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The thriller centers around Kit (Lindsey Morgan) character and Simon (Andrew Jacobs) as they navigate life working for a senior community center. Their lives are turned upside down when they find themselves fighting to stay alive against a group of psycho, bloodthirsty cowboys from the local rodeo.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Okay, we finally made it.

All right.
Simon, get the water.

Great, cool.

Okay, everyone,
here's the plan.

We're gonna go in, get our tickets.
Please stick together.

Water? Last one? Anybody?

Thank you.

Can you lock it up?

This place smells like shit.

Got a second
for animal rights?

Uh... sure.

Right there.


- Check it out.
- I'm sorry.

Bondage, forced breeding, branding.
For what?

- Turn around and go home.
- Maybe he's right.

You know, these animals probably have a
longer life span than the ones bred for food.

Okay, we really
should get moving.

- Please.
- Not really my thing.

- Compassion's not your thing?
- Ooh.


Can't be within a hundred yards
of this place. You know that.

This is a public road!

On private property!

This is wrong.
And you know it.

My apologies.

- Pomroy Hackett.
- Kit.

- Nice to meet you, Kit.
- This is Simon.

This is the rest of the gang.

I saw your bus and I wanted to welcome Encore
Tours personally to the Hackett Rodeo.

Thank you. That's so sweet. We could have
picked these up at the box office. Bird!

- Come here.
- What... You didn't sign it.

- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.

No, it's a pleasure when a group
makes a special trip to see us.

- Well, enjoy the show!
- Thank you.

- All right, let's move out.
- All right.

Hey, step right up!
Who wants to take a swing here?

All right. Have fun.

No reception up here.

Guess you'll just
have to do your job.

Are you mad?

This is just a summer gig
for you. I get it.

I need you to help me out
and, you know, give a shit.

Come on.

All right!


- What would you like?
- Um, the one right behind you, the horns.

- This one right here?
- Yeah.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

I like it!

- Take a shot.
- Oh, no, I'm good.

- Come on. I still got a swing left.
- I'm okay. I don't want to.

Which one do you want?

Oh, no, I'm fine.

- Don't be a dork. Pick something.
- Come on.

Okay, uh, I'll take
the Mr. Steaky thing.

Don't hurt yourself.

All right,
let's go, Simon.

Don't hurt yourself.

- You got this.
- All right.


- Can't all be winners.
- Whatever.



- Muscle fucker.
- What'd you say?

- Nothing.
- Huh?

- Nothing.
- What'd you say?

- I didn't say anything.
- Easy, easy. Easy.

Wouldn't even be a fight.
Come on.

Ain't worth it. Ain't worth it.
Ain't worth it. Come on.

Are you okay?

Yeah. At least
I gave a shit, right?

Okay, let's go.


Cowboys and cowgirls,
please make your way to your seats.

The fun's already started. It's
a great day for the rodeo.

Thank you.

Look at her go.

How about a round of applause?
Well done.

All right, these look good.
These two?

All right.

- Okay.
- Oh, I can't see.

I'm going further down.

Well, I think it's best if we all sit together as a group.

- Best for whom, dear?
- Well...

Simon, will you go sit with her?

Ladies and gentleman,

if you turn your attention
over to your left,

you'll catch the end
of the hay buck competition.

Who will stack their hay
the quickest?

Time's running out!


- Looks like we got a a new winner.
- Yeah!

That is a feat of strength.

- Is that a dude?
- Yeah!


Cowboys and cowgirls...

the crowning of this year's
rodeo queen!

Well, it was a tough decision,
but there can be only one.

This year's rodeo queen is

Rosheen Dubois!

Come here, darling. Yeah.

Let me get your crown here,

Yeah, that's nice.

That a girl.

Rosheen, why don't you go dazzle
these people with your lovely smile.

Hold please.


Simon, please.

Not funny at all.

Our next bronc rider is looking
for his eight seconds of glory.

Give him a hand,
'cause you know he could use it.

Please welcome, Ennis Bishop!

Oh, poor fellow.

He only has one arm.

This place is fucked up.


