from Louisiana,
Ms. Georgia Byrd.
You have been very lucky.
Well, you didn't get everything you wanted,
but you have...
Next time, we do things different.
We will laugh more, we'll love more.
We'll see the world.
We just won't be so afraid.
Happy New Year.
Look at you.
Now, see, look at these tumors. Georgia Byrd, Mr. Smith, and mine.
Now there's no way, even if we all had it,
that they would be exactly in the same place.
So, l said to myself, "Rabindranath, it has to be the machine."
Oh, my God.
Thanks. l'll see you.
Excuse me, young man, do you live here?
Yeah, l live right here.
-Please tell me you know Georgia Byrd. -Yeah, l know Georgia.
Thank you.
Tonight l'd like to make a toast
to a woman whose presence has captivated us.
To Georgia Byrd.
Well, hear, hear.
To Georgia.
Now, who is this fascinating woman?
lt's the question we've been asking ourselves all week.
ls she a representative from a competing boardroom?
ls she a power broker from the corridors of our nation's capital?
ls she a brash and successful entrepreneur?
The truth, which l discovered tonight, will amuse you.
You see, Georgia Byrd is a sales clerk
in my New Orleans store.
ln the cookware department, no less.
Salary? $29,000 a year.
Cheers, Georgia.
-What? -No.
Or as we might say back home,
"Attention Kragen shoppers, impostor, aisle three."
Oh, come on. Georgia, is this true?
Mr. Kragen is right about me.
l'm just a sales associate in one of his stores.
One of the best. Or l was up until a couple of weeks ago.
-That's when... -You owe these people no explanation.
No, excuse me. l think she does.
She's had plenty to say about our behavior all week
and the only reason we took it was
because we thought she was somebody.
Well, l'm sorry.
l didn't come here to give anybody the wrong impression about me.
l just came here to blow every last cent of my money.
You see,
l'm gonna die.
-Georgia, please. -Oh, it's okay, it's okay.
lt's all right.
Yeah, see, l had that same reaction when l found out
l only had three weeks to live.
l mean, l tried to keep it to myself for exactly this reason.
lt's a party-killer, ain't it?
But l did land on that mountaintop.
And l ended up on the cover of a ski magazine.
Don't feel sorry for me, baby.
Never in my life did l think
l would end up in such a beautiful place
doing so many incredible things.
l'm sorry if l was
maybe a little too honest with you.
But l wasted too much of my life being quiet.
l was afraid, l guess.
You know how it is.
You keep your head down and you hustle and hustle.
Then you look up one day and wonder,
"How did l even get here?" Huh, bro?
See, some of the things we care about a lot are pretty worthless.
l hope l haven't spoiled your evening.
it's truly been my pleasure.
Happy New Year.
-Happy New Year, Georgia. -Thank you.
That's a very appropriate sentiment, darling.
l second that. Happy New Year, Matthew.
Where are you going?
Well, first l'm gonna find Georgia.
And then l'm gonna go back to school
and l'm going to get my business degree.
And then one day, when your wife finally decides to divorce you
and takes half of everything you have,
l'll only be too happy to help her figure out exactly how much that should be.
Marie, what are you doing?
Has that ceiling ever made you want to cry?
What ceiling? Get back to work.
-Hey. -Hey.
Georgia, l just wanted to say how sorry l am that...
Girl, it's okay. l know you are.
l left Matthew. l'm going to the airport now.
Oh, well, l don't know if they've cleared the road yet to the airport.
-What do you mean? -The avalanche and stuff.
Ms. Byrd, something terrible has happened.
Matthew Kragen's jumped out a window?
Pity, but not yet. He's still on the ledge.
-What? -Come on.
l'll get my jacket.
What's going... Wait a minute.
Who? Hey, that's Kragen!
-What the hell is he doing? -He does not take rejection well.
Matthew, what are you doing?
-What you doing? -Thinking.
-About what? -Not falling.
-Oh, no. What's she doing out there? -Oh, my goodness.
This is crazy.
You don't have to be nice to me. l know l'm a jerk.
You don't think l know l'm a jerk?
Oh, so, this is where jerks come to hang out?
You're starting to get a little crowd down there.
Happy New Year!
-Wave to the people. -Happy New Year!
l can't believe this guy.
-Happy New Year! -Happy New Year!
-They'd like me to jump. -Well, don't start people-pleasing now.
Matthew. Come back in here.
You know you're not gonna jump. You couldn't even jump off the dam.
Equipment failure.
-See? You know... -Miss Burns, let me handle this, please.
Mr. Kragen, you know what? You're really starting to piss me off.
-Give me that. -No, no, no.
Oh, heads up!
Damn, that is a long drop.
Look, a guy like you has all the money and time in the world
to turn things around for himself, you know?
So, just stop whining and get with it.
Get with what, exactly?
l don't know. l mean, l don't have
Georgia Byrd's five rules to how to be a better human being.
