LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Stella Nostra (2015) - full transcript

Sleepy little Valley getting ready for the cafe owners Dino and Panini Sara Bernard's wedding, and our beloved junior detectives Lasse and Maja stand ready to ensure that nothing goes wrong. But when the wedding couple's respective relatives arrive, they show themselves to belong to rival Mafia families. When the Panini family's crown jewels suddenly disappear, taking LasseMajas detective on the case of very soon realize that detectives themselves are the main suspects.

This way! Follow me!

- Stop!

- Over there!

Come on now!

- Shit! Where've they gone?

That way!

- There's no one here!

Find them and bring them here.

- Come on!

- They're coming!

They're everywhere!
- Maja, how could it have come to this?

- I don't know.

The day before ...

Just hold on!
- But Valleby have a chance of winning the cup!

- But we're helping Mr. Dino now.
-Lasse! Maja!

- Weddings are great fun.
- It's good you can help.

- Dino. Coffee.
- Two.

- It'll be fun meeting your family.
- Where's Sara?

- At the dressmaker's.
Have you seen this?

- It's nice.
- It is, isn't it?

- Cool!
- Come on then.

- Dino, no cream, no sugar.
- And something yummy.

There. What do you think?

- It's absolutely perfect!

Thank you, Mr. Wallin!
- Didn't it turn out great?

Oh, it's so lovely! Hello?

Hi. What?

You're here? In Valleby?

They're here in Valleby!

- Perfect. Don't accept anything, because
a favour always has to be returned.

This is Tony with a y.
- Open your mouth!

- Except tips, of course.
It's disrespectful not to accept tips.

- Thanks.
- Excellent coffee.

- This is Toni with an i.
He spells it with—

- With—?
- An I?

- Smart girl.
- Dino!

- Godmother! Thank you for coming!

- It's all for the family.
- This is my godmother Bresaola Panini.

- Hello.
- What cute kids!

- You must be tired from your journey.
Sit down, have something to eat.

- Dino!

Nice to see you!
This is my brother, Pandoro Panini.

- Lasse.
- Maja.

- How are things in Sicily?
- A little noisy.

Since Clara Biscotti took over, they've started
arguing about Stella Nostra again.

- But there's no quarrel here. Come on in.
-Tony! Toni! Everyone!

- Brother? You don't look much alike.

Bresaola found him abandoned when he was little.

Now he's the—family's advisor and protector.

- What was he talking about? Stella Nostra?
- The Biscotti family?

- My family's been—quarreling with
the Biscotti family since—well, forever.

My great-great-grandfather Paolo
was friends with Vito Biscotti.

One day when they were diving, they found
a treasure chest with a huge diamond in it.

But who was going to keep it? Since then,
the families have been enemies. There.

Stella Nostra.

The family that owns the diamond
rules our village of Campione.


- Who has Stella Nostra now?
- The Paninis.

- What happens if the Biscottis get the diamond?
- There'll be war. But for now we're in Valleby.

- Dino!
- Focaccia!

You've grown so much!
- This is my sister Focaccia.

- Hello.
- Hello. My name's Lasse.

- I know. See you!

- Come on!
- Will you guys help with the food?

- Focaccia is so beautiful—
So beautiful with such a big family.

Yes, a blue.

- Hello.
- Hello, hi.

- Dino! Dino, hey! Yeah—
The final's on Saturday.

The wedding just happens to be
at the same time, so we could move—

Why's everyone looking so weird?

- They don't seem to like the police.

- What are the police doing here?
We take care of everything within the family.

- Tell me if there's a problem,
so Pandoro can fix it.

- No no no. Wait,
the commissioner is my friend.

So don't touch him.

- Dino, we'll talk about it another time.
Nice to meet you.

Th—think about it.

- Come on, Bresaola. Here.

Have something to eat now. Here's—

- Well, Dino, I've travelled
all the way from Sicily

and still haven't met your future wife.

- She'll be here any minute.

Lassemaja, can you go to Needle
& Thread and check where Sara is?

What? Closed?
- Weird.

- There she is.
- Hey.

- Who are they?
- More guests?

