Lassiter (1984) - full transcript

Lassiter is a handsome jewel thief operating in London in the late 1930s. One day he is arrested and told that if he wishes to avoid prison, he must break into the heavily guarded German Embassy in London and steal millions in Gems.

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London, June 1939

- I think you've got enough.
- I want to blow what you think.

You blow what everyone thinks.
Also, all of our friends.

I've given you a lot.
You should behave better.

You do not own me because we are married.
You have only rented me. I go to bed.

I put your jewelry in the safe.

If you still have to flirt with young
men, then do it a bit discreet.

- Help me out of the clothes.
- I just have to put your stuff in.


- I forgot the cigarettes downstairs.
- Heck, Helen.

- I'll just lock your stuff.
- Will not you, honey?

Who the hell are you?

Here are your cigarettes.
Can we then go to bed?

- Take and go down and read a little.
- I'm exhausted. I want to go to bed.

I need a bath.

I could use a bath.
Bertie has got central heating.

You sweat like a pig.

How could he become eagerness? He
crowds with the Cambridge sled.

He likes Malenkov, Belinsky...
He is Stalinist.

Shoot pro-Bolshevik.

He is in favor of the Russians.
He is for everything, except England.

I do not get,
what Neville is up to.

"Peace in our time." Ha!

He has given them Austria,
and Czechoslovakia.

I'm just taking a bath.
Goodnight honey.

Good evening, Mr. Lassiter.

Hello, Nick.

- May I have permission?
- Unfortunately no.

It's an American custom to break in.
You do not do it here.

Shall we try again?

- Say what you want and go home.
- Let's go home.

- Did not she say she's my wife?
- disappear or be thrown out

It's alright. She has a
weakness for uniforms.

- Her father was admiral.
- Your kind of humor is tasteless.

- Come along this road.
- Let's be a little civilized.

It will not be long.

As you like.

- I'd like to apologize.
- You should too.

- You arrive an hour late.
Do you love Sarah?

He was sweet. He invited me to
Devon. I felt tempted.

- I arrived at the last minute.
- I was dying of starvation.

Does England not put your appetite?

- Jealous?
- Envious.

I like you better. You understand to
dance with a tired dance partner.

I order a table in the corner and
ask them to cook an ox for you.

- No, let's go home.
- I thought you were hungry.

We can eat in bed.

I only have one wish. That you
leave one cup of coffee for me.

- Someday

- you get big and bold.
- Maybe bumpy, but not fat.

You are more battered
than a football player.

Turn around and I turn
you into a new woman.

Not so hard!

In the car, Lassiter.

Stand up on row.
and you farther away.

- I think it's number four.
"I'm absolutely sure.

- Speak a bit higher.
- Yes, it's him.

It's him.

Good, Rudolf Valentino stays here.
In others you can go.

- Do you know what it is?
- It's a trap.

That's a trap.
Fingerprint, witnesses...

Testimony from the policeman,
That arrested you. and a weapon.

You know our attitude to weapons.
You stand for 20 years or lifetime.

You just saw it,
so you could be sure.

- What have I done?
- I have not decided yet.

It is Mr. Breeze.
He will explain it.

Good day...
Peter Breeze. FBI.

If you cooperate,
do you want to go free

Do you work with me,
do you get 20 hard years.

Skide Nazi. Fascist Pig!

Helmut Singer,
ambassador to England.

When the Germans invaded
Czechoslovakia -

- stole the diamonds for 50 million.
dollars from the treasury.

They use them to fund espionage
in Europe and South America.

They are waiting for a sale
of 10 million here in London.

Uncut diamonds.
Gems quality.

They arrive on Wednesday in a week
and are at the embassy for two days.

If we stop them here in England, we
will sink their work in South America.

Tell me the good news,

We want you to steal them.

Lassiter, so hard is not.
Not for one like you.

We will soon be drawn into the war.
You must make a cut.

Would you also make me a patriot?

