Last Call (2019) - full transcript

Last Call tells the tale of a bitterly alone man, Scott, played by Daved Wilkins who calls the Suicide prevention hotline, but accidentally calls Beth, a janitor played by Sarah Booth.

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Thank you.


Hey, Miriam.

10:30, is he not home yet?

Yeah, he's supposed
to come straight home.

Okay, let me call Lindsay and
see if he's at Ryan's house.

Okay, I'll call you right back.

Dammit, Gregory.

Hi Lindsay, it's Beth.

I'm just wondering if the
boys are at your place

because Gregory's not at
home and he was supposed

to be home about an hour ago.

So just call me back on
my cell when you can, bye.

Want more?

I'm good.






could you sell me a bottle?



Can you give me those?

Yeah, all right. All right.

I got something down here.

How's that?

- Work?
- Yeah.

get you a bag.


There you go.

Get some change.

No, that's all yours.

No, come on.

No, the tip's on you man.

You sure?

Yeah, thanks.

Thanks, bro.

Have a good night.

You too.

Hi Miriam, sorry,

my phone died.

Okay, I just walked
into work, any news?

Okay, well.

Oh shit, can you
hold on one second?



Hi, I'm so,

so sorry, I forgot to
disarm the security system.

Okay, I'm here.

I'm gonna find a charger,

plug in my phone,

call Ryan's mom back,

see if he's there.

And actually, in the
meantime can you call me back

at 866-555-8221?

Yeah, it's 555-8221.

Okay and I know I'm a
broken record at this point,

Miriam, but I don't know
why he didn't come home.

He was supposed to be there so.

You are a godsend.

Okay, I'll call you the
second I hear anything.

Okay, bye-bye.

Hi Jeff, it's Beth.

Look, I have a thing
that might not be a thing

but I was just wondering if
there was anyone else available

to come in tonight to cover me?

Yeah, just call me back at work,

I'm here, bye.

Hey, it's Emily.

Leave a message after the beep.

You know what to do.

Fucking kidding me.

Hey Miriam, is he home?



Hi Miriam, did you just call?


Okay, is he home?


I'll talk to you soon, I guess.

Okay thanks, yeah, bye.

Hi, you've reached

Our business hours
are Monday to Friday,

08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m..





Sorry sir, we're closed.

You're closed?

Yeah, the night programs
don't even go this late

and I'm only here a
few nights a week.

You're a volunteer?

Well, with what
they pay me it kind

of feels like it, yes.

Okay, but are you
working tonight?

Yeah, but I actually don't
usually answer the phones.



Who's answering the phones?

No one, no one tonight.


can I take a message
for you or something?

A message?

Yeah, they'll call
you back tomorrow

or I guess when they're in next.

People leave messages?


What do they say,

I need help?

Yeah, sure.

And then you call people back?

Well, I don't.

I'm just a student.

Like you're in training?

Yes. Yeah.

I'm in a program here.


I'm sorry. I'm confused.

You're in training
but you're by yourself

and you don't
answer the phone so

what if people call?

It's not my problem.

They'll leave a message.

Look, listen sir,

I need to leave this line
open in case someone calls me

about my son.

Is your son okay?

He won't be if he
doesn't get his ass home.

And how old is he?

He is 12

going on 20.


No, not exactly.

He when to go see a
movie with his friend

and now he's not home to
watch his little brother

and my sitter has to stay
late and I don't even pay her,

so that makes me feel terrible.


It sounds like...

Well, you know what,

spaghetti nights are
supposed to be so simple.

What is spaghetti night?

Oh, it's something that me

and my parents do
every Thursday but

being a single mom with
two jobs and school,

it doesn't always pan out.

Well, I mean,

it's just spaghetti.

I'm sure they'll get over it.

No, that's not the thing.

They rotate picking
activities every week

and Gregory really wanted
to go see the ballgame

and my friend got us
tickets I could never afford

and of course someone
called me in to come to work

and I really need the cash.

But he got to see a movie?

Yeah, that I had to pay for,

and his friend out of guilt.

Plus popcorn, you know.

Come to think of it,

I'm not even making
that much extra money

on this shift so I
should've just said no.

I'm so sorry, sir.

I completely just
unloaded on you there.

That's okay,

kids have that effect.

Yeah, you have kids?

I used to.