- Oh—hello.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah—really good.

- Who were they?
- Who? Them? Well, well, they—

No idea. What're you doing here?

- Well, everyone's looking for you,
wondering where you are.

- Sara, take it easy.
What have you done?

- I tried to stop something.
- What do you mean?

- Poor Dino. I didn't tell—
He doesn't know who he's marrying.

If he finds out the truth, he
won't want to get married.

- What are you talking about?
Dino loves you. And you love him.

- Yes, with all my heart.

- Well then. You have to tell him.
He'll understand.

- Do you really think so?
- Yes of course. Come on now.

- Perfect!

- Dino—my Dino—
- Come on, my darling.

- Dino—there's something I have to tell you.

- Come on. What is it?
- Dino!

She's adorable!
She looks almost Italian.

- Doesn't she?

- Hi. Is it true you're detectives?
- What?

- Is it true you're detectives?
- Well, yes.

- It sounds really cool.

- Now for the surprise!
- Beloved Dino, beloved Sara

It is a great honour for me—

From the family, from the Paninis—

A present, a little, tiny little—

Well, maybe not so little—

For your wedding gift I give you—

Stella Nostra!

- Stella Nostra?

- That was my idea.

Now the Paninis and Biscottis won't
have anything to argue about.

- Good thinking!

- Welcome to the Panini family, Sara Bernard.

- No—No, no, I really can't accept it.

- Yes, yes.
- Not that. No.

- No!
- Yes!

This is absolutely incredible!

- Dino. Dino, listen.
- Yes, my darling?

- My mother's family comes from Sicily.

- But—so does mine!

- Yes. My godmother really wanted to come
to the wedding. I tried to stop her—

But she's so determined.
- Sara, everyone's welcome.

- Maybe we know her.
- That's what I'm afraid of.

- So who is she then?

Clara Biscotti? She's Clara Biscotti?

Clara Biscotti.

- Well? What are you doing here?
- My niece is getting married.

What are you doing here?
- My godson is getting married.

- Dino?

Sara? Biscotti?

A double.
- A double.

- I must say, I've never seen anything like it.
Congratulations, Sara.

What a beautiful diamond. It seems
Stella Nostra has finally found her way home.

- Another double.
- Show me the gift that now belongs to us.

No, no, no.
Don't even entertain the thought.

Sara, you forgot to
tell me one small detail.

That youre going to marry a Panini.

- Oh no, not any more she's not.

- What?
- What?

- Dino, sorry.
You no longer have my blessing.

- Godmother—

- It's all my fault!
- After her.

- Focaccia!

- It was stupid to bring the diamond.
- You didn't know about Clara Biscotti.

- I still wish I hadn't brought it here.

- Yes, I've got it now! Focaccia, come on!
I want to show you something. Come on!

- Now there's not going to be a wedding.
- We've got time to come up with something.

Focaccia—What happens if you
lock away the diamond till after the wedding?

- No diamond—
- No trouble!

- What's this?
- A wishing well. Come on.

Here. Throw it in and make a wish.

It works, I promise.

- Your turn.
- My turn?

- It works, I promise.

- Okay.

Did it work?
- Yeah!

- Do you know a good place
to lock up the diamond?

- I know the perfect place!
No, wait a minute.

Can you arrange it so Valleby win
the Cup Final as well? Please!

- We have to hide Stella Nostra tonight.
You go back to the others. I'll be there soon.

- But what are you going to do?
- Go on, I'll be there soon.

- We have to find a way to save the wedding.

We know what to do.
- We?

- Focaccia and me.
- Good. What?

- Oh good, Focaccia!
- Come on.

Good, Focaccia. Give me the diamond.

- No!
- No, come here, my darling.

- No! None of you can have it.
- We're locking it up until after the wedding.

- Lock up my diamond ?!
- It stays there until you both agree.

- Agree? With that person?
- That's never going to happen.

Well, where is this safe place?
- In Muhammed Karat's jewellery shop.

- Is it really safe?
-Absolutely safe. We promise.

- Okay, let's lock it up.
- Wait!

How do we know the diamond's really in the box?
You might be trying to trick me!