The safe is on the 3rd floor.
They are here on Wednesday. You must!

No, I will not. There are
armed people in there.

It is also there in Sing-Sing.

- The prescription laws have ceased.
- We can fix that.

Max Hoffer, Gestapo. Security manager.
The woman is Kari von F?rsten.

Her father was one of the first
industrial magnets in the party.

Her title is the Embassy Attach?,
but she is a courier.

She will get the diamonds to Buenos
Aires. Now she gets lost in London.

But concentrate on Hoffer.
He is skilled and very harsh.

He acts as a bodyguard for her,
and maybe love.

Ham you have to pass by.

If they take me,
do you put the cavalry in?

Not if it happens at the embassy.
It is German territory.

- Then I'll be more fun soon!
- Sorry, Lassiter.

Get rid of me.

What does a "hot" Bentley cost?

Hello, Nick?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

I like London. I did my
job before I arrived.

It's a city after my head.
The currents do not carry weapons.

The police chase criminals, but they
do not kill them when they catch them.

It's civilized. That was why,
I left New York.

Here you can exercise your profession
without the risk of knocking the knob.

Do not drive an old car tent by
saying that times have changed.

We'll go out and ride a ride, Smoke.

- Where are we going?
- Hen to Eddie Lee.

But stop right next to
the next red light.

You do not shadow me, right?

"I just fit my job.
- You can not come along.


- Good evening, Mr. Lassiter.
- Good evening, Eileen.

Are you trying to pick me for money?

- You can get them again on the roulette.
- It's a game for skid runners.

It depends on,
what you want to win.

Watch out, Nick. She is a woman of lust.
Unusual lusts.

I speak of experience.

You are always so modest.
Introduce me to her.

Good evening, Kari.

Nick Lassiter. Kari von F?rsten.

She is from the German embassy.
Mr. Lassiter is an American.

"I have always admired diplomats.
- Yeah. Why?

- They seduce both friends and enemies.
- What are they?

What difference does it make,
as long as you have fun

I like men with scars.

Can I have a drink?

Are you always following her?

- Does he always follow you?
- Yes.

The owner Eddie Lee...
Is he one of your bastards?

- Sometimes.
- Is he your friend?

We have a common interest.

It is said that he has murdered people,
but he does not want to talk about it.

Not someone I know.

- Have you killed someone?
- Tell about Berlin.

To me it's the only city, but
Shanghai is equally exciting.

Who killed you?

How exciting?

Amusement Life...
Amusement of a special kind.

Women with animals, drugs, little boys.
Pleasure and pain.

- Do I choke you?
- Has my hair become white?

I think better and
better about you.

- What do we have?
- Herhenne.

My contact person... M?ller.

- Sad.
- We should have met each other.

- Who arranged the meeting?
- He did.

It suggests,
that they knew both of you.

- Maybe.
- Maybe...? Up in the ass.

Commissioner Becker takes
over the case from now on.

It's too uncomfortable
for the fine ones.

A knife. Maybe a styled.
It was at least thin.

What now?

Now we do it the hard way.
My way.

This is wonderful.

Nicky! Nice to see you.

"I hope you bet a little.
- It looked good tonight.

He should be armed to
stop a real fighter.

The lady would like to hire him
for the rest of the evening.

- Is that what you do now?
- I make a friend a favor.

- She is shy.
- Yes I can see that.

I do not think,
he is very useful.

He is more "light on toe" outside
the ring if you understand.

It is a lie!

She is more interested in
his ability to endure pain.

- It's not going to go. Unfortunately.
- It is okay. See you, Sweeny.

- He said no.
- Then you have to drive me home.

- It's a little inconvenient.
- Is it?

It's just Max.
Say yes, yes.

Only her who-she-end-knows there
are more about the bidder.

Men like you always
have mistresses.

That's what makes you interesting.
Call me.

"But do not wait too long.
- I'm just amazed.

Then eat a steak first.