Used to?

How old is your other boy?

He's seven.

Look sir, can I take a
message for you or something?

I was just calling the
number to talk to someone.

Can you hold on one second?


Hi Jeff, yes, it's Beth.

Look, I have a
thing with my son.

He's not home and I was just
wondering if there was anybody

that could come in and
cover my shift tonight

in case I have to go find him?

Yeah, just hold on one second.

Miriam, just
checking is he home?

Okay, I'll call you back later.


Jeff, he is not home.

I know.



I'll talk to you soon, bye.

Oh fuck, shit.




Sir, I'm sorry.



Yes, I'm sorry.

What is this?

Excuse me?

Is this 1866-555-8221?


Where did I call?


What's that?

Gateway Career Center.

What's so funny?

I've been staring at that
number for a long time.


They got up one
of those posters?

Oh yeah, the bus ads.


one of those,

you're not alone,

if you need help

call this number?

I'm sorry, sir,

what do you need help with?

Today's a bad day.

It's been a pretty
shitty year and

I just didn't wanna feel alone.

You were calling a helpline?


I thought so.


wanna be talking with someone.



I thought maybe
you hung up on me.

No. No.

I just, I didn't
know what to say.

Is your son okay?


Your son, you said you
were waiting for someone

to call about him and
then you put me on hold.

I know, I was
just calling someone

to cover my shift tonight.

Well, I sincerely hope
that everything's okay

with your son.

Sir, are you okay?

You're slurring your words.

I was at the bar earlier.

Okay, so your drunk?

I can't even tell anymore.

Are you sure
that's a good idea?



You go out much?


No, I don't have the
time or the money.

The money part I get
but don't anyone tell you

that you don't
have time to drink.

I spend most of
my time working

so I can make a better life
for my boys who I never see.

So I hope they
appreciate that one day.

They will

and then they won't.

And after therapy
they might again.

Please don't say that.

Therapy was the only
hope I had for my daughter

to talk to me.

Your daughter
doesn't talk to you?

Yeah, she lives
in another city.

Oh, is that why you said
you used to have kids?

Is it?


I had a son.


He died.

I'm so, so sorry.

No don't.

Some days it feels like
it was a lifetime ago


It was four years ago today.

I mean,

I can't imagine.

If anything happened
tot my boys...

You'd drink a lot,

call a helpline?

Yeah, I probably would.

So you're drinking right now?



What's your name?



hi Scott.

Wait, why do you need my name?

I just wanna know
who I'm talking to.

I'm sorry, you're working
and I'm bothering you.

No Scott, it's totally fine.


do you have anyone else
that you could talk

to like friends or family?

No, my family doesn't
want anything to do with me.

Co-workers or a girlfriend?

You think someone calls
a suicide hotline if

people care about them?

Are you thinking
about suicide?

- I should let you go.
- Scott, no.

It's absolutely fine.

Do you think about that a lot?

Did you get your
shift covered?


I actually should keep cleaning.


I clean the college.

You're the janitor?

Well, night custodian if
you wanna get technical.

Okay, so talking to a
student's perfectly fine

but if she happens to
moonlight scrubbing toilets,

that's where you draw the line?

No, I'm laughing at me.


Hang on a second.

Believe me, I've been
unemployed for years.

I've got no room to judge.

Okay, so you don't work?

No, not for a while.

And what did you used to do?

I was a corporate asshole.


If I tried to explain

what my job was I'd
put us both to sleep.

Your boys,

what does their dad do?

Oh, I don't know.

I mean, my wild guess would
be absolutely nothing.

He's not around?


He left about 30 seconds

after I found out I was
pregnant with my second boy.

If I could divorce him,

trust me, I would.

I just have to find him.

You can divorce him and
you don't have to find him.

How does that work?

My wife divorced me without
me sighing a damn thing.


well that's good news.

Not about you getting divorced
but you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean.


you were married?

That's a very important
step towards divorce.


and what was she like, your ex?


Yeah, Amanda.

She was


Well, was she a
good mom at least?

The best.


your daughter lives with her?

I can't do this.




Scott, I can hear you.

You know, I never
really had a beat

on Amanda the whole
time we were married.

Look Scott...


I really wanna talk to you

but you can't just put
the phone down like that,

it kind of scares me.

You know what I mean?



She was always one step
ahead of me on everything.