- You don't even trust a child?
- I don't trust a Panini!

- So. One last look!

- Wait, may I take a closer look?

- Lasse, lock it up.

The diamond is safe.
Ten centimeters of armour plate and an alarm.

And a single key that never leaves me.

- Agreed?
- Agreed.


... and the match. You owe me money!
You have to pay your debts!

- Sara? Where's Dino?
- They took him with them.

- What?
- I didn't even have time to explain.

- But what about the wedding?
- There won't be a wedding.

I knew it'd be like this.
That's why I didn't tell anyone my name.

- You and Dino are perfect for each other.
It's going to be all right!

- I really wish that was true, but—it's over.

A Panini and a Biscotti!
What was I thinking?

Sara, don't cry.

You mustn't give up.
You have to go on believing in love.

Love knows no obstacles.

Love doesn't care if your
name is Biscotti or Panini.

Did I say something wrong?

No, Lasse.

You're right!
- It'll be fine.

Just like for Romeo and Juliet.

- Lasse, you know
what happened to Romeo and Juliet.

- Yes, they got each other.
- No, Lasse. They died.

- What?

Muhammed Karat.
- Please open your shop.

Lasse, Maja! We have to stop her!

She's going to get Stella Nostra!
- Who? Why?

- Bresaola's room's been broken into.
She thinks it was Clara Biscotti.

- Could Clara Biscotti have

- Was anything taken?
- Nothing valuable, just some nail files.

Why would Clara steal nail files?

To tease us, and let us know she can.

- There you are.
- Oh no!

- Don't, Bresaola! Please! I beg you!
- That's enough now, Focaccia.

I'm taking Stella Nostra home today.

- But what about the wedding?
- What wedding? Dino's coming home with me.

- Do something!

- There's actually nothing we can do.
The Stella Nostra belongs to Bresaola.

- You said everything would work out!

- Focaccia!
- Let her go. Come on.



That's it.
-I want to see it.

- Yes of course.

There you are.

- What?
- What?!

- What?

- But—this is impossible!

Clara Biscotti!




- But how could it just disappear?
It was locked in.

- There's no such thing.

- But it's just vanished into thin air.
The perfect crime.

- All criminals leave traces.
You just have to find them.

- Found anything?
- No. There's lots of fingerprints.

Even ours.
- Not mine!

- Or—wait!

What's this?

- Gunk? Good, Maja. All criminals leave traces.

- The burglary and the theft must be connected.
- Yes, we have to examine her room.

Why are they dragging in all the mattresses?

- Oh dear. That's really not good.
- Why not?

- It means they're preparing for war.
- Panini vs. Biscotti?

A family war in the middle of Valleby?
- LasseMaja, don't turn round. It's me, Sara.

I have to talk to Dino.
Can you give him this if you see him?

I miss him.
- We'll do everything we can.

Okay, we have to get into the house.

Hey, what are you doing?

- We want to talk to Tony.
-Wit an y?

-Wit a i?

- Toni with—
- With—?

- Wit a i!
- Clever girl.

- Pandoro told us to help.
So you can go and eat.

- Food? I was just thinking about that.
- Were you? Strange, me too.

How dare Clara humiliate me?

First she steals Stella Nostra
and then she messes up my room!

- She doesn't know who she's dealing with.

No sign of a break-in.
- No damage to the door.

Look what I've found!

The missing nail files. Wet.

Gunk! Same as at the safe.

- What's that? Clay? Here too?

- What are you doing here?
- The diamond has something to do with the burglary.

- You have to get out of here!

You don't know what they'll
do if they find you here!

- Hurry up! Give the letter to Dino.
It's from Sara.

- All for love. Go now!

More mattresses?

Stop there!

- We need to talk to Clara.
- What about?

- Stella Nostra.

- Follow me.

- I haven't ordered any break-in
at Bresaola's, nor of the safe.

Why would I do that?
- Because you had the opportunity.

- If I'd got Stella Nostra
I wouldn't be here now.

- Do you have any idea who has it?

I thought they were the detectives. Yes?

And that it's your job to solve such things.

But if you ask me—because you are, aren't you?
They're asking me now—yes, exactly.

