Lapse (2019) - full transcript

Chengming, a university student who accidentally gains supernatural powers, finds out that he loses his memory every time he uses them and starts recording his daily life using his phone. ...

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Mom, I'm leaving.

Smile at this.

Say hello.

Son, take care of yourself.

Now we…

Functional structure…


let's go over Section 3:

To realize the organizational
structure of the function.

This kind of organizational structure

is simple and practical.

In modern society it is…

Ok. Let's start all over again.


what are you doing?

Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?

I'm asking you a question.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Let me see!


What a voyeur!

What's your name?

Dong Chengming.

From the Department of
Financial Management?

Give it back.

Can't hear you.


Give it back.

Give it back.

Give my wallet back.

- I'm begging you.
- How pitiful!

Here you are. Here you are.


Take it.

This is my territory. Hear that?


your legs are becoming hard again.

I'll try to make enough
money as soon as possible

and then we can go to a better hospital.

Just wait for a little while.

Back then,

you shouldn't have worked

in the plant with my dad.

Let me take.

Stand over there. Let
me take photos for you.

How handsome my son is!

Are there many girls having crush on you?

It's not like that.


Just want you to be happy.

You have been working so hard

for me.

I want to thank you for this.



That is exactly what I should do.

At that time when your grandma

asked me to go back to the countryside,

I should have agreed to her.

Don't say that.

Wow, how handsome. Encore!

Here, take them to that table.

Give it to me.


show me what I've taught you.

It's said that

Bro Hui's Kebabs

suit beauties well.

He's my younger brother.

I thought you two were gay friends.

What nonsense!

Gay friends? Are we that shallow?

I brought him up by selling Kebabs.

Is that true? So that's the truth.

Then, gorgeous, have another cup with us.

- Ok.
- Bottoms up.

Ok. Bottoms up. What a drinker.


Wow. So handsome.

Hello, Chucky.


Sleep here if you are.

Bro Hui,

why are you so fond of Jack Ma?

Do you know what are the

two most difficult things in the world?

One is

to instill your thoughts in others,

and the other is

to put someone else's money in your pocket.

This alien

succeeded in both.

My dad used to succeed too,

but it's a pity

he passed away so early.

Fortunately, I still have this apartment.

Life is unpredictable.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow.


Follow my example, and suspend
your education to make money, will you?

You don't have to go through that.


I want to quicken my graduation.

You know

your Kebabs are really tasty.

What do you mean?

Do you want me to roast Kebabs all my life,

always smell like Kebabs,

make just a little money,

and work hard until I die?

That's not what I meant.

What do you do in the night club?


The boss there

picked me at first sight.

This is a case of discerning eyes
telling greatness from mediocrity.

Since then,

I get progress so quickly

that I've become the most
successful night club boss.

Come here, Chengming.

Come, Chengming.


This is my working place.

Amuse yourself over there.

I'm going to my office.


The girls on the stage are in great shape.

How about we go out

and get some fresh air?

It feels more comfortable outside.

It seems

you like taking photos too.


Me too.


come here a lot?

Yes. No.

My friend works here.


It's him.

Bro Hui.

A friend?

We go to the same school.

Do you work here?

Sort of.

Who is she?

A schoolmate.

How capable you are!

You surely have made much progress.

So, you like taking photos too?

She is such a perfect match for you.


I'm in high spirits today.

Let's go. I'll stand treat.

Let's have a cup or two.

Ok. Let's go.

Let's go.

Look down upon my shabby motorbike?


Come on.

Let's go.

Look, what are these over there?

Shooting stars.


shall we go there and have a look?

Good idea.

I'm speeding up.

Shooting stars, here we are.

Bro, slow down.

Here we are.

Cool and beautiful, right?


By the way,

what is your horoscope?



Are you ok?

I'm ok. You?

I'm all right.

Come here, you two.

May be we can actually find something here.

God, the rode is completely destroyed.


Bro Hui, stay close.

May be we can actually
find something valuable.

Come back, Bro Hui.

It's dangerous.

Bro Hui,

come back.

Quick. Come here and have a look.

Insurance company? What insurance company?