It's not what you think.
Nothing happened.

How did you get a lipstick
at the ski resort?

Do not lie to me.
Everything else but no lies.

If I lie for you, I say so.
It is the most honest.

- Do you have more to say?
- No, I feel like laughing.

I was guilty would be vital about
the same, but I would have better.

- Have a good time.
- Sarah, wait.

Will you?

Pardon. You do not understand.
They have laid a trap.

- I'm smoking in jail.
- Are you trying to scare me?

Scotland Yard wants me to steal
diamonds for 10 million.

Otherwise I smoke in prison.

- It is contrary to the law.
- The law is for law-abiding citizens.

- We can escape. Rome or Paris.
- Sarah, I can not.

What other choice do you have?
Do you want to steal them?

Nick, I'll follow you everywhere.
But it must happen now.

Please do not ask me anything
I can not.

You mean you do not want to.
I know you.

You're dreaming about the big coup.

Others have given the cards.
I'm just playing them.

You're getting lost with that hand.

Do you know what this reminds me of?
That we are sitting here...

Prohibition era. The hijackings are.

As we sat along the country
roads outside of New York.

And waited for the Dutch to
come with charges from Canada.

- Do you remember that?
- Yes.

I was still young enough
to think it was fun.

It was fun.

We have been sitting here for an hour.
Why is the guy from the FBI so important?

I have to talk to him. Breeze has a
couple of holes to be filled out.

- Give me one.
- I thought you were stopped.

I was too.

Who is it?

- He does not look nice.
- No.

- I do not know what to say.
- I should have let him kill you.

He helped you.
Do not rain, he'll do it again.

My home. My home for hell.
Do not come home to me!

Should I call someone?

No. Just eat the breakfast done.
It will be all right.

- I'm off, Becker.
- Not before I give you permission.

- They tried to kill Breeze.
- But it failed.

We write that there
was a gas explosion.

- Murder attempts are in violation of the law.
- You should not teach me about the law.

It's too thick. You know where money-
the closet is and leads me to Mata Hari.

The information is only available
if you have someone in the circle.

- We had one in there.
- They did not kill him?

If it was easy,
could my wife do it

- Locks do not show thieves.
- I'm not leaving.

I want you to come along.

- What happened?
- I'm done here. It is over.

Are you sure?
You will not regret it?

I will try to stop.

- Paris.
- Milano.

- Rome.
- Venice.

- Istanbul.
- Istanbul? No.

- Is it really that easy?
"The most important thing I'm dealing with.

I like that.

Why do you always do that?
You always eat my food.

- I like it better.
Why did you not order chicken?

- I wanted veal.
- You ordered it.

Now I can get both.

Folkestone in ten minutes.

"We can have dinner in Paris.
- Paris. I will eat like a pig.

Maybe not.

- I am impressed.
- That is the point.

Sarah, it's Commissioner Becker,
as I have said so much about.

I'll have a speech.

There may be three things.
All three things will benefit me.

1) You take the diamonds and I get praise
for something the others could not.

2) You enter and they kill you.
It suits me fine.

3) You do not go in there. Then I make
sure you get 20 years or a lifetime.

And you grow old in a cage.
It suits me really well.

The best thing for you is to cut
the diamonds. Today is Monday.

The diamonds come on Wednesday.

If I do not have them on friday,
I knock you.

Come honey.
Always a pleasure, gentlemen.

Forget about stopping,
before we are back in London.

You do not trust people.
A very unappealing feature.

- You really hate him. Why?
- He's a thief.

- There are many thieves.
- What are you? FBI. What is it?

I'm streaming.
I'm not easy to lace.

I do not forgive.
I do not forget.

Cream Fiesta there is a thief.

He is a thief and will
always be a thief.

- But not in my district.
- We beat a deal with him.

Do not be so childish now. I hold
20 against 1 that the Germans kill him.

Maybe. But if he drops out and
abides by the agreement -

- Do you put him
in prison anyway?