I think the vixen herself did this and
she's trying to put the blame on me.

- There's nothing to suggest that.
- But we have found something else.

Can we see your soles?
- My what?

- The soles of your shoes.

- My shoes—?


- Okay, can we see their shoes too?

- What are you looking for?
-We found gray gunk.

Grey gunk on the shoes?
- Exactly

- Look at the kid's shoes.

- You mean the kind of gunk
that's on your shoes?

- Lasse!
- I don't know.

Clara Biscotti! Come out if you dare!

You'll get one last chance,
Clara Biscotti, but only one.

Give me back Stella Nostra!
- Or else?

- Or else it's war.
- I don't have Stella Nostra.

But I know who does.

They've got it.
- The kids?

-Yes—the thieves.
- Thieves? Us?

- The kids found gray gunk
near the safe and in your room.

- Yes, and?

- And was it not the case—and do
feel free to correct me—

Was it not the case that
it was Lasse and Maja—

who suggested Muhammad Karat's
safe as a secure place?

And wasn't it Lasse and Maja who took
such good care of Muhammad Karat?

Muhammad—who's the one who
keeps the only key to the safe.

Isn't that how it was?
- Bravo.

- We didn't take the diamond! I swear!

- We'll take care of them.
Pandoro can persuade people to talk.

- You're too funny, Bresaola.
You don't think I'm giving you them, do you?

Grissini, do what you have to do.
- Let me go, you baboon!

- Wait, Bresaola! What's happening?
- Clara's stealing the thieves.

- Thieves? Are you crazy?
They're innocent!

- What are we doing here then?
- Nothing.

- You, release the children immediately.
- They're the ones who stole it.

Everything suggests it.
- I have a hard time believing that.

- Can we see the sole of his shoe?
Show us the gunk.

- Yes, sure, sure.
- You see?

Lasse, it's the same gunk as—

Although there are traces
that point to Lasse and Maja—

We need to do this at the station.
Let go of the children!

- That's it.
- They're innocent!

- Unfortunately, it looks bad.
- You'll have to come to the station.

I'm sorry.
- Me too.

- What for?
- For this.

- Get after them!

This way!

That way!

Where are they?

Here, follow me!

There's no one here!

Find them and bring them here. Alive.

Come on now, guys!

- They're coming!

They're everywhere!
They're going to find us any moment!

- Maja, how could it have come to this?
- I don't know.

- We can't stay here.
- We have to get out of Valleby.

- Yeah. But how?

- We can go by train.
- No. I'll never, ever, ever ride that train.

- Looks like we don't have a choice. Come on!

That's where we're going!
- No!

- There they are! After them, Tony!

- What now then?
- We're going to the other side.

- Maja—we're not going to jump, are we?

You won't get away!

- We'll use a tightrope.
- Not on your life!

They're coming! Go! We're going by train!

- You're probably used to this.

- No, this is the first time.
-Come down, it's dangerous!

- Don't think you're getting away.
- Watch out!

- No no no!

- Come down from there!
- Tony, what're you doing with the kids?

Shake the line and they'll come back.

Look out!

- Hello!
- But—what—?

- No!
- Don't just stand there! Go, go, go!

Yes Yes.

This way!

Where are they?

Come on! Where did they go?

Where! There they are!

What're you doing? After, after, after!
After them!



- Now we've got you!

- Now we've got you!
- Maja!

- Here!
- After them!

Other side!

I never thought we'd be on the run.

- Neither did I.
- It's dangerous to steal from the mafia.

- Yeah, especially if you didn't do it.
And you're the only suspect.

- I know.

- What have you got on your shoe anyway?

It's hard. Cement?

Have you been on a construction site?
- No.

Actually—yes. The Wishing Well.
They're rebuilding it, so it was closed.

- How do you know that?
- We were there. Me and—

- Focaccia?

- But why didn't you say anything?
- It didn't seem important.

- Not important?

We're looking for someone with cement
on the soles of their shoes—

and now you tell me you
were there with Focaccia?

- It doesn't sound so good now.
I don't know why I didn't say anything.

Because you're in love, of course!