Didn't your father
teach you anything?

Cool cell phone.


- Really?
- Drink.

Kit's gonna kill me.


Come on!


- Damn it!
- Son of a bitch!

Hang on, folks.
We'll get this taken care of.

Easy. Easy. Whoa.


Sorry, girl.

A big thanks to everyone
for comin' out.

And we'll see you all next year.
Y'all get home safe.

Uh, wait a second, guys.

Let's wait till everyone leaves.
Yeah, we'll leave together.


Okay, everyone went to the bathroom, right?

Ahh. What a day.

Hey, my brush isn't here?
Simon, did you give me my brush?

I think so.

It isn't here.

- Oh, Simon.
- Are you sure you didn't leave it in the...

Simon, go get it, please.

Come on. Come on.

Oh. Screw this.

You want some of this, bitch?
What's up?


Hey! Hey!

Hey! Let me in!

Let me in the bus! Open!

Hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no, no, no!

No! Open the door!

Come on, please! Please let me in!
Let me in! Let me in! Please!

No, open the door! Let me in!
Let me in! Let me in!

Oh, please!

Let me in! Open the door, please!
Please let me in! Oh, my God!

- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!

No! What the fuck?



Let's get the hell out of here!



Hey! Wait for me!

- Oh!
- My God!

Hey, look out! Look out!


Holy shit!

Oh, my God!


No! Come back!


Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!


- Come on!
- Come on!

Move the bus faster! Go!

It's gonna to be okay.

None of them work.
There's no reception.

- Baby, it's going to be okay.
- Not for him.

I need everyone
to stay calm! Please!




What are we gonna do now?

We'll fix it and move on.





- Help!
- Hey, keep it down! Keep your mouth... Shh.

- Shh!
- You'll get us killed! Shh!

- Just relax.
- Okay. Okay.

You guys are from the rodeo.


- Where are we?
- I don't know.

There's gotta be some way
out of here though.

Would you help me look around?

Did you do this?



Not a problem.

How the hell
you end up here, son?

They left me. Assholes.

Yeah. Guess you wanna know
how I lost this arm, huh?

Th-That's okay.

Yeah. You sure?
It's a hell of a story.

You said "they." What do you mean?
Who the hell is "they"?

My friends.

- Coworkers. Whatever. I don't...
- Oh, my God.

Someone knows you're here?

Nobody knows about us.

So your friends, eh?
They see what happen to you?

Kind of.
Before they took off.

- So once they get out...
- They're gonna call someone.

- What the hell?
- No! No!

- What the hell?
- No! No! No, no, no! No! No!

Try that.

Go on.

He's gone.

Whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stop.


What is that?

We use these to kill gophers.

- You want it?
- No, no, no, th-that's all you.

Let's move.

We gotta move.

Okay. Go on.

Inside. Inside.

Let's go.

What's up with the fence?

They turned this arena
into a cage.

Oh, shit.

Let's go around back. Move. Now.

Okay, stay down.


Please! Help me!
Please, please!

Help me. Get me out of here!

Please, get me out of here!

Help me! Please! Don't just sit there!
Help me!



Help me, please!



No! Please, no!



Stop! Please, stop! No.

No! No, no, no! Take them!
Take them, not me! No!

No! No! No!

No! Please! Stop!

Stop! No!

- No!
- Wait! Wait!

Where you going?

No! No! No! Help Me!

Help Me!

Come back! Help me!

- Stop!
- Help me!


No! Aah!

Somebody, help me!


Help me! Someone, help me!

Help me!

Someone help me!


No! No! No!

Ahh! Why are you doing this?

Ahh! Uhh!

No! God, please!

Go on, git!

They're gonna know
we're gone.

- What do you mean, they're all gone?
- They're gone.

Get this thing out of here.


Please get it
away from here!

Workin' on it, baby! Shit.

- That's it. Come on.
- Oh, God.

Come on. We can do it.
How's it going up there?

One second!

Just swipe like that and touch
that icon, okay? Got it?

- I think so.
- Okay, good.