All l know is, if you want somebody to care about you,
stop trying to buy and sell them all the time.
Do l do that?
And you know what?
Get your pasty face off the cover of your own magazine every month.
Yep, that's the face right there.
Every month!
l can't believe l had somebody like you working for me all this time.
Well, l wasn't gonna work for you forever.
l had plans, you know.
Yeah? What were you gonna do?
Well, nothing big by your standards.
But l was gonna open me up a little restaurant.
Bistro style.
And, of course, a husband and a family.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Well, l wouldn't call him that.
He works for your company, too. His name is Sean.
-lt's starting to happen. -What?
l mean, l can hear him calling my name right now.
Well, someone actually did call your name.
-ls that... -Sean, what are you doing here?
Wait, l'm coming!
-You are here to see Miss Byrd? -Yeah, how did you know?
Lucky guess.
Do you have the arrivals list for tomorrow?
And where is everyone? l don't have any help upstairs.
Yeah, l'll take care of this.
What the hell? l mean...
How many people can get on that ledge?
Who the hell is that?
Sean, what you doing here?
Well, l found out, you know, about the Lampington's disease
and, well, l up and quit my job.
Well, what would make you do something like that?
l didn't feel like l had a future there. Besides, after you quit
l didn't feel like l had a reason to be there.
lt seemed like there should be more possibilities in life.
Oh, no! You done up and read my Possibilities book.
Well, what exactly is a Possibilities book?
Georgia, l gotta talk to you.
Okay. Talk to me.
l can't do it now, here on a ledge!
Come on now, you're gonna have to.
l'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Well, look, l...
Georgia, l had all kind of thoughts running through my mind.
l should've told you this a long time ago. l don't know what l thought or...
lt doesn't even matter what l thought.
l have feelings for you.
Georgia Byrd, l want to be with you.
Whether if it's for five minutes here on this ledge, or 50 years.
-l like this guy. Good guy. -Me, too.
Oh, come on, knock it off.
Now, why you gonna send him all the way around here
when you know l gotta die?
-Who you talking to, baby? -God.
Oh, God.
-We're the only ones not up there. -We should join them.
Urgent fax to Miss Georgia Byrd from Dr. R. Gupta!
You were misdiagnosed due to a faulty dog scan.
You don't have Lampington's disease. You're going to live!
-l'm not gonna die? -No!
-l'm gonna live? -Yes!
l'm gonna live! l'm gonna live! l'm going to live, everybody!
l hope that doesn't mean you want to rethink that last statement.
About the five minutes or the 50 years, and all that.
Oh, no.
Five minutes, 50 years, 1 00 years, a million years,
my whole life!
All right!
-Can we get off this ledge now? -Yeah.
lt's colder than a snowman's ass out here.
What do you say, Mr. Kragen? You ready?
-You had enough of this? -Yeah, go in inside.
-Yeah, it's time to get warm. -Give me your hand. Careful, careful.
l want to tell you, thank you,
and l'm gonna make a lot of changes in my life.
l'm gonna put somebody else on the cover of the magazine, too.
You are funny. You had me going for a minute.
You so wrong. How you gonna do me like that?
Come on, baby. Come on.
Yeah, now we go. Put them crawfish in there, baby.
How about a little taste? Smell.
Don't ask me. l'm only here on holiday.
Yeah, don't be careful now, huh?
Hey, it's getting crazy out there! Everybody's arriving.
-Come on, baby, let's go. -Go out and see to your friends.
And l'll take care of the rest.
-Okay? -Okay.
Remember, it's not how you start, it's how you finish.
Okay, all right.
-Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. -Thank you for coming.
-Thank you so much for coming. -Welcome to Georgia's.
-My baby! -Tough guy!
-Who's my little guy? -Congratulations.
-Rochelle. -Thank you. Thank you.
You did it!
-l quit my job. -Thank you.
You did? Oh, congratulations.
-l quit my job! -You should never have had that job.
-l'm so glad. -Hi, l quit my job!
Hi, Mr. Mayor. Hi, Mrs. Dean. How're you doing?
-Welcome. -Come on in to Georgia's.
Good to see you. Mrs. Dean, it's a pleasure.
Congratulations! Thank you so much for inviting me.
-Thank you for coming! -Thank you. Congratulations.
-She loves you. -Congratulations.
Thanks for coming.
Ms. Burns went back to school.
Spa Management school.
She has no more tension in her neck.
Ms. Gunther opened her own detective agency.
Now she gets paid to go through people's stuff.
Chef Didier was a guest on Emeril's show.
No one understood a word he said.
Mr. Adamian was hit by a bus.
Talking on his cell phone at the time.
Dr. Gupta left the Kragen clinic.
For an ashram high in the Himalayas.
Kragen's wife took most of his money.
The SEC took the rest.
He joined Gupta as his first initiate.
Georgia and Sean got married.
A traditional ceremony was out of the question.
Georgia was determined to live every single day to the fullest.