In love? Me?

In love?
- You weren't thinking clearly.

The case is starting to get personal for you.
- Maja? You have to help me fall out of love.

- Sorry, Lasse, you can't
help anyone fall out of love.

The cement's probably a red herring.

Focaccia must have cement on her shoes too.
- Yeah—

- That doesn't make her guilty.
- True. But we did see the diamond get locked away.

- Yeah but by morning it was gone.
How could it have disappeared?

- I don't know.
- We must have missed something.

- We have to get back to the safe.
- Come on.

Okay. See anything?

- It's blocked.

How're we going to get in?
- I don't know.

The commissioner!

We're wanted!
- What?

There are people everywhere.
We can't even go over the roofs.

We have to find another way.

I think I have an idea.

We have to trick them so they go away.

- You got an idea?

- Hve you got something, or—

- What?
- Go away. Buzz off!

- Are you Tony?
-With y or i?

- We have a message for you.
- From someone named Pandoro.

- Pandoro? But why did he send you?
- We don't know.

But we got 500 kronor to take
a message to Tony with a y and a i.

- OK, so let's have it then.

"Lasse and Maja are at the train station.
All the men to go there."

- That's us.

- And Tony! It's very urgent.
-Yes, yes.

- Hello!
- Hello. Is it just you two?

How did you get past the guards?
- We tricked them into leaving.

- But they're gonna be back.
- We need your help.

-Yeah—they think I gave you the key.
I'll have a problem if they find you here.

- You don't think we stole the diamond, do you?
- No! You're not thieves.

What can I do to help?
- We have to look at the safe.

- Okay. Come on.

- Hello.
- Hold it there, Tony!

What're you doing?
- We're on our way to the station.

- You're supposed to be guarding the jewellery shop.
- But you sent us a message.

- What message?

- That Lasse and Maja are at the station.
- I have twelve men at the station.

Why would I want you there?
- But you sent us a message about it.

- I didn't send any message.
Wait a minute—who's guarding the shop?

-No one, I think.
- And who delivered the message?

- It was two children.
- Now you come with me!

That's right.

- How did the thief get the diamond out of the safe?

- It's gone up in smoke, as the commissioner said.
- Listen.

I haven't dared say anything.
Why does anyone even want the thing we locked away?

- What? What do you mean?
- It's a giant diamond.

- Let me see that.

Yes, just as I thought. If that's
a diamond, I'm a skating princess.

- So is Stella Nostra a fake?
- I don't know anything about Stella Nostra.

But that's not a diamond. It's a fughesi.
- A fughesi?

- A fake?
- A phony ?

- But how can you tell?
- The light. The light, Lasse.

There. Swiss diamond spotlights.

They produce maximum reflection
in the diamond's facets.

- Yeah!
The diamond in the box didn't sparkle at all!

- But the one Sara got dazzled me.
- Yeah, me too!

- That means it was real.

- So what was it we locked in the safe?
- It could have been anything.

- Pandoro!
- I can hold him up.

Open up!

Open the door!

- OK Lasse—what could look like a diamond? Glass?

Lasse! We have to think fast!
Muhammad's a lousy liar. We'll get caught!

I didn't think about it at the time,
but the box was wet. Water!

- Water!
- Ice!

- The diamond didn't go up in smoke,
it melted and turned into water!

- Hello.
-Where are they? We know they're here.

Best to tell the truth.
-Otherwise we'll make—

fishcakes out of you!
- They're not here!

You have one last chance
to tell us where they are.

Or we'll all take a little boat trip.
- Yeah, yea—

- Hello!
- Look, there they are.

- Tony!
- With a y? Or i?

- After them!

They were here a moment ago.

- We'll take the jeweller instead.

Wait until Bresaola hears about this.

Okay, what do we have?
- What we have is a fake diamond made of ice.

And a real one that's disappeared.
- And Bresaola's nail files were wet.

What's the connection?

- How do you turn an ice cube into a diamond?
- You file it—with a nail file!

But with single-use files,
you need quite a lot.

So she'd have to use several
before she was finished.

- You have to be good at filing.
- And have easy access to Bresaola's room.