It's like she knew stuff.

Like a psychic?


It was hard to describe.

I asked her about it once.

She told me I had no idea
what I was talking about.

But then she shot me
this look that said,

I know exactly what
you're talking about.

You'll never figure me out.

It's was kind of sexy.

You got something
to chase after.

Then it started to
feel more like a trap.

She'd give me one of
those knowing looks

and I'd start wracking my
brain trying to figure out

what I'd done.

You know, like those
shows where people confess

to committing a crime
they never committed

'cause the police have
them so spun around,

convinced of their own
guilt that they go,

oh shit, maybe I
did do something.

So did you do something?


- What do you mean?
- I'm sorry.

Scott, do you have any hobbies?


Yeah, things that
you like to do?

I like to make cocktails.


You like cocktails?

Yeah. Sure.

Ever had a Manhattan?

No, I don't think so.

What's a Manhattan?

A Manhattan in my
opinion is the best drink

to order at a new bar or
if you got a new bartender

'cause it's simple but
it's easy to mess up.

If they make you a
good Manhattan you

could pretty much trust them
with any other drink they make.

There's only a few ingredients.

- You have one new message.
- It's whiskey.

Hi, it's Lindsay.

Sorry I missed you earlier.

The boys aren't here.

Let me know if they turn up
there and I'll do the same.

Okay, bye.


'Cause you bruise the alcohol.

That's a real thing?

Oh yeah.

How do you bruise the alcohol?

Well, I mean,

it's just a term.

It means you cause the
alcohol to oxidize.

Some people say it makes
the drink taste sharper but

those people are idiots.

Well, you'll have to
make me one sometime.


Do you have any other hobbies?

No, not really.

What about things

you and Amanda
like to do, travel?


she was always smarter than me

and she knew it too.

She would push all my buttons.

It was like she knew things
about me before even I did.

Like what?

Like Katie.

Who's Katie?

This woman
who started at my work.

- Okay.
- She was

young and


and all the guys took notice.

And thinking back,

I'm not really sure
she was that pretty

or if it was that thing
where someone seems hot

because they're hotter
than everyone else at work.


And then you put them
out in the real world

and they may not even be
in the top 20%, you know.

Yeah, well I've definitely
known a few guys like that.



Katie had been at
work for maybe a month

before we had this
big Christmas party.

Amanda took one look
at her and said,

watch out for that one,

she likes you.

I thought she was crazy.

Then the next week at work the
guys from the county came up

and said Katie was asking
about me after the party.


Yeah. Yeah.

Then I started taking the
long way from my office

to the break room,

decided to go past her desk

and make eye contact
and she'd smile

and that would be it.

And then she'd say hello and

I'd say hello.

And before you know it I'm
spending 20 minutes a day

talking to her at her desk.

And what would
you guys talk about?

I couldn't even tell you.

It's what we didn't talk about.

I hadn't had so much sexual
tension with someone ever,

not even with Amanda.

Probably because we had
sex the night we met,

hard to build tension like that.

So did you have an affair?



I'm sorry,

did you?



I mean, I thought about it.

- Right.
- Too much.

I decided going out for drinks
with the guys after work

'cause I knew Katie would go.

Well, it sounds like you

and Katie had a really
good connection.

Have you talked to her
recently or reached out?

When Amanda found out Katie
was one of the guys she...

She what?

I mean, I knew I was probably
doing something wrong but

Amanda made me feel like

I robbed a bank or something.

So what did you do?

Stopped going out after work.

I didn't really have
much of a choice.

No, that's
probably a good idea.

So that's what my ex was like.

Then why did you
guys get divorced?

She couldn't,

after our son.

After what?

What about you,

your baby daddy sounds
like a real piece of shit.

Was he always that way
or did he slowly become

that way like the rest of us?


You know what,

we were really
young when we met.

He was my first love and

I held onto that a lot
longer than I should have.


Men are sometimes
pre-programed to disappoint.


you don't sound so bad, Scott.

I'm worse.

Why do you say that?

That's what I've been told.

Yeah, by who, Amanda?

Her too.


why did you call

a helpline tonight?

You can talk to me.

We can take advantage of
the anomenity that we have.

The anonymity?

Whatever, you know what I mean.


much freer to talk

to someone without any
history or judgment.