You mustn't get in.

You are not allowed
to get in no matter what.


You have recovered well.


it has been so soon.

Observation for another seven days

and you should be well
enough to be discharged.


Son, you are back.

I'm worried sick.

I'm ok.

Are you ok? Are you all right?

How are your legs?

Still the same.

Son, stand up.


how are you?

I'm okay. Okay.

You've taken care of Chengming so well.

I don't know how to thank you for that.

It's what I should do.


who is she?

About that

you have to ask your son.

Hello, auntie.

Be nice to her.

Yes, yes.

Be nice to her. Be nice.
Listen to your mother.


You'd better

watch this.

What? Why are you so serious?

I'm not used to this.


Is this paranormal ability?

It seems so.

Wow! Awesome.

- Don't come closer.
- Don't.

Wow, they really are flying.

How did you do that?

Can it work?

Are you fooling us? It's impossible.

You are kidding.

No way.


Exert more strength.

Get down.

What else can you do?

Make yourself invisible

or time travel?

I don't know either.

Let me find it out.

What kind of paranormal ability

do you want?


the finance boy,

throw the ball here.

I told you to throw the
ball. Did you hear me?

Dong Chengming.


They really are tasty.

You two are designed for each other.

Are you in relationship

or is the rice already cooked?

Say it if you have something to say.

- Right?
- Yes, right.

Are you yelling at me?

Yes. Yes.

Have I ever been afraid of anyone?

I'm a sensible man

in this territory.

I know.

But they are indeed overly priced.

I know. You…

I know. You…

But with so many customers

you don't need me, right?

Let me tell you. I never
speak more than I have to.

Lower your price if you want to sell them.

I'm not buying any at this price.

I'll roast an eggplant for you.

An eggplant and a drink.

Have a cup. Enjoy yourself.

Go. Go.

Hurry up. Be quick.

Come here. Come here.

Let's begin.

Drink, drink.

Drink, drink.

One, two, three.

You really are elevating it.

Slow down. You are getting it down.

One, two, three.


you are being lazy.

You used your paranormal ability.

No, I didn't.

Beat him.

I didn't.

Is it good

that we amuse ourselves like this?

I mean

we should not use it to fool around.

Good steel has to be used on the blade.


what do you want to do
with your paranormal ability?

To be frank,

I have no idea.

Have no idea of what?

Make money.

Don't you know that money is omnipotent?

But aren't we making money by working?

When will you make
enough money in that way?

If I had your paranormal ability,

I'd have become the
richest in Shanghai long ago

and have married the most ravishing woman.


if you had paranormal ability,

what would you do?


I want to know

all the truths

in this world.

You are like two kids.

How childish you are.

I'm wondering

what people would do

if they had paranormal ability.


time to eat.


when was this photo taken?

Wasn't it taken when you were five

and right before your father passed away?

Why asking about this suddenly?

What's wrong with you?

Nothing. I'm good.


You are going to be invincible
if you have all these abilities.

Chengming, take notes and try them out.

Bro Hui,

let's fight it out.

Anything in your mind?

Oh, no.



The landlord was here today.

He wanted another rent increase.

It's only been three months
since the last increase.

Why is the rent going up again?


leave it to me.

You focus on getting well.

Let me talk with him.


Oh mom.


why are you so pale?

What happened?

It's like nothing happened here.


With this renovation

it feels weirder.

What was that the other day?

I feel

I may be losing…


I feel my memory

is disappearing bit by bit.

Could it be because you
used your paranormal ability?

But you were all right before.

It seems that

if I use it properly,

nothing happens.

But I can't overuse it.


Do you mean

if you overuse your paranormal
ability, you'll lose your memory?

Isn't that your father?

What's wrong with you lately

talking to that photo all the time?

Thanks for walking me home.

Go back now.

See you tomorrow.


By the way,

call me if you need me.

I'm your bodyguard.


She is fair-skinned, pretty and rich.

It seems so.

It's not likely that

she keeps so low a profile

when she is so rich?

Stop that.

I'm telling you

you should

not hang out with her anymore.

If you really fall in love with her,

you'll make a big fool of yourself.