But who would dare to steal from the mafia?
Someone who—belongs to the mafia.

- Someone with cement on their shoes.

Who left traces at the safe
and in Bresaola's room.

- Focaccia.
- Unfortunately, everything points to her.

- No diamond, no trouble.
- What?

- You're right. Focaccia didn't care about
the diamond. She just wanted peace and quiet.

That's why we went to—the wishing well!

- We have to hide Stella Nostra tonight.
You go back to the others. I'll be there soon.

- But what are you going to do?
- Go on, I'll be there soon.

She never said what she was going to do.
Now I understand!

She went to Bresaola's room.
- She must have got the idea for the switch then.

She only needed to grind an ice cube into a diamond.

She knew about the nail files in Bresaola's room.

She must have switched Stella Nostra
on the way to the safe.

- Her dress!
- Her dress?

- The ice cube must have soaked Focaccia's dress.

Because when she came back she'd changed.

- But—where's the real Stella Nostra?

I don't know. We need to talk to Focaccia.

Come on. She's the only one who
can prove we're innocent.

- If we find the dress, we can probably
prove that she filed down the ice cube.

Guards everywhere!

Maybe we should wait a bit.
Until things calm down.

- Yes, take the chance to get some sleep.

Dear Dino. I'm so sorry things have
turned out the way they have.

But I hope there will be a future for us.

I miss you so much.

Your Sara.

Clara. Do sit down.
- Yes.

- I have a suggestion.
- Yes?

- A war could be quite costly for both of us.
- Yes indeed.

So what do you say, shall we co-operate?

Lasse and Maja are our common enemy.

And I have an idea how to catch them.

Like this ...

Where is everyone?
- They're sleeping, I suppose.

Look—Focaccia's window's open.

And there's a ladder.

This doesn't feel right.


- Lasse! This is all wrong. We have to go back!

- Not until we find Focaccia.
- She's not here.

- Wait. Focaccia!

- The dress!

Wet! Look what I've found!

- And look what I've found!
I knew I'd find you here sooner or later.

Don't you think I noticed that
you're interested in Focaccia?

- This time you won't get away.
I'll personally make sure of that.

- Wait, wait!

If you tell me where you've hidden Focaccia,
then maybe I can help you.

- Focaccia's gone?
- "Focaccia gone?"

Tell me now. Otherwise—Pandoro's
so fantastically good with children.

Focaccia means a lot to me.

- Where is she?

- We didn't know she was gone.
- We came here looking for her.

I promise!

- That's a shame. A great shame.

Yes, yes, you had your chance.

Clara? Hi. It's Bresaola.

Guess what? I've found a pair
of little rats with us here.

Do you think your Grissini would like
to play with my Pandoro?

I think they'd have so much fun.

Just send him over. Yes that's fine.

Entertain the rats for a bit.
I'll go and meet Grissini.

- Can we—?
- Save a little for me.

Should we skip the marinade
and go straight to the barbecue?


Thank you for showing me the wishing well.
Hope it fulfills my wish.

What did you wish?

I know where Focaccia is.

She's at the wishing well. She must be.

Pandoro! If you let us go
we can show you where Focaccia is!

- Focaccia? What's he going on about?
- These rats kidnapped Focaccia.

- Kidnapped a child? A child?
That's absolutely the worst I've ever heard!

- What do you think?
Should we let them sleep with the fishes?

- Will you please listen?

- We have to find Focaccia!

And we will.
But first we'll have some fun.

-I'll mix the cement.
-Okay, Maja, now we have to think fast!

- I've got something that'll
keep them warm. Come and look.

Hold out your hand.

- I have to pee.
- Well, you'll have to pee on yourself.

- Here? On the chair?!
- No—

- No?

- Yes.

- Go on.
- I can't pee if you're watching.

You'll have to turn round.

- Are you nearly done?

How much have you had to drink!
Have you emptied an entire well?

- Now I need to pee.
- Me too.

- Finished!
- No!

- No, no, wait!
- Come back, do you hear—

- Where are the kids?
- The kids—well, they were here—

- But now they're down there.
- Run!

This way! Commissioner! Great to see you!