Of course.
There he belongs at home.

Move it there!

Where did it happen?

Nick, the rumors go.
The power has evidence against you.

- He has tried before. I'm here.
- It is said that you are "hot".

Would diamonds drop 10
million to cool me down?

It will be hard to sell.

I will not be able to give
more than 15 cents per dollar.

Everyone else tries to exploit me.
Why would you be different?

The stones are uninvolved, they can
not be traced and have no owner.

When the war comes,
are they worth more than gold?





Have the money ready.
It will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

It must go fast.
There will be no thepause.

It only lasts a little bit.
Stand still.

- No, I want to go home.
- I'll buy an ice cream for you afterwards.

No, I do not want one.

Admits the German culture,
Mr. Lassiter?

Where I come from, we appreciate
it a bit more simple.

Like Mickey Mouse...?

- Is Kari here?
- No, she's at the consulate.

Stop him!

Do not touch him.
He is only a child.

You should have shot him Max.

Max only shoot big boys.
Have you got a steak today?

- Are you going to hunt?
- kill The birds are driven out.

Why then shoot them?
- Do not you like killing birds?

Yes, with a club,
while someone keeps them.

Why dont you go?
We'll probably find a club for you.

Do you just take it.
See you when you come back.

Max has begun to think of you.
You made him smile.

I can see that.

Who is Nick Lassiter?
Why is he here?

Do you have a cigarette?
- You promised your mother something.

- the pearl
- I understand why you do this.

How did it look?

A guard on the stairs behind
a very solid handrail.

- The doorways are locked.
- Everyone is armed.

There were alarms on two windows
and iron straps everywhere.

Let's drive. What else?
Tell exactly what you saw.

I managed to make
the bumper fit.

Hello Nick.

Good day, Breeze.
You look good.

- Do you remember Peter Breeze?
- Yes, I know who it is.

- Do you enjoy knocking an innocent?
He has not been caught yet.

- Does he smoke in, they kill him.
- Is it successful, he can save thousands.

You can not force anyone
to put life at risk -

- and then pat on his back,
because you have created a hero.

- How about saving them yourself?
- Breeze just does his job.

We give him full support.

Why did not I fall
for a hat maker?

You have many nice cars here.
They must have had a fortune.

No, they are stolen.

I regret,
that Miss Wells became so upset.

- Yes, let's cancel it all.
- Do not laugh with me.

It may sound ridiculous,
but many people's lives depend on you.

There will be war,
and the United States is included in it.

It's your country, and I think you're
more up to it than you pretend.

I will ask you not
to shut up again.

Becker just looks for a
pretext to cheer you inside.

He has a pretext,
and he will use that.

He bows me in,
no matter what i do.

And you have nothing to say,
because it will also hurt you.

Good evening, beloved.
What a pleasant surprise.

- Do I have to make you company?
- No.

- Ask her to disappear.
- Do not believe you lose him.

You spoil the fun,
if we do not have to fight.

I'm not here for more myself.
Get her away

I refuse to sit here with her.

- Do not put pressure on me.
- Skiderik.

Do not touch me!

Pray your teeth together.
I need her.

I do not want to help
you get in her bed.

You can not afford that.
Make a choice.

DIY. I have no more time.
It must be tonight.

Stay away from me.

What a sweet little fr?ulein.
- Let's go.

Scotland Yard.

Entertain me, Nick. Just a little.

She must have been good.
You were in there for quite a while.

You had the right information,
but that was the wrong safe.

- Give me the diamonds.
- There was only her jewelry in it.

Out! Body Search him!

If you are bluffing,
is this your last day in freedom.

You watched it. I do not know,
where the other safe is

Sorry for you,
for coming in again tonight.

- Should I knock on all doors?
- You're the thief. Figure it out yourself.

But if you do not find the
diamonds, do not come out.


10 minute break.

It is Commissioner Becker.
Superman Allyce.