I don't mean to discourage you,

but the rich and other rich people

are from the same planet.

No wonder

that's fresh and exciting

to her.


You are angry?

I won't do you any harm.

I did this for your own good.

You really like her?

Ok. Ok.

If you like her

and want to be with her…

I mean,

you have paranormal ability,

why not use it?

What a big fool you are!


let me take the photos today.

It won't do.

It will.

By the way,

don't you rehearse dancing


How can you be a professional dancer

if you act like this?

I don't have to be a dancer.

It's not my own choice.

I wish

I can travel around the world

and take pictures.

You can't be travelling
around the world all the time.

Xiaobao. Xiaobao.


you saved someone.

Be careful.

This is the first time for me
to come to such a high place.

What did you do?





Clean the windows like a Spiderman?

Sort of.

Aren't you afraid of

standing so high?

Is it high?

Of course.

At home

I'd find my mom

holding my dad's photo,

staring at it blankly,

chatting with it.


in her memory,

my dad was still alive.


All the people lose their memory,

what would it be like?

All your experiences

disappear all of a sudden.

Would it be


Is it that

I'm going to disappear too?

Bro Hui.

Follow me.

Put your damn cellphone away.

I asked you to put your
damn cellphone away.

Now you have the nerve to ignore my calls.

What are you doing?

What are you going to say again?

Didn't I tell you not to

hang out with Zilin?

It's none of your business

whether I go out with her or not.


You want to fight with me?

Chengming, you've changed.

You won't even listen to me.

You are not in the same league.

You're daydreaming.

Have a good look at yourself.

Do you have any savings?

You can't even afford

your mother's hospital treatment.

Who's going to be with you?

How long do you want to keep her

in that stupid house?

I didn't want to argue with you

but you made me.

I gave your mother

all her living expenses

while you were in hospital.

Let alone your jobs,

each of them was introduced by me.

Am I right?


just follow my advice, won't you?

Let's make a fortune together.

Quit all your trivial jobs.


you have paranormal ability.


You can use it as much
as you deem appropriate.

It won't do you any harm.

Open the door.

Open the door. Open the door.

Anyone in there?

Stop knocking.

You're right on time.

Do you think I want to knock at your door?

It has been a long time

since I said I wanted a rent increase,

but I still haven't heard
anything from you.

But it's been only three months

since last rent increase.

Don't talk nonsense.

It has been three months.

The other day I told your mother

you could move out

if you thought this place too expensive.

I'm not a philanthropist.

Do you have any idea

how expensive the houses here are.

Other places are much
more expensive than mine.


are you ok?


My pills have run out.

Bro Hui.


Why isn't he here yet?

Just ask him.

It's getting late.



Here. Put this on.

Do I have to be dressed up like this?


I've already taken the pictures.

Stop, ok?

I've already taken the pictures.

I want this one.

This…this… and this…

I want all of them.

Take it.



Chengming, take this.

They smell good.

This is what paranormal ability can do.

It's so easy to make money.

Should we celebrate it?

Let's go.

Hurry up.


Chengming, open the door.



What on earth are you doing?

Does what's in the news

has anything to do with you?

I don't know what you are talking about.

Didn't you say that

you only use your
paranormal ability for good?

Why did you use it so casually?

What I do

is none of your business.

It has nothing to do with you.

What did you say?

How come you can understand me?

We are not the same.

Don't you like me

because I have paranormal ability?

Am I nothing to you?


what are you doing?


don't. Let me.

Stay away. Stay away.

I just want to make you a meal.

It's ok.

I feel a bit

energetic today.

Where are you off to?



you have nothing to worry about.

I'll be back soon.

Take care.

Here. Take this.

Put it on.

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Didn't I say I'd take the photos for you?

You don't have to take any.

Don't be nervous.

It's almost done.

Open it.

Bro Hui.

Bro Hui.

The police responded quickly.

The case is still under investigation.

The suspect

in the three-minute robbery

surrendered to police

two days after the incident.

He confessed

his barbecue stand on the street…



Where have you been over the past few days?

I had a hard time looking for you.

What should I do?