Shine it on the engine
so I can fix it.

- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- On the engine, not my eyes.
- I'm sorry.

What the hell is going on here?

- Go get the cooler.
- Why? There's no more water.

There's melted ice
in the cooler. Go get it.

All right. Nesbitt!

- Come on, get the other end. Come on.
- All right, all right.

- I'm going. Just slow down.
- Come on!

- Oh!
- Goddamn it!

What did you guys do?

It's not my fault! I...

Is there more water
in the back?

There's nothing in the back!
That's all the water we had!

We are screwed!

- We are totally screwed!
- Okay, quiet!

Everyone, just stay calm
and just do exactly as I say.

G-Guys, where's Lillian?

she was here just a second ago.

I'll go find her.

- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Don't go, Kit.

I am going, okay?

And we leaving together.

- I'll go with you.
- No!

No! You stay here.
Everyone, just stay here.

And stop shining
that in my face! God.


- Uhh.
- What a pill. Christ.





God, Lillian!

I got turned around.

What are you
doing out here?

I was looking for
the fork in the road.

Maybe someone would pass by.

Lillian, you could have
gotten yourself killed.

I was trying to help.

We have to stick together.


Come on.


Look, it's okay.

It's okay.


Rope! Give me the rope!

Straighten that up.

- What?
- Gag her.

Let's go! Gag her!

- He killed her.
- Should have done your job!

Everybody, get down.
Get down.

Get out of here.
I'll be all right.

Come on.


We gotta hide in here.

What? You gotta be kidding.

Look, it's kind of unsanitary.

Okay, let's go.

Come on,
you son of a bitch.




We gotta get out of sight.

It's locked.

Here. Over here.

Simon, it's open.


- All right, help me up.
- Come on.

Just go over there.


Okay, ready? Up.

There you go. I got you.
It's okay. Okay, now go.



It's Ennis.

Oh, my God.

No! No!

It's all my fault.

You even said so yourself. If I
would have just done my job.

I shouldn't have said that.

Don't beat yourself up.


This is Hackett's cabin.

It's my prize money.

Simon, maybe we can e-mail
someone for help?

Are you kidding me?

That thing is fucking old.

Come on, Simon.

Do something.


He likes you.


Hey. Hey.

It's worth giving it a try, huh?


I told you.
This thing won't even power on.

Ah, shit.



Hey! Hey, Simon!

Come on.

My hat! My hat! My hat!


Goddamn it!

It's a tunnel.

Guys, come on!
It's in my face again!

I need to think.

This dude is heavy as hell.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Oh! I can't keep doing it.

Wiper fluid.

We could use it
to fill the radiator.

- Let's try that.
- Yeah.

Guys, it's in my face again.

What's the problem?

Your light is in my face.

- It's not me.
- Me either.


Turn off your light.

Now you.


get back on the bus.

Everyone, on the bus now!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Go!

Run! Run! Run!





- That-That way.
- This way?

- You sure?
- Yes.

- Yes, that way.
- All right. Okay.

Hold it.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Okay. Okay.



- It's Bird's.
- Yes.

Maybe she's close.

I hope so.

- Bird.
- Careful, careful.




Oh! Oh!

No! No!

Come on! Go!

I think the road's over there.

Let's go then.

Are you kidding?
They'll chase us down for sure.

- We can't just wait here.
- We have to do something.

Remember what Ennis said, okay? Look,
my friends are gonna come back.

Or at least send help.

Oh, the same friends
that left you behind?

- It wasn't on purpose.
- How do you know?

Look, my supervisor is gonna
call someone. Trust me.

I say we wait. Whoever
is coming has to take that road.

If they're even coming at all.

- I say we get out of here.
- I'm with you.

- No.
- Listen, listen...


We stay together.

Okay? That's it. We wait.

Okay, but you better be right.


Come on.

Kit. Kit!

I can't.

- Oh, no.
- I can't.

We gotta keep moving.

I can't.
It's all my fault.

We cannot do this now.

If you've got a job to do, you finish it.



Is that...
Is that the dog?

I think he's hurt.