You sound like one
of those helplines.

But I'm being serious.

I know.

So you had a son?



how old was he

when he died?




I'm sorry.

Scott, if you can hear me,

I didn't mean...


Hi there, what
can I do to help you tonight?

Hi, I'm on the phone with
someone who I think is depressed

and might harm themselves

and I feel like anything
I say may set them off,

so I'm not really
sure what to do.

Make sure they
agree that they aren't going

to harm themselves.


Keep them on
the phone until you're sure

that they are safe.

Okay, and how do I do that?

Are they
still on the line now?

I made a deal
with the universe.


As I was saying,

make sure you keep
them on the phone line.

That's number one.

I called the helpline so
they can talk me out of it.

I'd say the universe has
made itself perfectly clear.

Talk you out of what, Scott?


are you thinking about
killing yourself?

Just letting go.

Letting go of what?






Accepting what, Scott?

That no one wants me here.

No, I want you here.

You don't know me.

No, but I do.

I do want you here and I
know that your daughter

- would want you here.
- No, she doesn't.

Yes, she would.

Scott, when I was young my
father abandoned our family

and I hated him.

But there was always
a little part of me

that wished he was still around.

And I know that your
daughter feels that way too.

Not anymore.

How old is she?


She's graduating.

That's exciting.

She asked me not to be there.

She said that?

That's the thing no one
tells you about rock bottom,

it doesn't exist.

There's just

harder levels buried
underneath all the shit and

they break you into
a million pieces

and you just keep...

Scott, I'm not really
sure what you mean.

She sent me a letter
a few months ago.

Okay, she sent you a letter.

That's great, maybe
that's just how she wants

to communicate with you.

I don't think so.

Why would you say that?

I tried writing her back.

Okay, and?

They all came back,

return to sender.

All of them?


Did you have
the right address?



I recognized the
handwriting on the envelopes

and she said everything
she wanted to say.

And what did she say?



You want me to
read you the letter?

You don't have to.

No, I'll read you the letter.



with my graduation approaching,

I've been really
thinking about it

and I'm asking
you not to attend.

Mom and I are just
starting to be happy again

and every time you come
around it cancels that out.

Mom cries for days afterwards.

And you're always drunk
and it's embarrassing.

All my friends know
about you and Dylan.

I hate the way they look at you.

It makes me look at
you different too.

I'm going to college in the fall

where no one knows me.

I can just me Emily
and not that poor girl

or that man's other kid

or Dylan's sister.

I need that.

I'm sorry if this hurts you

but I have to start
looking out for myself.

Signed, Emily Brooks.

She's going by her mom's
maiden name now, that's fun.

Why would she say
all those things?

Because she hates me.


No Scott, I'm sure
she doesn't hate you.

I'm sure she's hurting.

I'm the one
that's hurting her.

Why are you hurting her?

It's not her fault.

She will listen to her mom

and aunts say nothing
good about me,

even I'm starting to believe it.

Believe what?

I'm a monster.

I'm a terrible person,

a failure as a father.


I was in the car too,

did you know that?

What car?

I was in a coma for five days.

Amanda had to make the decision

to take Dylan off life support
while I was in a coma and

she never forgave me for that,

among other things.

I'm so, so sorry Scott.

I don't know

- what to say.
- Did you know

that the Sazerac was
the first cocktail?


Yeah, it was invented
in New Orleans.

This guy, Peychaud or
however you pronounce that,

he was selling these
bitters and he mixed it

with French brandy and
made the first cocktail.



Do you think it would be
useful to talk about your son?


Dylan was your son?



how old was he?

I'm done talking about him.


I've talked about him
enough for 10 lifetimes.

I talk about him
with my parents.

I talked about him
with my brothers.

I talked about him
with the guys at AA.

The only one who won't talk
to me about him is Amanda

because she blames me.

Why does Amanda blame you?

I was out after work.

I hadn't gone out in
months and I only went

because I knew Katie
would be there.

Amanda called to say
she was running late

and couldn't get Dylan
from soccer practice

and could I do it?

I knew there'd be a fight if I...

Okay, but that doesn't
make it your fault.

He wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

He was complaining
about it choking him

and I probably just let it go.

It wasn't far from the
soccer field to the house.

Yeah, and accidents
happen, you know.

No, no, no, no,

- don't say that.
- But it's true, Scott.