A Hui.

I was scared these days

when I couldn't reach you.

By the way,

the other day they came to me

and said about your mother.

If you didn't claim it within two weeks,

it would be treated as an abandoned body.

If I had known,

I would never have let her die.

Be nice.

Bro, bro, bro.

What? Want a fight?

It's difficult for me.

Thanks for helping me out.

I don't want to see you again.


what's wrong with you?

Didn't I tell you

I would not ask you to use
your paranormal ability again?

I'll help you.

What should I do?

How are you feeling?

Bro Hui.

Get up here.

Bro Hui,

I can't get in touch with Chengming.

Do you know where he is?


I'm different from everyone else.

I'm more real.

Son, where are you?

You must be busy at work.

You haven't been home for weeks.

I'm so worried.

Keep in mind that

in your memory

there are both cozy

and difficult days.

It is the memory of the past

that makes us who we are today.

No matter what kind of memory it is,

it will leave some aftertaste.

What worries me is that

in the future

when you recall the present,

all you can remember is taking care of me.

I don't want that.

I made you your favorite soy-braised pork.

It's in the fridge.

After you get home

remember to heat it before eating.

It's not delicious

when I eat it all by myself.

You asked for this.

It's your own choice,

isn't it?


What do you want?

Who's that?

Where's Aohui?


you are here.

It seems that you still remember me.

I am really touched.

How is it?

Is my night club gorgeous?


If you have a dream
you have to fight for it.


and your dreams come true.

I think there should be a bar counter here.

What would you say about it?


you are not the only one
with paranormal ability.

I have that too.


Paranormal ability won't work between us.

I have tried it out many times.

Unlike you, the loser,

who misuses your paranormal ability,

I use it effectively.

By the way,

you don't know your mom is dead, right?

You asked for it.

It's your own choice.

Take photos. Be quick.

Be quick.

Man can fly.

This ship can fly.

Look at that man

covered in blood

walking towards us.

When will you stop floating?






I'm here.

I'm here.


Will anyone save him?

Will anyone help me?

What are you thinking about?

I'm sorry, Zilin. Sorry.

Is that that important?

This is the most important.


I have you.

But do you know

I can hear you

even if you don't say anything?

Video data for further evidence…

Ask the branch office

for some cases of amnesia.

See if the results from
hospital are available.

Dong Chengming,

what else do you want to say?

It's like

we're only now feeling

the starlight from hundreds
of millions of years ago.

The world

changed in the blink of an eye.

It's like a dream from yesterday.

This is my favorite song.

You can dance, right?



Starlight has traveled tens
of thousands of light years

to illuminate you and me.

Turn around?

Leave a moment of brilliance

and then wait for dim.

Look up at the starry sky.

You and I are small dust

that will dissipate gently anytime.

How can I hold you and not let go?

This moment my longing
for you is everywhere.

The universe doesn't even exist.

Like you come to me in a dream.

I want to be by your side in
the dream and never wake up.

All that we see before our eyes

and all the photos from the camera

may not be real at all.

They are just what
we are willing to believe

in the memory.


we sort out the memories of the past

while living in memories.

What kind of person

was my mother?

She was

an amazing woman.

She was gentle,


and a great cook.

It's my friend. It's not for sale.

Do you know

it could fly

in the past?


all I have

are these photos

and videos.


excuse me,

what kind of paranormal
ability would you want?

Paranormal ability?
What paranormal ability?

Flying is more important,

because I could go anywhere

I want to be.

too many times?

I want to

go back to the past

and make up for the things

I regret about.

I want to have
predictive ability,

like I could predict
the questions

in the College Entrance Exam,

then I can get fully prepared

and get a higher score.

The ability to make
money out of nothing.

If I had paranormal ability?


What would I do?

Make myself invisible.

So that you could peep
at those taking a shower?

If you had paranormal ability,

what kind of ability

would you want?

Mental telepathy perhaps.

Paranormal ability?

We don't have that.

We don't have that ability.

There are a lot of
weird things in the world.

If you had paranormal ability,

what would you do?

Para…paranormal ability?

I don't believe in
paranormal ability.


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