Hey, boy.

Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay, boy. It's me.



It's me. It's me.

It's me.

Help me.

Help me.


Help me.


Help me!


- You okay?
- Yeah.

What do you do normally?

Like for work?

I do this.

Guess you could call it
"being pretty for a living."

You do a great job.

What about you?


How'd you know?

What are you studying to be?

I have no idea.

Would you ever
wanna do anything?

With me.

Like y-you and me.

If-If-If we get
out of this.

- Sure.
- Really?

Simon, if you get me out of here,
and I will do anything you want.


Dear God.

They're all dead.

Those are your friends? The
ones that were gonna save us?

I'm sorry, Simon. I really am.

So no one's coming?

Now what? Now what?

We have to go.

We have to go. Now.

Come on.

Come on.


Come on, boy.
Come on.

Okay, listen. Here's what we're gonna do.
You guys ride out.

I'll check the other stables
for a horse and catch up.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- No. We should go together.
- No! No.

We're better off
in numbers.

Go. We're waiting.

Trust me.

It's gonna be okay.




Aah! Aah!

Fuck you.

He's dead.


All right.
Come on.

What is going on?

Is that Simon?

- You're still alive.
- Told you I would be.

What happened to your arm?

Which one?

Hey. Where are the others?

All dead.

Except Trish. They took her.

All right.
Let's get you out of here.

- I'll come back for Trish.
- No.

I'm coming too.

All right, let's move.

Well, they had it coming.

Keep your head down.

Oh, my God.


We gotta do something.

There's too many of them
to take on straight up.

That chain link fence keeps them
all locked inside, doesn't it?

We got a generator right here.

All right, what we're gonna do,
we're gonna charge this fence

- with every damn volt in that machine, you hear me?
- Okay.

We charge all four side of this.


We wait till they all get
inside before we power up that gennie.

Then we're gonna get Trish
out of there.

- You think it'll work?
- It's gonna have to work.

It's gonna zap those fuckers
like a bug machine.

Hurry up.


Come on.

Where's your partner?

All right, we got three walls wired.
There's only one left.

There's not enough
to make it to the last wall.

Find the gennie on this side.

Plug it in,
you connect everything.

All right? On my signal, you charge
your side, I'm gonna charge mine.

Just make sure you charge that
final one, you understand me?

But that means
I'm gonna be by myself.

That's right.
Son, it's gonna be all right.

No, I don't think that's a good idea.
I can't.

Want to know how I lost my arm?
You want to know that?

Yeah, tell me.

Never had it.
I was born without it.

- I'm sorry.
- Nah.

Nah, don't be. Can't be missing
something you ain't never had.

Hear me when I tell you this.

It ain't about what you come
into this life with.

It's what you choose
to do with it.

You understand me, son?

I want to...

I want to thank you
for, you know...

It's okay.

I get it.

Go find that gennie.

Where's your partner?


There you go.


All of you guys are sick!


You're sick!

You bastard.



Hurry up!



Let's get this show on the road.

Come on. Now.

Get out! Get out!

Oh, my God.

Are you okay? You okay?

Shut up!

- Don't look at me!
- Oh!


Good luck, son.


Come on. Move!

Hey, dickless!

I'm talking to you, Hackett!

Piece of shit!

You're all pieces of shit!

You stupid fuck!

Shit for brains!

Him! Now!

Limp dick motherfucker!

You got this, son.

You got this.


Come on, son.

Oh! Oh, shit! My leg!


What is that?


You know him?

What the hell!

He's mine.

Come on.


Kit! Kit! Stop!

Drop it.

Drop it.

You're okay.

You're all right.

Come on, hon. We gotta move.

We're still not safe.

- I can't.
- We gotta move.

I can't!

Listen to me.

Look at me. Look at me!

Yes. You can do this.


- Right?
- Right.

That's my girl.

Come on then.

Come on. Let's go.

Come on then.

Screw you!


Damn it! You're dead!

Come on, come on.

Can't you just die already?
Damn. Please!









Come on.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Okay, good.

Subtitles by explosiveskull