You don't get
to say that to me.

People say stupid
shit like that to me

- all the time.
- I'm sorry, Scott.

- I'm just trying to help you.
- Accidents happen.

It happens for a reason.

God works in mysterious ways.

Well, fuck you.

It should've been me that died.

It should've been me.

Why do I get to
go on living, huh?









Come on,
you fucking coward.

Come on.

what's your emergency?

Hi, I just got off
the phone with someone

who I think might be
planning to kill themselves

and I'm just not
sure what to do.

ma'am, where is he?

He's at his house.

What's the address?

I don't know.

Do you
have his phone number?

No, I don't.

What is his name?

His name is Scott.

Scott, last name?

- I don't know.
- I'm sorry ma'am,

if you don't know his full name,

his address or any

No, I understand
what you're saying

but you don't understand, okay.

He called me and now he hung
up and I don't know what to do.

Ma'am, if
he calls again get an address

so we can send some help.

Right now I have to keep
this line open, okay.

No, please?

Ma'am, I
have to keep this line open.

No, but please just help me,

I don't know what to do.

Are you still there?




Hi, Amanda Brooks?

Yes, who is this?

Yes hi,

my name is Beth and
I was just wondering

if your ex-husband's
name is Scott?

I don't have
anything to do with him anymore.

I completely understand that
but I just wanna let you know

that I have an emergency.

I have to go.

Please don't.



Hey, it's Emily.

Leave a message after the beep.

You know what to do.

Hi Em, it's dad.

You home?

I love you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

God, please, please.



Sorry I yelled.

- Sorry.
- What'd you say?

I'm sorry I yelled.

No, that's fine.

I was just really
upset that you hung up.

I didn't.

I accidentally pulled
the phone cord out

of the wall.

Okay Scott, do you think
you could give me your number

in case we get
disconnected again?

Have you ever had a Rob Roy?


It's like a Manhattan but
you make it with Scotch.

It was actually
invented in Manhattan.

The bartender named
it after a opera

about a Scottish folk hero.


are you still drinking?


Do you think that
we could keep talking

without anymore drinks?

Do you think that's a good idea?



Do you ever think about
what happens when we die?


No, I don't.

I do

all the time.

Scott, maybe we can
talk about something else

like your daughter and
maybe where she's going.

Do you never think about
what happens when you die?

No, I don't really
like to think about that.

Nobody likes to think
about the bad shit happening.

That's why no one knows
what to do when it does.

Scott, what's your address?

I don't believe in hell,

unless this is it
which it makes sense.

Scott, where do you live?

I think Einstein was close.


Einstein said that

"Energy can't be created
or destroyed," so

I figure our energy just keeps
on going after we kick it.

Scott, look...

It just keeps on going,

doing whatever it was doing
before I got here, I guess.

Scott, I want
you to listen okay.

- I know I could never
- I've never remembered

- stuff from before.
- Understand how this feels.

But it's in a
different language.

Scott, I know

- that you were the driver.
- Or frequency or something.

And I know that
you were drunk.

And I know that you
feel hopeless right now

but I want you to know

Like how a radio can get

- all the stations
- That you don't have

- to be ashamed
- But it has to be tuned

- to the right ones.
- And that I would like

to talk to you so if you
could give me your number

for your address I would love
to come meet you face to face.

Maybe I could come
over tomorrow?

No, I can't tomorrow.


Why can't you tomorrow?

I figured if there was
something after this world that

- Scott.
- Our loved ones

or whomever would send messages

- or signals.
- Scott, when you weren't

on the phone I was
really worried about you.

- Then I thought, well
- Okay, and I want you

- to know that I'm here
- What would I do, maybe they

If you need someone to
listen and that you don't

- have to feel ashamed.
- Send them and

we just don't have the
right radio to hear it.


can you just answer me?

Like to be in the
middle of nowhere

and just trying to
send those messages

- and know that no one's
- Scott, I need you

- to tell me where you live?
- Gonna hear them.


Maybe it's like when
we send stuff into space.

Scott, I would like to
come over and meet you.

We don't know who or if
anyone's ever gonna hear us.


- Scott there's still so much.
- Unless they do

and they send a message
back it would be long

after we're gone.

Scott, there's still so much

- I don't know about you
- Our children's children

And I would like to get

to know you a little
bit more, okay.