- Lasse and Maja—

- We know how the burglary was done!
- And who took Stella Nostra!

- Good, good, but listen to me.

You can't hide any longer.
Come on with me to the station.

- We can't do that!
- We're innocent!

- We can prove it.
- That's why you should come to the station. Come on.

- We have to save Focaccia!
- They should be here.

- They're coming!

- I heard Lasse and Maja here. Where are they?

The water's being turned on in six minutes!
- The bucket's down.

She may have climbed down into the well.
- Yes!

- Stella Nostra's down there!
- Yes!

- Focaccia!
-She may not be here.

- She must be. Focaccia! Can you hear me?
- She might be somewhere else.

- No. Focaccia!
- Lasse!

- Focaccia! She's here!
- Lasse! Help!

- I knew it! Where are you? I can't see you!
- I'm stuck !!

- Okay. We'll help you up!

- Yes? Commissioner here.

- It's Maja.
- Hello Maja!

- We've found Focaccia.
-Focaccia? In the wishing well?

-The water's being turned on in five minutes!
- Five minutes!

- Quick!
- I'm on my way!

-What about Focaccia?
-She's stuck in the wishing well.

Follow me!

- Bresaola.
- Clara.

Hello? What? The wishing well?


- Ready.

Focaccia! Where are you?
I can't see you.

- I knew you'd come.

- How did you end up here?

- I thought a diamond could fulfill lots of
wishes, so I threw it down here.

Then when they said you were the thieves,
I wanted to get it back again.

- But then I couldn't get out.
- Come on, quick!

- How's it going? Hurry!

- Water!

- We have to hurry!
- What're you doing?

- Can you walk?
- No, I can't, I can't climb.

- Jump up!
- Grab the bucket!

- Ready?
- Maja, crank up Focaccia!

Maja, hurry up!

The bucket's coming down now!


- Lasse, the diamond!

- Wait!


Focaccia 's over there!

- Stop!!


Turn it off, I said!

Help me!


Right at the last moment. Well done!

Focaccia. I've got it!

- Focaccia!

- Bresaola!
- Where have you been?

You'll pay dearly for this.
Kidnapping a child! You should be ashamed!

Pandoro, get them.
- No, no, no! It's not what it looks like.

Lasse and Maja saved my life.
- It's true.

- It was me who stole Stella Nostra.

- Where did you get that from?
- Sorry, Bresaola.

I broke into your room and stole your nail files.
- You!

So it wasn't Lasse and Maja?
- The opposite, they saved me.

I'd have drowned without them.
- But how—

It was all you?
- Yes, I wanted to end the quarrel.

So—what do we do with Stella Nostra?
- I'll take it.

-I'll take it.
- No no, I can take it—

- Stop stop stop! Don't start that again!
Can't you stick to the plan?

- Don't you have something to sort out?
- There are actually more important people.


What do we have to sort out?
- Search me—


- Dino?

- Sara?
- Dino? Is that you, Dino?

Sara! Oh, Sara, I've been longing for you.

- And I for you! I didn't think
you wanted to be with a Biscotti.

- I don't care that you're a Biscotti.
The only thing I care about is you.

- Our families will be fighting forever.

- We'll elope! We'll elope, just you and me!
- Yes! And go where no one can find us.

- Over my dead body.
I won't allow you to elope.

- Sara!
- Neither will I.

We won't allow you to get married—

- Godmother—
- Godmother—

- if you plan on marrying
anywhere other than here in Valleby.

Where you have all your relatives and friends.

- Think about it—how could
we travel back to Sicily?

Without having a proper wedding first?

- Does that mean you want us to—
- To get married.

-To get married.

- Dino!
- Sara!

I said it would work out.

Oh, Focaccia! Valleby won the cup!

- This would never have been
possible without your help.

It's a shame you're going home again soon.
- I'll be back next summer.

- Hi!

- She'll be coming back next summer!
- So cool!

- Then maybe you can teach me to be a detective?
- Absolutely!

- A toast to Sara and Dino!

- Want to dance?

You'll regret this!


English subtitles by
faxeholm1234 and jeremys

TNT 2023