Yes Yes. Thanks, Breeze.

I want to know everything,
what Lassiter has told you.

Like all men, he only says that,
he wants me to hear

- I'm talking about his plans.
- I'll blow what you're talking about.

You just started.
I'll say when you're done.

- Take it easy.
- A word to, and Allyce removes you.

Lassiter looks too happy.

- I do not know.
- Gu, you do that.

Why do not you say that?
He humbled you in the presence of others.

He pondered you to them all.

- It does not matter.
- Listen up. Such is the country.

Do I get him without problems,
he smokes in prison.

If I'm going to lead, I'll
kill him when I find him.

He is looking for a heels that
can allocate all the 10 million.

- Can we talk together?
- Do we have anything to talk about?

- Where should I put it?
- On the kitchen table.

It did not succeed.
I'll try again tonight.

As you ride, you lie.
Or was it a bad metaphor?

- It lacks indulgence.
- I do not care much about that.

I know,
how to handle becker

Becker got me. I told,
that you were looking for a heels.

He never finds him.

I do not know how long I've had
those boxes standing here.

The next time I packed them out
we would live together forever.

- It will be OK. I can handle it.
No, they're killing you.

If I can do it tonight,
it does not matter without you.

It must go fast. I only have
time for one phone call.

Can I talk to Commissioner Becker?

Captain Hoffer from
the German Embassy.

- I was told.
"I want to know something about Lassiter.

I've seen you together.
I have researched a little.

"We have been friends for many years.
- It's very worth it to me.

Much, I hope. I only indicate
my friends for a good payment.


What a place.

How much did you earn last year?

Do you know what I served?
$ 3123.

And you? Ten times as much.
Surely more.

- Stop. You do not mind it.
- I just asked.

No, you thought. Do not.
You're just in trouble.

I might not mind that.

- Breeze, remember, you're power.
- It's a job and not a religion.

- When will you meet her?
- Soon.

Do you think it goes so easy?
Does she not shut you in tonight?

Or you start to scare...
Maybe she has a headache.

Yes you are right.

- Have a drink.
- Good idea.


Come on.

You did not think we would
get out of here, right?

we have a lot we must reach.

It will not be easier,
that we are waiting.

What do you mean?

Hoffer must have spoken to Kari.
She knows that too.

She's waiting for you.

When I do not call the front door,
she stops waiting.

- There is no other way in.
- Yes, but it's not that easy.

I bleed the operation. I say to
Becker that it's impossible.

No! I'll do it
There is a possibility.

Call the smoke Ask him to come here
as I change. Are you following?

Then we are here. Embassy street.

- I think we should blow it off.
- Do not. It is too late.

I've never done anything
like that before.

I do not have either.

If I'm not out in 20 minutes,
I will not get out.

Close the lid. Your boss
is in the back seat.

He has drunk too much.
Snaps. He is canonous.


Heil Hitler.

What happens?

Do not breeze, Breeze.

Lassiter, you did it.

Becker is on the other
side of the street.

What will you do about it?

I do not know.

- Did you get them?
- That's why I went to town.

I have diamonds, the Germans do not
have them. That's what you wanted.

Stop him!

It's not over, Breeze.
It's just been harder.

He has been softened.
He fetches the girl.

The foolish fool.

He is not coming.

What do you think? That
he could not get a taxi?

He fooled us both.

He had you like bait,
and I smoke it.

Help me.

You know who his heels are.

Help me.

Nick, it's all there.
Should I not see some stones?

It is fine. I am leaving now.

Take some fish It's free.
I have just retired.

Allyce, drive outside.

What should I do? Hang on and ask
them to hand over the thief?

It is over. He is dead.

I'm sorry.
I did not know it.

Do not blame Nick.
He had no choice.

- He did not think he could lose.
He was sure he could not.

No. do not shoot!

Hello, fools!

Do you join the team?

No thank you,
I'm afraid of high heels.