They'll be the
ones that hear them.

And it'll be just
like it is now.

- Just like what is?
- Just like there was nothing.

Scott, there
isn't nothing, okay.

I'm here

and I wanna talk to you, okay,

and I want you to know that
I care about you, okay,

and that you're not alone.

You're so nice.

I wish I could talk to someone
who didn't know for once,

who didn't see me like that.

I'm so sorry.

Just one last time.

Scott please don't say
things like that, okay.


You don't have to
say things like that,

okay, you're safe.

And I care about you,

I really do.

No, you don't.

You don't have to be ashamed.

I should've had the affair,

you were right.

Why would you say that?

And planned stuff with Katie,

everything would be okay.

Scott, don't say
things like that okay.

That's not true.

It's true.



would divorce me

and we would've talked and

Emily would probably disown me.

But Dylan would still be alive.


Don't you worry.

I want you to know
that you don't have

to feel hopeless, okay.

Can you just tell me that
you're gonna be okay?

Can you say those words to me?

Who cares?

I care.

No you don't.

I really, really do care.

I really do.


I don't feel good.

You don't feel good?

No. The pills.


Scott, did you take pills?


Scott, did you take pills?


Scott, please answer me okay?


Scott, are you okay?


Scott, just talk to me okay.

You're gonna be okay, I promise.

- I promise.
- Hello?

Hi Amanda, please
don't hang up.

Please, I have Scott
on the other line

and I need his address, okay.

I already told you,

- I don't have his address.
- I understand that

but this is an emergency.

I think he's gonna
kill himself, please.

You need
to call the police.

I did call the police.

They need an address
or a phone number,

okay, Amanda.

I do
not have an address

or phone number, I'm sorry.

Please, you don't understand.

I don't have it.

There's nothing I can do,

- I don't have it.
- Scott?

Amanda, please.

Emily, is Emily there?

How do
you know Emily?

She wrote him a letter.

She has his address,

please go get her.


- Go get her.
- Okay. Okay.

- Scott?
- Emily?

- What?
- Did you write

- a letter to your dad?
- Scott, I'm here okay.

- Why?
- 'Cause this random lady

on the phone is saying you
wrote a letter to your dad.

She needs his address,

apparently you know it 'cause
you've written letters to him.

Amanda, please hurry up.

give me a second.

Please hurry up.

Scott, just say something.

did write a letter

and I didn't know she had.

Yes, just give me
the address please?

1474 Main Street,

Upper Midwest Side

1722 Cherio Hill.

Yes. Okay.

Sorry, I didn't know
she was sending him letters.

You'd have to talk to her.



Say something, okay.

Just tell me you're
gonna be okay.

what's your emergency?

You have to send an
ambulance to 1474 Main Street,

Apartment 1722 Cherio.

Please hurry up.

please state your emergency?

Yes, I'm currently on
the phone with someone

who I think is trying
to kill themselves.

He took a lot of pills
and he's been drinking

and he's not responding
so please hurry.

What's his name?

His name is Scott.

Scott Richardson.

just repeat the address?

Yes, it's 1474 Main Street,

Apartment 1722 Cherry Hill.

Please just hurry.

You don't understand.

Are you on
the phone with him right now?

Yes, I'm currently
on the phone

but he's not responding to me.

I don't know what to do.

Please stay calm.

Help is on its way right now.

Yes, thank you.



Scott, just talk to me.

Just say something, okay.

Tell me that you're
gonna be okay.

Say those words,

just tell me you're
gonna be okay?



Scott, who are you talking to?


Scott, just say are
you gonna be okay?

Scott, please don't
do this to me.

Please don't do
this to me, Scott.

Scott, just think about Emily,

okay, she doesn't
want you to go.

She doesn't want you to go.


Scott, please don't go.


Scott, say something please?


Scott, help is on the way, okay.

Help is on the way.

If you can hear me,

they're coming to help you.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I don't know what to do.


Please, please, please, please.



Scott, answer the door.

Scott, go answer the door.

Please, they're
there to help you.

Please answer the door.



Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God.


Hi baby.


No I'm not mad.


Just happy you're home.

I'm just happy you're home.


I know, I'll be
home soon okay baby.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I love you.

Can you say it
back to me, please?

Okay, I'll talk
to you soon baby.